BLACK+DECKER & Decker BCM1410B 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker – Great coffee pot at first but it quit working after

This unit makes good coffee. It is simple, convenient to use, and does what it says it will do. Pros: brews enough coffee for me and my wife to each have two large cups. Keeps the coffee warm for two hours after it is made. The ‘sneak a cup’ feature while still brewiing works perfectly. It is easy to program the unit to start brewing automatically at a future time. Cons: perhaps it is the lighting in my kitchen, but it is hard to see the numbers when programming the time. The handle of the carafe seems a bit flimsy; it hasn’t broken but it just doesn’t feel solid when i pick up a full pot of coffee. I’ve only had it a bit over a month but so far i’m very satisfied with it.

I’ve had a b&d no carafe brewer [3 cup max forever, used it nearly to death. Decided to step up to a 10 – 12 cup brewer, since winter is coming and i’ll be drinking more java now. After unpacking it and running the obligatory 2 cups of vinegar and water brew thru this machine [then flushing it 2 more times with clear water] i made a fresh batch of kona roast. . Outstanding the timer works fine, the warmer works great. I hope this one lasts 3 years too. ]

I like this coffee maker but it has 2 drawbacks; 1- it takes forever to get a hot cup of coffee. The coffee right out of the drip is tepid at best and if you need a cup of coffee now you’d have to microwave it. 2- the grounds basket for some reason does not drain completely and they are always soppy wet grounds to be dealt with. Does anyone else have this problem with the coffee not being hot?.If i leave it on the warmer pad then it will be hot but it takes forever.

The price and simplicity were exactly as i was looking for. Love that we now have the programmable option. . Though i keep forgetting to set it.

Love the part that it will automatically shuts off after 2 hours.

Bought it for the wife for christmas.

  • I like it hot
  • Great cup of coffee
  • Works great so far but its a little different from the

Works great so far but its a little different from the bd i had before. As soon as i received i ran two pots of water though it and it was 2 days without coffee i instantly made a pot. Hope it last like my other bd.

This coffeemaker is classic and easy to use. It can be programmed, which my husband and i love, and the coffee always comes hot and delicious. Plus, it has a stopper so when you take the pot off while it is still brewing, it won’t drip or spill.

We have it for couple months so far and it’s doing good. Just what we need – timer for early morning and auto shutoff after 2 hours, and simple brewing. Simple and cheap coffee maker.

I ordered this coffee maker to replace my old one, same brand. I give it 4 stars instead of 5 because even though the well is much larger than other brands, the carafe still leaks when filling the machine. Programming is easy and reliable.

Small price to pay for a good coffee maker. Kind of difficult to see the fill up line. Easy to read the clock and set the timer.

Features of Black & Decker BCM1410B 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker with Glass Carafe

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  • 12-cup coffeemaker with 60-ounce Duralife glass carafe
  • Push-button controls; LCD display; programmable clock and timer
  • Auto-brew; brew-pause function; 2-hour keep warm with auto shut-off
  • Removable filter basket; easy-view water window offers handy cup levels
  • Measures approximately 11 by 9 by 13-1/2 inches; 2-year limited warranty
  • Note: Cup equals approximately 5 oz. (varies by brewing technique)

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My parents love this coffee pot.

The delivery took longer than i expected, but when it came it works good. Only thing is i snuck a quick cup of coffee before it was completed, and the coffee maker did not stop.

I real glad bought this after return that stupid kitchenaid coffee maker as i paid close to $100 & was a peace of s. Just wish i was reading reviews about it before purchasing iti was lucky bought this around $20,works real good, easy to work with and keep the coffee warm for few hours, but the pot made by real thin glass. Just be careful when u wash it in sink don’t banged it around or dont drop it in the sink or so ,breaks easily & even if is breaks, amazon put this pot around $11,so is not that badanyway is simple & cheap coffee maker , works well & makes a good quick coffee. Thats all i wanted to do & in did. Up date :4/29/13maker just died on me,less then a year. Same thing happened to my old back & decker brand,before this one,i guess thats american made for ubasically, the red bottom turns on but not,turn on the maker. Almost new machine less then year & same thing happened with same damn brand/coffeemaker in pass. Awfulsome of the reviews here & some where else ,says it the same thing after while stop working.

An article of top quality and utility. An article of top quality and utility. And easy to use with quality materials for life and 100% recommended.

This was purchased for a break room and would be used by several different people. It is easy to use and has the shut off feature if left unattended.

Fairly standard cheap coffee maker. I purchased one in a store (brand new) and it worked fine for a month. After a month the material that covers the hot plate started chipping off. Black & decker is making me pay almost as much as i paid for the coffee maker to get a replacement by shipping it back. Edit: increase rating because b&d support is amazing.

12-cup coffeemaker with 60-ounce Duralife glass carafe

I originally chose this coffee maker 3 years ago after doing extensive research for a quality machine (along with some painful soul searching). I really, really wanted something sleek, fancy and trendy to put on my counter but the reality was i just needed a nice looking and reliable maker that made great coffee. What i did not want was to pay an outrageous price for a machine that could make only one cup at a time, have two makers (to supply a single cup or a full pot for family dinners) or non-recycleable waste to put into the environment (think how many of those little cups go into the trash each morning). This machine has supplied my husband and i with good, hot coffee each morning for the last 3 years. No breakdowns, no overflows, no clogged lines and my grounds and filters go into the compost. I broke the carafe about 2 weeks ago (my fault) and decided to go ahead and replace the maker as well – otherwise i am confident the maker would still be ‘perking’ along.

Still my favorite coffee machine.

The coffee pot works well for a low end device. It has essential features for day to day use. The caraffe is a bit light / feels fragile.

A good product for the money. May want to purchase separate coffee filter so you don’t have to buy paper ones.

For the price this is a very nice coffeemaker. It makes good coffee and doesn’t spill when you pour it out. Only wish the clock was a bit bigger so you could read the time across the room.

The finish of the coffeemaker is not so much a matte black (as it looks in the picture) and more of the usual shiny black.

Push-button controls; LCD display; programmable clock and timer

Bought for my son away at school.

Looks great, but didn’t get any coffee yet, so i don’t know how it performs. I bought it as a present, and my daughter loves it. I will adjust my view after she uses it.

Perfect coffee maker for my house. Easy to use, easy to clean, although i do hand clean the glass carafe instead of putting it in the dishwasher. Definitely, the price was right.

It makes it so easy to wake up in the morning and have my coffee waiting for me instead of me waiting for it.

This coffee pot does not have permanent filter, as amazon claims it does. Otherwise it’s a great coffee pot. It looks nice, fits well, performs as it should. The best featurs is how hot the coffee comes out and stays for at least 3 hours.

-no spills while pouring-2 hour keep warm is really nice-makes good coffee-timer works wellno complaints here.

We decided not to go the keurig route. This is not too huge, yet is a 12-cup machine. Works very well, is quiet and has the automatic stopper when you pour a cup before the pot is finished brewing. Coffee is really hot and i have no complaints whatever. The landfills are now blessed with a new #1 polluter. This is so simple and so inexpensive a way to have a good cup of coffee.

Auto-brew; brew-pause function; 2-hour keep warm with auto shut-off

Great coffee pot at first but it quit working after a year after only once a day use in home.

This is a wonderful coffee maker. Love the taste of the coffee. Love that we can program it and that it shuts off after 2 hours. Worth the amount of purchase.

Have bought two of these over the last 6 years, they work alright. Going to replace again, checking prices. Thirty dollars less at walmart. At that price it’s a good value. This cost at forty eight, very high would kind of feel violated.

Removable filter basket; easy-view water window offers handy cup levels

OXO Barista Brain 9 cup Coffee Maker : Outstanding Coffee Maker

Best coffee pot we have ever had, its amazing, easy to use, looks great, makes delicious coffee, worth every penny.

The carafe keeps coffee hot for a surprising amount of time.

OXO Barista Brain 9 cup Coffee Maker (With BONUS 4 oz SILVER CANYON COFFEE)

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  • Multiple Uses: OXO Coffee Maker have multiple uses. Coffee machines can do the task of brewing. Therefore, you will not need a separate device for each job. Moreover, you will save space in the kitchen.
  • Portability: Barista Brain Coffee Maker is portable, as everyone loves portable devices. You can take the Coffee machine when you are going for vacation, parking, or camping.
  • Temperature Control: It is a very critical aspect of coffee brewing device, as the quality of the coffee depends on the temperature. Water is heated and held at the perfect temperature for coffee (197.6-204.8 Degrees F). A single dial of coffee maker allows you to program the number of cups and the 24-hour start timer.
  • Programmable: Barista Brain 9 Cup Coffee Maker have LED interface which features a backlit screen that displays the Coffee Maker status and freshness indicator. It will give you much comfort and flexibility in life. You will not have to work with settings every time you use the machine.
  • Brew selector: OXO Coffee Maker have brew cycle feature which allow you to have different taste of coffee rather than regular coffee taste. Pour over coffee maker have Microprocessor-controlled brew cycle which replicates the pour-over method to produce 2-9 cups of SCAA-certified perfect coffee.

Oxo machine is a great coffee maker. Simple to use and brews the coffee hot.

We had to 1/2 the amount of coffee we used in our old drip coffee make, but once we figured that out we love it.

Works great coffee hot and flavorful.

