Oyama CFS-F10B 5 Cup Rice Cooker : Love my stainless steel rice cooker.

Experienced a smaller rice cooker that would spit steamed sticky rice drinking water out of a hole in leading and get all about the counter best. This one is significantly significantly less messy, steam comes out a hole in the top. Drinking water does come out if merchandise is whole, but it settles into the lid, simpler to cleanse up, nevertheless you will want to don’t forget this right before you attempt to open up it. Rice cooks properly and keeps warm without the need of burning to inside pan.

Oz, and as soon as he mentioned something negative about rice cookers with non-stick coatings, she insisted on receiving a stainless steel model. Steam even now escapes and pools gross rice water around the major, but so did her outdated rice cooker. It’s a awesome searching unit and 5 cups is plenty of to feed the whole household when we go stop by.

Oyama CFS-F10B 5 Cup Rice Cooker, Stainless Black

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  • All Stainless Steel cooking surfaces
  • Stainless Steel Steamer Tray
  • 3 Dimensional Heating (base, side and lid)
  • Keep warm function
  • Cooking bowl has a triple layered base for uniform heating without burning

We desired a non coated rice cooker. There not to several to chose from, identified this a single. Have been making use of quite a few situations a 7 days for two months. Very simple, performs like it is suppose to with white, brown and parboiled rices. Have not experienced any complications with rice challenging sticking or burning to pot. Nearly anything that is there cleans out straightforward. Some periods we insert a teaspoon of cooking oil or spray but have discovered that is not genuinely needed. I feel the simple fact that the stainless steel pot has a exceptionally shinny electro polish is the rationale why. Has detachable wire, compact stainless steel steam tray, pastic rice cup and spoon, guidance. Exceptional quality development.

4 am and i just ate my 1st bowl of beautifully cooked rice created in this rice cooker. After 3 many years of making an attempt to prepare dinner rice in a variety of measurements of pots on a glass major electrical stove, i am finally in a position to cook great rice all over again. Was so tired of cleaning up the boiled more than rice water that transpired each time i cooked rice. Useless to say i am elated to have fantastic rice without the horrible clean up mess. No difficulties with anything at all, just go by the.

After my prior non-adhere rice cooker started to chip, and thoroughly knowing the host of horrible illnesses joined to its harmful coating, i made the decision to take the likelihood to go in a well being course, and select up a chemical free of charge, stainless steel rice cooker. I personally love cooking organic basmati rice with mine, and even on my initial test it turned out fantastic. I love steaming veggies, and it operates just fantastic even if they are frozen stable when you put them in. -i was nervous the rice would burn off on the bottom, even the directions warn about it and truly was not absolutely sure what to expect. Soon after cooking i discovered that the bottom layer of rice (only 1 grain deep) only wanted to be carefully scrapped off, in any other case it was fantastic. Nothing at all burned, and it would be very quick to clean the minor stuck on starch with with a plastic brillo pad, or allowing hot h2o soak it for a moment. The so-so:-the seal is just not good more than enough, mainly because i saw a compact volume of steam ‘leaking’ from about the rice cookers lid. It can be not a offer breaker due to the fact the it cooks great nonetheless, but none-the-considerably less troublesome.

Oyama CFS-F10B 5 Cup Rice Cooker, Stainless Black : This is really made strangely. It is hard to clean when my old one was so simple. You can only put 2 servings into it or there is a mess all over the counter. I just wanted something stainless and the company is obviously pretty crummy as they wouldn’t let me return it.

I like the simple fact that it has stainless steel interior pot for that sizing of 5 cups. Rice sticks a little bit on the bottom, like other rice cookers. I have aroma three cup and ten cup stainless steel inner pot rice cooker with glass lid. The three cup just one splatters all the starchy h2o when it boils on the counter and matters encompassing it. So i assumed, since this cooker is coated fully i can keep away from the splatters, but not so. When the steam comes out of the vent a ton of starchy water splatters all over on that aspect. Appropriate now i just go over the vent with a paper towel so it does not make the counter soiled and i also location the cooker on a larger sized plate, so that any starchy water dripping out from the facet collects on the plate.

I go through all the evaluations and i just want to make a remark about grievances about h2o boiling out of the prime of the cooker. The only time i have experienced this happen is when i was experimenting with the volume of water i included to cook dinner. I place in a lot more drinking water (about 30% much more than the recipe) and – shock – some drinking water did boil out of the cooker. But as extensive as i keep to the recipe, i have not experienced that dilemma reoccur.

I was searching for a rice cooker to replace our present rice cooker, whose teflon-coated bowl had patches of exposed aluminum – major me to consider that the rice we ate had miniscule quantities of teflon. I researched clay rice cookers but most were being as well significant for two men and women. I picked this mainly because the dimensions was just proper for a modest family and the stainless metal bowl did not have a teflon coating. The cooker adjusts the cooking time immediately for white or brown rice. The rice arrives out properly just about every time with no crust at the base. If there is a draw back, it is that the rice tends to stick to the base of the bowl – although that is envisioned. Soaking the bottom in drinking water for a even though would make cleansing less difficult. Owning no teflon would make it all worthwhile.

It cooks rice completely and i don’t have any burn rice at the base. The preserve warm functionality is amazing and various than others: the prime lid has a heating ingredient that keep the ‘keep warm’ functionality, so the rice will never burn off at the base. The bad: when opening the lid, it does not have more than enough angle for the lid to continue to be open so when you scoop out the rice, the lid will shut near and touches your hand and can induce burn up.

The 5 cup measurement is based on a cup that is included in the deal and that cup is lesser than the genuine one-cup size. So i recommend shopping for the following size up (seven-cup, is it?) if you seriously want a entire 5-cup cooker. But for a loved ones of 4, this is just fine.

We only use stainless pots for wellbeing reasons so my preference in rice cookers was minimal. I originally obtained a larger measurement but hubby wished the smaller sized just one. We returned the larger sized one with no problem and purchased the tiny a single. So we received in touch with oyama and they had been good about changing the dented a single. Now we are so delighted with our tiny rice cooker. It is much more than adequate for the two of us and company way too. We have in no way had a spill over and the rice is completed correctly. We now consume rice more routinely than we when we cooked on the stove. I would endorse this rice cooker to any one.

This isn’t going to keep very as significantly as i thought it would, when i use it to steam vegetables, or tamales, and so on. But this is outstanding because it’s stainless metal, i really don’t use non-stick design and style anymore for overall health causes. This is perfect for rice or quinoa.

I procured this for the reason that i was apprehensive about non adhere surfaces having into my food items, and the greater part of rice cookers use a non stick insert. So i was thrilled to obtain a single that was all stainless. I’ve only applied it a few situations, but it works great. Some people complain about rice cookers, that they melt away the base, and most do, but not burn, just a pleasant brown crust, which in some countries is regarded a delicacy (korea for one). I really like to combine in the browned base with the relaxation, or if you never want that section, spoon out the fluffy cooked rice and just soak the pot to clean easily. The only down facet to this product is the deal with and steamer. The different steamer ought to have some type of handle, as it truly is difficult to just take it out from the major pot if you want to get rid of it right before the rice has concluded. Some type of collapsible metallic tackle would be fantastic for the steamer. Also the 5 cup rice cooker has a different tackle to the device than the much larger ones–is’s just an integrated handle that you slip your hand into to open up the top rated. Which would be great other than that it’s found kind of near the steam escape, so you have to be rather cautious when opening the lid.

Been applying it since i been given it and have experienced no challenges. I read the evaluations about staining on the base of the pot and i do have that. It does not hassle me or influence how it operates.

If you are applied to an american design and style rice cooker, this has a good deal additional transferring components and things to wash. But on the other hand i believe it can be variety of truly worth it simply because it is so much cooler than the cheapo kind that we experienced just before. And when i say cooler, i mean performance (while it also looks cooler but that’s not my precedence). – it can retain rice warm for 24 hours with no drying out (i have not utilised this but it looks a good strategy). – it has the stainless metal pan so you you should not have to fret about poisons from the nonstick surfaces. And very little sticks to the stainless steel pan at the very least if you use it proper. – it has the stainless steel steamer so you don’t have to get worried about poisons from plastic. – it has a small plastic thingy to capture the excess water that will come out. Alright so with all these elements, plus the within of the lid is a individual piece that you have to at least rinse and then don’t forget to put again.

