Kenmore Elite 2 : So far, so good.

Use the number buttons to start minutes automatically and the start button to add 30 second increments automatically. . Saw another review with this problem on the sears. Com page for this microwave; now it is deleted. This is how sears handles bad pressworked fine for 2 1/2 years, but it started running by itself when the door is closed, and with no one touching it. The only way to stop it is by opening the door; this is not safe. Did troubleshooting and door switches are good, so was told need to replace control board. This microwave is made by haier and very few parts are available besides the glass tray parts and rubber feet.

Very pleased with the microwave. It is nice and large, sturdy, quality microwave and it gets the job donephl sk.

I purchased this on the 28th and it came on the 30th. I have an overhead microwave shelf built into my kitchen cabinets. The unit just fits on the shelf. The bottom of the front feet is millimeters away from the edge of the shelf. We had to secure the microwave because it does move a bit when you pull the door open and we don’t want the microwave, or it’s contents, to fall off the shelf onto someone. **also, the power cord is kind of short (maybe 3 feet long). The cord comes out on the top right side of the machine. It wouldn’t reach my outlet so i had to buy a heavy duty extension cord. That said, so far i am happy with the machine.

It has a very large inside which makes it great for doing allot more than simply reheating a plate. The only downside as far as i am concerned is that it is hard to figure out. The times are on the inside part of the inner door but you have to hit a button sometimes 7 plus times to set it for a certain heating time. You have to hit the cc button 5 times i believe it was. I just hit the one minute and the heck with it. It has an easy clean inside too.

  • So far, so good.
  • GREAT microwave!
  • It’s very easy to operate and we were shocked at the quietness

Kenmore Elite 2.2 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave w/ Extra-Large Capacity Black 74229

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • The Kenmore 74229 countertop microwave has a roomy 2.2 cu. ft. capacity
  • With 1200 watts and 10 power levels, this Kenmore microwave allows you to cook and reheat quickly
  • Sensor reheat takes the guesswork out of warming leftovers
  • The blue LED display makes it easy to see the numbers when you set cook times and power levels
  • The 16.5-in. diameter turntable accommodates long cookware

I have had this microwave about a year and already it is failing. Something electrical is burning/melting when we use it and it smells awful. For the money i paid for this appliance, i expected it to last much longer. This may be just one of those lemons (meaning only mine is faulty, but the majority works fine), but when i went online to do some research about what we were smelling, i could see that i want the only one with a.

Met performance expectations.

Great microwave–but, agree with other reviewers about clock/power indicator light being blue. Difficult to see plus it is not very big. Also agree that keypad print is small in addition to not being bright white. Previously had a kenmore elite microwave from 2009, interior color was ivory so it was easy to see food. This one is almost black inside and light is not very bright.

Great customer support, works well, good cooking power, good noise level.

This the biggest microwave we have ever seen in our life & we just love it & its so big & roomy.

Excellent product – works very well – shipping time was outstanding.

I purchased this microwave via the sears website and it was on sale for $135. After taking it out of the box i could tell it was lighter than my old panasonic inverter which was also 2. The first thing i cooked was a tv dinner, stouffer’s lasagna with meat sauce. Cooked it on full power for 6 minutes 15 seconds then on 50% power for the same amount of time. I was surprised at how quiet this unit is. My old panasonic was very loud. The label on the front of the unit is written in small characters so if you are in older person with poor eye sight you might want to keep a magnifying glass handy when you start punching those buttons. Also the default cooking power is level 10. If you want to cook something at 50% power you have to press the power button, the number 10 will appear, then you keep pressing power until it says 5. Again, this is one quiet microwave.

First of all this is a big microwave. Make sure you have the counter space. Having said that, i find it very intuitive, it is weirdly quiet, and cooks food perfectly. My husband and i bought this for one of our christmas gifts to each other and i have zero regrets. The only thing is, i put my food in it then keep checking to make sure i turned it on because it is so quiet. Oh, i guess the one negative thing is the ring that the turntable goes on is really flimsy, but we haven’t had any issues with it, but it does worry me a bit. Not sure what all the complaints are regarding the reminder beep – it is just doing it’s job and letting you know it is time to chow.

We received it before the time that it was supposed to be delivered. It’s very easy to operate and we were shocked at the quietness while running. I like that the door is easy to open. I purchased it based on the other reviews that i read. I’m very happy for the other reviews, since we enjoy our new microwave.

It’s quiet and large enough for all of our needs. Only 1 think i dislike is that it continues a series of beeps if you don’t get to it immediately.

So far it has been everything we expected.

So far great microwave, this replaces a 20 yr old sharp that finally bit the dust. Very large capacity and can fit large bowls and dishes for heating, heats fast on highest setting. Have not used all the features yet, but seem well built and the handle seems sturdy. For us the blue display is easy to read and see, only draw back is the inside light when the door is open is not very bright. Seems dim when looking at food.

Very large, actually just a bit larger than i expected.

We upgraded from a 1993 one so maybe all microwaves would be awesome to us, but this thing is so big inside. I can microwave two dinner plates. Also, the presets are awesome and convenient.

Yes, i read the reviews and this is a monster size microwave but we got the huge square dishes, so round hole, square peg situation. There is plenty of room in this food zapper for most anything to turn with plenty of room. Just make sure you have tons of room on your counter for a trunk. Ours is not as quiet as most folks stated. Maybe we need to sit it on something softer than the granite.

This microwave has been great and i cooks food very quick and evenly no problems so far.

Works great, spacious interior. Family found it easy to use right out of the box.

Purchased as a gift, recipient likes the microwave weight and power. Be sure space is no problem, this microwave is large.

Frigidaire FFCM0734LS 700-watt Countertop Microwave : 2nd time around works fine. Recommend!

As others have wrote unit is lightweight and touchpad needs a bit of a push, unit slides if not against the wall. A piece of non skid shelf liner under the unit will do the job.

This is a replacement for the first one of the same item tat lasted 3 years and the interlock door mechanism failed. The door was opened and closed an accumulative 1000-1500 times over that period. I wouldn’t say that we were abusive or ever slammed it closed. It’s my nature to try to repair rather than replace things that don’t work. I called fridigaire customer service to see if replacement parts for the interlock and spring were available. And of course, it was well past the one year warrantee. I also called an appliance repair guy who said spending $ 65 on the service call for a 3 year old, $ 100 product didn’t make sense. So, other than possible durability issues, this product is good looking and does what it’s supposed to do.

Does what it is supposed to do, and looks good setting on our new kitchen counter tops. I deduct one star only because the buttons are so hard to push on the control panel. I had to figure out a way to secure it from the back to keep it sliding when we pushed the buttons. The ‘finished/done’ beeps are a bit loud and annoying, but effective.

For small, inexpensive microwaves this guy is the best. Good looking, built solid, true one-touch and not noisy. I’ve tried a few of these small, inexpensive microwaves and this one is the winner.

  • This aint the 1980’s anymore
  • Good product but questionable long-term durability
  • Works and looks great!

Frigidaire FFCM0734LS 700-watt Countertop Microwave, 0.7 Cubic Feet, Stainless Steel

The microwave fits perfectly in our small space and is doing its job admirably.

Its small and fits perfectly into the space i intended it to be. It is small, therefore light. So, if you have it freestanding on a counter and you push any buttons, its going to move. It needs to have its back to a wall. 7 cubic feet is need to realize this thing wont cook a turkey for you. Reheating of leftovers, frozen meals, bagged veggies, popcorn, etc are this things max.

Searched extensively for a good looking compact microwave in stainless; found one that matches our frigidaire stainless fridge. Performs well for its 700 watt rating; of course have to adjust cook time from our former 1100w unit, but it fits much better in the available space. Just large enough inside for a 10 1/2″ plate or a corn popper, easy-clean smooth interior. The quick-start feature is very handy. Only improvement would be non-slip feet; unit is lightweight and touchpad needs a bit of a push, unit slides if not against the wall. A piece of non skid shelf liner under the unit will compensate. Couldn’t ask for a nicer microwave for the power and price :).