OXO Barista Brain 9 cup Coffee Maker (With BONUS 4 oz SILVER CANYON COFFEE) : I purchased the oxo 9 cup coffee maker a couple of months back from bed, bath, and beyond. For whatever reason amazon continues to sell it at its old price and not the current list price of $149?. In any case i am very happy with my purchase. I previously had a bonavita bv 1800 that i bought a few years back from all the excellent reviews on it. I never really liked the bonavita because the coffee brewed too hot, ruining the flavor and body of a good roasted bean. I continue to use a hario v-60 for single cups but the oxo is a new favorite. The oxo beats the bonavita in every way in my opinion. The filter sits in its own basket so you don’t have to initially dump the used filter before you pour a cup as you do with the bv. There are two settings that change the brewing time based on whether you brewing 2-4 cups or 5-9. The bv had no similar control and 1/2 pots did not taste as flavorful as a whole pot.

Disclaimer – i had to buy this from another company because this one never showed. Made a birthday present 2 weeks late. Very upset with amazon in regards to that order. This brewer makes good coffee really quick. We have used it several weeks now, and i think it’s better than a standard drip machine. We grind our beans every morning and clean the pot and system after every use. I have had to adjust the water and beans to get the correct ratio compared to my french press or pour over. That said, i wish there was some more ability to customize the brew. Cleaning this machine is difficult. The pot lid has small narrow crevices that i cannot clean, which eventually lead some bitterness in the coffee.

Better (hotter) than our mochmaster.

Happy with this coffee maker. I like that there’s no retained water to get nasty like in the keurig. Makes great tasting coffee, stays hot in the carafe, and you can make as few as 2 cups of coffee.

I’ve had this coffee maker for one year and still happy with my purchase. I wanted a 24 hour timer, a thermal carafe, and a really good cup of coffee without having to grind my own beans and this makes even store brand coffee delicious. The rainmaker showerhead comes off easily for cleaning, but be careful – i recently lost mine, and assume it fell into the filter basket and was thrown away. I couldn’t find a replacement part so called oxo. They’re sending me the part and the customer service was wonderful. I’ll buy more oxo products because of it.

Makes a fantastic cup of coffee and keeps the coffee warm for a long period of time.

I’ve had mine for 2 weeks, used it every day, and so far, it’s great. Not as messy as other thermal carafe machines i’ve owned (if you choose to pour a cup before it’s finished, you will get a drip from the basket. All machines do this), it’s easy to use, and the coffee tastes great. If you make a full pot, the last cup will still be enjoyably hot after 3-4 hours, probably longer if you preheat the carafe. It is a bit slower than the average automatic drip machine, but the brewing time is what produces better-tasting coffee. I chose this one because i wanted an scaa-certified machine, didn’t feel like spending $300 on a technivorm, and felt that the bonavita didn’t measure up in terms of features, as it’s basically just a means of automatically dispensing hot water onto a drip filter. Which you then have to leave in the sink to avoid getting coffee on your counters.

Advertised to be so ‘easy’, but no less easy than the $39. Coffee i replaced it with when it just wasn’t keeping the coffee hot enough. Coffee has just as many moving parts as this and all as easy to clean and prep. Each a bummer to have to pull out from under the cabinet to clean/prep each time, but i guess i can’t have it all.

Pro’s: good looking, easy to use. Cons: whole thing is slightly larger than expected, carafe doesn’t keep content hot for much more than 20 minutes, & non-drip filter basket will drip – just once – at first pour.

So far, i’m very happy with this coffeemaker. The coffee is hot, and there aren’t a million buttons to press (super important in the early morning).

Makes a decent cup of coffee. A little frustrating with amount of clean up needed afterwards.

Very happy with this coffee maker so far. I ordered it saturday, received it monday. What i love is how easy it is to install and to use. My previous machine was an icoffee and with all it’s bits and pieces, it just did my head in. The oxo is user-friendly starting at the box. On the box they very cleverly give you extremely clear and pleasantly well-written instructions on how to install the machine. So, you don’t have to go looking in the box for a paper booklet translated by a machine into 15 languages to find out how to set up your new coffee maker. It’s all on the box – from how to remove your coffee machine to starting your first brew. There is a small and again extremely clear and pleasantly well-written instruction book in the package for extra info when you want and need it. Just the way oxo uses the box to interact with their clients and the way they present the information to you (with clear language and images) is inventive and suits this day and age.

I like this coffee maker very much. It is unusual but once you get use to it very simple to use. It delivers a very good tasting cup of coffee. There is no sediment at the bottom of the pot no bitter coffee. The one thing that i can’t seem to do is set the timer for the morning. Plus after the brew this is a thermal pot without a heater plate. The coffee remains hot for a few hours.

Great coffee pot, efficient and effective.

Simply outstandingimpressive quality, simple to use, great thermal pot, totally worth the price.

We really liked this coffee maker– it made delicious coffee, and it looked beautiful sitting on our counter. But after owning it for just 15 months, it suddenly stopped working one morning without any warning. We called the manufacturer to report the problem and was told it was most likely due to a malfunction of the magnet inside the pot’s base. ( a magnet?) we are very careful with our appliances. We clean them regularly, although we never put the pot in the dishwasher. There is no explanation for why this happened, but they are sending a replacement pot. It’s disappointing that at the price of this coffee maker, it would malfunction after fifteen months. I may go with a simpler model next time. Note: if you own this model coffee maker, or are considering buying one, be aware of the magnet within the base. Be mindful where you set it down, and don’t put it in the dishwasher.

One cheap part keeps this from being a 5-star review. The stopper that lets you grab a cup while the coffee is brewing, works, actually doesn’t work, on a flimsy spring. It’s less robust than the kind found in a retractable ballpoint pen. Troubleshooting with the manual suggests cleaning out the cone. I have done, every time, and still the thing dribbles and splashes. The machine is lovely, the coffee it makes is delicious, it’s even fun to watch it brew. It’s a pretty expensive coffee maker, i wish they’d designed a better stopper.

BELLA BLA13711 One Scoop One Cup Coffee Maker : Excellent one scoop coffee maker

I obtained this equipment october 2014. It is nevertheless functioning robust march 2017. I use it pretty much every single weekday. I can’t work out how a great deal funds i have saved about shopping for coffee at do the job cafe for $2 a cup, or coffee shop for extra. The everlasting filter is starting up to display a couple of very small tears, so i may have to switch to paper filters, as i will not see a way to obtain the long term filter basket on the net.

Update: i’ve had this almost two months now, and i even now love it. Cleanup is straightforward, the filter is strong (note my preliminary problems– i have had no challenges at all), the coffee preferences wonderful and it is very rapid. If you overfill the filter, the grounds will get into the reservoir. Using coarse grounds rather than fine allows prevent this. That reported, twice i’ve just rinsed out the within to eliminate grounds soon after i overfilled, and it worked like a appeal suitable absent. This is a workhorse equipment, properly-created. I was skeptical because of the low price, but this is a fantastic very little equipment. The coffee tastes greater than what i received from the keurig it changed. The filter is simple to cleanse.

Bella BLA13711 One Scoop One Cup Coffee Maker, Red

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Compact design takes up little counter space
  • Permanent filter and brewing basket are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
  • Adjustable drip tray is able to accommodate a variety of cup sizes
  • Pause and serve function
  • 1 year limited warranty

Following my coffee pool at operate determined to simply call it quits and our drug seller took his coffee maker back household i received this as its alternative and my coffee is constantly the correct measurement and often scorching when i want it. No extended am i at the whim of my coworkers watered down muck they phone coffee but relatively a more powerful brew for me to the stage i almost started drinking my coffee black. I have only one complaint (when insignificant) about the craftsmanship of the product. The aspect that pumps sizzling water on to the spout is connected to lid by way of a really flimsy piece of plastic, even though its pretty small, it seems like it will be anything that will crack off with frequent use. The future thing i really don’t really have an reply for is, what do i do if/when i damage the coffee filter. There are no replacements integrated in the deal and i presume the company expects you to acquire a further one. Just be pretty gentle with it.

If you happen to be applied to a keurig or other rapidly coffee maker, this will generate you insane. Requires about 5 minutes to brew a 14oz cup. It also will not have a timer to set it to start when you want it way too. It will get the coffee really very hot. This was an difficulty with my keurig, it did not get and keep sizzling plenty of. This can make the coffee boiling incredibly hot. It doesn’t want a extensive time to try to eat up. Transform the power on and it starts off (all be it drips slow). I just commence the coffee then go get dressed or do anything else for a couple minutes.

I live alone and like my coffee brewed one cup at a time and as opposed to the kuerig makers, i can adjust my energy.

Bella BLA13711 One Scoop One Cup Coffee Maker, Red : I’ve been using a one cup coffee maker (different brand) for years. First one broke, second one still going but it never brewed a full cup without leaking water into the cup after filling it so i’d have fill with a partial cup then put more water in after it finished the first round. This showed up as a lightning deal on prime day, figured for the price it couldn’t hurt to try. And i’m so glad i did, it’s been perfect.I can get a full cup to brew the first time and the design is perfect, allowing you to raise the bottom for regular sized coffee cups. And it’s attractive enough to not be embarrassed about leaving it on the counter. Also i find it brews faster then my old one and the coffee comes out hotter. Even without the lightning deal, this is still cheaper then the original brand i was using. If you are in the market for a one cup coffee maker, your search should end here.Out of the hundreds of dollars of products i purchased on prime day this was the cheapest and most rewarding purchase.

Brought this into the office these days. My coworkers and i are pretty pleased with this coffee maker. The coffee arrives out pretty incredibly hot and not watered down.

