Livart Orange BBQ Deluxe Electric Barbecue Grill – Very happy with the purchase

I’ve owned this product for over 6 months and it is my favorite kitchen appliance. There truly is no other way to cook most meats. Only warning is if you are in a small apartment make sure your exhaust fan works. Otherwise the place will smell like you were grilling. So far its pretty much as described by other reviewers in terms of quality of grilling achievable. Mostly i grill poultry, lamb and goat meat and all have come out great. Unfortunately i haven’t had much success with fish, not because of the grill, but rather my skills at grilling fish leaves something to be desired. Update: i bought this item on december 9, 2014. Used it at least once a week for a year. Unfortunately in just less than the year mark my grill suffered from an electrical issue. While plugged into the electric outlet it did not come on. I contacted livart and they seem to know the problem and offered to replace it if still under warranty or sell me another one at a discount. I will take them at their offer because the livart grill is my favorite kitchen appliance. Btw watch your electrical bill, mine spiked dramatically.

Was looking for a good electric indoor grill w/out teflon.

I have cooked vegies, meat and fish the results are excellent. But the electric resistance does not have enough power to grill thick pieces of meat and needs a lot of time. I have improved the performance putting a small oven tray on top of the food in order to cook faster the food. On the other hand the cleaning process is very easy, you can put the grill and the water tray into dishwasher i’ve been doing that for long time and i didn’t find rust so far. It is small so you can store it easily into any kitchen cabinet. It is a great grill if you live in an apartment or you want to grill inside during winter time. I would suggest the following improvements for future versions:power selector. Increase electric resistance power. Here are the specifications for the Livart Orange BBQ Deluxe Electric Barbecue Grill:

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  • Great for Yakitori-style cooking : You can cook skewers with the best taste, and tomatoes, fresh fruits and vegetables next to skewers will be a really good meal.
  • Simple to use : Easy to use- one touch operation, no assembly required, -Easy to Clean: Adjustable stainless steel grill and removable drip tray to catch excess fat and oil.
  • Flame grilling method: It is made by grilling method, so smoke and smell are greatly improved and quickly separates the fat oil from grilling. A variety of dishes are available, including corn, sweet potatoes and skewers.
  • Detachable Stainless Steel Grill :Stainless steel grill which is easily separated for cleaning. Durable and light weight.
  • Bottom tray collect dripping fat, grease, and oil from meats while cooking. Output: 1450W.

Had the smaller orange grill and loved it. We accidentally dropped it and it broke so while looking online for replacement i found they now have a larger grill. It’s not tons more grilling space but now it’s perfect 2-3 good size meats. I still like that it’s not so big i can’t leave on my counter as we use it every other day. It’s great for steak, pork, hot dogs, hamburgers and vegetables and more. I can honestly say it’s the best kitchen small appliance i have ever bought.

We’ve cooked steaks, burgers, dogs, etc on it. I have found with thicker steaks i need to put a piece of foil over the top to hold in the heat so i can get it to medium as my husband likes instead of medium rare. There is a pan in the bottom that you place water in to help keep smoke from drippings to a minimum. It’s important to have good ventilation as i have found that i can set off smoke detectors in my apartment even when i have placed water in the bottom and i don’t notice smoke.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Best appliance I’ve ever purchased!
  • After a Year of Use
  • Love this grill, very convenient!!!!

We were skeptical as we are slaves to our outdoor grill. We have been pleasantly surprised at the way it ‘grills’ our food. I love the quick way it cooks steaks, chicken is nice and juicy. We love this product for those nights we get home late and don’t have time to get the charcoal grill prepared. We are in the south so we really don’t have cold winters but when it rains, this a good alternative.

Been looking for an easy-to-use/clean indoor korean/japanese grill for a long time. Mainly to grill delicate seafood, like squid tentacles. Just don’t go anywhere when it’s on.

Item arrived quickly and working as described. Very happy with the purchase.

Works good and is nice to be able to ‘grill’ inside the house. Just make sure that you always keep water in that tray.

Years ago i had a grill similar to this, but had a porcelain base. But it costs almost four times the amount of this one. So due to the huge price difference, i bought this one instead. Make it a little larger to easily fit one more chicken thigh or hamburger patty easily 2. Have two temperature settings, as opposed to just one.

Stinks up the house even when we are running the exhaust fan. If you are looking for george foreman speed, look elsewhere. Helps a bit if you ‘tent’ it with aluminum foil.

I had my doubts about this before i ordered but omg it is the best. So easy and food tasted like it was grilled outside over coals without the mess.

I cooked kalbi on it tonight. It tasted great but there was smoke throughout the living room. Also while cooking it suddenly had flames coming out of it. Just have to be careful and used outside if cooking with soy marinade. Cleaning the grill was hard but worth it. Next time i would use aluminum foil for the bottom pan. Water just evaporated and left a mess to clean.

The metal rods that keep the tray in place broke through the sides. Cooks food easily and quickly. Can’t cook anything too flimsy like broccoli on it, but fish, meat, and veggies cook well. Runs through the dishwasher. Good way to cook food without using a massive oven if you’re not cooking as much of a portion.

This was a christmas gift for my son.

There’s almost no smoke from it, very surprising. Some things i wasn’t expecting, there’s no way to adjust the heat and you have to fill the bottom pan with water with every use. Probably to prevent it from making grease fires or smoking. Other than that, i love this thing.

This is really nice and compact grill, if this is big size then i wonder how much smaller the non deluxe version is. Anyways here is my review after using it 1-2 times. Very easy to setup, very little to no smoke, decent heat (not super hot, wish it was little it hotter), the heating element is on 3/4 part of the grill so there are spots which are not so hot, which may be desirable to move cooked food to that area. Cleaning was easy, have to put the still grid in hot water for 15 minutes and with light scrubbing everything came out. One small note is that if you are cooking for longer time, please remember to keep pouring more water in the bottom pan. I grilled chicken, mushrooms, tofu. All came out really nice and juicy. My daughter had a few skewers (who does not eat much) so that is a good sign.

Good for indoor grilling (salmon, thin slice steak and veggies).

I use it quite a bit with good results when we can’t grill outside.

Many years ago i had a great counter-top broiler. I got the livart broiler and have been thoroughly satisfied with it’s performance. It cooks meat in approximately the same time as if i were using a charcoal barbecue, which would be my ideal (but i can’t have it where i live). The unit does a particularly good job and i would recommend it to anyone.

Waring Pro CIG100 Professional 1800-Watt Cast-Iron Grill – several indoor grills and this is by far the best! With the cast iron cooking surface it is

Amazing easy to clean great taste.

When you can’t grill outdoors, like this city dweller this is your answer.

Good product, but does not seem to get hot enough for steaks. Like it for chicken, salmon, and veggies. Bought it because it was cast iron, and not teflon coated.

I really like this grill, especially because it is cast iron and not a non stick coating. It was easy to season, but it did smoke quite a lot during the seasoning process and first use or two. It’s much better now after 8 to 10 uses. One of the best things to cook on it is bacon. It puts the right amount of crunch without completely drying it out. I use wadded up foil to clean it if something sticks to it, then use an old dish cloth or towel to finish wiping it clean.

Works great love the cast iorn, instead of non-stick, but it keeps blowing my fuses.

It has been a very good investment and we are using it quite a bit for steaks burgers pork chops chicken breasts; we love it alot; send us more info on related products to [email protected]

  • Outstanding
  • Love it!!!!! Only been 1 1/2 weeks, but FANTASTIC so far!!!
  • Love the cast iron feature, but the switch failed on two separate grills

This is the best countertop grill i’ve ever owned–and i’ve had a few in my 77 years.

Purchased for my friend, doreen. Here is her review: i have had my cast iron electric grill about three weeks and use it all the time. Best cooking product i have ever had. Everything turns out perfect from a steak to fish turkey burgers. Wish they would add another grill that could be used for pancakes or sandwiches, etc. Can’t say enough about it, no smoke, easy to clean.

One thing i love about this grill is that it has a cast iron grate so no non-stick coating to wear off and bubble up. It’s a fantastic size and works beautifully. The three stars are mainly because i have now owned two of these and both of them were working great till the switch stopped switching it on. I’ve tried to fix the switch, because when i press the lever manually (with a small stick) it works fine. It just doesn’t make contact with the switch anymore in order to trigger it. I’ve even been able to make it work again by gluing a spacer onto the lever so it is always pressed against the switch, and thus always on, but even that stopped working after a while. I don’t know if the contact just keeps shifting further and further away from the trigger or what. I just got tired of suddenly having no grill. Since it was such an odd flaw, i bought a second grill hoping that was a fluke, but no. Same problem ultimately happened.

I m a year round every day grilling kinda guy. I prefer a wood or gas grill but just to cook a burger, ahhh maybe not. It takes about 15 min to fully heat up to temp. A bit long but i can handle. Once preheated it keeps up well and holds. I am a iron cookware kinda guy too, so i know how to treat it well. Grips are the outer heat spatter sheild came assembled backward, yes really the back is is upside down, to position sides are. Also iron had a few smoothed oug machining points that made little diffrence to effectiveness of product and even covered up after i seasoned.

