Magic Bullet Deluxe 25 pc Set Blender Mixer [21 pc set : Does Most of What It Advertises

I bought this mostly to make shakes and smoothies (i don’t care about dicing and blending, i have knives for that). For smoothie and shake making, this gets an 11 out of 10, it’s amazing. This is the latest model and has no issues with the motor and i have found nothing wrong with it to date (i will update if that changes). You get an amazing array of cup sizes, lids and even a pitcher size blending cup. Cleaning is easy and making a drink is a snap. You have to be a little smarter than the machine, it’s not just like the info-mmercial, it doesn’t work just that easy, but a whole lot easier than any other blender i’ve used for this purpose. This is a must buy if you drink a lot of shakes or smoothies after working out–it’s simple, small, straight forward, and well worth the price. Update: it’s been about a month now that i’ve owned this thing. I make two protein shakes a day with it and it always handles the job. My wife makes a fruit smoothie every morning with frozen fruit and it comes out perfect. Cleanup is a breeze and unlike most blenders i’ve owned, i don’t avoid this one due to cleanup and the large amounts of smoothie you usually have to down with a bigger blender. Takes less than 3 minutes to have a shake made and even less time to have the thing cleaned up. If you’re on the fence about it, just do it–it rocks.

I ordered this when i realized my first bullet was having issues. Being entirely too lazy to just replace the parts needed, i opted to order a new set with the pitcher. They make it really easy for me to make an iced coffee or a fruit smothie and run without it spilling. The ice crushing blade makes frozen drinks a breeze and blends faster. Its easy to use and allows me to make anything from a margarita to whipped cream to salsa.

Magic Bullet Deluxe 25 pc Set Blender Mixer [21 pc set with a 4 pc bonus]

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  • Chop, grind and prepare soups or other dishes in 10 seconds or less.
  • Handy counter-top appliance that can chop, mix, blend, whip, grind and more
  • Great for making refreshing smoothies, shakes, zesty salsas or mouthwatering desserts.
  • Dishwasher safe and uses reliable stainless-steel blades
  • Deluxe 26-piece set includes: 1 High-Torque Power Base, 3 Stainless Steel Blades: Cross, Flat, and Ice Crusher, 2 Cups: Tall and Short, 3 Piece Small Pitcher/Blender (Pitcher/Blender, Lid, Pop-top), 5 Mugs (2 Oversized 22 oz “to go” mugs, 3 Regular), 5 Colored Lip Rings, 2 Stay-Fresh Re-sealable Lids, 2 Shaker-Steamer Tops, 2 Flip-Top Lids, 1 10-Second Recipe Book

I purchased this merchandise two years in the past and it just died after two decades of very nominal use. This is the cause the product missing a star. The 2nd star was missing mainly because the vendor despatched me the merchandise with just one jar lacking. When i emailed them, i was told that i might have to return the whole set if i wasn’t contented in just ten times. Very well, as i was touring and had a newborn that i experienced to feed infant-food during my travels, i prepared to preserve it. But make sure you do not deliver people today an incomplete setpros of the magic bullet:-lightweight-effortless to travel with-heaps of jars to choose on the go-a lot of various blades- all jars suit right into the blade cap and can be made use of in the blender which tends to make for a incredibly effortless set up. Smaller as effectively as substantial portions of anything can be built at just one go. One particular cause i gave up my ninja was for the reason that the the jars ended up also huge to make small quantities of meals. Downsides:- quick lifespan: even with negligible use, it has died on me in 2 many years. It experienced been acting up right after the first yr.

I have purchased this item before and i adore it. The digital element died right after about 3. five years of reasonable use which is affordable in my belief. So i needed to obtain a substitute, and this comprehensive pack was only a very little little bit much more pricey than just finding the digital base so i obtained the whole detail. The aspect that i had issues with was the buyer service. There was a mix up with my handle, which i could have averted on my conclude if i had been more watchful, so i you should not blame them for that. But when i contacted them about the situation, they have been sluggish to respond and i had to convey to them what to do. They have been heading to just permit my product occur back to them and then ship it out once more, but considering that this transpired with yet another merchandise i knew that it was possible for them to speak to ups and get it turned about in transit so i failed to have to wait around months to get it. They failed to offer to do this, i had to inform them how to do it, and then they charged me.

The product by by itself does its career, now : dont be expecting to be coated under their warranty. Not even a thirty day period of use and the cross-blade is mainly shaved. It wont clip correctly anymore on the foundation of the blender. The rubber piece on the bottom misplaced its condition leaving shaved parts on the foundation. I registered the products as quickly as i gained it, had to call to get the section replaced and was instructed it was purchased from amazon, not them. Have to commit revenue on an additional blade, hoping the similar point wont happen again.

Magic Bullet Deluxe 25 pc Set Blender Mixer [21 pc set with a 4 pc bonus] : I’ve been using this set to make smoothies and my own baby food and have been very happy with the performance. I was also delighted to discover when i opened my box that a juicer attachment came with the setthings i like about the bullet:- it comes with lots of great accessories- there are two blades, each meant to be used to grind differently (the flat blade does well with dry foods like oats or rice and the curved blade is great for making smoothies and chopping up foods)- it has held up well over the 6 months of constant use- it is nice having smaller containers and lids – it makes it easy to store and clean things upthe drawbacks:- i don’t think it’s meant to be used constantly to grind hard chunky things like carrots. After about 100 veggie smoothies i feel like the blade is dulling a bit because it’s not blending everything quite as quickly as it did at first. I’ll probably have to buy another curved blade attachment soon. – it doesn’t “chop” things like garlic or tomatoes quite as smoothly and perfectly as it looks like it does in the magic bullet promo videos. Overall, i find the magic bullet worth buying – if you make smoothies or are using it to grind baby food or make pureed blends often, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

I just lately experienced lapband surgery and was on the lookout for anything that would attain two issues: initially make terrific protein shakes and second chop food up into more compact items. What i adore specially about the magic bullet is that protein shakes are manufactured appropriate in the cup you use to consume. The only mess to clean up up is the blade as opposed to a blender. When making use of the bullet for food stuff i like that the containers are little ample to hold meals at the degree of the blade. Again considerably less complicated than striving to use a blender. The magic bullet is tiny and really moveable. I just lately travelled out of the region for function and was in a position to take it with me. It took up pretty minimal space in my suitcase. So much i have been incredibly happy with the unit. I have not experienced any issues with it and use it every day.

I bought the magic bullet blender on a friend’s suggestion. I will be utilizing it for smoothies only. It just arrived yesterday, and i built my to start with smoothies. Ease of use:straight out of the box, i was not pretty certain what to do with all the items. I don’t typically go through recommendations, but fairly than break my new blender (or myself) testing it, i actually cracked open up the instruction guide. It was very clear, concise, and got me started off quickly. Once i knew how to use it, it was actually basic. When i bought the unit, i did not care that it could blend proper into the cups it arrives with i just needed a blender that wouldn’t break following a thirty day period. However, right after using it, i’ve discovered that mixing cups independently is extremely easy. I make smoothies for myself and my boyfriend.

I’ve owned bullets given that they arrived out. This is a entire set such as the larger sized bowl for creating pancake batter, and so forth. Use them as directed, and change the gaskets regularly–or you get leaks into the device. (for sale on amazon at a great price tag–acquire them before you need to have them. ) the set will come with replacement gaskets, but i have generally required more. You will find this a compact kitchen helper. I make smoothies each individual early morning and this a fast respond to. The motor electrical power is reasonable, so you will have to chop the substances into lesser pieces. If you want to fully emulsify entire fruits and vegetables from a bullet item, you need to get the nutribullet (also at amazon).

I use it generally to make smoothies as i are unable to think about loading up a enormous blender for these a compact job. It can be wonderful to be able to make the consume suitable in the exact same cup to consume out of. Furthermore the cleanse up is much easier. A couple reviewers have commented that it does not crush ice cubes, i have no problem with this. It crushes ice tray ice cubes from full when there is sufficient liquid in the cup. I typically make oatmeal smoothies with peanut butter and ovaltine with milk and about 2 or three ice cubes. Even when the cup is so full that i have to press the components down to attach the blade, it blends it to a easy creamy regularity. Just will take a handful of extra pulses often. Oh and i generally include the ice cubes last this way they are closest to the blade and get the most crushing.

After two decades this blender is however going strong. The only explanation i gave it 4 out of five stars is the cups are not significant more than enough for me to get my hand into to cleanse. I use frozen fruit to make smoothies all the time and the blade has held up genuinely perfectly. I am also very shocked that the seals on the lids are even now good just after all this time.

Heaps of parts with lids if you are wanting to make beverages. This is uncomplicated to clean, rapid cleanse-up, and a very potent mixer. It has a substantial pitcher that can be used for greater quantities and smaller sized ‘bullets’ ready to be used for smaller items. I have mixed smoothies with frozen strawberries, yogurt and a very little milk. Combined correctly and quickly. No shaking of the bullet to get the goods in the mixer down, it just functions effectively. Purchased a single for 4 loved ones customers last calendar year for xmas. Every person joyful with their bullets.

I was incredibly enthusiastic to get this mixer as my blender, immersion blender, hand mixer and food stuff processor have all been retired. I was wanting for a various use process that was effortless to cleanse and sturdy. I have really combined emotions about this product and want to like it, but continue to will want my other applications. This magic bullet is wonderful for: smoothies, iced drinks, grinding spices (even espresso beans)are unable to be used for: salsa, rooster salad, something thick and chunky, particularly if you want it to stay that way. The speed and velocity of the blender is terrific, even so it puts so a great deal air and froth into what you are mixing that it will conveniently double in sizing. I do not essentially like the ‘airy texture’ it gives my drinks. It is capable to chop up the onions and tomatoes for a salsa, having said that it is mush in about three seconds, even applying the pulse. The other issue that i assume is actually gross, is that if you do overfill the cups (and about just around midway is also full) the strain within can get as well fantastic and the liquid will seep by the threads of the place blade attachment meets the cup and down into the motor. I won’t be able to think about how significantly and how immediately this will build up and be a trouble. I nevertheless use it day to day so i gave it three begins, but i actually want some thing that will be a universal workhorse in my kitchen area like my insta pot.

