AKDY Freestanding Wine Cooler – Works great right out of the box and is very quiet

I set it on 58 deg f and fill it with wine.

Works perfectly,fits really great in our apartment. The light is not at all distracting but it can be turned off anyway if it is distracting to anything. 5 months so far and it works great. I will update if i experience issues.

I was a hesitant to order this wine cooler as it had no amazon reviews. However, i went ahead and took a chance on it, as it was so reasonably priced ($299. When it came i was pleasantly surprised at the high quality of its build, better than advertised, and it functions really well. I have had it about a month now, and it is quiet, keeps the temperature right where the digital read-out says it is, and looks great in the room. It came with a one-year warranty, and i’m assuming that, like most other products of this nature, if it doesn’t mess up during the first year, it will last well beyond that. I can find no flaws in its build, i’ll let you know if something happens.

Very good product for the price.

Now that i’ve had the product for a few i can write a comprehensive review. Pros:the product itself came in good condition and was easy to set up. Its small enough to fit almost anywhere. It is aesthetically pleasing. Controls are simple, up and down arrows. It also has a nice blue ambient glow to it. The cons: although it can be set to 50 degrees it never gets that cool. Because of its size i assumed it could take large bottles but just not many of them. Instead it can only hold a small 750ml wine bottle( a little shorter then the length of two iphone 8s stacked on one another for our millennials) or smaller.

It arrived on time & so far it is working great – it is very quit & doesn’t take up too much space.

  • I love my wine fridge
  • Will not fit large bottles of wine
  • Nice cooler.

This is not a fridge, so don’t expect it to cool your wine way down. This is a red wine chiller and it maintains your wine at a very nice temperature. Pair this with some fancy glasses and a nice pourer and get ready to impress your friends.

As described well worth the money.

This was a gift for daughter-in-law. She loves it as she is a red wine enthusiast. Works great right out of the box and is very quiet.

I am very happy with this cooler. I took the racks out as i am using it to store upright bottles of white wine, pellegrino, vodka, and tonic water. I keep it at the lowest setting, 50 degrees, and for me, that is the perfect temperature. It runs quietly and i see some people complained about the plastic smell but that dissipates after a few days.

Started out working flawlessly. After several months the motor is much louder and sounds like its going to expire any minute. It does keep an accurate steady temp and looks great on our counter. Just disappointed in the loud motor after just a few months.

It would not fit under a regular height kitchen cabinet. I have mine sitting on a desk in the kitchen. I wish you could turn the light of on the display, it’s really bright and always on. I feel is a waste of energy. I love how the drawers (3) pull out so you don’t have pull each bottle out to choose one.

I have had this wine fridge for almost three months now and i couldn’t be happier with it. Looks great on my counter and works perfectly.

Perfect size and i love the led display and controls for temperature.

I have this on our countertop in the kitchen.

Very nice for the price compared to similar products.

Perfect under the counter size. Much colder than my previous wine frig, love the led temperature.

Great looking and very quiet wine cooler. Fat bottles are a tight fit but they get in their. Sometimes it works better if you alternate with some of the bottle tops in the back. That way the fat parts of the bottle are not right next to each other. Regular wine bottle fit in their without any problem. Super price for what you get.

I gave thius as a christmas present for my daughter. The temp stays true to the setting and it’s compact enough to fit on a small space.

Koolatron 45-Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cellar, nice wine cellar

I am pretty disappointed in this product. First, when i unboxed it the package had already been cut around the bottom (as if it was a return that was re-shipped. I decided that if the factory checked it out, it must be ok and put it into service. Well it works as a cooler just fine but it is annoyingly noisy every time the unit ‘runs’. We’ll see how long it lasts.

Looks great and is super quiet. Keeps nice consistent cool temperature.

Have not had any problems with this wine fridge in over 4 months. Led lights are bright and very blue. Instant topic of conversation when guests are over.

Key specs for Koolatron 45-Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cellar:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 45-bottle capacity. Cooling chambers can be set at different temperatures. Dark interior.
  • Soft interior light. Removable wine racks. Electronic temperature control.
  • Model: WC45. Imported.

Comments from buyers

“Very satisfied with this product
, I love this wine cellar
, holds everything pretty well. fatter bottles (syrah or prosecco) are limited

We love that there is separate temperature controls for the white and the red wine.

This is a very nice looking cooler, and it cools the wine bottles. However, neither section of mine achieves a temperature any lower than 54 degrees. Also, it does not hold 45 bottles unless all of them are the slim round-shouldered type such as bordeaux or sauvignon blanc. Since most of us keep a variety of wines on hand that come in bottles of different sizes, describing it as a 45 bottle cooler is misleading.

This is a very beautiful and quiet wine cooler. However it’s disappointing that it doesn’t fit all the bottles it says it would. We have normal cab bottles and they don’t all fit.

Had smaller one that coat more and could it keep the white wines cold enough. This one works great and the dual zone works as advertised.Our last one died after 2 year and we need it fast. Regular shipping had it here in 5 days and we got it in 3 days which rocked. My wife was stoked how fast it came in to save our wines. I was a hero for buying this one.

Easily set up and working well.

Able to fit bottles as i wanted.

Very nice appealing look besides great storage capacity.

Not as pretty or as spacious in the interior as my old vinotemp, but seems to be humming along very nicely. Quiet, well lit and the separate temp sections for reds and whites are an added plus.

Great price great product delivered right away.

Pulling shelf out kind of clunky and not very stable. Its compressor is noticeable when on. Temperature are accurately maintain in both compartment.

Very satisfied with this product. Both chambers work well and cool to their respective target temperatures. The only aspects holding back from a five star review:- the wire wine racks are a bit narrow, designed for classic wine bottle shape. Thicker bottles (think your bell shaped pinot noir and chardonnay bottles, or expensive cabernets bottled in thick glass) are tougher to fit five (5) bottles per row. – wine fridge isn’t entirely quiet. It puts off some white noise, but nothing overly bothersome or noticeable. Excellent product for the price. Won’t fit under a counter top, but fits well into narrow spaces, has good capacity for a dual-zone wine fridge and performs as advertised.

Just wish i could make it a little colder.

First, i have never seen anything so well packed. The actual carton that contained the wine cellar was packed inside another very sturdy carton and all four corners were cushioned by heavy foam packing, as well as both the top and bottom. Inside the actual product container, there was styrofoam packing around the wine cellar itself. The shelves/racks were taped into place so they couldn’t shift around, the aluminum trim was protected by plastic film, the doors were taped shut, and there were styrofoam blocks keeping the doors from shifting any. I plugged the cooler in and placed a refrigerator thermometer inside, checked it 12 hours later and the top portion (set at 62 degrees) was spot on. Placed the thermometer inside the bottom portion (set at 52 degrees) and the thermometer registered 52 degrees. (note: give or take a degree on way or the other in case my eye sight was a little off. )have had the wine cellar for 5 days now and have found it to be quiet in operation as well. I will post again in a month or two with an update but so far i am very pleased and i’m a grumpy old curmudgeon.

Holds everything pretty well. Fatter bottles (syrah or prosecco) are limited to 4 shelf, but that’s no surprise.

Took a little effort to get it level but very happy with purchase. Like most units it only hold 45 bottles of all bottles are standard cabernet bottles. I can fit mid-30s for total bottles having a few syrah, pinot noir and other wines in the mix.

It is a bit louder than i would like but no worse that any decent refrigerator.

So far it’s worked perfectly. I have it actually in my living room currently, and i can’t hear it.

My girlfriend was very happy with the wine cellar.

Been working beautifully since we got it a couple months ago. Very happy with the purchase.

Consider this a quick pre-review. My wife got one of these, she was specifically looking for a thermoelectric wine fridge. While the unit seems ok it is not thermoelectric (or at least not only thermoelectric). It has a normal compressor and makes about as much noise as a small (dorm-room type) refrigerator — i can hear it in the next room (but that room is all tile and this one is hardwood). No where in the documentation does it claim to be thermoelectric, i suppose it’s possible they use a mix of conventional and thermoelectric cooling and just don’t mention it, but that seems unlikely. I think it’s much more likely that this was a typo on the part of whoever listed the item. (the same company makes a smaller wine fridge that is thermoelectric, maybe they started by copying & editing that listing, etc. ) but if you’re specifically looking for a thermoelectric (completely silent, highly efficient, vibration free) wine refrigerator, this unit is not one of those. (i work with thermoelectric coolers on stuff i build at work, so i have some idea what i’m saying. ) that’s not to say it’s a bad unit, larger wine refrigerators like this usually aren’t thermoelectric, it’s difficult to get enough cooling power from them for a fridge this size.