Love this new microwave and found very easy to use and perfect for a senior use, plus a perfect match with my new frigidaire electric range, side-by-side refrigerator, and dishwasher.

It is fine but the push button to release the door gets cocked and jams since day 1. Other then that it works ok.

Installed this for my chaparral boat.

I like its simple one button feature.

Had same model for 3 1/2 years when it broke but liked the size and looks and for the price bought the same one again. Great for heating vegs and making popcorn. These small microwaves are just throwaways, company doesn’t stock parts.

After doing tons of research trying to find a small microwave for my tiny condo i pulled the trigger on this one and i’m so glad i did. It fits my space perfectly, it looks great, it’s small but i haven’t had a problem fitting in any of the things i typically microwave, and it has just enough functions.

Timely and great for college.

Out of the box when plugged in the mw would not stop. Overall it’s nice looking, good finishes, compact. Update:purchased this mw again. Revising rating from 3 stars to 4. Four, due to prior experience.

This compact and easy-to-use microwave is even better than the broken one it replaced. The controls are easy to use. One caution: it comes with a blue film which adheres to the machine tightly. It took someone visiting to point this out so it could be removed. Otherwise it’s a 5 star machine.

My microwave is rather amazing. Its compact yet gets the position completed. It sits nicely on the counter along side my toaster and matches correctly with the rest of my stainless steal kitchen concept. It heats up immediately and effectively. It is a tight fit for a whole dimensions meal plate but it will work.

seven-hundred watts is only more than enough to warmth up your alternative of sustenance. This manufacturer is quite respectable at having solutions that last a although and complete at the developed degree of programming.

For the value this is not a undesirable microwave. With its very low wattage, it takes a little for a longer time to heat things up but that was to be envisioned. The only down aspect we have is that for the door to shut correctly, you have to slam it shut to completely latch closed.

Shipped in good ailment and prompt provider. Wanted a more compact quieter microwave. Way a lot more silent than my outdated 1 which was not that aged and was a more highly-priced micro. Fits significant meal plates with microwave lid on top rated. Also fits individuals bags of frozen veggies. I have had to alter my cooking and heating time because it doesn’t warmth as rapid, but no biggie because we mostly use it for defrosting, cooking frozen veggies, and reheating stuff.

Bought this for our boat, works great after using in on a number of cruising trips and many times at the dock. It was one of the smallest we could find with a turntable that would fit in a nook in our galley and are very happy with its functionality and looks of the stainless steel exterior.

Re-did the kitchen and replaced all appliances. This unit works as described and it is a perfect fit in the new kitchen.

Sharp R-1210 1-1/2-Cubic-Foot 1100-Watt Over-the-Counter Microwave : Perfect for our needs

I built my new kitchen area with this undercounter microwave as a aspect. The process lights coordinates with my undercounter lights and the front door, the only part that shows is really modern and looks fantastic in my kitchen area. In the course of the initial calendar year of operation a electric power failure thanks to a hurricane knocked out the led functionality on the doorway. This was coverered underneath the a single 12 months warranty and sears did the warranty operate and replaced the complete entrance doorway. The support individual stated sharp was recognized in the industry as acquiring pretty sensitive electronics and perhaps a surge protector would enable. I ordered a person and then all through the second year of operation a further ability failure occured due to hurricane. This time i experienced a surge protector and i unplugged the mircrowave until eventually the electric powered experienced been totally restored. Again i misplaced the led functionality, this time i did not have a guarantee. I contacted the surge protector guarantee division and experienced to mail them the surge protector.

five cf otc size, car contact otc microwave this microwave is a wonderful oven. It sits on a shelf over the counter and is easy to see and achieve into.

Looks sort of high-priced for the high quality but is the only selection i could uncover for the extremely certain opening that we had in our cupboards.

Love it, suits properly in our little kitchen. Sensor cooking functions great,.

Incredibly great microwave shipping and delivery was more rapidly than envisioned biggest within capacity for it is really dimension incredibly good on the lookout outside the house.

Sharp R-1210 1-1/2-Cubic-Foot 1100-Watt Over-the-Counter Microwave, Black : I purchased this microwave oven about six or seven years ago, because i was having my kitchen remodeled and wanted a unit that could be built-in. None of the other models i saw, from any manufacturer, seemed as perfect as this model. I have had absolutely no problems, except about three years ago i had a problem with the door sticking, which was probably my fault and easily fixed. I cleaned the inside of the lock with a q-tip and sprayed a drop of lubricant into the hole, and it has worked perfectly ever since. I happened to look today to see if this model was still available because i was thinking about buying a spare “just in case” and saw the negative reviews and was very surprised, and felt i should give my 2-cents. My microwave looks fabulous, and works perfectly. I couldn’t wish for more great features. It has a ton of pre-programmed selections. You don’t even need a manual as when you push the buttons it gives you all the choices right on the display. It even has a button for a light under the unita woman must have designed it, because it is perfect.

I gave it 5 stars even even though we’ve had a problem with it. We acquired it to exchange the lifeless 24′ about-the-vary microwave in our motorhome. It was the only 24′ in excess of-just about anything i observed right after hours of hunting. We experienced to a little bit modify the opening but the install fits beautifully. I would not advise this for installation in an rv even although it’s the only 24′ design out there for the reason that, becoming 1100 watts, it attracts thirteen amps. If you are on a 30 amp service and have equally a/c models on and you begin the microwave you will either pop the shore energy breaker or the principal electricity fuse in this microwave will blow. (that is the voice of knowledge talking. ) it may well be okay on a 50 assistance. We fix the dilemma by turning off the compressor on the back a/c when we want to use the microwave. Inconvenient but no extra difficulties.

A quite good (but overpriced) microwave. I needed a ‘hang below the cabinet’ product — and this was the ideal i identified — a similar ‘sit on the counter’ variation is about 50% significantly less highly-priced. The guidance for mounting with wall and wiring templates created installation less complicated.

Performs very good and fit the spot. Be certain to cautiously read through their return policy.

Seriously challenging to get enthusiastic about a microwave oven but this 1 is fairly great. It heats up stuff like no kinds enterprise.

This is the next 1 of these we have bought. The to start with a person died right after several several years of devoted services. I learned that no other device is built with the very same dimensions so i was pretty content to discover this one particular is nevertheless manufactured. It’s impressive and has helpful attributes. My only want is that sharp will acquire a very similar product that is the same sizing and shape but is a microwave/convection oven.

This sharp replaced a twenty+ calendar year aged 700 watt j. Penney/panasonic convection/microwave oven which was the initially kitchen area equipment my spouse and i acquired with each other. We try out to acquire treatment of our appliances, browse the manuals, and observe the guidelines humorous how that is continually brought us excellent luck. I’ve been cooking completely on it for the past a few weeks though we waited for our counter tops in our kitchen rennovation and my jenn-aire has been disconnected. The only cause i’m supplying the sharp 4 stars as an alternative of 5 is because i can make no genuine comment on its sturdiness and longevity in 3 months, but its effectiveness to date has been five-star. I picked the sharp about equivalent panasonics due to the fact present-day output likewise sized and featured sharps weigh twenty five to thirty % much more than panasonics they seem to be more sturdy to me. I have owned many other sharps for office and cabin use and have had no issues with any of them. Following examining other assessments below, we did invest in an prolonged guarantee together with the oven, though we stay in an space with relatively steady mains electrical power and we don’t place stuff in the microwave that are inclined to wreck microwaves. The sharp over the counter micorwave arrived effectively packed with all vital mounting and hook-up accessories.

