Oster FPSTHM2500B 2500 5-Speed Hand Mixer, I received this Inspire hand mixer right away and

I purchased a nicer and much more powerful hand mixer than this one and then didn’t like it because it didn’t really have a low speed and ingredients would fly out of the bowl. This is not a powerful mixer, i wouldn’t even try to use it to mix something like whole grain bread, but it does have a true low speed that doesn’t make a mess and i have used it for batters, cookies and even pizza dough with great success. I think the dough hooks are silly (they are tiny) and again would say if you want a mixer for heavy doughs and to use a dough hook, look elsewhere. If you want a small hand mixer for simple jobs, this mixer does the trick.

Very nice light easy to use hand mixer. If you are looking for something to make very stiff whipped cream, this is not the tool for you. However, for 99% of all other applications small batch batters, mousse, mixing and blending this one is perfect.

Finally — a hand mixer that actually has a slow speed. I know they all say ‘5 speed’ or whatever, but that always means fast, faster and fastest. I bought this one thinking that it would probably have to be returned for that reason, but it’s a keeper. As some of the reviewers have mentioned, the beaters don’t go in or come out easily — and sometimes shoot out and across the room — but i’m getting the knack of that. It also doesn’t balance on it’s heel so it always falls over, but that’s a small price to pay for a slow speed.

Key specs for Oster FPSTHM2500B 2500 5-Speed Hand Mixer, 240-watt:

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  • 240 Watt Motor
  • 5 Speed Setting
  • Burst of Power
  • One Touch Beater Eject
  • Ergonomic design

Comments from buyers

“Finally a slow speed!
, Apparently the Sunbeam was always a little fast anyway (explains why I could never use the thing without messing up the entire k
, Actually has a slow speed.

My old mixer literally reduced me to child-like tantrums because of it’s splattering and inability to beat eggs whites properly. Ask my husband, he ducked for cover when i threw the stupid thing across the kitchen (not a normal reaction for modest, conservative me)the oster 2500 is great. I’ve been mixing, whipping, and blending like a maniac ever since i got this puppy in the mail. No, it’s not a kitchenaid, but i don’t have a kitchenaid budget, and this little mixer does the trick for less than $30.

I bought this mixer 3-4 months ago and it’s still working fine (i bake fairly frequently). While the motor hasn’t crapped out, i will say that this is pretty cheap and it might be worth the extra few bucks to get a slightly better model. My two biggest grievances:as you can see in the photo, the bottom of the mixer is quite thin and kind of rounded. This gives the mixer the annoying tendency to tip over even if you set it upright carefully and without too much goop on the beaters. This can cause anything between small, inconvenient messes and epic, couldn’t do it again if i tried messes (the mixer tipped over and in the process turned on and sprayed batter everywhere). It makes cooking a little more suspenseful but also a bit more frustrating. Also, the motor works fine but tends to emit a weird burning odor as you use the mixer. I don’t think i’m giving myself cancer or anything but it’s still not the most pleasant odor to have wafting through the kitchen.

I bought this blender after the black and decker model i had bought at wal-mart started making really scary noises while running. [and i had it less than a year i wished it came with a storage case though. {luckily the stupid black and decker case works well for this model too lol] it’s powerful enough to mix thick cookie dough but not to the point it ends up all over my cupboards. The number one setting is nice and slow for mixing dry mixes together. The beaters are a little hard to eject so if you have arthritis this may not be a good choice for you, however, you don’t have to worry about accidentally ejecting them with the blender still running. ]

This mixer is so cheap for what you get. I’ve never had a hand mixer stand up to bread dough without rapidly overheating before. The mixer can run for 2-5 min in thick dough before you start to get a ‘metal’ smell, the precursor to it burning it. Now that i know how long it can go, i plan around it and don’t think it’ll burn out too soon. It fully kneads two loaves worth of dough in about 4 minutes. 4/5 because the lowest speed is higher than expected and this reduces its versatility a little bit. The highest speed is fantastic for frostings, though, so it may be a fair trade off.

As other reviewers have mentioned (and one of the reasons i bought this) is that the slow speed is excellent. It’s so nice to be able to slowly mix ingredients before you crank up the speed so you don’t wind up with a mess. I also bought this for the dough hooks, but we haven’t had an opportunity to used them yet. The one item we make that always clogged up our previous mixer that would be better with the hooks is one that we only make in december.

Makes a high-pitched whine no matter what speed it’s on. Didn’t bother replacing it since it replaced another poorly made one. At least this one will mix cookie batter. The other one blew the motor on simple cookie batter. This does not stand well on it’s own.

This oster 2500 inspire 240-watt 5 speed hand mixer is the best one i have ever had and i am 80 years old. I just love the low speed which eliminates messes, but yet it has lots of power for whipping cream, etc. To eject the beaters i hold it against the edge of the sink (as i get more leverage) and press the ejection button, the beaters fall right in the sink. When i watch what i am doing, i do not have any trouble with it standing on its heel. I’m amazed at how reasonable the price, since it is so well made and easy to clean. I have no complaints with this oster 2500 inspire hand mixer. It arrived in 2 days after ordering. Couldn’t ask for any better service.

I bought one of these a few years ago and it has served me admirably when i don’t want to pull out the heavy stand mixer. Now my son is living in an apartment and he needs a mixer and they’re still selling this reliable model.

I was hoping for ‘slow’ to allow for a gentle stirring action to initially mix the liquid & dry ingredients. I found it no better than the old mixer that it replaced, and when the old one finally died i hoped to get the one feature that i hated about the old one. It’s no betterperhaps there is just a difference in people’s perception of, or expectation of speed control. But i suspect that maybe instead there are just enough variances in individual units to cause such wide differences in opinion. I have no opinion yet on power or durability. Only light mixing jobs so far. Most things are made in china, thus the cheap price. But ‘cheap’ usually comes at a price.

After years of my mom owning our old oster hand mixer that she got at a yard sale before i was born (19 years ago) it finally broke down on us and we got this onemy mother really despised it at first because she found the beaters challenging to put in the first 2 tries but now we got the hang of it it isnt hard at all. We like the ‘burst’ button for that moment you need a bit more speedlove it so far simple/ straight forward to use.

My last mixer had 5 places to click for speeds, but it really only operated at one speed. Otherwise, i find the unit rather bulky, and i hate that it doesn’t sit well when you want to rest it on the counter. You have to rest it on the side of the bowl. But the speeds outweigh the negatives – absolutely.

I received this oster inspire hand mixer right away and i was very impressed with that, also, it comes with dough hooks which i have not yet used. I do plan to make some bread and see how well they work but this is a 240 watt 5 speed mixer so it should be able to handle it okay. I have used the regular mixing blades it comes with when i used it to mix some egg whites into a stiff foam and it performed very well, it’s much faster than my old hand mixer which had fewer watts.

Im quite impressed with the dough hooks. Has 3 speeds witch are great because you can start off slow and not sling flour everywhere?.

Mixes real well no complaints it’s a workhorse.

Not a replacement for a kitchenaid but does a good job of mixing stuff. Dough hooks serviceable in a pinch.

I haven’t had a chance to test with heavy cookie dough yet but i’m sure it will be fine. The only flaws, and the reason i gave it 4 stars instead of 5:1) it does not stand up well. You should be able to put down a mixer and have it stand up. 2) it’s hard to eject the mixers. This is more of an annoyance but if your hands are week for orthopedic reasons it will be an issue.

Excellent mixer for the price, the dough hook is a nice attachment. Almost 1 month using this mixer at least 3 times a week and still thinking that this mixer was the correct choice compared to others with similar options and higher price. 5 speeds with real slow or 1 speed so you don’t have problems at the beginning of the mixing.

Made bread with dough hooks, had to move it around some but very powerful.

For now i am giving the mixer four stars, because the beater release is very stiff. If it loosens up with use, i will change to five stars. I really love the many speeds. For the first time i don’t have to drape a towel over the bowl, because the low speed mixes without spraying all over. It is nice and sturdy and can sit on its back. I did balance it on the edge of the bowl for a few minutes even though i am not sure if it will slip off.

Gave as a gift to my mother after she told me her 30yr old mixer (a sunbeam) was finally starting to slow down. I was going to get her a sunbeam since it would probably last her the rest of her life, but they are all notorious for having really fast speeds, even when set on ‘low’. This one, however, does very well. Apparently the sunbeam was always a little fast anyway (explains why i could never use the thing without messing up the entire kitchen as a kid) so she’s a little glad to have it. Seems it will last a long while, not quite as long as a sunbeam (though we can’t say for sure) but certainly a while, especially if you don’t do a ton of baking like us. The one reason i took off a star is because the clip or button or whatever at the top that starts and stops the thing is a bit hard to use. My mother has little trouble because she’s spent her life working and has strong hands, but if you have any sort of wrist condition or weak hands/fingers, you might take the possibility of that into consideration.

I bought this product because my other mixer had no slow setting, it was fast and extremely fast. This mixer has the range of speed settings that i was looking for. The slow setting doesn’t throw flour and the fast setting is enough for all of my baking needs. I do have a few complaints about it though. The unit does not sit on it’s side very well, it has toppled over on me countless times. The beaters are a little on the hard side to get in. They are extremely hard to get it out. It maybe a one button eject system but i need both hands to push the button. I like it for the slow settings, but i would not purchase this mixer again.