But it does give the food a good taste thanks to the cast iron. Somewhat easy to clean but again, it’s heavy.

Features of Waring Pro CIG100 Professional 1800-Watt Cast-Iron Grill

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  • Extra-large grill cooks up to 6 burgers at a time; Great for searing steaks
  • Detachable cast-iron grilling surface provides even heat; Three temperature settings: Low, Medium, High
  • Stainless steel splashguard folds for storage
  • Stainless steel drip tray with safety interlock feature
  • Limited One Year Product Warranty
  • Product Dimensions (D x W x H): 13 x 23.125 x 4.5″

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We have bought several indoor grills and this is by far the best. With the cast iron cooking surface it is built the same as a quality outdoor grill. The heat comes from below, not from within the grilling surface. The 1800 watts allows it to obtain a high enough temp to sear steaks and such. The cast iron when preheated properly has an even temperature across the entire cooking area. As for cleaning; it is easy to clean when you season the cooking surface properly.

Great grill for inside since it produces very little smoke. It has a water filled tray that catches the fat and the burners are imbedded in the cast iron grate hence almost no smoke. This is also the downside since the smoke adds to the flavor of meat.

This is the best indoor grill on the market. I consider myself an expert on these things having used an indoor grill consistently for over 6 years. I had an old t-fal which came to and end after it simply wore out. Ever since then i have been keeping an eye on the market for a replacement. The critical requirement for the replacement to be the same method as the old t-fal, and that is, open slats/slots on the grill and water drip tray. This is the key to an indoor grill. The majority you see on the market are closed tops and are nothing more than ‘griddles’. No way shape or form is it a grill when you’re essentially frying the food in its own oil despite any method they devise to simulate a grill. It must have a proper bbq grill with slots /slots for the height to come up and the juice to drip down.

Love indoor grilling when i don’t feel like getting the charcoal started. This is the best indoor grill i’ve owned – you can just tell that it’s quality. It gets hot enough to sear (surprising) and cooks perfectly.

Why would you look anywhere else?. It’s just what i wanted and the food comes out great with all the flavor and heat you could ask for. The people leaving 2 stars if you notice aren’t very wise ppl they probably destroyed there product or didnt follow instructions upon receiving the item. Or simple a mechanical issue but thats not anyones fault the product is damn near perfection.

Bought this for it’s higher power and cast iron grate. I am pleased with it’s ability to grill and mark the food with grill marks better than the electrics i have tried. Don’t over fill the water in bottom tray. Go for less as the water detracts from heat to grill grate. When seasoning the cast iron grate don’t use regular cooking oil as suggested but instead use lard. It is available at most groceries. Cooking oil will leave the grate sticky but the lard won’t.

Extra-large grill cooks up to 6 burgers at a time; Great for searing steaks

I love using this drill, its very large so i use it on the stove. The first day after cleaning it stopped working, i was so upset. The next day i took it apart and found this safety switch broken, its there if you turn it on its side, switch is made of junk, never seen anything like it, all i needed to do was install a screw to keep electrical seal switch closed. Grill works fine, always keep water in pan and enjoy indoor grilling.

Arrived fast and the packaging was great.

Great indoor grill – just read and follow directions.

. Especially my chicken and steaks.

I’m hoping that i’m not jumping the gun and positively reviewing this too soon, thusly jinxing the whole thing. I searched for a longgg time to find some kind of ‘teflon-free/ non-stick coating free’ indoor grill. In the waring cig100, i found the perfect electric grill, coating free, heavy duty cast iron and high temp grill. I’m a tough customer to please, but this grill has been used everyday (11) since it arrived and has performed flawlessly. It’s very simple in design, easy to clean, definitely hot enough to sear things (i’m now grilling the perfect steak) and ‘non-stick coating’ freei was dismayed by only 3 reviews, but paid close attention to them. I purchased the ‘square deal’ warranty, just in case there were any future probs. The water pan/ drip tray switch did stick once, preventing the unit from turning on but seems to have straightened out. This grill is the answer to my quest for a good, affordable, indoor grill w/ out the nasty stuff that goes with all the others. If it’s possible to update this review as time goes on, i’ll gladly do so and hopefully be able to continue the high rating.

Takes a little bit to warm up but its a nice grill.

Detachable cast-iron grilling surface provides even heat; Three temperature settings: Low, Medium, High

I have not had a chance to use this yet but i purchased this grill for my daughter last year and she absolutely loves it. Be sure to put water in the bottom tray or there will be a lot of smoke.

Good if you have plenty of time to cook. Meaning it works, it takes too long to grill food.

I see reviews that talk about how perfectly this unit grills steaks, sausages, and maybe i’m doing something wrong but i don’t have those same results. What i do notice is a grill that will get hot enough to sear initially, but has trouble keeping the grill at the high temps needed to cook a steak properly when it’s flipped. The steam from the water pan also seems to defeat the maillard reaction, so it’s really hard getting the second side of the cook to come out right. It works great to add grill marks after sous vide, but if i want a good sear i’ve been using an iron frying pan and putting it in the oven at 450 after the flip.

Having grilled indoor for over fifteen years, i bought this with the view that this was the one to last for many years. And perhaps, for some, it is. I had no problem with the heat, although it would have been nice if there was a temperature guide for low, medium and high. My difficulty is in two areas. This is a very heavy cast iron grill. I couldn’t clean it without straining my back, and if i dropped it in my kitchen i would have been paying for a new floor. The second problem is related. While i followed the instructions to make the grill ‘non-stick,’ it is definitely one which food sticks to in all the creases of cast iron. Cleaning the food from the crevices took a great deal of time which i can no longer do.

Stainless steel splashguard folds for storage

Stainless steel drip tray with safety interlock feature

NutriChef Electric Fish Grill Indoor Cooking – Small Outdoor Backyard BBQ For Fish Steak Meat Skewer & Seafoods – High Griddle Heat Searing Removable Countertop & Washable Cover Cook Tray – A Handy Electric Grill Roaster for Indoor and Outdoor Grilling from

This a superb grill but i need to have despatched it back again when i been given it. There was a screw missing and the lid was hanging on one aspect but i saved due to the fact i believed i could get an additional screw. In the meantime the other has fallen off and this appears to be like this was place jointly company. Need to desire i was despatched a substitution.

Great item for my apartment grillsuperstar go on.

I have tried using burgers and hot puppies on my new grill.Here are the specifications for the NutriChef Electric Fish Grill Indoor Cooking – Small Outdoor Backyard BBQ For Fish Steak Meat Skewer & Seafoods – High Griddle Heat Searing Removable Countertop & Washable Cover Cook Tray:

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    by entering your model number.
  • UNIVERSAL GRILL: This indoor grill is the perfect tool for cooking seafood to perfect temperatures. Griddle it all from surf and turf, fish, lobster, clams, pork, chicken steak and more.
  • AUTO POWER-OFF FUNCTION: Conveniently this electric barbecue comes with a timer that ‘dings’ when it’s done. The timer alarm is important when following seafood recipes. This model has adjustable time and settings for customized quick cook and end period.
  • BUILT-IN FILTER: The built-in filter reduces smoke & odors from seeping out of the hot grill plate and into the house or apartment. If cooking fish inside is a problem because of neighbors or odors then worry no more.
  • TWO HEATING PANELS: There is no need for constant turning or flipping of food because this model uses proper small heating panels. Top and bottom panels heat the healthy food from both sides so worrying about uncooked seafood will never be a problem.
  • OIL & DRIP CATCHING TRAY: Fish releases oil when grilling so cleaning or catching it all can be messy. That is why a removable and washable cook tray station is included with this electric grill indoor. Safe to place on any countertop.

I’ve had about ten of these but with a various maker that no for a longer time makes them. We use this virtually each and every working day, but the coils never seem to be to make the exact same amount of heat as the old kinds. It is continue to a good product while and a clear way to cook devoid of oil.

I utilized to use just one of this sort for 8years, this 1 is a little bit slower at cooking and small.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Fish cooker does a fantastic job for what it says it does
  • I absolutely love this grill

The product or service arrived in excellent affliction and we were definitely amazed with the apparent high quality as we to start with opened the carton. It appears like it will be effortless to clear as all areas that may have to have cleaning come aside easily and are put back on rapidly. We made use of it the upcoming working day and it done splendidly. I like the heating components each higher than and below the grill floor which removes the want to switch what you might be grilling. It has an straightforward to use, fantastic timer that aids cook points just appropriate. I endorse this to anyone for grilling small foodstuff goods.

Truly a slick item quick to use and effective. Frankly, i did not anticipate that it cooked my burgers so nicely and so quick. I got in trouble mainly because my burgers were being about cooked. My little ones took to employing the grill in a flash, a great deal a lot less basic safety fret than both flaming charcoal or gas grill. Humorous tho it is named a fish grill. It is really truly an all reason grill.