My 1st microwave died right after 8 a long time (electrical commenced shorting out and leading to arcs). Because it truly is over-the-counter, i looked for an correct alternative. I am so happy sharp nonetheless helps make this a single (with a few updates). It was primarily a ‘pop aged 1 out, pop new a single in’. The directions have been quick, and the box it came in is part of the installation approach (use the boxt to rest the previous microwave as it will come out – and set new one on to lift it up. Constantly beloved this microwave – potent and cooks evenly.

Arrived with damaged sensor functionality.

We installed our sharp microwave (r-1210) in oct 2012. We’ve had absolutely no problems with this device – even following electricity outages, and so forth. Hope i am not jinxing my correctly working microwave just checked amazon to see if the r-1210 is continue to out there. The undertaking lighting underneath the microwave is fantastic. Ours is mounted in a tailor made kraftmaid cupboard in excess of our countertop. If i require to exchange, i will need to have the similar design or a more recent design with the identical proportions.

This microwave is excellent. It appears wonderful in our industrial design and style kitchen area. It is small profile and i would remarkably advise it.

This microwave was set up in our residence by the preceding proprietors and we liked it well enough that we took it with us when we moved. Now, we couldn’t have still left it due to the fact the show display stopped performing soon after a pair years–a problem identified to have an effect on this microwave–but it is effective quite well in any other case. Also, this is a to some degree unique size. Most installable microwaves are thirty inches, this just one is only 24 inches so will work well for small areas.

Want it experienced a thirty 2nd as perfectly as one minute button.

I definitely enjoy it , although still obtaining used to how it defrosts. Took a person star away mainly because there have been quite a few screws lacking from the microwave. We found them embedded in the packing foam and had been ready to set them in,but nonetheless assumed it really worth mentioning. Additional corporations need to make this actual physical outer size microwave.

We wanted to replace our developed in sharp microwave that was mounted with our kitchen area transform eighteen many years ago. I conversed with a sharp rep on line and was assured that area dealers experienced the model i wanted, but they did not. Observed this on amazon and it was a ideal in shape. Ideally this model will previous as extended as the primary.

I like all the capabilities and the wattage and measurement is what i wanted.

Wanted to substitute the exact sharp unit just months immediately after getting this new property. This prior device was only three years old. Would like to have purchased other than sharp but will need to in shape accurately into a custom made place. This is the only in excess of the counter product we uncovered. Everything else was counter major or more than the stove.

Panasonic NN-SN933B 1250W 2 : Makes the Best Microwaves, Just Don’t Call Their Support

Very well, i know i said i might hardly ever get one more panasonic microwave soon after the last faulty a person, but following not becoming satisfied by the a great deal lesser samsung (which did not basically feeling the moisture while it reported it did), we decided on this design. The defective nn-se982s has a new dial that’s contact delicate, but for some in our house, including me, it failed to operate very well. But the real issue in the microwave we obtained was that the sensor was not functioning, so just after a quite unsatisfactory contact to panasonic guidance (they desired us to convey the manufacturer new microwave to a service centre), we returned it to amazon (kudos to amazon) and bought the samsung 1. The ‘auto cook’ in the samsung just isn’t computerized at all, it just makes use of preset moments. And the meals heated hot on the outside and cold on the within. So that obtained returned as well, and we got this 1 since it has buttons rather of that dial. It’s been doing work completely for the previous two months, reheating anything entirely and evenly. So pansonic still would make the most effective microwaves, just hope you hardly ever have to connect with their guidance.

Is effective excellent and incredibly nice sizing for cooking.

Panasonic NN-SN933B Black 1250W 2.2 Cu. Ft. Countertop Microwave Oven with Inverter Technology

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Inverter Technology for even cooking and delivering delicious flavor and Inverter Turbo Defrost for quick defrosting
  • 1250 Watts of High Power with a 2.2 cubic foot capacity
  • 9-Menu Category Sensor Cook system, 16 1/2″ turntable; Delay Start and Timer; More/Less Control; Quick Minute, Popcorn Key
  • Membrane keypad and 5 push buttons for easy programming, 10 Power Levels; push-button door release
  • Outside HxWxD ( ” ) 14″ x 23 7/8″ x 19 7/16″; Interior HxWxD ( ” ) 10 15/16″ x 18 7/16″ x 18 1/2″ and weighs 35 lbs.; Black finish

I had had a person of these that experienced the dial for the cooking time, etcetera. And really missed just staying equipped to place in the time that i was wanting ideal from the starting without spinning the dial back and forth mainly because the time you needed stored slipping by. You, also, could not always set in unique times simply because it would begin counting by 5’s or 10’s rather rapidly. This new one with the number buttons alleviates these difficulties. The only matter i don’t like, that i guess the bit additional high priced 1 will do, is clearly show the electricity bar when you are cooking. It’s quick at first to push the buttons in the erroneous purchase when seeking to use the electric power amount settings, and if the electric power bar showed the stage you have been cooking at, you would know for sure if you punched it in right. Other than that, i’m easily residing with out it scrolling recommendations and telling you to appreciate your food. I like this device a ton and would propose it to pals and family.

Changed my ge that burned out fewer than a calendar year. Regrettably it was maintenanced 3times by ge repairer.

As an update of a seven year aged 1100 watt panasonic microwave this operates quite nicely. The sensor reheat function receives a great deal of use and i can shave off a moment on the common time to warmth matters from the previous just one. Loads of space in the oven, even massive casserole dishes fit in this point with no problem. It has been utilized for quite a few months now and would seem to be extremely responsible. Only insignificant criticism is that i desire the oven door or the oven itself weighed a little bit extra as with nothing in the oven it is challenging to get the door to latch except if you brace the oven.

Panasonic NN-SN933B Black 1250W 2.2 Cu. Ft. Countertop Microwave Oven with Inverter Technology : You don’t realize how bad your old microwave is until you’ve used this one. We keep our old one for warming our puppies food. Can’t help feel that using the larger microwave for only 30seconds all the time twice a day ruined our last big microwave. So now we have 2 on the counter. 🙂 what you don’t do for your puppies.

It really is functioning, and is no greater or worse than other microwaves i’ve utilised. The only aspect i miss out on is the capability to add a minute at a time when food is cooking. Below you have to prevent it and transform the time or wait till the timer is completed and do a couple of a lot more minutes. The only odd point i have recognized is that right after i’ve cooked one thing, even if for just a few minutes, when i open up the doorway i listen to a whine/whistle for a moment that inevitably goes away. Not sure if this is ordinary or not, but it isn’t going to see to have an affect on just about anything.

We’ve had it for a couple of months now. So significantly we are incredibly delighted with this microwave. It would not have the ‘add thirty seconds’ attribute our previous on had but other than that is does them all.

I have owned this for a yr now. It is perfectly created and cooks good much too. A durable device that is straightforward to use.

Purchased this microwave aug, 2014 and it give up doing the job feb, 2015. The code on the screen says we want to contact a repairman. It really should past have to for a longer period than six months.

A excellent microwave that is strong and simple to use. Just be mindful of how massive it is so that you can make positive that you have ample counterspace.

Bought this to replace my 4 12 months old panasonic 1250w 2. two cu ft that experienced burnout due to a energy surge. Tops in eye attractiveness and effectiveness in my reserve. The only thing that bothers me is the plastic masking more than the variety pad has kind of bubbled up, but not sufficient to get absent any stars. I imagine it is just a protecting covering, but can not obtain the edges to peel it off.

Have not experienced any issues with the latch like everyone else appears to be to. Appears sturdy and definitely heats issues up a lot speedier than smaller microwaves. We use it daily, so much so excellent.

Thoughts you we have only had this a few months, but we really like it. I normally recognize the variations in appliances, and my spouse goes together, but she is telling every person how significantly she loves her microwave. We assumed we definitely loved our last one, but this a person is really good. My spouse employs the sensor for every little thing. The having to press the button 6 or 7 times to inform it what modes you want looks cumbersome, but it is not all that bad when you get made use of to it. Ours rocks a small right up until i place a quarter underneath the left foot. The cooking is the most even cooking i have ever found of the a lot of microwaves i have utilised. No small sizzling places on the edges like most of them. Thawing proves to be the same.

