Hurom Premium Slow Juicer Model HU-700 Pearl – The machine however is great. It is strong and quite

I’ve had other juicers in the past that worked fine but this one is, by far, the best one. It may produce a little ‘pulpier’ juice but you get so much more juice from this one than we ever did on the fast juicers. I’ve never used the smoothie maker so i’m not so sure on how great that is but for juicing fruits, veggies and greens the hurom is awesome.

For the most part it does what it is supposed to do. However, after less than a year of using it it has begun to clog and leak. As expensive as this unit is it should perform well for longer than a year with moderate use (juicing every two days).

The only thing to really remember and/or consider is the time it requires to prepare the veggies, clean the machine, and the huge amount of produce required to make a decent amount of juice — but that’s not the fault of the juicer. Overall, a very good product, with good directions and tools included. Here are the specifications for the Hurom Premium Slow Juicer Model HU-700 Pearl:

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  • Hurom’s patented Slow Squeezing Technology (SST) gently squeezes ingredients, preserving natural taste & nutrients lost by high-speed juicers that grind and crush. Slow juicing technology also retains heat-sensitive nutrients such as Vitamins A and C, and live enzymes.
  • The new Pulp Control Lever and Juice Cap allow users to determine the level of pulp they want in their juices or allow users to make smoothies and blended beverages quickly and easily.
  • Masticating juicers from Hurom can easily process fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, wheatgrass, nuts, and soy to make a variety of juices, milks, sauces, marinades, even baby food.
  • Hurom’s durable motor has a 10-year warranty, uses only 150 watts of energy and is practically silent. The cold-press juicer features a heavy-duty Ultem strainer and auger, which is eight times stronger than traditional plastics and handles both coarse and fine foods easily.
  • By choosing between juicing and smoothies, as well as pulp level in their juices, users have the ability to decide how much solid fiber they consume in their juices.

The previous poster got it right. The pulp ejector clogs and pulp comes out into the juice, no matter what setting you put the pulp ejector on. The juice is either really pulpy or extremely pulpy. The plastic rubberized piece that turns and scrapes the bowl strikes me as something that will break in short order and the pulp level switch also strikes me as breakable. Although this thing is aesthetically pleasing and takes up relatively little shelf space it seems cheaper and compromised from a design point of view as compared to a standard masticating juicer like an omega or samson. I have a samson and it has a large footprint but does not have any of the problems listed above. It is a beast and feels like it will never break. Although this juicer is decent there are design flaws and weaknesses that i suspect will shelf this juicer much quicker than the solid alternatives.

I am not sure if the seller is authorized to sell hurom, but this product cam to me with the wrong ‘bowl’ i returned it and they did not have it in stock to replace it. As a result, i purchased this from another location. I cannot begin to say how much i love it. Easy to use, easy to clean, and the juice tastes great. Because it is so easy and so much fun i edned up using it more than i thought i would.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • My Hurom vs. Breville review
  • Nothing beats this Juicer!
  • great Juicer!

We juice usually twice a day and even though this being a slow juicer you have to do a little more prep work the results are worth it. Much more juice out of greens which is what we normally use, and clean up is pretty easy.

Very nice high quality product juice at one side trash out the other works just like its supposed to.

Bought it for my daughter as a ‘good luck on your new life’ present. She hasn’t had time to use all the features yet, but loves the juicer part of it.

Love the quiet motor and quick action. Everything tastes so much better. It is easy to run and clean up.

I love this juicer, it has made smoothies and delicious juices daily. It’s not loud and it performs awesomely. People co,plain about juicing greens, the trick is to cut and roll and juice with an apple following it or a carrot. Anyhow, it has not failed in delivering.

I am using this hurom juicer every morning. Cleaning takes a little time, but it makes a wonderful juice. Unfortunately the plastic container has a little cracks when delivered.

I like the premium juicer much better than the hurom basic slow juicer. Unfortunately, it was missing the juice cap so i am not able to make smoothies.

I need to preface this review with the fact that it is just my personal taste. This is my second juicer, my first was a breville juice fountain at half the cost. I gave the breville to my parents tto try this hurom slow juicer after seeing side by side comparison videos from the manufacturer. Let me just point out that i was satisfied with the breville but the video made me think it was inferior. Top reasons why i bought the hurom and gave up the breville, based on claims i thought to be made by the manufacturer/style of juicer:1. Nutritionally superior juice & somehow it would last longer2. Greater volume of juice with same amount of food3. The ability to make milks and smoothies and control the amount of pulp.

At first, when i bought this juicer, it was an impulse buy and i was pretty excited. However, i didn’t do my research very well and shortly thereafter i found reviews online comparing this model to lesser priced slow juicers and it didn’t stack up. However, i ‘bit the bullet’ and didn’t return this juicer so that i could make my own decision. I ‘upgraded’ to this slow juicer from a centrifugal juicer that i really liked – we used it so much that we thought it was time to move up to a masticating juicer. I gave away the centrifugal juicer, but i wish i would have kept it to work in concert with this juicer. The hurom premium hh does many things well, but i still find myself running the pulp through twice to get every last drop out – which i feel is what it should do in the first run. When i started juicing, i was running food through too quickly and the pulp would get jammed and the ‘juice’ would be very fibrous. This isn’t the worst thing, because i know that the fiber is good, but it was very different from the old juicer. After trying new methods (slowing down, not juicing fibrous foods), i started getting better and better juices and i’m slowly starting to come around to this model. You must go much slower than most juicers and chop your food up very small (celery goes best at less than 1′ long).

This is my third juicer, i previously owned two centrifugal juicers (a cheap one and a breville juice fountain). I’ve used the breville in particular many times of the course of the two years i owned it. One of the most frustrating things about that type of juicer is that cleaning the separation basket can be rather difficult. In addition, i found that the juices would often separate rather quickly after i made them. I also juice a lot of greens, and the pulp from the greens seemed to be rather wet – i could place them in cloth and squeeze a fair amount of juice out of them. I own a model very similar to this one, although i bought it in korea and the model number is a little different. I’ve done some checking, and this one is extremely similar (if not identical, aside from the voltage). I’ve been using it for a few weeks since i bought it, and i’ve found it to be an absolute pleasure to use. Here’s why:1) the pulp is significantly drier than from my old juicer, and therefore i get a lot more juice out of the same amount of vegetables/fruit.

Juices everything, easy to clean, not noisy, i’m really happy, use it everyday.

I was using this juicer to make green juice. I usually juice kale, cabbage, cucumber, apple green apple and such. It makes weird noises at first when i put cabbages and kale leaves but the noise does not bother me since i understand the mechanism of this machine. It makes nice juice but you don’t get 100% juice without pulp. There is some issue with pulp i think. I don’t mind little bit of pulp in my juice but when i don’t want, i just use extra strainer for it. Before someone ask me that i can juice wheat grass, and it does work for wheat grass i just tried. If you mind pulp but you want to get this juicer, william sonoma has this juicer with extra strainer.

1st juicer in many years – a 60th birthday present to myself. Great juicer and unlike so many my friends have – easy to clean,.

My first time juicing so i didn’t realize how expensive it is to produce a small quantity of juice. The machine however is great.

Fast shipping and my juice comes out tasting fresh everytime. I definitely recommend this juicer for prolong fast or if you are juicing daily.

I had been looking around for the perfect juicer. Love that i can make smoothies and control how much pulp is extracted.

SAVTM JE120-08M00 New Electric Masticating Wide Mouth Whole Chute Anti-Oxidative Fruit and Vegetable Slow Juicer – Great Juicer

It is very quiet and takes large pieces of carrots/apples(whole small size)/etc. – the only problem i have with it is that it does clog up the fiber spout if you juice celery. You have to clear it as you go. Not real hard to do, but you do need to pay attention to that. And you don’t have any sharp (cut you if your not careful) edges like my centrifugal juicer did.

This is my first juicer which i elected over the breville juicers because of the better juice quality. People say that the breville’s are much faster than masticating juicers like this one, but this juicer juices very fast because of the extra large 3. The large opening lets it handle apples cut into one quarters and it sucks the apple pieces down fast. It comes with two mesh filter baskets, one with long narrow slots and one with a fine mesh. The slotted filter basket is very easy to clean and extracts almost as much juice as the mesh filter basket. The mesh filter basket needs to the scrubbed a lot with the included toothbrush type tool to get all of the fruit or vegetable residue out. The slotted filter basket requires very little scrubbing to get all the residue out.

This is the second juicer i’ve owned; i had recently purchased my very first one, a breville centrifugal, and returned it because it sucked. This savtm slow juicer performs way better. It extracts more of the juice than the breville compact, is much more quiet, and is easier to handle and clean. It tackles hard vegetables with ease; raw carrots, celery, sweet potato, beets all crumble before the might of its giant masticating mechanism. I have two minor complaints about this model and one is the rotating feed piece in the top. It can certainly be helpful with certain fruits and vegetables but sometimes i wish it wasn’t there or if i could at least remove it. That said, i think the feature helps increase the safety of the product. I’d let a kid operate this thing since between that extra piece and the height, you’d be hard pressed to get your hand in danger with this thing. My second issue is that the juice comes out a little pulpy. I don’t mind that all the time; fruit fiber is good fiber but sometimes i just need a nice clean juice.

I do not have time for reviews. But for that one it was a must. This is my first slow juicer and i love it. I will recommend it to anyone.

I juiced three dozen apples and got about 4 cups of very pulpy juice and 2 cups of apple sauce. I am not happy at all with the juice quality as it is way too pulpy. I tried to strain it, but the particles are too small to be stopped by a regular strainer, and that was how i ended up with the apple sauce. Now, i watched the youtube video and the juice did not look that pulpy, so i am going to keep trying different things. The machine came with a very poorly translated book and set up instructions. The top has a weird flip feeder thing that is rather annoying. I am guessing it will void the warranty if i saw that off. I figured for 200 dollars, it was worth a try; going to try greens next and see how that works out. Just to update, i have been using the juicer for two weeks now.

I left off 1 star for the horrible manual. The company really needs to hire someone who can understand and write in english. The manual is an embarrassment to an otherwise nice product.

  • One of the best masticating juicers on the market
  • I like my juicer a lot
  • Nice unit. Pretty Quiet

Features of SAVTM JE120-08M00 New Electric Masticating Wide Mouth Whole Chute Anti-Oxidative Fruit and Vegetable Slow Juicer, Golden(250W AC Motor, 35 RPMs, 3.5″Inches Big Mouth)

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  • Low SPEED MINIMAL OXIDATION MASTICATING JUICER -Compared with juice from centrifugal juicers, our juice is much more nutritious, tastes better and freshe r , and lasts longer. Top Quality 250W AC motor with low speed of 37 RPMs (the golden ratio of force and time) Squeezes ingredients with minimal oxidation, preserving natural taste & nutrients lost by high-speed centrifugal juicers that grind and crush (from the fast-rotating blade).
  • 3.1″ INCHES(80MM) BIG MOUTH WIDE CHUTE – The big feeding mouth with dia. 3.1″(80mm) can easily accommodate large produce items; has more resistances to clogging ; greatly reduces preparation and cleanup time – Less chopping of the ingredients also helps to reduce oxidation; as the bigger pieces of ingredients,the harder they get oxidized.
  • EASY TO DISSEMBLE AND CLEAN-simply pour water through between juices. Comes complete with cleaning brush, All parts are dishwasher safe.
  • HIGH JUICE YIELD WITH LITTLE OXIDATION – High juice yield (Orange 73%, Apple 78.39%, Cherry 68.7%, Carrot 52.6%) – The strainer base and the valve provide a sealed space to hold juice during juicing to prevent oxidation. The valve should be shut during juicing
  • The product is made of TRITAN food grade anti-oxidation materials and certified by CE, CB, GS,EMC, ROHS, LFGB, REACH,ETL.

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Low SPEED MINIMAL OXIDATION MASTICATING JUICER -Compared with juice from centrifugal juicers, our juice is much more nutritious, tastes better and freshe r , and lasts longer.

3.1″ INCHES(80MM) BIG MOUTH WIDE CHUTE – The big feeding mouth with dia. 3.1″(80mm) can easily accommodate large produce items; has more resistances to clogging ; greatly reduces preparation and cleanup time –

EASY TO DISSEMBLE AND CLEAN-simply pour water through between juices.

HIGH JUICE YIELD WITH LITTLE OXIDATION – High juice yield (Orange 73%, Apple 78.39%, Cherry 68.7%, Carrot 52.6%) – The strainer base and the valve provide a sealed space to hold juice during juicing to prevent oxidation.

Omega Juicers Omega Juicer J8008C Juicer Extractor and Nutrition Center Creates Fruit Vegetable and Wheatgrass Juice Quiet Motor Slow Masticating Dual-Stage Extraction Automatic Pulp Ejection, Known issue with motor-amazon did not replace when notified.