I acquired this rice cooker simply because it has a stainless metal pot and i want to steer clear of teflon variety coatings. The 5-cup sizing is just right for our household though i ordinarily make fewer than that (one. 5 cups dry rice) i have mostly been working with white cal rose rice and it cooks it to perfection. I have also cooked a brown rice/wild rice mix a pair of occasions and it takes quite a little bit of liquid to get the best doneness on the rice. It is a prolonged-cooking rice and the cooker doesn’t shorten that time. The steamer basket insert is the right measurement for steaming some veggies for lunch for my kid and i but is not big plenty of for the veggies at evening meal time. There is typically a little bit of a little burned rice (light-weight brown not charred) on the bottom but it does not have an effect on the taste. I also shop and reheat the left over rice in the pot. I have identified that the lid of an 8 cup spherical pyrex dish matches beautifully on the pot to retail store it in the fridge. To reheat, i increase a bit of fresh water and established the rice cooker to the cook mode once more.

We have been wanting for a rice cooker without the need of the non stick lining for a very long time and found this on amazon. I read the testimonials and based mostly on what men and women stated we requested just one. It was like xmas when we received it and could not wait to cook some rice. Well, the evaluations were ideal on. The very best rice we have at any time experienced and it is quick to clear. If you want healthy cooked rice, this is the one. I heartily recommend this rice cooker.

Was just one of the smallest metal bowl rice cookers i found. Didnt want teflon, but didnt want one particular big sufficient to make rice for an army. The only challenge is that if will come unplugged pretty quickly.

Does a great occupation cooking rice, only issue is it will not have an idle setting. If it is plugged it it will be established to warm or cook. It also isn’t going to ding or anything at all when it can be done cooking so you have to pay back awareness to it. The rice and steamed veggies normally get carried out in about 20 minutes.

I purchased this cooker mainly because of the stainless metal liner. It just isn’t tough to clean up with a little bit of soaking and i like the item in general. Lt has taken some experimentation to get the appropriate ratio of drinking water to brown rice so the rice cooks devoid of sputtering by means of the vent. I stay at 4000 ft, so far more drinking water ought to be extra than at decrease altitudes. The ratio is one cup rice to two. Put the rice in the bowl with one. 5 cup h2o soon after 20 minutes of cooking and the previous.

Pampered Chef Rice Cooker Plus – Use this for everything!!

It was a reward and i thought they had been delighted with it.

I should say, that i have not utilised my rice cooker, as nevertheless. My son, kevin, absolutely loves his.

Repurchased several times over as gifts and an extra for our camper. Here are the specifications for the Pampered Chef Rice Cooker Plus:

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  • 3 Qt Capacity
  • Microwave Use
  • Makes up to 9 cups of cooked rice
  • Black in color
  • Dishwasher safe

In some way ‘lost’ the address of the to start with a single i acquired many years ago, and could not bear going devoid of this or else rugged, resilient, and quite helpful microwave cooker. Not just for rice, it warms leftovers, casseroles, all sorts of items. Sure it fees a minor extra than the affordable types, but the heavy obligation plastic and thoughtful style will assure that it outlasts the flimsy stuff.

This was a christmas gift for my daughter. It was just what she wanted.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great Rice Cooker – Microwave safe
  • You NEED this microwave cooker. Don’t ask any questions, just buy it okay?
  • For the perfect rice!

This rice cooker operates fine but i never see any big edge with it, specifically if you take in rice typically. The measurement doesn’t actually allow for you to cook a whole lot of rice and you you should not preserve any time. In actuality if you use a lot more than a person type of rice, e. Brown and white, or invest in a different manufacturer you have to have to browse the instructions to see how to microwave it. Numerous models (from asian retailers) don’t even include microwave directions so you are guessing. The cleanse-up is speedier i guess but not that significantly. Maybe it is mainly because we take in rice nearly every working day in our residence that i don’t see the worth of this item. I envision for an individual who doesn’t eat that significantly rice that it would perform out improved for them.

I do not use this to cook dinner rice (but do use it to prepare dinner the rice in the luggage). I cook dinner all my vegetables in this in the microwave as it is the only cooker that would not boil in excess of and make a mess all over the microwave. I have had it for several years and it is still in perfect situation.

Use it to make microwave mocha.

This is an remarkable cooker. I’ve cooked rice of all types (wild, white, sticky, brown) for nearing 50 many years now and it can be normally been a bugaboo. In no way discovered a fool proof strategy. Until finally i was pressured to consider this a single. I assumed no way microwaves can cook dinner rice. Oh, how i cried when i identified out it experienced been all-around for twenty years and i might not been using it. I am energized to see that it truly is utilised for several other factors and i am going to be making an attempt individuals now also. I’d not be getting 1 (this one particular is fifteen years aged) apart from my dogs knocked it on the ground, popping the tackle clip off and i mistakenly swept it up and threw it absent.Even with one particular facet unlocked, it will work perfectly.

I purchased this since i beloved some of my other pampered chef products. Although they are on the high priced facet. This is not a wonderful rice cooker. The lid does not make a very good seal to lock in the steam to shorten the cooking time. This rice cooker normally takes as lengthy to cook dinner rice as it does on the stovetop. Other microwave rice cooker i have cooks the rice in half the time. Would not endorse as a rice cooker.

Enable me begin by expressing that i incredibly hardly ever use this to make rice. I’ve experienced it for quite a few years and have cooked rice in it only a handful of periods (albeit with wonderful effects each individual time- i just will not make a lot of rice at property. ) that being claimed, i still use this kitchen gadget all the time- only to reheat soups and chili and to cook dinner veggies. I get best benefits just about every single time i prepare dinner veggies in it. My favored use is for cooking broccoli- it comes out bright inexperienced, fifty percent crisp (the way i like it) and steamed to perfection. I also really like that it is dishwasher harmless. Warning nevertheless- be mindful when removing the lid and the prime insert since the steam may possibly burn off you.

I have experienced a single of these for close to 10 many years and i use it at the very least twice a 7 days. Finest xmas present i’ve at any time gained.

I like this computer rice cooker plus. It cooks smaller total chickens. It normally takes chicken breasts, onions and carrots and drinking water and makes quite brief soup. I am setting up on experimenting with stevia to see how many sugarfree points like egg custard i can make with this minimal marvel. Obtaining two far more before long so we are going to have 1 for the daughter obtaining married and just one for the camper. Very similar wanting products just don’t do the job.

I enjoy this cooker for rice but i use it frequently for serving dishes that will need to stay warm or cold. It performs as a good serving bowl within or exterior on a picnic.

I owned the similar dimensions and from the very same manufacture, rice cooker and made use of it for about twenty five yrs with no challenges. We eat rice numerous situations a 7 days and it was nonetheless serving us properly when it achieved an premature death at my fingers. I remaining it sitting also near to an open up hearth and the aspect melted. But for that incident, i would not be creating this evaluation. These are industrial strength rice cookers. My son, who is a professional chef, has absent by three rice cookers in the past twelve decades. He always required the similar make and product as this this rice cooker, realizing ours experienced been all around his total childhood and a part of his adulthood. He is having this same product for his marriage anniversary in december. There are not enough superlatives to describe my feelings about the easiness of use and the high quality of construction of this rice cooker. I am positive the cooker will be close to when i am absent.

Pampered chef microwave rice cooker plusanyone who appreciates me is aware of i make excellent rice. I have been cooking rice for about 50 years. I have experienced all sorts of electric powered rice cookers $200 japanese products, $15 wally mart but my preferred one particular for the final 12 decades has been a classic aluminum 1955 comet rice cooker. Each and every way has been a soreness in the. But this microwave pot is a keeper. Does not get improved than this :).

The very first one particular lasted 5 many years. I essentially burned the rubber seal on the stove and it broke. This is why i requested a new one. Usually, i would even now be utilizing my aged one particular.