I appreciate this one scoop coffee maker. It is uncomplicated to established up for a cup of coffee. The only disadvantage is that the coffee maker burns out just after five to six months due to incredibly really hard h2o with a ton of minerals. Cleansing the maker with vinegar as advisable by the producer makes no big difference. I examine a large amount of evaluations about this coffee maker on target’s web page right after the bella maker burned out the to start with time soon after only a month. A whole lot of the proprietors of this maker reported that their maker burned out proper absent, or a number of months later. I took the bella maker again to target and they changed it with a new one. The substitute lasted about six months. I just procured my existing bella on amazon for $15. 88, and that incorporated prime delivery. We just been given it yesterday, and it is functioning terrific. 00 for the initially bella maker at concentrate on. 00 just about every 6 months or so for a one scoop maker, we can manage that. We had high-priced keurigs, and they only lasted a calendar year or a little more time. Our challenging drinking water caused the high-priced machines to burn out much too.

BUNN BX Velocity Brew 10-Cup Coffee Brewer – Best Coffee maker and worth every penny.

This is the 4th bunn acquired in our loved ones. Shopper service is exceptional, even outside warranty time. Originals lasted 10 many years just before the heating aspect arrived unfastened. Could have repaired, but felt like time to upgrade. Only negatives you will working experience: the initially time you near the lid in advance of inserting the carafe beneath the lousy spout (thinking you are rapidly enough) you will make a mess. The other is you need to center the carafe below the spout. The heating pad is greater than the base of the carafe and will seat way too significantly in, likely making a mess. Place it all the way again, then pull towards you a quarter inch to half an inch.

Can’t say sufficient very good factors about this coffee pot. I’ve used and acquired bunn coffee makers in my offices in the earlier on the other hand have by no means bought a single for my household. Just after 3 coffee makers in as many decades i desired to get a person that i would very last. Bunn is not the most affordable manufacturer by any extend of the imagination. If you are a cost shopper bunn is not for you, if nevertheless you want a coffee maker that will last…you cannot go improper. One issue to notice if you have hardly ever owned a bunn although, they are distinct than your standard coffee maker. They brew rapid, incredibly rapidly but you have to go away the major swap on. Not the warm plate change on the front, that is for the coffee hotter only…that can and should remain off except you have coffee on. There is a next switch on the base side of the unit…. That stays on for all the bunns and retains sizzling h2o prepared to go.

I experimented with the very rated cuisinart fourteen cup, and then i returned it and acquired this instead. I like that this machine looks to have great longevity. It really is fundamental and very simple and i you should not need to have just about anything extra. This device at the very least serves as an always prepared electrical kettle for very hot water if i choose to make tea or use my french press, but also makes a very great pot of coffee if i really don’t want to acquire the time for the other approaches. I read through lots of assessments about the coffee grounds overflowing and that did come about to me when earning a pot of 10 cups and even eight cups. So, i examine the guide and it states that if you use great floor coffee or have delicate water (which we do) you will will need a diverse valve. They give you the # to simply call or the e-mail and you can ask for one which they send you speedily for no cost. I put in mine and haven’t experienced any much more challenges with overflowing. I would unquestionably advise this coffee maker.

This one is produced in the united states of america. We have utilised bunns for yrs and have been very contented with all of them. We use folgers vintage and master chef coffee from walmart, which are fairly coarsely ground, most likely. Made the very first 2 pots this early morning and had no spillover of the grounds, as many others have claimed. I when compared the h2o dispenser that allows drinking water out into the grounds with the a single from my outdated pot and they were equivalent. This leads me to consider that men and women acquiring overflow of grounds may possibly be working with pretty finely ground coffee. Bunn instructed me on the mobile phone that walmart retains their bunn filters with the coffee pots, not the coffee, must you be hunting for them there.

For all those of who expertise splashing coffee grounds within the funnel, i have a basic no-brainer answer for you as follows: location your floor coffee beans inside a person paper coffee filter—thereafter, place one more (two whole) vacant paper coffee filter on top rated of all those floor beans. One filter on base—then pour in your floor-beans—then put one more second paper filter on top rated of your floor beans. Insert your coffee funnel into machine and make coffee. The second empty coffee filter paper on major of the beans will avoid your ground beans from spraying upward all around everythingthere you have it, kids. It is the quickest coffee maker all around.

I purchased this in august of 2014 and it is continue to working as they stated it really should. It is utilised once day by day to brew a pot and on exceptional instances twice in a day. Supplied the pretty difficult drinking water exactly where i reside, it involves a good cleaning about every three-4 months. You can explain to when it desires a single, as it begins making heaps of sounds as it heats the cold h2o. I have had no troubles with this pot and to appropriate a little something i go through in an additional review, the pot pours just wonderful if you don’t suggestion it way too steeply at first. Getting experienced various difficulties with other brand names, i’ll stick with bunn so extensive as they make this form of good quality. It is really extra pricey than several some others, but it is effective. I went as a result of 3 kitchen-assist coffee pots in a year and a 50 percent. It’s pleasant to see high-quality is still readily available in the united states.

  • Great coffee maker, fast brewing, hot coffee.
  • Customer service is excellent, even outside warranty time
  • Good, but not like the older Bunns.

This is my first bunn device, i’ve utilized it for a 7 days now and i like it. The brew time is extremely quick, one-1. The coffee is incredibly hot and the style is terrific. A person of the features of this system is that you can brew a complete pot of coffee in about three minutes. The trade off for this ‘time saver’ is the reservoir that holds the h2o has to stay very hot which suggest that the device is plugged in and on all the time. (of study course you can switch the machine off and unplug it until eventually you use it again then wait 15 minutes for the reservoir to heat up to the appropriate temperature each and every time. ) i am pondering the trade off amongst owning coffee instantaneously vs. Working with the electrical energy to preserve the h2o scorching all the time. I would guess it is pennies not dollars additional to the every month electrical bill.

I procured the bunn bxb velocity brew coffee maker to substitute my outdated 1989 bunn which begun leaking at the bottom. My coffee pot was only a handful of several years more youthful than me and i cherished that thing. But, it was leaking so i considered it was completed for and ordered this bunn to swap it. The 1st two i obtained were both damaged or scratched so i sent them back. The third time was a charm while, due to the fact the 3rd a person that arrived wasn’t broke, scratched, or experienced everything else wrong with it that i could explain to. Also, no burning scent like other people today have experienced. Which is not regular imo and if you have that issue, i advocate sending it back again. We bought it established up and so significantly it’s functioning as a bunn need to. I would like to note nevertheless, that just after the initial established up, rather a little bit of h2o retained dripping from the nozzle.

Features of Bunn BUNN BX Velocity Brew 10-Cup Coffee Brewer

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • When you want coffee now with a drip-free carafe
  • Pour-o-matic drip-free glass carafe eliminates messes
  • Brew ten cups in approximately three minutes. Vacation switch automatically turns heat off
  • Internal hot water tank keeps water constantly heated to optimal temperature
  • Brews 4 to 10 cups (20 to 50 oz) in about 3 minutes
  • Glass carafe and porcelain-coated warming plate with lighted on/off switch
  • Unique sprayhead ensures even, complete coffee flavor extraction
  • Stainless steel internal hot water tank keeps water heated to optimal brewing temperature of 200 degrees F
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

From the manufacturer

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

When you want coffee now with a drip-free carafe

Pour-o-matic drip-free glass carafe eliminates messes

Brew ten cups in approximately three minutes.

Internal hot water tank keeps water constantly heated to optimal temperature

Mr. Coffee TF6 5-Cup Switch Coffeemaker – MR COFFEE SAVED MY LIFE IN VEGAS

My spouse and children and i require coffee. We’ve tried using a lot of 4 cups and whenever we have attempted a diverse a single, we always occur back again to mr coffee. Sadly the 1 we have now is a nightmare and am just ready to get a single of these yet again. The only point i would like is that this utilized cone filters because they avert most coffee grind spillage when you spoon it in. You will not recognize how well developed this 1 is till you use a single the place every thing is in the improper location and when you consider to pour the h2o in, your hand bumps the lid and it truly is really hard to get the h2o in the carafe. Trust me, you will not want extravagant bells and whistles, you want this a person.

What can you say, it is really a mr coffee. Essentially it truly is a quite good dimension for a solitary man or woman. My wife beverages regular and i drink decaf. She also drinks a large amount a lot more coffee than i do so she takes advantage of the larger sized coffee maker. Because i usually have a few of cups i use this measurement. The five cup designation is more than a very little deceptive except you drink incredibly smaller cups. I use a common coffee cup from a sango dinnerware established and i get nearly accurately two cups from the pot. Only problem arrives in when a carafe breaks and, as normal, a alternative expenditures essentially the very same as the complete issue.