Oster FPST2574CRBW 6 Speed Hand Mixer : The best. Why go for expensive mixer

Once you have it on hand, you can tell it is high quality mixer, and material. It is a gift for the price that is sold. I highly recommend this product.

This is a great mixer – would have given it 5 stars but (as with most consumer products in today’s market) the build quality has obviously gone down to accommodate higher profits.

Oster FPST2574CRBW 6 Speed Hand Mixer with Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl

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  • Efficient Mixing with 225 Watts of Power and 6 Speed Control
  • Includes Stainless Steel Bowl with Lid for Mixing and Storage
  • Full Size Chrome Beaters Included
  • Ergonomically Designed for comfortable mixing
  • One Touch Beater Eject Button

I am delighted with the hand mixer. It fits snuggly in the mixing bowl, making it easy to store. It works real well and feels sturdy. I had second thoughts about purchasing it because someone commented the speeds were too high, but the speeds seem okay for me. I will admit the low speed is not very slow. You certainly get more than what you paid for with this item.

Gift for my son and his girlfriend setting up new apt. This looked like a great solution for now rather than spend a small fortune for a large mixer, when this was such a good value. Oater is a brand i’ve used for years so no issues there, and the fact that you had the convenience of the stainless mixing bowl/storage bowl w/ lid made it an even more practical purchase for them.

I don’t actually use this little hand mixer, but my wife does and she loves it. It’s been going strong for about a year so far.

Oster FPST2574CRBW 6 Speed Hand Mixer with Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl : Happy with the power of the machine. The beaters were hard to ejectat first, but they seem to be getting easier.

A very nice mixer that has awesome power.I love bakingdes moines, iowa.

It works great and is incredibly powerful. I think it could probably mix cement.

When this does the great job for you.

It works perfectly and actually has 6 speeds as advertised. My only reservation in giving 5 stars is that the cord just hangs there which makes it hard to store. I wrap it around the body of the mixer but it just falls off and without a solid handle you cannot wrap the cord around the handle to store it. I’m spoiled – my other hand mixer had an automatic cord reel which stored the cord within the body of the mixer and out of the way.

I was worried because the beaters were a little rusted. Not enough to send it back bit the quality wasn’t what i had hoped for.

I have not had any issues with this mixer. The settings are a little fast but that’s not really an issue for me.

It works well and storing in it’s own bowl is a big plus. Very powerful with a heavy-duty cooling fan. Other commenters are correct about not having a slow speed but that doesn’t seem to bother my lady.

It’s simple to operate, and the speeds are just right. Having the bowl to store it in is a plus. I have a kitchen aid stand mixer but haven’t needed to drag it out for anything so far. The oster has more than enough power.

I like the stainless mixing bowl. Great for storage and is a good size. Very glad i made this purchase.

I use all the time when i bake cookies, cupcakes and cakes.

I read reviews and thought i might not like this mixer because everyone said it started off too fast. I did not find that to be an issue. Has enough power to work through thick batters and i don’t have any problem with thin batters. I guess the only down side for me is it seems a little front heavy so it tips over easily when you rest the mixer.

Just wish it had more power. If you need one that can handle something thicker than cake batter, spend more money and get a different one.

Mixer, comes with a really nice metal bowl, mixer and beaters all fit in the bowl with a lid.

I use my new mixer quite a bit, and fine that it works quite well. Am very pleased with how it works.

It’s lowest setting is pretty fast, but once you get used to it then it’s not a problem. The mixing bowl it comes with is pretty good as well and serves as a nice storage container for the mixer and beaters.

Great mixer,very attractive and is great to have a bowl for use and storage. I just used it and i really love having so many speeds. Making some candy for the holidays really needs a great mixer. You can tell it is great quality. I hope it lasts as long has my other hand mixer. I like the ease of the hand mixer,and i don’t like all those gadgets the come with the big mixers. Keep it simple to use and simple to store. I also feel the price was great. Thanks amazon and the seller.

KitchenAid KHM9PWH 9-Speed Professional Hand Mixer, well made for its intended purpose

A hand mixer with extra energy and far more options than most would require. . Which indicates it can do everythingyou could want and not be strained and small-lived. We have the pro counter best mixer. . This is itsnatural counter element.

For its intended intent, it is an fantastic and handy kitchen tool. Residence use, even with the heaviest batters, really should not be a issue. The light excess weight is a bonus. The design and style of the beaters allows them to thoroughly clean themselves, alternatively than gunk up with globs of batter. The form of the beaters allows them to clear the bottom of the mixing bowl. Individuals acquainted with the kitchenaid name may well be expecting the similar strong whomp that they get from their kitchenaid stand mixer. Similar family, but not the similar at all still, significantly additional than adequate. Getting claimed that entitles this writer to some private niggles–insignificant issues, to be absolutely sure. The beaters are hard to insert and eject. The top velocity is probably slower that a person could possibly expect, but absolutely enough.

We experienced normally purchased the traditonal mixers, which cost about 20$ or so. Considering that going to our new residence from abroad, we determined to spend in greater characteristics for longer-long lasting general performance. Consequently, we acquired a swiss bamix, a kitchen aid coffee maker, toaster, and mixer, and other sturdy matters. That method is very fulfilling for us. This mixer is actually incredibly lovely. You can experience that the motor has a great deal of energy and that the rotation of the whisks is quite managed. That’s why, no make a difference what speed, it performs marvelously. The handling is simpler than i anticipated, the display is very clear, and the buttons are straight future to the velocity indicator on the major grip, which is a great spot as it is purely natural to press the buttons when you are keeping it. It is a bit heavy, but not much. If this lasts several years, we will be most happy, of course, but even now it is a a great deal much better product or service than what we could have gotten for less costly.

Key specs for KitchenAid KHM9PWH 9-Speed Professional Hand Mixer, White:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Nine digital speeds, 7-1/2 inches long by 6-1/2 inches high
  • Pro whisk attachment increases air for fluffier mixtures
  • Comfort-designed handle; heel rest won’t tip when set on end
  • Powerful lightweight motor designed for quiet, lifelong operation
  • Wipes off for easy cleaning

Comments from buyers

“I Tried and Failed, Just What I Needed, Great Alternative to Stand Mixer”

I ordered this as a present for my mother. Soon after she unwrapped it, she tried out to use it and uncovered it was doa. I went again by means of amazon and contacted the service provider that equipped it. It was replaced with no inconvenience and a prepaid return label was also supplied to return the bad mixer. The new one particular is effective like a attraction. It is powerful and quite peaceful. I understand that each the moment in a whilst there may well be guarantee problems with new equipment but due to the fact of the way the replacement was dealt with, i would not derate the excellent and performance of this mixer and would hugely advocate it to other people.

Works effectively, no concerns and easy.

Changed an more mature model of the very same hand mixer. It is not a person of the low cost versions that last only a few months. I experienced the previous mixer for decades & hope to have this one a lengthy time also. It is a authentic workhorse when it arrives to hand mixers.

I’ve experienced my mixer for a long time and it will get used all the time. So when our daughter was obtaining married and didn’t have a mixer of class we purchased her one particular just like mine.

After utilizing an outdated sunbeam for several years, it gave out & i purchased this kitchenaid on impulse. So substantially power, clean up traces, uncomplicated to keep, digital readout of speeds and has a large ‘heel’ to sit on. So far, i am extremely amazed with almost everything about this device.

This kitchenaid hand mixer is what i was searching for to support with these recipes that have to have a lot more than just a whisk. I’ve only employed it to blend the substances for a no bake cheesecake and frittata, but it did a good task with each and every a person. In prior testimonials i examine that some people experienced problems with the beaters splashing mixtures out of the bowl, so i was really thorough and began at the most affordable velocity then slowly but surely increased to the instructed a person. That approach labored correctly. I don’t know if the 9-speed design was required for the things i use the mixer for, but possibly this will push me to experiment a lot more. I hugely recommend this product or service.

This hand mixer was a replacement for a person i would had for years. I really should have gotten this ages back – there are so lots of new advancements and the added whisk software is perfect. The electric power settings are quite simple to dial in and offered so lots of of them you should really be in a position to do most issues. I’m incredibly delighted with this merchandise so significantly – perhaps i will have it for yrs, far too.

I procured this product approx. 6 months in the past and i am quite satisfied with it. Made use of largely for building brownies and cup cakes, it is so light-weight and quick to tackle i enable my a few year previous son maintain it on a gradual speed, whilst seeing him closely of training course. Just make confident they really don’t raise the speed accidentally with electronic adjustment on deal with, simple to do. Also beaters install and take out conveniently.

I bought this hand held mixer right after my cuisinart died. I had the cuisinart with the timer and when i went to switch it i couldn’t uncover it so imagined it was no for a longer time made (even though i imagine now i might have been mistaken). Anyway, i examine the testimonials on this mixer and it sounded great so i purchased it about a calendar year back and now i can’t understand the rave critiques. I find the tackle to be smaller and uncomfortable and i you should not have massive arms it is tilted at a amusing angle and it’s too tight. The electric power is undoubtedly enough for whipping product and light-weight batters but definitely grinds absent at nearly anything heavy. The cord is at a odd angle which helps make storing it in a drawer tough, not difficult while. In any case, i discover myself staying away from working with it–the reverse of how i felt about my cuisinart timer. I propose skipping this 1 if you do a whole lot of baking.

