Hello Kitty HELLO KITTY KT5235 Hot Air Popcorn Maker – Three Stars

My son loves popcorn, and i do collect hello kitty.

Yeah about 12% of the kernels come flying out and the quantity made isn’t a ton, but it’s so cute and brings joy to us every time we get it out. I only have 2 kids so the 2oz of kernels you can pop at a time are plenty for our family. If you have a larger family, i could see this being a problem and wouldn’t recommend this one for you. But if you are looking for something fun, go for it. I’ve got plenty of red and silver appliances in my kitchen but just one hello kitty popcorn maker.

This tends to jump around on the counter while popping corn, so i have to hold on to it. Here are the specifications for the Hello Kitty HELLO KITTY KT5235 Hot Air Popcorn Maker:

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  • The Hello Kitty Popcorn maker is the perfect way to enjoy a nice bowl of popcorn when watching your favorite film or TV show at home.
  • It allows you to easily make your own popcorn in 3 minutes.
  • Transparent Lid* Non-Slip Feet* For Safety, Operates Only When Assembled Properly.
  • 6.3(W) x 6.9(D) x 13.6(H).

Cut but leaves lots of i popped corn.

Works great, grandkids love it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • My client loves it
  • Works so well!
  • Grand daughter Loves this!

It was a gift for our niece and she was very excited to receive it. ‘yay, no more microwave popcorn’, she said.

It’s so cute and it works really well =) there’s never any unpopped popcorn left or any burnt pieces either.

I love it and so do my grandbaby.

I was unsure of the quality of this product until it arrived and i tried it for the first time. So far it has popped almost all kernels. I am hoping for many years of use out of this popper. Only down side is that there is no butter cup to melt butter.

I like my little hello kitty popper. It’s like when i was a kid and i’d pop popcorn with my family. It’s not as convenient as a bag of microwavable and it’s not as magical as pushing a button. It takes a while to warm up and kernels come out that aren’t popped but it was like that back in the day before life was convenient.

Purchased for my 6-yr old niece. The price was reasonable, but i purchased it on sale. Not sure i would pay original list price.

My grand daughter loves hello kitty and so i purchased this for her birthday. She just loves it and she and her brother love making popcorn together.

I don’t understand the bad reviews. Have these people never owned a hot air popper before?. Does it pop every single kernel you put in it?.But no popper i’ve ever had does that either. Does it spray popcorn everywhere?. Sure, if you don’t put the right size bowl under the mouth. Does it occasionally have kernels that pop inside the bowl flinging a few pieces everywhere?. Yes, but c’mon people, it’s popcorn not hot lava.It takes two seconds to clean up and again, every other air popper i’ve owned does the same thing as well.

My daughter loves it, and it works better then expected.

I love how fast this thing works. It makes a decent amount of popcorn.

Worked great except for the pop corn going all over the place.

Pops more kernels than microwave popcorn. Cute design doesn’t come with instructions. So i put the measuring cup once and then press on and it works to load popcorn you have to load it from the back. Cute very happy the bad reviews aren’t true oh i got mine for 20$ @ target :-).

I ordered this as a gift for my teenage client who is a hello kitty lover. I loved that it included a measuring scoop. It will help her to learn to make the popcorn with supervision instead of someone having to do it for her. She will know that scoop is the right amount to make her own popcorn.

My daughter really enjoy eating popcorn usingthis popcorn maker. We always put a big bowl under it to catch all popcorn. But be careful the unpop corn is very hot. We love puting liquid butter and cheese popcorn seasoning, oh its delicious and soft crunchy popcorn. People make a comment that there’s no taste. Use your brain, you can enhance the flavor by putting butter or salt. My daughter really love it, she got it on her birthday. Must buy if you have common sense.

This is a christmas gift so we have not tried it out yet to see what the quality of this product is like.

Gift for a hello kitty lover.

Wabash Valley Farms Whirley Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper : First bad one out of 4

Is it legal to marry a kitchen utensil, especially if you’re already married to someone else?. Well, love knows no boundaries, and i’ve got to say, “i love my whirley pop. ” there, i said it, and i’m not ashamed. This thing makes, hands down, the absolute best popcorn i’ve ever had at home. It smells and tastes just like movie theater popcorn, and, frankly, sometimes i just want to stick my head in the empty pot and breathe that amazing popcorn smell all day long. Besides making great popcorn, it’s also really fun. My 4-year old loves to help mommy make popcorn. I always add the oil, and he adds the kernels. Then we take turns spinning the crank on the handle.

Granted, this is my first one (nothing to really compare it to) but i extensively read the reviews of all the different popcorn poppers (including the electric plug in ones) and decided the stainless steel whirley pop was the right one for my family. It was on the higher end price wise but it seems there were a lot of complaints about the cheaper version’s plastic gear always breaking. I liked that it wasn’t aluminum too (i don’t totally buy into the hype of aluminum and health problems but why chance it?). The stainless steel pot heats very evenly and this definitely does a great job of popping almost all of the kernels without burning them. It is very easy to clean (just wipe out if making a basic batch without sugar/salt). But also hand washes easily too. I’ve made the standard batch (popcorn and oil – both canola and olive) and also my version of healthy kettle corn (1/2 c. Canola oil, 10 packets of truvia, 1/4 t.

We were given one of these as a gift several years ago and we loved it. We have bought several to give as gifts and we finally bought this one to replace ours that had broken down with use (one side of the hinged lid snapped off due to metal fatigue). Unfortunately, this one appears to have some sort of problem. The lid appears to be just slightly mis-sized, and it doesn’t clamp securely to the pot as previous versions did. It slides around a little, and when you go to pour out the finished popcorn, both sides swing down and popcorn goes everywhere.

I really like this popper — popcorn tastes so much better. Quick and easy to use, though sometimes slightly difficult to empty when it pops really full. Packets of popcorn and oil are just slightly too much for this popper — have a chop stick ready to help dislodge wedged popcorn from the pot after popping if you are using these packets. One pointer: when popping corn grip the wood handle near the crank end, not near the pot itself. There are tiny gaps in the lid at the hinge that allow tiny droplets of hot oil to spatter out. If you grip too close to the pot your hand can get burned by these tiny droplets. To stir the popping corn requires only a slight grip, so gripping near the crank end is sufficient and protects your hands. One detraction: i’d like to see a second handle on the actual pot itself. The one handle it has is attached to the lid with some rather thin brackets.

  • I seriously LOVE popcorn. Over the years I have purchased just
  • First bad one out of 4

Wabash Valley Farms Whirley Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper with Popping Kit (Stainless Steel)

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  • The Original Whirley Pop – Make fresh theater-style popcorn quickly right on your stovetop – In Just Under 3 Minutes!
  • Sturdy Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Construction
  • Thru-the-Handle Operation – Spin the handle to turn the mixing arms in the pot to pop each and every kernel
  • Eliminate Burning – Completely Coat All Kernels – Custom Season Each Batch
  • Received the Popcorn Institutes “Quality Performance” Seal of Approval

Let me first say, that i almost never leave a review that’s positive, because i think something is supposed to work as described, and that doesn’t warrant a pat on the head, so when something does what it’s supposed to i pretty much just move on with my life. Things shouldn’t require modification or repair to do what the manufacturer claims it is supposed to do right out of the box. Having that been said, i just abused the crap out of this thing and it beat me. You guys like popcorn, i love popcorn (pizza, beer, popcorn and a good movie don’t always require a date as far as i’m concerned; almost just as great all by itself). No, i don’t plan to live to be 46, but i also rarely indulge in any of the above (though, those days might be over now). Constructioni miss real stainless steel. Farberware is mostly crap now, and almost nothing you buy for under $20 is worth the trip to the store (i’m talking about one single chef’s knife, et cetera; not a set). The reason is because there are actually many grades of stainless steel (regardless of what you are making out of it) and you can claim something is stainless in your advertising even if you use the absolute cheapest grade available. There are items made of grades of stainless that will rust just sitting on a shelf in its packaging, or because of the humidity in the air. Wal-mart sells a lot of them.

Over the years i have purchased just about every corn popper there is available in the home use category. I even bought one small commercial grade popper. The trouble with most poppers is the cleanup. A lot of good poppers are just not worth the fuss. The electric “spinning” models are only fair in my opinion because of the sogginess inside due to poor steam release. They are also a lot of trouble to clean. I wrote off whirly pop as a possibility for me mainly because my cooking surface is induction and it simply would not work. Also, i thought the plastic gears and function seemed a little on the cheap/poor quality side with the amount i use it. The whirley pop is a great popper and is perfect for most home users.

West Bend 82310 Stir Crazy Corn Popper : Stir Crazy is the best!

My wife and i love this popcorn maker. We prefer a popper that uses hot oil to pop the corn. We use a variety of oils to customize the flavor. This unit was an improvement from the older design. The pan under the clear bowl where you put the popcorn is removable. This makes clean up much easier. It also helps with flipping over the bowl so you can add salt or butter or cheese. It also has an on/off switch – the old one did not. My only complaint is that the hub that holds the mixing wire isn’t removable. This leads to a build up of oil under the hub, especially on the underside of the pan.