High quality/value is what i like. I hope it would have temperature controller even if it becomes a tiny bit high-priced.

I selected this one around the livart & zojirushi roasters. Realizing that these organizations probably use an electronics manufacturer to make their grills, i experienced to speculate on which 1 was heading to be most specific with their measurements, design, & products variety prior to producing. After using this for a couple of months, i can say that this is an improve above my 5 yr old zojirushi ef-ttc40. At initially we need to have to observe issues a little much more very carefully as the burners adjust with time & use. Though i time things i still issue the little led flashlight as a result of the window halfway by means of to see how points appear inside as the meat grills. For individuals who experienced the zojirushi roaster like me, every thing will consider a handful of extra minutes to cook when we get a very little extra cooking area. Cooking moments by the timer knob are a basic guideline as we nevertheless require to improvise depending on what we cook. For instance, there is a big difference among grass fed outdoors skirt steak from steer raised in the us with faucet or ‘irrigation’ h2o grass as opposed to the vons open up character brand name that ate grass that grew from rain drinking water with cleaner air. If i am grilling for 5 minutes for each se just before turning it more than to the other side, i raise up the prime about 2 1/two or three minutes for a handful of seconds with the rain water raised steak in purchase to stay clear of burning or about cooking considering that this fat essentially has a smoother texture than the domestic junk. The exact same goes for cooking alaska or maine salmon as opposed to people caught in northern california or maryland even with them all being wild.

I can say with out a doubt, i totally love this grill. It doesn’t smoke, i have cooked a number of things on it, some came out properly many others perfectly, i form of got to play with it. No doubt however it was just one of my improved buys. Wish it had additional instructions on cooking specific food items although, but oh nicely.

We acquired this nutrichef electric grill roaster because we want to check out grilling our fish and meats indoor but we really don’t want the smoke and odor. This product attributes a developed-in filter and i imagine it ought to function nicely for our desires. This grill comes with cooking rack, heating component with timer swap, oil-drip tray, and filter on the cover. There are two heating features – just one on major aspect and on the decreased facet so i don’t have to switch my food as usually. I like that there is a see-via glass door on the circumstance so i can check how very well the food stuff is inside of and if i have to do some changes. The oil-drip tray makes clear up a great deal less complicated as it is removable so i can just convey this element alongside with rack to kitchen area sink and clean them. This nutrichef electric grill is pretty uncomplicated to function. I just have to join the power twine to a wall ac outlet and modify the timer change to the preferred cooking time and that’s it. Nutrichef has integrated a fairly thoughtful be aware ideal upcoming to the timer swap for standard cooking time for popular items, this kind of as squid seven-10mins, fish 9-12mins, meat ten-15mins, shrimp 12-15mins, chicken twenty-25mins, potato 27-30mins. There will be a ‘ding’ from the timer when time is up.

I have only utilized this bbq two times but o considerably i like it. It does absence thorough recommendations for cooking moments. Meat and fish fluctuate in thickness so have to guess or maintain reducing for doneness.

I grilled some salmon stakes and they were tasty. I also grilled some zucchini and that was delicious as effectively. This grill gave my foodstuff a absolutely distinct style and that’s was a excellent factor. I’m heading to try grilling some tofu following. I have employed the grill twice a working day considering that it was shipped. Additionally the clean up is incredibly simple and carefree.

Fish cooker does a great job for what it states it does. I have cooked the most gorgeous fish with this, significantly superior than i could on an outdoor grill, and adequately seasoned, they are excellent. It is not serious obvious what else it is very good for, and examining other reviews and this kind of it was not crystal clear whether you can cook steaks on it or not. I just did, and likely would not do it again. Cooking contemporary/not frozen beef tenderloin, as the meat approached remaining performed it was smoking cigarettes alot (which it does not do when cooking fish as it was supposed) as the meat juices dripped on to the lessen heating aspect. Also i do not consider the heat temperature is excellent for this both, or at minimum for the way i want my steak cooked. By the time the outside is done, the within is too, so finding a seared exterior and exceptional/medium exceptional within is extremely hard. Total although i am pretty happy with the acquire as i mainly acquired it to cook fish with and it does a excellent career of that.

Can make cooking salmon, rooster, etc pretty uncomplicated.

. Is as they say , and even superior it operates excellent, and my wood chips work very superior making use of this cooker, we experienced cheeseburgers the other day, applied the wooden chips, and in 14 minutes we experienced great burgers , we put the wood chips in a very little foil pouch , set it less than the grill heating coils and in 5 minutes we experienced a great smoker a thick steak only takes about fifteen minutes and in the smoker. And straightforward to clean is an understatement. Only a single issue , the bell does not operate, when concluded cooking, but no biggie at all. This unit is strong and very efficient and entertaining to use. For my spouse and i and a couple of pals is ‘ perfect ‘. ‘ a fantastic cooker for sure ‘ thank–you for a great item.

Cooks salmon completely – and you can have two different meals (my daughter likes rooster, i like salmon). When cooking fish – it does leave a fish scent following employing – we in some cases use outside for that reason. We also test to time it for a night when dishwasher will be comprehensive so the fishy smell will not penetrate dw as well.

Hubby cooks fish–no more messy pan to clean. Fish is grilled to perfection: cod, mackerel, salmon. And there is pretty much no fishy odor in the home.

This is the most effective price and fantastic good quality.

Mine would make a chemical/plastic smell when becoming made use of. I washed anything prior to the initial use. The odor is preferable to the ‘smokey’ odor that will come from cooking in the oven or on stovetop, but is nevertheless much more than i was expecting. Normally delighted with the product.

Tried it with steaks and sausage. Both of those arrived out exceptional – a very little guess operate involved with the cook time as there is no way to know the temp. When product or service is exceptional the guided directions are not. It will not show how very long to permit it heat ahead of implementing the foods to the grill or the temp it reaches. It’s a very little more compact than i expected. I adore the prime/bottom burner – i would advise this item around all.

Black & Decker 12-Inch Electric Skillet : Careful what you wish for!!!

Significant enough for a relatives, cooks evenly,rapidly and simple cleanup to boot. Would make everyday living and foods uncomplicated and fast without the need of heating up the oven and the residence in summer months.

This changed an a great deal more mature electric skillet. I make pancakes on it and it can be very hot.

Black & Decker 12-Inch Electric Skillet

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Nonstick 12-inch cooking surface
  • Removable variable temperature control
  • Quick release probe lever
  • Cool-Touch base with serving handles
  • Tempered glass lid with steam vent

We use an electric skillet almost certainly additional than any other kitchen area appliance in our home. We acquired this a single just after a distinctive brand’s ‘non-stick’ coating burned off in about two weeks of use. This black & decker skillet is great — it is big, cooks really evenly in comparison to all many others i have utilised, and — quite vital to me. — the non-stick surface area labored flawlessly for about a year of frequent use (occasionally applied for breakfast and supper). Inevitably the non-stick floor bought a couple of ‘thin spots’ in it, and we retired the skillet — but kept it as a back again-up, due to the fact it still has some lifetime in it. We have learned that it is critical not to use the greatest warmth with any non-stick floor, and i suspect if we experienced held the temperature to no much more than 375-levels, it would nonetheless be in assistance with us nowadays. So much, this is the greatest electric skillet i have applied.

The power adapter burns out too very easily.

Works perfectly on top rated of my stove underneath the vent. The white face dial for the temperature management tends to make the quantities a lot easier to read through than my old one. This a single isn’t as deep as my older a person but that hasn’t been a difficulty. To begin with i was worried about not getting a vented lid but that hasnt’ been an challenge either. I establishes the selected temperature rapidly & appears to retain it very well.

Black & Decker 12-Inch Electric Skillet : Nice and large, heats evenly and cleans up nicely. It does slide around a little but i put a mat on the sink so it stays put. Big enough to make a large batch of anything for my family.

Is effective good for a modest cost.

I truly appreciate this item, it will save so substantially time and room in my little kitchen. I especially acquired this to make gordon ramsey’s christmas gravy, and it labored fabulously. My only complaint, which i would not even phone it that i just never have a superior word is that when you have it say at 350 degrees it warms up to that tempature and then appears to gradually decline, this transpired with the past one i experienced as effectively. Perhaps i am just missing one thing in how these function, but i just wish it would remain at that temp fairly then getting to change it up entire blast.

My initially impact of this skillet was favourable. Following making use of it for about four months, i can say it can be no better or worse than the other electric fry pans we have experienced. I was hoping it would be greater. So far, the non-adhere has not started off to peel. But there is certainly a ring about the heart of the inside of the pan the place the feeding on element resides. It tends to make the pan glance like it can be not clear. So much, the non-adhere is nonetheless keeping up. But my working experience with other very similar pans is that as soon as the ring appears.