I required a coffee maker that would make four cups but they fill to the really top. The 5 cup is superior because you can still get four cups and you won’t spill it. Not like many many others this comes with a steel basket and a handle for the coffee but you can also use coffee filters. This is like two one servings from a one serving coffee maker without having getting to make it twice and you can continue to invest in extravagant coffee and not pay back for the high priced little cups.Here are the specifications for the Mr. Coffee TF6 5-Cup Switch Coffeemaker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • On/off indicator light lets you know when your coffeemaker is on or off
  • Removable filter basket lifts out for fast and easy filling and cleaning
  • Brewing pause ‘n serve lets you pour a cup of coffee while the coffeemaker is still brewing
  • Dual water window shows the amount of water in the reservoir for accurate filling

In general, i like this coffee maker, but i do not like it as significantly as the one particular i am changing (black and decker 5 cup), but for reasons i will point out, i failed to want the very same model yet again. I have been employing a white black and decker 5 cup coffee pot for yrs. It works really nicely, and is extremely straightforward. I by no means experienced any problems with dripping, chilly coffee, too warm, etc. But i lately gave the equipment to my sister when she moved into her apartment. I thought i would easily be able to exchange it with the very same machine (commonly only $fifteen-$fifteen). I acquired a new five cup black and decker (in black, as i couldn’t uncover white), and i considered i might be poisoned when i utilised it. The chemical plastic odor that arrived from the equipment, even when not in use was overpowering by means of the full kitchen area, and then when i attempted to operate h2o and vinegar by way of to thoroughly clean it, the scent only grew to become worse, mainly an unbearable chemical smell. I was not certain why this machine experienced this difficulty, but did not want to hassle with a further one particular, as i considered it could possibly be the black plastic (could that make a big difference?) or some new issue with producing. It operates, and i am satisfied with it, but i will not like it pretty as a lot for a couple of good reasons (there are also a handful of points i like more). First off, the decanter drips a little bit, no make any difference how very careful i am. This is not a enormous deal, i just pour about the sink, and hold my hand under the decanter when filling the reservoir of the coffee pot. The reservoir quantities are a lot much easier to go through than the black and decker.

At very first i assumed the carafe was likely to be even more compact than the aged 4-cup coffee maker i was changing. It can be compact but retains a lot more than i predicted. Makes coffee speedily, neatly and acceptably incredibly hot. No automated shut off but the on/off switch is massive and effectively lit.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Best small coffeemaker to date!
  • Great for the solo coffee drinker.
  • Better than the Mr. Coffee DR5 4-cup

I have been brewing coffee for over forty several years, subsequent the makers instructions for brewing coffee and cleansing the coffee maker. I consume my coffee in a classy 6 oz. My initially maker was a chemex which i however have and use as a backup. I have often made use of a 4 to 5 cup coffee maker and made the decision to give this mr. Coffee tf-six a test utilizing paper filters which i choose. As directed, i ran two cycles of simple water via the maker and there was no odd taste or odor with the coffee brewed later on. The tf-6 tends to make excellent, warm coffee, 5 – 5 oz. It is not noisy with a couple of burps in close proximity to the stop of the brewing cycle.

I acquired this for my mother for christmas. She life alone so she has no need for a little something bigger and this distinct dimensions is not that straightforward to locate. And the coloration white, which is what she genuinely desired is following to impossible to locate except (drumroll below) on amazon. An additional reward i requested too close to the holiday break but it was shipped in a lot of time as they confirmed.

I initially bought (and returned) the $eighteen black dr5 mr. Coffee when i realized the truth of the matter of several grievances it did not brew hot adequate. So i believed the very various $23. seventy seven white tf6 5-cup would brew superior because it could possibly have a even larger heating element. The 5-cup model seems a absolutely various design and style — far more attractive, the carafe pours much better, and the coffee temperature is more satisfactory. Realistically, the 4-oz variation between a 4- and 5-cup capacity is insignificant, since my breakfast twelve-oz coffee mug needs 3 ‘cups’ to fill. A further distinction is in the lighted on/off switch. The dr5 experienced a smaller environmentally friendly light switch whose brightness was very little distinct from off to on, simply because when ‘off ‘ it continue to reflected the ambient kitchen area lighting and was hardly brighter when ‘on’. Anyhow, green for ‘on’ seems a dumb preference.

My father is visually impaired. I manufactured the blunder of acquiring him a far more extravagant a single with auto timer and clock. He was always hitting the improper buttons so the coffee would go off in the center of the night time or the time would transform. He does not even truly require the car timer function so i went with this very simple one particular button product and he enjoys it.It also arrived with a reusable filter that i had not even assumed of having for him with the other machine. He really likes just rinsing and employing it once more alternatively than messing with the paper filters that eliminate their form about time. I bought a next a single in black for my mother. Now she can have her decaf in 1 and he can make regular in his and they can simply tell the big difference.

I bought this as a substitution for my black & decker coffeepot, which was a yr or so old and had some flaws. Here is what great about this minimal appliance:1) it hardly will take up any place on the counter2) it brews fast3) the coffee is good & hot4) it comes with a reusable filter, which is much better for the setting and your wallet and5) it has the ‘pause’ feature for those people mornings when you require your first cup statthere is only a person detrimental. It statements to make 5 cups, but that should indicate doll-sized. I consume my coffee out of a large ol’ mug, and this coffeepot only brews plenty of for two of them. But that is genuinely all i require anyway. Over-all, i am pretty delighted with this purchase.

This is an straightforward way to make coffee, but this machine’s filter does not wash/cleanse as properly as the all-mesh kind. Just one has to put the coffee into the microwave to raise the temperature, and i would like the maker could structure a equipment that brews very hot coffee. I needed a alternative device in a hurry and acquired this one particular without an computerized shut-off. As well lousy, i ruined some coffee by more than-heating.

Excellent value for this very little one. I threw out prior coffee makers for the reason that they dribbled all more than the area when pouring, but this just one is very neat. 5 cups will equivalent two complete mugs in less than six minutes – incredibly hot temperature. I use the supplied reusable basket and come across no residue if standard grind is used. Really satisfied with this invest in. Update: the coffee maker stopped working following 7 months of use. Just after calling the warrantee company, they are sending me a programmable 5-cup product to substitute it, since they had been out of inventory for this just one.

For my wife & i this helps make just the suitable amount of coffee. What we like about it the most is:one. Make terrific warm coffee with out obtaining to reheat3. Coffee good quality & reliability6. It comes with a long-lasting filter but youcan select to obtain your own 4 cup filters.

I like my new coffeemaker and am so happy i ordered the 5 cup in its place of the 3 cup, as it is really the great sizing. It will make a tasty brew and has an uncomplicated pour, non-drip spout. I like my coffee hot and calculated the drinking water temperature soon after brewing at 178 levels f. It’s incredibly adorable, has a smaller footprint and the colour (white) goes wonderful with my kitchen area. For these who say the hotplate will rust, i counsel drying the pot and hotplate immediately after use, as metal commonly will not likely rust with out humidity.

Like lots of of the reviews i examine about this pot ahead of i acquired it, i concur that it is a good minimal coffee pot. A single reviewer stated that the coffee tasted like plastic. I washed the basket, filter, and pot with delicate detergent like the guidelines said and i ran a full pot of h2o via the technique as the recommendations mentioned as effectively. The very first cup of coffee right after that was terrific. I have been upset with myself for several weeks imagining i could not make a decent cup of coffee and ultimately recognized that my old 4 cup mr. Coffee was on it truly is previous legs. I like this 5 cup pot as it is just proper for two awesome measurement cups of coffee. It is peaceful and speedy in the brewing course of action. This was a excellent invest in, relatively cheap, and i appear ahead to many good cups of coffee in the upcoming. I also like the white colour.

I have my personal residence workplace and my spouse does not like coffee. The result is i never need a big coffee maker nor an highly-priced one. In reality all i need to have is a coffee maker that helps make me 2 whole cups in the morning. I’ve had this coffee maker now about six months and so significantly so superior in conditions of dependability. In terms of value you actually can not complain below. A mr coffee high-quality coffee maker for a tiny in excess of $20 is a no brainer. A considerably smarter purchase than some of these $one hundred coffee makers that make a person cup at a time that fees you about $one a cup and wastefully fill up your trash with non biodegradable plastic containers. So if you are just will need a little something to make a pair of cups of coffee for you in the morning this is a clever decision.

Just a no-fuss, foolproof coffee pot. I like that it has an on/off switch as an alternative of a bunch of blinky buttons and an pointless time screen. Only issue i detest about it, is that if you really don’t shut it off, the sizzling plate will continue to be on eternally. So if anyone in your household has a crappy memory, you will have a potential fireplace hazard, and coffee pots bring about way much more residence fires than you’d feel. Cannot conquer that value even though. Edit- it’s twelve/nine/fourteen and the price has much more than doubled given that i purchased it a few months ago. It was value the eighteen pounds i paid for it, not forty bucks. Just get one particular from walmart for way less expensive.

Amusing story to this i acquired this to get to vegas with me. Their are no coffee pots in the rooms. You have to get up truck to the food stuff court buy a crappy cup of starbucks for 6. 00 , wait in line and deal with all forms of individuals. By that time i want to kill some thing or somebody. So i pack this up in my luggage with my coffee supplies-filters in the pot, with a pair of bottled waters. I pack in plastic ziploc baggage (doubled) my powder cream and suger and mini-moo’s. That way my coffee is made when i get up-flip a switch-shower- wala coffee . No arguing with some eighteen yr previous on fifty percent/body fat non grande/whole milk bla-bla-bla. I get my coffee- i make -my way.

This conceptually very simple coffee maker does ‘right’ by my numerous sources, irrespective of whether peets’ or operate-of the mill. Subsequent the enclosed directions (1) to include drinking water in ‘cups’ as measured by the carafe’s traces, and use 1 tbl spoon of coffee for each and every ‘marked’ cup plus 1/2 tbl spoon additional — every pot turns out best — from my finest (and expensive) peet’s maj. Dickinson to random leftover stuff from biglots (e. , $5 for about 2lbs of ‘javatime’ from australia. )on the other hand, i located the first filter unsatisfactory. Much too flimsy and weak, and apparently un-cleanable. So i sprung for the immediately after-sector ‘gold’ filter basket at $six. Would seem much more durable, and least washing it in scorching, sudsy drinking water will get it clean.