I loved this popcorn pooper. Had the older model long ago. This is even better with the removable hot plate to eat out of the top or dump into a bowl and make another batch. Nice to add some color as well.

Popcorn, who doesn’t love the stuff. This popper stirs the seeds and helps make sure that almost all kernels are popped. Makes very good popcorn with little effort.

We have had a stir crazy popper for nearly 15 years. This is the second one that we have purchased, and we purchased it as a wedding gift. They love it and use it regularly. This is a great product and a must have if you like popcorn.

  • Another great Stir Crazy popper
  • Awesome Popcorn Maker
  • WellTHAT was disappointing.

West Bend 82310 Stir Crazy Corn Popper, Red (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • 6 qt. vented cover doubles as a serving bowl, includes snap on lid
  • Removable heating plate is non-stick coated and dishwasher safe
  • Motorized, reversing stir rod for improved popping
  • Heat resistant handles and base
  • On/off switch, 1000 watts, 1 year warranty

I love this newer version with the removable element. It makes it so much easier to clean and i think it pops even faster. ( maybe it was the orville reddenbocker popcorn, though) my only gripe about this is that the plastic cover eventually cracks. But i’d say 3 poppers in 45 years is pretty good.

I have always owned a stir crazy popcorn maker. They are the best popcorn makers. The only thing i didn’t like was cleaning the heating unit. I always got water into the electrical part of the popper and it had to dry out until i could use it again. The popcorn makers endured this abuse and worked great. My niece found this popper after she tried popcorn popped in our old stir crazy and loved it. She told us about it and we bought it. I really like the detachable bottom of the popper. Now i can take the popper tray off, clean it and not worry about getting water inside of the popper. It makes great popcorn, but when you stop hearing the pop of the corn in the popper, turn it off or it will burn quickly.

We had another stir crazy for years. It actually still works, but the bowl had some cracks around the top so we bought this new one. The popcorn is a great as ever. The removable bottom that allows for easy cleaning is fabulous. I am sure we will have years of great popcorn all over again.

Don’t be fooled by the imitators, the original and now the sequel to the stir crazy, are the best at-home popcorn poppers for their price and size. Plus now they come in colors so i could nab one in husker red, thanks west bend.

Gave this to our son for a gift and have heard nothing but praise. I purchased one sometime ago and have really been very happy with mine. Works well and makes delicious popcorn. So much better tasting than the microwave corn and so much better for you.

Can make large or smaller batches and it works wonderfully. Gave this particular one as a gift to my daughter-in-law.

It looks very nice but it is a christmas present.

I had the older version of the stir crazy for many years until the cover cracked. I looked at other brands and models of popcorn makers but eventually settled on this one even though the product had some bad reviews. After making popcorn a few times with this machine i have to admit that i quite pleased with it. Maybe i am just not that picky about my popcorn. Overall i am thrilled that the machine does come apart so i can put it in the dishwasher. My only complaint with this machine – as with my previous stir crazy – is that i find the hole on top for melting butter over the popcorn just aren’t great. Given the way they are shaped the butter just sticks on top of the cover rather then dripping in. So i just put the butter in at the end which is fine. Otherwise, i am very happy with this product.

I like this better than mine. Like that it separates for cleaning. Now if mine would just crap out so i can upgrade mne.

A good idea but it comes up short. It burns the corn even if you do exactly as the instructions say for you to do, this i blame on the fact that it gives you no way to regulate the speed of the stirrer (too slow). It needs a better way to distribute the butter onto the popcorn than just laying the cold butter in the lid groove and letting it melt through the indention holes, this makes a big mess even after you put on the snap lid. It also does not pop all the corn on every batch i’ve made do far (6 times), wasting perfectly good corn.

I had a older version west bend stir crazy. And overtime washing of the bottom part (i did not submerse this in water) water still would end up inside the unit. This caused water to get on the electrical parts and it stopped working. I love the fact the the “hot plate” will lift off the electric unit (i always use hot pads to avoid burning my hands), so no worry’s on getting water inside of the unit. Popcorn tastes much better, and it pops almost every kernel. Would recommend this to future buyers.

Makes a good amount of popcorn for 2-3 people in a short amount of time. Old school oil popped popcorn tastes way better imo vs the hot air pop or chemical laden microwave popcorn. The cleanup is not bad at all, bowl goes in the dishwasher and the cooking surface wipes clean with a wet paper towel. Make sure it is very cooled off first though, we are talking surface of the sun hot during cooking. Kids and adults alike will be amused by the violent popping action during cooking.

Its a little flimsier than the initial, but it labored truly properly, until finally the on/off switch malfunctioned. Then it would not shut off with no unplugging, and i identified this out the hard way just after popping some corn. Hit the off sew, lifted off the bowl and foundation and the *very scorching* and nevertheless on heating component burned my arm. Could not unplug it appropriate away because i experienced my arms entire of scorching popcorn bowl and foundation. Properly, very first (while it was amazon and not dwelling clever) sent me 2 models. Only billed me for 1, but sent two. Probably the second was a spare due to the fact these things are inclined to break?.

You will by no means discover a far better brand for popcorn poppers. We have been using these for at minimum 25 decades and we make a ton of popcorn. This is a good quality product and the price is fair for what you get. We have worn a pair out and dropped a couple and this is the manufacturer we occur back again to yet again and yet again. You will not regret obtaining this popper.

I experienced the earlier edition of this popper and cherished it. It heats superior than the earlier edition – additional regular. It really is extremely easy to use and clean. There’s practically nothing greater than some refreshing popped popcorn.

As described in other testimonials, it does have a inclination to scorch the popcorn if not stopped right away when popping slows. So significantly i have not had anything extra than slight scorching, the popcorn was however edible. Nevertheless, this is why i only gave it 4 stars. The past designs of stir crazy you could go away functioning for fairly a whilst immediately after the popping stopped with out any scorching. On the other hand, compared with the modern design of stir crazy, this model does a quite very good occupation of popping most of the corn. Also, being equipped to take out the bottom plate will allow me to clear oil that seeps down the facet in advance of it receives into the inner workings, a problem that has been killing my stir crazy poppers right after about a calendar year because the design transformed. The oil in the will work would trigger the heating aspect to change off also soon, leaving most of the popcorn unpopped. It seems to be like this will not be an difficulty with the stir crazy 2i like possessing the energy switch in the front, but i overlook being able to get rid of the electricity wire for storage. When not excellent, i am incredibly pleased with the stir crazy 2, and i expect it will very last appreciably longer than the recent stir crazy (1) design. Commonly i’m employing this well known after a week, when i’m building popcorn for a large crowd.

Challenging to clean popped corn and kernels from underneath the heating coils. Its even better when i set the popped corn into a big steel bowl and warmth at 400 levels, in my oven, for 5 minutes.

It does drip right until heater below and that can not be cleaned up. Does not pop as perfectly as my stir crazy first which is not dish washer secure like this one particular. I would not get yet another having said that. Stir crazy original just pops speedier and almost all is popped.

Waring Pro WPM25 Professional Popcorn Maker : What I expected.

This is not a professional machine. If you are like us, a family of 4 that loves popcorn at any given time, then yes. Affordable and easy to operate by an 8 y/o w a bit of caution. We bought the made packs of corn/salt/oil, but as time went by, we wanted better oil (coconut), corn (we love “mushroom” corn), less salt and more butter for my husband (buy the small bottles in a 6-pack, u dont want to re-re-re-heat the large bottles). It does not make tons of popcorn and depends on the quality of your corn to pop (or not) all the kernels. Just follow instructions, and let the smell fill your tv room :)if you are the extra picky type or have super high expectations, get a real professional machine and pay an additional $200-500.

This is a very nice compact unit that fits on my counter under my cabinets. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, heats up quickly and is ready to use in a few minutes. Also, it is easy to use and clean. If you have a large family, however, this popper probably would not meet your needs but it is perfect for two-three people. We generally pop two batches one right after the other and that is enough.

I used this machine with great northern popcorn premium quality 12. I never thought that this machine would perform this much. I wanted this manufacture to avoid plastic tray and add stainless tray. Plastic tray is not good with kids food item. If this product would have stainless steel tray i would give 5 star.

My kids thought i was a santa with this present. We use it several times per week. I even use it ones for 3 hours, making countless batches of popcorn for my coworkers. Easy to handle, clean, maintain – great product and great popcorn out of it.

  • best popcorn, with caveats
  • Waring popcorn maker
  • Fantastic, just what we wanted!

Waring Pro WPM25 Professional Popcorn Maker, Red

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 300-watt classic kettle-style popcorn maker produces up to 8 cups at a time
  • Reminiscent of old-fashioned theatre-style popcorn makers, but in a compact size
  • Pivoting kettle with built-in stirring mechanism; see-through window
  • Detachable kettle and magnetized door for easy cleanup; removable serving tray included
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

After reviewing many popcorn makers, and wanting the best theater-type popcorn experience, i selected the waring pro for home use. I already had an electric stirring-type popcorn popper (presto, the orville brand), and was very satisfied with its performance and simplicity of use and clean-up. It remains my standard, everyday popper, but when i want the best popcorn, i use the waring pro. There are a few caveats, though. First, you must use coconut oil, the same as the theaters. Use “virgin,” not some hydrogenated product or adulterated version. Read about this to confirm it’s not unhealthy. Second, use only the pre-measured amounts, a ratio of 1/3 cup of popcorn to 1 tablespoon of oil. It is ultrafine and clings to the popcorn.