It replaces a magic chef 44 bottle dual zone wine fridge that developed compressor issues following other problems, so it was time for a new one. I wanted a dual zone model as i store white wines and craft beer bottles. I also wanted a moderately large one as there are a couple of wines and beers not available where i live so i tend to stock up. This koolatron seemed to fit the bill after a lot of research. Pluses:i like the tall, narrow size. It’s perfect for where i wanted it. The black glass and brushed metal look is attractive. It arrived much quicker than promised. It does hold my taller bottles (gewurztraminers, reislings, etc. The interior lights (one each for top and bottom sections) are effective and easy to control. The controls are handy, intuitive, and activated through a touch panel on the top front of the unit.

Wine Enthusiast 18-Bottle Touchscreen Wine Refrigerator : A recommended add to your wine collection!

This is the perfect small space wine cooler. I’m not sure what others were saying about noise, but it maybe has a little purr, but nothing offensive. Fits all of our bottles including pinot noir and holds the temps we set. Such a joy to be able to just pull the bottle we want and still have my regular fridg with room for food.

No issues with delivery or quality of product so far. Dual zones seem to work well. We don’t have the unit in a main area where people normally are but if we did it might be a problem. You should consider that when purchasing.

Wine Enthusiast 18-Bottle Touchscreen Wine Refrigerator (Slimline – 2-Temp)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • A thermoelectric, energy-efficient, CFC-free wine cooler. ETL approved.
  • Two zones: top holds 10 bottles, bottom holds 8. 7 pull-out chrome shelves. Exterior digital touchscreen with temperature display
  • Touch Screen Top Zone adjustable temperature range of 54-66°F provides ideal storing conditions for reds and whites
  • Touch Screen Bottom Zone adjustable temperature range of 46-66°F provides ideal storing conditions for reds and whites, and optimum serving conditions for most whites Exterior digital touchscreen with temperature display
  • 18-bottle capacity***Note: Shelving is meant to hold standard Bordeaux size bottles, using larger size bottles may limit the capacity. If you would like to store larger bottles you can easily remove any of the shelves. This will also prevent scraping the labels on the larger bottles.

Very we’ll built feels and looks sturdy. Works great , looks very clean line. Looks better in person (not so black a bit more mirrored or glass like.

I love this dual control wine chiller.

Having read some of the negative comments about the noise coming from the fridge, i was a little hesitant to make this purchase. I have had this for 5 days now and it is so quiet that i don’t notice anything different from before. Living in a studio, my bed is about 15 feet from this fridge and it has not bothered me at all. The only thing to note (and i may have missed reading this) is that there are spots for 10 bottles that will be kept at a lower temperature for white wines, and a space for 8 for reds. If you are a red wine drinker and drink a few whites, you might want to consider getting a different fridge.

Wine Enthusiast 18-Bottle Touchscreen Wine Refrigerator (Slimline – 2-Temp) : I risked trying this out as i’ve used wine enthusiast coolers in the past. The reviews were not wrong, it is certainly not silent and i’d go as far to say it’s not even quiet. I placed this in my living room which is close to my kitchen and it’s as loud or louder than my regular fridge. I think if you can get past the constant hum it would be perfectly fine. It’s just not what i want from a wine fridge.

I still rent, so i did want something that would increase useable counter space as well as keeping resale value if i move. It is super quiet and slick with an 18 bottle capacity, which is not too many nor few. I looked at 6/12 or then 24/36, so this is a nice in between.

I bought this in november 2013. The bottom is still chilling, but the upper compartment stopped chilling. It did the job well until it failed. It has a nice look – pretty much inconspicuous in the corner of the dining room. I never really used the pull out feature of the shelves. I just pulled the bottle right out. I might have had a couple of instances where the bottle was a bit too big, but not so much that it really stuck in my mind. If you do not mind having to replace it every 4 years or so, it is a good choice. At least it wasn’t one of the $800 models.

Just like the last few reviews, i spent hours researching this little bugger last december. I did let it stand upright over night before plugging in too. The boyfriend was extremely happy when he opened this on christmas and he has had it stocked ever since. No problem with the temperature controls and we live in phoenix. So happy i picked this model and we still get compliments all the time. It is set up in the man cave next to the beer fridge and we never hear any noises from it.

I have had it for about a year and it is holding up great. The summer was very trying for this little fridge as we do not keep the ac on during the day when we are not home and it gets very hot (high 80s and 90s easily). When the ambient temp is so hot, the fridge works constantly but cant keep up – which was expected. In the instructions (yes, i read those cover to cover :)) they state that it cannot keep temps lower then 30 degrees below the ambient, i. If its 90 in the room the coolest the fridge can theoretically get is 60. Anyways, i am overall happy with it. The one down side is that the fan is very loud. It is in a 25×14 area, i sit about 10′ from it, the tv is on and it is still noticeable if you pay attention. It will not drown out the tv but it will be in the background. I clean it regularly, so thats not a problem. I guess its just the way it is. I can tolerate it but i live on a very busy street, in nyc metro, so i am used to a lot of background noise. In fact, i can’t even fall sleep if its too quiet :d.

I read that others were having issues with noise and temperature control for this unit. I have had mine about 2 weeks now and it is holding a steady temp in both compartments and i have had no noise whatsoever, it runs very quietly. I have it placed in my dining room where i eat my meals so i would have noticed any noise. The manufacturer may have taken the noise complaints to heart and improved the product. Be aware that there is a new unit that ships with a new shelving system that allows a few opened bottles to be stood upright. I don’t have this newest model so cannot comment on it. I use a vacuum sealer so laying open bottles in the racks has not been an issue. I am very pleased with this unit. Shipping was superfast as well under prime.

Size, appearance and functionality are good but i would have liked instructions regarding wine temperatures for the unit.

I have received a lot of positive comments about this product from friends. I did have one concern with it upon removing it from the box. There is a significant sized dent on the back corner. There was no sign of damage to the box, so i’m assuming it happened before the product was packaged. Fortunately, the dented corner is out of sight because that corner of the fridge is facing a corner of the room. Other reviews commented that this wine fridge is ‘loud’. There is a low hum when it is running, but it’s hardly noticeable if you’re not paying attention. If you really want something that is silent, this might not be the product for you.

I bought this over a year ago and everything works great. You have to remember to clean out dust filters on the back, or it will start making noise. The only reason it did not get 5 stars was that i can never remember which temperature display is for the top and which one is for the bottom. There should be some type of marking.

Mine just died after 3 years & 4 months. It certainly looked nice but i would have been happier with it if it was able to ever achieve its coldest setting in either top or bottom zone. Now that i’m shopping to replace it, i won’t be reordering this.

But really can’t do the job in summer time, unless your ac is on in the hot days. But i still like to give high marks. It look nice, very low noise, and it operates as advertised. Almost a year past by, no problem yet.

So far it is keeping temperatures exactly as set. It is not silent, but very quiet- much quieter than a refrigerator. It came well protected and nicely packed. Pros: attractive exterior design quiet accurate temperature regulationcons: champagne bottles do not fit well, as they have larger diameter than wine bottles separate doors for top and bottom would have been nice.

I looked at a lot of wine fridges on line but at the end i really felt like none were perfect. We bought this one because of its shape and it fit nicely next to our large desk. When we first got it it made a not-so-quiet humming sound. Then the sound went away and we were happy about that. But then the humming sound returned and remains to this day. When it’s the only thing on we definitely hear it. Since we are at work during the day and the morning is rushed we put it on a timer so that it shuts off between 5:00 pm to 10:30 pm – during dinner and tv time (or if we just want to read in peace and quiet). We don’t open the door when it’s off and the temperature doesn’t rise inside the fridge much at all. It sucks when we are home during the day or on weekends though.

I absolutely love this refrigerator. It looks sleek and very modern, it was a great addition to my living room. Some people were complaining about the noise, which is correct, there is a constant humming noise you can hear, but it doesn’t bother me, since it’s very quiet. I don’t think there is a wine refrigerator out there that’s completely silent. It’s sold by netrush, and i have to give them props. Their customer service is amazing. I got the order very quickly, it was less than a week. However, the shelf system was different from what i was told. I called netrush, they apologized and informed me that the maker, wine enthusiast gave them incorrect information. It was really just an honest misunderstanding, no big deal.