I bought this mixer as a substitute for a replacement. I might had a five-velocity (with electrical power enhance) black & decker mixer permanently. When it gave up the ghost, i replaced it with a five-velocity oster. Considering that i would lucked out on my black & decker – it was a excellent mixer and i didn’t even know it – i didn’t know what ‘not’ to purchase and how to look for for a good mixer. The oster’s slowest velocity was far too quickly (threw food items out of the bowl) and it was so weighty (and improperly balanced) that it was really hard to hold up. My mother proposed the kitchenaid seven-velocity (she is lately purchased it). We ended up in a position to get the 9-speed professional for significantly less than the 7-velocity so we grabbed it. I have been sooooooooo delighted with it. It operates properly at high and small speeds (leaving the food in the bowl where by it belongs) & is really easy to keep (shaped perfectly, well balanced well, and not also large). I will under no circumstances give up this mixer.

I have liked the quiet, reputable toughness this mixer gives. A brief cup of whipped cream, a batch of cookies or even loaves of bread, very little would seem to difficulty this solid performer. I have a kitchenaid pro600 stand mixer, but when a recipe outgrows the bowl or desires to be mixed at the stove, it can be the kitchenaid hand mixer i seize. It is basically the quietest, lightest, best well balanced hand mixer manufactured. And even far better, no person can evaluate with kitchenaid’s customer provider care centeer. I heartily propose this mixer.

I am still employing this kitchenaid khm9pwh 9 pace mixer.

I have a thirty yr outdated kitchenaid stand mixer which has in no way let me down, but i needed something additional portable. This hand mixer is just the greatest. I bake substantial batches of cookies for military guys in afganistan, so i give it quite a get the job done-out, and it just keeps on going. I am lawfully blind, so a genuine advantage for me is the touch-button variable velocity and uncomplicated beater release.

I paid a ton for this mixer and while it mixes very well–which most mixers do–i really don’t assume i’d invest that much cash on a hand mixer yet again. Whilst, it’s possible i have forgotten how my aged mixer’s beaters were being clunky and a lot of batter trapped to them. This a person has extremely slender, nimble beaters that you should not get clogged up with batter. I guess i just never bake sufficient to warrant spending so a great deal on a mixer. Also, i have experienced it for two yrs and no difficulties.

I was hesitant to invest so considerably on a hand mixer, but just about every time i use this i am happy i put in the dollars. I failed to assume i might want all 9 speeds, but they are essentially extremely valuable. The minimal speeds are what make this mixer unique: they are incredibly slow, allowing for you to combine elements gently. You can up the pace with the thrust of an electronic ‘button’on the handle as you continue to keep mixing, & you can also shut off the machine straight away with push of a different ‘button. ‘ i only want it had been manufactured in this nation, not china.

Right before purchasing this product i examine the assessments, sadly, i was to some degree let down. The mixer requirements nine speeds since the initial four are extremely slowalso, dislodging the beaters is very hard.

I been given this small hummer a couple of days in the past and established one particular aim: don it out ahead of xmas. I invested a lot more time cleansing the blades likely from a single recipe to a different but no issue what recipe i tried nothing would sluggish this poor boy down. It even produced my pro6 stand mixer seem weak. My frame of mind just before using it was there is no way this mixer is as excellent or improved than my aged 5 velocity but alas it despatched the 5 velocity to the hope-you-can-use-it dumpster. My mixer demands are straightforward: it must mix whatever you want combined. If it does it has acquired its spot in the closet. This sits on the front of the shelf.

I experienced a low-priced hand mixer for small mixing work opportunities. I was incredibly pissed off with the cheapest speed not getting reduced ample to ‘stir’ and discouraged when it tossed the substances out of the bowl. This one is just right, the reduced speeds are just suitable and the greater ones are as effectively. I also have a major kitchenaid mixer that i bought for work like kneading dough, but the hand mixer is the just one that i use the most.

I have a kitchen help stand mixer and right after working with equally goods i recommend this hand mixer for pretty much any one. Except you do really serious baking or bread producing, a stand mixer is a bit like working with a mallet when a hammer would do. Stand mixers acquire up a whole lot of place. They are also really heavy and difficult to clean. The beaters and other attachments are not meant for the dishwasher. With this hand mixer you have all the usefulness and most of the electricity of a classic stand mixer. This mixer has 9 velocity possibilities, and has adequate ability to handle even thick batters. With the least expensive environment you can carefully combine powdery batters with out building a mess. The maximum speeds make whipping egg whites or cream a breeze. In concerning you will discover speeds to blend just about whichever you require.

I uncovered the product or service to be nicely built. The only destructive that i have is that the beaters are wire, which gives you the perception that they are low-cost. I you should not care to significantly for electronic begin on appliances, but that is just me. You have to operate it up to speed, and again it down, and it will take far too a lot time for me. I like highly effective motors, manual controls, and created like a tank, sort of like tim the tool person.

I don’t know how i at any time lived without the need of this mixer. This is by far the ideal one i have at any time owned. When i very first recieved this mixer i just experienced to make a cake. I pulled it out and begun mixing. The 1st matter out of my husbands mouth was ‘is that as loud as it receives?’. And certain enough, that was as loud as it acquired. I had it on a med location, but turned it up all the way and continue to experienced the very same easy minimal seem. It mixes so efficiently, standing up the the great kitchenaid typical. I would acquire this product once more.

Oster FPSTHB6600-GRY 3-in-1 Twisting Handheld Mixer, GREAT product; designed just like the B&D Gizmo Twist

Excellent item modest battery longevity. . This is the next just one of these i have purchased. They are made effectively and have several valuable attachments. It is handy for mixing a thing on the stove without the need of a twine. The twisting tackle is a awesome characteristic. When new the demand lasts a long time. After a couple of yr the batteries weaken and the charge does not past. The solution would be greater if the battery was replaceable. I close up discarding a handy mixer since the battery are not able to be replaced. But i appreciated it sufficient to buy a further just like it.

I like this form of item, and i had a black and decker useful mixer for many years but it wore out. I tried using to obtain a useful mixer (now called the gizmo) and they ended up possibly fairly priced with affordable postage and unavailable (walmart and others) outrageously priced with absolutely free or realistic postage (amazon and other individuals) or moderately priced with outrageous postage (sears). Both way, they had been immensely overpriced when offered. Hence, i purchased this oster just one instead. I like it, it is quite significantly like the b&d one particular i had for several years and works as perfectly. It is less costly emotion than the previous 1, but every little thing is these days. I don’t like that it doesn’t have a wonderful situation that you can hang on the wall to keep the mixer and attachments and hide the electrical power twine to cost it, like the b&d 1 does, but that is not a deal breaker. It is effective effectively and is unquestionably a first rate substitute for my beloved b&d twist handy mixer. Surprisingly plenty of, it was named the three in one mixer, but it came with four attachments, a beater, a consume mixer, and two different whisks, so yeah, a lot more than stated oster fpsthb6600-gry 3-in-1 twisting handheld mixer, grey.

Opposite to other posts, this does stand up by alone, and is effective just fine thank you. I would propose it to anyone looking for this kind of mixer. The only genuine dilemma i have with it is that there is no way to hold it on the wall as my previous a person did, and it is really a ache to pull out of the drawer every single time i need it.

Key specs for Oster FPSTHB6600-GRY 3-in-1 Twisting Handheld Mixer, Grey:

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    to make sure this fits.
  • 3-in-1 rechargeable cordless mixer with convenient heel rest
  • 3 attachments comprising of a standard beater, whisk and drink mixer
  • Soft touch handle
  • Two power settings lets you mix, stir, beat or blend
  • Dishwasher-safe attachments

Comments from buyers

“oster mixer review, Works very well at low/high settings, and beats all the other single wand handheld mixers so far!, Great for those with arthritis or disability, Great buy”

I have cherished this and it is really worked good for basic factors. It is really high-quality is three star but everything else is wonderful delivers it to four star. It can be tremendous mild, straightforward to use, effortless to store and would make it effortless to do speedy things without having finding the complete big stuff out for the weighty lifting. It doesn’t stand up very well, but hasn’t been a issue for me but. I have experienced it for about a yr and continue to kicking like new.

I use this product almost day-to-day. It is effortless to take care of, does not need to be charged usually (cannot don’t forget when was the previous time i recharged it) and is really easy to clean up. The only factor i wish it could do is ‘grind/puree’ foods. I have an more mature comparable product that’s really difficult to clean but it has blades that come in helpful when you want to puree soups etcetera.

Fantastic for cooking or for crafts. This is the 2nd a single i purchased for the reason that i adore it. I use 1 to combine plaster of paris for making crafts working with molds and 1that i use for cooking/baking. The demand last for a extended time. It can be cordless so they do not get in the way. It has a rapid and slower pace, which is awesome and it is quieter than plug in mixers. The cause i rated it 4 stars instead of 5 is because it has a awesome stand but if you plug it in to charge it (on the base underneath the stand) the plug insert is to massive so you can not stand this up and charge at the same time -like the pict. You will have to lay it down to cost it. That was the only point i did not seriously like.

This handles the occupation properly. . I use it for whipping product because i really don’t have a stand mixer and the hand mixer i have otherwise is as well strong on even the lower placing. Product demands to be whipped lower and slow to build steady peaks. This handles the task properly.