When we got it in i was a little disappointed. We also ordered a few other items to go with it. Popcorn, popcorn salt, theater butter and coconut oil. Spent just under $100 total. Yes thats a lot to spend for popcorn. This machine has performed with out a hitch. Well over 100 pops and it is still going. I will buy another once this one quits.

Movie theater popcorn actually bought in a movie theater now seems like garbage in comparison to popcorn made with this snazzy contraption. I use coconut oil rather than garbage oil bought next to the popcorn products at the grocery store. Use flavacol popcorn salt for the best results.

It has two measuring cups, smaller one for oil and the other one for kernels. Let it heat up for a couple minutes, drop in the oil and drop in the popcorn. Wait for the pops to stop, turn it off, and dump the kettle. You have to open the plastic door to dump the kettle. Would have been nice to extend the dumping handle outside the case. If you make two batches, be aware that the pan is not heated, thus your first batch of popcorn will get cold. One batch about the size of a small bag from the movie theater. To clean there is an easy method. Wait for the kettle to cool, pour some water into the kettle, and then turn it on.

My husband is a picky popcorn eater. When we got our glass top stove he could no longer use his favorite popcorn pot. He’s been lost for a few years. I bought him this popcorn maker for christmas and he loves it. Doesn’t use much counter space. It makes plenty of popcorn for him to eat. I chose waring pro because we have a belgium waffle maker by them that we bought over 7 years ago that still works. I’m so happy i found this popcorn maker for him and he loves it.

This is a good popcorn maker. It is built solid and i have used it to pop a lot of corn. It pops pretty quick once it is warmed up. I have popped twice the amount of corn that it says to in the instructions and have not had an issue. It didn’t even seem to slow it down much. The only issue i have is that because the kettle is so small that some kernels fly out of the kettle before their popped when the corn first starts popping. That is why i gave it 4 instead of 5 stars.

It makes popcorn pretty well. I’m a little unclear on the “pro” designation, and the directions are a little light on detail. That said, it’s kind of fun, as a novelty item, but i’m not sure, once the novelty wears off, that i can’t do pretty much the same thing with a covered pot or pan. It seems to be very well made, really good quality, well-fitted materials, and clean up is pretty easy. Follow the directions on the first batch (1 1/2 tbl oil, 1/4 cup corn), then forget them. The directions say that will yield “up to 8 cups”. The second batch i did, i used 2 tbl of oil and 1/2 cup of corn and the popped corn filled the tray. As long as you empty the kettle (avoids re-cooking and burning the remains), you can keep on making consistent popcorn for as long as you feel like putting the ingredients in. First, due i guess to the nature of corn popping in an enclosed environment, you end up with some unpopped kernels flying out of the kettle. Second, i was a little surprised at how big the unit was. Unless you have a commercial-sized kitchen, this isn’t something you’ll shove out of the way under a cabinet. If you have kids, they’ll think it’s fun. If you want to avoid standing over a stove shaking a pot or pan for your popcorn, this is a great alternative.

So far, i am liking this popcorn popper very much. You do have to let it preheat, and because i use the smaller hull free popcorn, i do get some pop outs. If you are looking for something that will pop a huge batch, this is not your machine. It’s just my husband and myself, so it pops just the right amount for the two of us. When the grandkids are here, we will have to pop two batches, but it pops up quickly so this is not a problem. I like that it has the removable tray. Makes it very easy to serve the popped corn. It is easy to remove the kettle for cleaning, and a damp paper towel is all i needed to clean the inside walls of the popper. The tray and kettle are easily cleaned with warm soapy water. I previously had a different popper, but had to return it due to a defective latch.

This is a pretty good popcorn machine for the price. I’ve used it several times with and without different kinds of popcorn oils and it seems to work regardless of what i do, which i see as a plus. Pros:it holds a lot of popcorn in the chamberit is easy to cleanit looks nice on my counterit pops the popcorn wellpops every kernelcons:it takes a little while to warm up (which may be good because it doesn’t burn the popcorn)it is made of plastic, which is to be expected at this priceoverall this is a good popcorn machine that i use very often, and replaced every bag of microwave popcorn i would use.

Purchased this gift for my popcorn obssessed mom as a gift. It works just as described and has been a staple of every party we have had. It is incredibly easy to use and makes great tasting popcorn. We have had it for quite a while and we have never had a problem with it.If you have a big family or love popcorn it is well worth the purchase.

This product performs as advertised. It holds 4 ounces of popcorn. Not a lot, but it recovers quickly for a second batch. It takes about 4-5 minutes for first batch and 2-3 for additional. Popcorn is great, assuming you use quality ingredients. Clean up is easy and the kids love to watch it pop. I have only used coconut oil for popping. We wanted theater quality popcorn so we have not tried veg. This product is a solidly built, quality popcorn maker for home use.

I like the machine, the overall quality is not bad for $62. We have used it maybe 12 times in two weeks. The only problems are- the kettle does not make very much per cycle. We have to pop 2 cycles to fill the tray, which is enough for 1-2 people. There are a lot of unpopped kernels each cycle. The kettle is so small, and the lid is so light, that the popping kernels eject popped and unpopped corn. I get less unpopped kernels if i preheat it longer, and put in less kernels than the supplied measuring cup holds. Of course, this means 3 cycles are needed to fill the tray. Another problem is the lid handle gets hot when you do multiple cycles and have to add more oil/corn. The final knock is that the tray/glass sides have gaps, which means you get oil/corn on the sides, around the tray.

This has fulfilled my desire for getting a popcorn maker that is a minor greater than the ordinary apartment dimensions popcorn machine and that is so cute in the kitchen area, simple to thoroughly clean and the small tray inside eliminates the need to have for a popcorn scoop or supplemental popcorn container.

We bought this popcorn device for our movie space, and i went with waring since i bought a greater just one for our soccer club a couple a long time in the past that i beloved. It is a little small, and we have to make about four batches for our family of 6 throughout a movie night time. We have utilized it for the past 3 months with no complications. It holds up pretty nicely, and the kettle is strong.

I had go through a large amount of assessments about this solution. Some have been detrimental saying it was low-cost, did not previous extended, blah blah. For the rate people were being anticipating way too significantly. It was shipped way before the envisioned day. It was in best condition, really well packed. I acquired it to use it for my daughters birthday get together. I employed it for hrs, it will make a whole lot of popcorn per batch. It was pretty very simple to clean up. The tiny door even takes off easily to cleanse greater. For what i payed for this labored far better than i anticipated:).

My 1st one particular was a crazy stirrer. My 2nd was a hot air one that was junk made so a lot sound it wasnt funny. The popcorn odor is righteously great. You truly feel like ur @ the theatre. I will advise this product or service to all my mates on fb. I acquired mine made use of like new and i am quite glad with my buy from amazon.

I usually desired a motion picture-quality popcorn device and my wife received me this 1 for xmas after i did a good deal of analysis and asked for it. We have had it about five weeks and employed it two occasions a 7 days most likely. We haven’t had the concern of tons of unpopped kernels, i employed another reviewer’s recipe so we would not need to trial and mistake:one. ) run machine for 2 minutes to warm kettle2. ) incorporate 1 oz popping and topping oil (we use cheapo redenbacher’s) and 1/8 tsp morton’s fineground popcorn salt (out there at wm). ) incorporate the one/3cup kernels (also making use of redenbacher’s premium yellow popcorn)four. ) as quickly as popping stops, dump the whole kettle and wiggle the knob to make guaranteed nothing is still left, so it would not burn up. ) if you want more than enough for far more than two people today, increase a lot more oil and corn promptly.

Nevertheless it only can make batches huge plenty of for about two to 3 people at a time (and i mean three young ones when i refer to 3 people), and then you have to wait around for it to warmth next batch of oil and pop far more. But value it when you use the tasty prepackaged combo packs of the popcorn, coconut oil and buttered flavored salt. The popcorn preferences just like from the films. Figuring out the proper dimension of prepackaged popcorn and was hard- the eight oz package packs are about double the portion this popcorn maker can control at a time.

Nostalgia CCP610 59″ Tall Vintage Collection 8-Ounce Kettle Commercial Popcorn & Concession Cart, Makes quick popcorn & has a great nostalgic look!!

Had this unit for a very long time now. Going on five yrs and however works great. Paint began to chip ideal about the door, thanks to humidity for the duration of cooking. Also there interior ceiling started off to rust simply because it is just bare metal. Finally the kettle plug housing plastic broke owing to anxiety, in excess of time. Previous summertime i refurbished the complete device, sanded down all the metallic, primed and painted all of the interior surfaces with epoxy undercoating. Like new againgreat equipment, preserve it thoroughly clean and you can have several years of use and satisfaction. Use it generally throughout the summer months for outside motion picture time in the huge display and projector.