My husband loves his coffee, i really like coffee too, but can’t drink it mainly because of health and fitness troubles with caffeine. So this isthe excellent measurement mr. Can make great coffee, he enjoys the sizing, as we really don’t have a lot counter spacein our kitchen area. Operates fantastic, so glad i located it for him. Rapid service, wonderful solution, excellent seller.

I bought this coffee maker as a very last ditch exertion to discover a equipment that was moderately priced, but did not burn or usually ruin my coffee. I have experienced at minimum 6 distinct coffee makers, like a tassimo, that ranged in cost from $fifty-$a hundred ninety. Coffee soon after understanding one particular of my family has had hers for ten yrs with no complications. I selected the 5-cup as i only brew for myself and this makes two great sized mugs of coffee. I did not have large expectations, but i should say this machine has been the ideal a single i have had. The coffee is a good temperature, no burned taste, no mess if utilized according to directions and just the power of the coffee i would count on. There are no bells and whistles (temperature control, vehicle on/off and so forth) but it tends to make a good cup of coffee which is exactly and only what i will need. I do are inclined to change the device off following brewing so the coffee in the carafe does not go on to heat.

Hamilton Beach Ensemble 12-Cup Coffeemaker : Super cute coffee maker in red

I looked at coffeemakers forever, up to $200. I settled on this because the more expensive ones didn’t offer any more for the prices they wanted to charge. I drink coffee all day and really appreciate good taste. This machine makes decent coffee, not the best i ever tasted, but good if you use a good bean. It makes it nice and hot, does not stay as hot until the warmer shuts off, but also doesn’t burn it. Brew choices are good, but i think the bold comes out slightly bitter. I use regular brew and add more grinds for a bold taste. I was hoping for a retro-look, but it does look cheap.

I have been using this coffeemaker for two days now, so far so good. If any changes later, i will update this review. One thing to note: do not place in position as shown when making coffee – the water escapes from the top,the handle should be turned all the way either right or left. It does not beep when coffee is ready, it does not turn off by itself, and there is no background light for the clock,it looks just like on the picture. The on/off button under the clock glows nice blue when on. Overall, i think it’s a good value for the price.

It’s a coffee maker and it makes coffee, with a bold option that makes me happy, and it keeps time well (some of them. Not so much) it’s easy to set up initially and to program. It makes 1-3 pots of 8-12 cups a day (usually 2 pots) and has for over a month with no problems, so i can’t complain, especially for the price. Some things to note:there’s a lip on the inside of this carafe, so washing it isn’t as easy as some of the ones with just the dimpled pour spouts. The plastic feels just a bit wobbly on the carafe but it’s holding up (i held off reviewing to see if it would; no issues). Check the measurement of the carafe height to your faucet – it never occurred to me it would be of issue, but it doesn’t fit as easily as the past ones have. The carafe jostles the brew basket every time, especially before it’s brewed. It’s just a minor annoyance trying to get it seated or pulling it out to wash and refill, with periodic hangups. The maker lid hinges on the back and has to open all the way to pour water into the machine and stay open for filling the basket – it won’t prop straight. The cord is long enough to not make it an issue for us, but if you’re used to one that only opens a 6″ circle, make sure you have the counter space or clearance overhead if there are cabinets above.

I’ve bought more than my share of top of the line coffee makers. They all cost 2 or 3 times as much as this one did. We have very hard water and although we use vinegar every few weeks, the machines are pretty well shot after about 3 or 4 years of daily use. Or, the carafe breaks and the cost of a new one is enough (and the machine old enough) that we decide to buy a new coffee pot. I’ve found that all coffee makers have some good and some bad features. This hamilton beach falls somewhere in the middle of the dozen or so machines i’ve had in my life. From my perspective, it’s a pretty good thing when something costs way less than the more expensive product and still ends up being pretty good. Con list:conthe water could be hotter. It is plenty hot enough to drink, but i’ve found i have to use an extra scoop to get coffee as strong as my last machine made.

  • The Best! Simply THE BEST!!
  • Fantastic Quality gor a Poor Man’s Price
  • It’s a pretty nice coffee maker

Hamilton Beach Ensemble 12-Cup Coffeemaker with Glass Carafe, Red

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 12-cup coffeemaker with user-friendly control panel and digital display
  • Programmable clock/timer for “wake-up” coffee; brew-pause function
  • Glass carafe with stay-cool handle, measuring marks, and drip-free pour spout
  • Nonstick hot plate; 2-hour automatic shut-off for safety; easy-to-clean removable parts
  • Measures approximately 11 by 8 by 14-inch; 1-year limited warranty

Super cute coffee maker in red. Just a bit annoyed that it cost twice as much just to get the color. It’s really easy to program and the buttons are nice and big. The coffee pot is the first one i have had that really pours the coffee into the cup without a drip.I have been through quite a few coffee makers over the years, this is a total first for me 🙂 the base is light weight plastic, kind of cheap if you inspect it closely. Hopefully, it and the electrical components will last for more then a few years. The picture i am seeing as i write this review is not of the model i have. My buttons are much larger, and i now have a night light in my kitchen at night when i set the coffee for the morning. Yes, the buttons light up pretty bright. Can’t say it enough, i’m annoyed that i had to pay twice as much for a splash of color in my kitchen.

Red side panels (both sides) look and feel very cheap. Lid on glass carafe cannot be removed, however, i placed the entire piece in the bottom of the dishwasher and it seemed to clean up nicely without any issues. The removable insert that holds the coffee also washed well in the dishwasher. Looks much nicer in the picture than it looks in person, but a coffee pot in this price range is a coffee pot. I wanted to add a red accent to my kitchen and it serves its purpose.

I had one of these coffee makers and i liked it so well, that i searched for another just like it when i dropped and broke my old one. This is the only coffee pot that i’ve found that makes filling the reservoir easy. The reservoir opening is large and the pot is made to not release too much liquid at once. All other coffee makers have small reservoir openings and pots that want to drip everywhere no matter how slow you try to pour it. This is my second pot like this and i hope they don’t discontinue this model. Maybe i should buy another one now, just in case.

I pretty much seem to always buy 2 proctor silex coffeemakers at the same time, i think they are made buy hamilton beach, as a rule they go about 3 or 4 years or a little longer, and they are usually a very good price. Well now getting to this coffee maker. . It is beautiful a little bit big, but worth making room on my counter for the two of them. I drink hot tea and my hubby drinks cofffee. . So i always replace them together so they match. The very best part is ther is no strong plastic smell. I run water through them twice ,and started using them. And i love the glass pot because it does not drip.

In my gazillion years of coffee drinking, i’ve been through them all: bunn, mr. Coffee, westinghouse, you name it. This was my first hamilton beach. It is the best coffee maker i have ever had. Absolutely no drips when you pour. Fast brew times, easy-to-set timer. There isn’t a bad thing about this machine. I highly, highly recommend itupdate: oct 31. Still absolutely no problems with my hamilton beach. The carafe cleans easily, the machine is simple to operate, and i haven’t had one drip when pouring.

I have been looking for red items to add to my kitchen, to brighten up the room a bit. When i saw this i really liked the description of it, and how it looked. At one time i had a black hamilton beach coffeemaker and thought it was good quality, so this was a selling point for me for this red one. It brews the coffee quite quickly, and i do have to say that my coffee these days tastes better than with my old coffee pots i think it has to do with the spray feature that sprays hot water over the grounds. All my other coffee pots had a drip feature, and i do think the spray feature gets the best and most flavor out of the coffee. The red is very bright and shiny. I would recommend this coffee maker to anyone.

I bought this several weeks ago and wanted to see how it performed before reviewing. This coffee machine has done well so far. I have no complaints about the quality of my cups of coffee. It comes off when programmed and makes coffee. I think the temperature of the brew is fine and it is sure easy to clean and fill for brewing. I do use the gold filter i had with my last coffee maker and it seems to make a better brew of coffee than the paper filters. This machine is a lot smaller profile than the $200 cuisinart grind and brew and the coffee tastes just as good. It was well packaged and arrived on time.

I purchased this after my second cuisinart bit the bullet. I mainly purchased it for the price and the color red. It’s easy to clean and adds a bit of pop to the kitchen. I always say every room needs a shot of red and the kitchen should be included. Nowadays it seems you really can’t find quality small appliances and when i pay anywhere from $75 to $100 for a coffee maker and it doesn’t seem to last much longer than the others, i figure why waste my money. I’m really kind of simple in the “needs department” and i really don’t need the timer or the grinder, so the simpler it is, the better.

We purchased this coffee maker several months ago. It took care of all the problems we experienced with former models. It is easy to pour the water into the reservoir, and to visualize the fill gauge. The buttons are easy to operate in setting the clock, brew time and strength. The coffee has been very good. We haven’t had problems with the paper filters folding over and letting grounds flow into coffee (which happened to us with a previous coffee maker). The carafe does not drip when pouring. Overall, very satisfied with the coffee maker and would recommend the purchase.