Well made, hope it works, i gave it as a gift.

This is exactly what i was looking for. Two temperature compartments – very slim and affordable. The product arrived on time and is very good looking. There are little blue led lights inside you can turn on at night and it looks very cool. We have it in our cabin where room is limited but it would look good in any setting- even ‘posh’. The front has a mirrored look except if the interior lights are turned on at night. The bottom half remains dark even with the lights on. The legs are adjustable for leveling. The touchscreen temperature control is easy to use and is illuminated.

After reading the reviews, i decided to order it. It fits in tight spaces, its quiet and 18 bottles is plenty. Even for the wine maker himself.

AKDY 18 Bottle Single Zone Thermoelectric Freestanding Wine Cooler Cellar Chiller Refrigerator Fridge Quiet Operation, Great value wine cellar!

18 compact bottles–cheapest temp 50 degreesnot a pretty great wine cooler .

It really is awesome and i like it but it is so loud.

Key specs for AKDY 18 Bottle Single Zone Thermoelectric Freestanding Wine Cooler Cellar Chiller Refrigerator Fridge Quiet Operation:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Electronic touchpad for precise temperature control with LED display
  • Adjustable temperature control provides the perfect environment for your wine
  • Low energy consumption and efficient advanced heat dissipation
  • Thermoelectric fan cooling system reduces noise and vibration
  • 1 year Parts Warranty against manufacture defects

Comments from buyers

“It is a great cooler. The only reason I didn’t give it , Works well! Soso, see note, Great little fridge. Quiet, accurate, and looks good.”

We like it just wish it had a little more room beteen shelves.

I enjoy the seem of the wooden with the black and that it is fully silent. This was a major priority for me as i stay in a studio and am a light-weight sleeper. I do desire i could change off the light-weight display with the temperature as it provides yet another blue mild to my space at night time. Minus a single star simply because when i initially purchased this merchandise it arrived damaged. The hinge for the doorway was cracked. It obviously experienced been a previous return because when i gained the replacement it was packaged so significantly much better. The device experienced been set in two padded bins and the shelves were being all secured with twist ties (the initially a single failed to have any of this). Either way, amazon was fantastic about initiating the return and i am pleased with the substitution.

So considerably it has been doing work well, and it is quite quiet. It is not deep plenty of for some of the wine bottles, and you simply cannot simply insert bottles with no pulling the tray out.

Functions very properly, and can maintain 18 bottles of wine. On the other hand i use it for my chocolate as it reaches the ideal temperature to keep chocolate and other goodies. You can use it to ferment cheese and other cured meats as well. It takes advantage of really tiny electricity, and i use a photo voltaic panel and battery pack to power it. Is effective nicely in the warmth as properly.

Really nice, but have to check out it when you pull out the drawers.

The distance involving each layer is far too tiny. Challenging to put wine in or get out. Minor sounds than i believed.

Changed an older wine cooler that unsuccessful. This one particular can accommodate odd shaped wine bottles.

Delighted with this has explained.

Is effective great for my little collections.

Love the way the shelves slide out and even the odd sizes bottles fit with no probem.

This has worked for a pair of months for me so considerably. It is pretty easy to use and does what it is intended to.

Suppliers the quantity of bottles it claims and temperature seems to be on position.

Loved it quite awesome wooden cabinets.

Bottles are cooled and that is great (+1). The area in there is a tiny tight so that when you pull a tray out, the trays earlier mentioned and beneath can also shift out. The light-weight is weak and only lights the first two rows (no huge deal). The fan is on all the time but it is quiet. Savoring cooled reds is essential although, so i give it four stars. The unit was on for 4 months and tonight, undesirable news. Not great, not room temp, warm. I unplugged, waited and plugged it back. Having one particular star out, if it transpires all over again, will request replacement.

I experienced a 2008 vintage wine enthusast model that i experienced rebuilt about 5 situations and was on its last legs. I acquired this as a alternative. It has only been in support a week, but so much it is wonderful. It was uncomplicated to set up and came appropriate up. It is incredibly quiet and dissappates much fewer heat than the previous device. The shelves are excellent for bordeaux bottles but will also fit chardonnay bottles with no trouble. The only hack i had to do was to cut down the brightness of the temperature readout. A little piece of static cling window tinting and it is great. I established the temperature at fifty five and just calculated it at 55 with a digital thermometer so, it appears to be to operate really precisely. We use this for holding wine that we transfer from the cellar up into the home.

This wine cellar is excellent for a person who desires to commence cellaring their wines, but isn’t ready to devote countless numbers and hundreds of bucks on a device. Truth of the matter be told i acquired a used edition from amazon for a a lot lower cost but that getting reported it was a minor banged up and there had been some beauty issues with the unit. That all becoming mentioned the cooling system performs perfectly, it is really truly quiet, and it retains temperature.

Works perfectly, keeps the desired temperature (i use an independent thermometer to monitor it). The space between the shelves could be larger, but it is sufficient to accommodate even a few porto bottles, which are wider than the average wine bottle.

The only rationale i did not give it five stars is since you have to open the doorway all the way or you are unable to move the racks out. This gets to be a trouble if you never have enough house on the proper aspect for opening the door.

Tremendous light excess weight and will work like a attraction.

Wooden shelving is kind of difficult to slide in and out of but overall it fits nicely under my work desk.

AKDY Electronic 32 BTL Wine Cooler Cellar Chiller Adjustable Control AZ31EC, Great wine cooler

I purchased this cellar immediate through akdy, not amazon. The cellar will work well for storing wine in the mid fifty degree array. I have the unit in a cooler element of the house to enable me get to that aim, because the inside temperature of the cellar is reliant of the exterior ambient temperature. I established the thermostat about 57 or 58 to manage a fifty five diploma tempreture. This is not a refrigerator, and is just not meant to continue to keep white wines as cold as probable, as a further reviewer has complained about. And as has been reported, it will not hold 32 bottles if you are storing broader bottles of cabernet sauvignon and syrahs. Nevertheless, it works really perfectly for me.

Akdy wine cooler has a fantastic style and design, comparable to much a lot more costly manufacturers and models. The shelfs spacing and depth fits most bottles of each pink and white. The only downside with this cooler is that the supporters are a minimal noisy and they run incredibly regularly, this could come from the reality that the temperature sensor jumps up and down five-6 degrees amongst just about every reading. If the censoring was far more stable this would be a good wine cooler for the average wine enthusiast.

This is a wonderful wine cooler that retains 32 bottles as explained. Good quality and it seems to be beautiful in our residence. Adore that you are ready to control the temp and the blue mild within is a pleasant function when you transform it on.

Key specs for AKDY Electronic 32 BTL Wine Cooler Cellar Chiller Adjustable Control AZ31EC:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Electronic touchpad for precise temperature control with LED display
  • Adjustable temperature control provides the perfect environment for your wine
  • Thermoelectric fan cooling system reduces noise and vibration
  • Low energy consumption and efficient advanced heat dissipation
  • Tempered glass door with attractive recessed handle, 16.2WX31.7HX21D

Comments from buyers

“For the homebrewer, Excellent unit for the Price, Roomy and reliable”

After a good deal of research i purchased this device. As a cooler for wine storage, it has worked properly for around two a long time. My one particular piece of advice is that it really is important that you leave a excellent two-four inches of unobstructed space all around the device, mainly because the thermo-electrics deliver heat and it desires to exhaust. The most irritating point about this cooler is the plastic scent within the unit that arrives and goes, but it really is workable. It does not have humidity control, so i place a tray of water inside it. It truly is greatest for slimmer bottles (riesling, muscadet), but can keep about 30 regular bottles. In excess of all, it truly is a really primary, thermo-electric powered device, but it does the trick and is a excellent worth.

The only con is the sounds this variety (thermoelectric) of cooler tends to make. It arrived in best problem and now the execs. The price was right, the feet are adjustable so it truly is straightforward to amount on uneven floors, the sliding stainless steel shelves maintain just about every style of bottle i have even the greater pinot noirs with no getting to jam them in. I did get out the base shelve to set in the several bottles of champagne. It seems to hold an even temperature and the blue led light-weight is a nice highlight. The pros outweigh the con so, immediately after driving myself ridiculous reading through reviews on so lots of other coolers, i think this ended up as rather good option.