Philosophically talking if you are not shifting ahead you are not progressing so when things spin counterclockwise it annoys me. With that mentioned:it does stand only with a thing in the socket, so what, lay it down. Don’t fret about charging and discharging batteries just do it correct. When you get it (if) turn it on and permit it die. Demand it the fifteen several hours or so like it states, then turn it on and adhere it in which you dont have to listen to it and allow it die yet again. Cost it for the twelve hours immediately after that and it will very last. I have not billed it given that my initial 2nd demand back again in the starting of february and can get it at any specified time to combine something andthatsaboutit. The attachments are pleasant, and when it is thoroughly billed it will rather a lot eliminate an egg.

I purchased this mixer predominantly to make shakes. Having said that, you cannot just throw ice cream in a glass and mix. I place in the milk, increase a few scoops of ice cream, and use the mixer to first mash up the scoops of ice cream a little. I turn the mixer on large and if it bogs down, i mash a little extra. Would not consider much, just providing a pleasant warning mot to anticipate it to tackle a large chunk of ice cream. I then combine right until the shake is creamy and mouth watering. I recommend this products, but never hope it to blend major responsibility goods. It is really just really handy to have around.

Useful but the battery lifestyle?. I acquired this given that i desired a modest hand mixer that i didn’t have to have to maintain a button down like most adhere blenders. I have significant joint concerns and occasionally have issues holding points. This has been good in the truth that it is definitely gentle fat and easily transfers between mixer and blender stick. The only concern i’ve experienced is that the battery won’t previous as extensive as i might like and it won’t run with the charger plugged in. Which is why i give it four stars as a substitute of five. I do not know if the battery existence is just in mine and it truly is much too late to ship it back. It is really alright, but but wants to be recharged at the very least after each individual 3 months if it sits in the drawer. Failing that, it is really been a truly handy mixer/blender and i adore the light excess weight. All 3 of the attachments it arrives with are great and useful as well.

My breakfast is composed of protein powder and peanut butter powder blended in soy milk or drinking water. I have a vitamix but you should not want to soiled it for this kind of a tiny quantity. I use a tall glass and my combination is about 3/four liquid and one/4 powder. It comes with several attachments. I use the a person for mixing drinks, not the one particular demonstrated in image. I don’t even twist it, just keep it as you would a hand held mixer. This mixes it up nicely and speedily.

My mother experienced a similar handheld mixer manufactured by black and decker (the helpful mixer). She handed it on to me and i loved it. When it died i started wanting for a substitution and was sad to learn that they failed to make that one particular any extra. This oster is pleasant and seems to maintain a demand effectively. A first rate substitute for what is no for a longer period accessible. Only draw back is that the useful mixer had greater attachments. Continue to a superior worth for the price tag.

This is about as fantastic as it gets cost/efficiency clever as significantly as i. There isn’t really a lot of alternative for cordless mixers. This is about as fantastic as it receives rate/efficiency sensible as far as i can convey to. Downside is that there is extremely little torque and you will not have substantially luck making an attempt to product potatoes or even thicker batters. Also, it can not be positioned on its crafted in stand whilst it is charging. The battery is out of date, so you seriously have to cycle it or drop it. And it would not get the job done at all when the charger is in. I guess that appears really damning. But nonetheless three stars for current at all supplied there are number of alternate options. I am obtaining great use from it.

I never do hefty mixing and use it mainly for creating pancake batter or whipping a handful of beverages. Employing it 3 situations a 7 days (5 minutes for every use). I only recharge it just about every 3 – four months. Mine arrived in a circumstance, so that’s pleasant to have for trying to keep all the things with each other. I concur with other people it would be nice to have the unit stand up without the need of a beater put in. I can see in which many others might be disappointed if they are seeking to use it for significant duty mixing. I have an electrical mixer for that use. This operates fantastic for medium to mild mixing.

Not as impressive as i considered it would be, and the demand won’t maintain really prolonged. It ought to also have a gauge that tells you when it desires charging and when it truly is done charging.

Works extremely well at lower/high settings, and beats all the other solitary wand handheld mixers so much. I am so happy that i took the risk and ordered this one wand handheld mixer. I utilised it a couple of instances so far, and built: cupcakes, cookies, and frosting. When the batter receives thicker, i swap from small pace to medium speed. It’s so great, and i won’t be able to believe that the one i acquired works perfectly. Let’s hope it retains working effectively for much more than 2 several years. What i like most about this item is that it comes with four various varieties of wands, and a storage boxthe mixer alone is light-weight and extremely consumer-friendlyimmediately following i obtained it, i billed it for a few hours. And it was good to go right after that. The only point i would include to this mixer is to insert a launch button for the wand.

Astounding very little mixer/blender/whipper. Wow, were being we stunned with this acquire. First of all, it came quickly. 2nd, upon opening the box, we were surprised to uncover it encased in a good plastic scenario with the outlines of in which all the items go. We charged the mixer and made use of it and ended up rather glad. It is not for ‘heavy-duty’ mixing, but it absolutely does the position. We liked the way we could rotate the prime portion to be applied straight or bent as revealed in the photograph. This was a reward for my daughter and she certainly loves it. I would endorse it and would buy it once more if i had to.

Good product created just like the b&d gizmo twist. Excellent product built just like the b&d gizmo twist, but with greater speed and battery lifetime. and its charging unit has typical ac to dc functions so can get substitute even if business no extended sells it — the b&d experienced a higher ac to really reduced ac conversion listing which designed it unachievable to change from conventional merchandise.

I was hoping to get a little additional electrical power. So far i have just employed it to froth my bulletproof coffee (coffee, coconut oil and grass-fed butter). It mixes okay, but will not occur out creamy seeking like it does in the blender. It’s a good deal less difficult to clean than the blender, however. Some of you ended up asking about a scenario. Mine arrived with a case, but it really is rather big, so i am heading to be throwing the circumstance absent. I will be hanging it with a hook from the ‘base’.

Superior merchandise, questionable quality. I purchased this product or service final calendar year, december 2012, to change my b&d gizmo. I appreciate the usefulness and overall flexibility this solution gives. Unfortunately, the high-quality of the design has a good deal to be ideal. The twisting functionality malfunctioned within a couple of uses and the housing has turn into significantly unstable. The manage part and the mixer head are separating. I have to maintain the device in the vicinity of the front in buy to use it. I savored the b&d gizmo with no troubles for more than five a long time before the battery lastly died.

Could not find everything like this in wal-mart. Could not uncover something like this in wal-mart, k-mart or the shopping mall. And certainly not for the value. Wished anything simple and easy to use and to ‘get to’. I have arthritis and in some cases it is just to significantly trouble to haul out the huge beaters and bowls. Light-weight, compact and effortless to store on the countertop.

Almost nothing like my black & decker. I experienced a black & decker rechargeable mixer for in excess of twenty several years & beloved it, but it at last gave out. I couldn’t see shelling out the rate for the exact brand name so i found this oster & decided to give it a try out, nevertheless, i am not seriously that pleased with it. I do not like the stand for it as it recommendations about extremely simply. I really don’t like the truth that the guidance propose in get to make the battery last longer permit it wholly drain before recharging it. Getting to do that you in no way know when it will just prevent doing the job since the battery desires to be recharged. My black & decker hung on the wall & was not only up off the counter, but it immediately would charge when it was needed & simply because of that it hardly ever gave out on me in the middle of employing it. I come across that i really don’t use the oster as routinely as i did my black & decker because i in no way know when it will just end doing the job. The one particular merchandise i do like about the oster is the twisting element. Being aware of what i know now i would surely place out the revenue & get the black & decker model.

Terrific kitchen assistant for breakfast. Gets the career carried out with pancakes, waffles, and eggs. We make a lot of pancakes, waffles, and eggs, and this mixer has ample power to do the position nicely.We have (around 24 yrs) owned two black and decker spacesaver hand mixers and were being delighted with them, but could no more time locate the alternative once the 2nd one particular died. I am delighted to report that this one truly would seem a lot more powerful. Thank you for a terrific products.

Great product, wow lots of ability also. I made use of to have a gizmo wall mixer and experienced it for five years far too. It was okay but lacked electricity and the mixer was way too significant for the device to really operate very well. It finally would not maintain electric power anymore so , in the trash. Properly, we have a large mixer for the huge jobs, but this tiny 1 are not able to be conquer for simplicity of use and clean up far too. This one is a keeper and glad we bought it insted of a gizmo. Its like the distinction among a spoon and a shovel, this one particular remaining the shovel.

Cuisinart CHM-3 Electronic Hand Mixer 3-Speed – Gets the job done

Powerful handheld, too highly effective on reduced. All the other reviewers are proper. This is a good, effective hand held mixer. Its big dilemma is the most affordable location is also solid and has a inclination to throw things out of the bowl. Still, i am joyful with my purchase, and i am ready to combine a minor by hand 1st to keep away from traveling cookie dough. I’d rather it be much too strong than much too weak.

Perfect price tag issue for the quality. We have decent sized mixing bowls and failed to encounter any splashing or mess. We use it to make selfmade waffles. Functions excellent and i am content with the excellent for $29. I would not pay back far more for it, even though. This item is leagues far better than the very last hand mixer i purchased, for $19. Unquestionably worth the further $10.