Pretty light-weight excess weight and straightforward to clean. Even so there is effectiveness negatives. The thermostat seriously is not accurate, the heating element has sizzling places on the griddle. The plastic facet arms are cheaply made. There are no rubber feet or anti skid bottoms on any of the legs. So when i employed it on my granite counter it periodically slides close to if i’m not paying out complete awareness. Initial time i experienced this happen i was frying hen cutlets and went convert a piece that was a little caught to the tray. Perfectly i moved the pan about 12 inches in just one swift motion and very hot oil sprayed my hand and the counter. I was freaked due to the fact i just imagined if i experienced pushed it off the counter which was only 2 inches from the edge i would have despatched the tray , hot oil and hen all above my dog. Then it seriously would have been all around.

My daughter in law liked it.

Wonderful- i was debating concerning a griddle to go above my gas stovetop and an electric skillet. I am happy i selected the electric skillet for the reason that i can also superior massive dishes in it, in addition to making pancakes. A griddle would be a lot more constrained in its utilizes than this product or service. And i adore recognizing just how incredibly hot i am cooking with the degree dial.

I could not find a black & decker in any of the shops and we have always utilized one particular as they’re the most effective and lastes longing out there.

Numerous functions on this pan that i actually like. In particular the small ‘handle’ to launch the plug from device. I like to bake (specifically in summertime) in pan and this performs truly very well for that reason. Simple to cleanse and i can observe development via glass major.

It cooks food items evenly and is simple to thoroughly clean.

I use my electric skillet a whole lot. My very last 1 from black and decker arrived with a handle on the twine for speedy twine release. That is the only feature i was dissappointed with. Photograph reveals the cord launch handle but genuine merchandise did not appear with one.

Want the handles arrived off for washing.

Good dimensions for earning pancakes and french toast for a massive family members, or a skillet comprehensive of sausage and peppers for a buffet supper. Clear up is a breeze with the nonstick base.

I wish i had go through description superior. You can not put the skillet in drinking water. I like the size and the way it cooks but desire i could place it in h2o. My previous just one you could which tends to make it less complicated to thoroughly clean. But above all i like the skillet but just would like i experienced study the description superior.

Perfect item as described and have been employing it routinely.

We have had the exact electric frying pan for several years, and when he moved out on his possess, he requested for this. It heats evenly and operates quite very well. With suitable servicing, it will very last a extensive time.

Wife makes use of it all the time best selling price about and actually really worth the money.

George Foreman GR10AWHT Champ Grill – good grill but hard to clean

I use it all the time and it cleans up clean up so simply.

Even grizzled aged mountain guys like me get exhausted of a continual diet plan of squirrel stew. So, on individuals progressively recurrent occasions that i can rustle up some lean hamburger that my major pal purchases at the supermarket on her way home from operate, i whip out this handy and pretty uncomplicated system and in a presto second or so have four massive burgers to stave off that ravenous starvation we mountain men are popular for. I even share the burgers with the woman in issue, despite the fact that i suspect she likes the reality that even i cannot screw them up, and that i can also rapidly clean up the grill and place it away, all by myself.And like the reviewer beneath, she has discovered a whole lot of ground breaking approaches to rustle up a variety of dishes using this, and we have worked our grill with monotonous regularity for quite a few months and have by now a lot more than manufactured up for the thirty or so bucks we paid out for it. Meanwhile, it reveals no indications of sporting out, and would seem to be as handy as the day we purchased it. Now i even retain some of those pre-packed hamburger patties in the freezer for emergencies, and as extended as i get a warning get in touch with a few several hours before i have to have them, the patties are thawed and completely ready to toss into this infernal equipment. It is a wonderful item and i really propose it, even for record buffs like me.

Makes wonderful hot puppies, burgers and even steaks.Here are the specifications for the George Foreman GR10AWHT Champ Grill:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 6-by-7-inch nonstick cooking surface
  • Great for grilling burgers, fish, vegetables
  • Includes dishwasher-safe plastic drip tray and spatula
  • Patented grill grooves let oil run off while food is cooking
  • Interior wipes clean easily

The george foreman grill is really rapid and uncomplicated. It will ‘grill’ chicken or a burger in five-10 minutes. It won’t have that grilled flavor, however. A different destructive is thoroughly clean-up. In this model, you can not eliminate the grill pan, and factors will adhere to it so you want to set a moist towel or cloth on it right away immediately after cooking to retain the juices/drippings moist for much easier cleaning. Sometimes it is really pleasant and effortless to have when it is raining or you are out of propane in the bbq, but i you should not appreciate it.

My son and his wife gave me my george foreman grill on the mother’s day subsequent my husband’s dying. My spouse did all the cooking, so i discovered myself studying to cook at an advanced age. George’s grill has been a existence saver. I use it at minimum the moment a 7 days for steaks, hamburgers, salmon, swordfish, or hen, and it appears to be to be wholly oversight-evidence. Every thing cooks promptly – superior for individuals like me with a shorter attention span – and will come out flawlessly. I do not find that the tiny saucer thingie that comes with it quite useful. It is intended to capture the drippings, but i could never ever get it positioned effectively. I use a corelle supper plate in its place.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • One of my best purchases
  • The Champ is hard to beat
  • A Transcendental Chicken Experience

I know what you happen to be thinking. George foreman threatened to defeat me severly about the head if i didn’t endorse his solution. Or, possibly i’m just a person of those infomercial vulnerable styles who cannot resist the most up-to-date progress in foodpreptech or room aged polymers. You’d be wrong on both equally counts. I’m just an average guy who occurs to enjoy the george foreman grill. If i may perhaps be so bold, every thing you place into that grill is going to occur out golden. How about some nice marinated rooster breasts. It will all style good later on. For some, the patented inclined plane that lets unwanted fat and grease roll absent is the allure. But if you might be into basting your hen, then, guess what?.

Following various people instructed me that i had to get this grill, i was skeptical but when i saw it on amazon. Com for below ten dollars new i figured i had nothing to reduce. I was very pleasantly stunned to locate that it truly is as uncomplicated to use and clean as everybody says, and does reside up to the infomercial claims. It cooks speedily and with no radiating heat you can use it in the summertime with out heating up your residence. The only draw back to this grill is that it is far too compact for a family meal, so i have to cook dinner issues one at a time. This isn’t that massive a offer most of the time on the other hand, since factors like hen and fish cook so rapidly that the other serving is even now warm when the 2nd 1 finishes. It cleans up quite easily and quickly, and takes up incredibly very little area in the cabinet for the reason that it stands vertically. If only i could cook dinner two or three servings at a time, then it would be ideal. I guess i have to have to spend in the spouse and children measurement grill.

I received a suggestion to get this very little grill from a male who is a own trainer and an absolute maniac about eating proper. He raved about the foreman grill, talked about the fat that drips off even lean hen breasts and how nice and juicy the grill designed anything taste. He was astounded at the amount of money of excess fat that dripped off the meat when he grilled a beef burger created from extremely lean ground. I ultimately obtained one of these objects, for the reason that it appeared like a effortless way to make a rapid sandwich or dinner, primarily if we will not want to hearth up the charcoal or filthy the broiler in the oven. Very well, i was silly to have waited. This small detail is definitely incredible. It is actually instead like a waffle iron. You plug it in and wait around for the grill plates to heat–indicated when the tiny mild turns off (a easy thermostat location. ) then you place on the food items to be grilled which in our to start with exam was a frozen veggie burger the ultimate challenge. Our unique brand of veggie burger is really tasty but demands to be very carefully cooked for eight minutes, normally, on the stove.

I was quite enthralled with the foreman when i 1st obtained it and it’s definitely wonderful for summertime when heating up the household with the stove is no entertaining. But it is really not a serious grill and i do not use it a ton now. Issues come out a lot additional like on a frying pan than a grill or even a broiler and, well, i’ve obtained a pleasant anodized aluminum pan or two. 🙂 it is wonderful for a quick food, even though. Basically, i identified that factors like fried sandwiches, e. , toasted cheese, ham and cheese, and so forth. , appear out the most effective, although obtaining strains in the bread can take a little bit of having applied to. Btw, defrosting the meat in advance of you set it on the foreman and building positive surplus liquid is long gone can help a lot. A brushing of vegetable oil on meat that tends to go dry is also valuable.

This is wonderful for a one individual at property or in a dorm at college or university – rids the meats of all fat. Excellent worth & handy to get suitable at my doorway. Food preferences good – you can cook two burgers on this or chicken or steak.

We bought this grill in 2002 and it is continue to working. I imagine we do ourselves a favor by caring to not use just about anything that will scratch the grill. The temperature manage on it is great, and it grill so speedy due to the fact it cooks the top and base at the very same time. Bought little ones for both the young ones when they moved out and they appreciate them and use them routinely.