Huge financial savings around regional suppliers, bought other stuff from akdy and often greatest good quality for the rate, added ikea feet to base so it looked constructed-in.

I read through the assessments, which ended up perfectly created and beneficial, prior to acquiring this cooler. Some of the assessments were being pretty destructive with regard to the temperature variations from best to bottom of the cooler. There is a noticable change to the touch, nevertheless, this isn’t a $1200 device with a compressor. If you want to age and keep expensive wines build a walkin wine celler (for 1000’s of pounds) or devote $1200 to $2500 for a significant wine fridge. For the price this one is satisfies all my expectations, therefore the five star score. Two times following getting this device i was at costco and picked up one more 36 bottle unit. That device has a compressor so it cools superior. The downside, it is noisy as opposed to this a person. So, determine what is most crucial, cooling or silent.

This is a superior wine cooler for my requirements. It is incredibly peaceful and appears to be like really good. My preliminary effect is that some of my more time wine bottles may perhaps not be able to in good shape, but i was able to near the doorway without staying blocked by all those lengthier bottles. The cooler only goes down to forty six levels, which may be a trouble for a good deal of white wine drinkers who like their wine as cold as doable.

The inside temperature does not match what the device shows. My 1st device confirmed the temperature as fifty five degrees. I analyzed the inside temperature with two distinct thermometers and verified the temperature to be sixty five levels, 10 degrees from what the device shown. Amazon was quick to offer me with a different device as i was not happy with this change, having said that, the new unit however demonstrates a change of 5 levels. The inner temperature stayed regular, but for all those who never confirm the true temperature can be storing their wine at a total distinctive temperature than sought after.

Right before getting this wine cooler, i study via most of the reviews. As lots of mentioned, it is rather responsible in retaining a pleasant even temperature. It is also compact and gentle which i discovered effortless when transferring it into our basement. The only situation i have with this cooler is that it only suits standard bordeaux bottles. Greater formats and taller bottles do not in good shape in any direction. Other than this, it is a great solution.

I bought this design exclusively as a fermenting chamber for homebrewing beer. Overall, i am satisfied with this device due to the fact there were being no modifications vital. It does not have a compressor hump, so there is suitable home to securely healthy a 6 gallon better bottle fermentor with the air lock and blow off tube connected. Yet another beneficial is that it arrives with a thermostat that regulates consistent temperatures in the ale and lager ranges. No need to have to obtain a thermostat control process or wire rigging. When it kicks on, it seems like a ceiling admirer on the low placing. The wine cooler also appears to be wonderful in my impression. Aesthetically exceeds all expectations, in particular when contemplating the price tag. Very first of all, the temperature that is displayed is not to be dependable. A reliable thermostat need to be purchased and positioned in the device. The thermostat adjuster is also quirky and inconviently developed. The device retains temps nicely, but the thermostat will from time to time alter to unique temps on its have.

I love that the temp environment can go below fifty levels (at present established and keeping at forty six for my assortment of whites). A very little noisier than i expected, but not terrible. Also can keep prolonged necked bottles. Would have supplied it 5 stars but it arrived with a ruined piece (beauty) and the sounds challenge. For the most component it retains its temp well, but on the best times in summer months the ambient temp in the place does increase the internal temp a couple degrees.

My partner started out collect wine from last yr,he constantly want a cooler. I brought this one for his birthday,he’s so pleased and enjoys it really muchthe cooler will work excellent and it also truly peaceful.

I delight in ingesting wine from it.

Changed another brand that died on us soon after 10 many years of trustworthy use. We like this greater as it retains more and is a bid deeper on every shelf so our reds with marginally more substantial bottles in good shape perfectly. I like the lit temperature gauge. So considerably we are delighted with this cooler.

The cooler was delivered ahead of the posted shipping day which was fantastic. Sad to say the prime hinge cover, a cosmetic piece, was damaged. The cooler is rather compact but you have to be mindful exactly where the bottles are placed. The much larger bottles will healthy if strategically spaced all around slimmer bottles without the need of eradicating the cabinets. I have seen a fluctuation in the temperature amongst forty seven and fifty levels. All round, for the dollars, i am relatively delighted.

I acquired a second wine cooler as i desired far more space and different temperature options for the glowing wine/champagne vs. I like the established up inside for wine bottles it is superb but the cabinets are a touch shallow/slender for all champagne bottles, i located a way to match 27 bottles in the new cooler as all the cabinets are detachable and there are distinctive height alternatives for some of the cabinets. Our property is not air conditioned for the duration of the day so temperatures are too variable for wine storage in the pantry. We made the decision to store our bottles that expense additional in a wine cooler. We have had just one for eighteen months and this one particular i just got.

Good item wonderful seller five stars.

This cooler is doing the job properly so much with only a pair of challenges. First, the temperature does not hold steady. It fluctuates considerably centered on the outside the house temperature. Now that it is cooler exterior, and even nevertheless i have it set at 57 degrees, it will fall to fifty one levels. Next, the temperature seems to be five degrees off according to a thermometer i positioned, by means of a cork, and into a wine bottle whole of h2o. 3rd, the consumer should really know that it will be pretty loud when it at first cools down but given that then, it has been rather tranquil. Oh yeah, and i did not obtain my free electronic opener, as promised there in bold. Solid and inexpensive wine cooler.

Scaled-down than i imagined, but does keep the claimed amount of bottles. If you have some fat boys, anticipate to preserve them in the fridge, the shelves are fastened in place. The thermometeris wildly inaccurate, but the unit can keep a 55 to 60 degree atmosphere. Variants are commonplace in the temp depending on spot. The cabinets on major have been coolerthan these on the bottom, but i suspect every device will differ in this respect. Coolers are infamous for missing insulation and i never know what the vitality consumption is andprobably don’t want to know. I preserve the unit in my garage the place i also have a haier 40 bottle cooler. I have not listened to the device working, but i really don’t are living in my garage. Base line:looks excellent keeps wine awesome continually extremely gentle body weight.

I use this for red wine only. Took a number of days to get the temp dialed in but once it was set it holds regular. Quick transport, packed pretty effectively, geat cost, and very good top quality. I’m quite delighted with this obtain.

Will work very well for any wine bottle we have employed. It does have spacing difficulties with champagne bottles, requiring one particular of the racks to be taken out.

AKDY 54 Bottles Single Zone Built-in Compressor Freestanding Touch Control Panel Freestanding Wine Cooler Cellar – Great product, great customer service.

I am, so significantly, extremely content with this solution. The structure is modern, tasteful and properly produced. 2 one/2 feet tall by 13′ across so it is not way too huge and is not much too modest, possibly. It really is kind of like the child bear’s bed (if you know what i indicate). The blue lights inside is a interesting outcome and really does glimpse good. The only construction i experienced to do was install the metallic deal with on the unit, which was quick (only two screws with a screw driver). The packaging was outstanding so certainly no grievances there. We have numerous magnums of fantastic wine and, by taking out 1 of the cabinets, i was only equipped to in shape a single inside of the shelf — healthy at an angle — so the unit is unquestionably not manufactured for magnums.

– awesome, basic aesthetic – silent operation (both my mate. I’ve bought 2 of these wine coolers from akdy at this place. The 1st was a marriage ceremony gift to my buddy and his wife (they acquired married at a vineyard, it only created perception, ha). Just after looking at the item in person when set up and running, i definitely preferred to have just one for myself as nicely. The unit has several things heading for it in my viewpoint: – awesome, simple aesthetic – peaceful operation (both of those my friend and myself were being quite stunned at just how tranquil this factor is) – easy, effortless to accessibility controls on the prime, centre of the doorway (no opening required) – awesome ability, but even now uncomplicated to healthy on a counter best (if no cost place accessible) in the kitchen – most importantly, it retains your bottles cooled to your ideal temperaturepersonally, i have this unit on a little close table placed in the eating room for benefit. There is not any concern of sound to distract from discussions in the course of meals. Would surely recommend this to many others, as i have already performed numerous situations about.