About six yrs in the past, i was about as broke as broke can get. My coworker, who was continually promoting things by means of pampered chef and avon and just about anything else that came her way, was approaching everybody at function and hoping to possibly force them to invest in some thing or guilt them about not helping assist her. Reducing out the lengthy story i am going to get to the merchandise. I prepare dinner all varieties of items in in this article. Frozen veggies normally arrive in a huge bag that you have to part out and when your solitary, that’s a compact portion to actually feel cooking it on the stove or in the oven. So i throw it in this point and pour in a minor h2o. The container can help to steam and evenly prepare dinner veggies, thaw frozen fruits, cook rice in(which i was definitely terrible at to begin with). As i sort i am ready for my noodles to complete in it. I’m generating a one serving of shells and cheese, i just place a handful of raw noodles and some h2o, throw it in the microwave for 12 minutes(stirring each individual four minutes or so). When the noodles are cooked i drain them.

Daughter-in-legislation is experiencing this product. I have 1 also and use it regularly.

This steamer worked so significantly better than i envisioned.

Tatung – TAC-06KN : Fantastic Rice Cooker

I am so joyful i ordered this rice cooker. I have been employing it just about every day for soup. I really don’t have to have to be concerned about cooking time like i boiled soup with typical saucepans. I can chill out and enjoy my soup just about every time. When i bought this rice cooker for soup, i also bought a compact rice cooker from tatung. The minimal cute man created fantastic cooked rice each time. They both of those so uncomplicated to use, so uncomplicated to clean up. Producing soup and cooking rice grow to be an pleasurable job.

I loathe cleaning inside the rice cooker. I sense like it requires up my time. You have to actually know how to evaluate your water and rice accrodingly or your rice is not going to turn out the way you required – you already know that every rice cooker is diverse and it differs. I essentially follow applying this rice cooker to make guaranteed i cook the rice the way i required it. Usually, everything is excellent.

I investigated lots of rice cookers more than a period of time of quite a few months striving to replace a fifteen-yr previous inexpensive, but trustworthy plastic cooker/steamer that experienced been a reward. This time, i wanted to stay away from both equally plastics & non-stick resources. I also didn’t want or want to retail store a incredibly big cooker because, it truly is just the two of us @ residence now. My choices narrowed the industry significantly. Excluding lots of massive name brand names like zojirushi, panasonic, and tiger. The buffalo manufacturer rice cooker from malaysia projects a pretty modern-day style and design, good performance & electronic features. Nevertheless, the buffalo cooker’s difficult-wired led battery has to be changed by the producer about each and every 3 years or so. All of the fuzzy logic cookers have comparable battery substitution troubles. The prospect of the potential hassle & the price tag of service & transport each individual time the battery died was a major detraction for me. That’s when i strike on the tatung tac-06kn in my look for.

Very simple, long lasting, and stainless. My mom has been utilizing tatung solution for 50+ several years. I was happy to discover it on-line. There is no other rice cooker can do much better job than tatung rice cooker. I use it to cook dinner or steam practically almost everything. By the way, the cooking instruction is just a guideline. Putting excess drinking water in the outer layer is just producing it prepare dinner lengthier. As for the rice container, my mother always makes use of 1:one ratio (1 cup of drinking water for a person cup of rice) to cook dinner ‘california #1’ or ‘cal rose’ rice. She’d insert much more water for very long grain rice.

We like this cooker for the reason that it is pretty simple to use, and cook dinner high quality rice. The trouble is that we uncovered some erosion immediately after we use quite a few days.

Tatung – TAC-06KN(UL) – 6 Cup Multi-Functional Stainless Steel Rice Cooker – Silver : I’m glad i bought since some of the reviews were a bit contradicting. This is my best appliance purchase so far this year. It has exceeded my expectations. I use it to cook peas, organic brown and black rice and it does a phenomenal job. It’s much faster than a panasonic fuzzy logic rice cooker i had. The guy that reported problems about the cooker being deficient is wrong. His review almost made me not buy this thing. I ended up buying this because the other two stainless steel rice cookers on the market were cheap looking and cheap in price since they were both around fifty bucks. This unit has great build quality, cleans up easily and cooks very fast. I even use it to cook soups.

A excellent item, much better than i anticipated. Tatung can make rice cooker for more than 60 many years. I know most chinese like it.

Amazing how you can purchase 1 of the most iconic taiwanese appliances in the us. It just would make cooking a breeze.

It is cook dinner well,is generally simple to clear,small cooking time,you also can steam many unique foodstuff. It also has little hole to allow steam go out.

I have this type of cookers for several several years. I acquired it because i gave absent to a pupil. It’s truly pleasant to have this cooker.

This a person is petty goodall stainless is more overall health for us.

It is effortless clear than outdated model.

Speedy shipping and great value.

I purchased a tac-06kn(ul), but i received a tatung tac-06kn. I feel that’s alright, then i begun to use the rice cooker. Soon after 3 times, i give it five stars, because of the subsequent good reasons. The very first, it is uncomplicated to thoroughly clean. I just want to clean up the internal pot. The second, its inner pot is built by stainless steel. The third, when it do the job, it never ever splattering sticky rice h2o in the vicinity. The fourth, the rice isn’t going to sticks on the base mainly because of its great design composition.

Effortless to cleanse, operates superb, steams nearly anything meat, fruit, beans,veggies. Requires a much better writen instruction booklet, but try something you can’t hurt this pot.

I feel this is quickly the very best rice cooker out there. Even the double boiler heating ingredient section (the coloured types have an aluminum heating factor). At no time does your food stuff or steamed h2o touch aluminum or teflon. You never finish up with foodstuff reacting with the aluminum and altering it really is taste or turning into an aluminum salt with it is really related wellbeing risks. The high quality is exceptionally substantial. It is really designed to very last a long time.

Beware the cooked rice will adhere to the base of the stainless pot for the reason that it is not a nonstick pot. It is challenging to clean the pot unless of course it is soaked in incredibly hot drinking water for a though. Considering the fact that this is indirect cooking method, water must be placed in the internal pot for cooking. Rice cooked evenly and no issue with top quality. Just have to remember this is not the normal nonstick cooker.

Completely wrong products picture on amazon. I experimented with replacing a cooker i had that died following 3 decades – no heating – but ended up with a tiny unit. The rapid dying of former device also would not inspire self esteem for current tatung solutions but i am inclined to give them a different consider.

I love the rice cooked by it — soft but not drinking water-ish.

This rice cooker is the best.

When the water starts steaming, the lid moves all-around generating sound. Or else it does what it was advertised. It also will take longer to prepare dinner the rice than my past cooker.

It can be superior for regular cooking but seems way too compact for rice cakes make.

Wolfgang Puck Signature Perfect Portable Rice Cooker, one cup of rice with one cup of water you will get a perfect rice.

This was doing work wonderful, until eventually my daughter overfilled.

It is swift and can do far more than rice.

Purchased a comparable just one from walmart only costed all-around $25. Use similar quantity of rice and h2o: one cup of rice with one cup of h2o you will get a perfect rice.

Key specs for Wolfgang Puck Signature Perfect Portable Rice Cooker Red:

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    to make sure this fits.
  • Makes perfect rice and other foods
  • Nonstick cooking pot
  • Portable and versatile
  • Keep Warm cycle
  • Red power indicator light and yellow ready light

Comments from buyers

“It’s perfect for fo two people or one person and makes , Good Buy, Great Rice, Wonderful rice cooker for singles or couples. Makes it sooo easy!!!”

Worked fantastic right until it did not. Used this product often because its only the two of us and it prevented far too significantly in leftovers. Also you could walk absent from it and do other issues though its cooking. Then it just stopped cooking. It wasn’t abused or overused. No location to obtain a substitution except if you invest in it (with a scratch and dent) on ebay or shell out far too significantly on amazon.

I love it, will work like is allure, perfect rice each individual time. Perfect for a single or two people today.

Wp, a further little surprise from wolfgang. This is perfect for those who cook for just one .