I really like cooking my very own foodstuff, but at the exact time i detest it. Mainly due to the fact it’s time consuming and also there are a large amount of dishes like pots and pans that will need to be cleaned up afterwards. Also with particular foods like rooster i am always reducing into it while it really is cooking to make confident its accomplished or not. Not with the foreman while. This thing is just incredible. I’ve had mine for about three months now and i’m incredibly happy with it. I can prepare dinner a significant meal for myself in about 10 minutes and have nothing at all to clean besides for the plate i ate off. Chicken arrives out so perfect and juicy. Burgers, steak strips, beef beef beef. . All the things will come out great. Foreman created cooking meals substantially additional enjoyment, a lot much more effortless, and a great deal much more tasty. So considerably my plastic drip dish has not melted at all and won’t appear like it will. The plastic fork i use just to get the food off the grill and it performs good due to the fact it’s grooved just right to in shape the ridges in the grill.

I have utilised this for a couple of instances and it is functioning good. It heats up quick and cooks quick. I made use of it for undertaking hamburgers and they arrived out juicy even nicely completed. I set it underneath the exhaust enthusiast given that there is smoke coming out in the course of the cooking system. Immediately after eradicating the burgers (can only place two patties) i set a several sheets of soaked paper towel and shut the grill to start out cleansing. This made the cleanup a breeze. This is a basic model which does not have temperature management and cooks for a person or two persons. It is really practically nothing fancy but quite sturdy and i feel it’s going to previous me for a although and prepare superior balanced food items.

The 1st served us perfectly, but we inevitably replaced it (immediately after most likely 5 a long time) for the reason that the non-slip coating eventually peeled off. When we reordered, we chose this model because it did not have the bun hotter, which we never ever applied – and this makes the device slimmer for storage. The unit is sized effectively for 2 persons – if i had more, i would get a greater one particular. Strategies:one) when cleansing, take into consideration not using the scraper, but somewhat take a soaked washcloth and utilize to soak when the device is even now scorching. Then use a scrubbing motion. At the very least with the past model the scraper started to chip off the silverstone immediately after a variety of months. They might have transformed the material for the scraper, having said that to ease this problem. 2) removable grill plates would be practical, but probably would improve the charge of the device far too a lot.

Minimal-carb dieters will love this minor grill. I’ve cooked sausage back links, burgers, and many grades of beef and pork, all with wonderful benefits. The meats occur out relatively juicy, and minus a very good deal of extra fat. Furthermore, you can have you dinner in fewer than 10 minutes. Uneven cuts of meat or fish are very tough to cook dinner. The greatest guess is to minimize piece into sections that are of equivalent thickness. Alongside the very same line, cuts that are above one 1/2 to 2 inches do not cook all the way via. Additionally, clean up, even though not far too challenging, can be messy. It cleans up well with paper towels or sponges, but some elbow-grease can be expected, as ‘gunk’ tends to produce on the grill as meat cooks–particularly when seasoning prior to cooking. Bottom-line: this grill does so significantly for so tiny. I use it a number of times a 7 days. Give considered to a greater a person, on the other hand–in particular for family members.

I purchased one of these models about two several years in the past and enjoy the darn thing. Generally, it can be like one of those people grilled cheese sandwich squishier items except bigger with a sloping cooking floor. This triggers the fats and grease to drip into a plastic trough that you set just under the lip. The food stuff is healthier this way but what i like very best is how speedy the darn issue cooks. You can cook a steak in beneath 10-minutes and a piece of hen in about 7 to eight-minutes. Thoroughly clean up is effortless simply because all you have to do is set the device in excess of the sink and wipe it with a sponge down the slope into the sink. The non-adhere surface cleans-up quickly and quick (make confident you really don’t use steel on the cooking floor). I really recommend this purchase.

This is my next gf grill — only for the reason that we use it all the time and wore out other one out. We only prepare dinner for 2 in our house, so this dimensions is perfect. I advocate a single of the even bigger grills if you have a lot more mouths to feed. This matter is good — cooks rapid since it cooks the meals on each sides at the very same time and clean up up is a breeze if you know the cleaning top secret. Ah, the cleansing magic formula is to clean up it up right before it cools down wholly — it is really normally takes just a few minutes to rinse it off and then clear it.

I have had this for a whilst and just realized that i never ever reviewed it. It really is ideal for earning a grilled dinner for just one. I would endorse lining with foil to support with clean up up. I definitely enjoy possessing this item, and occasionally i choose it with me on brief visits if i will not have to get on an plane considering that it tends to be major. I also have the bigger dimensions for more substantial foods, but this is effective properly for a swift own sandwich, hamburgers, or vegetables.

Modest foot print on my counter. I have made use of it not just to grill meat, but to make cheapskate panini sandwiches.

Tested one particular of these at my pals house and knew i experienced to get one. I like this mottle for the reason that following you close the grill not a great deal warmth escapes from it. The second is that the grease ketch slides below the grill in these kinds of a way that it suits snugly in to it. You can find not considerably area for a misplaced grease ketch main to grease on your counter major. Superior for cooking burgers, chicken. I have not tried using nearly anything else however.

This small foreman grill is excellent for one or two people today. We use it largely to cook dinner salmon fillets or burgers, and it’s so awesome to be ready to do this in significantly less than 10 minutes. I have also employed it to grill mushrooms and onions, with excellent results. I just pour some h2o on it whilst nevertheless very hot, and the steam loosens everything up. I just wipe it all off with a paper towel. My one particular complaint is that it won’t have an on/off switch. I dislike seeing that very little spark when i plug this into the wall to transform it on. So, irrespective of the excellent rate and performance, i only gave it four stars.

George Foreman 4-Serving Classic Plate Electric Indoor Grill and Panini Press – Should have bought the removable plate model

It is bigger than my previous a person. Quite neat, heats speedily and has a wire storage that i by no means experienced before. My old one had a bun warmer that i hated, the lid held opening up when i lifted the top.

Love this, and i understood i had to have it. My final 1 was accidentally stepped on when placed on the flooring to move our refrigerator. I was so unhappy, but now i have this a single and it is even improved than my very last one. I will be utilizing this alot this summer months, to continue to keep the heat out of my kitchen area. It is also extremely nice seeking and the perfect measurement.

Great grill, i especially use it during the summer to grill veggies. Here are the specifications for the George Foreman 4-Serving Classic Plate Electric Indoor Grill and Panini Press:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • 4 Servings – Feed the whole family fast! The 60 square inches of grilling surface lets you make up to four servings of everybody’s favorites all at the same time
  • Classic Plate Grill – This is the original George Foreman Grill. The durable grill plates give you lean, mean grilling power for all your favorite foods. Plus, it doubles as a Panini press
  • George Tough Nonstick Coating – It’s durable, easy to clean, and removes the need for butter and oil
  • Fat-Removing Slope – It’s the sure sign of a George Foreman Grill. The sloped grilling surface helps remove up to 42% of fat* from meats for lean, tasty meals
  • Drip Tray -The dishwasher-safe drip tray collects excess fat and grease so you don’t have to, How nice is that?

Easy to use and clean, very pleased with this item.

Just wish it was a little bigger.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Best Money I have spent in a long time.
  • easy to clean if you do so while it’s still
  • Something to feed you and keep the heat out of the kitchen.

We loved the george foreman grill. We live in an upstairs condominium, and won’t be able to grill outside, so this is the following very best point. The only matter that required advancement was the tilt. The grease failed to operate off as perfectly as it should really have into the grease catcher. But it was perfectly truly worth the money.

This is my 3rd foreman grill.

Got this for my husband for his birthday. This is his third one ~ he loves them & uses them a lot. Excellent price & great gift to guys who cook :).

I experienced a foreman grill many years in the past. I’m not guaranteed why i by no means replaced it. Having said that, present-day concerns had me re-consider that. I’m blind two hip replacements and 2 knee replacements in two decades. Most recent surgical treatment 6 months ago. Acquiring energy back after knee alternative just isn’t easy. Being on toes for thirty-40 min to prepare dinner just is not useful proper now. Nonetheless, i want to try to eat healthful. First meal was italian sausage with onion and peppers.

I ought to have purchased the removable plate design. This a single functions good, as considerably as cooking points goes. It does make a giant splattery mess when cooking burgers. Cleansing it is just not awful but it really is messy. Wipe with a soaked sponge even though it’s sizzling and it really is straightforward, but gets greasy water almost everywhere. The detachable plates would have built it a ton less difficult.

Fantastic product, but grease doesn’t drain very properly.

Always excellent i like gorge foreman grill.

I use it mostly for making panini’s.

We enjoy our george foreman grills. We specially like the attribute of removable cooking plates to go in the dishwasher.

Great product and great size. Could be a little larger to cook 2 hamburgers at a time. I like it as i donthave to stand over the hamburgers to make sure they are being cooked and then flipping them over. I like to be able to cook both sides at once.

Pros: does the job quickly for most meats; easy to clean if you do so while it’s still warm; small (doesn’t take up much countertop real estate)cons: slides all over the countertop; splatters grease; grease tray is not attached and also slides around; no on/off button; no heat control; small cooking surface but big enough for one large steakregardless, we use ours a few times a week and while we would have purchased a larger version with better features, this is still a good purchase as it’s still practical for small meals.