Pretty peaceful functioning, i will not maintain the inside mild on but it really is vivid plenty of for me to go through labels, lightweight, settings quick to regulate. Took tiny time to come to favored temperature. Much larger bottles such as champagne healthy properly on base after i eliminated the bottom shelf.Here are the specifications for the AKDY 54 Bottles Single Zone Built-in Compressor Freestanding Touch Control Panel Freestanding Wine Cooler Cellar:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Outer Dimension: 23.5″ W x 22.5″ L x 33.5″ H
  • 6 wood shelves, up to 54 Bottles Capacity
  • Built-in compressor cooler function. Temperature Range 40°F – 66°F
  • Touch sensitive control, easy adjust temperature and LED light
  • 1-Year limited parts warranty

I procured this dependent on its normal review score, dimensions and price tag. The wooden racks arrive unfinished. I stained them to match my cabinets and very clear coated them. It manufactured the whole factor more ‘expensive’ feeling. The racks are slim, but are significant for their function. This device was put in below a counter, but i had to do some straightforward ducting so it would not recirculate on alone. I have had it for about two months now. It’s keeping the temp to in 1 degree of my thermometer. It is gradual to recuperate its temp, but i think that’s the character of the cooling method.

Ordered this for our apartment and although it is really only been a few of months, we are so delighted with it. Like the proportions as they never overpower a tiny space. We have the two zones set to sixty because we consume reds ninety eight% of the time. It is the ideal consuming temperature for our preferences. Quick to set up and operates tremendous quietly. Numerous of the wine coolers we looked at experienced fewer than favorable assessments so when i saw this just one we determined to take a chance on it. Excellent evaluations, a lot less high-priced, and just the right dimensions for our demands. Barring any unexpected difficulties, this will get two thumbs up from us. (edited to say that just about a year later on, it is nonetheless working wonderful with no issues.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great product, great customer service.
  • Happy with my purchase after 1 week but do not
  • Super UnitHighly recommend!!

Been given this about a thirty day period in the past and it will work like a attraction. I followed the set-up recommendations which are extremely easy. I believe most essential is letting the device sit at area temp for a several hrs prior to plugging it in, degree it applying the adjustable legs on the bottom and then allowing the zones attain the ideal temperature before placing bottles in. The unit operates incredibly quietly and comfortably retains a complete 32 bottles no dilemma at all with diverse dimension bottles this kind of as pinot noirs or rieslings. Also, the dual zones have labored very properly. We preserve the reds at sixty degrees and the whites at 50 degrees and the cooler performs pretty properly retaining the different temps on each facet.

About how a great deal energy this cooler works by using. I hold this in a rather neat area which is typically beneath 70 degrees. I calculated the power applying a recent probe. When it is doing work really hard coming down to temperature it consumes about fifty watts. But after at temperature it runs about 20 watts with a twelve degree temp differential. I have witnessed it go as reduced as less than ten watts with a smaller differential, which i hope to have in the winter season.

Not as efficient as i wished. Surprisingly enough the temperature inside the cooler does not match the electronic read through out. Not confident if this is precise to my model but i presently have the cooler established as lower as it will go and can not appear to be to get reduce than the large 68 degrees.

I bought this model specifically as a fermenting chamber for homebrewing beer. In general, i am happy with this unit simply because there had been no modifications vital. It does not have a compressor hump, so there is suitable place to securely healthy a six gallon superior bottle fermentor with the air lock and blow off tube connected. A different constructive is that it will come with a thermostat that regulates regular temperatures in the ale and lager ranges. No need to acquire a thermostat control method or wire rigging. When it kicks on, it appears like a ceiling supporter on the lower setting. The wine cooler also seems good in my belief. Aesthetically exceeds all anticipations, primarily when taking into consideration the price tag.

I did a lot study prior to i purchased this device. It appeared to get a ton of excellent evaluations and appeared well built. I am extremely pleased with the unit. Have experienced the unit going on 3 months. The only point i can fault is the unit’s temperature does not match my correct thermometer. The device is established for fifty degrees. Two individual thermometers exhibit it at 52 degrees. I have the device sitting out in an place concerning my dwelling place and dinning space and are unable to hear the admirers at all.

I acquired the cooler in perfect ailment and have been using it for a 7 days. It is freestanding in a home that is normally seventy three-seventy seven degrees. There is 6 inches or more of area driving and on both equally sides of the unit. I preserve 1 side at fifty five levels and the other at sixty levels. Considering that it is thermoelectric, the cooler will not go much more than 25 levels underneath ambient, and i have noticed that it will only go down to 53 levels. The top rated of every single side stays about 5-seven degrees warmer than the base. When 1st turned on, the lovers will spin more rapidly until the established temperature is achieved. The followers will be exhausting greatest warmth whilst it cools down, so leaving further space close to the unit assists it awesome more quickly. Following that, the supporters slow down and the unit will become incredibly tranquil.

Not ideal but it will do. . Just got this a number of times back, so it truly is an early review. Enable me say that most of what other men and women have reported matches my observations:- can’t quite fit 4 pinot noir bottles in a row. Given that i am storing primarily pinots for ageing, it truly is a 21 bottle potential, but i expected that. I can use the other spots for other wines. – if electrical power is misplaced, it will reset to 67˚ which isn’t great- will work accurately and quietly in the 55˚-59˚ range sought after for wine storage. When loaded up it will acquire practically a day to access the preferred temperature, and opening the door will of system lead to it to heat up temporarily. I do get the marketed 20˚ differential but really don’t need to have it. If you live in a incredibly hot spot and don’t have air conditioning you would most likely be in difficulties, but with central air conditioning it operates wonderful. – desires to be raised off the flooring given that the door goes to the really base.

Functions good – maintains established temperature. Effortlessly holds both of those bordeaux and burgundy kind bottles.

Don’t buy this for white wine (only purple). . Even while the assessments had been persistently mediocre, i continue to purchased this cooler mainly because it was the only 1 in this cost selection that could suit the dimensions and site for my use. I have validated what some others have stated: the temperature is inaccurate and fluctuates wildly in sure ranges in this cooler. With the photograph underneath, it is just above 60 levels in the front middle of the fridge mentioned with the taylor thermometer, but in other locations of the cooler, i’ve validated with a laser thermometer, that it gets to fifty five deg in the bottom and the again, and at the top it receives to 68 degrees). I’ve snapped a photo hooked up as properly. Also as others have said, vast/large bottles will not in shape in this fridge, so i have a handful of greater pinot bottles that have to sit up prime, even though transferring a rack down to accommodate them (fortunately i have small 50 percent bottles that can use the smaller sized rack area). What i have appear to recognize is this cooler requires a large amount of space all over it for air move and you can not retailer just about anything on major of it, so if you can accommodate this cooler in a place with proper air flow, you’ll get a minor much better temp readings (i validated this by jogging it in the center of the place for a number of days and the temp dropped closer to location, but only by four-five levels). For $220 i don’t know if there is certainly a superior selection/other units with related bottle counts are a lot more highly-priced or have worse critiques. I will say my vinotemp cooler has held up extremely and i now use it only for champagne and whites though i use the akdy for reds. In ny with my modest space demands and temps in the summer in my apt usually all-around eighty five+ degrees, i’ll settle for the flaws to hold my reds neat adequate to not spoil.

Excellent device for the cost. I go through the reviews, which have been very well published and helpful, in advance of acquiring this cooler. Some of the evaluations had been really negative with regard to the temperature variations from prime to bottom of the cooler. There is a noticable difference to the touch, nevertheless, this isn’t really a $1200 unit with a compressor. If you want to age and retailer high priced wines establish a walkin wine celler (for hundreds of dollars) or commit $1200 to $2500 for a big wine fridge. For the value this one is meets all my expectations, for this reason the 5 star ranking. Two days right after buying this device i was at costco and picked up yet another 36 bottle device. That device has a compressor so it cools improved. The draw back, it is noisy in comparison to this 1. So, make a decision what is most significant, cooling or tranquil. This is an superb device for the price.

This thermoelectric wine fridge was a great purchase. It runs quietly, offers a slight tilted angle for the bottles to relaxation correctly, and does a good occupation at retaining a dependable temperature. I would have given the merchandise five stars, but the front right leg was a little bit shorter than the other legs producing a little uneven wobble.