I broken our initial 1 regrettably just after decades of good support. But, it is really pleasant to have a new one once more.

I use with quinoa, jazmine rice and parboiled rice.

Perfect minimal just my total of rice.

I bought this from one particular of people tv set channels that offer stuff 24/seven. ninety five and acquired just one for me and a different as a gift. I truly like how it makes incredibly hot cereal and rice. The purpose that i did not give it 5 stars (2 causes) is that i will not consider that the inner bowl will last quite long and they demand way too much for a tiny alternative bowl- the exact amount of money that i paid out for the total machine and they seriously you should not give you very a lot of recipes.

For one-2 people this is a fantastic selection.

Wolfgang puck signature perfect portable rice cooker.

I have two of these and totally adore them. Use them all the time for quite a few foods. I have had them at minimum a yr with no troubles.

I am now homeless i do not like it, but that’s the way it is for now. For the past two decades or so i have typically just opened cans of vegetable soup, peas, corn and beans and eaten them cold. I wasn’t in enjoy with the chilly-tasting foodstuff, but it did maintain me alive. I determined to chunk the bullet and obtain one of these puppies. Wow, it confident created a substantial variation in my eating plan. Now, not only can i warmth up my soups and greens, i can also prepare dinner rice, pasta, stuffing, and so forth. Of class, currently being homeless, it is a challenge to locate destinations i can plug in this hot pot. The electrical stores in the parks below in seattle are turned off to discourage camping, so those are a no go. I did uncover a few isolated spots all-around town, and so far, everything’s working fine. I do have a vehicle but my cigarette lighters have no electric power normally i would obtain an inverter and use it there.

I wish i experienced know about it sooner. We use ours every day, virtually. This merchandise is everything they say it is.

Tends to make perfect rice and is considerably more practical than the major rice cooker.

However making an attempt to determine out ratio of rice to h2o so it isn’t going to occur out mush.

Every domestic need to have one particular of these rice cookers it can be not only a rice cooker you can do lots of issues in it. It is perfect for fo two people or 1 man or woman and will make just the correct amount of money of foods in it. I have just one already and this just one is a spare mainly because i adore it so substantially and use it every working day for one thing.

I possibly ordered one dozen of these. Gave as presents and held my three favorite colours. With unique sales, just as low-priced to have extra a person, than shopping for an more cup. I just viewed an old live presentation and seen wp make macncheese with chix broth, cheese and uncooked macaroni. Believe that me it will work, like a attraction. So delectable, i did it 2 times but additional some still left over tomato sauce. This is this sort of an brilliant small put. Also would make oatmeal seriously easy, and cooks eggs. I only held again a single star since with my to start with one particular, there is a smaller scratch on the pot, immediately after much less than two months use.

Straightforward to use and cooks rice rapidly. We use on excursions with no stressing about bringing our more substantial one particular from house.

I’ve had a person for about a calendar year and bought a person for my granddaughter heading offto school and an apartment.

Ultimately bought a coloration i like and in fact purchased. It really is a fantastic rice cooker for a one individual or a pair.

Hamilton Beach Digital Simplicity 10-Cups uncooked resulting in 20-Cups : Works Great but Big

Operates excellent, but plan in advance. I am using a star off not simply because of the good quality but simply because of how very long it can take. I largely use it for rice and we use it each day. I got this simply because the stainless steel fashion matches my other appliances. It has pleasant, straightforward to use buttons to start out rice, total grain and many others. And soon after adding the components just press the proper button. My only complain is that it requires about 35-45 minutes for 1 cup of rice (and truly only about five minutes far more if you have a much larger batch). Also notice that even while it states 4 to 20 cups, it will make 1 cup just fine.

We love ours so a lot we gave them as xmas gifts previous calendar year. Extremely recommended to any one.

Hamilton Beach Digital Simplicity 10-Cups uncooked resulting in 20-Cups (Cooked) Rice Cooker and Steamer, Silver (37536)

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Expand your menu with perfectly cooked dishes
  • Add ingredients, press the button and it does the rest
  • Easy, one-touch cooking
  • Unique boil/simmer function
  • 4 To 20-Cup capacity

This is a terrific kitchen area addition.

It does a consistently great career cooking rice. It is a lot even larger than i predicted though. It is not fantastic for creating 2-3 servings. The least measurement is a lot more like five-7 servings for us. It also can take very a whilst but with very good outcomes. If you really don’t want tiny batches and you care far more about good quality than time then i would endorse it.

Often enjoy this rice cooker. It can be my go to just about each and every day.

Hamilton Beach Digital Simplicity 10-Cups uncooked resulting in 20-Cups (Cooked) Rice Cooker and Steamer, Silver (37536) : Perfect rice, even in large quantities, every time. . Pros: everything about this rice steamer is perfect. The rice comes out awesome every time as long as you follow the instruction based on the amount you want. Cons: it’s a little loud with the beeps when alerting you that it’s finished.

Nothing extravagant – works as built. Timer capabilities are practical as properly. Never remember he former model we had but his a person collects he condensed seam from the lid much more cleanly. Will not have any variations or enhancements to suggest so i guess its 5 stars.

I like this rice cooker a good deal. Having said that, one feature i desire it had would be to notify us how a lot longer right up until the rice is completely ready. Sometimes i overlook what time i place the rice on so i won’t be able to determine out if i will need to get started another start off dish so they both equally arrive out at the same time. It’s possible no other rice cooker does this but i would like they did.

I purchased one for myself and my daughter wanted one particular. We make a major batch of rice and use through the 7 days, this does the trick with out the mess on the stove.

I have experienced this for a couple of weeks now and it truly is fantastic. Com/aroma-arc-838tc-uncooked-digital-steamer/dp/b000hkfe8g/ref=sr_one_one?ie=utf8&qid=1349267406&sr=8-1&key phrases=rice+cookerand this rice cooker is fingers down better than the aroma. I like to prepare dinner basmati rice and like it to come out like it does at indian restaurants, wherever the rice will not adhere with each other but it is still totally cooked. And this man does the trick. The aroma unit i experienced basically produced sticky rice out of all the things. I tried using many unique h2o to rice mixtures and couldn’t get it right. With the hamilton beach unit, i did the straightforward (and normally not to trustworthy) two to a single ratio and it arrived out excellent. I admittedly have only applied it four or 5 occasions, but as extended as it doesn’t crack at any time quickly then i am a pleased camper. The non-stick area is superior, although you do get that odd rice movie on the base of the cooker – but that has happened with each rice cooker i have ever owned. But when i’m completed and cleansing the device it speedily and conveniently can be eradicated from the non-stick surface area, just by employing the white spoon point it comes with. I have not tried it as vegetable steamer nonetheless, since i not often steam greens.

Good purchase, recommend highly devoid of reservation.

Just what i was wanting for.

The very best rice cookers i’ve ever procured. I have ordered three rice cookers – two aroma manufacturer and this hb which was ‘like new’. But when i opened the box, the cooker was sealed in a box that hadn’t been opened. I have utilized the aroma brand names and nonetheless desire this hb device. It does not above heat – which is a challenge with the aroma brands. The rice normally takes a prolonged time in this steamer, but i am willing to hold out because it arrives out properly every single time. If i experienced room, i’d acquire one more one (as a backup).

This item is more cost-effective to invest in than a storefront like mattress,tub & further than, concentrate on or walmart. The characteristics are quick to use. I was anticipating an aluminum internal layer, rather of non-stick considering that it has cancerous materials when it starts off peeling off. I do like aluminum just to stay away from any troubles down the line. The merchandise itself is really basic to use, one-touch button and just go away it. It did have a strange strong plastic odor the first several occasions of utilizing it, it’s possible from manufacturing unit materials. Following a while, it wears off.

Digital simplicity deluxe rice cooker/steamer. An additional birthday present and they totally cherished it. They have not applied it as a steamer, but as a rice cooker, the rice was wonderfully scrumptious.Wonderful product and really advised. A rice spoon and paddle arrived with it which was a key reward.