Quick to use, simple to have an understanding of. Heats up quick, toasts food items quick, and i haven’t burnt something however. My loved ones and i unquestionably love thisthe only matter that i have not uncovered my way to operate all over is that it definitely dry spread out and will make it incredibly crunchy. This is not a defect of the machine, just something to be aware of.

I bought this for my grandson so he could make his possess lunch devoid of utilizing the stove. It has labored out very perfectly. I have 1 myself so we realized prior to getting that it would be just what was wanted.

I made myself a boneless pork chop for dinner last night. It wasn’t at all dry or over cooked but just perfect. As i cut into the pork chop i couldn’t believe all the natural juices that came from it. I have diabetes and fixed myself a very healthy dinner. Since my husband died in june of last year i haven’t been cooking. I did get myself some chicken brest strips and sautéed them in a skillet and they did taste good but were on the dry side. My daughter suggested this purchase and she was right, it works really well and there is no need to take it apart to clean it, just a moist rag does the trick. I never write long reviews but as you can tell i am very excited about this grill.

Best price i could find anywhere.

If you can afford it, upgrade to the next higher level of quality. This thing has on and off (unplugged). Got difficult to clean after awhile. In hindsight, maybe i should have used a little cooking oil or been more diligent in my cleaning.

Presto 09020 Cool Touch Electric Indoor Grill : Great product. Performs as advertized

Better than eating fast food everyday.

I love it and so does my kiddo. I was researching all of the indoor grills forever. I was going back and forth between this one and the hamilton beach grill. I picked this one because i “visited” the other grill at walmart, and it had a very small cooking surface. Two burgers if you were lucky. This one however is the same size as all the other presto griddle. Last night i cooked 4 1/3lb hamberger patties on it, and i probably could have fit 6 if i needed to. I’ve only had this about a week, and i’ve used it twice, so i can’t say how long it will work, but looks good for now.

Heats up super fast, cooks evenly and clean-up is a breeze. Scrambled eggs are doable (but not a smart choice – lol) but french toast made on this grill is wonderful.We mostly use this for quick meals like hots, burgers, pork chops and chicken breasts. It would do great toasted cheese sandwiches or tuna melts, reubens – anything you can cook in a fry pan, basically. I want to try fish fillets also.

This grill is good that it makes good grill marks for your meat and heats up quickly as well. Well obviously, it is hard to clean after the use because of the grease but this product is great for cheap grilling.

  • A Great Little Grill
  • I love it and so does my kiddo!
  • Great little grill!

Presto 09020 Cool Touch Electric Indoor Grill

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Grease automatically drains from food into drip tray
  • Cool touch base surrounds the grilling surface on the front and back sides
  • Control Master heat control maintains the proper cooking temperature automatically
  • Fits in most dishwashers and standard 18-Inch kitchen cabinets
  • Spatula included

Fast cooking and easy cleaning. I’ve never had an electric grill before, so i did a lot of research and read a lot of reviews. However, all of the “top” results were on the pricier side and i didn’t want to spend a lot of money on something i might not end up using very much (i have always grilled on an outdoor bbq) and the negatives were things like “hard to clean” or “smokes. ” so far, this is fantastic and meets all my expectations. It is in my price range, light weight, food cooks evenly and quickly, food does not “smoke” like with a bbq, the outer edge really does stay “cool. ” the raised ridges leave a nice “grill mark lines” and keep the food from sitting in any oils, and it is very easy to clean. (while the grill was still warm, i wiped it off with a paper towel and then later when it was cold, i used some hot soapy water, rinsed it, then turned it cooking side down to dry. With the plug outlet at one of the “short” ends, it is very easy to wash without getting wet (one of my concerns since the grill plate is not removable). The solid surface also allowed me to use it as a griddle for eggs.I already had it out and my nephew suddenly said he wanted eggs and pancakes for dinner.

I am in love with this grill. Easy to clean and food tastes great. I was worried it may be too small for a family of four but its the perfect size.

Its a very simple design but very effective. Heats up quickly and helps me get through not being able to use my full grill. I wish it has a full size lid but i use lids from my pots and it works just fine. I’m sure if they included a lit someone would complain about having the whole thing covered, you cant make everyone happy. This grill works great and its a good size, enough to cook 3-4 big steaks. I make steak on this primarily and it works great.I’ve cooked burgers and chicken and they came out perfect.

One of the best products i’ve ever purchased on amazon. I am using it in a condo/balcony – it’s replacing a george foreman grill. No comparison – the foreman grill took forever to heat and then sort of steamed everything. The presto heats up in less than 10 minutes and get’s to the perfect 400 degree temperature for steaks. You can put the entire thing on the dining table after removing the cable and yes, it fits in the dishwasher and comes out like new.

I’d give it a 5 star if it actually showed up in packaging. The label was just stuck onto the actual grill box itself with no brown box to cover it. We were lucky the grill wasn’t damaged. But my husband loves it and we use it at least every other night.

I just received this today and used. Greetings all, wow, what a great product. I just received this today and used it to grill veggies. Did a awesome job, can’t wait to try other things. Easy to clean, really holds a lot of food. If your looking for a indoor grill, look no further.

Excellent grill, great value. . Looked for something to replace a worn out indoor grill. Although this new grill cost less, the cooking surface on it is larger. It is also much lighter to pick up. The food is cooked very well.

It works much better than my grill pan on the stovetop. I grill fish, vegetables, and polenta. Cleans easily and the little spatula that comes with it has cut-outs so it can fit in the slots.

This grill is absolutely the best indoor grill ever made. Anything you cook on this grill is wonderful. I even bought a spare in case this grill wears out. The food tastes like you grilled it on an outdoor grill. I highly recommend this product and just wanted to tell everyone they need one.

I have cooked turkey burgers, sausage, veggies, and fruits on this grill. They all come out just as they would on an outdoor grill. I am extremely pleased with this grill. I like the tray that can catch run off juice. I used it in a hotel once and it set off the fire alarm it gave off so much heat. There is a dial so you can adjust the amount of heat.

Love this great when weather is bad and can’t grill outside.

It was my error not to have noticed that this is not the kind of grill that has a top as well as a bottom when grilling (like a george foreman kind of thing), so it’s not great for pressing sandwiches or cooking faster top/bottom. But as a flat surface grill it’s quite reliable, and what i especially like is that i can pull off the electronic part (on/off and temperature setting) and put the rest in the dishwasher.

Applied it very a couple of times presently and performs truly. Utilised it rather a handful of moments previously and performs genuinely nicely. Only drawback is the cord is a bit brief.

The surface is significant adequate to cook quite a little bit, and cleanup is a breeze. There will not look to be a smoke problem from the grilling of the food, even hamburgers. I am amazed with this kitchen area addition.

Bbq on the deck with zero problem — or inside in negative climate. Light, moveable, straightforward to clean up, and quite affordable. We are not able to use an open flame on our condo deck, so we consider this minimal guy outdoors to barbecue. You can find no mess, no coals to cleanse up, no fuel canister to refill. When we’re performed, it fits again in the kitchen cabinet. Desire i would purchased a single about 10 many years back.

Non-adhere would make cleansing a breeze. I’m not able to grill outdoors as i are living in an condominium and do not have a balcony so of class this was the next ideal thing. The non-stick surface helps make it tremendous simple to thoroughly clean. The only downfall of the product or service is that it would not have a lid so grease tends to splatter on the counter, while which is not really an challenge for me. I undoubtedly suggest this.

I are living this grill, it heats up nicely and my husband thinks it is a very good grill for no matter what he cooks. The cost was proper and the shipping of the items was rapidly, thanks.

I commonly don’t go away a evaluation but i love this grill. It cooks the food evenly and the thoroughly clean-up is quick. If you’re imagining about obtaining it , go ahead now it is truly worth it.

George Foreman 5-Minute Burger Grill – Outstanding Hamburger Grill, I love it!

Cooks excellent simple use desire was a little bigger.

Reward for my daughter who makes use of it each day.

I just really like it, it genuinely functions for what it is. I merely like it, it genuinely will work for what it is for. My husband and i use it a large amount.

  • Great Little Cooker
  • Outstanding Hamburger Grill, I love it!
  • I love the color and size

Just like the outdated one particular, does the job.

Would make a great burger and appreciate acquiring the bun warmer (toaster).

Features of George Foreman 5-Minute Burger Grill, Electric Indoor Grill, Red, GR1036BTR

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • 2 Servings – Tight on countertop space? This grill is your answer. It fits two servings of burgers, chicken, fish, and more, for fast and easy dinners
  • 2-in-1 Grill and Toaster – This grill pulls double-duty to save you time and minimize the hassle of cleanup. It adds a tasty crunch to buns while the burgers grill to perfection
  • Classic Plate Grill – This is the original George Foreman Grill. The durable grill plates speed up cooking by 50%** to take you from plug-in to plate in no time
  • George Tough Nonstick Coating – There’s a lot to love about this nonstick coating. It’s durable, easy to clean, and reduces the need for butter and oil
  • Fat-Removing Slope – It’s the sure sign of a George Foreman Grill. The sloped grilling surface helps remove up to 42% of fat* for leaner, tasty meals

Perfect for cooking meats, grilled cheese, and so on.