This is my 1st wine cooler so i have no basis for comparison. If you buy this device, dismiss the temperature settings and buy a very good digital thermometer. I experienced to set my cooler at 45 levels to reach a temperature selection in the reduced to mid 50’s. There is a variation in temperature of about four degrees in between the top shelf and the reduced shelf. As slide ways and the ambient temperature is cooling, the readings are acquiring decreased. This early morning my reduced shelf study 49 degrees. My home only acquired down to about sixty four degrees final evening. Be positive you are inserting the cooler somewhere with heaps of air flow. At first i positioned it in a significant walk in closet allowing plenty of space close to it on all sides.

I didn’t consider i might like or use. I failed to think i might like or use this as substantially as i do, but we love possessing a ton extra area in our fridge. I set the two purple and whites in in this article and shop at 62 degrees which is the least expensive temp. Arrive out colder than expected, but by the time i let the bottle breath for thirty min it can be best temp. I dwell in california so no challenges with this item as some others may well have noted. You will find also no issues with placing bottles back in with corks sticking out. Every thing suits inside just wonderful.

Pretty happy for my needs. Bought this product a 12 months ago. Discovered a good deal of damaging evaluations from people today that seem to be borderline collectors. Not guaranteed why they would even take into consideration a item in this price selection. Quite pleased for my functions. I acquire primarily $fifteen to $twenty five reds. As i recall, it did just take some time to get to my ideal environment (62f — will not assume i ever experimented with going reduce), but it bought down to lower 70’s/large 60’s fairly immediately — which should be small sufficient to reduce any problems to a $twenty wine. (take note:i purchased the item in the summer time and i am going to commonly allow my area get to the superior 80’s ahead of turning on the ac — rather a lot the purpose i got this. So it might operate a lot more rapidly if you retain your put cooler). It will maintain 24 usual formed bottles on the 6 racks. It will keep four wider kinds underneath the base rack.

Terrific product or service, great customer support. . I have had this products for a pair of weeks. I have it whole with 21 of the regular 750 ml bottles and there is no issue with healthy. The device is tranquil- i can listen to it when it is cycling but is a incredibly minimal amount of sound (i’m hearing a fan in the again and it is like low amount white sound, ie does not modify for that reason not really obvious). I have the higher zone established to fifty eight degrees and the decrease zone at 55 levels. Right after a 7 days, i checked the temperature of the bottles employing an extech ir thermometer and observed the bottles in the prime to be sixty levels and the base bottles to be 58 levels. I checked 3 unique instances of the working day and identified very similar benefits. I set the temp consequently about 3 levels cooler to compensate. Following i did this i made the decision to check out the precision of the ir thermometer and identified that it has a deviation of +/- 3. 5 levels (from the literature) so it is really doable that the thermometer was off that a great deal alternatively of the device, or some mixture.

This is a fantastic dimensions of wine cooler for two people. Fits superb on my bakers rack. The only motive i gave it four stars is that the circuit board burned out and could not adjust the temperature. I experienced it only for about three months, relished every bottle we drank, was pretty unhappy when the difficulty occurred, but since the unit has a three calendar year warranty, i spoke with the representative and they despatched out a alternative with instructions. Normally takes 5-seven business enterprise times to produce new components, but as of this producing, have not acquired it still. Have to note, the device does perform but the temperature is at factory established, so it is ideal for pink wine. Will update following the replacement part has been mounted.

Wine Enthusiast Silent 18 Bottle Two-Temp Touchscreen Wine Refrigerator : Great little wine fridge

Surprisingly silient and a beaufiful piece. I have read so many reviews and compared so many different models. At first, i was really skeptical about its noise because the cooler would sit right behind me at my desk. It’s a beauful piece with a front dark mirror and inside light button. I am really happy about my purchase. I couldn’t believe it fit so perfect in my space and it didn’t expect it would look that nice.

Originally had this set to 52/56 setting however after 2 month of use the cooler started making a loud sound. I have adjusted the temp to 54/60 and the sound stopped. Hope i will not have to adjust the sound again.

Very happy with wine cooler. To replace our cuisinart wine cooler, we purchase the wine enthusiast 18 bottle dual zone and we liked it so much we purchased a second one. It is very quiet and keeps the temperture within reason. It will hold 13″ long bottles and the bottom shelve will hold champagne bottles head first. If i had thought about it more i would have purchased a 36 bottle single temperture and used it for both white and reds at around 50 degrees and remove a shelve or two to be able to stand a few bottles if necessary and or have space for a few pelligino bottles.

We’ve had it about two months and so far, it has worked as promised. It really helps reducing the space taken up with wine bottles in the frig and i like the temperature of the wine better. I’m one who thinks room temperature for red wine means 60 degrees and not 70 or more.

  • First unit died in less than 5 months, replacement working great [updated]
  • Very happy with wine cooler
  • I don’t see how it could be done any better. Easy to get out

Wine Enthusiast Silent 18 Bottle Two-Temp Touchscreen Wine Refrigerator

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Protects the taste of reds and whites with updated, virtually silent cooling technology in 2 zones
  • Top zone adjustable temperature range of 54-66°F provides ideal storing conditions for reds and whites
  • Bottom zone adjustable temperature range of 46-66°F provides ideal storing conditions for reds and whites, and optimum serving conditions for most whites
  • Freestanding only

Once it reached the programmed temperature the. Once it reached the programmed temperature the unit has operated very quietly.

Well packaged and works/looks great in our [parent’s home.

We bought this as a wine fridge to have in our newly remodeled kitchen/dining area. We have a large one in the basement that works well but wanted one to have a few bottles on wine on hand and easily accessible. It is sleek, looks just like it should as a built-in and keeps the wine the right temperature. It is also very quiet–essential in our open space living area. I would definitely recommend this little fridge.

It’s not silent, but it does the job. We like the two-level temperature controls.

First unit died in less than 5 months, replacement working great [updated]. It was a decent wine refrigerator until it died today after less than 5 months of usage. It’s out of amazon warranty and will need to reach out to manufacturer, however my hopes are not high. Update:i will add 2 more stars solely on the manufacturer replacement because after contacting vendor they shipped a new unit for free (in fact, they never asked me to ship the old unit back, it sits in my garage boxed up ready to shipt, but i ain’t paying for shipping for sure). However, i am not really sure if new unit will last much longer because it already started making similar sounds as the one that died after 5 months of usage, and this new unit has been only running for a month. Update2 (06/03/2014)so far, this replacement unit is running without any issues. I’m bumping review to 5 stars as wine cooler is running without issues and looks very nice (love that blueish led light that illuminates entire kitchen area at night), good to have two zone cooling, plus customer support care was excellent.

Attractive piece, looks well in living room. Top one temperature for reds, bottom cooler for whites and allows for champagne as well. Maintains temperatures very well. Runs silently and blue lights on door for temps look nice.

Ordered fo my husband for christmas. Very quiet (this was a concern). Keeps the zones at set temps very well.

Very pleased so far, it is quiet and accurate temperature wise and pleasing to look at. I have it in the family room in the basement so it is not exposed to any heat thru upstairs windows.

Very happy with this item, my unit has no problems, i don’t hear the noise that other reviews talk about.

Allow for an open bottle cork. Cabinet needs to be a little deep to allow for a bottle cork when its opened.

It appears to be doing it’s job. I have only had it a couple of weeks.

The unit has been in operation for almost 2 months. The unit has been in operation for almost 2 months, and no problems. The 2 zones keep their temperature, and it is quiet. It isn’t next to where we sit, but we never hear it running.

Quite cost-effective and adaptable. . Pretty reasonably priced 2 temperature wine chiller. (we even use it to shop vegetables that we never want to refrigerate as chilly as our refrigerator).

No challenges, like this wine frig.

I don’t see how it could be finished any far better. To start with off, whoever made the packaging for this cooler really should get an award. I will not see how it could be completed any far better. Easy to get out, but seriously padded in all instructions and a good sturdy box. I’ve only experienced it a number of times, so no opinions on reliability, but out of the box it worked fantastically. Speedily achieved established temps and has held them +/- 0° as far as i can inform – each individual time i see it the temps are what i established it for. Layout is subjective, but i believe it appears to be fantastic.

The admirer operates a very little loud for its sizing, but works terrific.

Retains my wine chilled properly. Keeps my wine chilled perfectly.

It would be far better if ithad adjustable cabinets to accommodate bigger bottles.