I had the 6 speed and it worked like a champ for more than ten many years but ultimately died. Went for the a few sped this time to save a minimal hard cash recognizing that i almost never, if at any time, used the best speeds on the aged 1.Here are the specifications for the Cuisinart CHM-3 Electronic Hand Mixer 3-Speed:

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    to make sure this fits.
  • 220 Watts of Power with automatic feedback cuts through cold sticks of butter
  • Easy to use speed control and beater eject button
  • Exclusive swivel cord for right handed or left-handed use
  • 220 Watts of Power with automatic feedback cuts through cold sticks of butter
  • Easy to use speed control and beater eject button
  • Exclusive swivel cord for right handed or left-handed use
  • Extra long self cleaning beaters with no center posts
  • Now available in red and white

This gadget has three speeds – fast, tremendous fast, and hella tremendous fast. I use it in a commercial kitchen and it is really good, whirls thru significant portions of things in a jiffy. My largest grievances are, it is not pretty ergonomically proper so it really is awkward to keep, and the silly weighty duty super thick twine constantly manages to get in the way.

This product was considerably superior than i anticipated. I have owned a cuisinart hand held mixer for in excess of ten many years and it recently gave up the ghost (much too a lot of cookies)so in exploring for a alternative i tried out a kitchenaid mixer alternatively. It didn’t have the energy i had expert with my 7 speed cuisinart. I didn’t want to devote extra cash on an additional seven pace (and i could not obtain a person regionally) so i decided to attempt the three velocity figuring i would have to settle for a degrading in power. Surprise, surprise the three velocity is just as excellent if not far better than my preceding 7 pace and much less than 50 percent the pricei would definitely recommend this mixer. Good solution and i have generally located cuisinart’s customer support people today to be valuable when i have had to call.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Powerful, comfortable & light, fast; love it!
  • Sturdy workhorse of a hand mixer
  • Very nice, low cost hand mixer

Bought this for my mom this xmas. I do not definitely know also much about it, but she suggests she likes it a good deal. She would not use it far too usually, but when she desires it, she tells me that it is very a great deal ideal. And i say, it is really a great deal best as well, specifically for the price tag i compensated for ithaven’t experienced issues with it. She suggests the speeds are just good, not much too agressive at all as extended as you preserve your mixer in the bowl when you switch it on. It would not splash batter in all places if you also have a massive sufficient bowl to mix in. But i’ll assume that remaining noticeable just isn’t what some of these critiques would have you think.

Performs extremely very well and effortless to use.

Fail to remember the significant-finish kitchenaid mixers, this just one receives the job accomplished. Who wants to expend extra dollars, when they’ve bought a products like this?. Strong & really straightforward to clean.Fantastic selling price and product or service value. The only draw-back i’ve observed is that there is no ‘delicate’ cycle. Even on small, it whirrs very swiftly if you need to flippantly stir, i recommend stirring with a spoon. There is a hazard of splattering if you usually are not thorough – look at all those partitions. Make guaranteed that the beaters have ‘clicked’ in before utilizing the device, or they will tumble out and make a mess. I have under no circumstances had a far better mixer.

Wire beaters are skinny and bend simply but or else is effective effectively. . Works good and is light pounds. The wire beaters are incredibly great and can be simply bent. I hope they will keep up around time.

Extremely glad with the excellent. I like this, for a cheap mixer, is effective quite very well.

Powerful, cozy & light-weight, rapid really like it. Wanted a little something simple for my arthritic hand & shoulder but w/ a large amount of ability. Chose this a single for the reason that so several reviewers assumed it was too strong. It actually flew through the thickest & heaviest task i essential it for like it was just fluffy whip product. Cannot reveal why it’s 220 watt motor appears to be a lot more effective than the 250 watt motor on my black & decker hand mixer, but it guaranteed is. Which is what i needed the most electricity i could get w/o investing a whole lot of money for a stand mixer. Also needed beaters that would plow through nearly anything w/o any coating or electroplated pieces peeling or chipping off in food items. These beaters look stronger & much better outfitted for difficult assistance than my b&d beaters which appear to be chrome plated & i’m concerned the chrome will chip off into food & beaters start out rusting beneath any hairline crack or lifting of the chrome. I was also frightened of my b&d beaters bending in weighty mixing jobs.

At to start with, i really hesitated that whether or not or not i should really get this type of ‘luxury’ hand mixer. Even so, i rely on cuisinart, and decided to invest in a single. It absolutely fulfills my expectation. The design is so qualified and mild, and the speeds are correct. Some men and women commented the least expensive velocity is too potent. I will say it is real, but just a minimal little bit. If you use a expert mixing bowl, you will have nooooo challenge at all.Even you don’t use mixing bowl, just be very careful, and you will be wonderful.

I just want it had just one far more pace. The most affordable placing is very quickly so use a deep bowl or you’ll be putting on whatever your mixing.

I bought this to switch the secondtraditional mixer i have used. That said,the beater blades are extremely productive, when accomplished, geez they are soeasy to thoroughly clean. The important to a excellent chocolate pieis totally mixing the filling and the whipped topping. This splendor didjust that in two/three the time of my previous previous style mixers.

This is a powerhouse of a mixer. I seldom use it on nearly anything but the small speed.

Really like the beaters not acquiring a center article, cleans up significantly faster. Mixer does not hook up with other models of beaters.

This is just a essential hand mixer. There are only 3 speeds: quick, more quickly and “fling batter into the up coming home. ” there is no slow pace, so make guaranteed you’ve acquired the beaters in the bowl and vertical just before you change the mixer on. The wire beaters and significant electric power do a very good occupation of beating down lumps. Each individual surface of the mixer that is probably to get splattered is clean and effortless to clean up. The beaters eject with a lot of enthusiasm, so make confident you’re aiming at the sink in advance of you strike that button. Cuisinart sells distinctive beaters for this mixer, but the wire beaters are very good for most employment. I feel getting a bunch of accessories for this mixer defeats the essential mother nature of this mixer. I only use a hand mixer occasionally, and a fundamental product is what i will need.

I’ve experienced this mixer for a though. I have created gluten-cost-free bread with it, which implies it is really not as tricky as normal bread, but it does climb. I like the prolonged beaters since of that–they are extended sufficient to continue to keep my bread dough out of the casing. I will not head the additional velocity–you could possibly will need to stir issues up a tiny ahead of you get started beating, and yeah, a splatter guard may well be a great notion. The explanation i am providing it 3 stars is tonight i tried using to make gingerbread cookie dough with it. It can be gluten free, once again, so it should not be any where near as difficult as a wheat flour-primarily based dough would have been, but my beaters bent all to heck. The bars had been twisted all all around like they’d been in a tornado. I will not head awfully a lot shelling out the $15 for new beaters–it beats buying a entire new mixer, but it stings in any case. The beaters must be at least potent enough to deal with what the motor can dish out.

I definitely like this hand mixer. I seriously like this hand mixer. I will agree that the gradual pace could be a tad slower, but have not had a dilemma with it, and i do like the quick speed. Quite very good for whipping up meringues and these. You truly do will need a smaller hand mixer for points that you do not want to use the massive mixer with, and i haven’t experienced a person for a whilst, so am taking pleasure in acquiring it.

Great vaule, potent, gentle and fast. I purchased this cuisinart chm-3 hand mixer to substitute my braun hand mixer, which i have employed for earlier 10 a long time until the motor died. I bake sweets the moment or two times a 7 days and have been applying the mixer primarily for mixing cake batter and cookie dough. I chose cuisinart above other brand names for the reason that i now have their food processor and uncovered that it has been a strong device since i acquired it twelve decades ago. The day just after i received the cuisinart mixer i utilised it to blend cake batter, and it blended all the elements easily and quickly. Easy to use with 3-speed adjuster that is a thumb-swap absent when you might be mixing. It is lightweight but not flimsy. I read through and concur with former buyers who explained it is much too powerful even on lowest location, but there was no splattering of cake mixes as some reviewers have pointed out. I consider applying a deep mixing bowl could have eliminated splattering. I do not know how practical it is to have that swivel wire aspect, possibly some of you would discover it handy if you are remaining-handed.

I acquired this because i desired to be capable to whip my possess product and prevent shopping for so several cans of whipped product or that male created stuff that i in no way genuinely figured out what it was. I am incredibly delighted with the results. I chill my bowl and beaters and advocate making use of a bowl with a rounded base and straight sides to best get the career finished with no mess. I beloved the selling price, the beaters are uncomplicated to cleanse, and three speeds offer all the power i need to have. I cannot say how this operates on heavy dough as i have a stand mixer i use for that but i am really looking ahead to whipping this elegance out for gentle responsibility work. Now when i want to blend egg whites into batter i can do it with much less inconvenience. I think i may perhaps even make myself my quite favourite, lemon meringue pie. I am incredibly pleased with the product or service and the priceupdate: after practically two yrs of occasional use it nevertheless is effective like a dream.

Hamilton Beach 62633R Hand Mixer, My old hand mixer broke so this was a great replacement for the price I paid for it

Excellent very little mixer for each day use.

Adore that all of the areas and wire healthy correct into the base container with the mixer snugly on major. It came with 2 beaters, a wisk and a dough hook. I ordered the vibrant crimson and enjoy it.

We bought it to use in a journey trailer.

Key specs for Hamilton Beach 62633R Hand Mixer:

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  • Hand Mixer Red

Comments from buyers

“Great Hand Mixer!, Great kitchen tool!, Perfect. great speeds”

Fulfills the ocd neatness necessity. All the attachments have enough room when saved in the detacable base.