I purchased a magic bullet yrs back when they first arrived out, it broke alternatively promptly, but i did really like it when it did work so, i made the decision to get a different 1. When i received my magic bullet i noticed some modifications from the primary magic bullet 1st off larger cups and more powerful lids. I do feel there was even a couple of much more cups than the unique box. The party pitcher also seemed a very little bit bigger and undoubtedly sturdier. The most effective aspect was the motor i use my bullet each individual day i have experienced it for a calendar year now and it hasn’t died on me yet. To me this is a have to have kitchen appliance for each dwelling, since it is just so versatile.

Of training course it won’t work just like the informercial. It are not able to definitely defy the laws of physics (or cooking), but it really is good at what it does do (chop and mix small amounts of issues), and it truly is super uncomplicated to clear (my beloved element, a blender that is just not a big headache cleanse). I also like that it isn’t really at all cumbersome like a complete dimension blender. I can just leave the foundation out on the counter, and all the parts and accessories suit into 1 drawer. I’ve experienced mine for only a few days and i’ve been working with it various instances a day previously for smoothies, coffee beverages and egg dishes. A couple of warnings, although. To get the most out of this product you require to study the manual (seriously, i you should not usually browse the manuals for solutions i buy, but this a single is particularly handy). A good deal of the concerns that i have found in the assessments i have browse are adressed there, and you will find tons of ideas about small issues you can do to get the bullet to operate much better (which blade to use for various foodstuff, how to get the massive chunks of things that resist mixing to mix, how to clean up and treatment for the bullet so that it truly is a lot considerably less very likely to crack, etc. Nevertheless, a several of the recipes in the manual just don’t function.

I bought this for my spouse simply because of the new much healthier life-style we are dwelling and it just would make so numerous fantastic things so quickly and so uncomplicated to cleanmy wife helps make iced coffee’s just about every early morning, – (coffee, ice, sugar free of charge torani vanilla and caramel) force, blend, donei make fresh new pizza and spaghetti sauce working with canned diced tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, spices, purple pepper flakes and so on. . Blend together and fresh new healthier stuffwe make our possess hummus (you get the recipe guide with the kit)the only challenge we have had was that 1 of the tabs on the cups broke off and so when you put it in the magic bullet holder you have to use a knife to press down where by that 3rd tab was, true uncomplicated. We experienced 1 cup crack simply because of working with the incredibly hot espresso and ice to make iced espresso but other that that every thing is easy to clean and uncomplicated to use. On right here or wherever at any time else, so no biggy.

It can be great when you buy a little something and it fully fulfills/exceeds all expectations. The magic bullet is these types of a solution. The infomercial is not kidding – it requires seconds to combine/emulsify soups, mousses, smoothies, milks, lotions. I produced a uncooked vegan mousse, gazpacho, spicy almond sauce, macadamia cream, cucumber soup, cashew whipped product, coconut milk and a fruit smoothie the initial day. It arrives with so several parts, which are all amazingly easy to retailer and clean, is dishwasher protected (ran anything via the dishwasher immediately after working with it), and exceptionally productive. It chops vegetables, nuts, fruits, herbs, every little thing. It was so good not to have to chop dill and basil for my recipes. My beloved is that you can blend, clear away the blade and major off the container with a lid and put it in the fridge – no messy transferring to tupperwareif you are on the fence about getting this, trust me when i say it is well worth every single cent and then some – i would endorse obtaining the 25 piece set, mainly because once you get commenced on mixing/chopping, you can want to continue to keep heading and owning sufficient containers to blend/retail store is critical.

Fantastic for building all kinds of food items. Chops ice and frozen fruits, grinds coffee beans, helps make a great frappuchino. I definitely can use it every working day and it is so significantly simpler than acquiring out a foods processor or blender or smoothie maker. I nonetheless use these appliances for much larger positions even though. The major matter to know about the magic bullet is that it is for person parts. The containers are manufactured for only one or two servings at a time. The recipe guide is useful as well.

I have been unhappy with my magic bullet. I have had it about a 12 months, but do not use it frequently. Just a couple months right after i experienced it, it would ‘stick’ on. In order to flip it off, i would have to unplug it. The corporation instructed some cleansing, which i did. There was enhancement, but even now it grinds and whines while in use. The ‘gears’ are not meshing properly so that the plastic is staying worn or broken off, creating employing it an disagreeable career.

In a long time of use i just observed there is a crack on the inner part of my aged majic bullet device, i dont recall dropping it or breaking it in any way but it makes a louder sound at situations however it still operates like new even with grinding. I wished to get a different just one to swap it but i made the decision to consider some other brand names very first. The ninja- also substantially sound, much too significantly electrical power but not a very good grinder in particular for really healthy seeds like flax. Upcoming the cuisinart- good sufficient but nonetheless once again the sound that i dont like and the unit itself or the motor smelled so negative right after a 7 days of use. And so equally was returned and obtained my refunds again. Now im back to the majic bullet. Requested a new a single and will be constantly faithful to it.

It has so a lot of prospects. I use it for baby foodstuff and pounds loss smoothies. I also use it to get my onions and tomatoes prepared for cooking. We don’t like full onions or full tomatoes and my youngsters refuse to eat them but we adore the flavor so i put them in and mix them down to a juice and use it in my soups, tacos or no matter what i could have to have it for.

I had the opportunity to use the magic bullet at a relative’s household throughout a take a look at. We produced smoothies each and every morning. As i have significant cholestrol, being ready to make a speedy nutritious breakfast is essential. I also sneak protein powder and flaxseed into the mix. I have a kitchen aid blender which i also love. Nonetheless, it is cumbersome to use when only seeking to make just one consume. This is great as you are ready to make a single part at a time. My spouse also uses it and he is capable to blend a consume to his liking. He likes to put in egg white and i do not. The magic bullet lets us personalized mix drinks with no obtaining to thoroughly clean out a big mixer amongst recipes.

Back to Basics BPE3BRAUS Blender Express Plus 11-Piece Mixing System : best motor ever but cups are too big

I have been applying it nearly daily for the past year and it has been excellent. I make fruit smoothies in the morning (juice, frozen fruit, and yogurt). I also make homemade pesto which consists of chopping almonds. This is a great appliance that takes up very small area on the counter. I use to have a comprehensive dimensions blender which took up so significantly far more space and was a discomfort to clear up. This is scaled-down and less difficult to use.

Wonderful product or service, precisely what i preferred. We have commenced to include healthful smoothies into our food plan. It can be quick to get a tasty, healthy lunch substitute. I increase ground flax seed with omega 3. My husband really likes the smoothies. Worthy of every single penny, pretty effectively manufactured and person-welcoming.

Back to Basics BPE3BRAUS Blender Express Plus 11-Piece Mixing System

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    to make sure this fits.
  • 11-piece mixing system with 350-watt motor base and 2 speeds, plus pulse
  • 2 blade bases, 1 with quarto cross blades and 1 with dual flat blades
  • 2 24-ounce plastic travel mugs; 12- and 18-ounce plastic blending containers
  • 2 closable sipping lids; 2 drinking rims for comfortable sipping; recipes included
  • Measures approximately 6 by 5-1/2 by 13-1/5 inches; 1-year limited warranty

I failed to have higher hopes that this personalized blender would chop ice for my medifast food substitute smoothies since most of them seem to be to be minimal in that regard, but this blender is performing a good career at it. I do not have an ice maker on my refrigerator to crush ice, so i just fill my ice dice trays fifty percent way and use the lesser cubes. 1 modest difficulty is that i obtain it performs improved if i combine my meal replacement powder with the h2o for about 5 seconds to blend right before i incorporate the ice and place the jar on the base unit for mixing. When i really don’t do that, i come across some powder on the sides or in the blade unit when it can be blended, regardless of whether or not i place the powder in initially or final. Employing lesser cubes and stirring a couple seconds. This minimal powerhouse chews by the ice and would make perfect smoothies, even with frozen or fresh fruit additional to the blend. The vegetable slicing blade is too dull to do any uniform chopping. But i never require the device for that.

I’ve owned a back to basics individual blender back to basics blender express – white (bpe3white) ($twenty)for several years & loved it – most mornings i make a wholesome fruit smoothie for breakfast in minutes in the travel mug, rinse off the blade & am prepared to go. Not too long ago i preferred to purchase an excess mug for a going to close friend ($ten). I was delighted to find that for $35 i could acquire this item – two mugs (each individual with the two a sipper rim & vacation major, a ‘spare’ blender foundation & blade attachment (just in situation), a distinctive blade attachment for dry merchandise, & two storage containers back to basics bpe3braus blender express plus 11-piece mixing system.

This thing i way, way much too loud. I guarantee you want to have on earplugs even though applying it. I have not gotten any earplugs in the dwelling, so i have to stroll away from it whilst it’s working. If you do not, you will have a ear ache and ringing for the following 20mins. You do have to shake it to make what you are blending go to the bottom wherever the blades are turning. There has to be far better types out there.

Back to Basics BPE3BRAUS Blender Express Plus 11-Piece Mixing System : I really like this little blender. My son-in-law has one and really likes his. It is so easy to use and clean-up is just a good rinse of the blade unit and cup under hot water and let dry. I made an orange julious for the grandkids with banana,orange juice, ice and milk. I have readreviews that said it did not do ice very well. I just use crushed ice from the refigerator, then mix it. So it takes less time get it to a froth. I looked for it in retail stores. We have several of the other large blenders that have not been used in a year or so.