I truly like the microwave but soon after only 2 weeks of use the electric power level button go over commenced splitting open. I have returned it for an additional one particular and hope it doesn’t do the same thing. The inverter was fantastic to have and this is the microwave of option, but not with this situation so immediately after invest in.

Does the position and observed the perfect sized wooden eating cart to put it on (also from amazon). Even so, i did see it $35 more cost-effective in focus on in a week of acquiring it.

I’ve microwaved almost everything i can get my palms on. I you should not do animals or modest animals (i am going to wager i could though). Acquired it a working day in advance of time. I love the 1250 watts of uncooked power. My outdated mw gave out wholly (eleven several years outdated). At demise it was supplying about 600 watts. It took 8 minutes to heat espresso. This beast does it in 2 minutes – person is it hot. I am quite joyful i obtained this mw it can be like driving in a volkswagen in the morning, and a 1200 hp funny automobile in the afternoon.

Okay – controls could be created superior.

This is the best microwave that i’ve ever owned. I bought it mainly because of the dimension and the wattage, and i haven’t next guessed my conclusion due to the fact it arrived. It is extremely straightforward to use, and the ‘sensor reheat’ function provides every little thing out warmed/sizzling to the middle. I would forewarn that one particular need to always subtract some time when cooking microwaveables, due to the fact it will absolutely overcook some points. Overall, i strongly propose this item.

Right after just below two months of use, i have not had any difficulties with the doorway as explained in some testimonials. Arrived on time, straightforward to set up and use. I am particularly pleased with this buy.

I have been utilizing this for 1 thirty day period now and have to say that it is by far the most effective microwave oven i have at any time used. It is not compact in any way and just about any measurement dish or pan you can obtain that can go into a microwave will very easily match into this oven. It would seem solidly built like the door system which is a trouble with every other panasonic microwave i could obtain a overview about. It is manufactured of plastic but it feels fantastic and limited. As far as cooking goes this matter is remarkable. It heats issues very rapidly just like most microwaves do. What can make this microwave so astounding is that it does not just cycle from 100% ability to warm only to simulate a decrease than a hundred% electricity stage. When you established this oven to fifty% power that is particularly what it runs at, all the time. You under no circumstances hear it kicking on and off like each individual other microwave i’ve ever applied the food items does not start off boiling all in excess of and then quit and then boil and quit yet again. It will make a big difference when you cook points. Rooster comes out of this microwave just like if you baked it in a conventional or convection oven (minus the brown search of program). It is not rubbery or all dried out on the edges or slender elements. It is tasty and receives finished in a quarter of the time. Oh yeah, and i have nonetheless to melt or warp a foam plate in this oven.

Turns by itself off randomly, with any luck , the substitution will operate . I would consider after 40 yrs they would have a clock that does not have to have environment right after temporary energy outage . Doorway has a whole lot of slop in it, fairly sure that this unit leaks microwaves on the additionally facet i do like the inverter technology.

Magic Chef MAGIC CHEF Countertop Microwave Oven 0 – I love that I can set it for 30 seconds at

To start with of all, this is an beautiful equipment. It is easy to use and all in all a fantastic microwave.

Extremely joyful with the effectiveness.

This is my second magic chef microwave in fourteen years and only just purchased the second a person. They are dependable and economical. Pretty happy with their merchandise.Here are the specifications for the Magic Chef MAGIC CHEF Countertop Microwave Oven 0:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 0.7 cu. ft. capacity is compact yet accommodates a variety of dishes and food items, 700 watts of cooking power deliver fast, effective cooking
  • 8 quick-set menu buttons quickly cook popcorn, pizza, soup, frozen vegetables and other common items, 10 power levels for a variety of cooking options
  • 30-second express cooking option offers quick, convenient cooking at the touch of a button, Weight and time defrost options help you thaw cold or frozen items
  • 3 pre-programmed, 1-touch cooking menus make hot, ready-to-eat meals just a step away, Glass turntable provides even, consistent cooking and is easy to clean
  • Interior light illuminates the cooking space, Kitchen timer for your convenience, Child safety lock helps your family stay safe

Just bought a person at my community massive box warehouse retailer for 50 percent what is listed below. It is effective fantastic, it cooks things, but it has ‘express cook’ like a cafeteria microwave. And you can’t transform it off or regulate it. If you want exactly one, 2, three, etc. But if you require fifteen seconds — difficult. Cannot be donei won’t be able to hold out to be rid of this thing.

I’ve only had this for a couple of weeks, using it daily, often twice a day. My prior small magic chef microwave was sturdier and worked faithfully, without a problem, for more than 10 years. Although it was a bit smaller than this one, it was 900w. There is a definite difference in strength between 700w and 900w. The new 700w microwave takes 3. 5 minutes to boil a cup of water, while the old 900w one took 2. Compared to how shoddy appliances are today (black & decker, i’m looking at you), this new magic chef seems relatively well-built, (how can they keep getting flimsier??) the old one had a metal door face, this one is plastic. Ps you’ll want to peel the protective plastic off the touchpad.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • A great 700 Watt Microwave
  • It is easy to use and all in all a great microwave
  • Works fine but I hate the features

In fact the merchandise did not bear the magic chef name out entrance, but it performs fantastic. I advocate for anyone needing a little compact mwave oven. It is effective and hasn’t supplied me any trouble yeta wonderful get and at a fantastic priceb. A year afterwards – it truly is now july 2012 and the oven still functions greatb.

The previous microwave i experienced was on prime of my fridge because i have no counter space out there in my kitchen. Effectively, i am finding also feeble in my outdated age to maintain reaching up that large. When my outdated just one required to be changed, i downsized to this just one, pushed all the tech gear i experienced on my go via and the microwave now has a spot of honor. I adore that i can set it for 30 seconds at a time of timetable a specific amount of money of minutes for cooking. The alarm that alerts that the meals is ready is loud and clear.

My prior microwave was 1100 watts and it kept leading to me to blow a fuse, so i stepped down to this a lot less powerful microwave (seven hundred watts). Factors get a very little for a longer period to prepare dinner. For example, 400 grams of boiled potatoes (slash into thirds or quarters) took eight minutes in my 1100 watt microwave. Just after a several months with the magic chef, i am nonetheless really joyful with it.

The magic chef microwave in shape my needs. The only negative is that you cannot method time apart from in total minutes and thirty seconds. I would like to have a lot more versatility in location the time.

Tiny, compacted but packs a large punch.

Very propose this item.

Will work good and appears fantastic simple procedure with shortcuts i use usually. I have wholly pleased with it.

A superior deal for a smaller house. It can take a little bit of time to warmth points up even though.

For compact areas and cooking, heating,defrosting and nearly anything else, this is a lightweight . 7 cu ft microwave oven that does the task. It has 10′ revolving plate that reverses and 6′ of overhead home. My final magic chef was a great deal bigger, family sizing, and heavier. It lasted above thirty several years and i cherished it, but i essential a smaller sizing and this fits very nicely while i seem forward to cooking in it for years it appear.

I like the way the unit looks. It operates properly and has been in use daily feeling it arrived. I would advocate that non-skid feet be put on base of device. When i pull the take care of or shut the doorway the unit slides.

Whirlpool WMH31017AW Microwave : Looks good, works well

I purchased and installed the wmh31017aw 1. White over-the-range microwave, the white version of this microwave. Pros: a major consumer magazine rates whirlpool tops in reliability. At its price this is, as expected, a pretty basic microwave, but fulfills our needs. It heats well, is very attractive, the microwave and fan are quiet, controls are convenient for basic operations. The installation templates are printed on the cardboard packaging, to use for accuracy. Two sets of bolts are supplied to work for the cabinet installation. A wall mounting bracket is also supplies with screws and pop back bolts as the alternate.