I haven’t had a drip coffee maker in a long time. My roommate wanted to get one, so i looked at all the reviews and this one came up on top for me. This is a good basic coffee maker, i think it’s worth the discounted price it has here at amazon, but i would be very disappointed if i paid the retail price of $70. It works well and is easy to clean. Now on the to quality of the coffee. I make coffee with a french press, and i typically like it very strong, but not too bitter. So far the quality of the coffee from this machine has been ok, but not that great. It has three flavor settings: normal, bold, 1-4 cups. Normal makes coffee that is weak and flavorless, bold has more flavor but is very bitter, 1-4 cups tastes like bold. I have been trying the last few weeks to vary the grind, the amount of coffee in the basket etc.

The red is so nice and it does not drip coffee while your pouring. The no drip alone makes this pot worth buying and at such a reasonable price (28. I do wish the clock lit up and i’m use to a beeper that indicates when coffee is done brewing or the maker is shutting off. Those two items are not a deal breaker for me. I would and will buy this coffee maker again. It does keep your coffee nice and hot and it brews quickly. I have told my husband at least a dozen times how much i like this maker. He loves the no drip and even likes the red and guys don’t usually have an opinion on that sort of thing. Buy this coffee maker you wont be disappointed. This is one of my best purchases in a long time.

It works like you would expect it to and it’s a good price, but the thing that i like the most about it is that the spout is easier to pour out of without drippage than most coffee pots. A clumsy person like me pretty much always makes a mess but that hasn’t been an issue.

If your hunting for a delectable cup of coffee without all the bells and whistles , purchase this high-quality coffeemaker. I’ve made use of it a number of instances a day for the past month ( i consume a whole lot of espresso) and it has not at the time failed to make an exellent brew. In the morning for the duration of the 7 days,i brew a complete pot of less costly espresso for my thermos and on weekends the connoisseur blend, so far complete prosperous taste and piping very hot from all varietys- everytime. I also like the fashion and great red coloured housing w/ the stainless steel trim, seems to be great on my kitchen area counter. A great contact by hamilton beach as most appliance’s today are very generic seeking. The controls are straight ahead and foolproof. The timer sets simple and a blue light-weight indicates it is energetic. A brew toughness collection is also provided which absolutely is effective nicely,just will take lengthier to brew your coffee but well truly worth the wait around.

Light-weight for method is kinda vibrant. Pours without the need of spilling h2o. Want the clear section (exhibiting sum water poured in) was on was on other aspect. It is really fantastic if you’re left handed. For the reason that if not, you have to quit & see how you have still left to go.

5 yrs and going robust. Espresso could be a bit cooler than when it was new, but i’m not even positive. I thoroughly clean it periodically with white vinegar and operate a couple of pots of drinking water by to rinse. All features even now do the job properly.

The reason i have acquired 3 is not due to the fact they are not a good quality merchandise, i have had each and every for an average of 26 months. I adore this distinct solution and will proceed to buy as desired as extended as it is designed available.

The thing i actually like about it most drip espresso makers get condensation on the lid and when you open the top it drips all around the counter. This one the lid is made to funnel the condensation back again into the reservoir so your counter stays dry 🙂 moreover it appears wonderful. A minimal fewer than a 12 months and this coffeemaker is broken. The brew cycle stays on all the time which is perilous due to the fact when you you should not know it is on and insert chilly drinking water to the reservoir it bursts out incredibly hot steam and you could get burned, also who knows if it is a fire hazard to be heated all the time like that, producing it vital to keep the unit unplugged when not brewing. As effectively as staying unsafe this tends to make the programmable and clock features useless. I have emailed hamilton beach as the device is even now below makers warranty. Will update when i get a reaction.

This is a fantastic espresso maker. Not especially fast but it doesn’t claim to be. I have a bunn coffeemaker at residence and it helps make coffee in 3 minutes. But this hamilton beach looks to be good. I bought it for my daughter and son-in-law. I like coffee and they most likely wouldn’t have a coffee maker if i didn’t come take a look at (who is familiar with?). I feel the espresso pot plastic trim on the top rated of the espresso pot at the lip exactly where you pour, is a little odd. It has the plastic go throughout the inside of where by the pouring occurs – odd.

Hamilton Beach Ensemble 12-Cup Coffeemaker : BRIGHT RED COFFEE MAKER

I experienced a single of these coffee makers and i favored it so nicely, that i searched for a different just like it when i dropped and broke my old one particular. This is the only espresso pot that i have uncovered that would make filling the reservoir uncomplicated. The reservoir opening is huge and the pot is designed to not release far too much liquid at the moment. All other espresso makers have compact reservoir openings and pots that want to drip all over the place no make any difference how sluggish you try out to pour it. This is my next pot like this and i hope they don’t discontinue this model. Maybe i really should invest in a further just one now, just in situation.

Red aspect panels (the two sides) seem and experience pretty low-cost. Lid on glass carafe cannot be eradicated, even so, i put the full piece in the base of the dishwasher and it seemed to cleanse up properly with out any problems. The removable insert that holds the espresso also washed very well in the dishwasher. Appears to be substantially nicer in the image than it appears to be in individual, but a coffee pot in this price variety is a espresso pot. I preferred to incorporate a red accent to my kitchen area and it serves its function.

Hamilton Beach Ensemble 12-Cup Coffeemaker with Glass Carafe, Red

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 12-cup coffeemaker with user-friendly control panel and digital display
  • Programmable clock/timer for “wake-up” coffee; brew-pause function
  • Glass carafe with stay-cool handle, measuring marks, and drip-free pour spout
  • Nonstick hot plate; 2-hour automatic shut-off for safety; easy-to-clean removable parts
  • Measures approximately 11 by 8 by 14-inch; 1-year limited warranty

Five many years and going potent. Espresso may well be a little cooler than when it was new, but i am not even guaranteed. I thoroughly clean it periodically with white vinegar and run a few of pots of h2o as a result of to rinse. All features nevertheless get the job done very well.

Finally a coffee carafe that would not drip. Cuisinart dripped, mr espresso was even worse and, when it lasted only two many years (getting testier by the week), i purchased the hamilton beach. Of system, being red was a catalyst, but what’s more simply because of the other critiques i examine, as well as the price tag. The style is these types of that it pours into the cup, not down the side of it, not on the counter, just a easy thing that other nicely-recognised manufacturers have not bothered to integrate into their carafe. It really is a great coffee maker, brew time is fast, coffee preferences sleek. Completely advise this product or service.

The espresso maker operates great. It truly is about what i anticipated for somewhat minimal conclusion coffee maker. The display does have nice huge numbers, but i do not know why all the coffeemakers i’ve ever owned you should not have a lit clock screen. It truly is tricky to study at night time with out rotating the coffeemaker up to get the contrast to read the numbers. As i mentioned, i’ve hardly ever experienced a coffeemaker with a lit display, so this is par for the class for a coffeemaker in this cost selection. The automatic start off aspect functions as predicted, and it brews coffee rather promptly. You can just take the carafe out at any time in the brewing system without the need of any spillage from the espresso being brewed. I took off one particular star since i acquired this as component of the h-b ensemble. I assumed that the appliances in the ensemble group would be the exact same coloration. They are not – the coffeemaker is a significantly brighter red than the subdued red of the toaster.

Hamilton Beach Ensemble 12-Cup Coffeemaker with Glass Carafe, Red : I looked at coffeemakers forever, up to $200. I settled on this because the more expensive ones didn’t offer any more for the prices they wanted to charge. I drink coffee all day and really appreciate good taste. This machine makes decent coffee, not the best i ever tasted, but good if you use a good bean. It makes it nice and hot, does not stay as hot until the warmer shuts off, but also doesn’t burn it. Brew choices are good, but i think the bold comes out slightly bitter. I use regular brew and add more grinds for a bold taste. I was hoping for a retro-look, but it does look cheap.

I have not experienced a drip coffee maker in a extended time. My roommate wanted to get one, so i appeared at all the reviews and this a single arrived up on top for me. This is a fantastic basic espresso maker, i assume it is really worthy of the discounted selling price it has listed here at amazon, but i would be really disappointed if i paid out the retail price tag of $70. It will work very well and is straightforward to thoroughly clean. Now on the to high-quality of the espresso. I make espresso with a french push, and i commonly like it pretty solid, but not also bitter. So considerably the excellent of the coffee from this device has been okay, but not that great. It has three taste configurations: standard, bold, 1-four cups. Standard would make coffee that is weak and flavorless, bold has extra taste but is very bitter, one-4 cups tastes like daring. I have been attempting the previous couple weeks to change the grind, the sum of coffee in the basket etc.

The purpose i have acquired 3 is not simply because they are not a high-quality merchandise, i have had every for an typical of 26 months. I appreciate this unique products and will keep on to buy as desired as long as it is designed offered.

This is a good espresso maker. Not specifically fast but it isn’t going to declare to be. I have a bunn coffeemaker at residence and it tends to make espresso in three minutes. But this hamilton beach appears to be high-quality. I purchased it for my daughter and son-in-law. I like coffee and they in all probability would not have a espresso maker if i didn’t occur stop by (who knows?). I consider the coffee pot plastic trim on the prime of the espresso pot at the lip where you pour, is a minor odd. It has the plastic go throughout the inside of of in which the pouring occurs – odd.

We procured this espresso maker quite a few months in the past. It took treatment of all the complications we professional with previous versions. It is quick to pour the h2o into the reservoir, and to visualize the fill gauge. The buttons are simple to operate in setting the clock, brew time and energy. The coffee has been quite superior. We have not experienced problems with the paper filters folding about and allowing grounds flow into coffee (which happened to us with a former coffee maker). The carafe does not drip when pouring. All round, extremely happy with the espresso maker and would suggest the obtain.