A small large but i adore the way it mixes. The storage region is also vey good.

Excellent high quality, selling price, effectiveness and appears to be. I desired to switch a 30-yr-aged sunbeam hand mixer that was a correct workhorse. My previous purchase of a kitchenaid hand mixer did not fulfill my expectation and was returned for the obtain of this hamilton beach 62633r hand mixer. I requested the hamilton beach 62633r hand mixer on one/21/seventeen and it was delivered on one/23/seventeen, outstanding turnaround time. The mixer and four other products i purchased ended up very well padded in the box and all the goods were being intact. Nevertheless, the mixer’s first manufacturing unit box had a single corner crunched. The box was secured with very clear packing tape alongside the seam where by the two flaps satisfy but the finish of the tape around the crunched corner was stuck to alone and not absolutely adhering to the box alone. I point out this simply because it induced me to surprise if i was finding a returned item or a refurbished one. Some past critiques stated destroyed mixers or mixers that appeared to be repackaged had been been given.

Work terrific with cream cheese to make cheese cake.

Now i do not have to go to the difficulty of receiving my standing mixer out of the cabinet for every compact job that comes alongside.

Wonderful mixer for the quantity of dollars expended.

This is silly but i did a honest sum of analysis before purchasing this manufacturer. I was looking at the kitchenaide but went with the hamilton beach mainly because i required the extra standard beaters instead than the wire types. It does a fantastic task and is great wanting. Also, i have no problem ejecting the beaters. I was involved about that given some of the other opinions. I really endorse this item which is very moderately priced.

Have utilised hamilton beach products and solutions for decades. Enjoy color and foundation to hold utensils.

My previous hand mixer broke so this was a good substitute for the cost i paid for it. My outdated hand mixer broke so this was a good substitution for the value i paid out for it. It come with distinct attachment which i believed was fairly useful.

I use it to make my macarons and it truly is excellent. This is the only handmixer i have ever owned. I preferred to get the kitchen area aid standmixer, but it truly is out of my selling price variety. My mom acquired me the kitchenaid standmixer for $forty, i opened it and it failed to arrive with the attachment. I went to focus on and walmart they did not offer the attachment. Ultimately i received this solution for less than $40, with 3 different attachments. I use it to make my macarons and it really is fantastic. The components all in good shape into the compartment and i have less litter in my cupboards.

Undoubtedly a fantastic starter blender. Undoubtedly a fantastic starter blender. Has various beaters for distinct capabilities. High-quality is respectable & has a storage compartment for all the blender parts. Would recommend this solution.

Ideal for a initially condominium. Fits the colours of my daughters kitchen and has nifty storage.

Enjoy all the attachments and the scenario is the cherry on the top rated.

Good hand mixer with a lot of power.

Good experience working with hamilton beach company center. . I really like the hamilton beach hand mixer with snap on case. It retains the twine and all the attachments. The twine is a lot extended adequate. Has a genuine ‘low speed’ as promised. The characteristic that makes it possible for the mixer to ‘free stand’ on the rim of the bowl does work even when the blender is on. You would not want to walk absent from it, and you have to have to be aware of the sizing of the bowl. The grove where by it rests on the rim of the mixing bowl is generally handy as a rest even though mixing (to take the pressure off your wrist when it receives exhausted).

I cook dinner a ton and this mixer is awesome. It will work just as explained, is a nice measurement and has handy storage. I am satisfied to advise it as a kitchen area tool for any kitchen.

This is the 2nd a person i have acquired. We very own two condos and we wished good quality and sturdiness for our guests. We also have one particular in our property, which my daughters obtained for me and i adore it. The container snaps on and stays in place.

My only grievance is that their is. My only criticism is that their is no fast launch for the beaters to be ejected.

Too challenging to eject the beaters if you are an 84 year aged female.

Slows down so splatter is not an situation. The attachable storage iis great.

All the attachments are correct there with the mixer. I never have to rummage by way of the kitchen area drawers to discover them.

KitchenAid KHM920A 9-Speed Hand Mixer candy apple red – With : Better than I expected

Would prefer a push down to start vs side to side as it’s not a one hand operation.

I didn’t want to purchase an expensive machine yet – so, i decided to upgrade my hand mixer. This is nice, though, i was hoping the dough hooks would work for bread, however it’s still easier to mix dough by hand, unfortunately. I didn’t gain anything there. As a mixer, however, it works well. I like the bag for the attachments. I would recommend this for a good mixer.

So the title pretty much sums it up. I bought a different mixer earlier on that was cheaper, but i had to return it because it was too heavy and ridiculously noisy. This thing whipped 3 eggs white stiff in about 3 minutes or so. Even my mom remarked that she was surprised at how quiet it is. It is compact and snazzy and i like all the attachments and the case. I haven’t used the dough hook, but the others work well. It is quite powerful in that it doesn’t seem to slow down just because the batter is thicker.

I have used kitchenaid products for years. I was replacing an older model hand mixer and opted for this more pricey model. I am very happy with it’s performance. Good ergonomics on the hand fit, very solid. The motor control at all levels is just what i was looking for. This mixer is intended for light-medium jobs or for mixing dough in small batches. I wouldn’t abuse any hand-held mixer doing a large batch of heavy dough. That’s where the kitchenaid countertop mixer comes in. This hand mixer is versatile and an indispensable kitchen tool.

  • Loved this mixer
  • Top of the line – just doesn’t get better!!!

KitchenAid KHM920A 9-Speed Hand Mixer candy apple red – With (Free Dough hooks, whisk, milk shake liquid blender rod attachment and accessory bag) Candy Apple Red

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Includes hand mixer, turbo beater accessories, liquid blender rod, dough hooks, whisk, and accessory bag
  • Locking swivel cord for easy right- or left-handed use
  • Beautiful candy apple red
  • Swivel cord

Well, i order this hand mixer to stop considering to long to make a bernaise sauce. If you ever made this sousa by hand you would understand the difficulties in the way. It needs to be mixt in a consistent and kind of slow motion way. This hand mixer does the job gracefully. Great bernaise come out, and wrist are fine.

Attachments are awesome she said.

Best hand mixer you’ll ever own. Bought this in lieu of the $200 stand mixer. Attachments are easy to use, came with a whisk and dough attachment. The on button starts the mixer at the lowest level. It’s slow enough to mix dry ingredients without sending them flying all over the place. The highest speed is really, really fast.

I’m going to sound like a curmudgeon but i liked old mixers better. I’m going to sound like a curmudgeon but i liked old mixers better. My old mixer required a plug into electric, pop on the blades, and select the speed with a click of the thumb. This one has a specific blade for each side, a turn on and off button and then arrow keys to increase/decrease the speed. I do love the dough hooks though. The mixer’s performance is excellent. I just find that i fumble when operating it. It matches my red appliance theme nicely – if that matters.

Loved this mixer, but 4 months after we bought it, we pulled it out to use it and it wouldn’t turn on – totally dead. We only used it half a dozen times or so. I called kitchenaid since it was past the 1 month return window for amazon. They are sending a replacement – they’re standing behind their product. The return is painless beyond the 20 minute wait on hold (high call volume over the holidays?). When the new mixer arrives, i put the old one in the same box and slap on the included return label. Their customer service rep was very helpful. My color (white) is on back order, but it should be here in 2-8 weeks. I could have had a different color shipped immediately, but didn’t want to change out.

Perfect – for my one special purpose + more. I have to admit my primary reason for buying this was to make milk shakes at home. I figure it can do a bunch of other stuff but so far i haven’t gone past making the perfect milk shake. I recently purchased the kitchenaid 5-speed hand blender, khb2561. After a milk shake comparison the hand blender (immersion blender) is relegated to mushroom soup and such. This stays on the top shelf ready for a shake at a moment’s notice. I use the liquid blender rod – long rod with round, white, circular piece at the bottom. It does a fine job at making a smooth milk shake with the coldest of ice cream. In comparison, the immersion blender makes a shake with more texture – that is less blending of the ice cream into the drink. Holding your finger down on the on/speed button ramps it up from off to speed 9 smoothly.

Replaced a hamilton beach hand mixer that, even on low, splattered liquid all over the kitchen. So i really appreciate the truly slow speed, motor is quiet, and seems to have a lot of power, even though i’ve only beat eggs so far. Package arrived on time and intact.

She absolutely loves the slow start and is amazed at how quiet the mixer operates even at higher. We purchased this for our daughter for christmas. She absolutely loves the slow start and is amazed at how quiet the mixer operates even at higher speeds. As you would expect with a kitchenaid product, this is a high quality product that we expect to last for years to come. No more having to turn off an overheating mixer due to a thick cookie dough. This mixer has no trouble handling any baking task. Highly recommend this product.

I do a fair amount of cooking as well, and it’s just as good as the old school type with slider switches. 1 year into ownership, and it’s holding up fine under light use.

Beautiful, but underpowered and poorly designed. . This is hands down the most disappointing small appliance purchase i have made in years. Based on favorable reviews on amazon, i bought the 9 speed because after 20+ years of baking with cheap mixers i decided to splurge and buy a kitchenaid. I have no idea what the good reviews are based on because in no way does this mixer deliver. I am a very experienced baker and i do not expect a hand mixer to be a stand mixer, but this item has so little power that my 20 year old 15 buck hand mixer outperforms it without any problem. I have a 30 buck oster mixer that is even better – it runs circles around this overpriced bit of eye candy. The “turbo beaters” are thin and cheap and the extra things that come with the mixer are even worse. They do come with a nice little bag to store the tools in. This item certainly appeals to the eye in every way. The lack of power is simply astonishing – it looks like a race car but runs like a chevette.