This is my 2nd tiny blender from back to basics. The initially a person was white with only 1 plastic drinking glass. I made use of it for quite a few yrs practically every day until finally i dropped the glass on a really hard surface area and the glass cracked (the blender by itself nevertheless worked fantastic. ) i instantly went on a research to obtain one more and found just what i was wanting for at amazon for a very good selling price. This time i picked the chrome and black design that has two consuming eyeglasses,two little mixing bowls, and extra velocity possibilities. It was a small extra high priced, but value it to have the extras. I hugely propose this for those people who like protein drinks using ice or frozen fruits that have to have a lot of electric power. The dealt with glass is fantastic and just the right dimensions. It is utilised to both equally mix and drink from, so you only have a single glass to clean. I wouldn’t want to be without having mine at any time.

I would not use this for everything else. It has a challenging time mixing the protein powder into the smoothie. The powder sticks to the sides in clumps often. The guidelines say not to clear away the gaskets, but they appear off by them selves. Particularly if soaked in heat drinking water. They are difficult to get back on. The quite initially thing that took place was that a lid gasket came off and i couldn’t get it back on. I attempted to carefully stretch it and it broke. This would not be an difficulty apart from i never consider i can acquire any substitution products. If any of the containers strike a hard ground, they will shatter (which is what happened to my past a person. I now have two bases because i cannot invest in substitute items). I’d say it is really well worth the value and you get what you pay out for.

I acquired this some time in the past but experienced not made use of it a great deal. A short while ago i started out a diet program method and now living on protein shakes. This little blender will make it considerably much easier. If i had to use a classic blender i would free fifty percent of my food in the base of the jar. With this cup blender i just invert and consume my shake. This set is around equivalent to the magic bullet, but charges much less. I have not utilised a magic bullet but now have two of these sets and have not experienced a problem with both. The initially has been in our residence and acquired light utilization in excess of various many years. While in excess of the final couple of months both equally have witnessed hefty utilization. Both of those are running strong with only a number of problems detailed beneath.

I purchased the primary back to basics blender express five or six many years back for submit-exercise protein shakes. Sadly, following yrs of devoted assistance, getting employed five times a 7 days, the motor at last give up. I ordered this blender express plus on amazon as a substitution, and it is all that my first blender was, and additional. Not only does it still whip up fast and easy protein shakes and smoothies, but it also features four containers, supplying much much more versatility than my previous blender. The blades in the tops don’t feel to chop up ice as properly as the blades in my outdated blender express. A single of the tops has two blades, and the other has 4 blades. But the angle of the blades are distinct from the outdated blender express, and they do not seem to be capable to fully chop up all the ice you may well have in the mug. No issue how very long it runs, it always would seem to depart 1 or two pieces of ice in your shake that it could not absolutely chop up.

I initially requested this item simply because i was going to have jaw surgical procedures out of the state and essential to be on a liquid diet plan. I previously owned many blenders, but essential 1 i could effortlessly convey with me. The around opinions i noticed on amazon led me to feel that this merchandise would be a fantastic alternative. It is an attractive device with lots of helpful choices. It worked properly while i was out of the condition for 2 months making smoothies and protein powder shakes. About a week after returning home, i was earning a fruit smoothie and it quickly just stopped. No smoke or odd smells or unconventional noises or slowing down. I tried various plugs and any point else i could believe of. I immediately wrote the firm through their shopper company electronic mail and acquired a reaction in fewer than 24 several hours that they ended up heading to fed ex me a new one particular.

I use it atleat three times a week and it has in no way failed me. It distroys ice and any frozen fruit in seconds. I use it to blend my exercise session nutritional supplements and it really does a fantastic work. It is seriously a person of my most effective purchases and i appreciate it. It really is suits perfectly in my lunch bag so i can have it with me devoid of struggle. I have had it for sometime now and i actually appreciate it and strongly recommend it if you are seeking for a blender of this kind. It really is terrific top quality much too so will not get worried about something like that.

We experienced one particular for a pair of many years & my spouse & i experienced set smoothies every single working day for each and every of us. That’s a ton of motion & it just ran flawlessly. We had to acquire a new just one due to the fact we accidentally broken the outdated 1. The new 1 has additional areas & is just a champ. For the selling price this blender works fantastically. Incredibly pleased with our acquire.

Neither this unit nor the ninja personal blender are capable to deliver a smoothie that you don’t have to chew. You need to have the larger container even when just preparing for one particular person usually you finish up having to re-open up, turn and shove. The glass on the oster is a plus. The triple blade assembly of the ninja just traps foodstuff underneath the first blade and liquefies it. Was placing in two or three frozen sliced parts of peach, one large leaf of mustard environmentally friendly or kale – stem taken out, palm measurement cross reduce romaine lettuce, five oz almond milk, two oz clear apple juice, half a little banana and one lg tbsp. Only the oster blender at complete speed is ready to generate a entirely easy drink that you don’t have to filter or chew – as was the case with this express system. Did not do ice – just the frozen fruit. Just possessing a person blender glass container is easier – you can fill from major and incorporate a lot more without the need of disassembling. The blade on the oster is as good as the ninja one particular – but that one leaves a thick smoothie you can consume with a spoon – not pleasurable when you have to chew the things.

All of the blades and the containers do not fit effectively and leak. I traded this motor for my old one with my older blades and containers and functions good now.

Experienced my aged a single for virtually seven years, love this blender. I use it every day, the 2 further blender cups have come in incredibly handy, excellent enterprise, fantastic support.

I purchased this for a friend who would make lots of smoothies. It blends so promptly and will make the smoothest smoothies.I am glad i chose this blender.

Prior to obtain i read through everything i could obtain on the blender express plus, bullet & tribest individual blender. I acquired the blender express generally for the size of the travel cups and the selling price. Bullet was a little bit much more (at the time) and the tribest was approx. A buddy has the bullet so i was able to evaluate the actual blade assemblies. To be genuine they appear equivalent – particularly the sharpness of the blades – dimensions of blades – could have occur from the identical manufacturing facility (may possibly have). High quality of mixing appears to be to also be really identical. My ‘smoothie’/’juice’ is composed of anywhere from five-20 various fruits/veggies at a time with incredibly minimal frozen. I really don’t use ice at all, just the frozen berries, and many others that are additional, so i am not capable to overview its’ capability to crush the ice. Very clear markings on the cups for introducing liquids. Quick to use – no ‘push to blend’ like the bullet – every thing is worked from the dial, from speedy pulse to minimal or high options. My only unfavorable – at the time you tighten the blade assembly on the cup, it can be essentially a tiny difficult to remove. Requires to be tight so no leakage. ‘ve discovered that a rubber/textured gripper to open up will come in helpful.

I use it day-to-day for smoothies and i use a single of the containers for hummus. The only downside i located was that the two other containers do not have lids. They make it seem like they do in the photographs, but nope. Usually the blender is fantastic for earning one servings of whatsoever you want. Cleans swiftly and it’s good obtaining two mugs. I also like how straightforward it is to clean up the blades given that they detach from the blender.

We unquestionably love this merchandise, incredibly easy and effortless to use. We have had the the primary back to basics smoothie blender for yrs and it has been employed, concerning 2 of us, an regular of 6 instances for each 7 days – and it can be continue to tickin’. I just acquired a single for my father for xmas and released him to our protein shakes and smoothies. The only matter to view out for is that your o-ring is always in position in the lid so that it does not get tangled in the blender.

I have three of these (rv and wintertime and summer season homes). I have been applying them off and on. Because summer time, i have been building smoothies every day. I have now thrown out 2 cups, one lid and the blender blades that go on the cup–not since they broke but we could not get the lids off the cups no issue what we tried using. Get device apart from for this issue.

The ‘back to basics’ blender is a terrific item. My spouse and i were being searching for a compact blender to use with our ‘medifast’ diet prepare and this a single filled the monthly bill and extra. There is no want to spend a lot more for other goods like the ‘magic bullet’ when this blender does the job for less.For a shake or a smoothie the cups are marked as how significantly to insert (liquid/ice and many others. ), attach the cup to the blade base and tighten onto the motor and blend. You can either put on the ‘to-go’ drinking prime or a consuming rim and you are finished. We’ve been making use of this on a every day foundation (four-5 periods a working day) for a thirty day period now and have experienced no challenges at all. We highly suggest this solution.

ShredTech : USB Rechargeable High Power Electric Protein Mixer – Portable Electric Vortex Mixer and Shaker Bottle – Awesome Dirty Santa Gift!!

Only get this if you are using liquid and powder almost nothing far more. Really sluggish spin, but it is effective. This is not scalable to other objects until you want to get pissed off.

I started out a protein shake diet plan and this cup is functioning beautifully so considerably. It ordinarily only takes about thirty seconds to blend the shakes and they get pretty thick by the close. The motor slows down but even now is effective quite effectively. The cup is 16oz full and i make them 8oz at a time.

A tiny loud when you initially flip it on and then it quiets down with a excellent vortex and then silent with the lid on. The poor is that the motor scarcely lasts thirty seconds in advance of it begins to gradual down and then cease. It would seem that the powder even now gets mixed in effectively enough but it would be awesome if it would spin for a lengthier period of time. Also, i only fill it to about eight oz and the vortex reaches the rim, wouldn’t really advocate putting much more than that except you want a mess.Here are the specifications for the ShredTech : USB Rechargeable High Power Electric Protein Mixer – Portable Electric Vortex Mixer and Shaker Bottle:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • RECHARGEABLE: The handheld mixer comes with a USB cable to recharge the detachable motor base.
  • EASY OPERATION: As simple as adding the desired liquid, press the power button on the motor to create the vortex, add the powder and wait 30 seconds
  • PORTABLE: Either create a shake while on the go or save room by detaching the motor. Detaching the motor is as simple as twisting the bottom.
  • FAST CLEANING: This self mixing cup can be cleaned in a matter of seconds! Just add water and soap then turn on the motor. Allow the mixer to create a vortex of suds, then rinse it and it’s good to go.
  • BEST FOR POWDER: This Shaker bottle can mix all your powder shakes. Works great with pre-workout, creatine, protein, and any other powdery substance.

Burton is tricky to press to continue to keep motor running and battery dies extremely immediately and requirements to be recharged way to frequently.