This is fantastic and we appreciate the popcorn with all butter and a lot of napkins it a good device thanks.

Key specs for Nostalgia CCP610 59″ Tall Vintage Collection 8-Ounce Kettle Commercial Popcorn & Concession Cart:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Pops up to 32-cups of popcorn per batch
  • Perfect for use with all Nostalgia Popcorn Kits! (Theater Hot Air & Kettle Kit-KPK400, PCJ30-Soft shelled Popping Kernels, PPB600-Reusable Popcorn Bowls, PCSP5-Pre-Measured Coconut Oil Popcorn Kit)
  • Easy-to-clean 8.0 oz. stainless steel kettle w/ built-in stirring system & dual-hinged lids
  • Convenient utility shelf for popcorn preparation
  • LED lighted tiered concession stand in base for showcasing candy and other sweet treats
  • Tempered glass windows and door with lighted interior for easy viewing and room ambiance
  • Spoked rubber wheels and pull handle allows for easy mobility
  • Tilt door for easy serving access
  • Kernel catcher for unpopped kernels
  • Removable top for countertop use
  • Includes kernel measuring cap, oil measuring spoon and popcorn scoop
  • Commercially rated

Comments from buyers

“Machine is great! The wheel and leg arrangement should be improved, 8oz popper but better to use 4oz prepacked kits, Makes great popcorn, I find it easy to clean”

Doesn’t continue to keep the popped corn heat at all, other then that it is really superior.

Equipment is greatthe wheel and leg arrangement should be improved. Wheels fell off when assembled in accordance to guidance. Rubber leveler on non-wheel legs are a trouble.

Good merchandise and straightforward to assemble. I with the candy show light was not battery operated. Would have been effortless to have rope lights run off the 120v offer.

Wow, what a terrific product for our backyard theater. We now have a true popcorn machine and concession stand. Very first time we served eight folks.

It was almost everything i envisioned other than for the flimsy metallic tilt that would not operate well. Somebody could structure some thing much better.

Properly immediately after a number of e-mail an mobile phone phone calls i experienced to have my kettle replaced. It was not popping all the kernels. When changed i have fewer rejects an come to feel i am acquiring my monies truly worth. I did have to swap to 4oz packs rather of the 8oz.

Good a single but legs are a small weak.

Purchased this adorable popper for the foyer of our company headquarters. It can be great on the lookout and will work like a appeal. It’s a wonderful treat for prospects and the crew.

I absolutely love this popcorn equipment. It arrived in excellent ailment. Took me about two several hours to put with each other. The screws ended up variety of difficult to get just suitable. Only challenge is the lights in the candy compartment never perform. The batteries just get overheated. I however have it filled with all types of sweet. I have it in the back tv set home and it tends to make it sense enjoyment and welcoming. I finally made use of it yesterday. The 1st batch bought a tiny burned but the up coming two were fine. I’ve been seeking a person of these for a when and am pretty pleased i obtained this a person.

Tends to make truly superior popcorn and so quick to clean up.

The popcorn machine was a present and it was very well gained and has been loved tremendously. We have a single as properly and enjoy it also.

Obtained a greater kettle, appreciate it. Particularly the front & back doorways as a substitute of just deep fron door.

Amazon sold this solution as utilized very great, but the item was soiled. They boxed the product really perfectly and the unit operates. The popcorn is not as sizzling as the microwave form.

Perfectly truly worth the dollars and the popcorn is normally great.

I purchased this popcorn device at the stop of october, 2011. Terrific pricei did a great deal of research right before settling on this machine. What at last swayed me was the greater kettle dimensions, the warming bulb and the lovable concession panel in the front. I have required one of these equipment for several years and often resisted, stressing we would not use it sufficient. For the past two months we have utilized the device every week, at minimum 2-3 instances a week. Some weeks everyday and i do not see it slowing down whenever shortly. We use great northern popcorn, 6-ounce portion packs (pack of 24), extremely simple to use and great taste.

My husband loves this in his man cave.

More compact than i experienced envisioned. Somewhat straightforward to assembly.

I didn’t get the measuring cup for the kernels or the oil measuring spoon and the popcorn scoop that is suggests comes with it in the item details area.

Experienced just in excess of a year now and have no problems at all. Will make great popcorn, i obtain it straightforward to clean. Important to allow warmth up for five to 10 minutes just before introducing popcorn, did come with a dent on the best but no a major deal and didnt really feel like sending back again. Other than that would have given 5 stars.

I purchased this popcorn cart for my husband’s xmas gift. He loves it, and so does my grandson. It can make the popcorn immediately, and the popcorn tastes good. One particular issue the maker could have carried out to make it improved, is to make the cleansing of it a bit far more uncomplicated.

Great product – but not that effortless to place alongside one another looking at the physical item and the instructions are wrong.

Nostalgia CCP510 Vintage 6-Ounce Commercial Popcorn Cart – 53 Inches Tall, Love this popcorn maker

Quick assembly and is effective correctly. Great addition to our finished basement.

We definitely adore the popcorn maker. Anyone who arrives above normally asks about the popcorn maker and needs to check out a movie. Immediately after a good deal of use, the gears you should not fairly mesh as well up major, but i feel i just need to get in there with some pliers and bend things back again. We’ve produced very a ton of popcorn with this issue. Terrific for giving your home theater that added one thing.

A good deal smaller then i expected for some explanation :/.

Key specs for Nostalgia CCP510 Vintage 6-Ounce Commercial Popcorn Cart – 53 Inches Tall:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Pops up to 24 cups of popcorn per batch
  • Perfect for use with all Nostalgia Popcorn Kits! (Theater Hot Air & Kettle Kit-KPK400, PCJ30-Soft shelled Popping Kernels, PPB600-Reusable Popcorn Bowls, PCSP5-Pre-Measured Coconut Oil Popcorn Kit)
  • Easy-clean 6-ounce stainless steel kettle with built-in stirring system and dual-hinged lids
  • Convenient utility shelf for popcorn preparation
  • Spoked rubber wheels and pull handle allows for easy mobility
  • Plastic glass windows and door with lighted interior for easy viewing and room ambiance
  • Compartment in the base to store supplies
  • Removable top for countertop use
  • Tilt door for easy access and serving
  • Kernel catcher for unpopped kernels
  • Includes kernel measuring cap, oil measuring spoon and metal popcorn scoop
  • Commercially rated

Comments from buyers

“False Advertisement on glass otherwise nice product, if it can at least make it through another year then I will be happy with the purchase as far as getting our money , My boys and I love it. I use 1 tbsp coconut oil”

It has been a massive strike at the parties. It was smaller sized then i imagined it was likely to be but it worked out just good, and it pops a ton of popcorn.

We have utilized this many occasions and really love it. It was incredibly easy to set together and just as easy to use. The top quality of the development is very very good, properly well balanced and desirable. It is also tremendous quick to clear out – which would make it even less difficult to use once more.We like the general dimension way too. It’s fantastic for smaller groups or an unique and can quickly match from a tiny wall or corner.

The popcorn equipment was sent as promised and functions pretty very well. The only problem is that the part of the pot wherever the popcorn sets has a little wheel that is to fulfill up with a wheel at the leading of the machine. I have to tilt the pot back by hand to make sure it catches even though it is popping or the popcorn burns.

Quite wonderful merchandise but not what it is advertised to be. There is no tempered glass as advertised only plexi glass. I could not see this currently being utilized for commercial use, but perhaps for a rare occasional event. Directions are as crystal clear as mud, but for a person with mechanical capabilities can be place jointly with light-weight steerage from the provided shots. Do like the kernel catcher and the six oz kettle is properly produced. Really rather device, body is well designed and the counter top rated choice is also quite nice. Just really let down in the untrue advertisement. I have included the actual text as evidence as there is no glass in this item creating it harder to hold cleanadvertisement as postedops up to 24 cups of popcorn for each batchperfect for use with all nostalgia popcorn kits. (theater scorching air & kettle kit-kpk400, pcj30-soft shelled popping kernels, ppb600-reusable popcorn bowls, pcsp5-pre-calculated coconut oil popcorn package)easy-clean 6-ounce stainless steel kettle with built-in stirring method and dual-hinged lidsconvenient utility shelf for popcorn preparationspoked rubber wheels and pull take care of lets for effortless mobilitytempered glass windows and door with lighted interior for quick viewing and space ambiancecompartment in the foundation to store materials.

1st off, we do like the products and it suits properly with the concept of our new movie area in the basement. I examine the requirements prior to ordering and then also requested a situation of the pre-packaged popcorn as advisable by yet another reviewer. The pre-packed popcorn that i ordered is precise to a 4 oz kettle as the item indicates it has. Our unit arrived with a 6 oz kettle. At 1st, we were great with the ‘upgrade’. What we observed out later, right after many burnt batches, is that the 4 oz pack does not include adequate kernels to pop up the lid as efficiently (as perhaps a 6oz pack would), essentially trapping the kernels inside, hampering the mixing arm and burning the popcorn. Introducing 50 % of a different 4oz pack to the blend would seem to have eradicated burnt batches. Putting the right facts online and/or shipping and delivery the marketed merchandise would have established a five-star from us. The hassle they established misplaced them a rating. If i have been you, i would not acquire and pre-packed popcorn mixes right until your unit arrives and you see what you are doing work with.