I really like this juicer, but it does create more foam than i thought it would. Also, i wonder why some juice keeps creeping into where the auger is turning?. Maybe i am feeding too fast. I do love the solid construction, and the relative quietness of the machine.

First of all i have a breville j98xl centrifugal juicer. I wanted a better juicer so i started researching masticating juicers and came upon the omega 8000 series machines. When looking at the omega brand models i became confused. What’s the difference between them?. I watched some youtube videos and read tons of reviews online and this is what i found:first of all, they are all very similar. They all use an auger that squeezes, or crushes the produce slowly to make juice. The juice drains through the bottom hole and the pulp ejects out the front. The auger presses the juice in two stages to get the most out of it. This machine is referred to as a ‘single auger juicer. ‘the older models used a white colored auger which is made of melamine plastic. The newer models have a black auger which is a much harder plastic material made by ge which replicates the hardness of a stone. (think of stone grinding) as far as i can tell all of the omega models are now coming the new black auger, which is supposed to be 8 times harder than the older ones. In the end i decided upon the 8008 model. Which is the same as the 8007 only in a different color.

I am using it daily and love it. Nothing works better for green juices. I am drinking a daily mixture of kale or some other leafy green along with carrots and apple. I have had perhaps a dozen juicers over the years, but nothing has worked well with leafy greens. Also, the other types of juices really aerates the juice too much and waste a lot of the green juice. I purchased this to supplement my diet with more green juice. This machine is tough enough to have replaced my other juicers for now.

Key specs for Omega Juicer J8008C Juicer Extractor and Nutrition Center Creates Fruit Vegetable and Wheatgrass Juice Quiet Motor Slow Masticating Dual-Stage Extraction Automatic Pulp Ejection, 200-Watt, Metallic:

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  • INDUSTRY LEADING 15-YEAR WARRANTY covering parts and performance
  • OMEGA POWER: Powerful motor dual-stage juicing system ensures maximum efficiency
  • NUTRITION CENTER: Turn nuts into nut butter, extrude pasta, grind coffee and spices, mince herbs and garlic, make baby food and frozen desserts, and whip up soy milk in a flash
  • HEALTHY AND DELICIOUS JUICES: Extracts the maximum amount of nutrients, vitamins, taste and juice from minimum amounts of fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, and wheatgrass
  • HIGHLIGHTS: The adjustable end cap has 5-settings for maximum juice output and extraction. Enjoy continuous juicing with automatic pulp ejection
  • NOTE:Please refer to the user manual before use

Comments from buyers

“Great bang for the buck and excellent juice quality
, Awesome Juicer!
, So far so good with this juicer

I like that this juicer handles pretty much everything i throw at it. It makes easy work of juicing fruits, veggies and even frozen bananas and strawberries. I haven’t tried its other functions. I also like that it is easy to clean after use. The only hard item to clean is the filter but the juicer came with a brush which was a nice and thoughtful addition. It also sets up very easily and everything goes together quite nicely and easily so there is no fussing with parts or anything like that. Sometimes when i juice apples or berries, the mashed fruit gets sort of stuck near the spinning screw instead of exiting the machine easily like carrots or other harder fruit does. Putting through more fibrous fruits and veggies helps to clear this out, but it would be nice if it didn’t happen. Also, after a couple of weeks of use, juice seems to get past some of the rubber washers and behind a plate on the face of the machine making the large plastic lock get gummed up. I have to remove 4 screws to get to this area to clean it which is inconvenient.

Had for over a year and it’s still juicing like the day we opened the box. Powerful, juices everything nicely.

The first one i bought broke. It took longer than expected for the new one because omega did not process the order correctly. Problems i have are:when juicing soft things like berries or apples it turns to mush and will not strain through the filter unless something fiberouse is used as a chaser. I have not tried to make butter or noodles yet but i’m working on it. This machine will take all your greens or fruits, along with an entire marijuana plant and anything else you can think of that might benefit you.

I was pretty sad when my old omega juicer died, even though i’d had it for 20 years. After much research, it seemed that this omega cold press juicer would be my best choice – and we are thrilled with it. Quiet, impossibly easy to use and clean – omega has been doing juicing right for a long time.

The juicer works very well and the pulp is practically dry when juicing fruits and veggies. This guarantees you get the most juice from your produce. The product comes with a little brush to brush off any pulp that can stick to the inner crevices of the machine while cleaning. Overall i am very pleased with my purchase.

My family and i absolutely love this juicer. I haven’t attempted to use it for anything other then juice yet, but so far what i bought it for- it’s perfection. *update 12/29/2014: i used the juicer to grind coffee beans christmas morning, it was a lot quieter then my traditional coffee grinder. It also produced a much finer and even grind. I have now decided that this will become my full time grinder for coffee as well as my daily juicer.

Disappointed the nozzles do not fit. That was the whole point of me getting this particular juicer, because of its versatility. Now i can’t use it for that. Otherwise everything else is functional. No issues with the juicer its self.

I searched too much about issue of buying juicer. First must work low rpm & masticarting system, also must work good with vegetables and must have optimum price. Several months has past to use this juicer. I bought 8008 and my friend has bought 8006. Actually there is no quality,technical or performance difference between them. However i like this metalic gear.

Highly recommend this powerful juicer. Excellent quality and juicing with dry substance discharge, meaning it literally got all the juice out of the produce.

I never put much thought into juicing until it was recommended by my hydrotherapist. She insisted that i try it out after taking numerous things about my dietary needs and body type into consideration. As an o-positive blood type, i love to eat meats and can naturally and easily indulge in high amounts of protein without major impact to how my body functions. I don’t get sludgy after a good steak. Rather, dense carbohydrates are my kryptonite, but i’ve done well in staying away from those. What a high protein diet did accomplish, however, was a stopped up colon. Apologies if this embarrassed you, but the body does what it needs to do, and it is what it is. Anyway, the right types of vegetables in my diet provide natural enzymes that help my body break down the proteins. I bought the omega because i was looking for a juicer that would squeeze as much juice from vegetables as possible.

I juice about 15 lbs of veggies once a week and have juice prepped for the whole week sitting in my fridge and ready to go.

Absolutely love the omega series. I upgraded from the 8006 to the 8008. I think if you can find the 8006 cheaper, stick with that. The touted larger opening and better auger do not seem to make that big a difference to me. This juicer absolutely always extracts all the juice leaving no wet pulp. It also does a very good job juicing greens. The only negative thing and it is minor, is that juicing things like pineapples, blueberries, strawberries will have you needing to disassemble and clean out the soft pulp before you can go on juicing.

I owned omega j8006 and nc900hdc. I did like the j8006 then gave it to my sister to buy the 900 version. The 900 was total disaster, i really hate it, then i return it after a few trialthe 8008 doesn’t have much review but i like the compact size and one review prior to mine here. I took the risk to try it out, everything went very well as good as the 8006. I personally think the 800 & 900 model, omega blew that ones. Adjustable knob is useless and the chute attached to the top plate is harder to clean. I prefer it can be attached. I will highly recommend the 8008 model. If money is object to you, then get the 8006 or 8007 (same as 8008 except it’s silver not chrome). I like to match with my other chrome kitchen appliances, that’s personal preference.

I’ve had this juicer for almost 4 weeks now. Been juicing every day once, sometimes twice each day. I am thoroughly happy with it. I’d say juicing takes about 15-20 minutes tops to make the juice and clean up the parts. I make about 2 pints per session. The juice that results is very delicious, and the machine appears to be very efficient extracting the juice as the remaining pulp is extremely dry. Also the machine, being a horizontally layed out, fits conveniently on the counter top. I would recommend this juicer to anyone.

I got this 8008 a couple weeks ago, and it broke the first time i used it. I was juicing apples and then was going to move to carrots, but while i was juicing the apples, it made a loud pop noise and then stopped working all together. Amazon replaced it and i’ve used the replacement. This time i started with vegetables, carrots, kale, beets, greens, and it did all of them fine, but i finished with apples and limes and these got stuck in the juicer. I guess this might work fine for my purposes as long as i alternate the fruit with vegetables. But it’s awfully expensive of a juicer to not be able to do just apples or just oranges, as my kid sometimes wants. Basically, you might need a second juicer for fruits if you want to have apples mixed in. I’ve only used the replacement once, so we’ll see how long it lasts.

I have to say this masticating juicer is built strong as a tank and will no doubt last forever; and i’m guessing may be one of the best masticating juicers on the market in it’s price point. I’m new into juicing and bought this model as it is more efficient as a percentage of volume in extracting juice from leafy greens (kales, watercress, spinach) than a rotary juicer–like the breville 98xl, which i also bought–and that one is more efficient in extracting juice from the higher water-content fruits and veggies like carrots, tomatoes, apples, oranges, etc. So i figured they would compliment one another: masticating omega for the leafy stuff; and high speed rotary breville for the high-water content stuff. But what i found is for me is:– the omega involved way too much cutting and prepping as the chute is only like 1. 25′ wide versus the like 3′ wide chute of the breville– by nature of the slower masticating design versus high speed rotary; it is so much slower in extracting juice, even with non-leafy stuff: it takes a significant while, and it can get ‘clogged. — the volume of the juice holding tanks is so much smaller than the breville; i’m guessing the breville has a 1-liter juice container, and the omega about 25% of that (not good when you want to make drinks for two. )– by design; the juice if more fibrous in the omega versus more liquid in the breville. — time and effort: the omega is messy and time consuming for clean up with a lot more parts–smaller ones with more nooks and crannies that are hard to get to to clean; and with a lot more fibrous gunk packed on to it after juicing. And this was the big deal-breaker for me.

Provides clear juice, unlike the high speed blender types that yield a smoothie type product. It is large so storage needs to be a consideration. If you have the room, it is great.

I purchased this unit a while back, but felt it was time to put in my two cents. Built to last, strong motor, makes great juices and butters, has a easy clean up, and seems to still be going strong. Cons for the unit are it does not like too soft of fruits. The screen on the juicer get clogged when too soft of fruit is used. I have got around this flaw by doing a soft fruit and then following up with a crunchy veggie or fruit. Would buy againnin heart beat.

I had been using another juicing machine for a few month before it broke down. The amount of juice yield from that machine was not great, as the pulp still very moist. I thought that was how juicing machine work, until i got this omega 8008 juicer. The juice yield is much better than i thought, and most importantly, this machine is quiet and almost vibration free.

Filter-thingy gets clogged with lemon or garlic but that’s understandable. Inspired by sprouts (of tahoe) we now have a ‘hot shot’ every morning (grass, ginger, lemon and hot spice). Recommended by a guy who hates most things.

VonShef Professional Slow Fruit Vegetable Masticating Juicer Machine : Part of it broke already!!

I’m fighting bone cancer, which there is no cure yet, ( but that is another story) this a fine product wife makes me a glass of juice daily owner over 6 months a sweet operating machine love it i think it going to save my bacon. My wife found that running the pulp thru a second time get additional juice out of pulp. Buy it you won’t go wrong this the 3rd different juicer we’ve purchased this a deal at $109 my $600 machine died then bought a low cost pos it died in 2 months. This baby is like the proverbial timex watch takes a licking and keeps a ticking.

Exactly what i was looking for. I’m on day 4 now of fresh juices and very happy with this machine.

This is my first juicer, so i wasn’t sure what to expect. I had a little frustration getting the juicing screw seated properly, but one it was in place, the lid went on easily. As recommended, i cut my fruits and vegetables into chunks that fit easily into food chute. I have used cucumber, carrot, spinach, apple, ginger root, red cabbage and lemon (without the peel). The only thing i would do differently is cut the cabbage smaller and do a better job of interspersing the cabbage with the other produce because it clogged the pulp tube a bit. The resultant pulp was pretty dry and the juice had only tiny bits of pulp. The juice tastes very fresh and bright due to the cold processing. Clean-up is very easy, just a little attention required with the brush to insure nothing is left behind in the strainer.

So far it works great and produces some great pulpy juice. Cleans easy and the pieces are put together easily.

  • Clean up isn’t bad, made a decent amount of juice although it
  • the lid went on easily. As recommended
  • shef juicer the first time and find it a great juicer. Easy to assemble and easy clean up

VonShef Professional Slow Fruit Vegetable Masticating Juicer Machine with Quiet 200W Motor for Highly Efficient Juice Extraction – Red

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Low Speed Extraction Method – the low speed of the motor makes extracting juice an efficient and energy-saving process. Extracts instead of grinding, retaining nutrients and enzymes for a healthier natural juice
  • Suitable for a wide variety of ingredients including fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, wheatgrass and leafy veg (such as spinach, kale and parsley).
  • Powerful 200W motor processes high fibre fruits and vegetables effortlessly without overheating. Ultra-quiet operation extracts juice quickly and quietly with a higher yield compared to traditional centrifugal juicers.
  • Easy to dissemble and clean – simply pour water through between juices. Comes complete with cleaning brush, 0.8L pulp container and 0.8L transparent juice collecting jug. All parts are dishwasher safe
  • Contemporary red design, sleek and compact in size for convenience. Size: L: 10.2 x W: 7.5 x H: 16.3 inches (approx.).