May well have been good gained damaged.

Superb for cooking meat & buns at the identical time. Only takes three minutes to cook hamburger.

Remarkable hamburger grill, i like it. For the selling price it is amazing, i have created some of the ideal hamburgers i have ever had on this grill. Moreover it retains hamburger buns on the top rated great and heat. This is an outstanding solution.

This grill compliments my large george foreman. I can cook dinner an overall meal on the 2 of them mixed.

Wonderful for the selling price, but you spend for low-cost at times. I’ve under no circumstances had this sort of grill prior to, and i get exception (usually) to getting a specialised equipment for each and every distinct matter. But, i decided i preferred to reduce down on the body fat a little and not pay also substantially. Made a decision on this one particular simply because of the sizing (limited counter space) and the bun hotter (which is great). But, for remaining beneficial, it’s too smaller. It really is a tight squeeze to get two six oz hamburgers in it, and i won’t be able to fathom it keeping two steaks at 1 time. I manufactured fish, also, and (remaining rectangular) you can only do a person at a time. So, really, only great as a hamburger cooker. Also, as other individuals have commented, the grease catcher is a little bit of a joke. It’s so little that you have to be tremendous cautious to get it positioned proper and not bump just about anything.

Superior, but it may well make up the display screen for. Excellent, but it may possibly make up the screen for the real truth, but a great practical experience and you need a bit of adjustmentthank you.

Its adorable its red it performs i really like it.

Its a little bit little but it is effective great.

Terrific minimal machine operates wonderful for just one or two would propose simple to use, have produced different kinds of meat and even grilled a sandwich just check out, like it.

Wonderful for one particular or two people today. This is the ideal grill for anyone cooking for a person or two people today at a time. I’ve experienced one of the much larger george foreman grills for years, and it can be been terrific, but i’ve usually believed it was a small much too cumbersome. I not often cooked more than two of everything on it, so truly, i did not require just one that measurement. It is really scaled-down and considerably simpler to maneuver around the kitchen. Clean up up is continue to simple with this grill, just as it constantly has been with any george foreman grill that i’ve at any time made use of. I adore the bread warmer in the top rated. That’s basically possibly my beloved aspect with this unique grill. It will save me from bringing out my toaster each time i grill a little something up. The grill is, as they always are, ridiculously simple to use. I never ever have to think 2 times about tossing anything on the grill. I know i am going to be making use of this one particular for a long time coming.

Adore my george foreman grill. Great very little grill now i have 2 of these tricky to discover. Cooks quite rapidly and thoroughly clean up is extremely quick. An the toaster functions terrific for buns.

Retro foreman grill – however a champ. We acquired a single of george’s grills when they to start with came out, in advance of they commenced increasing and coming out with grill plate solutions. This product goes again in time to that first model. In reality, most of the bells and whistles that were being little by little included to the foreman line over the a long time are absent below. For this reintroduction of the first, george created it red and included a bun-hotter. Like the unique, there is no temperature handle. Plug it in to switch it on and unplug it to convert it off. It is compact, ready to grill about a optimum of a fifty percent a pound of floor meat at a time, a single massive patty or two little. It can grill cheese sandwiches and other flat objects, but it was developed with that non adjustable created-in tilt to especially drain grease. If you caught any of george’s late night time infomercials, you know that tilt is what can make it ‘the lean, indicate grilling equipment.

Will work fantastic, you can only use small buns if you are toasting them for two servings.

I found it to be a novelty product, employed it the 1st 7 days and have not since.

If you use pre-built 1/4lbs burgers the time is far more like 8 minutes. It will cook compact hamburgers in about 5 minutes and it will toast the buns. If you use pre-created one/4lbs burgers the time is more like eight minutes. Assume common sized burgers at a rapidly food stuff put. The buns want a whole lot extra than five minutes though and it only toasts just one side at a time. I utilized seven minutes on a person side, flipped them, commenced one more 7 minutes and by the time i made two modest patties and obtained them on the grill there was 5 minutes remaining to cook dinner the burgers. To be genuine it is more quickly working with a toaster. I have used it to also cook dinner hen tenders and little steaks. It does get the job done well even from a frozen piece of meat but expect your cook dinner time to be for a longer time.

This is just what i was looking for.

City ST Shabu Shabu Hot Pot w/ BBQ Grill – find in South/East Asia it works well and isn’t terrible to clean

I haven’t utilised it however but the pot appears to be pretty well designed.

This sukiyaki (shabu pot) was specifically what i wished. It truly is size holds a lot of veggies and broth and the grill is excellent for rooster, shrimp, beef strips. I am so happy i ordered two of these as i am giving 1 absent as a present. It heats the broth promptly and thoroughly clean up is straightforward. Excellent services, it arrived in history time.

Ive been searching for a hot pot but very little like this one particular. This is what i am chatting about ive been hunting for a hot pot but very little like this just one . I liked it ???? two in one particular.Here are the specifications for the City ST Shabu Shabu Hot Pot w/ BBQ Grill:

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    to make sure this fits.
  • 4.2L capacity
  • Stainless Steel
  • Removable Inner Pot and BBQ Grill
  • 2 Switches Control the BBQ Grill and Steamboat.

Partner and i use this all the time.

Functions very well – the grill is an added bonus.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • this for my Thai wife and she is very satisfied with it
  • Works great. Clean up is not fun but what do
  • Held up well after 5 or so dinners. Big

Held up effectively following five or so dinners. Held up nicely just after five or so dinners. Big strike with a dinner get together. Neighbors have asked to borrow it for their relatives.

I really like it, i was on the lookout for a prolonged time.

Uncover in south/east asia it operates nicely and isn’t terrible to clean. While it’s not very the similar as the ones you can come across in south/east asia it is effective well and is not horrible to cleanse. The only serious complaint is that the bowl is somewhat thin and quick to dent and the leading plate for grilling has a non-adhere coating which will come off incredibly easily.

This for my thai spouse and she is incredibly content with it. I ordered this for my thai spouse and she is extremely glad with it. She has made use of it several periods to prepare dinner some quite delicious thai recipes.

If you might be gonna do a hotpot at dwelling do it suitable. Looking forward to the subsequent night we host a meal and display off the hotpot.

When 1st use the pot ,it flings off a unpleasant odor.

You can make shabu shabu and share with buddies and family.Helps make for a enjoyable night of sharing the communial pot.

Family foods are enjoyment and each individual 1 gets to share in preparation.

Like this multifunctional pot. Grill and boil at the exact time.

It have 2 selection soup and grill ???????????.

I have employed it several moments a 7 days.

We used it the day we acquired it. Arrived just in time -chilly temperature. Taken out a person star simply because a little something chemical-wire-like-smells on the initially two cooking. Hope it will not likely smell any more. All in all, we like this item.

Good hot pot, no complains.

Appreciate this steamboat and grill. I fill the bowl with chicken broth, garlic, and dried shitake mushrooms. I use the grill for hen bulgogi and have guest cook dinner their personal on the grill. Thinly slice veggies and noodles for the hotpot.

Pleasant hotpot, just overpriced. It is a awesome hotpot that has a center grill. It stains conveniently and the sink unit that holds the liquid is pretty skinny. I imagine the full device is overpriced and should not expense a lot more than $50. Look for youtube for my video clip overview: ikeda electric shabu shabu hot pot with bbq grill evaluate.

Easy to use, simple to cleanse, and good high-quality.

Breville BGR200XL Variable Temperature Panini Grill – Solid engineering, great consistent performance. FAR better than any Cusinart Griddler.

Microwave / panini grill / toaster oven. Which is, how i truly feel about how much i use this panini grill. If i experienced to pick only 3 cooking appliances. Microwave, panini grill toaster ovenand honestly this grill a close tie in between the microwave. I have owned former boxer now panini grill salesman grils in the earlier , but this one will past year’s of everyday use. I’ve been using it day-to-day for the earlier four yrs ,cleaningsuper swift, wipe down prior to just about every use. When the grease lure will get comprehensive, weekly. , i cleanse with soaked rag with warmth on and this take about 3 – five minutes. Create quality,finest in its class, with so significantly low cost crap from china, it is good to at last see a genuine merchandise.

I purchased this unit on sale at williams-sonoma. Immediately after dwelling with it for a week, it is likely again. 1) the energy switch is situated on the facet of the device towards the rear. You won’t be able to actually see it, so you are still left to come to feel for it, it truly is also genuinely tiny (see picture). Two times now, i’ve evenly burned my finger on the facet of the base plate wanting for this swap. 2) the temperature handle knob could not probably truly feel any more cost-effective. It come to feel like it will just fall off someday before long. 3) the plates are unable to be removed, so you have to thoroughly clean them in place, which isn’t too awful, but it would be good to just toss them in the dishwasher.