We have popcorn fridays for our insurance coverage customers and they love it.

Super sweet, it was best for the out of doors film evening for my son’s birthday get together. The only purpose i am not providing it 5 stars is due to the fact the model title is stamped on the popcorn device is smeared. . Seems to be as if when it was painted on that the paint didn’t dry. Other than that, i would suggest shopping for it.

Hard to clear, but can make good popcorn.

It can take a small for a longer time to heat up then mentioned but once it is completely ready it pops definitely fantastic popcorn. My only complaint is that i preferred it to taste like film theatre pop corn and envisioned it to appear with a salted butter or seasoning. I’m nonetheless wanting for the right seasoning, but this device is good.

We have had a popper like this in advance of, and there is anything to be mentioned for obtaining a glass entrance doorway in its place of plastic. Excellent to see this a single came with glass. The hopper can be removed, which would make for a lot a lot easier cleaning. The only adjust i would make to this machine is to alter the way in which the hopper faces. The hopper opens on your left, and due to the fact of the currently confined measurement you are functioning with, it is extremely hard to add the substances with out spilling within just the equipment (and burning on your own from time to time as well). If the hopper were being to open up towards you, it would enable for significantly much more space to operate. Kernel catcher grill could be a bit much larger as effectively. You finish up acquiring to chase them in the direction of the centre, whereas in most equipment, the grill is big adequate to catch all that strike the base.

Quite sweet–just what we have been hunting for to entire our theater space. My only complaint is that i had to listen to my spouse swear at it for an hour when he was making an attempt to put it with each other—appearantly it is tricky to set collectively.

It operates ok but at the time i put it alongside one another i realized that i want a even larger unit. I experienced asked for details on how to return it since i was not able to place it again in the box but never read from wayfair.

I use mine at the very least four-five instances a 7 days. I use one tbsp coconut oil, and 1 tbsp olive oil with each and every scoop of seeds. I just sprinkle popcorn salt on it later on. To me it tastes way greater than microwave popcorn, and my version is a ton much more healthier.

I consider all of the wonderful things reported about the popcorn maker are useless on but for the new operator seeking to order the ideal premeasured baggage, the owner’s guide states that 4 oz bags are desired, even the the kettle is a six oz one. I use 4 oz luggage and the popcorn pops completely everytime, i have not experimented with the 6 oz.

Works excellent, quite motor, the children like it.

Like this but the kettle won’t line up properly at all at the concern. They come apart and i have to rig it with a bread wrap or wire in order for it to flip the popcorn and oil.

Purchased this for a work perform and it was a enormous success. Popper even now is effective terrific these days ( purchased in 2012).

Grandbabies beloved this popcorn machine but i imagine pepaw cherished it much more. Usually read are you ready for a motion picture?.

Will work very well full office environment enjoys it. Hopper could be further the popped corn provides out a whole lot of un-popped kernels, but it does have a catch tray for them, and it could be similar to the corn i have not the popper.

I have had this device for about four months and almost certainly make popcorn 2-3 situations a 7 days. I have also cleaned it quite a few moments. I use a damp rag with a tiny volume of dish soap and it looks as superior as when i unpacked it. The kettle comes off and i choose it apart with the three wing nuts and clean it in the sink. The equipment arrived in great situation and only took about 15 minutes to assemble. It really is all stainless metal and real glass like the picture and description. I have experienced theater dimensions equipment with very clear plastic aspect partitions and they you should not look nice around time, so i am joyful it came with glass. More than all i’m extremely delighted with this equipment and would propose it to anybody.

Seems wonderful in my basement theatre.

Ozeri OZP1 Movie Time 26 Cup Healthy Popcorn Maker, We snack healthier now

I examined this item and my emotions are a bit blended. I enjoy the colorof the popping device and i love the fact that i popping clean corn kernels as opposed to the microwaveable baggage which have preservatives to keep the shelf existence of the luggage. What i knowledgeable initial hand has me on the undecided component. If i browse the instructions correctly it said not to pour the oil right into the popper but if you so opt for you can include the oil on best of the kernels. So i included the oil on leading and speedily plug in the popper, turned it on and pooped my corn. Promptly smoke came from the base. I failed to switch it off mainly because i just wasn’t pretty guaranteed if it was or was not meant to do that or not. I’m assuming it was not and so i opened the front and balcony foor of my apartment ahead of the smoke detectors went off. So smoke was gone and my corn is now popping. But 50 percent of my popcorn is not going in the bowl.

Quite happy with this popcorn maker for the rate and simplicity of use. We like popcorn but stopped buying the microwaveable luggage since we want real butter in our popcorn, not margarine or trans excess fat. The 1st time we applied it, there ended up at the very least 50 kernels (out of 1/four cup of industry pantry popping corn made use of) that came out unpopped. There ended up considerably less unpopped kernels the second time we applied it. Because other reviewers warned of popcorn flying all above the kitchen area, we employed a enormous bowl (12 x seven) to catch the popcorn and stayed with the ozeri popcorn maker till it was finished popping the corn. Popcorn was all set in 2 1/2 minutes. We made use of a tablespoon of melted butter as well as a sprint of sea salt with the contemporary incredibly hot popcorn. This is not perfect, but fantastic when you want to steer clear of unhealthy margarine/ trans fat in your popcorn.

A should have when acquiring loved ones movie evening. The a person thing is you have to make certain you put a little towel around the bowl to make absolutely sure popcorn would not go everywhere but the kids really like it.

Key specs for Ozeri OZP1 Movie Time 26 Cup Healthy Popcorn Maker, Red:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Pops up to 26 cups  (2 large bowls for the whole family) in under 2 1/2 minutes – outperforms microwaves and other devices by more than 50%, with virtually no unpopped kernels
  • Liberates you from more expensive microwave bags but utilizing hot air for a low calorie treat of puffier popcorn, yet free of saturated fats, artificial flavors, unneeded salt and preservatives
  • Works with regular and gourmet popcorn types and offers a see-through chute for that traditional movie-theatre taste and experience
  • Includes a removable butter cup that automatically melts and distributes the butter for that ultimate savory popcorn treat
  • Certified to North American electric standards, simple to clean, with auto sleep technology for the best in safety and enjoyment

Comments from buyers

“Exceeded my expectations, Must have for movie night!, Healthier movie time popcorn at home”

Operates superior in compact batches. I pushed it to its limit one particular working day when young ones continued to take in all the popped popcorn. After about 4-5+ batches, it overheated and turned off on its personal. It inevitably labored again once it cooled down. Batches are not that massive possibly – so we will need a number of just for my spouse and i. Flavor is excellent and our spouse and children likes the healthy solutions vs microwave baggage, just wished batches have been bigger. It also has some unpopped kernels spit out in this article and there.

I ordered this for my son’s apartment as he will not have a microwave to make popcorn in and this unit is tiny and will not choose up way too a lot space on his kitchen area counter. I went over to his house for ‘movie night’ previous night and we designed some of the most delightful popcorn we have experienced in a very long time. To me, the popcorn we built making use of this equipment tasted improved than typical microwaved popcorn. You do have to have to make guaranteed that you do not go away your bowl unattended or you will have a smaller mess to clear up. It only requires two one/two minutes to pop so standing there wasn’t an situation for me. For my son, perhaps but he now appreciates to stay set until finally it is completed popping. We employed softened butter and it turned out actually fantastic and all of the butter melted without any concerns. This was certainly a worthwhile investment for my son.

I had the honor of reviewing the ozeri movie time popcorn maker in excess of the thanksgiving weekend. My 8 yr aged niece was having a slumber get together and i assumed that this popcorn maker would be a enjoyable addition. I have not designed popcorn from scratch considering the fact that the 80’s. I bear in mind how enjoyable it was for my mother to make popcorn in the kitchen area. We would have this snack for a movie, a clearly show or just for the reason that. Would this be as pleasurable?when i arrived with the device in hand, i had about 10 very little folks asking all forms of concerns. I calmed this crowd and spelled out what it was.

It works fast and is straightforward to us. It tends to make small batches at a time and the butter melter characteristic isn’t the greatest, but for the price tag, it’s useful, speedy, and does not make a mess.

I ultimately used the ozeri pop corn equipment over the extended weekend for my loved ones and friends who wished a more healthy snack choice though we viewed netlix for hrs. I am so glad to have this tbh. It was simple to established up and use – and i didnt have any problems what so ever. I did use a further set bowl to stay away from any slide outs and that is the only precaution i took when utlizing this popcorn maker. I have under no circumstances employed a machine to make my popcorn so this was a initial and i assume i will definitely be utilizing it a great deal extra. It was durable sufficient and i think will past me a while specified that i take treatment of it. The end consequence had been great popcorn which i sprinkled with dill seasoning.