For a household of four, this is a huge rice cooker. Nevertheless, we usually make extra so that we have rice for soups or other foods in the week. I will say that it requirements consideration as the rice cooks so as not to overcook i know from other purchasers there are goods that let you set the cooker and go. I have not felt that i could do that with this individual cooker as it just retains going and likely. Nonetheless, the completed products is great.

Pretty uncomplicated to operate and has a practical delayed start off option. We use it generally to prepare dinner brown rice, it leave the rice quite moist and fluffy but takes about forty five minutes to a person hour to prepare dinner one cup of rice. I notice that brown rice requires for a longer period to cook dinner, but it just appears to be like a prolonged time. But we just put on the rice way in progress of needing it and it stays heat. Total, i am happy with the invest in and would advise.

Tried out all kinds of rice which include brown rice, veggies & its very good. So considerably its been almost one year & no troubles.

Purchased this from a evaluate on-the sweet house. Not the quickest cooker, but the rice will come out perfect if you stick to the instructions and measure accurately. It was not advised for heavy use, but we use it about 3-four instances a 7 days.

It is really a great cooker, but not sturdy more than enough. I acquired a refurbished one particular more than a calendar year back. It is really easy to use and just as what is described. I use it to cook white rice and normally 2 cups of rice will take appx. The timer function is specially useful for the reason that i can established a timer ahead of i leave dwelling or in the previous evening in advance of i go to snooze. For boil & simmer operate, i can manage the time i want the things to get boiled. Disadvantages: when cooking porridge, it surely leaves some rice and water on the inside of the lid, so that i have to wash the lid each time. The coating of the inner base of the pot started to put on out in considerably less than 1 year. Electronic handle turned malfunctioned in the current thirty day period – it sets up the timer automatically and unexpectedly. But the guarantee only covers one year, so i had deal with it by myself and it performs now.

We have genuinely savored this equipment, even though we’ve built small rice so considerably. I like the delayed get started to make hot cereal for breakfast. Can make a tremendous steel-cut oats, breakfast grits, and brown rice farina. At first bought to replace an old rice cooker that couldn’t make brown rice or other whole grains, but the hold off get started timer has been the greatest component of the more recent equipment. This design was suggested by different reviewers this sort of as america’s examination kitchen, and as a remanufactured design it was a great rate. It won’t have the ‘fuzzy logic’ selection, but frankly, it will work great as it is. One particular take note: the smallest amount of rice or grains that can be produced in this is a person and a half cups (to 3 cups drinking water). There is a specific rice evaluate involved this measure is the equal of an american three/4 cup measure. So when the equipment description claims that its smallest batch attainable is 3 cups, it is referring to the special rice measure, not american cups.

Very simple and pretty quick to use it does much more than just prepare dinner rice. It can steam corn and beans even more it will maintain your foodstuff heat soon after cooking it. Yes there is an instruction handbook but it is a stand by yourself cooker and extremely straightforward to operate.

Tiger JBA-T10U-WY Micom Rice Cooker – This is a amazing product that I ever have before

It arrived quick and packaged very well. I especially desired a person that was built in japan ( which this one is) and it appears pretty nicely created. I made my very first pot of rice yesterday and it was restaurant top quality. I needed to try to eat all three cups appropriate then. I cannot communicate for the longevity, but i will update my critique if it dies on me whenever quickly.

Cooks rice properly, but it does come to feel like it requires a minor lengthier than a standard tiger rice cooker. This is the fast cook dinner alternative that will take about 30 minutes, which is okay. I experienced earlier reported you could not established a time for it to prepare dinner, but on even more investigation you can.

Works very well, but lights on buttons are hart to see.

  • Rice comes out perfect every time
  • Excellent rice cooker
  • Great rice cooker

Prepare dinner initial beef stew came out so very good. Cook dinner first beef stew came out so great.

Superb price for a serious japanese cooker. Just obtained it these days, it is made in japan as i believed it would be based on the model range, i am supplying four stars due to the superb selling price, $116 is what i paid, but not 5 stars because i you should not know how lengthy it will final or how nicely it can cook rice. Amusing thing is the box has a sticker that claims ‘sale price $60, typical selling price $149’, i suspect these are clearance products that were being bought from japanese supermarkets when they shut down their stores, even so the rate is excellent. One con, the keepwarm gentle is quite really hard to see in a vibrant surroundings, you will have to have to deal with it with your palm to see if its on or off.

Features of Tiger JBA-T10U-WY Micom Rice Cooker with Food Steamer and Slow Cooker, White, 11 Cups Cooked/5.5 Cups Uncooked

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    to make sure this fits.
  • 9 Computerized Cooking Menus including Slow Cook and Brown Rice.
  • 2 preset cooking timers.
  • Detachable steam cap and inner lid for easy cleaning.
  • Stainless Steel design.
  • Steam Basket Included.
  • Steam Basket Included.

Cooks completely properly but longer cooking time. The major setback although is that it usually takes 3x for a longer time to cook rice than my aged zojirushi. I generally cook dinner two cups of rice and it will take forty minutes to get carried out.

I acquired that for my sister xmas gift.

Rice comes out fantastic every single time. I desired a japanese created rice cooker and this was a person of the few continue to built there that is available on amazon. Becoming asian, i still recognize the excellent of their goods in excess of kinds designed in china. The main issues on this a single have been the controls, which are a little bit extra advanced than the other models. You do have to look at the lights but i’ve experienced no problems. The kinds created in china for the us marketplace are less difficult in structure and have greater testimonials. But, i have experienced mine now for properly above a yr and the rice is great every single time. I have not used it, while, to cook nearly anything else.

This is a astounding product or service that i at any time have before. This is a wonderful item that i ever have just before. This is can support me to make steam rice easy and scrumptious. Also, you can make other by using this rice cooker as well.

Tiger – you simply cannot go incorrect. Usually a trustworthy model employed by the family. Just dear interior pan when it demands replacement purpose i made the decision to purchase this new cooker rather.

Panasonic fuzzy logic rice maker that we thought was very good. Immediately after that went on the fritz. We experienced a panasonic fuzzy logic rice maker that we thought was good. After that went on the fritz, we settled on this a single. 1st time employing it and it was already the greatest rice we’ve ever designed. Remarkably encouraged from someone who makes rice twice a week.

Just took a handful of periods to adjustwater. Just took a couple of occasions to adjustwater and rice. Now get a fantastic rice and it retains heat.

But it choose extra than just one hour to get the rice done with the default method. In all probability 40 mins with quick mode.

I should really have gotten this decades ago.

I only used this product two times so far and the rice preferences so much greater than the more affordable makes of rice cookers. I seemed at other tiger rice cookers and i discovered this more fashionable structure for all around the identical value so i determined to give it a try. Cooks rice in a superior volume of time and comes with a steamer basket much too which was a good reward. 5 cup perfect for a smaller family members and the occasional excess attendees. One more moreover is that this product is created in japan.

My spouse enjoys the new rice cooker.

This cooker is fantastic, the second i acquired the cooker i cooked a smaller batch of flawlessly cooked rice and was amazed how easy it was, when cooled it is ideal rice to stir fry with, i just manufactured a batch of mexican rice by incorporating my most loved salsa and home made enchilada sauce to the recipe as component of the h2o measurement and to my surprise it was properly cooked and had astounding flavor.

Tends to make our rice oh so awesome. . Reliable device that has cooked the rice fantastic every time.

Obtained it for a excellent deal and feeds for a awesome tiny family members.

It may possibly be compact but does all the things i require it to do. It really is the 1st little rice cooker i’ve owned and it will make the rice correctly. Much better however it would not burn the rice on the maintain heat cycle. I cannot say that about the kinds from costco.

But time will tell how great is it. Appears to be durable as opposed to my old panasonic that have exact options. But time will tell how excellent is it. Possibly due to the fact is japan made.

Tatung – TAC-10G : It is not just a rice cooker, buy it and find out why everyone should have one in their kitchen

A requirement for the kitchen. I desire there are far more colour options in the us but i am nevertheless joyful with the white.