Bought this for my teenage son for xmas. I needed to wait around a when so i could see how this lasts. Mixes powders really nicely and easy to thoroughly clean just after working with. The cost on it final a several months of applying. We just cost it when a week. You can take the foundation off and cost by by itself. I endorse this to anyone.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Use liquid and powder only.
  • Really cool. A little loud when you first turn it
  • It works but the battery is garbage. It stopped holding a charge after a few

I use this many moments each day. I’m very careful with it, but it will get a ton of use. Still functioning soon after quite a few months. It really is very highly effective in the context of mixing powders. I wouldn’t consider to use it for nearly anything else even though. I’ve utilised a quantity of whey and pea proteins. These usually combine instantaneously, but some stubborn powders that are inclined to clumping operate much better if you begin by filling the cup midway with liquid, begin mixing, and gradually increase the powder.

Making use of it for my protein shake at do the job.

Acquired two of these as xmas presents, they unquestionably liked them. I place batteries in them prior to i gave them away just to see if they worked. This is a really cool merchandise that will work. I am going to be getting much more in the foreseeable future.

You should not get the base damp at all.

Functions great do not like that you have to get rid of the minimal cap within other then that its amazing works with out emotion forced.

Just what i question for and it functions wonderful. I teach four to five times a 7 days together with working with this merchandise.

I’m offering it a four mainly because it general please me. It has the measurements and blends quietly and competently. But the to start with working day i went to open up its charger port to demand it entirely and the ruler cover piece fully arrived off and i had to check out and search my car for it. So now my charger port is totally open up 24/seven. I wasnt even opening it difficult or something it just broke ideal off the bat. I wish i could just get the charder point mounted but apart from that it is a excellent product.

You can charge it in your car it will come with a usb wire. But if you want to increase fruit it really is not highly effective sufficient if you just want your protein shake and h2o or juice it really is good.

I have it managing and then insert my shake mixture a minor bit at a time. It blends it up really great. I’m pretty delighted with my invest in.

I bought this bottle a single month ago.

Quite easy mixes everything properly.

Love it for generating shakes on the go. Truly convenient a entire charge lasts me about a 7 days and that’s with repeated usage. Retains a good amount of liquid. My co staff bug out when they see it on my desk blending wirelessly lol ‘ hey where by can i get one of individuals?.

It works but the battery is rubbish. It stopped keeping a cost right after a several days. I have to leave it plugged into the wall to make it combine. The opening is also really little, and the twist on leaks. I drink it with the best off now.

Fantastic product -straightforward to cleanse.

No clumps in my protein and i do 2 scoops. Quick to clear and it appears great.

Extremely easy like it a whole lot.

Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender, Glad for the other reviews to make my purchase

Finest $600 expense i have each individual built. I preferred a blender/extractor that would offer sleek effects. I attempted some others, then study shopper report review — this was listed as range just one. I took my time, additional investigate, went to a store and seemed at the device. All the equipment is metallic and major excellent metal that will not tiredness. Acquired it about a thirty day period back. It is the number one particular piece of equipment in my kitchen area. Smoothies with raspberries and chia seeds — are comprehensive smooth. It even that a cleaning attribute, so it is extremely quick to consider treatment of. Couple months back i experienced emergency oral medical procedures.

So perfectly manufactured and so easy to use.

I adore this blender and 2hp ability. A lot more than adequate electrical power for household use. I can’t nonetheless justify the cost of $600 bucks for this except for the seven decades of warranty. Despite the fact that there are superior run 3hp alternatives in the industry more affordable (pretty much 50 percent the cost), i did not get those because of my electric power expenses for the added 746 watts for each operate and the want for a 20a independent circuit to operate any of the 3hp options. 5 hp waring – i take into consideration the most effective right after seeking it out at my mates location. Com/b004ujkki43hp cleanblend – not analyzed, but has the ability of 3hp motors to mix anything at all. Com/b0094b94bm2hp breville – more affordable choice. Similar foundation constructed quality, a little bit much better container built. Improved outcome than most of the other blenders, not as vitamix. 2hp sprint – the most inexpensive identical option, full plastic foundation. Com/b00aizbmmwturned away from ninja, oster and other people. I have borrowed my friends and we experimented with our blenders. Waring was the best as it was faster than vitamix. Vitamix is excellent for extended run. If price tag is the only constraint go for sprint, make positive to call them and negotiate a greater offer on warranty. If you can spare a little bit much more, breville manager is good. Vitamix is the finest, only the $600 price tag tag could possibly be frightening. Or get the 3hp selections and pay back a tiny top quality prices regular monthly.

Key specs for Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender, Brushed Stainless with Cookbook:

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    to make sure this fits.
  • PVC plastic BPA-free housing in stainless steel
  • 2.2-peak-horsepower motor and wide blade radius
  • 2-piece santoprene rubber lid with a removable plug for adding ingredients while use
  • Stainless steel blade construction
  • 64-oz. carafe is BPA-free Eastman Tritan copolyester

Comments from buyers

“A must-have for every kitchen, Best Investment in your Health, Vitamix (2HP) or Waring (3.5HP) or Breville (2HP)”

Happy for the other reviews to make my order.

Best blender on the market place, this is definitely professional machine, entirely value the cost you fork out truthful. With the vitamix, i truly feel like my soup style like clouds.

This blender is the same if not superior than most significant finish coffee shops use for their blended and frozen beverages. Is effective so very well with any components and comes with fantastic recipe e-book.

A lot more than lives up to it’s name. Look at any and all youtube films and you will see. However learning what it can do.

Gave as a gift and nonetheless obtain thanks.

Finest on marketplace, a b1t highly-priced, but. . Would make the very best ice and alcoholic beverages drinks. Its just a damn excellent blender. Try to remember, its a near to $five hundred. Blender, every thing tastes much better from a $500.

As a substitute of a conventional juicer that throws absent all the fiber and just keeps the juice, this lets us to try to eat complete fruits and greens. The cookbook and web site make it quick to learn new recipes, and the equipment cleans alone which helps make us really joyful. We use ours between 1 and 3 instances a working day and haven’t had any troubles. It truly is provided us an uncomplicated way to have a healthier diet plan, and by producing it so fast to make a healthful smoothie, we can conquer starvation a lot quicker than heading out to eat and for less dollars. Cannot feel we failed to get one of these faster.

I freeze cleaned strawberries, peeled bananas, pineapple parts and other fruit, then place parts into the blender with simple yoghurt. Making use of the plunger, it arrives out like ice product. I burned out a kitchen area assist top model executing this, and am marketed on vitamix.

Acquired this and donated my blender, foods processor, and juicer. It does the job of all 3 and then some. The costly expense has been very well value it so considerably.

I made use of my friend’s for a month in advance of biting the bullet and purchasing my personal. I was put off by the selling price issue. What i learned is that it is really worth each penny.I tried using other blenders and they didn’t even examine. I’ve been thrilled with the vitamix.

I really don’t know how i at any time lived with out this. The finest blender i have ever had.

It blends even fibrous greens and fruits into a velvety sleek consume when you increase drinking water, juice, milk or anything else. It is quite quick to clear and really well built. Selling prices on this design ought to be decreased now that they have the touch display controlled model.

I have experienced this blender for a when now and i can inform you it really is worthy of the value. This is the blender of all blenders. And i glimpse ahead to employing it for a very long long time.

Very high priced, but does the careers extremely effectively.

My inexperienced smoothies are clean and creamy in seconds. I am very pleasedi have been seeking this for years.

I feel it is very well truly worth the price. I’ve had it for a several months now and still use it almost daily. I have had no issues with it and the establish excellent makes me assume it will past a life time.

It’s so easy to use and to clean. I have made many smoothies using my vitamix. It’s incredible that you can throw whole peeled oranges into the machine and the vitamix can purée them up smooth and without jamming.One of the best purchases i’ve made. The seller shipped it quickly and it was packaged well and was as advertised.

NuWave Twister 22091 7 Piece Multi-Purpose Blender : Overall, very satisfied customer.

The only thing it doesn’t do well is nuts.

Doesn’t chop as well as i expected. I needed something that would chop ice well.

I really can’t complain about this mixer. First off, we got it for free off of our friends. We’ve been using it now 2x per day for a few months now for mostly protein shakes only. We’ve used it to mix misc frozen berries, psyllium fiber, misc proteins powders, no problems. I used to shake my protein drinks but cannot stand the foam it would produce or the consistency. I literally fill the cup with my almond milk and brown rice protein, turn it on for 3-4 seconds and have a perfect consistency protein drink. I can’t think of any complaints, it works and does the job. **update**i’ve owned this bullet for about a 1. 5+ years and still kicking w/ 1-2 uses per day. If your’re looking for a low maintenance protein blender, we really enjoy it.

  • then went to stores to compare to find which was better. There is one problem with this one
  • Does not work as well as expected.
  • Perfect for singles Works good

NuWave Twister 22091 7 Piece Multi-Purpose Blender

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    to make sure this fits.
  • Make smoothies, soups, dips, baby food, and deserts, all without making a mess of your kitchen and dirtying bowls and utensils
  • Easy to use and versatile, you’ll want to use the NuWave Blender everyday
  • Simply twist on the flat or cross blade, place the canister on the high torque power base and press down that’s it
  • Stylishly designed and compact for easy storage

I have been using the nuwave twister on and off for 2 years. I have used it mostly for protein shakes but can also count on it to make smoothies with kale and spinach and apples. If i had any complaint its that i wish the biggest blender cup would be a little bit bigger so i could make enough in one use to last me for a day or two. The blender has been extremely durable, so i feel bad for those who have had it break on their first couple uses. I would give the ‘chopping ability’ a 4 out of 5. To me it has everything i need in a blender and it leaves me wanting very little extra. I will probably look to buy something else now that has a little bit bigger capacity, but only because i fear that my blades for this blender are starting to get a little bit dull.

Easy to use, easy to clean up.

Simple, few twists and i’m drinking my shake in no time. So easy to clean and fast delivery too.