This is our new loved ones favourite was to make popcorn. I like the color and it appears wonderful on our counter and i like that it is straightforward and quick to use. I would counsel seeing it though it pops but this is just not any problem for me. I ordinarily will not go away a warm air popper unattended. I like that it pops most of the kernels every time and it is uncomplicated to continue to keep it cleanse.

This small lightweight popcorn maker is good for a compact family members. Makes a significant bowl each individual time but you should continue to keep the bowl close to the opening or it will pop out of the bowl. Have to enable it great down entirely concerning takes advantage of as why i suggested its perfect for a small spouse and children (like two people today). Has a place for butter but i’ve had challenges with the butter not melting in time. Easy to use, straightforward to clean up, effortless to store. Also helps make a nice reward for an older boy or girl.

  okay there is certainly a several quirks but all and all i like the ozeri ozp1 movie time popcorn maker. Alright it does like to throw popcorn and kernels close to but it truly is not a very major deal (or go through by means of the critiques for a work all over that only normally takes a few paper towels). Yeah it’ would not pop all the kernels but does all the kernels in your microwave bag pop?. Excellent factor about these un-popped kernels set them again in the bag for later on. Of course the popped corn is dry but that’s for the reason that it’s not popped in oilslove that this device is little does not take up a great deal house for use or storage. Pretty healthy for you, it really is air/heat popped so it would not require any oil. If you want butter then following popping add your possess melted butter. You can increase two tb to the measuring cup included to the major of the equipment so it melts while popping, ummm perfectly butter refreshing out of the frig is just to chilly for that small volume of popping time. I finished up inserting in a bowl and melting in microwave and then pour above.

S advertised but favor the greater measurements.

It is modest, and operates relyably. I have experienced the massive orville’s with the significant bowl on leading, but it broke soon after about 6 months. I have also experienced the a person that seems to be kinda like this a single but sells for 19. I use this almost every day. It is a little enthusiastic about taking pictures the popcorn out, just like the evaluations say, and some of the unpopped kernals occur out as well. I just acquire a pair of paper towels and stand them up, lining the bowl, and about the major of the bowl to make a superior defend all-around the leading of the bowl so the kernals are not able to escape. It is trusted, smaller, and isn’t going to halt popping on me.

I was really energized to get my popcorn maker and tried it as quickly as it arrived. There is a compact cup at the prime wherever you are suppose to melt the butter for your popcorn. The machine is not on lengthy sufficient to melt the butter (i utilised only one tablespoon) after melting the butter the rest of the way in the microwave i poured it above my popcorn. So i seemed into how to make air popped popcorn. It turns out there is a specified products that they use in the theater so i bought that. Two times later it arrives but you are suppose to blend it with oil it apply it to the popcorn. They recommend applying a machine where you put all the components in the same container to cook. The popper you can only set the kernels in the popper so as soon as yet again i tried to put the oil in the leading to melt. (they recommend coconut oil) once more yet another tablespoon of that which i experienced no question it would melt since it has these types of a small melting level.

Developing up as a kid, we constantly had fresh new popped popcorn with our air popper and it was one particular of my beloved parts of household nights. Whether we had been watching flicks or participating in board online games, we have been making the most of fresh new popcorn and getting fun. The ozeri movie time healthy popcorn maker totally took me back to my childhood times. You can pop up to 26 cups of popcorn in less than three minutes and extremely minimal (if any) unpopped kernels.My children unquestionably enjoy the very clear chute so they can see the popcorn popping and had been so enthusiastic to have freshly popped (not microwave bags) bowls of popcorn. The incorporated butter melting cup is a actually good touch. You can melt your butter while you pop your popcorn and really make your snack as healthy or as buttery as you’d like. The cleanup is tremendous easy this means you are going to want to use this popcorn popper once more and once more.

Absolutely nothing like curling up on the couch and observing a movie with the household in these cold winter evenings and this little gadget is remarkably awesome. I might in no way utilized a popcorn maker in advance of but the ozeri popcorn maker is awesomei’m a bit of a healthnut so i genuinely test to avoid matters like microwaves so this is perfect. The popcorn switch out astounding. Its so quick to increase butter or natural flavoring. I don’t know, just extra fluffy than with a microwave. And it would make an brilliant reward. It does not acquire up considerably area, quite easy to use. Appears fun and good ample to leave on a counter. All in all i’m actually taking pleasure in employing this item.

I was pretty excited to open up this popcorn popper. I love popcorn and have generally preferred an air popper. I can make much healthier decisions when i pop popcorn with it and insert salt free of charge seasoning.

What’s everybody’s favorite to take in when looking at a movie?. Obtaining a movie night at household, with freshly-manufactured popcorn, can be aggravating at times with some popcorn poppers, particularly if carried out the aged-fashioned way. With this popcorn maker however, all you have to do is unload the popped corn when it is entire and load extra popcorn to be popped.The ozeri is true is to use and you can have butter that melts and distribute instantly, if you opt for to have a buttery flavor. No want to acquire people packs in microwave baggage with other harmful components. Make your have from clean connoisseur kernels. If you are on the lookout for a higher high quality and healthy way to make popcorn, verify out amazon and get the popcorn taste you deserve.

This air popcorn popper is superior for a solitary individual just hunting for a rapid healthy different to microwave popcorn. You can warmth up a tiny butter on the leading if you select to and add any flavorings you decide on to. The disadvantage to this is that you do will need to refill it for anything extra than 1-two persons needing popcorn. I was tests it for free of charge from ozeri and observed it took 3 cycles of popped popcorn to have adequate for all six people today in my residence. It was a fast switch all around even though. It did not get lengthy to make it and it arrived out contemporary each time. I would say the popcorn arrives out extremely fast. Fairly a few flew out and out of my bowl and across the counter, alongside with a several unpopped kernels. It did pop ninety nine% of them although, so that was a very good factor.

I use it in my sport room and it appears terrific next to the mini fridge. The only draw back to this popcorn maker is that the popped kernels do fly out wild often, so be confident to use a tall bowl to stay clear of a mess. Total, i would advise this popcorn maker.

I acquired this unit to switch an more mature t-fal device that failed following a number of decades of use. I’ve only employed this a few moments, so if my view alterations, i will update my evaluate appropriately. To start with, this unit is more compact than i expected. I enjoy the point that it isn’t going to choose up as a lot place on the counter, nor is it so tall that you will find a problem fitting it beneath a cabinet or in a cupboard for storage. The obvious plastic lid just sits on prime of the base, but all through my use it didn’t budge. This unit pops marginally a lot less corn than my old just one (1/3 cup of kernels as opposed to 1/2 cup in the old device,) but i’ve located considerably less ‘unpopped’ kernels with this device. I’ve operate two batches in a row every single time i’ve utilised it with no challenge, though right after the 2nd batch concluded it shut itself off on one event. I assumed that it overheated. When i tried out the device all over again later on, it labored great. The design of the chute for this unit also directs the popped corn into the bowl superior than any other unit i have employed.

I have previously created a number of bowls of popcorn and am incredibly delighted with the overall performance.

I you should not know why there would be a terrible revue for this, i acquired this for my birthday from my sister recognizing i like popcorn. This device in a handful of minutes gave me fantastic popcorn, i made use of orville, fluffy and light with no additives at all. The butter tray is just not automatic but it however melts the butter. I use a taller container and it funnels appropriate in, i see where some folks complain about if flying in excess of, pop some corn in the typical way with no lid .This is a gorgeous machine worthy of a area on my kitchen countertop.

I swore off microwave popcorn lengthy back after being reminded how unhealthy they are. Now we pop our possess and my aged popper would pop tiny amounts and did not have a warming cup. My new ozeri movietime popcorn maker pops two large bowls at once and has a butter warming cup. I can use my have healthy, very low cholesterol butter from dwelling to time.

Superior Popcorn Company 4650 SPC Movie Night Full Movie Night Popper Machine Cart – assembly easy enough. Only 4 stars because the serving compartment

It’s adorable but it arrived with chipped/cracking paint on the best. Not delighted about shelling out the selling price for a weakened product. It was a suprise for my kids so i didnt put it collectively and notice the problems right up until the passed return window.

Stunning, will work terrific, spouse enjoys it.

Terrific for the price tag, arrived faster than anticipated and pops rapidly.

  • (We had an “outdoor movie night”) and this made the party even better! We are popcorn eaters and while this machine
  • Great Popcorn Machine, my whole family love it, my guests enjoyed the fresh hot popcorn !
  • good for up to about 30 or 40 folks

Was straightforward to set with each other at the time instructions have been read through.

I am incredibly delighted with this popper. It arrived faster than the time posted. There was no challenge with the package. Unpacked it, included popcorn and oil and experienced exceptional popcorn.