I love the kitchenaid 9 speed mixer. I first tried the 5 & 7 speed (non-digital) ones but they have a sliding finger control knob that would accidentally slide past setting 1 to the other settings. The digital display on this model fixes that problem. Also, the low start-up speed is nice and slow like it should be. I tried cuisinart and their low speed would ramp-up super fast when you first turn on the mixer before settling into it’s official 1st speed. I had flour flying everywhere. I also tried black & decker pro from walmart for $20 which had great reviews but it had a slow speed that was much too fast. I’m very happy with this mixer and hope to use it for years to come.

I bought the kitchen-aid 9 speed hand mixer with reservations because of the thin beaters. All previously owned hand mixers had wider beaters and i didn’t think this would mix as well as they had performed. I love the fact that you can start on speed 1 and no dry matter flies everywhere. Haven’t tried the other accesories yet, but if they work as well as the beaters, i am sure i will be pleased. Didn’t get the accessory bag with my order, but e-mailed them and they responded quickly and sent one out to me. Although i bought a reburbished mixer, i would definetly recommend any one who is trying to save at least 50% off original price to go for it. Mine was as new looking as a brand new one. Wouldn’t hesitate to buy another for a gift for friend or family member.

Reliable top quality, powerful and tasteful, effortless to run. My fifteen year old kitchen area assist mixer finally gave up the ghost in the course of a batch of chocolate chip cookies, so i dealt with myself to a new one. The value is properly really worth the excellent. I enjoy all the attachments, which come in a effortless pink silky bag that can be hung on a hook appropriate next to the mixer. I have not utilized them all still, but the beaters are the perfect size for the recipes i frequently use. I really like the come to feel in my hand, it is a properly balanced minor device. There’s a different button to launch the beaters, uncomplicated as can be, and i adore the velocity variety show. Excellent power, extremely smooth operation. The bright red coloration is pretty cheerful, as well.

Warning, you might receive a khm926er – no anxieties. This appears to be like a great minimal mixer which is now becoming crafted in the united states of america. However, will not be alarmed if you see you received a khm926. I called kitchen area assist this early morning and they advised me that this is the extremely newest model. I’m hoping the motor is nonetheless as great as the 1 marketed in the 920 product, but i have no way to tell. Kitchen area help shopper service claims it truly is the identical motor. There just isn’t a ‘digital display’ as indicated by several reviewers. I would get in touch with it additional of an led mild bar show. As you flip up the pace, yet another led lights in a horizontal row. I desire this fashion because it appears to be like it would hold up superior than some thing digital.

I was dissatisfied with the get the job done load this hand held mixer can. For a kitchen aid, i was unhappy with the work load this hand held mixer can do. My 20 calendar year old, cheaper model was way superior.

Fantastic mixer, good color – strong and tranquil. This kitchenaid hand mixer is a very potent and silent resource. It has nine configurations with a pace maximize that is gradual so if you overshoot your sought after velocity there is significantly less of a opportunity you will be wearing an apron/shirt complete of your meals. The dough attachment is alright, but it is not the most effective way to knead dough. Mine also came with a whisk attachment and the much more sturdy type of mixer attachments. Professionals:- the coloration is great- effective- clean ramp up however speeds- cord swivels for left/correct handed individuals or for outlet locationscons:- the electrical power change is relatively delicate- not a excellent dough kneader.

I acquired this kitchenaid hand mixer to exchange my outdated kitchenaid hand mixer. The previous one particular lasted over 40 several years and just lately commenced to give up the ghost. I new what i was obtaining before buying. My previous mixer only had five speeds so i’ve been enjoying the excess four speeds on the new just one. I use the mixer at least five periods a 7 days. I’m left-handed and i love the twine that helps make it user helpful for lefties and righties.

Take a kitchenaid stand mixer, get it aside, and make it easy to maintain, moveable to a pot on the stove, or a bowl to whisk and you have this very cleverly created mixer.

Cuisinart CH-4DC Elite Collection 4-Cup Chopper/Grinder – Small and Mighty Helper

Made use of this a dozen situations and nonetheless i problem with finding the system seated to be capable to use. It works grand for modest bathches and is one thing i can retail store, pick up and use. I way too previous to carry greater processor and do not want muddle on counters. This matches the ticket and i am receiving better at interlocking to use.

I experienced researched numerous choppers just before settling on this a single and i am so delighted i chose this merchandise. Are not able to say more than enough superior points about this chopper. I had a chopper from pampered chef that i genuinely favored but could not submerge the lid in water which was a soreness to clean up. Had been wanting for a scaled-down straightforward to clear chopper and this fits the bill. Just the right measurement not far too compact but not huge and cumbersome, will be leaving this out on the counter. Runs so clean and quiet, chops quickly and evenly with just a couple of pushes of the button and the best element was cleanse up, a breeze to throw in the sink or dishwasher. Great dimension for creating tuna salad, rooster salad, chopping onions, peppers or making salsa. Some choppers are so little you are not able to genuinely scrape the sides out but this is just the appropriate sizing for what i make typically. Couldn’t be happier with invest in.

I’m one of these who agonizes around appliance buys. I read epinions and amazon evaluations and any other specs and faqs i can find. This was not a big purchase (in conditions of outlay of revenue), but i required some thing a)effortless to assemble, b)uncomplicated to use, c)that does what it is supposed to do, and d)that is uncomplicated to clean up and set absent. This small unit does all that. It is just suitable for small work opportunities, and cuts rapidly. There is a compact learning curve — for me, in any case — i’ve had to understand when to use ‘pulse’ as opposed to a regular ‘chop’ to protect against substances from being floor much too modest. But total, a great little cook’s helper.Here are the specifications for the Cuisinart CH-4DC Elite Collection 4-Cup Chopper/Grinder:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • 4-cup chopper/grinder with simple touchpad control panel
  • Auto-reversing SmartPower blade provides sharp edge and blunt edge
  • BladeLock system keeps blade securely in place for safety.The blade needs to be pushed in and the lid should be locked properly for the item to turn on.
  • Spatula and recipe/instruction book included; dishwasher-safe parts
  • Measures 5-4/5 by 6-1/2 by 9-1/5 inches; limited 18-month warranty

This effective very little device is modest more than enough to preserve out on the kitchen area counter at prepared for getting ready salads, dips, soups, and just grating veggies or cheese. I own a single for my summer cottage and it is a serious time saver when i have a sudden picnic or celebration to prepare for with out substantially detect. It is straightforward to clean with a swish of soapy water and back to operate within just minutes on anything unique. It is light-weight plenty of for me to elevate and shop away in the cupboard. The only thing it does not do is to mix dough when it turns thick or rigid.

A few much more features and it would be fantastic. This is a straight ahead processor. Most points you use a meals processor for requires to be floor, or chopped. So, this is the great tool for most positions. And at this selling price it’s good. It will offer excellent even regularity. The delivered spatula is terrific for removing the contents simply, and it is quick to take aside and cleanse. The only matter that retains it from 5 stars are attributes. Either regular or out there by way of an accent kit.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • 4 years and going strong!
  • Wonderful unit. Easy to clean
  • a review of the product itself
  • Great little machine
  • I like it so far!
  • Great for small jobs

Cuisinart mini chopper rebiew. This is changing my to start with mini chopper by cuisinart. I preferred a larger bowl generally which this new a single holds four cups. I do like the actuality that the blade stays in the bowl when i eliminate the contents that i have chopped. It has a sweet sounding motor and not as noisy. The type has been updated and appears to be a lot more like the larger foodstuff processors.

Back again in the working day when the first cuisinart was released, i did retail outlet demonstrations for them, and a single of the points i loved to do was exhibit how it would really mince an unpeeled clove of garlic. But the capability then was all of six or 7 cups. Now that the capacities are so a lot greater, machines occur with lesser bowls that match within to deal with work opportunities like that. Maybe i have not learned to use them appropriately, but those excess bowls strike me as a agony in the neck–especially because the greater bowls by some means control to get soiled anyway. So this small man now handles the smaller stuff–an onion, garlic, contemporary herbs, smoothing cottage and product cheese, chopping nuts and chocolate. It functions very well more than enough, and is simple to thoroughly clean. My only criticism is the sound. Challenging goods like nuts and chocolate are astoundingly loud for various long seconds till they’ve been chopped into more compact bits. Just after that, it can be high-quality–the motor sounds is about ordinary for a kitchen chopping/mixing appliance.

The color is ‘die-cast’– the overall body of this equipment is plastic. I was a little bit let down by that. Overall look apart, this chopper works incredibly effectively. 1 of the to start with things i utilised this for was pesto. The best outcomes for the texture i was following was to alternate in between the chop and grind settings. It was a little bit difficult aligning the lid at very first, but following a handful of positions, it was quick. Because then i’ve used it for loads of smaller chopping employment. Chopping nuts–you may want to do some take a look at batches to figure out which placing is suitable for your recipe, but you can get the final results you want if you get the job done in scaled-down batches. Liquid will not leak from the lid or spray out of the modest holes in the prime (enjoy all those for drizzling oil into the function bowl). A person flaw i have uncovered with some little choppers is the operation of the buttons: some call for much too a lot force, and others have been finicky. The blade lock is also a great element. At 1st i thought it was annoying, but then i could see the wisdom of locking the blade in put if you consider the do the job-bowl off of the motor base to vacant the operate bowl. Even if you change the bowl upside down, the blade is locked in location. The four-cup dimension is perfect for most of the day to day cooking jobs i use it for.