It’s a decent juicer if you are planning on only juicing fruit or vegetables that do not have stems or stands. I chopped celery and kale into about inch long pieces, with the kale i removed the stem only leaving the leaf sections and alternated between apple slices, kale, celery, carrots and cucumber with hopes of avoiding clogs. It clogged up after a few minutes and each time i would clean it out it was always the celery. Clean up isn’t bad, made a decent amount of juice although it had some pulp it wasn’t bad. If you are considering this and plan on trying celery or something similar you might want to keep looking. I attached a couple pictures showing the clog and how it gets backed up when it does clog. I ended up returning it, knowing i will want to juice celery.

Quiet, efficient, and easy to clean. Does a better job than some of the centrifugal type juicers that i’ve used in the past.

Let me start off by saying that the picture is misleading. There is not a large opening to place your food. Most items have to be cut which can be an inconvenience. The juicer itself shakes and appears rickety. I typically only juice celery so it’s not as if i’m putting bulky food into it. The excess food has trouble dispelling from the machine. It’s bunches up which requires digging it from the machine. This alone should earn one star but because it does produce the juice that i expected and because it’s hardly the most expensive of the juicers, i have it 3 stars. If you’re on a budget, it may be a decent choice. If you can spare the extra money, go for the breville.

This juicer completely surprised me at well it worked. I have enjoyed many a juice made from kale, apples, and other fruits and veggies. For the price this juicer is amazing.

Must cut fruit/veggies into small pieces. Don’t jam a whole carrot down there. Does not like pineapple, celery, ginger or any stringy fruit/veggie; these plug the machine very easily. Pulp is very wet still after being extruded, i had to buy some cheese cloth to squeeze out the extra juice. Easy to clean, easy to handle once you get the hang of it. Never owned any other kind of juicer so nothing to compare it to.

. It’s not perfect because is a little difficult clean. By the way i like this machine.

I was quite surprised by how sturdy it is. It is easy to assemble and use especially if you read the directions first. I cut up apples, oranges, used baby carrots and spinach. After reading the directions i put spinach first and then carrots got good juice. The pulp seems dry but i have never had this type of juicer before so i don’t know what to compare it to. This is the first day i have had it so tomorrow may be different. It is a little taller than i thought but that is no big deal.

Is quiet and really gets the nutrients. The pulp tends to get caught with more fiberous vegetables and is a pain to clean up. It works for me as a beginner. Maybe should have done more research to find one that is easier to clean and maintain.

Works well, reasonably easy to assemble and clean. Only odd thing is that you need a phillips head screwdriver to remove the silicone restrictor to clean the pulp channel.

Seems well made, has safety interlock, pulp is very dry, lots of juice.

Does what it is supposed to do. I have been juicing for the past week with this affordable machine. Saves me a trip and a ton of money by helping me avoid my favorite juice shop. I just would highly advise anyone considering purchase to be careful with celery-maybe break it up a bit and alternate a “juicier” fruit (like apples/pineapples/citrus) or veggie in between to keep it from clogging. I use a knife to declog the chute. Also, the black giant screw looking thing needs to be firmly pressed down. Don’t be like me and spend 10 minutes trying to figure out how to snap the lid shut— the screw more than likely is the reason lol. There’s a convenient brush to help with cleaning and once you get the hang of taking everything apart (it all comes apart), you will see the cleanup job is similar to most juicers. Minus when celery is involved lol.

It’s very good but it leaves way too numerous residue fiber which i have to unusual out about 3 or four times ahead of i drink it.

Started using my new vonshef right away and i absolutely love it. It extracts the juice very well leaving behind a dry pulp and it’s not noisy. It’s easy to wash after each use and doesn’t make a big mess like some juicers i’ve had in the past. I did my research before buying this one and highly recommend the vonshef professional.

Most of the occasions i operate the pulp in various periods at times. A great deal of pulp be trapped on the inside so no a whole lot of juice goes to waste. Great when producing almond milk, and with carrots, first rate with leafy greens.

I acquired this juicer in june of 2017 (one yr and four months) and the basket that holds the fruits and veggies whilst they are currently being processed, broke. Way too highly-priced to brake this shortly.

Enjoy it simple to cleanit truly fulfill my speciation.

I purchased this soon after borrowing my buddies cheapo $30 walmart juicer. New juice looks to be the only factor i can preserve down this pregnancy so i did a good deal of investigation and arrived throughout the von shef line of juicers. The slow juicers supposedly get much more nutrition from the fruits/veggies which is ideal for me simply because of my incapability to intake a large amount of nutrition at this point, it has a very compact design and style though it is tall and will not match in my counter with the lid on but that is wonderful for me as it can sit to the aspect or in a cupboard when not in use or drying on the drying rack. I love how quiet this is, i get up nicely just before my little ones in the mornings to make my juice and have some peace and quiet right before all hell breaks free in our home and the other juicer was so loud it would wake my youngsters up. This is unbelievably quick to wash which is constantly a bonus as a mom with a fast paced daily life to just rinse and set down to dry on the rack. It is also exceptionally efficient as eradicating all liquids from the veggies/fruits, the other juicer in essence just blended it up and kinda mashed the juices out which remaining the pulp sopping wet, this juicer leaves the pulp pretty dry so i sense like i am getting all the juices and hence the nutrients achievable from my fruits/veggies. Total with the steep discount getting presented on this i am extremely content. Update 08/17/2017: i managed to break just one of the gears that enable make this juicer spin so i established about trying to get in touch with the buyer service section. The electronic mail in their web page held currently being returned as undeliverable ([email protected] Com) so i searched the organization on facebook and messaged them to each their us and u.

Hurom HU-100 Masticating Slow Juicer, Not a huge upgrade

I applied my hurom juicer for the initially time this morning. I was reluctant to invest so considerably money on it, but everytime i looked into the fiber dispenser of my breville juicer i was anguished to see so much unused produce heading to waste. The hurom will work considerably greater for confident. It squeezes the juice and the fiber arrives out in these little fiber fettucine-like strings. I was also thrilled to see much less fiber in the dispenser since it proved to me that it was squeezing the bejesus out of my generate. It did a excellent job juicing my spinach, cucumber, apples, carrots, grapes, garlic, orange and grapefruit. The in addition is that my juice would not oxidize as rapid so it maintains its diet far better and i get to help save dollars.

I have used it just about day-to-day considering the fact that i acquired it in january 2015, more than two several years ago. Economical, helps make pulp that is generally dry, easy to clean up, quiet, and has withstood the test of time consistently considering that i bought it. I only juice fruits (apple, grape, strawberry, pomegrenate etcetera), no leafy vegetables or nuts. Remarkably encouraged for juicing.

This is by much a person of the greatest juicers for property use that i uncovered. Hurom is pretty (surely, quieter than any other dwelling juicer) – you can have a discussion even though juicing, can juice early in the morning, etc. It juices greens definitely nicely (i’ve attempted kale and spinach, no practical experience with wheatgrass, still. ) it is really great with apples, carrots, etcetera. It acquired trapped with a uncooked beet when. I performed with reversing directions and it appeared to go again to regular. The juice is mouth watering, there is no oxidation that i have noticed. The reason i’m providing it 4 starts off as oppose to 5 is simply because the pulp gets stuck inside of the tube in some cases, and white it is relatively effortless to cleanse it out, with all the other pieces that individually are very easy to clean, putting it all with each other every time i juice is rather time consuming (owning explained that, the cleansing is essentially actually simple and the elements do cleanse properly, every little thing will come out. ) running h2o to cleanse out the juicer (as hurom endorses) is not enough to really have it be clean up (since of the pulp.

Key specs for Hurom HU-100 Masticating Slow Juicer, White:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Using Hurom’s cold-pressing system, 35% more juice is extracted from your foods than with traditional high-speed juicers, leaving less and drier pulp.
  • Hurom’s patented Slow Squeezing Technology (SST) gently squeezes ingredients, preserving natural taste & nutrients lost by high-speed juicers that grind and crush. Slow Squeezing Technology also retains heat-sensitive nutrients such as Vitamins A and C, and live enzymes.
  • The Hurom masticating juicer can easily process fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, wheatgrass, nuts, and soy to make a variety of juices, milks, sauces, marinades, even baby food.
  • Hurom’s durable motor has a 10-year warranty, uses only 150 watts of energy and is practically silent.
  • The cold-press juicer features a heavy-duty Ultem strainer and auger, which is eight times stronger than traditional plastics and handles both coarse and fine foods easily.

Comments from buyers

“Best juicer ever, worth every penny!, love this machine!, Another “BEST THING I EVER BOUGHT!””

This juicer was ordered to exchange my considerably less successful, with less output just one that i wasn’t content with. Am i ever glad that i put in the funds on it. There are so lots of items that i certainly really like about it. It generates a whole lot much more juice from my past juicer, is easy to function, cleanup is a breeze, especially if it is really performed correct right after juicing, it can be a good deal quieter and i can retail store it down in a storage cabinet for the subsequent use. I have never ever had to use the press attachment, considering that veggies go in straightforward and get pulverized fairly perfectly. I have applied it for pineapple, squash, eggplant, celery, cucumber, apple, kale, swiss chard, tomatoes and new ginger, with ease just to title a couple of, with magnificent effects. I extremely advocate it primarily for each day use.

Does feel to have a minimal little bit of the pulp occur out into the juice.

A buddy advisable this juicer to me. You really don’t have to force to get matters in, and it will juice about any sort of veggie. It does not make smoothies or frozen stuff. I make kale, carrot, and other sorts of juices. You will really like this juicer if you are a critical juice man or woman.

I truly like it, i have been making use of it for a even though. The only down aspect is that there is heaps of pulp in the carrot juice and i have to restrain it.

Have applied this juicer for the last two months and am quite pleased with the outcomes. Applying the assistance of other reviewers i have alternated leafy greens with firmer fruits and vegies (apples, cucumbers, oranges, carrots, and many others) and have only experienced to use reverse as soon as to continue to keep issues going. The juice manufactured is a combination of finely floor pulp and juice. Foam looks to look based on the vegetable utilised. (beets, i uncover, lead to far more foam than other points. ) if you want pure juice you will have to strain it, but we obtain that we like the idea of the further good fiber in the juice so that our digestive systems do not have to work so really hard to get full nutritional benefits. The extracted pulp is incredibly dry which is becoming composted, but could be used for earning inventory or soups. The extractor shute does get clogged to a sure extent and when cleaning the fibers tend to get stuck at the minimal opening and it’s a bit of operate to loosen since of the angle it truly is all located at. I use the brush to clean up every little thing else and it is effective high-quality. They say you can place the pieces in the dishwasher, but i’ve found what a dishwasher (detergent) does to some sharp knives and plastic things.

This juicer was remarkably encouraged to me and i am so happy i bought it. It is fantastic, really effortless to use. I also like that it has a 10 calendar year guarantee. If you want to make good high quality juice, masticating juicers are the way to go, and hurom is tops.

I read an abundance of opinions on many sorts of juicers ahead of deciding on which one to order. I found data on the hurom at the previous moment and i am so joyful i did. It juices much more gradually but i like how that provides me time to insert my elements. Almost everything the advertisements claimed were being one hundred% true. It juices easily, it really is stable and cleanse up is a breeze. It can be far more compact dimensions is a additionally way too for quick storage. Thank you huron for building this kind of a high quality products.

A friend of mine purchased the hurom hu-100 from amazon and mentioned it was great. She was a little bit dramatic in her descriptive love for it and i attributed it to her ‘juice fast’ significant. I acquired it several weeks ago and i also adore it. Its very quick to use (just one of my most important concerns) so straightforward to clean (down to 3 min. ) i have not carried out a juice quickly per se but i missing 4. 5 lbs by simply just obtaining a healthy juice for breakfast. The excess couple minutes it requires to slice my fruit and veggies down is definitely not a large offer realizing that this will help with the over-all lifestyle span of my new juicer. I highly suggest this product.

One of my buddies had ordered the a lot more pricey design and cherished it. I selected this product soon after watching some youtube videos and study the suggestions. It performs good and is in my opinions is very effortless to disassemble and clean up.

Acquired this dec 2014, nevertheless heading strong feb 2017.