Features of Superior Popcorn Company 4650 SPC Movie Night Red Full Movie Night Popper Machine Cart, 8 oz, Red

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Deluxe model with 3 control switches and 850 watts
  • Popcorn supply storage in base
  • Switches include: spot light warmer, stirrer and pot heater
  • 16″ Ball bearing wheels for smooth mobility
  • Works on standard 110 volt

Gained this as a christmas existing and i completely adore it. Even so, it took some demo and mistake to figure out the right oil to popcorn ratio. As it turned out 1/4 cup oil to 1 cup orville redenbacher’s white popcorn is deelicious. Uncomplicated, pleasurable and helps make a huge quantity immediately.Not to point out it is cute on our solar porch :d.

I almost never review items but i preferred to dispel some of the misconceptions on the product. The pros: the popcorn comes out evenly flavored and fluffy its a wonderful discussion piece. Really sturdy building the glass doorway is much better than the plastic sort and will very last more time. The wheels are big and give it a awesome appear. The drawbacks: it is challenging to cleanse, but then i expected that because its compact and has plenty of very small corners the metal edges are sharp and can slice you if you are not careful when cleaning it if you will not pre warmth it you will close up with lots of un-popped kernels the glass doorway is one/four inch too limited on the best and un-popped kernels at times fly out via the slit. The very first batch arrives out quite promptly, subsequent types just take a small little bit longer. Summary: i ‘do’ advisable that you purchase it, my spouse and children really like it, they are unable to get plenty of popcorn. Thoroughly clean it with warm h2o usually if you want it to past, additional time it will accumulate gunk if you you should not good piece of machinery, but it could use just a little bit extra engineering like dulled metal edges. So far i have popped like 20 batches without a important issue.

Quick to use but set the smoke alarms off.

Modest plenty of to keep in a corner hunting pretty and out of the way. New movie style popcorn each time. Remarkably recommend in particular for family members with modest children.

Certainly professional excellent. Thank you, i want i got a even larger a person. This will barely maintain three batches, good for up to about 30 or 40 folks. Challenging to get the butter, salt and corn in owing to compact dimensions.

We have had this around 6 months now and use it weekly, it was truly worth each individual penny.

It was light-weight and straightforward to transportation for my son’s 1st birthday and was such a massive strike. Popcorn came out terrific and it was tremendous easy to clean.

We procured this for our kid’s birthday events. (we experienced an ‘outdoor movie night’) and this designed the occasion even much better. We are popcorn eaters and though this machine is huge more than enough to serve thirty kids popcorn. We use it for our tiny relatives of four, as nicely (sort of overkill. But when we have gatherings- this is great). The popcorn it will make it so mouth watering. We don’t even obtain microwave popcorn any more. My suggestion: if you are buying for just your household (and it truly is not a large on), go with a lesser dimensions. If you you should not mind the added measurement and prepare on entertaining, then go with this 1.

This is not only nostalgic but performs good. Superior value for the measurement of the machine. I employed pre-bundle popcorn and appreciate how effortless, fresh and exciting it is to make popcorn.

Pops good and will make a lot for hungry youngsters and football supporters – machine is just as explained and seems to be great good quality.

Obtained this for our place of work wth 12 individuals. Prospects always commenting about how fantastic the business office smells when they appear in. Effortless to clean up, makes excellent popcorn additional time.

At initially it arrived with a few lacking components on the storage cupboard, but when i send them photographs of what happened, with out hesitation they sent us a complete new cabinet with out the problem of owning to box it all again up to mail it again. Operates extremely perfectly, and is so worth it.

Is effective great and the keeps corn hit and clean. Quick set up and clean up up.

The dimensions of the compartment that retains popcorn is smaller than i predicted, but the mechanics are stable and the stand is a great contact. I have the lincoln popper, which is even larger, but the two pop terrific popcorn.

I requested this to use in our place of work for distinctive instances, and we are extremely satisfied with it so far. We have only employed it two times, but so much the investment decision has been well truly worth it. Cleaning is obviously no exciting, but it really is really uncomplicated to just take apart, and the popcorn we have designed from it has been delicious. It appears to be definitely awesome and i enjoy the wheels and tiny cupboard on it for straightforward transferring and storage. The cupboard is huge plenty of to keep my popcorn kernels, season salt, and huge tub of oil along with scoops, measuring cups, instructions, and so on. The guidelines were being quite terrific, and it was fairly easy to set jointly. I looked at a lot of distinct popcorn equipment prior to deciding on this one, and maybe the major offering point for me is that i was in a position to order it via amazon prime and paid out nothing for shipping. I did fork out an expedite payment, but that is because i needed it in two times. :)love this item therefore far.

We use this at the very least as soon as a week. Many neighbors arrive about and all people enjoys it.

“this is the second time i’ve put collectively a red full antique type popcorn popper machine total with cart and 8-ounce kettle for an place of work. It performs wonderful just as prolonged as you abide by all of the recommendations. Assembly was quick, though the images in the instruction handbook are a minimal tough to make out. Our machine will be made use of daily. We use orville redenbacher popcorn, which i believe that tastes, appears to be like and does the ideal in this machine.

A small complicated to clear, but not terrible.

Catamount Glassware CGS4526R Glass Microwave Corn Popper : Love this unit – makes great popcorn in time specified

We love this popcorn popper. We can use organic kernels and butter. The design of the lid lets the butter melt and drip perfectly on the popcorn as it’s popping so it’s evenly distributed and doesn’t come out greasy. Tastes better than an air popper and much healthier than typical microwave popcorn.

Straightforward to use and helps make best popcorn. . It is quick to use and popcorn arrives out great.

Catamount Glassware CGS4526R Glass Microwave Corn Popper with Silicone Handle, 2.5-Quart, Classic Red

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  • 2.5 QT. glass microwave corn popper with silicone lid
  • Decorated in the USA with heavy metal-free inks
  • Does not require the use of oil or butter
  • Heat Resistant Silicone Handle
  • Hand wash recommended for best results

Functions effectively and safer than microwave bagged popcorn. Reward for family members member who enjoys popcorn. Uncomplicated to use and makes a beloved snack healthier than making use of microwave packaged popcorn with all the additives. Like the new handle that changed the glass handle even though my popper handle is however high-quality.

I at first obtained one particular of these at williams sonoma, and i broke when washing. When i went again to repurchase, they no for a longer time carry in shop. So i observed this 1 on amazon. I truly like this one far better. The design on this one particular tends to make it a lot less fragile, whilst i could do with out the handle. It gets far too warm, so you have to use oven mitts anyways. Also i ponder if in excess of time if the handle could come off. It seems to be glued, and with continually being heated in microwave?. This does demand some hit or overlook to get fantastic popcorn.

These popcorn poppers are the ideal on the market for people today. These popcorn poppers are the most effective on the market for men and women. The only style element which is weakness is the connected handle which in before generations was compiled of glass which was attached to the facet of the glass popper. I hope this latest model will past for a longer time and it in all probability will because it is additional firmly attaches its handle to the human body of the popper. A significantly improved design would incorporate only picking the unit up by its major.

Catamount Glassware CGS4526R Glass Microwave Corn Popper with Silicone Handle, 2.5-Quart, Classic Red : Healthy pop corn in 2. 5 minutes. We have this down to a science. A tiny bit less than 1/2 cup of a good quality popcorn, and on the top of the cover 1/2 tsp of coconut oil (much healthier) microwave until popcorn slows down.

Hoped for additional from new handle. After possessing the preceding product for 4 decades, we eventually had a mishap in the sink and cracked it. We replaced it with the new design with the plastic handle. It operates identically as the more mature product except for 1 detail – the handle receives incredibly hot. This is not a clearly show stopper, but a mere annoyance. General this is a great merchandise.

Effortless to use and a great alternate to shopping for microwave popcorn packets. Retains a great sum of cooked popcorn, similar to a total bag of retail microwave popcorn. Like getting able to prepare dinner popcorn in the microwave without the chemicals extra.The lid will make it more practical than making use of the mixing bowl i was employing and seeking to increase butter soon after it popped.

This is our daughter in laws most loved popcorn maker, so we obtained it for her for xmas. She likes it for the reason that she does not like microwave popcorn. She likes the taste of the popcorn with this.

We love the lid for melting butter.

I appreciate making popcorn in a heathy way. Broke the one particular i had that appears just the exact minus the handle. See no rationale for the handle – tends to make it uncomfortable, if only in visual appearance. I love building popcorn in a heathy way, so this performs for me. I just use potholders to handle it. Normally make at the very least two batches when popping. Splash some drinking water in the container, insert 1/four cup kernels and pick out popcorn on microwave and then add thirty seconds. Spray with a tiny coconut oil from trader joe’s and sea salt.

Enjoy this device – makes good popcorn in time specified. Enjoy this unit – helps make fantastic popcorn in time specified. Placing butter in major is messy rather soften butter within for 30 seconds then increase corn for popping. Only destructive is that handle is a bit adaptable and gets quite warm – handle with both equally fingers and oven mitts.

My husband received it through a greedy get a number of christmas’s ago. After i figured out my ratio of oil to popcorn, i fell in enjoy.It does a fantastic task, wonderful tasting popcorn, i set it in the dishwasher to clean up it. I haven’t had any concerns of the red paint coming off. 🙁 but keep on to get a lot more simply because i adore it so significantly. I would remarkably propose this popper.