Very good for 2 weeks, and then completely die on me. When i required to acquire a rice cooker, all my family informed me to get just one of this. So, even it charge four times than other models, i acquired it in any case. After few moments cooking, all around two weeks right after i been given it, it just do not warmth up any longer. I wrote to the vendor to request a alternative and not still received any reply but. I will update when i obtained a response, just hold on your obtaining right until you know how they deal with this variety of problems. You should not acquire stuff price a lot more cash and not arrive with liable service. I initially gave the item 1star, and now up-to-date to 3 for their provider is wonderful and prompt. They ship me a return shipping label and replace the broaken elements, which is very good more than enough for me. (it will take about just one week for this course of action) i do hope this one particular will final lengthier, ta-tung is incredibly well-known of it durability, it shouldn’t breakdown like this.

Tatung – TAC-10G (SF) – 10 Cup Rice Cooker – White Aluminum Cook Pot

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    to make sure this fits.
  • Tatung’s easy to use one step rice cooker features a 6- or 10-cup serving capacity that will cook your rice to perfection.
  • Once your rice is cooked, the cooker will automatically switch to keep-warm mode and keep your rice at perfect serving temperature for up to 6-8 hours.
  • It can also function as a steamer to give you more options for your dining pleasure.
  • Stainless steel inner pot and accessories include steam tray, rice spatula, removable spatula holder, and measuring cup.
  • Tatung cooks rice, brown rice, soup, seafood, and boils and steams a variety of other foods.

Saved my daily life in taiwan, finest kitchen area products ever. . So, expending numerous months in taipei, taiwan with nothing at all to cook on but a scorching plate and a person of these cookers (exact same cooker, but in all probability 30 several years previous), i was in a position to make good and nutritious foods any time i didn’t sense like going out to try to eat. This factor ain’t very – coloration options in taiwan had been confined to seafoam inexperienced and 1970’s vomit orange – but guy, is it functional. This is a excellent unit useful for so much far more than building rice: steaming greens, cooking dumplings and baozi, even generating soups. Every single taiwanese i know owns 1, and they past without end. It reminds me of the american-designed kitchen area appliances of yesteryear in terms of simplicity and longevity (you know – like that sixties , airstream-trailer-lookin’ toaster your grandma continue to utilizes).

‘it’s not like the a single your taiwanese mother has. ‘. They utilised to be very strong and very last for a long time, with a heavier lid. This 1 is designed of pretty slim metal, and when you cook with this one, the lid rattles the complete time the steam arrives out. I like the older racks superior, although this one particular may well be less difficult to clear. The new rack also would make certain nothing at all will idea in excess of. (it truly is a slim flat sheet of steel with holes. )the pot inside of is awesome, and has a good lid, too. It really is good it has an on/off swap, so you you should not have to unplug it if you want to change it off (like the aged types).

Very best rice cooker – can also steam fish, veggies, etcetera. . In legal guidelines noticed what i can do with this rice cooker (steam fish, veggies, etcetera), and they preferred one particular. You will not likely get these burnt rice you get from other highend rice cookers.

Tatung – TAC-10G (SF) – 10 Cup Rice Cooker – White Aluminum Cook Pot :

This cooker does a whole lot far more than just cooking rice. I use it to make soup and will be applying it to steam veggies much too.

This rice cooker is the ideal. It has a stainless cooker insert (exactly where the rice goes) alternatively of nonstick. I actually didn’t like that my wife’s prior (and well-worn) rice cooker had a nonstick cooking surface. That fact on your own can make it one of a kind amongst rice cookers. We use it for sticky white rice only. You have to set some h2o in the space outside the house the internal stainless cooking pot, but you do not have to evaluate as precisely as the recommendations suggest. The 50 % cup of water (or so) positioned in the outer cooking space adds a sure top quality to the rice. It can make a slight but noticable boiling-rattle noise when it’s cooking rice. It has a definite retro attraction a great deal like a dependable small steam engine locomotive.

It was so really hard to find a rice cooker with no teflon. The inner pot is simple to take out and clean. The rice cooks a great deal far more speedily than my previous a person. The heat aspect is wonderful if you want to make it early and preserve it prepared to serve.

Each individual residence has one of these when i was increasing up in taiwan. My mother was really planning to invest in a single for me and ship it all the way to the us. I am so happy that this rice cooker is obtainable on amazon. It is popular for its durability and versatility as nicely as the top quality of food (particularly rice) you can make with this trusty cooker. The oblique heat method is what established this cooker apart from everybody else. It is especially useful for stewing and producing chinese design and style soup. Rooster pieces with some wintertime melon, shitake and ginger steamed in a lined ceramic pot. Tremendous common chinese rooster soup where no drinking water is included, just the goodness of the rooster. You can also cook several dishes in it if you stack the dishes.

I’ve made use of tatung all my life as did my mother. I like this large sizing due to the fact i can use it for steaming other meals goods, not only for earning rice. The only disadvantage i truly feel is that the maker modified the design and style so that the plug is hooked up forever to the rice cooker. More mature types employed to have the cord detachable so the unit could be washed conveniently. Now it is a bit of a trouble to wash the rice cooker simply because i need to access above to an inconvenient location to unplug/replug the rice cooker and also simply because i have extra problems washing the unit with the cord hanging off the aspect as i attempt not to permit it get damp though i scrub the inside of the pot. Normally, i’ve normally cherished this model of rice cooker due to the fact it steams the rice rather than utilize direct heat.

My friend only utilised it when and mentioned it really is so far so fantastic. Which is the purpose i give 4 stars. This was a present for my friend. It truly was sent couple days b/f the believed time. My buddy only applied it as soon as and mentioned it really is so considerably so very good. That is the explanation i give four stars. In the long run if i have more info from my buddy i could modify it to greater (hope not worse).

It is not just a rice cooker, purchase it and uncover out why everybody must have 1 in their kitchen area. Practically every household in taiwan has a person of tatung’s oblique warmth rice cooker and pretty much all learners who vacation to a various state will just take a single with them, why?. Simply because it is soooooo useful. Whoever is looking through this assessment or taking into consideration obtaining this is due to the fact you want to locate a rice cooker, ideal?.Incorrect, you want to buy foods that can be conveniently done so that you can save cash for dining out or lots of time cooking. I am not expressing to consume out or shell out some top quality time cooking is negative, simply there are occasions (or i should say, extremely frequently) that you are in a hurry and with no time to put together for a meal. This rice cooker would not only cook rice, it cooks almost everything. There’re tons of recipes on-line that reveals you how to merely toss in all the materials (of class, you might will need to minimize/ chop the products as instructed) and it will put together a wonderful dish for you. You then can go away it by itself and the food will be completely ready. It can also cook noodles, stew meat and many others.

Brown rice cooks fantastic also. Look no additional – this is a wonderful rice cooker, which we use for brown rice. Like one more reviewer claimed, it functions best on a one:one ratio for brown rice. We use one 1/2 cups of h2o in the pot (our normal measuring cup, not the more compact 1 that it will come with), then 3 cups of brown rice and 3 cups of water in the cooker (disregarding the directions). We established a timer (purchased individually from amazon) for 35 minutes, which is the approximate time it can take for the rice cooker to change from ‘cook’ to ‘warm’ and then established the timer for 10 minutes to end cooking on the warm setting.

But my mom told me it can use for 20 years.

This rice cooker is the best. The cook time is fast, without fuss and the outcome is fantastic rice, never ever sticky. The pot is also simple to clean–five stars for confident.

It appears to be like like a cheap imitation. The electrical twine is substantially thinner than my old a single. The internal bottom leaves some stain after cooking. It appears like a inexpensive imitation.

Producing rice, buns, soups and much more.

This rice cooker is astounding, can do so significantly things. I had just one for 18 and half years, it was my fault to crack it. I experienced to invest in a further one particular suitable away. This rice cooker is wonderful, can do so a great deal stuff, genuinely great high-quality, totally really worth the dollars.

Excellent for multipurpose chinese cooking.

I have utilized tatung rice cookers for pretty much forty several years. But i never find any improvement over the several years. Nonetheless, it is however the finest rice cooker compares to all other rivals.

Can not are living without the need of it for cooking rice.