This juicer was everything that was promised. I am not certain why some have claimed it is tough to cleanse?. I experienced dental surgical procedures and could not try to eat salad for weeks and was craving greens so i borrowed a buddies juicer and then observed this recommended by a person of my nutrition journals. I juice collards, apples, celery, asparagus, carrots, cucumbers, cilantro, salad greens,tomatoes, grapefruits, etc and i enjoy it. Cleanse up is a breeze in comparison to other juicers. I have destroyed a few other low cost juicers and have borrowed a champion from a good friend. By significantly this is value every single penny. You have to know the bottom has a small trap door that is pushed out to get the previous remaining particles out and then you just press it back again in. The cleaning brush that will come with it will make the basket quick to thoroughly clean and i like owning a option of fewer pulp or extra pulp dependent on what i am juicing and then just change baskets. And it is so peaceful and no heat. I will certainly propose this to my purchasers that will need additional greens in their diet.

Acquired this hurom slow juicer as an improve from my centrifuge breville that retailed all around $ninety nine. Was tremendous enthusiastic that this would more properly juice my greens and get a better juice yield, but i will have to say i really don’t see a great deal of a variance. Also, a big change from the centrifuge juicer is that this 1 leaves some pulp in the juice. Surprising but i never loathe it. I’ve only had this for a number of weeks now, so probably i need to enjoy close to which how massive to slash my veggies and how to a lot more proficiently juice my greens, but so far it can be accomplishing as fantastic of a position as my aged breville.

Juice is fine wonderful wonderful and you can definitely occur up with some grate tasting mixtures. I even additional items i commonly do not like to the combine (little at a time). Butthink extensive and hard right before you get any of these. I was positive i would use it permanently but have not utilised it for some time. Oh, i place it as a result of it is really paces for the very first several weeks and it functions wonderful but i, like most, just received tired of executing it.

My daughter (age 24) got a person of these and explained to me about it. I decided to acquire a person myself, so that when she arrived household for thanksgiving we could make juice jointly with it. Wow, what a fantastic thingi really like how i can make juice from any organic fruits or vegetables. You can make juice, or you can use the pulp and make factors like carrot bread, meatloaf, soy milk, so cooland enjoyment to use, no kidding. I’ve been generating all kinds of things this 7 days, and to assume how nutritious it all is. I built a juice making use of stringbeans, ginger and apple (i feel apple), a citrus blast employing all sorts of oranges, meatloaf, two unique dips, a couple different eco-friendly smoothies, no matter what you have hanging all over can be ‘cold pressed’ to extract the goodness from it, and down the hatch.

Not a huge offer to clean and rinse after applying. I was pretty impressed at how superior my juice was and how dry the pulp was. Normally i am not at all into any fads or smoothies or juicing etcetera. But i watched my brother rick not too long ago use this and i then tasted what he built. At 67 i am making an attempt to keep in great health and fitness. My experience is if i can make just one genuinely excellent juice drink for each working day with hundreds of vitamin c and anti oxidants to prevent me from cancer and just aid my immune system, i am all for it. What i am making each day is a consume with 3 naval oranges, 1 huge granny smith apple, 1 carrot, a wedge of lime, some blackberries(it’s possible ten), and about 1/3 of a pomegranate.

I would take into account myself rather of an ‘intermediate juicer’. I previously owned a good breville centrifugal juicer and was upset by the very moist pulp and nominal juice, the sound, and the complex parts to cleanse. The first time i made use of my new hurom juicer, i was so impressed at how substantially juice i acquired and how dry the pulp was. Maintain in intellect that if you like to do juice fasts like myself that the juice arrives out with some pulp continue to remaining so i would propose also purchasing some nut milk baggage (or something identical) to pressure the juice ahead of you consume it. But the juice is great, mouth watering, and the colors are a lot extra lively than nearly anything i created with the centrifugal. Consider the recommend of all the reviewers and take time to chop up all your fruits and veggies in advance of juicing. It places a ton fewer strain on the motor, improves the total of juice you get, and improves the life time of the juicer. I have not experienced any trouble with it. Juicing spinach, apples, cucumbers, carrots, zucchini, and so forth. Overall, it is a wonderful product or service and well worth the cash.

This machine is amazing greatest juicer i have at any time utilized. I have advertisement it for about six months now without having issue it is terrific with greens and is ideal for the everyday or occasional juicer clear up is clean juice has a little bit much more pulp than i would like but that is what you get with a slow juicer i strain most juices prior to i drink them. The product is tremendous lovable and fits nicely on my counter top. It does not clog often and generate a good juice to input ratio. I endorse this to any one hunting for a fantastic slow juicer. Also for it to ne a slow juicer it operates very rapid and just isn’t also loud. Acquire it now you wont regret it.

I have experimented with juicers that expenses hundreds and those that charge less than $fifty. 00, and this turned out to be my preference. The procedure is slower, but the outcomes are greater. You get a lot more juice, and the pulp is actually practically bone dry. Nothing else i have utilised arrives even close in this regard. It wants the deliver slash in about two inch pieces, and you have to shift somewhat gradually in conditions of feeding, but a superior chef’s knife and a minimal apply will make it possible for you to tear via this course of action really immediately with time. Now and all over again it may possibly nevertheless jam up a bit, but for me it is nothing at all just hitting the reverse button and utilizing the pusher has ever unsuccessful to undo. It is very low warmth, so there are no concerns in that regard, and as i claimed, i have by no means seen just about anything depart a drier waste product or service, which include a top-of-the-line norwalk.

I inadvertently rated the titanium unit from hurom before, but this is the device i bought, for the reason that it was less costly in value. I give it only four stars, since it can be a ache cleansing sure veggies from the pulp shoot. I have tried out various styles of vegetables, like spinach, wheat grass, kale, cabbage and a lot more and it performs fantastic. The motor is quite quiet, which is a in addition, and this machine features a ten yr guarantee on the motor, a further purpose i obtained this. You have use motive with this equipment, due to the fact it is a cold push style, smooth fruits like bananas and avocado are not ideal for this machine. General, this is 1 of my better investments in modest appliances and i should really have accomplished it faster.

I employed to have a little hamilton beach centrifugal juicer, that did an alright job for a to start with time juicers, but in comparison, it did not do justice to what i have place into it. My hurom is silent and it truly appears like a horse or a rabbit is chewing on your veggies and/ or fruits. -)) i get considerably extra juice and the pulp is almost dry in comparison to what the hamilton beach front gave me. It also eats my leafy greens where by the hb was hardly equipped to extract everything from it. This is my 2nd day working with it, so it is nevertheless early in the activity, but we certainly really like it.

Made a decision to acquire a juicer and following loads of research, selected this one particular. Incredibly quick to assemble, to clean and to use. Juice is manufactured speedily and taste so great. Even my 7&10 yr olds enjoy the juice and helping to make it. Came quickly and would hugely suggest this juicer.

Omega Juicers Omega Nutrition Center Juicer, Cleaning is as easy as breathing; It also works very good

So i bought this juicer for my to start with ever juice fast. I have been employing this for a little in excess of a 7 days (fasting for two days), and so far this juicer works pretty very good. I have very little to examine it to, but i presently see some excellent and lousy points. – with the correct blend of ingredients, i can make almost 64oz of juice in about thirty minutes. – will not take up significantly area. – though i get some, i don’t get much pulp in my juice. Bad- the furnished containers for the juice and pulp do not hold quite substantially, and make pouring complicated.

This is my very first juicer and experience with juicing. I approximately purchased a $sixty juicer rather, but i am so happy that i purchased this one. It performs seriously very well, is very effortless to clean up, established up, take apart, and so forth. The only rationale why i wouldn’t give it 5 stars is due to the fact i was beneath the impression it would juice almost everything, together with smooth fruit. I can very easily juice veggies, leafy greens and many fruits, but it has a definitely difficult time with berries. I experimented with alternating in between tough and comfortable fruits with no luck. I even tried out applying frozen blueberries – not the ideal notion. Even so, this juicer has improved my eating patterns. I consume significantly less coffee, no much more soda and a lot additional juice. I am not a major fruit and veggie individual, so this juicer makes a substantial distinction for me.

I bought this quite a few years in the past, and even though i haven’t been a religious juicer, it still operates wonderful. I a short while ago resolved to start out juicing in the early morning as substantially as i can (like leafy greens and apples so it does not just take without end). This juicer does fantastic with leafy greens but not with fruit. Carrots and hard veggies, if cut, does a fantastic work but it is a suffering in the but to pre-minimize everything. But i do it so it can be a lot easier on the machine. Even although it will not juice fruit well, it helps make fantastic sorbets. Cleaning is also quick, just rinse everything or throw it in the dish washer like i do. In general, i never have considerably grievances apart from the preparing.

Key specs for Omega Nutrition Center Juicer (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Commercial masticating juicer with 1/3-HP single-phase induction motor
  • Dual-stage juicing system; low speed of 80 RPMs; no foaming, clogging, or heat build-up
  • High juice yield; auto pulp-ejection function for continuous juicing; reverse mode
  • Functions as juicer, food processor, pasta extruder, homogenizer, and grinder
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • VOLTAGE: 110V

Comments from buyers

“I really like it, but there are a couple negatives, After 1+ Year of Usage., Great Juicer Good Customer Service reliable product”

This juicer just isn’t initially and only juicer. I am delighted to be in the earth of juicing now. This juicer does specifically what it truly is intended to do and the end result is new, delightful, wholesome juice. It destroys leafy greens and everything you place in it. I bought mine made use of from amazon warehouse offers and it was missing the blind piece (it really is termed blind), and three nozzles which permit you to make items like pasta, breadsticks, or nut butter. But, when i referred to as amazon, they provided to send out a new one particular from which i could eliminate the missing parts and retain for my juicer, and they would shell out for all shipping and delivery costs. They also provided to reimburse my amazon account for the price tag of substitute parts purchased from the business that can make the omega juicers. I made the decision to try out to order the missing pieces from omega’s producer and they are sending me the pieces absolutely totally free, even nevertheless i bought the juicer from amazon. Speak about great consumer provider.

I have owned many juices in my existence time, this 1 is by far the finest. To start with of all it is incredibly effortless to cleanse and work. It is intended to juice points like greens, objects not conveniently juiced by standard juicers. By masticating fruits and veggies it not only produces a extra pure product or service (not heating it with substantial friction) it extracts more juice and leaves the leftover pulp dryer to reuse in either baking, cooking. . Additionally it is not only a juicer, but a food stuff processor, pasta extruder, and grinder the only disadvantage to this product is that you do have to invest additional time slicing your fruits and veggies to in shape into the shoot. I will not intellect it nevertheless, the outcome of the finished item is effectively value the very little little bit of excess work. Really if you seem at the total photograph, the omega thoroughly clean up time is a lot quicker than a regular juicer so it all equals out in the conclusion as considerably as time invested.

I bought this juicer following reading a number of testimonials. Omega j8003 is my 1st masticating juicer. I enjoy that i really don’t have to fret about the pulp mixed up with the juice. It juices pretty much all fruits and vegetables. Nevertheless, time is the biggest challenge. It is effective incredibly slowly but surely unless of course it is supplied time to crash and juice the fruit/vegi, it will send out the pulp with the juice. I did not love smooth and pulp cost-free juice until i realized that it was supper gradual in masticating each slice. Even nevertheless i study that 1 of the drawbacks of this juicer is getting slow, i did not anticipate it to be that gradual. Any one who can stand subsequent to the juicer and feed the slender mouth with pieces of fruits/vegi a single by a person, this is an great addition for a healthful daily life. Having said that, it is pretty tricky to get a fast juice for breakfast except it is juiced the earlier evening.

Do your self a favor and bypass the less costly, centrifugal versions. I have owned many of those people for the reason that they are much less expensive, they all burn up out immediately. The omega by considerably surpassed my expectations. It does choose more time but you get far more juice. I truthfully consider possibly edition, masticating or centrifugal, the thoroughly clean up can be meticulous and time-consuming, but i experience this is basically less complicated to clean up due to the fact the film the pulp leaves just isn’t as widespread. Also, mainly because the juice does not oxidize you can make further and keep it in the fridge a few times, so eventually you save time. If you examine other opinions, they will say how you have to slash up the develop a lot more. This is genuine, but as i described the centrifugal ones just burn up when you set greater items in them anyhow.

I’ve owned my omega for seven yrs with nominal to minimal-reasonable use. Execs: simple to use, straightforward to clear, straightforward for kids to use, functions wonderful with really hard producecons: not excellent for higher drinking water that contains deliver like cucumber and watermelon (clogs device),i notice as the decades go on this juicer extracts considerably less and much less water/vitamins. After 7 many years of nominal to nominal-reasonable use i estimate that it extracts ~ninety% of nutrition. Where by as when it was new it extracted ~95-ninety eight%.