This is the third nuwave twister i have used. The first i thought was torn up and i returned it for a replacement — after using the second for a while, i learned how to clean the connections when it started having the same problem as the first and this solved the problem. After many, many daily uses of making smoothies the gasket around the blade was leaking so bad i decided to purchase a new one. Over all i love it because it is so easy to use and clean and is very portable — so small it can be easily taken on trips.

I ordered this by mistake and returned it.

It is my most used kitchen appliance.

I didn’t purchase this for myself, but instead received it as a gift from a friend. I actually had it sitting on a shelf for a long time before i ever got it out to use it. I drink homemade breakfast smoothies every morning when i get off work. This is perfect for whipping up a quick smoothie. Start to finish, including cleaning product is approximately five minutes. I use the biggest loser protein powder one scoop, with some type of fruit – frozen blueberries, frozen strawberries, frozen raspberries, or fresh bananas, sometimes a scoop of peanut butter, and once in a while some ice, along with some 1% milk. Total blending time is less than one minute, sometimes one and a half minutes depending on how much fruit i put in the mixer. It’s not an expensive piece of equipment, therefore the blades are not high quality or sharp.

I did not like this unit much cause it won’t blend solid food very well.

The blade is large and high to cut through ice. The others in this price range can’t. I bought this one, then went to stores to compare to find which was better. There is one problem with this one. I use it every day and find that the plastic section that connects the blade to the machine wears out after a while. You put the blade and cup in the mixer. It says to do this no more than 30 seconds at a time. The heat from the action may cause this to melt a little. Or maybe i haven’t always let it stop before lifting out.

Great product and great price.

I use mine daily to make my morning protein shake. The seal has started to leak so have to keep an eye on it but otherwise i love it.

KitchenAid Blender ksb1575aq : Love this Blender!

Greatest blender i have ever owned. Gentle several years forward of the low-priced things i have owned in the previous. Will work good, blends just about anything i put in it.

Have not tried out it but but it is magnificent.

KitchenAid Blender ksb1575aq , Aqua Sky Color.

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • The Soft Start® Feature starts the motor at a slower speed to pull food into the blade then quickly increases to the selected speed setting.
  • Control Panel with White LED Lights The Clean-Touch Control Panel wipes clean easily.
  • The 60-oz. BPA-Free patented Diamond Pitcher design is shatter-, scratch- and stain-resistant and is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.
  • Steel-Reinforced Coupler provides direct, efficient power transfer from the motor directly to the blade for robust blending. The coupler is coated for quiet operation.
  • The Die Cast Metal Base is sturdy.

I acquired this blender to shift into the realm of juices and smoothies. This is a uncomplicated and strong blender. A must have for those seeking to crush ice and mix. The button action took a little acquiring use to, electrical power on then push. My problem will be over time the challenging rubber on the gear tooth assembly. The blender is quite quiet since of this function so i will wait on examining it. I hope this blender to be about for some time.

It is the most effective blender i’ve ever utilised, and i love the coloration much too.

KitchenAid Blender ksb1575aq , Aqua Sky Color. : I bought this to replace a cheap blender that i had that was having a very hard time handling all the frozen fruit i was shoving into it to make smoothies for my kids. I do like this blender (it’s certainly cute), but wish it obliterated the fruit in the way i expected it to. It does eventually manage to tackle even a full receptacle of frozen fruit, but it does take a little stopping and stirring action, which i was hoping to get rid of by buying this pricey blender. Overall, i do like this, but kind of wish i had gotten one of the other brands that maybe wouldn’t require so much effort.

Effective, quiet, straightforward to clear. Just what you assume from kitchenaid. I also have the significant elevate bowl mixer and a food processor from kitchenaid.

I have only utilised it as soon as so far. I used frozen fruit and it clogged up and i experienced to prevent the blender and stir it. Like many others i identified it tough to get the jar off the base. If you twist it counter clockwise it comes off conveniently. Then you twist it clockwise to lock it into spot when to set it again on the foundation. I like that the jar and blending areas are all a single piece and does not occur apart. Just be absolutely sure to wash it proper absent right before food stuff dries on.

We just obtained this awesome blender as our to start with wedding ceremony present off of our amazon registry. I have to say kitchenaid brand name is by much the most large quality of any kitchen area equipment i have ever owned or examined. This blender is the most great shade of aqua, and suits pretty nicely into our mid-century-contemporary / retro-themed residence. We analyzed it right away on receiving it. The merchandise came incredibly securely packaged, and incredibly nicely reward-wrapped. The appliance by itself is very significant-duty, and nicely-made. The blender delivers an array of options/speeds for all of your mixing requirements. We really relished the fact that the lid, and take care of of the lid are equipped to detach from 1 a further for washing needs, and then be securely re-assembled. Over-all this looks like the most properly-designed blender i have ever seen, and most surely the finest most higher high quality one particular i have ever owned. I am so happy with this product, and i would highly advocate this precise blender to any individual.

It seamed like fantastic blender, but the blender cup heated and thinned out on bottom. Does not have good grip, thus not working appropriately.

Only fault is that it could come with the 24oz culinary jar also provided.

Really will blend up the ice product to make a nice sleek milkshake. However, does seem slightly overpriced for a blender. Really large solution and created from great top quality materials while.

My aspiration blender is a vitamix. I have utilized them and just swoon, on the other hand, i don’t want to invest that substantially on a blender correct now. So, i investigated blenders and scoured the assessments. I have had quite a few blenders in the final 10 a long time and know what i would like. I chosen a glass container, but basically this plastic container is strong, thick, and possibly most sensible. The glimpse of the blender device is wonderful. The blender is not loud, in my feeling. It is a blender, and i count on some noise. It truly is quieter and doesn’t have that shearing audio my last 3 blenders experienced.

The most strong blender i have ever had.

These charming blender likely labored great but i returned it mainly because it was enormous. Measure ahead of you purchase is the lesson acquired in this article.

Simple to run and quick to clean up. Appears to be good and is creating wonderful margaritaslast blender was high priced but once the primary gaskets wore out it was up coming to worthless. Replacements ended up tough to locate and never ever labored properly. This diamond blender is auch improved design.

This is a superior excellent, highly effective, good seeking blender. Everyone loves it and compliments it. I manufactured frozen margaritas with no problem. Ir effortlessly crushes ice with a pulse crusher. Only down side is my girlfriend wishes all new kitchenaid appliances immediately after receiving this, so be ready to get addicted.

I really like my new blender in my beloved color.

A great deal quieter than my cousin artwork which at last quit. The only issue is my dishwasher warped the lid a little- hand wash or top rated rack that man. Seems to be lovely on the counter.

Butterfly Emerald 2-Jar Mixer Grinder – I had high expectations from this product. But it

I purchased this goods 6 months back and huge jar lid commenced cracking from best. Now i have to acquire new jar/lid for this. About the tiny jar lid is very hard to open. For chutneys and massive whole lot of powders it operates fine and for grinding compact batches or coconut and ginger/garlic paste it would not work. Finally i don’t buy it once again.

I have been searching for a great indian mixie for a very long time now. At $78, this is a very good offer. I have not been ready to uncover a more cost-effective possibility in about 6-8 months of hunting for specials. I’ve had it for a number of months now and so significantly every little thing is great. I have been working with it to make smoothies, chutneys, idly and dosa batter, grinding coconut for sambar and so forth. Just one reviewer mentioned that it’s not easy to open. I was concerned about this when shopping for but my knowledge is that there is no problem opening it. It’s possible the corporation has altered the design based mostly on person feedback for the reason that there is a compact hole in the lid which helps prevent the formation of a vacuum within the jar. A person other reviewer outlined that it won’t grind easily and leaves sediment at the base.

Here are the specifications for the Butterfly Emerald 2-Jar Mixer Grinder:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Available in 110 volts AC, 50 Hz For US and Canada.
  • Butterfly 2 Jar mixer Grinder has Sturdy stainless steel jars.
  • Heavy-Duty 550 watts motor that helps to grind faster. Motor has 17000 to 20000 RPM at no load.
  • Polycarbonate Unbreakable transparent lids for wet & dry jar and mixer mate.
  • Suspended motor bed for vibration-free performance.

I experienced significant anticipations from this products. I still desire to use my old oster mixer grinder for grinding idli dosa batter.

I have been employing this mixie for a month now and it is fantastic so far. Only point i would like it to be superior the compact looks to be not fantastic for dry or making thick grinding.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • My requirement on a mixer grinder was 1) It has to be small so that it would be easy for me to take it back to India 2)
  • It was good for 9 months. then the big Jar began leaking! (Butterfly emerald 2 jar mixer)
  • and it came in very good packing and on time

I arrived from india recently and will be being in us for a short time. My need on a mixer grinder was1) it has to be tiny so that it would be easy for me to acquire it back again to india2) should be lessen in price2) it really should have grind functionality so that i can grind masala’s , make powders, make chutneys, make idli or dosa batter. It beautifully matched my necessity one as this is little one so i can pack this and just take it back again to india without situation,the motor excellent (lower sounds in contrast to preeti) was incredibly great, the steel jars were being amazing you will not get this good quality in india. The price was also incredibly less when when compared to other mixer grinder. Let us see about my closing prerequisite. Grinding masala :-staying a solitary person i tried using to grind compact volume of hen masala paste employing the tiny jar, result, it did not grind at all, all the ingredients stocked to the facet of the jar’s wall and soon after that the blades ran empty. Jar design was very poor, if the blades really should have been tiny bit lengthy (1 to one. 5mm extra) it would have completed a remarkable jobnext – i tried out to grind with medium quantity, this time it grind partly but right after including extra water to it produced the paste, how at any time it left one/3rd of my masala elements. Spilled the extra drinking water from the lid’s hole messing my apron. Finally i attempted to grind with significant quantity , the paste was grinded with out adding a lot h2o to it, the paste regularity was also great.