I thought i had purchased a 1000 watt or higher oven, but 950 watts this one has, has done all i asked it to do and so far i am very pleased.

Venting is open at the top, though.

Shipped on time – easy installation.

  • Great Value – Very Quite – Great Looking
  • Turn up the power.
  • Excellent Microwave — does the job!

Whirlpool WMH31017AW Microwave

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 1,000 Watts Cooking Power
  • Hidden Vent
  • 2-speed Fan/220 Cfm
  • Dimensions (WHD): 29 15/16″ X 17 1/4″ X 16 1/8″ In.

Shipping was fast and the packing was supreme. Easy to install, we are doing a remodel and i had my points to use. So happy i used them on this microwave. My other appliance are whirlpool and it looks great with everything.

Excellent product — does the job. I have one in my home, and when an older over-the-stove unit failed in a rental, i immediately ordered another. A few things are tricky in the install, but were easily and quickly resolved. In this case, the older unit had limited functionality, the whirlpool has several features new to them that are real benefits.

The template was completely wrong on where to put the screw holes on top, resulting in too many holes being drilled into the shelf above. Other than that, this was a solid purchase.

Over the range microwaves are a wonderful way to save counter space. This one gives you the option of venting the fan to duct work, or back into the kitchen, and fit under my standard height cabinets very well. Be advised that this requires a 20 amp gfi outlet to be installed inside the cabinet over your stove. This isn’t hard to work out, because chances are in a newer house, your existing vent hood has electrical for it’s fan and light. Watch a few youtube videos of these being installed and you should be fine.

All that i expected at an excellent price. My son was able to install it with just a few adjustments. Very happy with our purchase.

Installation was a breeze going from whirlpool a to whirlpool b **note to installer** be sure to change fan mode before installing. We forgot, had to disassemble and change. Wasn’t hard, just inconvenient.

The microwave works great and the new features are very helpful.

I gave it a 4 and not a 5 because on my previous microwave i was able to just push one button and now i have to usually push 3 to get the thing to do what i want. We vented it to the outside and it was easy to install, did not take up much cabinet space and heats well. I like that it does not have the vent grids in the front.

Good unit and fast shipping i would order this again.

Very satisfied with this microwave. It has all the features, fit in nicely above the stove, and works like a charm. Very important: there is a template for ease of installation that you detach from the box that your microwave was shipped in. That template is helpful when you need to drill holes for mounting your microwave. The hi-low nightlight feature is also very nice.

We were able to install it with two people – one to hold and one to install.

This microwave arrived on time and properly-transported (fantastic ailment) and is effective like a attraction. It has almost everything we wished – enough energy, turntable, adjustable heat options and extra – so the only purpose it obtained four stars is two-fold: indeed, the mounting directions ended up straightforward to observe and we had no difficulty placing it up, however, considering the fact that we had been replacing an previous a single, we would have ended up with a better result just likely with our intestine. Next the instructions, we ended up with a bigger gap involving the top rated and the cabinetry than we would have favored. Secondly, as quite a few persons claimed, the user recommendations are bare bones, nevertheless, thanks to amazon customers’ critiques, we were able to know how to adjust the heat settings and discover the food items codes talked about (inside of door). So my only genuine grievance is that the food stuff codes aren’t enough – indicating, there are none with small more than enough portions to adequately use the reheat button and such, ensuing in overcooking everything, so as an alternative, we merely change warmth options and guesstimate the time ourselves.

What a great up-to-date microwave. The first night i punched numerous holes in a butternut squash, then microwaved it.

Matches in the common over selection gap with only a small sum of protrusion. It sticks out more around the variety than the one it changed) distinct controls and pretty operation.

This product was very effortless to put in. Came with a template for simple mounting. Biggest complaint is its pretty noisy when you use the supporter. Right before this microwave we had a modest counter prime just one, that was probably 600 watts. Very well this baby will warmth some food items and immediately. Took a little bit to get use to that more power. But it is even now doing the job sturdy, and will get utilised various times each day.

It is ideal for my requires, largely re-heating foods.

This was purchased to exchange an present more than-the-selection microwave. It fit perfectly in the 30 inch vast opening and i was capable to do the ‘one person’ install (not recommended) by stacking many objects on the stove to bring the microwave to a peak that permitted me to mount the unit on the wall mounted help. (an excess pair of hands would have saved me a few minutes).

Avanti MO8004MST Microwave Oven : Shiny, Nice, (smaller than I expected) Microwave

I am truly in like with this mini microwave it functions perfectly great i am quite happy i acquired it thank you.

It looks magnificent in any kitchen area. I hardly ever assumed i would praise a microwave for its appears. But it is also incredibly basic to work and does a good job.

Avanti MO8004MST Microwave Oven with Mirror Finish Door

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 700 Watts
  • Mirror Finished Door and Controls
  • Stainless Steel Door Handle
  • 10 Power Levels
  • Digital Display & Clock

Lovely but broke quickly following use.

I like the compact dimension of this microwave and the functioning buttons are uncomplicated ample to figure out. The power is suitable for my needs (generally reheating). There are two items i dislike. one) the mirror finish is frustrating due to the fact you cannot see the food stuff within. The other matter is that the turntable falls off its monitor ninety% of the time and i won’t be able to figure out how to protect against it. The meals however cooks, but it tends to make a clunking noise even though cooking.

Cooks/reheats really very well as well as the mirror door is like a reward.

Avanti MO8004MST Microwave Oven with Mirror Finish Door : Very nice looking microwavethis microwave is perfect for my small kitchen. The mirrored finish on the front should stay nice because it does not have to be touched to open the door. Great thinking on the part of the manufacturer. Oh, by the way, it heats my food very nicely, as well. I am very pleased with this product.

This is fantastic for changing my normal routine of staring as my pizza rolls spin like a ticking clock of my very own mortality and loneliness. Now i can stare forlornly into my individual hollow eyes with all the self loathing i ordinarily reserve for shaving or brushing my tooth.

Functions substantially superior than it ought to for the wattage.

I recieved the microwave in best affliction and the setup of the clock and other options was really uncomplicated. I haven’t noticed any overheating or bizarre noises. The only point i was suprised about was that it was a couple inches smaller than i expected. I propose obtaining if you’re defenitly hunting for anything modern to place in your kitchen.

It looks very good, is little for my counter which is what i required. But when you are cooking you simply cannot see by the door, to test your food items. But other than that it functions effectively.

Arrived in ideal condition, quite quite as well. Performs great, no problems but have only had it a week. Seriously like it a ton and it heats things up nicely, looks more robust than 700w. I bought this a person to substitute the microwave i acquired a 12 months back which even now will work great but the glass turntable will not likely remain on. Am relieved to say this turntable is considerably improved–a little bit greater and heavier and stays on track and is peaceful. When the microwave is in use the mild is on within and you can see your foods by way of the mirrored door. Incredibly content with it, and am glad to have just one that is attractive and goes with the other appliances and matches the shelf.

I like it extremely very well, but would like it had the a person contact, minutes. It is really lovely, and have observed it will work really effectively.

Aaa+++ it really is a lovely piece of an appliance, appreciate it. Really modern-day glance matches my coffee maker, so so cool.

This microwave performs completely nicely, but it is so light-weight that you have to brace the complete unit in get to push and activate the buttons.

We experienced 1 of these in our break space at work, and it appears and is effective fantastic, so i acquired a person for myself. Seems to be incredibly nice with the stainless steel manage and the mirrored surface area. I recognized someone else indicating you coudn’t see through the mirror, but you can. It’s just not as see-through as other microwaves.