I have owned this for 12 many years, this could be a newer product but to me it looks identical to the one particular in my kitchen area and i can explain to you i have never ever encountered one particular solitary situation. I had acquired a norwalk because i experienced weighty overall health issues and it was the advisable even even though i experienced this device i broke down and ordered that high stop norwalk. I can inform you that i could not extract one single fall from the pulp i had remaining above extracted from my omega juicer. The issue that makes you go hmmmmmmmmmmmm. Certainly of training course the norwalk can do a whole lot extra as much as making your have nut butters, flours and so on but for me, not useful at all. Joyful to say i sold my norwalk and bought almost what i payed for it new and do not miss out on it just one iota. I adore this juicer since it truly is lasted me all these a long time and i juice at the very least 5 instances a week or a lot more, in some cases up to 3x a day. Enjoy it and highly endorse it.

I study assessments on unique juicers and this a single would seem to be the greatest for the funds. I commenced with a centrifugal in july and it was wonderful. The issue was cleansing the equipment was these a job. I purchased this 1 due to the fact it can be suppose to be quieter, considerably less to clean up and much healthier. It is all of the higher than and performs fantastic for me. I appreciate it, and swear it is made a adjust how i really feel. Both juicers are superior, but the centrifugal appears to be to have a film that’s hard to cleanse and the display screen does go undesirable.

I just obtained this yesterday, but i have previously employed it twice and it is a terrific juicer. You have to make absolutely sure you read the guidance mainly because if you you should not alternate the delicate and the more challenging fruit and veggies, the gentle will get clogged in the grinder. You need that more challenging materials to go through to drive out the comfortable pulps. I’m a newbie juicer and was borrowing my sister’s juicer which was a ge. The omega is significantly sturdier and does not bounce all-around like the ge and so a lot quieter than the ge which sounds like jet engines. I like the feeder shoot on the omega, practically nothing will come traveling out of it like the ge. The cleanse up is less difficult with the omega and it is easy to set collectively and take aside. And, i really like the fold down deal with on the top rated, so significantly easier to shift around. Also, there are so several various guidelines for diverse capabilities that i have not even started to determine out but it looks like it can be made use of as a shreader/dicer/chopper as very well.

I acquired this juicer generally to juice green greens. As i don’t like salads and come across it very difficult to get raw veggies in my diet plan, usually. It operates excellent, quite good machine, very well really worth the money. The only point i’ve identified that failed to juice very well all the time so much has been plums. I believe, the softer the fruit, the extra difficult its likely to be to juice. I ordinarily don’t have challenges with plums, however, i only had hassle 1 time. Very well, insert an apple or two and you can consume even the bitterest of greens (kale, collard greens, ect). Which, of system, are the very best kinds for you. This was, individually, my principal explanation for getting it.

We formerly employed a ‘cheap’ (aka a lot less than $fifty) centrifuge juicer hamilton beach big mouth juice extractor, and imagined we have been content. Sad to say, my husband needed to juice largely greens, which took a ton of greens for a very little little little bit of juice. Also, the centrifuge juicer was so loud it sounded like an plane getting off. It constantly both woke our daughter or despatched her managing out of the place with her hands above her ears. Fast forward to this juicer. There is sooo significantly much more juice from greens than the centrifuge juicer, and in my feeling, it is actually significantly less bitter as very well. My spouse and i imagined we were acquiring ‘buyers justification syndrome’ for pondering that, because we had just expended $two hundred on a juicer, but following a number of weeks we decided it was basically legitimate. She loves juicingwe have juiced pretty much all the things (certainly, additional than just celery), fruits do work fairly very well, even though strawberries just flip to mush (far better to just take in them) and blueberries just you should not make a lot juice (all over again, just take in them) our beloved?. Refreshing squeezed orange juice with frozen yogurt. The only fruit that would seem to do the job not so well is pineapple. The juice from the pineapple is great, but the pineapple is so fibrous it tends to clog up the juicer and you have to clean it out a good deal.

Right after reviewing juicers i identified that the omega j8003 would be our most effective choice to juice fruits and veggies. I love the juicer but it does get clogged when you set a ton of citrus in it. We uncovered that if you blend in kale in among citrus or one thing difficult it will not clog as a great deal and not set all your citrus in at after. I also really feel that it must be having additional juice out then it is. Possibly that is why they came out with the 04&06 types?. I did have to get in touch with omega warranty for a piece that was damaged and they have been terrific. They shipped out piece correct away and ended up effortless to get a keep of. That is a further purpose why i adore omega. A thing to level out: the picture above appears like a mint green nevertheless the juicer we acquired is white which is what it states in the description.

I was diagnosed with stage four rectal most cancers back in march of 2012. Immediately after observing two unique segments on two various early morning information programs about most cancers patients juicing and have good results i took to the world wide web and found a documentary movie about juicing. That certain me that this is what i required to do to assistance in my cancer battle. I very first began with a jack lallane power juicer. I applied that for a handful of weeks. After executing an monumental volume of research i recognized that as a cancer individual i require to have at minimum a masticating juicer so it doesn’t wipe out enzymes like a centrifugal juice does (the fast spinning produces to considerably oxygen and that is what destroys the enzymes). As a cancer affected individual i will need all the enzymes i can get. Soon after watching a handful of assessments on youtube, examining assessments in this article and seeing the price ranges i determined to go with the omega 8003. I have not been let down. I’ve utilized it every working day (ordinarily 2 times a day) because the stop of april 2012 (its not the center of september 2012).

As other opinions mentioned: simple cleanse up- super important to me. Extraction is so a great deal much better than the spin style of juicer. Only dilemma i have experienced: i acquired and applied this each day for about four months. Received a kidney stone which i thought might have been from all the beets and yams and other roots i was juicing so considerably so i freaked out and took a yr off juicing result in that was soooo painful and i was fearful. Nicely i obtained again into juicing and have been applying it day by day for about 2 months and now my inner display piece cracked. The black plastic on that interior peice cracked and now it is not juicing as effectively. I hope to get the portion changed soon, i prepare to get in touch with the assist line.

I like to juice and also make smoothies. This juicer does precisely what i expected. Presents me my veggies and some fruits devoid of pulp. Placing all the vitamins and minerals the system demands in 24 ozs. I appreciate veggies but there is no way i could consume as substantially as this juicer consumes to make 24oz. To make my smoothies i just take my veggies that i place in juicer and incorporate to fruits in blender. All my greens and other veggies go in juicer, than i choose my berries and a frozen banana and the veggies i i juiced from juicer, put it all in blender and wallaa.

I purchased this a few of months in the past and i am stunned at how typically i use it and how much exciting i am acquiring. I primarily make juice with a combine of veggies, kale, carrot, parsley, and something i have in the fridge. I ordinarily insert a little total of fruit like apple and lemon, but i never genuinely like it far too sweet. It handles all the things quickly. I examine other comments about alternating comfortable with more durable items and that does feel to do the job. Some soft factors like strawberries could possibly get backed up, but send a carrot by and it is high-quality. I’ve also utilised it to make frozen banana ‘ice cream’ which is really good. I also created some nut butter and i will test the pasta recipe before long – appears to be like like that would be pleasurable much too. I have utilized a minimal of it in my meatloaf and it was a pleasant addition. I have shed a couple of lbs but the real profit it that i have much more vitality when i get that veggie juice in me. Some folks believe it is far too expensive to purchase so a lot produce to juice, but i am finding that i will juice heaps of matters that could be a lot less than fresh new for a salad, but however in excellent form for juice. So, we definitely will not throw as significantly in our compost (other then the pulp).

I can not specific how considerably i appreciate this juicer. I did a ton of exploration prior to i lastly settled an i definitely enjoy it. I have experienced it for about a month now and use it every single working day. I mostly use it for juicing greens, leafy greens, and wheat grass. This juicer enjoys just about any vegetable i place in it which include cucumbers, eggplant,and garlic. I devours just about just about anything i place in there. Matters it has a more challenging time with: fruit. Any fruit that a place in there receives compacted and clogs. This does not indicate the the juicer is not performing, but merely that you need to take the auger and display screen out to thoroughly clean it while you are juicing. The finish product was wonderful, but i required to clean up it five-6 moments which can be a lengthy course of action. All in all i experienced in authentic intention of employing this to juice fruits. On a facet be aware, i am delighted to report that upon retrieving this product or service variety the package deal, it never experienced a ‘plasticky’ odor. I am so satisfied that this was the juicer i went with.

If you were being like me, you possibly have been into juicing for awhile and are determining to update. I had a juicer (i had a olympic /knock off of omega’s/ centrifugal) (sp?)- i got applied on ebay about 5 many years in the past. It was alright, it utilised filters, experienced to be cleaned typically and was much more labor intensive as it failed to extract the pulp and would get crammed up rapidly and i assumed the juice was high-quality but i consider you received less from your juice as it has to pass through the thickened pulp make up, now i know that. Then a number of a long time later now i want to get much more into juicing for overall health regularly, esp as i age and incorporating a more uncooked plant centered diet plan (and i am a protein style so i do try to eat meat) but i do think juicing could be the fountain of youth. So to my review: i hemmed and hawed about which a single, i follow the juice lady’s tips and she has a internet site juiceladyinfo dot com you can see her recommendations on juicers, to evaluate. So it was a toss up in between the mega mouth omega and this one particular. To observe, the 8003 and stainless steel edition 8005 are the same, it’s only the metal finish distinction, so i opted for the white to help you save a little bit of money. I do not have a ‘show kitchen’ so i didn’t see the position. 🙂 i had debated far too considering the fact that i do want to get into wheatgrass and need to have the greens, do a lot of kale, parsley and these masticating juicers get far more from your greens than the blade variety. And i took the plunge as it is pricey both way to drop more than a one hundred on most matters but it is a wellness expenditure.

Operates extremely quiet and the clear up is super quick (will take about a minute). Excellent selling price for the top quality. Bigger good quality products have more robust auger and greater feed tube. They are also a hundred to two hundred dollars much more. I have had no troubles as of nonetheless with the auger being not tricky enough. Just remember to cycle delicate and tricky produce and the device need to operate good and not get backed up. The only downside is that the feed tube could be a little broader. Then i would not have to quarter my cucumbers, would be capable to suit in much more leafy greens at a time etcetera. If you want a more substantial feed tube, then you must look into the omega nc800, but i individually couldn’t justify spending the more one hundred bucks.

It would make juice so straightforward with truly easy thoroughly clean up. Even my young son (age nine) has made juice. What i was definitely stunned about is that this corporation actually doesn’t toot their have horn more than enough. They claimed absolutely nothing about this making some signify noodles. You listened to me this point can make round noodles. The business just casually provides to the box like it was almost nothing all these attachments i failed to have to buy something more. There are six attachment’s for ramen, or spaghetti, or fettuccine and a several other folks. Will i brag ( i signify propose) this to other people?.

I received this last week and have used it several times. I have nothing to compare it to but here are my thoughts. This is a snap to use, take apart, put back together. I was impressed by how well it appears to be made and how simply it comes apart and goes back together. It is very easy to clean and did what i thought to be a good job on the vegetables and fruits i tried in it. I was surprised at the amount of ‘waste’ that came out of the end yet how dry the waste was. I assume that it will compost just fine. My wife is the one that is interested in juicing i am mildly curious. My one comment after grinding up 6 carrots to try carrot juice is that i would rather eat a carrot than drink 6. I am not rating this as a 5 although it probably deserves one by how well it is made but the tube that the vegetables and fruits go down is rather small. This requires a bit more prep work than i think should be required for something that is just getting chewed up and spit out the end. 9 months later update – well the omega and i are still happily juicing along. I use 2-3 times a week and have settled on a green drink made with kale, spinach, carrots, celery, cucumber, and apple. I add ginger once in a while and really look forward to the taste and how fresh my mouth feels in the morning.

Upgrading from a centrifical juicer, my only objective was for improved excellent juice. A person that failed to change green from oxidation minutes just after juicing and failed to have that oxidized style. As an alternative of owning to drink it quickly soon after juicing i could even have some remaining in excess of the up coming working day, acquire to the business office, and so on. And it would taste far more like odwalla than that somewhat bitter aftertaste i was used to. I was attempting to justify the more bucks for the hurom or omega vrt, but i understood the wife would eliminate me considering the fact that she’s nonetheless scarcely having over the jack lalaine i bought past 12 months. But searching on amazon i observed the wonderful critiques this juicer was acquiring (appear on 90% 5 star and nothing underneath 4?). Following reading through all the assessments my summary was that i might be sacrificing to some degree the style and high quality of the juice and have a great deal far more get the job done to do chopping up all the veggies very first and then expending a lot of energy pushing them all by means of if i went with the 8003. And a different $120 wouldn’t destroy me (even though my spouse could possibly) for all the excess ease and so on. So i made a decision to buy the 8003 and trade it for the vrt if i was not pleased. In any case, received it property tonight and believed about swinging by goal for a vegetable dicer but failed to make it (happy i failed to).