If your searching for a mouth watering cup of coffee without having all the bells and whistles , buy this great coffeemaker. I have employed it a number of occasions a day for the last month ( i drink a lot of coffee) and it has not at the time failed to make an exellent brew. In the morning throughout the 7 days,i brew a entire pot of less expensive coffee for my thermos and on weekends the gourmet blend, so significantly total wealthy flavor and piping incredibly hot from all varietys- everytime. I also like the design and style and awesome red colored housing w/ the stainless metal trim, appears excellent on my kitchen area counter. A good touch by hamilton beach as most appliance’s nowadays are incredibly generic wanting. The controls are straight ahead and foolproof. The timer sets simple and a blue mild signifies it’s active. A brew power choice is also provided which certainly is effective effectively,just usually takes for a longer time to brew your espresso but effectively worthy of the wait around.

The issue i really like about it most drip espresso makers get condensation on the lid and when you open up the prime it drips all about the counter. This a single the lid is made to funnel the condensation back into the reservoir so your counter stays dry 🙂 additionally it appears to be like fantastic. A tiny much less than a calendar year and this coffeemaker is broken. The brew cycle stays on all the time which is perilous mainly because when you do not know it truly is on and insert chilly h2o to the reservoir it bursts out hot steam and you could get burned, also who understands if it is a hearth hazard to be heated all the time like that, building it required to preserve the device unplugged when not brewing. As properly as being unsafe this tends to make the programmable and clock functions worthless. I have emailed hamilton beach as the device is nevertheless less than makers guarantee. Will update when i get a reaction.

It is a espresso maker and it will make coffee, with a daring option that will make me joyful, and it keeps time effectively (some of them. Not so significantly) it is really simple to established up originally and to method. It makes one-three pots of eight-12 cups a working day (normally 2 pots) and has for in excess of a month with no problems, so i are not able to complain, specifically for the value. Some things to notice:there’s a lip on the inside of this carafe, so washing it just isn’t as easy as some of the types with just the dimpled pour spouts. The plastic feels just a little bit wobbly on the carafe but it can be holding up (i held off reviewing to see if it would no issues). Check out the measurement of the carafe peak to your faucet – it by no means occurred to me it would be of challenge, but it doesn’t suit as conveniently as the earlier ones have. The carafe jostles the brew basket every single time, specially before it truly is brewed. It is really just a minimal annoyance seeking to get it seated or pulling it out to clean and refill, with periodic hangups. The maker lid hinges on the again and has to open up all the way to pour water into the device and keep open up for filling the basket – it is not going to prop straight. The twine is prolonged enough to not make it an challenge for us, but if you are made use of to 1 that only opens a 6′ circle, make absolutely sure you have the counter place or clearance overhead if there are cupboards earlier mentioned.

Light-weight for plan is kinda vivid. Pours without spilling h2o. Wish the distinct aspect (showing volume water poured in) was on was on other facet. It really is great if you are remaining handed. Mainly because if not, you have to stop & see how you have left to go.

I really a lot appear to usually invest in two proctor silex coffeemakers at the very same time, i believe they are built acquire hamilton beach, as a rule they go about 3 or four many years or a tiny lengthier, and they are usually a pretty superior price tag. Very well now having to this coffee maker. . It is lovely a minor bit large, but really worth making home on my counter for the two of them. I drink sizzling tea and my hubby beverages cofffee. . So i generally change them alongside one another so they match. The very best element is ther is no solid plastic scent. I run h2o through them two times ,and started off employing them. And i love the glass pot mainly because it does not drip.

It performs like you would hope it to and it’s a great price tag, but the factor that i like the most about it is that the spout is less complicated to pour out of without the need of drippage than most espresso pots. A clumsy human being like me very significantly always helps make a mess but that has not been an challenge.

I previously employed far more expensive espresso maker that did not final complete year. This time, i resolved to go diverse route in that i seemed all over for coffee maker that is low priced and yet, experienced pretty good evaluate. Obtaining more highly-priced espresso maker is no guarantee it will previous a extended time. I have experienced this espresso maker for pair of weeks now and so much it has worked terrific. Very little fancy, the management is conventional but it does brew extremely excellent espresso. Even my brother who is finicky about espresso likes it. Only time will inform if this coffee maker is designed correct and past in excess of a yr. Some of previously reviewers have complained that this product worked very well at 1st but later formulated complications that knocked the rating from high to lower.

I haven’t had this coffeemaker lengthy but so considerably i like it. I esp like the no drip which leaves my cupboard absolutely free of spills. Seems good and brightens up my kitchen area. Have not tried the computerized brewing so can not comment on that but i would have no qualms about accomplishing so. Update: i proceed to appreciate this coffeemaker. I use the automatic brewing each individual night in advance of bedtime and it has under no circumstances unsuccessful. I esp like the daring brewing which normally takes a minor for a longer time but is truly worth it, with great tasting coffee.

I bought this numerous weeks ago and desired to see how it done before reviewing. This coffee equipment has done properly so considerably. I have no issues about the high quality of my cups of coffee. It arrives off when programmed and will make coffee. I think the temperature of the brew is great and it is confident easy to clean up and fill for brewing. I do use the gold filter i had with my final espresso maker and it would seem to make a greater brew of espresso than the paper filters. This equipment is a lot smaller profile than the $two hundred cuisinart grind and brew and the coffee tastes just as superior. It was perfectly packaged and arrived on time.

Coffee, but, just after fifteen yesrs, it failed to do the job thst very well. I noticed this a single, in my favourite shade, and it has the clock and plan keys over the hotplate, exactly where it would not get soiled. This is a large amount improved than a mr. Coffee, and a large amount prettier than the black that the other a person was. And, i assume that hamilton beach is considerably far better excellent. It can make espresso definitely wonderful.

I purchased this after my second cuisinart bit the bullet. I primarily ordered it for the value and the coloration red. It really is uncomplicated to clear and provides a bit of pop to the kitchen. I normally say each individual room requires a shot of red and the kitchen area should really be bundled. Today it appears to be you actually cannot discover quality small appliances and when i pay out wherever from $seventy five to $100 for a coffee maker and it will not appear to be to last much for a longer time than the many others, i figure why squander my revenue. I am seriously kind of easy in the ‘needs department’ and i definitely will not need the timer or the grinder, so the less difficult it is, the improved.

I was a minimal frightened to order this products due to other evaluations. I finished up purchasing anyway since the selling price truly simply cannot be defeat for the coloration and fashion. I like the red pop in my kitchen area. I bought the coffee maker on time, and it seemed just like the photograph. I plugged it up, ran a cycle of drinking water through it, and tried it out with coffee. I failed to style any plastic and it failed to smell plastic-y. I liked the choice for brew energy and it in shape perfectly on my counter. My kitchen area seems a minor spiffier, now. Just after utilizing it various moments now it even now operates good and my household has not burnt down. My most favorite feature of this equipment is that, in comparison with just about every other equipment i have ever owned, it can make the minimum mess. Practically, no dripping wherever. I feel the innerworkings/design and style is intelligent and it does not feel low cost at all like previous espresso makers i have had.

Bonavita BV1800 8 Cup Coffee Maker With Glass Carafe Bundle, takes up little space and makes a great pot of coffee

I obtained this as a reward and have by no means experienced a superior coffeemaker. Fits beautifully on my countertop – just the proper size. Yes, no timer -you need to have to switch it on when you get up but it normally takes only about 6 minutes to make a delicious pot of coffee. I grind mine pretty wonderful (espresso grind) and use melitta filters and hardly ever have a difficulty. Coffee is the ideal temperature for about two hours then shut off is automated. The carafe is sensitive but treat it with respect and you will have no challenges. Most effective machine i have at any time had and i have been producing coffee forty seven yrs.

I have been searching for a great coffee device for a prolonged time and have been as a result of a bunch of them in the previous handful of years and they all finished up in the same put – the trash. This is the machine that suits the monthly bill. The coffee is hot and tastes terrific. The machine has a fantastic glimpse and the 8 cup dimension is excellent. Most effective of all i will not have to pull the coffee device out to fill it with water.

Been given from my son as a reward 3 decades ago. However operating excellent, terrific coffee taste, initial thermal carafe retains coffee hot for a couple hrs. Planning on acquiring an extra carafe for family get-togethers.

Key specs for Bonavita BV1800 8 Cup Coffee Maker With Glass Carafe Bundle:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 1400W Heater raises water to ideal temperature
  • Engineered for precise water and coffee grounds contact time1400W Heater raises water to ideal temperature
  • Shower head designed for complete saturation and optimal extraction
  • Brews 8 Cups (40 ounces)
  • 2 Hour Keep Warm with auto shut off

Comments from buyers

“Good but overpriced, Strainer could be better, Works well; easy to use”

In retrospect, i would like i had bought a significantly decreased cost coffee maker, because in my belief, there is absolutely no difference among this drip coffee maker and any other just one. It can be desirable but that is so not worthy of the money. Also, i would have purchased a scaled-down coffee maker, which would be additional eye-catching in my kitchen area, so even the looks never have that a great deal value for me. In my belief, the h2o goes through at the precise similar pace as more cost-effective coffee makers, and way way too quick to get a tasty brew. I uncovered that if i pour the brewed coffee by means of the filter a single far more time the ensuing coffee tastes much greater. Considering that i will not want to muck up the mechanism by pouring coffee as a result of the equipment, rather than water, i use a different pot for this 2nd pour. I saved this coffee maker, so i am not supplying it a bad assessment, just sharing my 20/20 hindsight.