The handle does get hot like some of the opinions explained. A piece of paper comes with this outlining how a great deal and how extensive to prepare dinner popcorn. I have to say for my a thousand watt microwave it is almost place on. I discovered that when i pop a 1st batch, the popcorn won’t pop as significantly but the next batch approximately pops all the way as a result of with out burning any kernels. The handle does get incredibly hot like some of the critiques explained, potholders repair that.

Fast and you can have butter or not. Have be careful when cleaning and using, it is glass.

I add a tiny coconut oil to the major instead. I increase a very little coconut oil to the major alternatively of butter and fast film theater popcorn. The handle does get incredibly hot, even though, so be thorough.

I genuinely do like the popcorn that comes out of this popper. You you should not need butter or oil which is excellent. I use a very little butter so that the salt or other flavorings stick to the popped corn. The one particular complaint i do have is that the handle receives way as well very hot and the silicone handle holder doesn’t protect the heat sufficient. I am also very scared that the handle will crack and the complete thing will shatter.

Can make good popcorn, but like more mature product with sound glass. Tends to make wonderful popcorn, but like more mature model with reliable glass handle improved. They ought to print guidance on the glass so 1 isn’t going to have to save paper and examine world-wide-web if made use of occasionally.

Handle gets as well sizzling to hold. . The handle will get too hot to keep. Considered it would not do that. The all glass handles have damaged on three distinctive former purchases. Even now makes excellent popcorn nevertheless.

This is actually healthful and useful. I make a massive bowl of popcorn without the need of butter every single handful of times or i make a number of big bowls and put popcorn ball syrup on it – genuinely superior that way way too. It is straightforward to use, straightforward to wash, really handy. I would under no circumstances go back to the aged way of popping corn on the stove with oil in a pan all over again (this notion is possible outside of the compression of those people who only know popcorn in a manufacturing facility-geared up bag). This will work fantastic in my microwave and i am imagining of finding just one for my sister as a gift. Any person who likes popcorn and would like to regulate the quantity of butter and salt that is on it would respect this merchandise.

My favourite way to make popcorn. My aunt purchased me a person of these many, many many years back, and it was constantly my most loved way to make popcorn. There is just something about it that helps make the popcorn come out soo excellent. My primary possibly bought damaged or lost in 1 of our moves so i acquired a person of these. However the good popcorn style. The product i experienced initially had a glass handle alternatively of the silicone. I preferred the glass handle greater, but the style of the popcorn is just as very good.

I think the best way to make popcorn is with canola oil. It is an interesting concept. However, every microwave is different. Using my 1200 watt microwave, i had popped corn within 3 minutes 45 seconds. Personally, i think the best way to make popcorn is with canola oil, popcorn, and a big pot.

Oster FPSTPP7310WM-NP Professional Popcorn Maker : Used 1st time for 2015 Super Bowl. Made 2 batches & what a game!

Immediately after getting previously a broken popper, i was happy to get this 1. We use it when we acquire to enjoy football and baseball. Pops great popcorn and is simple to clear.

Seems to be great and pops superior popcorn. A minor much larger than some equally priced poppers. Seems to be excellent and pops excellent popcorn.

Oster FPSTPP7310WM-NP Professional Popcorn Maker

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  • Enjoy theater style popcorn in the convenience of your own home
  • Traditional hot oil popcorn popper includes a hinged lid, double Hun suspended kettle design
  • Stainless steel kettle has a motorized stirring mechanism which requires less oil and thoroughly coats kernels
  • Pops up to 8 cups of popcorn per batch
  • Kernels keep moving so more get popped

I love the flavor this popcorn popper offers the corn. I bought a good northern greater popcorn popper but the taste is lacking. The tray that pulls out cracked , but does not result the popcorn.

Best sizing for modest families who are weary of obtaining. Ideal size for tiny households who are weary of obtaining luggage of popcorn from the retailer. Note: lights are far more for seems to be relatively than basically trying to keep the popcorn warm so take in it brief if you want it warm.

Oster FPSTPP7310WM-NP Professional Popcorn Maker : Used 1st time for 2015 super bowl. Made 2 batches & what a game. Great popcorn with your own ingredients. Works great and easy to put together, just a few pieces.

Great the aspect are plastic as a substitute of glass but its. Good the aspect are plastic instead of glass but its alright. It will take for a longer period than the route say to warm up and commence popping popcorn.

The initially issue i require to say about this popcorn popper is that it is not a ‘professional’ corn popper. It is a novelty device for residence use. A quantity of reviewers have commented on the compact potential of the popping bowl by itself. I see no dilemma with this considering that capacity is a trade off among dimension and becoming able to pop the corn with out burning it. To enhance ability without burning the corn, you would have to have to double the width of the popping product. I have an air popping machine that has twice the capacity to pop corn as this device and the heating place is a few periods as massive as this popping component. I never know about you but i do not have any kitchen area region huge ample to hold a equipment with a popping aspect three occasions the size of this and would have the look of an aged fashioned device like i made use of to see at the motion picture theaters as a kid. On the positive side immediately after the original 4-five minute warm up interval you can pop subsequent batches in significantly less than three minutes so you can conveniently feed a bunch of people looking at videos or a soccer game in less than fifteen minutes with almost no clear up to be finished. That is what i glance for in a popping machine, fast popping with low oil information and simple thoroughly clean up.

Excellent loved ones popcorn maker (update). (see update at the conclusion of the assessment. ) our 4 little ones all like our outdated stir outrageous popcorn maker, but this a single tops it. The young ones ended up excited as we opened it (it is packaged effectively) and couldn’t hold out to make the very first batch. The machine is easy to set up, easy to use, and relatively easy to clean up. I would have no problem permitting my ten 12 months old make a batch of popcorn. The only thing that will get really very hot is the silver bowl inside (which won’t be able to be touched except the doorway is opened). So it is fantastic if your youngsters like to look at it pop – not way too perilous. As yet another reviewer reported, it doesn’t in shape underneath most countertops, so it is just not effortless to keep. The wire could be lengthier, but it did not bother me as well much.

Excelente la compre desde colombia y me llego bien.

I eat it practically each day, and it truly is extremely challenging to uncover a bagged edition at the grocery retail store that in fact tastes fresh new and buttery and good. I have tried various house poppers with reduced good results fees – air poppers shot kernels all more than the kitchen and the stir outrageous was genuinely actually tough to clear. The only microwave popcorn i seriously liked was pop top secret homestyle, but when i identified out it experienced so quite a few trans-fat i was really unhappy. Not that the stuff i eat by the bucket at the theater is any better for me, but ignorance is blissi like the search of this countertop popper, it will make motion picture night added festive. Of course, it is much too tall for underneath most counter tops, but i am not guaranteed why other reviewers are deducting stars for this when the measurements are very crystal clear in the description. It is significant, but not astonishingly so. I retain it tucked absent in a corner when i am not making use of it, and then transfer it to the middle of the kitchen counter (close to a plug, the twine is quite shorter) when i want to use it.

It assyembled easly and was just as straightforward to use. The heat up time proir to use is not much too bad. Would have preferred it to pop a much larger quantity just about every time.

I like it really nicely and supply was on time.

This was a present for my daughter and she liked it. It was a strike and it is effective effectively.

Initial 1 nevertheless likely but we bought this for our daughter to go to school with. Tends to make just the correct quantity of popcorn and keeps her from possessing to take in microwavable popcorn with all the chemicals. She utilizes it at the house all the time alongside with my two other kids.

Nice machine, functions just like i imagined and my. Pleasant device, functions just like i imagined and my son loves it. We have mastered motion picture theatre popcorn at home :).

Produced a hit as a christmas present. We were being popping corn on xmas morning. Tried out 3 unique popping corns. Was a strike as a reward for sons’ household.

Make guaranteed to clear after just about every use. Make certain to clear following each use, usually it receives icky.

??❤️❤️i love my popcorn maker❤️❤️??.

All about a film knowledge. This was for my 8 yr aged who preferred a movie theater popcorn machine. It has been a strike at our dwelling and her instructor borrowed it for a party. A lot easier to clear than i imagined it would be.

Great tends to make popcorn like the theaters do.

Likely the ideal you happen to be going to get in this price selection. It boggles my thoughts just how lots of of these retro popcorn devices are so undesirable. Right here it is 2015 and no one particular can make a great strong, desirable seeking popcorn device for below $50 that will past?. We’ve tried using a pair less costly kinds, some of which ended up smashed or damaged prior to we even obtained them out of the box. Inexpensive plastic and stamped tin development – reminds me of the old saying, ‘any work which is truly worth executing is worthy of executing right’. Evidently though, most other suppliers have not read that a single. In any case, this oster nostalgia design is actually good. It’s crafted well and works terrific. But there is certainly however no way you are likely to get a ‘professional’ equipment at this cost, so you improved assume someplace close to six or seven moments the price if you want to enter ‘working professional’ territory. But this oster’s about the very best in its class (desk-top property/kitchen area).