Westinghouse 6-1/2-Cup : Really good for the price

So far i am content with the purchase.

Container on the inside of is very quick to scratch.

Westinghouse 6-1/2-Cup (Uncooked) 18 to 20-Cup (Cooked) Stainless Steel Rice Cooker, Black

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    to make sure this fits.
  • Prepares up to 6 and 1/2 cups of raw rice (yields 18-20 cups cooked)
  • Advanced fuzzy logic microchip technology and even heating from sides and base for
    professional quality cooking
  • Condensation from lid drips into reservoir to keep rice light, fluffy andtasting great
  • LED Display with touch pad Controls. 5 menu settings including Soup and Rehe
    at, plus One Touch Rice and One Touch Steam mode for vegetables and dumplings
  • Includes value added accessories such as removable non-stick rice bowl, steaming rack, rice spatula and scoop

This products electronics is excellent but the rice pan’s nonstick coating commenced to peel off following 5 employs, i have in no way utilized an abrasive sponge for cleansing.

Acquired to change a ten 12 months old japanese rice cooker– figured we would update in sizing, much too. We haven’t used the steamer environment nevertheless, but i’ve been earning riceballs like nuts. Only characteristic it would not have that i overlook is remaining ready to set when the rice will be performed, so you can have hot rice for breakfast, and the greater measurement helps make up for that.

Rice always gets burned on the base of the pan.

Westinghouse 6-1/2-Cup (Uncooked) 18 to 20-Cup (Cooked) Stainless Steel Rice Cooker, Black : It cook really fast better than other rice cooker that i would buy. It cook really fast better than other rice cooker that i would buy. But i would watch out if it might burn inside the metal. Just like other people make the same comments.

I appreciate that the electric power twine is detachable from the cooker. My spouse acquired me this rice cooker when our old 1 broke down finally soon after around 5 years. Exact manufacturer as my final rice cooker, so i am positive this a person will final several years to appear as properly. I enjoy that the electricity cord is detachable from the cooker by itself. It’s not a substantial rice cooker but feeds my loved ones of four in addition my when my in legal guidelines occur above, it feeds thier celebration of 8 and us four, no dilemma.

It will work perfectly cooking but it does burn up on the base of the pot. I use it about three instances a 7 days and just stay away from the burned pieces.

I have had it for over two months now.

It truly is quick for anyone to use and uncomplicated clear up.

Advantage & person welcoming for a realistic cost. Made use of it many instances presently & we are very happy with it.

Quick supply and terrific products, larger sized than the last one i bought, which is excellent.

Not too quite a few bells and whistles. Fairly much cool and warming options. Retains a excellent amount of rice.

Came today appears to be like good will use it tomorrow.

Pretty very good, i suggest it for each individual one who travel or students.

Zojirushi Micom Rice Cooker & Warmer : Just buy it best rice cooker I have owned

Never go wrong with zojirushi.

Just buy it best rice cooker i have owned. Best rice cooker i have ever owned hands down. I have grown up eating rice and boy. Its worth paying for a good rice cooker.

Best rice cooker i have ever bought. Best rice cooker i have ever bought. Luks really nice n attractive on my counter top n cooks rice perfect.

  • Love it- does the job and keeps the rice warm
  • So worth it!!! The texture of the
  • A little pricey but definitely worth it!

Zojirushi Micom Rice Cooker & Warmer, NS-TSC18 – 10 cups / 1.8 liters

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    to make sure this fits.
  • Stainless Brown
  • Includes steaming basket
  • Menu settings include: white/sushi, mixed, porridge, sweet, brown, cake, steam and quick cooking
  • Interchangeable melody and beep signal
  • Delay timer with (2) settings

Love it- does the job and keeps the rice warm. Love it- does the job and keeps the rice warm for hours while letting you know how long it’s been in there.

Thumbs up for this medium to large capacity rice cooker. My mother in law was skeptical at first because she’s mostly had 1990s cookers. She figured it out in a jiffy and everyone loved the rice (and lots of it).

Excellent device light weight cooks rice to perfection led menu takes the guess work out of cook time handle makes it easy to transport for storage.

I bought this to replace my tiger and it is so much better. We eat rice everyday and is product has made my experience much better. Using the old tiger we have the rice would go bad in about an hour. This one last overnight or longer. Easy to use once you learn the manual. I have not tried steaming vegetables or anything yet but so far so good. The open button for the cooker could be better.

A+ i use it everyday and love it.

Liked it but didn’t keep it because wanted pressure cooker.

The only down-side i would say is that it takes about an hour to make anything in it (i don’t know if this is normal with making rice or not). But it is easy to get the rice (or porridge) started first and then work on the rest of the meal :).

We do notice a difference on how much. We do notice a difference on how much better the white rice comes out with this cooker. More fluffy and perfectly cooked. I will say however when trying the cook the black rice it didn’t come out completely done. It was edible, but not like the how the white rice came out. We might not have put quite enough water in it to begin with, so i can’t say for sure yet. The next time we cook the black rice we will use a little more water to see if that makes the difference.

So far i’ve only used it to cook brown rice but i love the product, expensive but i think it’s worth it.

A little pricey but definitely worth it. I love this addition to our stainless kitchen appliances. It looks nice and fits right in. The rice comes out perfect each time too.It keeps the rice warm for days and even tells you how many hours ago it was cooked. The only thing i wish it would do is cook the rice quicker than 45-60 minutes. My old zojirushi cooked rice in about 20 minutes.

Been wanting to buy zojirushi. Finally bought one and i’m very happywith it.

Best rice cooker ever purchased. It is definitely worth the money. The rice is never hard or too mushy. It comes out perfect all the time.

The texture of the rice arrives out just ideal. Only rationale why i did not give it 5 stars is for the reason that of the 1 hour prepare dinner time.

Zojirushi is just one of the very best out there. Japanese rice cookers hardly ever fail to impress me. Zojirushi is one of the finest out there. While i wish i hope it can continue to keep the rice warm for quite a few times without having drying it.

Excellent item and will buy other one particular for my mother and father in law.

Moms and dads loved this rice cook dinner. They are use daily for congee at morning.

My wife needed a new rice cooker, but also one thing that could be a steamer as perfectly. Easy to use, makes best rice and the detachable pan helps make for quick cleanup. Have utilised the timer operate as well – was place on. It’s a little bit a lot more high priced, but worthy of each and every penny expended.

Panasonic SR-G10G 5 : Good rice cooker if you know the trick

My twenty 12 months previous three cup panasonic didnt make enough rice when i had corporation so i went out and bought one particular of individuals fancy rice cookers which took to substantially time to forecast the outcome. In some cases if i experienced working day previous rice, i would put it back again in the cooker with the new rice. It confused the extravagant rice cooker so i under no circumstances knew what to anticipate. So i returned it and obtained this panasonic. Just like my reputable twenty calendar year cooker which has because eventually stopped doing work.

Does not shut off without having unplugging ability twine. I ordered this cooker to substitute an old rice cooker that finally failed right after numerous decades of service. The cooker does a tremendous career the moment you discover to modify the amount of drinking water to cook the rice the way you like it. It has a substantial ability for any wants a solitary individual or spouse and children ought to have to have. The only thing i do not like is you have to unplug the power twine each individual time you are completed cooking. Even with the rice pot taken off the device exhibits it is still on ?. I do not know if this provides a fireplace hazard if you neglect to unplug it ?.