I was anxious thanks to testimonials i experienced read about this microwave but i appreciate it. Its little, compact and performs incredibly. I so considerably have no complaints, it does exactly what i will need it to do for me. My only criticism is the keypad/touchbuttons usually are not serious delicate. From time to time i feel as if i have to smash the buttons to get it to perform, but in any other case it will work splendidly. Unquestionably terrific 🙂 shipped on time. Excellent all all-around for me.

They have amazing euro styling and they work very effectively. I am the very pleased owner of 3 avanti kitchen area items.

Fantastic measurement for my little kitchen area and its take care of matches my cupboard handles luv that – is effective wonderful and seems to be great too.

I bought this for my daughters little apartment and she enjoys it. It operates very well and can take up least counter area. This is a more compact than regular microwave but you will find only two individuals in her condominium so it truly is best for them.

RCA RMW1182 Microwave and Grill – Other than that it’s very easy to use and really meets my needs

Definitely wonderful rate with cost-free shipping (amazon primary. ) an completely terrific benefit. My only grievance is with the command panel. It is not intuitive, and requires some getting used to.

This microwave is superb. The only detail i miss is a timer that i use for other things. My very last microwave experienced a timer but was awful for cooking food items.

I bought this microwave due to the fact mine was heading to go soon and at the time of obtain there have been only a handful of critiques and all of them had been good. It experienced a compact ding on the within still left about three inches from the bottom. It has a plastic include above the window on the inside of and my plastic include had a bubble in it and it nonetheless does. It also has a plastic deal with in excess of the collection panel (most microwaves this part comes off it is for safety) my plastic address is peeling all over the start out collection and at the top in the black border. This plastic deal with is not one particular that peels off put for defense it is basically section of the variety panel. As of now, this appears to be to be a beauty trouble only. I desired a microwave with at least these interior proportions to place a pasta boat in.Here are the specifications for the RCA RMW1182 Microwave and Grill:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Stylish stainless steel microwave with grilling feature
  • 10 power levels to grill
  • Glass turntable & grill rack included
  • Child lock safety feature
  • 1000 watts power output

It’s powerful and does the trick, but is a keypad too much to ask?. There is no numbered keypad or +30 sec button and you have to enter your time in increments of 1 or 10 seconds or 1 or 10 minutes. I don’t understand the thinking behind this design and i find it irritating. It’s not a big enough deal to justify return shipping, but i wouldn’t buy it again if i knew about this design in advance.

I enjoy the grill rack, you can microwave and then use the grill to give it the out of the oven touch.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • So far an amazing deal with a great price
  • Great Micro & How to set the clock
  • Pleasant surprise.

Took a small time given that has a large amount of buttons to thrust but functions good only my spouse complains does not have a popcorn button. Tried out to show her how to use it and utilized the manual which assists and is all the things required and heats things up speedily.

The microwave does like it is intended to do. Entering ‘time’ to prepare dinner is different. I skip the add thirty seconds button during cooking. I have still to check out the browning ingredient. Certainly it will enable me to brown items. I haven’t tried out it but it is awesome to know it can be there if i need it.

It cooks food stuff a bit erratically, but which is almost each and every microwave. I’ve not bothered to use quite a few of the buttons, so i am not sure what the distinctions are in between each a person and how well they perform. I’ve experienced this for a when now and it truly is verified to be reliable.

My partner loves this microwave, but i have problem with the deficiency of a excellent instruction booklet. I dont know how to use the grill rack and the guidelines are fairly missing. I had to go through all the assessments just to figure out the clock setting.

I almost never produce opinions but this microwave was a pleasurable shock. I was embarking on a comprehensive kitchen area renovation and wanted a temporary microwave for the weeks we would be devoid of our new developed in microwave. I did not want to spend a ton but as i was setting up to set it in a basement kitchenette afterwards i did not want it to glimpse low-priced possibly. This rca only had three evaluations but they soaked very superior and the grill element intrigued me. Extended story quick, it was more substantial than i anticipated (i did not shell out a large amount of notice to the proportions) but it seems fairly highly effective and it can be relatively interesting. The grill heats up crimson like a broiler (never leave anything at all on leading of it when applying it) and my experimental microwave lasagna received rather crispy on leading. Only experienced it a week but i would suggest you give this a consider.

The value for this can not be beat- of course it is true there is no selection crucial pad- you use the minute or second buttons to add time. Also there is no popcorn button- you should not know how i skipped that given that we use it for pop corn sooo a lot. (so that is why it is 4 stars) but i just put it in for three min and it is wonderful. I like the stainless steel search- this also has a ‘roasting’ aspect which i have not made use of as nonetheless. I did acquire a splatter dome deal with as an increase on and it is priceless- you seriously need this to hold the oven pristine. There is a good deal of area in this microwave and it has a very good wattage. It does have a weird- minimize off- seem when it is done- like the power is suddenly cut off – but it is just a quirk. Does what the microwave ought to do, came nicely packaged, matches on my counter- can’t inquire for additional.

Wonderful microwave for the price. I obtained this on july 11th 2015, and paid $seventy nine. 99 + $twenty shipping & handling for this microwave (i necessary it upcoming day, so i did not use prime transport, and paid more by preference) and i’m so far, incredibly happy with it. I experienced to change my microwave quickly and this a lot more than does the job. I’m stunned at the expense, it can be truly that nice, in my view, whilst to be honest, i have not shopped in man or woman at a retail outlet for microwaves in pretty a handful of a long time, so i truly will not have anything to examine it to except for my previous device, which was procured all around 2008. The buttons work excellent, and i like the reheat perform for matters like speedily reheating a one serving of leftovers from the freezer or steaming a little serving of broccoli or brussels sprouts (in a glass dish with a bit of water in the base and a paper plate covering the leading) which will take about 3 minutes, and the ten sec, one sec, and one moment pre-timed buttons are a enormous relief and straightforward to use. The large button latch that opens the doorway is very simple for me to faucet open applying my to start with two suitable hand fingertips devoid of as well substantially force—i choose in excess of a handle door, in any case. The interior is a great deal even bigger than i imagined. I have this unit up on a shelf about chest-top (for me, i’m 5’5′) which is a fantastic top at which to operate it, as i can see evidently what i am performing and can clean it considerably much more quickly than if it was down on the countertop. Also, the light-weight does arrive on when you open the door, whether you are cooking anything at all at the second or not, which is some thing my very last microwave did not do.

I made use of each the grill and microwave purpose these days grill to warm up pizza and the microwave to make a lean cuisine. I imagine some individuals are picky and overly sensitive. Also, you can established it for minutes. You just have to not be retarded and both read through the directions or determine it out. There are 2 solutions you can established it for ten minute increments, or a moment at a time. Then, there is a identical alternative in seconds. This process is truly greater than hitting the moment button permanently for the amount of time you require.

The only issue i have not figured out is how to toast my food stuff. Other than that it is incredibly effortless to use and definitely meets my demands.

I fail to see why rca is totally incapable of creating an homeowners guide or even on a site how to use the grill purpose. It appears like it will take 8’minutes to toast a single side of a piece of bread. I suppose with an additional x minutes it could set a brown crust on macaroni and cheese cooked in an normal oven initially. There would seem to be some hazard of meltdowns if you guess mistaken, ruining countertops.

Great cost and you can fit a meal plate inside of for heat ups.

Great performing microwave/grill, i adore it and the rate.

Experienced if for just about 4 months now and zero challenges.

I am in the method of transferring to a new position exactly where i will not likely have effortless entry to an oven so i preferred a way to prepare food in my home very easily without sacrificing the style of the food stuff. I in the earlier have not been a enthusiast of microwaves since i felt the style was considerably inferior to other procedures of cooking. This evening i cooked a steak in this microwave utilizing the grill attribute and i was pretty impressed, the steak tasted about just as good as when i manufactured it with an oven, it was tender juicy and mouth watering. I am very happy i located this microwave and for only 80 bucks its a terrific offer, it also appears seriously very good.