Magic Chef MCWC6B 6 Bottle Countertop Wine Cooler, The perfect size

It iis not as noisy as ome reviefwers experienced claimed. Thebottlesl in the best and bottom rows can be taken off and replaced with no relocating the sjelves. That is an advage in my opion.

As a gift for my mother and she unquestionably liked it. I got this as a present for my mother and she unquestionably liked it.

I have constantly preferred one and i’m happy i ordered. It is extremely silent and chills my wines incredibly nicely.

Key specs for Magic Chef MCWC6B 6 Bottle Countertop Wine Cooler, Black:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • 6 bottle capacity
  • Black door / Black cabinet/ Sculpted chrome shelves
  • Quiet thermoelectric cooling
  • Temperature range: 46ºF – 64ºF
  • Interior Light and Recessed Handle

Comments from buyers

“Misrepresented or lack of, Cools fine, but the fan is a bit loud, Love it keeps wine at nice temp”

Satisfied wife is a content lifetime. . Wonderful minimal unit, this is for my wife’s wine assortment. She is content which is often a pleasure.

Really like it keeps wine at awesome temp. Enjoy it keeps wine at nice temp. Seems to be fantastic on my stop counter top. . Pretty, mild on all night time, a really great products.

Awesome compliment to my dining home.  i definitely like this tiny factor. My wine is properly chilled at the right temp. Product came speedier than i expected. Suits common and more substantial than regular dimensions wine bottles. Significant wine would have to be stored on the top rack.

Bought this for my daughter.

Present for granddaughter who loves it.

If you like your wine chilly it will work very well. If you like your wine cold it will work very well. Haven’t attempted it on increased options just lower.

Pleasant wine cooler but in my viewpoint it is a minimal bit noisier than the other critiques revealed.

It fits the bottles genuinely perfectly, keeps them cool as anticipated, has a light on it to enable you locate it at evening ). My only complaint is i want it would continue to keep the bottles just a small cooler, but i believe the temperature is what it really should be. I’m just utilized to maintaining them in the fridge.

This was a gift and they loved it. Excellent measurement to keep a handful of bottles at the great temperature without getting up as well a lot space.

Space effective wine cooler. . Just what i required, simple and room effective. Additionally the mild would make it look lovable and chic.

Could have chill the wine alittle a lot more. All round good item for a fantastic selling price.

Matches flawlessly on the countertop upcoming to the fridge. Arrived in about a 7 days, not 6 weeks like the transport information indicated. I am considering of shopping for a 2nd one for my daughter for xmas.

Far the individual who gained the gift is quite pleased. . Gave as a xmas reward and so considerably the human being who obtained the present is very pleased.

Purchased this for my son-in -law, he enjoys wine and it in good shape in his apartment on the army base ideal. He used it as a soda cooler when he did not have wine. He has experienced it for two decades now and nonetheless performs terrific.

Seems to be great, will work even far better. Plugged it in, turned it on, included four bottles of wine (it will healthy 6) and a couple of hrs afterwards, it was sitting at 45 degrees f. The led gentle is on all of the time, giving a awesome ambiance. This appears elegant and is well designed. There is a person unfavorable, although. The temperature manage knob is tiny and in the corner, appropriate higher than the led light. It is hard to see it with the light-weight shining in my eyes.As i claimed, the handle knob is compact.

Retains my worms interesting neat cool.

Be aware that if you have the unit in a incredibly hot area as it effects the minimum amount temp the fridge can realize. The seal on mine was not producing quite very good contact in the upper remaining corner. You can deal with this very easily by modifying the door at the reduced proper foot spot. Get rid of the plastic address by eliminating three philips screw. Now you have entry to three much more screws. Loosen the screws and slide the door forward in direction of you.

Ideal dimensions for us lover is a tiny loud but. Excellent dimensions for usfan is a tiny loud but would not trouble melike any appliance , it has a fanwe have ours on the counter.

Extremely satisfied with this buy. Arrived much faster than predicted. Extremely content with this acquire.

I are unable to believe that out of all the evaluations i read not just one human being was suprised or bothered by the actuality this cooler does not exhibit real tempature. You have no way of understanding this when purchasing this as description does not say it either. The cooler is great other than that important variable it really is tranquil and seems to function good so far. I had to purchase a digital temp show and i have it controlled but not effortless to go away temputure display screen in cooler as it really is in the way. At ideal it sould say in description large reduced dial gauge and no temputure show.

Kalamera 80 Bottle Freestanding Compressor Wine Cooler-Stainless Steel & / Single Zone Thermostat, Works well, but capacity isn’t what is advertised

Not what advertised as an 80 bottle wine refrigerator. . Not what marketed as an 80 bottle wine fridge. You can only in shape just one row of bottle per rack. Nevertheless, it is silent and maintains it can be temperature.

Good, but do not belief the placing. It really is a superior wine fridge. After six months, it can be performing awesome and steady (which is far more than i can say for some). Like a lot of other folks, the spacing of the cabinets is very good for bordeaux bottles but not so substantially for burgundy types, and very good luck truly fitting 80 bottles if you have any bottles of any measurement at all. The just one point all people requirements to know is that you simply cannot believe in the temperature setting to be correct. Even though the unit does maintain a steady and uniform temperature in the course of, the setting is not accurate. Ours runs extremely superior–we have to established the temperature to 49f in buy to reach an real temperature of 55f. Use a individual thermometer (we utilised the form that has the probe connected by a wire, and that labored fantastic). As soon as we got it set, even though, it is really held steady given that.

The device is narrower than said, less than 23′ vast. The device does cycle on and off fairly a little bit. The refrigerator does not tackle 80 bottles, we squeezed 70. The unit also does not maintain the temperature at what is detailed on the unit. We keep the fridge at fifty one on the interior dial to have it go through fifty six on the fridge thermometer that we bought.

Key specs for Kalamera 80 Bottle Freestanding Compressor Wine Cooler-Stainless Steel & Black/ Single Zone Thermostat with Touch Control/Blue LED Lighting:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • FREESTANDING DESIGN: Built from premium black and silver stainless steel with tempered dual pane glass front to highlight your wine collection in any room of your home.
  • QUIET COMPRESSOR: Advanced cooling technology keeps compressor quiet without disturbing wine sediments.
  • 80 BOTTLE CAPACITY: 12 beech wood racks hold up to 80 standard 750ml Bordeaux bottles, so you can stock up on your favorite wine vintages.
  • COOLS EVENLY: Interior fan and slat-style shelves allow even airflow around all bottles for perfectly chilled wine every time!
  • SINGLE ZONE with TOUCH CONTROL: Blue LED Display shows temperature from 40°F-66°F and can be easily adjusted with up/down arrows. Any further information needed before purchasing, you could contact us at [email protected] or call 866-554-6688.

Comments from buyers

“Nice cooler! Im very happy!, what we were looking for., We are so pleased with our new wine cooler”

Are you satisfied with the cooling performance of your new kalamera product?. It took a relatively brief period of time of time to get to the correct temperature, retains the temperature effectively with out operating the compressor a lot, and returns to the temperature speedily after the doorway has been opened. What do you like about the style of your fridge, these kinds of as physical appearance, shelf style, lighting, etc. ? the exterior overall look, black, with stainless doorway / manage, and glass front, is quite attractive. The management panel at the top entrance is pretty very simple and clean-on the lookout. Does your product or service match or blend well with the type and décor of your kitchen, dining, or entertainment space?. For me, i have no room in all those parts, so my coolers are at the moment in the living room, where they will not match at all, but these would match effectively with the two black and stainless appliances. Some fridges can be noisy and disrupt your residence lifetime.

Pleasant seeking, really worth the money. Peaceful, good hunting, truly worth the funds.

Just after a person thirty day period, wine refrigerator performs excellent. As said in other critiques, outsize bottles only do the job on the top shelf.

But was returned and the latest 1 arrived in great. I place it in position established the temperature. The to start with a single arrived broken but was returned and the latest a person arrived in great. I place it in location established the temperature and checked it with a electronic thermometer. The temp and thermometer the place 1 diploma off. Its been in spot for a week and is fairly plenty of and holds a truthful volume of wine. My only criticism is that the shelfs are a tiny close for individuals much larger bottles.

This came with a slight dent in the again of the appliance, which offered the thought of seeking to figure out how to have it shipped back again, i decided to let go. It does, however, run about five degrees off of what it claims the temperature is set for and definitely does not keep as many bottles as it suggests.