Omega Juicers Omega BMJ330 Mega Mouth Juicer – I really like this juicer

Two matters i can say about the omega bmj330 1) it is really massive & two) it’s impressive. I had no smoking problem problems as i experienced go through in other critiques i researched prior to purchase. The motor is not genuinely noisy when running at total velocity but when shutting it down it appears like a jet landing at a local airport. Other than that, i appreciate the huge mouth feeder and the point that it is super basic to use. Messy thoroughly clean up is a ache simply because you have to completely take the sections all off to clean , dry & place back again collectively. I try to make enough juices in just one sitting down to past for a handful of times in the fridge.

. But to achieve 5 stars an apples ought to get in quickly but must be minimize into pieces to extract the juice.

Performs terrific and cleans very well. I respect that pieces can go in the dishwasher. Has a bit of difficulties on points like beets, but with time it does grind them down. Footprint is somewhat large and the ‘hopper’ to catch the juice is a little bit annoying to line up accurately, but at the time in put works perfectly.Here are the specifications for the Omega Juicers Omega BMJ330 Mega Mouth Juicer:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 350-watt commercial pulp-ejection-style juicer in a compact, portable size
  • 1/2-horsepower induction motor for 12,000 RPMs; stainless-steel blade, basket, and cover
  • Oversized chute accommodates whole produce; juice dispenses directly into glass
  • Automatic pulp-ejection system; large-capacity pulp collector; UL-approved
  • Measures approximately 12-1/2 by 8 by 15 inches; 10-year limited warranty
  • VOLTAGE: 110V

The probable for this to be a fantastic juicer was there but i imagine the design and style flaw with the leading stops this from becoming that leading tier juicer. If the major is not seated correctly, you will ultimately soften a ring into it. When all the things goes nicely, this juicer performs very well and yields a good amount of money of juice and rather dry pulp. Anothet problems is with the feeder tube remaining inadequately built. Carrots will get trapped in the tube, producing drive to be employed to thrust them through. They spin out of alignment, casuing them to get wedged. L’equip experienced a superior developed feeding tube that stops that from going on. Experienced i recognized about the problem with the prime and the possible of melting it from the style and design currently being poor, i would’ve handed and bought l’equipp xl or a hamilton beach front massive mouth from the get go. Up-to-date 6/19/17:i asked for a return for the best and the blade/strainer. The new major i received has been redesigned and the concern does not exist any longer.

I did a ton of exploration just before shopping for a juicer, and i am actually happy i did. If i hadn’t follwed the information i read through, i would have had the identical difficulties destructive reviewers experienced. Do’s in a nutshell:-place it alongside one another quite very carefully. All of the pieces have to healthy with each other particularly very little should really shift all around when the clips are secured. I lock the clips at the exact same time, as one more reviewer advisable. -greens can be form of tricky–the pusher looks to get form of trapped at times consider putting in some carrots or other tough vegetable/fruit alongside with them. -watch that the groove on the pusher aligns with the groove on the chute. Otherwise you may finish up pushing tough to no avail and obtaining a burning plastic scent. If veggies or fruit are not going down very easily then permit up, alignthegroove and attempt once more. It need to be practically easy.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Thinking About What It Could Have Been.
  • It was easy to dismantle and ok to set it back up
  • Broke after 1 yr of light use

My family members has been juicing given that the starting of this year. When our ‘jack lalaane’ juicer burned out for the 2nd time in less than 6 months, my wife and i acquired a ‘hamilton beach’ juicer. We didn’t know how significantly dollars we were being losing till we bought the ‘omega mega mouth’ juicer. It yields a considerable sum extra juice than the previous two juicers we have owned. Although its a minor loud, its not as loud as some of the testimonials make it appear. Since shopping for it, i have also bought one particular for my dad and mom. I have been transformed to juicing, and together side taking vitamins we purchased from ‘so. Com’, my family members and i truly feel excellent.

The 1st 1 i got did not work. The good news is, i stay in the vicinity of hbg pa and they replaced it appropriate away. The 2nd a person i received from them – the tiny plastic tabs broke that maintain the handles to the juicer. One particular broke, i still used it, now the other a single broke. I will be using this a single again. I do like the juicier and it’s rather easy to clear.

Caveat: we have experienced this juicer only about a 7 days, but we have employed it several moments a working day given that then. As several other individuals have said, a whole lot of exploration is required in advance of investing in a juicer, and determining which kind (auger vs. Centrifugal) is greatest for you is a massive element of it. This centrifugal machine is extremely versatile – it seems to be equipped to juice virtually anything at all. If you are listening to rattling or grinding detecting a burned scent or having juice all over your counter by using leaks in the machine: you really don’t have it set alongside one another accurately. We have experienced just about every of these difficulties the moment in excess of the earlier 7 days. We normally cease the device proper away, make confident there are no bits of pulp caught someplace, thoroughly place the areas again and shut the clips simultaneously, and the dilemma goes away. This juicer is quite finicky and normally takes some apply to make confident the areas are fitting alongside one another precisely appropriate. We have even discovered that it makes a big difference if you shut the safety clips on the side at the identical time vs . closing 1st a person and then the other. Arguably, a $two hundred+ ought to be more foolproof.

Quick to use and clear wonderful juicer.

Just took it out the deal, washed the pieces that will touch the food stuff. Sound degree much better that my cheap blender. My apples we large, so i did have to minimize in 50 percent, but i’m psyched to get juicing and this one particular was a excellent area to commence. I never like the pulp catcher nevertheless, it will not appear to sit flush from the gadget and also, the juice split it very low, so i would have to both set it on a tiny stand to elevate it to make it possible for for a normal glass or use my measuring cup alternatively to catch the juice.

I gained the juicer- and established it up. It was uncomplicated to dismantle and alright to established it back up. I would give 5 stars to the juicer by itself. I did not acquire the plunger to this and had to invest in another from omega for an extra $20. ten for the plunger by itself and $10 for transport. Meaning it moved, so keep on to it when you initially switch it on. The one particular attract again on this is it does not appear with a cup and the spout is at an awkward posture to place just about anything but a bowl underneath it. It sprays if you do not place the black spout piece of around it. I had to slice a modest apple in fifty percent. And experienced i experienced the plunger- would not require to slice it yet again. What i do like about it- is when it juices- the shade of the juice is so vivid it can be awesome and glimpse ahead to my plunger acquiring right here.

I gave this three stars not for the reason that i really don’t like the merchandise. The cleaning is not my favorite component and i don’t use it as substantially as i needed. This is a good products for juicing and more potent than other models my buddies acquired.

I was in the sector for a new juicer. I had my brain established on acquiring a significantly additional high priced one particular. My dentist had not too long ago started juicing and remarkably encouraged the omega bmj330. She was so confident about her advice, she even pulled it up on amazon. When she did she pointed out to me that the rate had been decreased from what she acquired it at. I was soldthis juicer is impressive and extremely quick to use. With all juicers, clear up is no enjoyable. But i am so joyful with my selection. I am taking pleasure in juicing once more. Choi for your advice and amazon for the good product at a superb value.

Made use of to use the jack lalanne juicers, gone as a result of 5 of them in ten many years. They labored good for becoming a ninety nine dollar juicer but they commenced making them much less expensive and having extra areas that effortlessly broke so it was time i stopped obtaining them. I made use of mine two times a day so they did get their use. This omega juicer is additional potent and juices far better. I really am glad i built the switch. I was on the lookout into the cold extraction juicers, and i pretty much fell into the new age advertising and marketing. Hhmm allow us see, lets use a plastic auger to extract the juice that way bits and pieces can finish up in your juice. And enable us also have extra areas that can break and you can expect to need to have to reorder typically. Nah not for me, this omega juicer is very simple to use, no hocus pocus internet marketing tricks.

I just lately purchased the omega bmj330 large mouth jucier just after examining lots of juicer evaluations. I am a first time proprietor and i should say, i really like it. It is quick to use, thoroughly clean and put back again collectively. If i had unlimitted money for natural and organic fruits and vegetables, i assume i would do this for every meal. Regretably, just a few days after i recieved my juicer, although putting it back jointly, a single of the handles broke of in my hand. I was devistated considering i was going to have to ship the complete equipment back to omega to have it fastened or changed. In its place, when called omega directly, i spoke to a incredibly pleasant girl who agreed to just send out me a new cope with with guidance for assembly. Now that’s what i contact ‘customer service’.

Quite possibly the very best juicer made. There are extra than the typical quantity of pieces to vlean afterward but this will make up for the ability guiding it and how properly it works.

My omega bmj330 arrived on my doorstep quickly. Although it has more parts to be cleaned, and you have to make sure all parts are in order and secured before locking down. I love that i can now put a whole orange or apple into the chute. (which i’ve had for at least 10 years) i had to do alot of prepwork. I do alot of green juicing also and this juicer can do the job. I am next going to be juicing a pineapple and see how that goes. Thank goodness for the stainless steel parts.

The quality of the juicer appears to be ‘good’, the motor is highly effective, huge chute for complete fruits is good. But when i use for the initially time i had to sand and scrape with a knife to flat some plastic from the ring that goes about the stainless steel piece of the juicer mainly because was hitting the basket strainer and odor like burning plastic after that labored excellent.

I actually like this juicer, but clean up is a little bit of a agony. I uncover myself not applying it as a great deal as i would like to for the reason that i you should not want to have to cleanse it. I would also propose washing all parts by hand and not working with the dishwasher.

Yes so far the juicer is awesome. I got it for the office so everyone could be healthier. If you are a serious juicer and a leafy green (kale and herbs etc) enthusiast like myself. Get over it and go use your masticating one that you no doubt already have and cherish. This is an inexpensive, relatively quiet, super fast and easy to clean (get baking soda and a scotch guard hand held brush with soap dispenser on top for the basket) and fun, yes fun. This sucker takes heads of romaine lettuce, small apples, cucumbers and handfuls of carrots whole. I dont even peel the lemons or limes. In 30 mins i make enough juice for 5 people to drink (which is a lot) and clean up.

Update july — i have had this about 1 yr. Yesterday one particular of the plastic arms that retains the lid down – broke off. I nonetheless performs – i have to hold the lid down on the facet with the damaged clip. I think one thing else like a nutri-bullet is in my upcoming– and this will be in the trash. Just obtained this, this week and appreciate it. Nothing at all to complain about – this so much will work excellent on all types of veggies and fruits. It’s extremely durable and does choose up a little bit of home on the counter. I set a wipeable placemat beneath it to make it much easier to clear up any drips or tiny spills. Just reporting back again soon after fifty+ times of use. This nonetheless functions excellent with weekly use.

New Age Living SJC-45 Masticating Slow Juicer – 5 Year Warranty – Juice Fruits – It works perfect for hard fruit and vegetables like apple and carrots

I unintentionally chose the incorrect coloration, messaged the seller and it was immediately handled in just just a handful of minutes. I am pleasantly shocked at the quality of the product and the pace of delivery. I will unquestionably get all over again.

I essentially bought it to juice wheatgrass which it does a fantastic career of, only it truly is hard to thoroughly clean up. I get a great deal more pulp than i would’ve expected from other fruits and find that i want to pressure the juice later on. All in all not negative for the rate, but i kinda wish i’d splurged for 1 a bit improved.

Quite cost-effective way to be healthy.

  • First time slow juicer.
  • Valuable Slow Mastigating Commercial Grade Juicer
  • bought it to juice wheatgrass which it does a fine job of

I purchased this juicer all through the 2015 xmas year. It was my 1st foray into the juicing arena, and to be genuine i was not very confident what to anticipate, even just after a great number of hours of studying and investigation. I obtained this specific merchandise since of its relatively small entry value, its low pace, and its similar glance and design and style to other very rated juicing appliances costing upwards of $a hundred+ or more, and remaining highly delicate to the ole ‘you get what you shell out for adage’, i was quite skeptical. So, its been ninety days of juicing, virtually each day, at times twice a day, and juicing every little thing sort leafy greens, roots, spices, oranges, lemons, beets, celery, lettuce, collards, spinach, ginger root, mint, apples, carrots, kale, cukes,. You title it, if it was marketed at the grocery retail outlet i juiced it. I am incredibly joyful to report that i have not experienced a one challenge. Not the moment did i have the need to have to use the reverse function, this machine under no circumstances at any time clogged or backed up, the waste is exceptionally dry and i seen quite, really little foam, substantially considerably less even than the demos of the highly rated huron, and vrt makes. I started juicing only after just about every 3 days immediately after studying that a superior juicer will allow juice to be saved for up to seventy two hrs in airtight containers in the fridge. So i bought a established of mason jars and set out on a mission to test this assertion. So i chopped & juiced and rendered and strained ample fruits and veggies to fill 6 mason jars, enough juice to take me three times.