We looked at fairly a handful of models at amazon, walmart and target ahead of getting this one. We’ve only tried using the browning characteristic a pair of occasions so significantly, nothing at all key (just a few of exams) and it will just want a bit of follow, i think. The device is pretty peaceful apart from for when the unit beeps, and for that i want there was a volume handle as it is fairly loud. It can even be shut quietly, which is a bonus. The instructions are not apparent at all on how to established the time, as it states to use the number key pad, and there is not a ‘normal’ 1. To set the time, press clock. Then use the ten minute/one minute and ten 2nd/1 next buttons to make the exhibit show what time you have to have to established it at. For case in point, if it’s ten:15pm: push clock (you can press it all over again if you want a 24 hour clock, just adjust the directions soon after this). Push the ten minute button, and it will clearly show a 10 ahead of the colon.

I like this microwave extremely superior product and it increased my kitchen area. I propose this to anybody purchasing a microwave.

Panasonic NN-SN752S Stainless 1250W 1 – 5 months and so far everything is good with it

six cu is a ton larger than i believed it would be, but that is my fault for not examining how significantly house that essentially arrives out to be.

This is essentially an current version of the panasonic microwave i ordered 10 a long time ago. My aged panasonic ‘died’ through no fault of it truly is very own – operator error (i set it on fire 2 times inside a 7 days – really don’t question). Just after reviewing all alternatives, the panasonic still seemed like the ideal alternative, conference all my specs. The sizing is ideal for our family and food items warmth rapidly and evenly. I have been utilizing it for a number of months and love it almost as considerably as my old a single. The only detail it is really lacking is a baked potato alternative.

Just what i experienced purchased and predicted.

  • Form Meets Function
  • I love this, I especially love the sensor cook feature
  • I tell everyone how cool this is all the time

This design from panasonic is definitely a very good a person. Its actually been all over for about 20 or 25 decades. I know because i have had a single that lasted that prolonged, at the very least twenty years. The only cause i had to get this one particular was mainly because the inside was rusting out seriously poor, but nevertheless labored like a champ.

Introduced my very first panasonic microwave fifteen yrs back. This one particular is the very same product but with a scaled-down inside as much as top goes. Due to the fact the final one particular lasted me 15 yrs,, there is good hope that this a single will be as superior as my initial a single. If you need to have a lot more peak in your microwave, come across a person that will go well with your intent. Thought i had checked individuals dimensions thoroughly, but i guess i was off an inch or panasonic has built this one particular a bit more compact. Anyway, almost everything else is the same with a number of new included bonus’s.

Features of Panasonic NN-SN752S Stainless 1250W 1.6 Cu. Ft. Countertop Microwave Oven with Inverter Technology

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Full-size, 1.6 cu. ft. and 4-digit display. Genius microprocessor microwave automatically sets power levels and adjusts cooking time by measuring amount of steam produced during cooking
  • Inverter Technology delivers consistent energy allowing delicate foods to simmer without edges and surfaces overcooking
  • 1-touch sensor cook and sensor reheat features
  • Keep Warm’ button pulses low power temperature at a constant level without overcooking
  • Outside HxWxD ( ” ) 11 15/16″ x 21 7/8″ x 19 7/16″. Interior HxWxD ( ” ) 9″ x 16 7/16″ x 18 1/2″

I have not employed the microwave for any issue but reheating but on the lookout forward to applying it to its likely.

Quite quick delivery, great packaging. This microwave is really pleasant and the more capacity inside is good. But it does have a massive footprint on the counter. I am continue to figuring out how to use it for our desires. We have not used it for real cooking and meal prep (except for some fresh new veggies) it really is not really intuitive. You will find no ‘ :30 2nd ‘ or ‘fresh vegetable’ button. The sensor reheat is a little bit mysterious. But i’m guaranteed we are going to figure it out.

It appears to be to be far more powerfull than my preceding microwave. The stainless metal get ‘dirty’ with fingerprints, which absolutely compromise the nice look of this wonderful pice. It can be large within (on the diameter, but it is decrease than what i was employed far too (top).

Although model new, the microwave arrived with a tiny ding on the best of the door region, luckily it is not also visible. The digital panel also had a bump on/in it (type of like an air bubble). The clock show is not pretty shiny. Other than that, the microwave capabilities perfectly. It performs best for greater more time cooking periods. Re-heating a tiny bowl/dish is not much more rapidly with this one than with than a standard microwave.

Truly would give it a 4 and a 1/2 stars. Took off 50 percent for the digital clock that is a little bit difficult to study besides when you are specifically in entrance of it. Otherwise am really happy with the device and its workings. Extremely awesome to have the meals arrive out very hot via to the center and not have cold places. Extremely rapid in contrast to our aged device and a great deal quieter much too. Certainly, the beeping when carried out is softer, but it can be heard from a space away. For myself it does not have to be heard downstairs or upstairs. . So am delighted it is softer sounding and not the loud sharp beep of our prior device. Within is roomy and what looked like a down dimensions from the confection-microwave we experienced ended up currently being the same cooking room in a far more compact unit. The device is metal, not silver plastic that some of the other models utilized.

This detail re-heats meals, heats drinking water, and cooks astounding. Does exactly what its meant to do.

I haven’t had a new microwave in a lot of years. Sensor reheat is the coolest issue i have ever viewed. I inform all people how amazing this is all the time. A single contact and all the things is heated beautifully, i crimson a lot of critiques prior to i acquired this and was incredibly sceptical pink the evaluations about the dim display and fingerprints??. I am incredibly delighted, you can get the identical sizing for a great deal significantly less money but not around as fantastic as this.

The quantities on the digital readout could be brighter.

Straightforward to use, very good sizing, and also effortless to clean up. I have never been unhappy with the panasonic brand name merchandise. This model has a further cupboard than i would have favored having said that that was my fault for not spending more attention when i ordered it.

We bought this for my father for the getaway. When it arrived, our biggest worry was the dimension. Even while we understood it would be bigger than his earlier microwave (which had just stopped working immediately after more than twenty years), when we observed it in-person, i experienced a ‘oh my gosh’.Still, once we had it all established-up on the counter, it took only a moment to get utilised to it. And, whilst my dad hardly ever employs a microwave (consequently the motive why the previous 1 was nevertheless around immediately after over two a long time), he right away permitted of the slick visual appeal and the electric power (it is noticeably much more impressive than his past microwave). Places of likely issue:-the electronic display screen is a quite, very dim environmentally friendly hue. We were being hoping that after we set the clock, it would brighten a little bit (we considered it’s possible it was in a ‘demo mode’ or some these types of). Sad to say, it remains really dim. I study the complete manual and checked on the web.

Uncomplicated to use and looks properly with the other appliances in our kitchen area.

Really joyful with this financial investment.

We have experienced this microwave for about 1. five months and so considerably every thing is great with it. There are effortless configurations, the buttons force simply and the various alternatives accommodate defrosting to cooking television set dinners. It heats food items immediately, and greatest of all, it works without having sparking, like it really is predecessor.

I enjoy this, i specifically like the sensor cook dinner attribute. I you should not even have to decide on what the food stuff wants to recook it just does it. It is quite large inside of and the tray is significantly larger and allows for entire dimension dishes to be made use of. I have only employed the white prior to but am taking pleasure in the stainless a single. I have no grievances would purchase it all over again.

This microwave is effective just fine, but the door is genuinely hard to open and near. To open, you have to press the button and pull the doorway open up at the identical time. To near, you truly have to drive it shut. I would like to be ready to open up a microwave with just one hand. I would not advise it for that reason.

Ideal microwave i have at any time owned.

Sunbeam SGS90701B-B 0, I like it – be very careful taking the glass turn

I bought this for my husband’s position. It had to in shape in extremely tight space which two other microwaves we purchased did not. Now my husband can have heat lunches.

It really is specifically what i envisioned. It really is pretty uncomplicated and simple to use. It is really just the right size for the tiny place i have, but a dinner plate fits.