Panasonic SR-G10G 5.5-Cup (Uncooked) Automatic Rice Cooker, White

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Make up to 5 Cups of uncooked rice with One-step Automatic cooking and shutoff, Just press the button and ready to go, 4 Hour Keep Warm feature once the rice cooking process is completed
  • See-thru glass lid for easy viewing, Heavy Duty Aluminum Pan, 450 Watts of Power Consumption and 44 Watts for Keep Warm
  • This model is not recommended for Brown Rice and it is recommended to clean rice before cooking in a separate pan and not in included pan
  • Accessories include: Measuring Cup, Multi-Lingual (English, French, Spanish, Korean, Chinese) Operating Instruction Manual
  • Measures: 10 3/4″ (W) x 11 5/16″ (D) x 9 3/8″ (H), 3.3 lbs, White
  • Make up to 5 Cups of uncooked rice with One-step Automatic cooking and shutoff, Just press the button and ready to go, 4 Hour Keep Warm feature once the rice cooking process is completed
  • See-thru glass lid for easy viewing, Heavy Duty Aluminum Pan, 450 Watts of Power Consumption and 44 Watts for Keep Warm
  • This model is not recommended for Brown Rice and it is recommended to clean rice before cooking in a separate pan and not in included pan
  • Accessories include: Measuring Cup, Multi-Lingual (English, French, Spanish, Korean, Chinese) Operating Instruction Manual
  • Measures: 10 3/4″ (W) x 11 5/16″ (D) x 9 3/8″ (H), 3.3 lbs, White
  • NOTE: Please ensure to measure rice in the cup that comes along with the product ONLY

Great option for compact-batch rice creating. Lesser than we assumed, but is effective as advertised. Nevertheless can scorch the rice at the base, so not suggested for leaving rice in it all day. We have cooked several varieties of rice with no challenges.

Has been working for a extended time now my filipina spouse works by using everyday.

I’ve been making use of this for a few of months now to make brown and white rice and i’ve been incredibly delighted with it. It is a great dimensions for 2-4 folks. It tends to make perfect rice if you observe the guide in the booklet that comes with it. I comprehensively rinse the rice (much more on that in the future paragraph), then soak it for 30mins prior to cooking, then when it can be completed cooking i permit it stand for 15 minutes. Cooking generally can take thirty minutes to an hour dependent on the kind and amount of money of rice. The rice cooker switches to ‘warming’ mode the moment it really is concluded cooking. I would advise you rinse your rice in advance of cooking it, though there would seem to be a debate around whether or not you must or not. Most rice offered in the usa is coated with additional natural vitamins by the producer. So, rinsing will get rid of the vitamins but will also clear away a large amount of the excess starch, building for a cleaner, lighter rice at the time cooked.

Panasonic SR-G10G 5.5-Cup (Uncooked) Automatic Rice Cooker, White : Good rice cooker if you know the trick. I bought this rice cooker 2 months ago. (after having a problem with my old nonstick rice cooker) the reason i chose this one because i don’t like taflon nonstick surface. It’d come off no matter how you took good care of it. So far, i’m very pleased with it. I’m an asain who eat rice everyday. I cooked as little as 2 cup or as much as 5 cup (full capacity). I never had any experience about rice stick in the bottom of the pot. However, you have to know the trick. Every time you cook rice, you have to let it stand in the pot for at least 10 to 15 minutes (after the cook button change to warm button) before taking rice out of the pot, as a result, rice will never stick.

Purchased this since our black and decker (14 cup cooked) non stick rice cooker has been peeling (same thing with bro-in-law actual rice cooker). Employed these days and a couple of observations:one) the internal pot is not as ‘heavy duty’ and that i suggest not thick/hefty experience but feels somewhat fragile seeking (so handle with treatment – no dropping). 2) the cooking foundation is reasonably sturdy and not as fragile as i believed from the reviews i have go through. 3) no bubbling during or soon after cooking (employed five asian cups jasmine rice, rinsed the moment, and loaded a tiny bit over the 5 cup mark). 4) i do like no non adhere just for peace of brain (and asking yourself wherever the peeled bits went). But so considerably no sticking to the pot (i unplug following it has been cooking/heat for 35 minutes – sorry i didn’t know when change went from cook to warm). 6) the price tag was definitely very good for no non adhere.

Little much better but not absolutely happy. Though cooking the starchy drinking water flows out producing horrible mess on kitchen desk, returned and bought greater product of similar brad direct from panasonic, small far better but not absolutely glad.

Dimensions is perfect for two to four individuals, and cooks rice extremely properly. And its legitimate what yet another reviewer reported – permit the rice relaxation for 10 minutes right after cooking and it wont stick. I prefer to unplug it and not have the warm feature. I have cooked white and brown with this rice cooker and have received very good success. Just be absolutely sure to adjust quantity of water depending on the kind of rice you are cooking. Pair of ergonomic items i dont like: the handles are really dinky, and the cooking pot has a pretty shallow lip (unlike my aged 20-year nationwide which this changed). Also power twine is permanently hooked up which can be awkward for storing.

I wanted a smaller rice cooker that created ample rice for two-4 individuals and experienced a cooking vessel that was not non-stick coated. This suit the bill very properly as it makes good rice. The only purpose i gave it 4 as an alternative of 5 stars is the only way to flip the device off soon after cooking is to unplug it.

I was largely looking for a proper sizing rice cooker which will not only serve our family of four (father/mom and 2 kids) daily, but would also be sufficient for 3-four additional friends as once in a while necessary. Panasonic sr-g104-450 5-one/2-cup (raw rice) is right for the intent. Cooks rice evenly with no mess. The only enhancement i think panasonic would have done was to maintain the ‘warm’ indicator light (at the time the rice is completed) inexperienced or some other distinctive colour. The ‘cook’ indicator gentle is purple, and ‘warm’ indicator light is orange, hence really perplexing to distinguish amongst the two to know if rice is completed.

I bought this merchandise from amazon and i really like it. I do not know how individuals can say that they loathe it. My rice has under no circumstances spilled over in fifteen minutes i get ideal rice. I have utilized it about 20 periods now and use it when i am in a hurry to make a comprehensive food. I have manufactured brown rice, white rice, and mexican rice. I acquired the amazon warehouse deal and it arrived in new ailment the box was open up but every little thing was model new.

Item will work but it does get some of the rice trapped to the bottom but as for cooking it its right on the dollars.

I advocate depart the rice in the h2o extra than half. Considering the fact that the interior container is incredibly skinny, you will need to add a minimal bit more drinking water when you cook. Or, you will see overcooked or burned rice in the bottom. I propose leave the rice in the h2o a lot more than 50 percent hour in advance of cook dinner.

Pleasant durable little rice cooker. I have had this rice cooker for 3 decades now, and it still cooks a wonderful pot of rice. If you use the japanese proportions for cooking rice (three/4 cup of rice to one cup of water) it arrives out best with no fret. Only this is that the rice goes negative in pretty much a day. Make positive you take it out and set it in the fridge or one thing or it smells like toes.

The only purpose i did not give it. The only purpose i failed to give it a greater rating was its okay, but not as very good as the oster a person we obtained. This one particular is a very little bit too little for our family members of 3. We would generally have to make a further batch.

This is a somewhat tiny rice cooker,but is sufficeient for a family of 5. It is uncomplicated to use and does the work qiute very well.

Superior cooker, not a good warmer. I like this that the cooker would prepare dinner rice properly. Even so, the warm manner would seem to be as well heat that the rice would be overcooked conveniently. I usually have to unplug the wire as quickly as it improvements from ‘cook’ to ‘warm’ so that the rice would not be overcooked.

I gave up on rice cookers just after quite a few other makes i acquired just stopped doing work following a extremely quick time. I tried out as soon as more with this panasonic brand name and have experienced pretty very good results with simply cooked rice for above a calendar year of usage. The cooker is still heading potent. And now it is jan 2018 and it carries on to get the job done nicely .

I decided to purchase this simple rice cooker just after 2. I made a decision to invest in this basic rice cooker after two other models unsuccessful following only two-three months of use. Both of those ended up fancier variations created in japan, but both of those completely disappointing. A long time in the past i experienced a straightforward panasonic rice cooker and it in no way failed. My new a person is a no frills model, newer styling of class.

Superb teflon-cost-free rice cooker. . Exceptional rice cooker, while it does only have a single prepare dinner environment, which was fantastic for our needs. We bought this a single for the reason that of the aluminum pan, to swap our cooker that experienced a teflon pan, as the teflon experienced begun to chip absent. This a single just isn’t non-adhere, and some rice does adhere to the bottom just after cooking, but it cleans really quickly after a tiny pre-soaking.

Acquired as a reward no grievances so much.