Does terrific at juicing challenging fruit and vegetables. Even so, with comfortable fruits, like mangos, pineapple, kiwi, oranges, lime, lemon, even a tender apple, the pulp goes into the juice. Then you have to strain out the juice.

Features of New Age Living SJC-45 Masticating Slow Juicer – 5 Year Warranty – Juice Fruits, Vegetables, Greens, Wheat Grass & More – Make Pro Quality Healthy Juices At Home (GREY)

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • POWERFUL: A 200 Watt commercial grade motor spins at an optimum 45 RPM to extract every last ounce of juice without damaging vital nutrients.
  • SAFE: The juicing bowl and internal components use nearly indestructable baby bottle grade BPA free plastic.
  • VERSATILE: The 3rd generation auger design squeezes healthy juices from the toughest fruits, vegetables and wheat grasses.
  • EASY TO USE: Instant reverse, push button controls, everyone can make healthy great tasting juices.
  • BEST WARRANTY: Our 5 year warranty is standard with each unit, making it a great investment.

I love this slow mastigating professional quality juicer. I unpacked it, washed the sections, established it up and juiced 3 peeled and sectioned valencia oranges. It designed sixteen oz of delicious orange juice. My husband was quite impressed at the peaceful juicing approach and significant extraction fee. This juicer complements the breville juice fountain additionally juicer in processing the style of juice i want. This new age living juicer is straightforward to clean up and assemble. Tomorrow i will make almond milk with it, hoping for it to be a less messy creation than making it in my vitamix.

It functions fantastic for hard fruit and vegetables like apple and carrots. On the other hand when you are juicing soft fruit or vegetables, you only got juice mud. Will need to make improvements to the style and design a very little bit. Anyhow it’s a awesome quality juicer with good cost.

At 1st i was not certain simply because it appeared it was not ejecting the pulp as i predicted. And i was not viewing the juice i predicted. But with demo and mistake as the accompanying instruction booklet suggests it works incredibly well.

I have been pleased with solution.

Packaging was destroyed when i picked it up falling off the juicer thank goodness there was styrofoam keeping juicer and areas with each other hope very little was missing.

The only concern i have is with more durable vegetables like celeryit or more sturdy form veggies. It seems to get caught up in the ogger and the little small house exactly where the juice will come out receives clogged effortlessly. So i would say if you are applying fruits and veggies that are easy to ‘juice’ this one would be terrific but if you need to have one thing for more challenging to juice veggies uncover 1 that has a improved technique.

This is my initially masticating juicer, i am looking forward to building some delectable healthy vegetable juices.

Solution arrived instantly, as explained, and functions excellent.

It really is the 23rd january and the believed time for shipping and delivery was the 28th january, which is a great starti have only juiced twice so far but i’m extremely impressed with the amount of juice i get and how dry the pulp is. Right after reading a handful of recipes i decide to make a environmentally friendly juice. I received some collards, celery, cucumber, apples, lettuce and carrots. Following the guidelines to alternatively juice greens followed by a tougher vegetable,like carrots, the juicer did not get backed up or jammed as i experienced go through could transpire. The very first time i washed it, it took it’s possible 7 or eight minutes, but nowadays with a little bit more encounter it was significantly less than 5 minutes. The key i discovered was to fill the sink with plenty of h2o to immerse the screen and so forth. And give it a great swish around then it was straightforward to take out the very last bits with the supplied brush, rinse and it was accomplished. I’m incredibly joyful so far and will update this if i run into any difficulties. It came with crystal clear directions how to contact the company and a five year warranty card that desires to be mailed back again to them.

We enjoy the juicer is effective great, was sent previously then anticipated.

Champion Juicer G5-PG710 – BLACK Commercial Heavy Duty Juicer, The unit is built very well and has worked great so far

What can i say more than the other assessments. The champion commercial juicer is the ideal juicer ever. The juices are sweet and truly no require to strain. Taste and texture is fantastic proper out of the device. It is even quite quick to clean. I just depart the place for a handful of minutes, arrive back again into the kitchen area and you will find my juicer, absolutely clean up. My wife and i are flawlessly pleased with this invest in and recommend it highly. Many thanks to harvest essentials.

Procured july 2016application: used each day in tiny smoothie shop to make the juice base. Fruits/veg utilised : carrots & apples (functions finest with hard fruits & veg). To get additional juice, use a spoon to accumulate extracted pulp, press it back into the juicer with the ‘pusher’. This also presses the previous bit of fruit into the blade (or there will be a piece of unused fruit among the ‘pusher’ and the auger blade). Prep: fruits and veg have to have to be slice to sizing that would healthy via the funnel. Energy: some pressure us necessary to force the fruit and veg into the auger blade, but not also substantially force. Cleaning: a bottle brush for the funnel and a tooth brush for the monitor and other parts will make cleansing straightforward and successful. Durability: this juicer had worked wonderful in excess of the previous calendar year, but i did encounter a fault not long ago. The ‘on off switch’ broke, but champion sent out a alternative element with directions on how to adjust. Will i buy yet again : yesi use it largely for carrots and or apples (juice foundation for smoothies).

Right after twenty five+ decades my hideous brown (when unsightly brown was a colour preference) champion juicer juiced it is past (2 gallons of fresh tomato juice from our tomato backyard and a gallon of watermelon juice). The motor continue to will work like new, the difficulty is with two of the three hooks that hold the juicer head failed. I will be much more watchful shifting it close to this time, not so tough, so now it must very last for 30+ yearsi hated the dim unpleasant brown colour and often wished i obtained the white one so in this article i am. I got the much more potent commercial design becausewith a little something that lasts for decades, you can under no circumstances ever regret obtaining the leading of the lineedit: the entrance facial area that broke with old juicer is replaceable on this 2000 design for only $50.

Key specs for Champion Juicer G5-PG710 – BLACK Commercial Heavy Duty Juicer:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Can be converted for domestic or overseas use.
  • Item Size: 8″ x 11″ x 20.5″
  • Color: Black.

Comments from buyers

“Recommended even if expensive and not perfect, My wonderful Champion Juicer broke! . after 25+ years., Great once you get the hang of it.”

I upgraded to the champion following i was annoyed with my centrifugal breville juicer – the breville was leaving nuts quantities of foam and watery pulp, so i’m donating the detail to goodwill. If you are a newbie, a centrifugal juicer like the breville would possibly be a much better option. (breville is also the juicer that total food items in sedona employs, so don’t be ashamed of currently being a centrifugal juicer) truth of the matter be explained to, if i started juicing with the champion, it could have come to be an unused appliance, since it can be not the prettiest, not the most intuitive, and weighs almost as considerably as a man’s leg, in other words and phrases, the breville did have its time and position – but only as a beginner. But i’m an intermediate juicer now. Following 8 yrs of using the breville, i was craving far more capabilities and refinement. The champion was my respond to: you can make nut butter, sorbets, ice lotions, and leafy greens and with specific attachments, you can even mill flours and juice wheatgrass. The 1st factor i did when i opened the box was make strawberry and banana ice product. I put the right attachment (the sound piece, not the screen) into the unit. Boy, i had some marvelous ice cream, even on my very very low calorie restrictive food plan. (my total bowl of ice product equated to 137 calories.

Immediately after seeing the documentary ‘fat, unwell and just about dead’, i was offered on juicing. I have never ever experienced a motivation to be vegetarian, but acknowledged the need to have to incoporate far more greens into my way of living, and if possible raw. I read a lot of opinions on many various juicers and selected this one primarily based on the length of time people seemed to have these, and the lower incidence of a breakdown of elements. At times it is a minimal little bit of a stress to only be equipped to clean the nylon components in cold soapy h2o, but i attempt to at the very least rinse them immediately immediately after using, and i use a vegetable brush to clean the monitor, so cleanup is seriously not that difficult. It is really been a few of months since i bought it, and i in all probability juice 2-3 foods a 7 days, generally breakfast. I have discovered it a lot easier and easier to just toss a handful of greens and fruits in there and add some wheatgrass powder, now that i have identified that. I have found that if i stick to environmentally friendly leafy veggies with cucumber or celery or a pear, it retains the greens likely by means of in its place of plastering to the inside of of the chute. It really is a minor noisy, and my husband has to change the tv up in the upcoming space when i have it on, but it really is not as noisy as my blender. He is not into juicing, but is satisfied to get clean fruit juices now and then. Past 7 days, i failed to make it to the shop for fresh veggies and i located myself craving environmentally friendly juice.

I have been disappointed with the champion. It will not have the ability of the other juicers with a unique entire body style. I was surprised that champion didn’t update their design and style in the thirty+ a long time i’ve acknowledged about it. Fibrous foodstuff get tangled within the mechanism and it has to be cleaned out extra commonly than other juicers i have had in the past.

How could i have long gone so lengthy devoid of mastering how to juice?. This unit is peaceful, solid, potent and easy to clean. It was proposed to me by a lifetime vegan and she was location on below. I even lost 3 lbs in a week by juicing after a day instead of a typical meal (and i’m not heavy). Transforms the expertise of consuming contemporary fruits and vegetables.

And i come to a decision to hold this for long term use. I have no strategy how tough it is heading to be for the reason that i have no working experience with this juicer. I believe the motor is international built. American manufactured motor will value much more. Also the heat score of the motor is the lowest. As very long as i do not use it commercially, it will be great. The to start with time i juiced 20 lbs of carrot in one hour. I only utilised average drive to press down the carrot.

The authentic, the most effective ever. You can do so substantially with this machine, more than just juicing. You can make fruit sorbet, shaved ice, and even homogenize vegetables into a pate — so in that way it sort of will work like a food stuff processor. You can even soak nuts and juice them with h2o as a result of this dog and viola, you have nutmylk that you will not will need to strainbeautiful tool :).

We juice massive portions for health care good reasons. We use a two stage system (grind with the champion then press with a hydraulic push). If preparing to produce cold pressed juice also, you might take into account purchasing a homogenizing nozzle. The alternative nozzle would make use and clean up so much easier.

This is the 4th juicer we have owned. The green star was extremely excellent but tough to thoroughly clean, primarily as it bought older. The jack lalanne was noisy, messy, and didn’t very last long – though it was quite a bit cheaper. Both of those of us like this a single – it isn’t going to consider a good deal of strain to push the carrots via, it truly is speedy and very simple to clear. We are extremely satisfied with this juicer – and it was more cost-effective than the inexperienced star.

I don’t forget observing champion juicers in natural and organic co-ops i entered with my mother when i was younger (santa cruz, ca, early 70s). Therefore i guessed them to be long lasting devices, if the same fundamental design is continue to in provider now. So when i discovered how a lot of shoppers complained about other juicers breaking down speedily, i acquired the champion. I could not have produced a much better alternative. It probably usually takes twice as extended to juice an orange as it would in a breville–but 2x isn’t minutes listed here, it is seconds. And for the reason that it juices by mastication, the closing products almost certainly has a larger nutrient material (via cell wall destruction) than a centrifuge-based juicer. All components slip together quickly and logically an attachable funnel will come with the device for feeding berries and nuts. I experienced a jack la lane juicer seven-8 yrs ago i discovered cleaning to be complicated (at the time jll equipment employed a flimsy plastic strip for the centrifuge). With the champion, i can dissasemble and cleanse anything (high-conclusion polymers and stainless steel) in about 45 seconds. It is really a heavy device, due to the ge-manufactured 1/3 hp motor.

We started juicing the working day after this arrived, and even have made smoothies with this fantastic equipment. It is not for every person, and whilst i was juicing each other working day for a even though, we have scaled back our use of this till we can sit down for a minute and appear up with some diverse mixtures. It does juice greens slowly (wheat grass at a snail’s rate), but fruits and yellow/orange veggies (carrots, sweet potatoes, beets, celery, apples, etcetera. The issue about juicers we have uncovered is that you should know all the reasons you want just one ahead of you invest in it, in any other case it will just take quite a though just before you integrate working with it into your each day foods planning. Nonetheless, this is one particular highly effective, sturdy device, and i can see it outlasting me.

I acquired this juicer six days ago and have made juice with it each and every day because. It does a terrific job juicing each and every vegetable i have place into it. My spouse and i are savoring the juice.

The champion juicer is perfectly crafted. It does a excellent work and is rapid. We are quite joyful with it and the enterprise we obtained it from. I was surprised with how quickly it acquired right here. I believe that we will get several a long time of provider from it.