Brought this merchandise as a alternative to our magic bullet jars. Best for indian cooking on the other hand the blender does not grind huge parts extensively. I attempted generating smoothie with it and was chewing fruits and veggies that sedimented to the bottom. I couldnt make a high-quality ginger garlic paste much too. The gray plastic about the jar and the device is really flimsy and breaks very speedy. The jar manage is built of low-priced plastic and theres a substantial probability of it breaking , if u dont consider superior treatment of it. The small dry grinder doesnt grind anything to a good powder. Over-all, it is just an alright product.

This mixie is a lot more than fantastic for the selling price $57. It was written $44 of since the bundle has some harm but the mixie was not having any scratch. I was minimal concerned right up until i been given, but even the package deal was excellent. Works excellent for dosa batter or coconut chutney. Also it arrived at truly fast, well right before anticipated date.

All my outdated jars also fit this motor.

I had a preethi mixer grinder which would go off at minimum thrice on every single run. This mixer has by no means long gone off because of to overload at any time because i acquired it. I am owning this products for about 4 months now and it grinds really effectively. I applied it to make batter, gravy masala, chutney and juice and each factor is fantastic so significantly 🙂 i really advise this product to any one who would like to acquire a mixer.

Butterfly emaerald 2-jar mixer grinder is awesome. Since extended time i was wanting for a sturdy mixer to prepare indian dishes and at last ended up with butterfly. I have utilized few american designed mixers, but none of them labored beautifully w/me. It is incredibly compact and having a highly effective motor. Only matter need to be watchful is when u grind rice,dal or one thing like that, fill only half of the jar. So that it will choose only 5 minutes or fewer to get it ground. If the jar filled entire,then it will consider prolonged time to complete function. Its been a month only i started out applying it, so significantly it works wonderful and my wife is actually delighted with it. The smaller jar is excellent to grind chutney etc. The seller was very prompt in shipping and delivery.

Have been employing it for an 12 months now.

This mixer is certainly good. It requires me just under 5 minutes to grind 1 cup of urad dhal and two cups of idly rice into a awesome sleek batter. If you run it continously for 15 minutes or so, it starts off to emit a burning odor, which goes absent before long, if you switch it off and allow it awesome for fifty percent-an-hour. But i have located that i you should not need to grind everything that extensive, since it grinds idly batter in a jiffy. I have not encountered any complications with overload or tripping. The small jar is great for grinding quite high-quality powder – i use it all the time to make pepper powder, garam masala. No grievances, wonderful solution.

This is operating efficiently due to the fact i acquired it three months back. You can make super smooth dosa ,idili and appam. The only disadvantage is the chutney jar would not have a take care of and it is pretty tricky to open up the lid of the jar(incredibly negative design).

I have been working with it for approximately two months and am delighted with the product or service. Found it to be more cost-effective than the other makes. I use it on a day by day basis for grounding spices and wet grinding chutneys. Really quick to lock and unlock. I also make idly batter when a 7 days and locate that the greater jar gets heated right after grinding rice for five minutes.

Pros: i like it is compact design and style and strong functionality. 5 liter jar lid cracked in six months. I know i can get a spare jar but i am not that content about that.

This is executing the career as described and additional powerful motor + more jars could have been excellent work.

Indian cooking desires grinders that can grind to different consistencies and also have to have to tackle heavy duty gridning. This item has exceeded expectations.

It is really been 8 months now and the solution works excellent. My wife enjoys and i am satisfied she loves it. We do all the stuffs with this tiny blender. From producing dosa/idli batter, protein shakes, chutney’s, masala grinding, whipping butter milk and so on. Great for indian families who are on the lookout for the blender to do daily family chores. Nonetheless, i did see the gasket coming drop in excess of time and also rusting/metallic corrosion happening underneath the blade. If not it can be a fantastic product or service. Like all units, this merchandise need to be handled with care. Not suggested for the abuse and should really be cleaned totally following every single use for hassle free maintenance and also lasts very long.

This is a wonderful compact established of mixer-established. It usually takes significantly less place as it is rather compact and very properly will make paste of spices, onions and other topics. The large jar can be used as a juicer or for creating paste of leafy veggies.

I purchased this solution from amazon, and it arrived in incredibly fantastic packing and on time. I had never ever utilised a butterfly mixer grinder before and pretty skeptical. But with the initially time i utilised it, i was floored by its overall performance, the jars are just best, and so great. I have been grinding for idlis, dosas, adai and different chutneys quite on a regular basis and have no purpose what so at any time to complain. I most surely will advocate this merchandise. And since i am incredibly picky, this is not a remark that would arrive from me conveniently. But i have to say this is a really seriously superior mixer grinder.

Breville BBL405BAL Hemisphere Twist Blender : sturdy, makes excellent smoothies

We acquired this blender precisely to make smoothies, but we are employing it for so a lot of other dishes also. It is the best blender we have at any time experienced. The blade structure completely blends all elements into the mixture. No lumps, no additional obtaining to end and stir up clumps. In addition, it blends ice cubes very rapidly, easily and completely. As opposed to a whole lot of blenders on the industry, this one particular is really quick to clean up. Very pleased with this excellent blender.

The blender alone is functioning wonderful and i like the style. The lid is a nightmare and smoothie sprays everywhere when you pull the lid off. I reckon, i will have to go again to college or university and acquire a course in breville lid lifting if i want to get the most out of this item devoid of ruining foreseeable future shirts ideal just before i run off to function. That currently being stated, in spite of my absence of lid lifting experience, for some cause i’ve never ever experienced this difficulty with less expensive designs of blenders which shockingly blend the exact way this breville products does. Would make me marvel if i have been experienced. Ah properly, let us hope i get yrs of splashes from this point. To get my money’s truly worth and all.

Breville BBL405BAL Hemisphere Twist Blender, Silver

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • MiniHemisphere blade and bowl system combines functionality and power for even blending performance
  • Blade design and high torque motor delivers great results from smoothies to soups, dips to purees and drinks to desserts
  • Large 50 oz BPA‐Free Tritan jug
  • 6 Control Functions: 1Mix 2 Chop 3 Blend 4 Liquify 5 Pulse 6 Smoothie/Auto
  • One touch smoothie function – add your smoothie ingredients and hit the button for the perfect smoothie consistency

A good product changed my inexpensive blender and it does what it needs to.

This wonderful blender can make a raspberry cheesecake. I ordered thirty oz stainless metal cups for my milkshakes which will be designed the breville way.

Each breville appliance we have purchased has remarkable good quality.

Breville BBL405BAL Hemisphere Twist Blender, Silver : Perfect choice if you want breville quality but don’t want to go overboard. This model is the perfect size, destroys ice cubes very well and has a reasonable number of options to keep me satisfied.

My fruit smoothies come out terrific. I love the ‘smoothie’ perform.

Blends all the things i have thrown at it. It does have a slight issue rapidly mixing kale (just usually takes a minor extended), but with everything else it has excelled. Utilized it for smoothies, hot soups, gazpacho, frozen cocktails, even grinding up sizzling peppers for hot sauce. It has a remarkably very well-intended blade system so that components get pulled down into the blades quickly and get chopped down to a sleek regularity promptly. The twist-to-open up segment of the best for introducing liquids is good and it doubles as a measuring cup. It operates way greater than the aged-type pop-out tops. The design and style even lets you to insert liquids to the blender without getting the top out, so you can find no worry about unintentionally re-portray your ceiling. That element also will come in incredibly useful when mixing scorching food items given that giving the best a swift twist (loosening the seal without having removing the top rated) lets you to vent steam, without the need of resorting to the aged towel-on-best trick, like more mature, traditional blenders. The push-on cover is remarkably potent, i have no concerns about it coming loose mid-mix.

Potent, durable, ton of settings. Only drawback is the plastic jug rather of glass.

Not as excellent as the design that is much more exspensive than this design.

This is my first large-run blender so i can only examine it to the uncomplicated blender i had in the earlier. I love how it blends and i like the computerized settings. I detest how noisy it is and i truly despise how the best leaks even when i never fill it past the highest 8 cups. I am attaching a picture of what transpires to my standard smoothie crammed with seven cups of chilly solids and liquids blended on the eco-friendly smoothie setting. I contacted buyer services about this challenge and they sent me a new lid but i have the identical challenge. I hope breville will improve the lid. 5 stars since at this value, it should perform properly.

Want a new blender and it is performing extremely perfectly.

It really is fantastic, but i expected a minor superior from it.

Lightweight, durable, makes great smoothies. Juicing instrument on lid is pretty useful and makes it possible for you to get all of the juice from lime, lemon or orange. This changed a 1990’s product cuisinart blender that finally little bit the dust, and i am pretty joyful with the substitution.

But i like the way it cleans so effortlessly. Most anything just rinses out.

Use this just about every day for smoothies with ice cubes. It pulverizes the ice entirely and mixes my 18 shake, banana, and pb to a good smoothie regularity. Wife did not want it since we by now experienced a blender. Now she is a believer and i am king of the house once more following making this knowledgeable order.

Very respectable blender (i make eco-friendly smoothies) for an astounding cost :).

I use to make my smoothies daily.

I also owned the a lot more expensive breville blender but i lost it in the transfer. I was pleased to exchange it with a fewer expensive merchandise and i have not been dissatisfied with this blender at all. No surprise cooks illustrated ranks blender (the other hemisphere product) as ther top choose and as functional as the significantly pricier vitamix.

I acquired this because it has a ‘chop’ location. My previous blender had this kind of a location, the place it would regularly pulse to chop food items. I was a little bit surprised to uncover that on this gadget, ‘chop’ is just a single of the (continuous) speeds. I went ahead and attempted chopping some baking chocolate, and it did a good position. Looks the hemisphere assists with dry stuff as well. It does a great job with liquids. The blade does not occur off for cleansing, but cleansing it is easy regardless. You could want to know that the manual suggests to mix typically for no more than 1 minute, and thick mixtures for no longer than 10 seconds so i am not guaranteed how it would fare on incredibly thick smoothies. For my uses it is operating really effectively.

I purchased it to change a extremely old one that was so noisy i couldn’t consider it any more. I make largely smoothies with this and they come out terrific each time.