I suggest this products to any person who likes the good quality of the item. It is quite superior device, and a terrific purchase. I have been working with it given that i obtained it, no problem or defect. I like it on the counter due to the fact of it little dimensions, the color, and straightforward to use. I have no dislikes on this device so i give this a significant rating. It heats extremely perfectly and competently.

Key specs for Sunbeam SGS90701B-B 0.7-Cubic Foot Microwave Oven, Black:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • 700 Watts of cooking power with 10 adjustable power levels
  • 6 auto cooking/one touch menu options
  • Express cooking and weight defrost
  • Digital timer and digital clock, LED display
  • Removable glass turntable
  • 700 Watts of cooking power with 10 adjustable power levels
  • 6 auto cooking/one touch menu options
  • Express cooking and weight defrost
  • Digital timer and digital clock, LED display
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

Comments from buyers

“Excellent — No Complaints, Nice little microwave, perfect for smaller places yet still provides enough power.”

It does what it’s intended to do, but it is weaker than my very last microwave, so i have to retain items about 10% for a longer period than i applied to, when the glass plate spins all over, it often times will come off the observe and helps make sounds, and the plastic in excess of the buttons is previously sporting out and we have only experienced it a month. It is an in general excellent selling price if you want it for essential heating up water, or veggies in a bag type goods.

When renovating my kitchen area, i traded my enormous, eyesore, about-the-range microwave for the modest countertop edition. Due to the fact of its dimension, it does not overwhelm the counter or the kitchen. It is fairly potent for its measurement and likely heats greater than the huge microwave i had earlier. The press-buttons on the front of the microwave are uncomplicated to see and use. The purpose buttons for beverage and popcorn are utilized usually in our residence. I am pleased with this invest in. It satisfies my needs and performs within the décor of my new kitchen area.

Right entrance foot is unbalanced so microwave does not sit flat. I experienced to adhere a felt chair pad cushion underneath the foot do it wouldn’t wobble. The red clock light on button is a minor aggravating. Ideally it’s going to get the job done in my sons dorm area.

Identical size, practically the exact same keyboard but this one not only alerts when the cooking is done — it puts out a sign once again if you ignore it — and not just after. This is truly a very good characteristic for me considering the fact that i have a tendency to go away the area and go on to one thing else, forgetting i have a thing in there. This is the kind of nagging i like.

Wonderful tiny microwave, not incredibly strong though. I have to increase more time to heat things as opposed to some of the other brands i have used in the previous. The glass tray inside isn’t going to sit very well, and typically unhinges when you set/take away dishes.

This microwave appears very good and does what i will need it to do. I genuinely don’t prepare dinner with it — just reheat. Ordinarily, i’m reheating a compact sum of foodstuff (fewer than a supper plate whole) so it gets too hot if i will not end it ahead of the time’s up. I like that if i neglect something’s in there, it will warn me. When heating a beverage, you might have to come to a decision if your just one cup is actually two to the microwave. Anyone had a dilemma with sliding. I can see where that could materialize due to the fact you do have to force the door really really hard to close. Ours is sitting down on a microwave shelf and does not slide on the wooden surface. You could normally consider placing one thing below it like that rug liner substance that keeps rugs in put.

I’ve only had it a temporary period of time of time (about a thirty day period). It truly is currently being applied for a compact place of work microwave to reheat espresso, etc. It can be evidently not quality engineering and a small little bit clunky, but you seriously can’t request for extra at its price tag level, and it is absolutely performing the career it was employed to do. We will see how it handles the examination of time. For now, i am very satisfied that i got it. If i however have it in a 12 months, i will be sure i received my money’s really worth.

I will almost certainly never use this for any other purpose than to look at the time. Has a rotating plate thingy in the center so your meals or regardless of what doesn’t just get sizzling on a single aspect. Time show is accurate and simple to set. Sitting in an empty break room for common courtesy. Will in all probability be applied 5 occasions though i individual it.

We purchased this fifteen months ago for our son’s dorm home considering that it could be up to this wattage. It is a tiny noisy compared to the more substantial one at property however this could be owing to it getting on top rated of a mini fridge but it performs terrific for heating food stuff up, earning popcorn, etc. Excellent value compared to many others that are out there.

It functions extremely well and is a lot more then i anticipated for the minimal cost.

I acquired this for my daughter’s dorm condominium and she loves itit was the ideal measurement for her restricted counter room.

I wished a little microwave for fundamental reheating. It will accept a comprehensive sizing supper plate. I bought a established of the vinyl bumper dots you might see on the again of cupboard doorways and stuck them on the base to keep it from sliding on the counter and not i can open up and shut the doorway with a single hand.

Great tiny microwave for an apartment. Unquestionably suggest this product or service. I was bummed when i observed much less expensive manufacturers at walmart, but honesty, this is a excellent, nicely recognized brand, and i don’t brain spending excess for good quality merchandise.

Purchased this for my niece for her dorm place. She explained it healthy on best of their smaller fridge, and worked beautifully every single time. She goes to university in hawaii, and couldn’t discover a very good microwave in the retailers by faculty. I determined to have just one shipped to her, but shipping and delivery expenses for every single on-line keep was extra than the genuine merchandise. Then i discovered this microwave, and transport was totally free. I paid out a little additional for the microwave, but it was a better item, and with no transport fees, built it far more affordable.

This small microwave is great. Arrived on time, undamaged, functions fantastically. I dwell in a modest studio devoid of a kitchen area. I use my microwave 3 or four occasions a working day so it’s obtaining a exercise session. The previous sunbeam microwave i experienced, which was the similar size, lasted 10 yrs with continuous and constant use.

I have experienced this microwave for a 12 months now and she still works like a dream. My husband and i use it often and our daughter enjoys to pull on the door to permit me know her dinner is completely ready (we use steamed veggies typically). Our plates suit nicely in there and most bags (like popcorn bags or veggie steam bags) in shape very well in here as well. The beeper is loud plenty of to listen to but not obnoxious, and the microwave does make a white-sounds but it doesn’t hassle me or my loved ones. I figure most microwaves make sound when they are working. The microwave is compact ample to fit in our condominium with ease (with adequate room upcoming to it for my husbands coffee pot).

This oven is effective ok, purchased it for my aged mom but it is tricky for her to see what buttons to drive. Thought that i could use the presets but their cooking instances are abnormal. The sunbeam net site does not recognize this product???????????.

East to clean up, turntable will work well, notify is loud so i can listen to it when out of the space. It has a little footprint, which i wished, but the interior is a little bit on the small aspect — although i realized that when i ordered it. That is the trade off, certainly. The a person issue that is a little bit frustrating is that it isn’t going to have a ‘minute’ button, so that you can push it two times for two minutes. So you have to actually type in 2:00 for 2 minutes. I mean, it is really just four button pushes alternatively of 2 i guess i am spoiled.

I like it – be really thorough taking the glass turn desk out of the styroform :). The turntable also does not have the ‘grooves’ that most do to guarantee its placed in the right location. Nonetheless, if you glance (quite carefully) you can determine it out and it is effective just wonderful.

Really very good benefit for the price. I acquired it for my mother to replace an aged oven and she is joyful with it. But spend in intellect this is now a massive oven and massive plates will not fit into.

Ideal small microwave in this article. I acquired this for my mother in laws pretty tiny kitchen area. Her residence is 90 yrs aged and the only area in her modest kitchen was a modest shelf we set up. This matches beautifully and since she is commonly on your own, she failed to need a significant microwave for large foods in any case. Other than that it works high-quality and is effective more than enough that you can continue to stick to encouraged times for food items on the containers. Some little models are underpowered leaving you participating in a guessing game on moments for your foodstuff. This 1 is solid plenty of that it is not a challenge. It can be also fairly uncomplicated to use, even for another person a little bit more mature.