I have utilised champion commercial juicer because 2009, and also tried other brands. Honestly, for this selling price vary juicer, no one can review champion juicer’s solid created. I have a close friend who experienced her champion juicer because 1999, the motor was constructed by ge again then. My goodness, that 1999 old champion juicer, continue to roll potent and likely (i particular experience previously ge motor was even superior than my current more recent model.

Just got my champion black juicer yesterday. A single detail i noticed suitable absent. Very simple to thoroughly clean in comparison to the breville and/or the greenstar. The eco-friendly star helps make great juice. It is just much too really hard to clean and usually takes much too extended to juice as you have to use so much pressure to push the veggies down. I have had the greenstar for about ten years and it does even now work. Makes fantastic banana ice product also. In any case the champion can make good juice, but i observe the pulp is particularly soaked. Not confident if that is usual or i will need to make changes in how i juice. I notice no heating of the juice at all, not sure what other reviewers are conversing about.

As soon as i got the ‘alternate among juicy things and not juicy stuff’ down – i cherished it. Experienced some troubles with it heating up and possessing to cleanse the filter in the beginning. But now i just make positive i have an orange or an apple that i alternate between carrots and chard, etc.

I have used it for at the very least a yr now and it’s wonderful juicer. I have watched my good friends utilizing tons of energy slicing supersmall parts and pushing it by means of compact gap on their omegas. . And finally placing their omegas in storage simply because they are so tough to use. This involves so very little energy that my three yr aged can juice a carrot (less than my supervision of system) juicing celery is not a problem, and sadly some brothers have manufactured a dishonest review on youtube juicing parsley on it and exhibiting how it gets trapped. Effectively it will be a lot more caught in omega if it is not lower little items. You can also see how video clip is edited there (stopped and restarted). Champion handles spinach and greens with ease. Also, i observed some assessments indicating they can’t unstuck the grinding element. I experienced never experienced a dilemma, but i clean up surfaces consistently and wipe the metal foundation part to which the grinding aspect is hooked up, and by no means experienced a issue. I would think it could be a trouble if the meals particles had been not cleaned.

Update::: seven several years and still heading powerful. Enjoy my champion++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++hands down the most effective juicer on the marketwe hardly at any time write critiques, but we invested so significantly time and energy agonizing above which juicer to get we thought an our review would be handy to other individuals. All we wished was a juicer that would previous the check of time and would actually would make all the fancy amazing juices we acquire on the streets of nyc. No, we were not guaranteed we would really use it more than enough to warrant the price. Yes, we fearful that owning a juicer would suggest we would have to purchase a lot more fruit and veggies and the cost of that would be more than just continuing to acquire keep designed juices. The good news is, we had been thoroughly erroneous. For fewer than $five hundred we received the most ingenious piece of equipment on the industry that furnished a genuine warranty. We use this machine numerous situations a thirty day period. This equipment is so fantastic we made the decision to quit purchasing keep bought juices, salad dressings, ice pops, and tomato sauce.

This champion juicer is the initial juicer i have at any time owned and i am mightily impressed. Initial of all, every little thing about it just exudes a feeling of quality and sturdy layout. The equipment is incredibly heavy, and the plastics used look tough. The machine is reasonably loud, potentially the identical quantity as a rubbish disposal. And a lot additional tranquil than a blender. It looks to juice successfully considering the fact that the pulp created is not specially damp. Absolutely juicy, difficult fruits (apples, pears) and difficult and/or juicy veggies (celery, carrots) are managed incredibly well. My only insignificant grievance has to do with the juicer’s assembly. I always will need a couple minutes to set it all together since i am constantly fiddling with the display screen. Possibly i am the a person who is a little bit clumsy but i do experience this a person area could have been intended a little bit far better.

I have made use of champion juicers because 1970. Have added grain grinder and flour beats all i can purchase.

This device is strong, but the device will get really very hot when juicing which defeats the intent of contemporary enzymes and nutrients when you are hoping to get a tackle on cancer. I am really let down in this. I envisioned all the dripping messes, specifically when making use of the welles push to get the most juice quantity. At minimum the cleanup of the device is uncomplicated.

I consider most men and women be expecting too a great deal out of one thing like this. First off, this is the initially juicer i have ever used so my anticipations ended up fairly neutral. I am a realist, knowledge that even the very best manufactured merchandise might have a number of shortcomings. This merchandise is solidly designed and heavy duty. It is effortless to assemble and thoroughly clean. I will listing my pros and negatives down below so as to make this critique straightforward. Professionals:extremely properly builtsolid and stableeasy to figure outeasy to assembleworks as intendednot too loudcons:smaller feed openingclogs easilyin my belief, the execs wholly outweigh the drawbacks. Concerning the downsides:the little feed opening is completely workable. You simply won’t be able to expect to take a bunch of total veggies and cram them all into an opening, it’s just not sensible. I are not able to have an understanding of how some men and women reviewed this and expected to cram comprehensive measurement apples, carrots, and many others into it and have it appear out as juice.

Big Boss Cold Press Heavy Duty Slow Masticating Juicer : but I feel like for the price it does exactly what I want

I just desire it experienced an attachment to make the frozen treats, i tried making the just one with the frozen bananas for my kids but some of it continue to arrived through the mesh part. But it is really still great item for the price tag.

This is the very best obtain i have ever built. I am starting a detoxing fallowing the dr gerson remedy, i am struggling with a breast cancer now and big boss , god and bigboss the juicer are going to support me to get rid of the c term. Great itemno podria estar mas feliz.Es la mejor compra que he hecho hasta ahora. Estoy comenzando una desintoxicación siguiendo la terapia del dr gerson, ahora mismo estoy enfrentando un most cancers de mama y el gran jefe , dios y el gran jefe la extractora de jugos me van a ayudar a deshacerme de la palabra con c.

Big Boss Cold Press Heavy Duty Slow Masticating Juicer with Reverse Function

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  • JUICER PRESERVES NUTRIENTS FOR HEALTHY HOMEMADE JUICES: With dual-stage extraction power and a powerful grinder, this slow juicer is able to press most vegetables and fruits into nutritious, fresh juice. The juicing process preserves the taste and essential nutrients in your foods, letting you create a variety of healthy drinks.
  • DESIGNED FOR SMOOTH OPERATION: The Vitapress features a large feeder tube to help ensure that foods will not get stuck as you make juice. It also offers reverse operation, available on command or when the juicer needs to dislodge pieces. The reverse function also maximizes the juice you get from the machine.
  • UP TO 10 MINUTES OF CONTINUOUS USE: The Vitapress features a long work time–up to 10 minutes of continuous use. A safety feature automatically turns the juicer off after 20 minutes of operation in order to cool down.
  • INCLUDED ACCESSORIES FOR SIMPLE AND SAFE USE: With an included juice cup and pulp collection cup, the Vitapress makes it easy to juice your favorite fruits and vegetables. It also comes with a pusher that helps you push foods all the way through to be juiced, keeping your hands safe while allowing you to get the most out of your fruits and vegetables.
  • EASY CLEANING WITH INCLUDED BRUSH: The Big Boss Vitapress Pressure Juicer is easy to clean with the included scrub brush. The brush reaches areas that are difficult to get by hand, so your machine will be thoroughly clean. The juicer is not dishwasher safe.

I was so glad with the services that amazon presented. The 1st just one that i ordered did not operate at all. I had a new just one inside of the weeki love that this equipment grinds bit by bit so that you get all the added benefits from the fruit and veggies. Even now a lot to clear, on the other hand. And, i found the value seriously substantial.

The finest juicer in the environment for this selling price. I have it for a calendar year now and i use it each and every day and i juice more than one hundred oz a 7 days and nonetheless applying it. I was seeking for a juicer that juices ginger and i did not want to use the juicers with normal spherical sieve simply because i experienced one and was a disaster when it will come to ginger. This juicer squeezes ginger dry. Big boss juicer, i adore it, appreciate it, enjoy it, really like it. I do not commonly do assessments but this a single i had to do because i am a juice freak and i juice a heavy volume of juice every single week. I juice almost everything from spinach, kale, lime, lemon, carrot, beets, cucumber, turmeric, ginger, celery, each and every fruit (name it i juice it), vegetable, and lemongrass. It juices quite well, minimal sounds, straightforward to clear, effortless to assemble and get down. I am deficiency/brief of text to explain this equipment. My only con is that when i juice the lemongrass i have to take away the little knob in entrance so it can spit out the chaff, normally it will squeeze the juice and the dry chaff will be stock in the entrance section of the machine and it is extremely hard to open the device when the dry chaff is inventory.

Straightforward to put alongside one another, get apart and cleanse. I am operating on a online video of working with it to add to my youtube channel.

Big Boss Cold Press Heavy Duty Slow Masticating Juicer with Reverse Function :

A bit challenging to cleanse (loads of parts) but that may possibly just be with all juicers. This is my to start with 1 so i have nothing to compare it to, but i really feel like for the selling price it does particularly what i want. I utilised it a number of times a working day for five times then often just after that with no issues. Very straightforward to use when you get utilised to all the components. Help you save the pulp for cooking with.

Excellent juicer – easy to thoroughly clean – receives much more juice than the rotating just one i experienced and the pulp is dry in its place of moist like prior to.

Juices by means of every thing wonderfully.

It was inexpensive and will get the career completed. It really is easy to assemble and cleansing it isn’t really much too lousy. The toughest component to clear is the filtering basket, but a brush is supplied to aid clean up it. I want that the mouth was even bigger. You have to slice cucumbers and carrots into quarters lengthwise. I locate that little one carrots operate very best. Also, will not overfill the juice collecting container simply because it can be difficult to take out from the keeping location. All round, i’m joyful with my purchase.

I juice virtually every day- carrots, beets, apples, spinach and i have very little but fantastic success. The pulp comes out really dry & the juice isn’t pulpy. I do reduce each and every factor type of narrow, no big chunks of challenging veggies just to be on the secure aspect so i don’t break it. That does build a small much more operate, but i’m okay with that, specifically because it is so effortless to clean up. I have it apart & cleaned in minutes. It is so a great deal a lot easier to thoroughly clean than the centrifugal juicer i made use of to use. That issue is big & clunky and a authentic agony. I am so pleased that this juicer performs just as excellent as people $three hundred slow juicers but was hardly the price tag.

I’ve had it for many months and use it often and i have not had 1 problem with it.

Good product or service i liked it alot and uncomplicated to use just a agony to just take appart.

Had our juicer for pretty much two months. Juices by means of almost everything splendidly.

Pulp will come out dry until it can be a gentle fruit or vegetable but i run it by once more. It is really my initial juicer but by studying testimonials on so several unique juicers & adhering to particular recipes from friends, that i was capable to get a lot more juice than they did. My five yr previous daughter loves it. I clear & slice the fruit & she helps make her juice. Fresh apple juice is great.

The big boss heavy duty masticating slow juicer. I just had to sort it all all over again due to the fact its a mouth entire. I had centrifugal juicers prior to and they had been cumbersome, tough to clean up etc. This juicer is just what i essential due to the fact i wanted to have a juicer for purple beets, ginger, leafy vegetables and it does a wonderful job and it is effortless to cleanhighly endorse it.

Really excellent mastication juicer. I have tried so lots of other higher quality juicers but never a mastication juicer mainly because i imagined uggg its to slow etcbut this juicer manufactured me think. I cant say adequate excellent items about this little jem one-its price tag successful affordable and substantial high-quality thank you big boss business two-its so effortless to use ,you really don’t even want the instructions , but i examine anyway just to be guaranteed :)). It is straightforward to clean up and disassemble like a aspiration. The brush is great ,beneficial. three-it is the wonderful for use for wheat grass , and other juices. And the assortment vessels are straightforward to use. The juices that are mastication taste so much better.

Really slow and it does not make more than enough juice.

Functions fantastic and is uncomplicated cleaned.

I really don’t fully grasp what people ended up speaking about when they gave a lot less than stellar opinions. This equipment will make it a joy to juice. I do have to operate the pulp by way of two or 3 occasions to get primarily all the juice out, but i like it just the exact. It is really also a pretty effortless cleanup, much easier than the centrifugal juicers i have had in the past.

Hi there, i give the juicer a 4 only for the reason that i have had it for a month so far. It really is been performing fantastic, people today have penned in that theirs broke correct absent or did not begin right absent. I minimize all my fruits and greens up and have had no challenge. The directions say that you can find a paws when you 1st change on the equipment. So love, i have lost 20lbs in 3 weeks, a minor to quickly so i have experienced to include in a common meal or two.

For the price tag it is effective fantastic. I juice every two to 3 days and this handles anything from carrots, ginger, to leafy greens. Only criticism is that i would like the opening was bigger to decrease prep time.