Vitamix 780 G-Series Next Generation Series Touchscreen Blender : A real powerhouse!

I love this machine so much. It was a very good investment.

It’s great for what it does and does it better than any blender out there. It would be nice to have a programmable timer / display and more easily readable graduations on the pitcher. Very difficult to see if you need to be accurate with measurements. However, like one viewer said. It will even pulverize the smallest of seeds and liquify any fruits / fibrous vegetable you throw in it. If you want the smoothest and most consistent blend you can possibly make, vitamix is the only one you should invest your money in.

Very pleased with both the quality and performance of the vitamix 780 g series. Will continue to recommend it to friends and family.

We had the $200+ ninja top of the line blender for about a year and were never totally pleased with the performance. We bought the vitamix after seeing a live demo where leafy greens just disappeared into the smoothie. This wasn’t even remotely possible with the ninja blender. After two months we’re still very pleased with the performance. Is it worth the almost $500 difference in price?. That’s a lot of money, but if you want professional juice bar results at home and love your smoothies you’ll need a blender of this quality. I just wish we hadn’t spent the money on the ninja first.

  • Vitamix vs. Ninja – knockout!
  • A perfect blender! You can blend everything with it such
  • Magic in 10 seconds

Vitamix 780 G-Series Next Generation Series Touchscreen Blender with 64-Ounce Container + Introduction to High Performance Blending Recipe Cookbook + Low-Profile Tamper

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  • Touchscreen Control Panel – The LED control panel is made of hardened glass to resist cracks and scratches, and easy-tap buttons are only activated by touch, not splashes or spills
  • Included Low-Profile 64-ounce Container – The 64-ounce Low-Profile Container is perfect for family meals and entertaining, while fitting comfortably under most kitchen cabinets
  • Automated Blending with Pre-Programmed Settings – Five pre-programmed settings ensure simple cleaning, walk-away convenience, and consistent results for smoothie, frozen dessert, soup, and purée recipes
  • Pulse Feature and 10 Different Speeds – With the Pulse feature, layer coarse chops over smooth purées for heartier recipes, such as chunky salsas or thick vegetable soups. Choose from 1-10 on your speed selector with a simple to touch to blend at the perfect speed for your meal
  • Comes Packed with an “Introduction to High Performance Blending” Recipe Cookbook and a Low-Profile Tamper

You can blend everything with it such as chia seed and hemp seed and you wont feel any of them. I use it everyday and i love it so much.

I’ve been using my vitamix 780 for a few months now and i’ve found it to be a great addition to my kitchen. I typically do not mix anything that requires such a workhorse of a blender but i like knowing it’s there if i need it. I use it every single day for blending smoothies and it handles frozen fruit and ice like it was cutting through hot butter and even has a setting or self cleaning. I’ve bought blenders in the past that didn’t handle ice or frozen fruit very well, especially not at the same time so i’m glad to have a blender where i don’t have to worry about burning out the motor just making a smoothie. I also love the consistency of my smoothies when mixed in this blender. I can shove a ton of vegetables nearly whole into this thing (although i do normally at least cut them in half just to get more in) and the vitamix has no problem turning them into an actual smoothie and not just cutting them up. You know the consistency of the smoothies you get from smoothie shops?. Yeah, that’s the kind of consistency your smoothies will have after being mixed in the vitamix. For me there is no other blender that can compare to the performance of the vitamix.

Easy to clean also, no knobs or ridges to get into.

It makes making certain soups really easy and makes a killer marguerite.

I have always wanted a vitamix but waited because of the cost. I finally decided to splurge. Love the automatic controls on this too. It changes speeds on its own depending on what program you choose. Looking forward to the soups when it gets cooler.

This blender literally pulverizes seeds and gives me the smoothie consistency i did not have with a nutribullet. Very happy, easy clean up and auto setting so far is great.

Programmed feature easily makes smoothies from frozen fruit and vegetables.

Pricey but does a great job.

Blendtec Designer Series Blender : Hassle-free Blending

Whole juicin at it’s finest. . My doctor told me she was pretty disappointed in my lack of fruits and vegetables in my diet. After research and sifting through all the pseudoscience, i was convinced that blending/juicing would be a good start to boosting my veggie intake. I purchased a ninja blender to start with. The ninja does a competent job blending, but isn’t able to get to a smooth drinkable consistency. It was more like a veggie fruit slurry that had unpleasant mouthfeel to it. My work around was to separate the liquid from the solids, by hand squeezing through a fine mesh bag. While this worked, there were some down sides:- it’s messy- it’s time consuming- missing nutrientsthe solution to this problem, was to invest in a blender that could do a better job of breaking down the solids into something more drinkable. I’ve been a fan of the willitblend content marketing, so i decided to go with blendtec over the other top brand: vitamix. With the same recipe, but with a shorter more efficient blend cycle, the blendtec is able to make “whole juice” that can be drank easily.

This is the most essential machine in my kitchen. I use it for raw smoothies, raw soups, raw ice creams, nut butters, kale chips dressings. I even make my dog’s raw food in the blendtec. Here is why i chose blendtec, this particular design, and this jar:* powerful motor – does the job right the first time and in the matter of seconds* dull blade – safe for your hands, for your kids fingers, and for your utensils* user-friendly programs and variable speed – makes my life easier and required just a minute for my kids to learn to use it* sleek design – easy to clean, good looking* relatively light base – the blender joins us for our vacation :-)* durable jar with splendid flow – only the thickest blends tend to stick to the walls and require a bit of scarping, but i got the twister jar, too. Some reviewers mentioned the blender tends to walk around the counter when blending ice. Just get one of those sticky dashboard pads, and put it underneath the base.

If you’re ready to up your blender game. This is quite the excellent blender, i have only begun to scratch the surface of what this thing is capable of. One thing to note, most of the recipes in the recipe book are written for a 4 side jar. Sure, you can just double most of the recipes like they make note, but the problem is you end up with a lot more than a single serving for one person. That’s just me nit picking, though. This thing is quite awesome. I love making almond milk in this. To you, the person reading this who is quite indecisive, i would say if you’re thinking about getting this blender, do it. You have to understand, in order to get the best performance out of this product, you have to follow all of the suggestions they give on the order you should add ingredients. Just use your head, and you’ll love this thing.

Look no more, this is the one to get, worth every penny. If you need a new blender, this is a great one to get. This is my second blendtec blender so i know a lot about this company because i have used my old total blender for over six years, almost everyday. I just bought this new designer series blender because my old one was making a lot of noise, i thought it would probably quit on me any day and i didn’t want to take a chance on being without my smoothies (very healthy eating) for even one day. This new one is even better, quieter and seems more powerful than the old one, not sure about that but i can tell you i’m glad i upgraded to this new one, it’s worth every penny. One more thing about this great company. As it turns out, i didn’t need to replace my old one because the container is the part that had worn out and was making all the noise. I only found that out when i tried out the old container on the new machine. The old blender is just fine but i’m keeping the new one because it is much nicer to operate and i do use it every day.

  • [UPDATED]Blendtec Designer Series vs Vitamix 5200
  • Believe the positive reviews!
  • The iPhone of blenders!

Blendtec Designer Series Blender, WildSide Jar – Black

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  • Commercial-quality 1,560-watt countertop blender with 3 peak horsepower direct-drive motor
  • The control surface features illuminated, easy to read, universal icons that enable effortless selection of our signature blend cycles
  • BPA-free Triton Polyester jar with patented cold-forged wingtip blades
  • Includes Wild Side blending jar; secure-fitting vented lid; user guide and recipe book with more than 230 great tasting recipes
  • 7-year manufacturer warranty

I absolutely love this blender. For a while, i thought “what could possibly be worth spending $450 on??”. I bought an oster blender and was pretty happy with it, untill i decided that i no longer want to have chunky kale in my green smoothies. I did my research, mostly comparing vitamix to the blendtec and finally to select the model. I almost bought a used one for half the price, but it was a different model and color than i wanted. I figure that if i’m spending a lot of money, might as well be on something i love and hopefully keep for a very long timethe touch interface is very easy to use. The red color is this blender is very classy and modern looking. I’ve used it every day, so far, for green smoothies and soups. My one and only complaint is how loud it is. By the end of the “whole juice” cycle, i worry my neighbors may start knocking. I used to make my smoothies in the mornings, but i have a roommate and would feel terrible to wake him up to the sound of my blendtec. So be aware of this, it’s definitely louder than your average blender. Then again, it’s infinitely better.

I previously had a roommate that had a vitamix, it was such a pain in the ass to get a thick smoothie out of their jar. I recently moved into my own place, sans blender, and went shopping. My initial reaction was to get a vitamix, but then i read a few reviews and watched the blendtec youtube channel. Blendtec is a dream come true, not only does the auto buttons work great, but it’s so easy to get anything in or out of the big jar, and the square design does really blend better. I’m glad i took the time to evaluate the reviews, and i got this as an amazon warehouse damaged box deal, saved a few more bucks, it was ultimately over $100 less expensive than the annoying vitamix i was considering. If you’re stuck on the fence between the two brands, get a blendtec, because it will blend.

Three years later, this amazing piece of equipment is still going strong. As vegans, we love this blender. We make so many dairy alternatives with it–sour cream; queso; milk; ice cream; cheese–it’s great.My only complaint would be that, from time to time, the jars seem to leak at the bottom. I told the manufacturer about this though, and they sent me a replacement jar with no hesitation. A great product from a great company and a must have for any vegans that aren’t content with simply eating lettuce and tomatoes.

“how many times has this happened to you. “after i was married i bought my wife a kitchen aid blender thinking i was investing in a quality appliance. Our next blender was a cheapo oster, and though it outlasted the kitchen aid by several years, it leaked oil and never really pulverized the ingredients adequately. I considered the vitamix and even the ninja, but hated the fact that they can’t fit under an upper cabinet. “there’s got to be a better way”after much research, i found the blendtec, which had glowing reviews and an impressive seven-year warranty. Though there weren’t many reviews of the designer series model, i took a leap of faith, swayed by the more cleanable controls and claims that it is quieter and runs cooler than the total blender. “can your blender do this?”i wondered whether i was nuts for spending over four hundred dollars for a blender, but as i unpacked it from the box i could tell this is a quality machine. (as a bonus, it is mostly manufactured in the us.