It is smaller, the bowl has first rate ability, the motor is sturdy, a lock holds the blade to the bowl, it seems pleasant, and the die cast model (cuisinart ch-4dc elite collection 4-cup chopper/grinder, die cast) has a strong metallic foundation. It also has membrane keys so humidity are not able to get in by the switches. In shorter: it is really one particular tricky device. And it is smaller ample that you can shake it when in use to get ingredients shifting about quicker. I have built massive batches of thai curry — ample for twelve rooster thighs with sauce filling a 14-inch wok. The device breezed as a result of it: chunks of ginger, lemongrass, garlic cloves, and peppercorns?. A single nice function a few persons have pointed out: the grind button operates the blade backward to whack components with the backs of the blades. A several chop-grind-chop cycles and i had a huge batch of incredibly smooth and flavorful curry no ginger fibers or large chunks still left anywhere. There is one downside: it is a bit loud. If you have a huge kitchen and are seeking to invest in the pro chef graphic, if you are sensitive to noise, or if you are a caterer, this isn’t really your device. Having said that, if you cook dinner usually at property and do not are living in a mansion, this is your machine: it will take up tiny counter place, performs very well, and appears to be like fantastic executing it.

A excellent tiny food processor. If you happen to be on the lookout for a little food items processor, this is the one particular to get. Its 4 cup capability will make it substantial more than enough to deal with little-to-medium responsibilities, making it possible for you far more solutions than scaled-down 2-to-three cup food items processors. Foodstuff does not spill out of the cup when transfering it from the motor base. It does not choose up much area possibly. Commit a couple pounds extra realizing it will be well worth it in the extended operate.

Fantastic chopper – be thorough with the lid. Prosi use this nearly day-to-day. It is really the fantastic dimension for very little tasks in the kitchen. Size, straightforward to clean up and dishwasher safe and sound- in comparison to my massive massive food processor, which will take up a good deal of time to clean, the cuisinart elite chopper matches blade and all, proper into the dishwasher and requires up quite minimal house. Evenly chopped foods- it produces evenly chopped garlic, fresh herbs, nuts, and purees just about anything at all. Since of the measurement of the bowl, objects really don’t stop up staying chopped into large, uneven chunks and little very little particles at the exact same time which is what the major equipment does when there are tiny quantities of some thing to chop. Easy to management sizing of chopped foodstuff- also, with the reverse characteristic, it is significantly much easier to command the size of the close product (big chunks to smaller) and they come out evenly as very long as it is not overfilled. Sometimes it’s most effective to chop things in batches. Motor- in comparison to the former kitchenaid chef collection foodstuff three cup choppers we owned which had 3 motors that burned up in two years. So significantly the cuisinart has experienced no motor complications (owned this one particular for in excess of a calendar year).

Fantastic alternative for an day to day kitchen helper and for making your favored snacks. I am section of a three man or woman loved ones. I do not do a lot of entertaining but i do prepare dinner a good deal at property for the family. So i was wanting for a compact food processor. Aside from not needing a even bigger one on a day by day foundation, i wanted to conserve home, and i am more apt to use some thing that is modest and uncomplicated to disassemble, clean up, and assemble all over again. I rapidly found that for what i was hunting at there are 3 and four cup preps accessible. I discarded the three cup as just as well smaller especially when you look at you never want to fill the cup all the way on either side when processing. Also the 4 cup ones took up barely a lot more space. I made the decision on a cuisinart mainly because of several past beneficial ordeals. I was not disappointed at all.

I have been employing it for a tiny around a year to prep my son’s baby food items. We generally utilised it for purees for a pair of months and now for food items prep. It is the best minor chopper – it does what it says and correctly. It is just appropriate on the countertop for a tiny kitchen. The only other than is that it smells unusual soon after a although. I think its the crevice less than the chopper blade. I have attempted soaking it in eco-helpful non-bleach bleach, soapy hot h2o. It basically does not get rid of the smell.

This lil 4-cup foods processor has been a workhorse in excess of the earlier four yearswhen i very first purchased this, four many years back, it was the only foodstuff processor i had. My complete favourite issue to make is chocolate coated katie’s cookie dough dip, which if you are acquainted with cck, her recipes call for a meals processor.That was my major purpose for purchasing thisthe recipe has chickpeas and it is one hundred% needed to use a meals processor to be certain that the chickpeas are completely pureed and blended. It would destroy the natural beauty of the recipe if you experienced chunks of chickpeas in your pseudo cookie dough. Katie herself takes advantage of a cuisinart food stuff processor so when i went to study for myself i started off with cuisinart. I was dwelling on my individual in a little apartment- so that and price range at the time is why i selected the scaled-down, 4-cup foodstuff processor. A few of a long time ago, i was gifted a cuisinart seven cup foodstuff processor which i use for even larger foods and recipes. But when it will come time to make cookie dough, i pull out my lil 4-cup onei have found that the engine appears to be to tire additional effortlessly, in particular if there is not ample liquid in the recipe, and it has to do the job more difficult to chop the substances.

Cuisinart does not disappoint. Just after studying for months in how to make homemade peanut butter i determined a food processor would be the most value efficient route. My following target was to slim down models and then drill down on types. I decided to go with the cuisinart die cast model since i felt it would be strong enough for grinding peanuts. Let me inform you that it did not disappoint. No for a longer time do i have to make the 20 mile trek to the organic meals retail store. I can lastly make peanut butter at house.

Great for toddler foodstuff, nuts or everything else you have to have to chop or grind a more compact amount of money of. With this you will not have to haul out the major foods processor. You have to be mindful, tho, as the past one particular i experienced, just after a long time of use, the blade broke off and came through the plastic. Failed to know that was achievable. I should include that when my daughter was producing infant food items, from time to time she would forget about to put the blade in very first and she would attempt to press the blade by way of the foods. Generally make certain that if you fail to remember to put the blade in, take out the food stuff, place the blade in, then set the foods in so you are not placing tension on the blade.

Good value and utility for a primary foodstuff processor. I at first noticed this solution by using a williams-sonoma advert, but it turns out amazon’s selling price was even more affordable than their marketed profits price tag. For an individual who isn’t an qualified chef willing to invest a ton on kitchen area products and solutions, but still enjoys time in the kitchen, this is a wonderful solution at a superior cost. It is really easy to shop, but however has a respectable cup/storage dimensions for foodstuff. It really is greatest for compact batches or smaller dishes if you are on the lookout for some thing to tackle much larger employment, you may well want to upgrade to a greater potential processor. But for most matters that have to have a food processor, this does the trick. The features are uncomplicated and essentially all you need to have in a food items processor. I’ve made use of this for homemade tomato sauces, dips and also for chopping vegetables or creating breadcrumbs. It can be uncomplicated to thoroughly clean, simple to store, and quick to use. Moreover, the diecast steel finish appears to be good.

I do have the comprehensive measurement variation of this and i reside it, but pulling it out and cleansing is a pain. I bought this scaled-down model primarily for newborn meals. It can be smaller ample that i can depart it on the counter and cleanup is rather straightforward as there are only three items. For usual coking needs it will never substitute my fill size, generally simply because it would not have a cheese grater or slicing blade but for day to day use like chopping fruits or veggies, this does the trick.

Simple to thoroughly clean, effortless to use and impressive. This is my mini-meals processor, and it will work wonderfully and takes up really tiny room. I even make my possess mayonnaise now mainly because it is just about as effortless as acquiring it, is a total whole lot more affordable and tastes significantly far better. I have chopped nuts, creamed butter into dough and even produced perfect new bread crumbs. Did i mention that it truly is straightforward to thoroughly clean?.

Small but highly effective, nicely developed. I must say up front that, in basic, i like to chop points by hand. But there are moments when a processor is better. I had a greater 1 for decades, and disliked the 3-portion leading, how hefty it was to transfer, and how irritating it all was to cleanse. This one is little, and so mild my initial perception was that the motor was missing()–but it was not, and this each grinds and chops as powerfully as its greater cousins. I particularly really like remaining able to raise it, fully assembled, out of under-cabinet storage with a person hand. I also love the ‘blade lock’ which retains the blade in the bowl though it truly is remaining emptied–no far more acquiring to clean up out the bowl to get the blade back again in for extra processing, no far more cleaning the blade due to the fact it fell out into the bowl of other elements. The dimension is easy to stash absent, but appears to be like great on the counter, with no becoming in the way.

I bought this since of a recommendation from america’s check kitchen area or cook’s place, i don’t recall. Anyway, i essential a mini food stuff processor in addition to the large 1 i have. This a single supposedly had an open up feed tube that i could drizzle oil into for building mayo. Visualize my disappointment when i located out that the ‘open feed tube’ was essentially two compact holes in the lid that i could drizzle liquids in. It will work good but you just have to drizzle the oil into the drizzle holes on top rated or you are going to over-movement the feed tube.