A panini and meat grill for the pro chef in you. I acquired a large-daddy reward certificate from my sweet brother for my marriage reward from williams sonoma so i had my preference of any kitchen gadget i failed to at present have. I have owned a panini push in the earlier and wound up offering it absent. It was cumbersome and just didn’t cook like a expert panini push presenting correctly crisped edges and a flawlessly sizzling inside. I had heard rave critiques of this push and i could not concur extra. Of course, some out there choose for ‘marketability’ more than high quality. With detachable plates you simply just are not likely to get as excellent of a cooking surface area. Mainly because you have to address the scorching features underneath and then place the removable plates on prime of that so that no a person will get burned. By carrying out this, you reduce the heating ability and accurate wattage of the cooking sheets that touch the sandwiches or meat and you only can’t get a correct high-quality sear when you use it as a grill nor a great crisp when you use it as a push.Here are the specifications for the Breville BGR200XL Variable Temperature Panini Grill:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Type: Grill
  • Finish: Stainless steel
  • Color options: Silver
  • Wattage: 1500
  • 7 adjustable height control settings

Wish i experienced buy this before.

Disappointed obtaining press in this way. . Been given the breville bgr200xl variable temperature panini grill now and dissatisfied to obtain the box torn just about every aspect of the opening tab. The grill inside seemed like it may have been a return. Plastic protect torn, what looked like grease on the take care of and what looked like fingerprints in numerous spots on the metallic. The spatula had been put in upside down with no plastic sleeve on it, which one particular would expect. The wire experienced also been sloppily included with a plastic sleeve, i am confident not how it remaining the company. On the remaining facet of the cope with towards the back again the metal edge was sharp in contrast to the other edges. All in all let down with this product. I invest in a whole lot through amazon and rarely get troubles. This merchandise offered not like other breville appliances i have inc.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Solid engineering, great consistent performance. FAR better than any Cusinart Griddler.
  • The cleaning process is quick and easy, too

Just use the plug like the first. . I just requested it but however have the primary a person with no on/off button and no temperature manage. Sounds like the unique was better. Due to the fact you have to plug it in to use it there is no massive cause for an on/off swap. As for temperature management i doubt i will use that possibly because i have hardly ever had a problem devoid of one particular. I individual about four of these type grills and this is my favorite of all. I believe the temperature on the unique unit is the exact as substantial on this just one and i under no circumstances observed the need to have to decreased the warmth. The 2 nicest element are the uncomplicated height regulate so you can cook a usual or fat bun sandwhich and the solid plates. The removable plate kinds i have do not heat as evenly and if you choose the plate off you can see why. The plates are slim and the electric powered coil only is below a really modest location of the plate.

Excellent panini grill with 1 little modification.  breville is 1 of the very best model names for kitchenware. I had a coupon for williams-sonoma so i acquired this from there. When i introduced it dwelling you can envision my shock to see that the electric power-change had no tension in it–as if it wasn’t linked to everything. When i plugged it in, sure enough absolutely nothing worked. So i went to amazon assessments for the solution, specially bgr200xl/a and discovered several other clients enduring the identical dilemma. I immediately exchanged it, and created sure the power-change worked at the retailer. 1 of the testimonials on amazon stated that even if the electrical power-change functions it broke following about forty makes use of. So, the grill is great other than the energy-swap. On the way back again, i stopped by household depot and purchased a change for the grill for a few bucks.

The magical reheating machine – from stale to new in minutes. I have owned this for about 3 months, and i have to say: what a wonderful item. Lots of search at this as a uni-tasker, but that may possibly be mainly because they usually are not considering creatively ample. Will need to revive cold pizza to what it was like when it arrived out of the oven?.Set the breville to medium height, lowest environment, and slide it into the wedged device. The dry, bordering heat crisps the crust, reanimates toppings and cheese, and forces the dampness back again into the center of the gluten framework. Have old rolls, cold bagels, soft pretzels, or complete stale bakery merchandise that you want to freshen up?. Established it to its highest top, most affordable placing, and set the bread in for a bit of technological magic. I set a six-working day aged sourdough roll in for about four minutes, and it arrived out crusty on the exterior and comfortable, warm, and chewy on the inside of. I routinely cook bacon on this factor – set it in and neglect it.

Functions so a great deal improved than my other panini maker. Terrific for fish bacon sandwiches everything.

Just use the plug like the first. . I just requested it but however have the primary a person with no on/off button and no temperature manage. Sounds like the unique was better. Due to the fact you have to plug it in to use it there is no massive cause for an on/off swap. As for temperature management i doubt i will use that possibly because i have hardly ever had a problem devoid of one particular. I individual about four of these type grills and this is my favorite of all. I believe the temperature on the unique unit is the exact as substantial on this just one and i under no circumstances observed the need to have to decreased the warmth. The 2 nicest element are the uncomplicated height regulate so you can cook a usual or fat bun sandwhich and the solid plates. The removable plate kinds i have do not heat as evenly and if you choose the plate off you can see why. The plates are slim and the electric powered coil only is below a really modest location of the plate.

This operates just wonderful for half the. Beeville does make a newer products but is $three hundred. This is effective just good for fifty percent the price tag.

Much more substantial than the initial edition. Just like what you would invest in say williams and sonoma.

An additional good appliance by breville. Yet another wonderful equipment by breville. All our appliances are breville – toaster intelligent oven, espresso maker/grinder, mixer pro, electrical kettle, food items processor. So we made a decision to give the breville panini duo a try. Heats up very well and will make fantastic sandwiches. Haven’t attempted grilling meats but it tends to make brilliant grilled veggies for sandwiches. A little bit of a inconvenience to clean up as the plates do not arrive of, but it really is not a huge deal considering the fact that it would make these good sandwiches.

Stable engineering, good constant performance. Much better than any cusinart griddler. . Incredibly hot, sound, responsible, uncomplicated to clean and to stow. Pro:- substantial but tunable heat sears meals quickly, completely, and invitingly. – surfaces cook dinner evenly, top and bottom. Neither interesting spots nor low-cost restraining clips as with the griddler. – significant good quality nonstick floor. Significantly greater than most on current market, and makes a big variance in cooking. – adjust height and hinge to wonderful-tune tension on the foodstuff.

Disappointed obtaining press in this way. . Been given the breville bgr200xl variable temperature panini grill now and dissatisfied to obtain the box torn just about every aspect of the opening tab. The grill inside seemed like it may have been a return. Plastic protect torn, what looked like grease on the take care of and what looked like fingerprints in numerous spots on the metallic. The spatula had been put in upside down with no plastic sleeve on it, which one particular would expect. The wire experienced also been sloppily included with a plastic sleeve, i am confident not how it remaining the company. On the remaining facet of the cope with towards the back again the metal edge was sharp in contrast to the other edges. All in all let down with this product. I invest in a whole lot through amazon and rarely get troubles. This merchandise offered not like other breville appliances i have inc.

Microwave / panini grill / toaster oven. Which is, how i truly feel about how much i use this panini grill. If i experienced to pick only 3 cooking appliances. Microwave, panini grill toaster ovenand honestly this grill a close tie in between the microwave. I have owned former boxer now panini grill salesman grils in the earlier , but this one will past year’s of everyday use. I’ve been using it day-to-day for the earlier four yrs ,cleaningsuper swift, wipe down prior to just about every use. When the grease lure will get comprehensive, weekly. , i cleanse with soaked rag with warmth on and this take about 3 – five minutes. Create quality,finest in its class, with so significantly low cost crap from china, it is good to at last see a genuine merchandise.

An additional good appliance by breville. Yet another wonderful equipment by breville. All our appliances are breville – toaster intelligent oven, espresso maker/grinder, mixer pro, electrical kettle, food items processor. So we made a decision to give the breville panini duo a try. Heats up very well and will make fantastic sandwiches. Haven’t attempted grilling meats but it tends to make brilliant grilled veggies for sandwiches. A little bit of a inconvenience to clean up as the plates do not arrive of, but it really is not a huge deal considering the fact that it would make these good sandwiches.

My loved ones is delighted with this appliance. We use it almost every single working day – sometimes twice a day. Performs flawlessly and cleanup is a breeze. The downside is that we are consuming a great deal extra bread than we should.

Quick to use operates pretty properly cooks evenly i actually won’t be able to say nearly anything poor about.

Significant more than enough to cook a number of at one time for simple serving. Simple cleansing and lays on the aspect for quick storage. Just what i desired in a panini press.

1st impact: fantastic grill. I took this grill on its maiden voyage in my kitchen tonight. My first impression was really good. At this time i only dare to give it four stars due to the fact i haven’t experienced it prolonged. It took six minutes to preheat from stone chilly to sear temperature and the eco-friendly completely ready light-weight came on. The 1st cooking session:i cooked thick italian sausage one-way links for 9 minutes on sear location, rotating the sausage each three minutes. The grill stayed very hot and sizzled all nine minutes. I believe that the sausage would’ve been cooked all the way through immediately after 6 minutes but i like the sausage skin to be perfectly performed crispy so i went nine minutes.