This product is the most used appliance in my kitchen. I am so grateful for this product. We have made soup, nut butters and it makes the best green smoothies. We use it daily if not twice a day. Also blendtec customer service is great. The only thing i would improve on is a way to lock down the jar to the base. When making a nut butter, the jar lifted and it stripped the gear on the bottom of the jar. But blendtec’s customer service sent us out a new jar at no charge and without hesitation.

Believe the positive reviews. Although amazon doesn’t indicate it, this blender has been discontinued and is no longer available from blendtec. The current price of less than $400 is very good for this blender. —after several weeks of investigation and ‘stewing’ about the choice i chose this one over the vitamix for one reason only–it fits under my kitchen cabinets and the vitamix would not. In all of my investigations it was clear that both vitamix and blendtec were excellent vendors so the choice really did come down the height comparison, in other words, a personal choice. I am sure i would be equally happy with a vitamix as a blender. —i have had this blender, wildside jar, and the larger twister jar for about a month now. All i can say is wowi have tried numerous recipes. Salsa, almond butter, fruit smoothies, milk shakes, omelets, etc.

Great blender – handles, ice, greens and seeds with ease. We make smoothies every single day and this blender is perfect for blending up any greens we put in, frozen bananas (let’s face it, sometimes getting perfectly ripened bananas is tough) and mincing up blackberry, chia or hemp seeds. The preset cycles are a lot more convenient than i originally expected, but the pulse cycle does well once you get the hang of it (a little awkward at first). As other reviews have mentioned, the blender struggles a little bit with small volumes in the cup, but with medium to big batches it blends like a pro. The unit is completely flat around the base which truly makes cleaning an ease. A warm, wet sponge gets everything clean. The wildside jar is big enough that it’s a breeze to clean as well and as instructions say, a little soap and hot water and a few quick pulse cycles and that thing is sparkling clean as well. It’s probably overkill for what we need it for, but after a couple of dead cheapos, this and the 7-year warranty make it well worth the investment and a blender we intend to have for years to come.

Great product until it breaks. . Then the blade housing broke. 8 year warranty but broke in 3 years in with modest use, maybe once every week or two for smoothies only. When it’s working it’s fantastic and looks good too. It’s under warranty but every time i try to call in i get put on hold forever. Even called once at 4:15pm and was on hold past 5pm, when i believe the customer service office closes. And there’s an option to have a call back, which was not helpful. When you pay this much for a blender, you expect top notch quality service.

Blendtec is the perfect brand for those who want a blender that does a little more. . I was in dire need of a new blender, my cheap oster was not cutting it anymore, so when i found this one for such an amazing price i knew i had to jump on it. Let me first start by saying i was looking heavily at a vitamix at first, waiting for the right price, but instead stumbled upon this brand. I’ve had this blender for about 1 month now and it’s been a wonderful little work horse.I use it nearly daily (sometimes twice a day) to make smoothies, soups, and sauces without any problems. No need to blend again, first try yields perfect results every time. I love the touch screen, no more buttons to try and clean/dust. The pitcher is a great size, the lid fits snuggly and is easy on easy off. The best part is the entire until fits nicely on my countertop underneath my cabinets with plenty of room to spare. If you are looking for a good quality blender to use more than just occasionally then this is the blender for you.

I’ve only had cheapo blenders in the past that made it a hassle to blend anything. They couldn’t handle ice effectively, left lumps,and leaked. After getting this top of the line blender, i wish i had bought a great blender a long time ago. My husband and i are making one to two smoothies a day per person as part of our new healthy eating diets. Using the smoothie recipes from the negative calorie cookbook, the ingredients jar is large enough for me to make both our smoothies in one blend. So far, every bit of ice, veggie, fruit, and nut i have put in it has blended up perfectly without any need to stop the blender to tamp or stir. Now i look forward to using a blender in my everyday meal preparation. The blender costs a lot, but i feel it is worth it.

[updated]blendtec designer series vs vitamix 5200. My mom got a vitamix 5200 from costco about a month ago. Used it to make rice milk, strawberry-banana smoothies, butter, and peanut butter. I used it so much i started to consider getting a high performance blender of my own. About a week later, i ended up getting the blendtec designer series just to see which blender i liked better. Let me just say this review comes down to personal preferences and what you are willing to compromise on as both blenders are very good. You cannot go wrong with either blender. Both do the job just as well as the other. Pro’s vs the vitamix:- design.

This is not your use-once-in-awhile and tuck away for weeks kind of kitchen appliance. This is a serious purchase and i wavered long, saving the money before finally purchasing. If you are ready to go big, for the excellent powerful kitchen tool – this is it. I am very pleased with my blendtec – i use mine daily, primarily for whole fruit smoothies. As in put the whole cored apple, cucumber , mounds of spinach, etc. In and it is turned to a smoothie. I have also used it to make flours, and nut butters. I researched the top rated power blenders and even compared blenders vs juicers. Blendec and vitamix are both equally rated with similar warranties and amazing multiple uses.

I experienced made use of – and appreciated – the same oster blender for thirty several years having said that, my daily electric power smoothie regimen was starting up to experience like a good deal of do the job to the issue where by i was skipping it a few instances a 7 days. Just after looking through lots of assessments and product or service specifications i settled on the blendtec designer series with the wildside jar. It was like changing a thirty-12 months aged financial system car or truck with a model new bmw. Spot elements in the jar, established the jar on the foundation, drive the button, step out of the kitchen (it is loud), return right after 45 seconds to love a ideal smoothie. The jar could not be any less difficult to thoroughly clean, the controls are straightforward to use, the programmed configurations are comprehensive, the device slides below my cabinets and appears to be interesting, the wildside jar seriously can make a big difference in how uniformly the substances are blended and has a enormous ability (be aware that the wildside is not designed to use with modest amounts of ingredients). The blender does get pretty loud although jogging the smoothie program but on lessen options is quieter than the oster. My daughter, who has a vitamix, now covets my blendtec. It is really a wonderful equipment and is unquestionably really worth the funds if the blender is a greatly-made use of software in your kitchen area.

The dull blades make cleanse up a breeze devoid of obtaining to. I be expecting this to be the final blender i at any time buy. Until it blows up, which is always achievable. Efficiency wise, however, i am not hunting enviously around anymore. I considered i upgraded with the ninja (it seriously was an upgrade from the off the shelf versions of yore) but this one particular is top rated of the line. What bought me on this more than the vitamix was the simplicity of cleaning. The dull blades make clean up up a breeze with no having to be concerned about chopping myself or an individual who may possibly arrive at unsuspectingly into the sink (i essential to very clear a total blood circle for the ninja). Quick cleanse up signifies i really use this matter. It does are likely to want to walk throughout the counter in spite of it’s weight, but i am aged university and like to continue to keep a hand on the blender while i’m employing it anyway.

Great tasting, and i am getting so much healthier. Purchased this for my spouse for christmas, he tends to make fruit smoothies every early morning. I did not consider i would be utilizing it considering the fact that i have an immersion blender to make soup and i can’t get fruit smoothies, way too significantly fructose generating arrhythmia. Then i experimented with working with spinach with berries and citrus to make a veg/fruit smoothie for me. Excellent tasting, and i am obtaining so much much healthier by doing this just about every working day. I got rid of my juicer simply because it removes all the good fiber and the fiber’s vitamins. The tomato soup recipe i never care for. Most likely will need to roast tomatoes before they style fantastic as soup. It does warmth up the components, but i continue to want my soup hotter, but somebody else could like it. Only want it would knead dough, has everyone experimented with?.

Quite happy with this blender. Owned a vitamix right before and also liked that. Preferred to try a distinctive form when it came time to purchase a new 1. Immediately after reading through all the reviews and a little bit of on the web perusing, this one particular saved coming up. It is a bit loud as said, but i have it in a distinct place to mix so that i can shut the doorway if a person else is all over that could possibly be disturbed. After you’ve got employed it a handful of moments, you get used to it. The close end result is the shell out off. Beautifully blended smoothies, soups or whichever you may well be concocting with their enzymes in tact.

Well. Hoping the warranty is superior. I been given my blendtec in february fourteen, it’s now sept 14, so i have had 7 months of quite regular use, largely for a environmentally friendly smoothie in the morning. I observed it is quick to overheat when attempting to mix frozen strawberries or greater chunks of uncooked carrots, which amazed me supplied the hype about what this detail can do i have not built a one iphone smoothie with the thing. In addition, it is really spitting out black shavings less than the blender jar & is now struggling with even straightforward blends, and it really is gotten even louder (for all those of you that possess one, you know listening to safety ought to be recommended). I’m waiting to listen to back from buyer company not sure if it can be the motor or the blender jar, but either way i’m disappointed in it’s toughness given it really is gentle use. Most likely i just received a faulty 1?.

Fantastic searching & functional blender. Initial, i like the touch panel control as it’s easy to clean. Very wonderful, and was a person of the key good reasons for getting, alongside with the point i perceived this to be a high-quality unit. The other manufacturers out there are just hideous to me. I have experienced this for two yrs now and will focus on the functionally. 1st i have to say the only dilemma encountered as a result much is the wildside jar. My 1st lasted about five months or so with the trouble being a leaking bearing. To explain this better the bottom of the shaft/bearing started to ooze a black goo, which was in actuality the lubrication of the shaft bearing being washed out bit by bit immediately after a number of weeks. After loosing lubrication the bearing turned noisy of program since there is no for a longer period a sealed bearing with lubrication in it. Blendtec replaced it promptly. Now a year and a half afterwards the substitute is carrying out the identical matter (substitution on the way). I generally only use this about every a few times to make a batch of smoothies. Not what a single would think about large use by any implies.