I appreciate that the doorways pull out.

The wine fridge is exactly what we have been looking for. . Even so a very little let down with package upon arrival. The box bottom was lacking which caused the weighty package deal to be lopsided which caused the doorway to arrive off it can be hinges and the metallic back again on the unit to be bent. We have been equipped to get the doorway back again on and the bent metal back again will not have an affect on the use or glimpse of the fridge so we made a decision on not sending it back.

Item is great and quite silent. Product is good and really silent, but it does not achieve the outlined established-up temperature. It stays at a greater temperature all the time. Potential is also considerable beneath 80 bottles, but i have not crammed it up however. I estimate it will match no a lot more than sixty five bottles.

I like the sizing of this cooler and it retains my wine at a consistent temp. Only varying a diploma up/down. I would have provided it 5 stars apart from for the reality that it was missing a screw that holds the doorway in position and the bracket was a little bit bent. My spouse was able to repair it so didn’t have to return it. All in all it can be just what i preferred.

Fantastic dimension, tranquil, and convenient.

I am incredibly delighted with this wine cooler so far. Received effectively boxed and in great problem. I opened it and it was it good form. I browse the guidance and positioned it in posture and enable it set as instructed. Plugged it in and established the temp. I gave it 24 hours and double checked the temp. The too shelves were being about 3 degrees warmer than the reduce cabinets, and about that substantially above the indicated temp on the controller. The reduce shelves were being extremely shut to indicated temp.

We are so happy with our new wine cooler. We are so pleased with our new wine cooler. It is smooth, handsome, quiet and perfectly produced. It seems even better than we imagined it to be.

Have experienced it for about a week. Have experienced it for about a 7 days. Only thing that was regrettable was that it actually only retains fifty-sixty bottles comfortably with out having to enjoy tetris and applying modest port bottles. Supply and installation was a breeze.

Definitely doesn’t hold 80 bottles unless they are all the thinner bottles but no problems otherwise.

My kalamera 80 bottle wine refrigerator is wonderful. I purchased a wine refrigerator mainly because i really like wine, perfectly chilled, crisp and scrumptious. When my refrigerator arrived, it was in ideal ailment. It was packed securely, and the box was lined with styrofoam sheets. I followed the instructions, which instructed me to enable the cooler relaxation for 24 hours, then plug it in, let it neat for 24 several hours, then increase bottles. It was simple to established up from start out to finish i liked the appear of the kalamera 80 bottle fashion, and purchased it since it is freestanding, so i could use it in my eating area or my leisure region. I also liked the modern appearance, produced of black and silver stainless steel, and a smoked glass doorway with soft blue lighting inside. It has a present-day fashion that appears to be like fantastic in my property. I like sharing a selection of wines with good friends and loved ones, so i’m constantly buying up a new model to consider, and i have fairly a handful of bottles in my assortment. This wine cooler keeps the bottles at the temperature i choose, from forty-66 levels f.

Performs well, but capability is just not what is advertised. It does what it is supposed to and i have not experienced any mechanical problems with it. Notwithstanding all of the responses of ‘stack it this way,’ there is unquestionably zero opportunity you could ever in good shape 80 bottles of wine in this fridge. Practically no ca winemaker works by using old-design and style bordeaux bottles (like bay bridge) just 1 bottle of syrah and your overall row is toast. I think full potential is about sixty-sixty eight max.

Setting up to fill it up this weekend.

Loving my new wine refrigerator. I been given my 80-bottle kalamera wine refrigerator in excellent situation. It was securely packaged, and i was impressed with the treatment supplied to delivery it. I adopted the uncomplicated instructions to set up the refrigerator and then extra my bottles. I am primarily content that i can use the refrigerator as a free-standing device, as it is tall and wouldn’t suit underneath my counters, and i needed to use it to generate a residence entertainment space. It is made to appear captivating, with the blue lighting and smoked glass doorway. The black and stainless layout operates properly with my residence colours and i am thrilled with the appear. The cooling is even and quiet, as advertised and my wine tastes delightful. I only have about 25 bottles so considerably but i am incorporating every 7 days. I’m not confident it will hold 80 bottles, but that may possibly count on the bottle size.

Firebird 21 Bottles Dual Zone Finish Touch Control Panel Freestanding Electric Wine Cooler Cellar – Great solution to store my small wine collection

Runs properly but a person difficulty. When i open up the door as well extensive (a lot more than thirty seconds) the temps reset them selves so i have to change temp once more. Would give 5 stars apart from the temp control concern.

Great searching dual zone wine chiller. This fantastic for tiny spaces simply because of its compact construction. It is also satisfying to the eye.

  • We wanted a small wine fridge and spent a great deal of time researching options and finally settled on
  • Great value! Super small and much quieter than my
  • to make salumi in and so far I am pleased with it

Wonderful answer to keep my small wine selection. The slots are really restricted for pinot noir but perform however.

Note that the initial time i acquired the device, i was shipped a popcorn stand o. O right after returning the stand i made a decision to test the moment much more. The unit retains wines at a fairly steady temperature ranges from fifty five-58 levels over the course of a working day when the condominium temperature goes up to 80-82 levels. I accumulate california wines, and was not expecting to match a full 32 bottles, but i did. The sea smoke was complicated (i would not bother making an attempt a turley), and some labels could have been slightly scuffed. California cab and pinot bottles are usually no problem at all.

Features of Firebird 21 Bottles Dual Zone Black Finish Touch Control Panel Freestanding Electric Wine Cooler Cellar

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    to make sure this fits.
  • External Dimension(in): 13.5″W x 20″L x 32.25″H
  • Internal Dimension(in): 11″W x 13”L x 28.25″H
  • Temperature Range: 44°F – 66°F
  • Bottle Capacity:21
  • Warranty: One Year Parts Warranty

Did what it was supposed to do. Temperature 1 to 2 degrees higher than indicated, but other than that is wonderful.

Great compact fridge suits in wherever we required.

Great compact fridge suits in wherever we required.

To make salumi in and so significantly i am happy with it. Bought this fridge to transform it into a dry growing older chamber to make salumi in and so far i am pleased with it. The genuine temp within may differ from the screen temp a bit (~fifty five diploma actual vs 47 screen) but i was capable to get my fridge to an the excellent temp of fifty five deg so this worked high-quality for me. Seems pleasant and the create good quality is good so much.

It arrived in double packaging in excellent shape. It has labored effectively for the 1st 7 days we have experienced it. It will hold 28 regular bottles. Our champagne bottle did not fit. The shelves slide but are difficult to shift. It is pretty peaceful and has a pleasant blue gentle.

Note that the initial time i acquired the device, i was shipped a popcorn stand o. O right after returning the stand i made a decision to test the moment much more. The unit retains wines at a fairly steady temperature ranges from fifty five-58 levels over the course of a working day when the condominium temperature goes up to 80-82 levels. I accumulate california wines, and was not expecting to match a full 32 bottles, but i did. The sea smoke was complicated (i would not bother making an attempt a turley), and some labels could have been slightly scuffed. California cab and pinot bottles are usually no problem at all.

Its truly a great on the lookout device and the great measurement. Im not confident if wine desires to be chilled far more than 55 levels, but thats as small as it goes.

Retains wine at the best temperature.

Did what it was supposed to do. Temperature 1 to 2 degrees higher than indicated, but other than that is wonderful.

Like it, suits on my counter.

Like this products – not absolutely sure if they market it any longer, nevertheless.

Seems to be pleasant, only goes as reduced as 50 degrees. Appears to be like pleasant, only goes as low as fifty levels. (the description mentioned it would interesting to 45 degrees). I will check out to return this, nevertheless you very a great deal have to ruin the packaging to open up it.

Awesome wine cooler, but would not get chilly sufficient. Does not get chilly sufficient, every time you open the doorway the temperature improvements.

It arrived in double packaging in excellent shape. It has labored effectively for the 1st 7 days we have experienced it. It will hold 28 regular bottles. Our champagne bottle did not fit. The shelves slide but are difficult to shift. It is pretty peaceful and has a pleasant blue gentle.

Like it, suits on my counter.

I genuinely like this wine cooler nevertheless, there is a very little flaw in making an attempt to raise the top with the entrance correct screw. It is not large/extended sufficient to seriously make a change. Other than that, and the slight humming sound, it really is a good offer.