First of all, it is hard to see the the drinking water via the glass where by you fill it up except you are in bright lighting or hold a flashlight just ideal. Also, the carafe seems to be pretty cheaply designed and it is not warranted by bonavita which is a bit troubling. Other than that, it tends to make exceptional coffee.

I did the study and acquired a single of these for my mom’s new kitchen area. Then, she returned the favor and bought a single for me. It replaced our cuisinart, which was on the fritz. It’s effortless to use and simple to clear and the quality of the brew is much enhanced over the cuisinart. A person aspect note is that i’ve started off purchasing a bit coarser coffee (cone drip +two). Really incredibly hot drinking water additionally a high-quality grind extracts way too significantly and can be bitter.

Value not getting other alternatives like a timer or drip prevent to get a cup prior to it truly is carried out (shouldn’t want to do that in any case).

We listened to about it on a television display (america’s examination kitchen area) and made a decision to give it a attempt. For the rate, it would be wonderful if it had a timer on it, but we will not overlook it.

This is an great coffee maker. It can be compact, elegant, simple and would make terrific coffee. It has about as couple bells and whistles as you can get on a coffee maker: no timer, no way to take out the coffee pot when brewing, etc. This might be a downside for some but in fact appealed to me. There is significantly less to break, and there is none of the sometimes cramped and non-intuitive arrangement of several parts of the equipment, which in other types i’ve tried using, i discovered troublesome. It is not the major capability coffee maker out there, about 8 cups, so be mindful of that, but again, for me, that was not an issue.

I have experienced this for a number of months now and am pretty satisfied with it. The coffee preferences much better than with my prior coffee maker the speed of brewing is impressive and it is extremely simple to measure, established up and clean up.

Coffee is consistant each individual time. five only mainly because strainer does not remain on device when retrieving the coffee.

Lower profile so it matches nicely under the wall cabinets & is pretty simple to pour in the drinking water for the exact selection of cups you want. Would make outstanding coffee + the warming surface area retains it a great sizzling temp for a fantastic long time right before clicking off.

Only down facet is what to do with the filter cup when the pot is ready.

I’ve experienced my bonavita bv 1800 for 2 many years. Prior to this coffee equipment i was a krups fan, but primarily based on client assessments, i bought this bonavita when i required to change my previous krups. The coffee from the bonita is noticeable far better than any krups i’ve owned. But this is an additional gold star for bonita. Their customer company is superb. I contacted the enterprise by way of their web site yesterday afternoon and this morning they notified me that there’s a alternative coffeemaker in the mail. Honestly, i am even a very little previous my warranty time period (and they know that) but they in no way even balked. You really don’t obtain lots of providers these days who stand at the rear of their solutions like that. Now a word of guidance: i have the glass carafe with the hotplate beneath.

Bought this brewer right after a ton of study. Currently being in the organization of coffee provides myself, the scaa certification carries a good deal of fat. So far, this brewer is have been amazing. The big difference in style and brewing time has considerably exceeded my previous black & decker.It can be a no frills equipment, it just brews wonderful coffee.

It really is rapid, normally takes up small place and helps make a fantastic pot of coffee. A little dear, but properly worthy of it in my viewpoint.

Indeed, it is pretty straightforward to use but i’m not wowed by the coffee quality. Acquiring cup marks on the carafe would be an enhancement. Total it is high-quality, but looks overpriced to me.

Browse a lot of reviews, no doubt the bonavita is the most effective coffee maker ever. Exclusive designed will allow drinking water to make enough get in touch with with coffee for exceptional flavor. Would like i had located this gem extended back.

The easy-to-gauge drinking water reservoir helps make brewing the good volume of coffee basic. At room temperature, the device will take 6 minutes to brew a whole 8 cup pot (quite quietly. ) the shower head h2o shipping procedure actually does evenly soak the grounds. I have calculated the temperature at the stop of the brewing course of action and it is suitable at 185° f.

Capresso CM 300 Stainless Steel Thermal Coffeemaker 475 05 – Easily manufacturing cost around $ 10 to $15 if at

Only trouble i have encountered is the basket holder not swinging out as it must, but i blame myself on not placing the basket holder in effectively. Other than that, every thing else is better than anticipated and marketed.

Have not experimented with the timed-brew location but. You will find something about the way this brews.

My previous capresso thermos espresso lasted for about 14 many years and no additional sections.Here are the specifications for the Capresso CM 300 Stainless Steel Thermal Coffeemaker 475 05:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Capresso CM300 10cup Programmable Coffee Maker
  • Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe
  • Push button swing out filter, See through removable water tank
  • GoldTone filter, Charcoal Water Filter, Capresso
  • Brews 10cups of coffee in under 9 minutes for maximum flavor and aroma

Terrific espresso pot,can make fantastic sturdy espresso and retains it relatively hot. I have only utilized capresso or cuisinart for a lot of a long time and for the selling price i never think you can get greater top quality.

Not as very hot as i would like my espresso but not lousy.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Just what I was looking for
  • Great coffee maker- replaced Capresso that was over 10 years old.
  • Best coffee we have had in five years having finally

I love this coffee pot it is programmable , espresso arrives out fantastic nice and hot.

Nice sizing, modest footprint, controls located the place liquid will not spill on them, vacuum pot – detachable drinking water container.

Espresso does not remain to lengthy sizzling.

Very little let down the thermos inside isn’t going to have a glass lining like my aged capresso. Very good characteristics while and the carry off drinking water tank and programming are significant. As with m past design, makes a excellent cup of espresso.

I truly like this coffeemaker. The removable drinking water tank and swingout filter housing are handy attributes. The carafe retains coffee warm for at minimum 2 hours. And most importantly it brews a excellent cup of coffee.

The coffee maker so much has exceeded our anticipations. The removable water tank, the swing out filter holder and the carafe lid style and design make the capreso very straightforward to operate and cleanse. The coffee brew time and toughness are more than sufficient. Because we haven’t experienced the capreso quite long, we can’t level the longevity.

We have been making use of it for about two months, and it is effective flawlessly. Most effective coffee we have experienced in five a long time obtaining last but not least jettisoned the extravagant krups maker, furthermore it requires up 50 percent the kitchen area counter place.

It is a 10 cup coffee maker.

Smaller sized than the capresso it replaced, but identical top quality and ideal brew.

I have had a zojirushi for eight many years and it ultimately died. I was crushed to see it was discontinued. This looked equivalent and around the exact cost so i tried it. It brews really quick, i enjoy the removable drinking water tank, wonderful cup of espresso, and is far more compact for my compact kitchen. The value was quite very similar to what i paid out 8 yrs ago for my previous a person.

Capresso is a person of the couple espresso makers with a carafe and a detachable drinking water tank. The coffee stays incredibly hot for a fantastic amount of money of time.

Espresso brewed perfectly in six minutes into a thermal non-spillable carafe. What more can you check with for a espresso maker. Oh, one a lot more factor the programmable timer will work correctly and is straightforward to set up.

I bought this to swap a capresso machine i acquired several several years ago. We’ve only used it a few of instances, but i anticipate it will be a fantastic device. I am, nonetheless, unhappy in the establish quality. It is all plastic, but not substantial good quality large content like my previous capresso. Even the buttons on the regulate panel really feel inexpensive. Is this just their inexpensive ‘entry level’ equipment?. It just does not truly feel like a $eighty five coffee maker, additional like what i would anticipate for $39.

We have been making use of this espresso maker for in excess of two months now and like the taste of the espresso it makes, the removable h2o carafe and the size of time the espresso stays warm.

As all merchandise, promoting is primary sellers level. Uncovered coffee temperature to be minimal. Mediocre solution style not conference human engineering: cone filter system swinging outward has the probable to are unsuccessful (split), could have been developed on a simpler way, carafe lid could have been friendlier as it lend by itself to overflow/spill when consumer ‘forgets’ which way the lid is put (component of human engineering). As anything else, it is overpriced for what it is. Quickly manufacturing charge all around $ ten to $fifteen if at all in portions.

Will make terrific coffee and it stays sizzling.

Cloer 5218NA 12-Cup Bitterness Eliminating Coffee Maker – We really enjoy this coffeemaker

Update: i ended up ordering one particular of these for my brother, in dec. 2012 mainly because, at the time i was quite pleased with it. In november 2014, the initial 1 that i purchased that i wrote the unique overview about unsuccessful to change on. But, i preferred it so a great deal initially, that i acquired a further 1. The second a single i bought unsuccessful just after 13 months, and the 1 i bought for my brother has now failed also. So, 1 lasted just limited of 3 yrs, another one particular about two many years, and the very last one, just 13 months. Although they make really superior coffee, in my opinion, they just don’t seem to be to be durable more than enough for the rate. I replaced this with a melitta 12-cup coffee maker, programmable (46893a), which is doing the job properly for now, and also helps make excellent coffee. I really don’t like the carafe style and design on that a single due to the fact it’s more difficult to clean than the cloer, but, it was also significantly less dollars to acquire.

Is this a great coffee maker or a mess maker?. Effectively it truly is each sad to say. I’m quite pleased the the cup of coffee this equipment produces, scorching, daring and not bitter. The key gripe and trouble with this coffee maker is it truly is inadequate carafe style and design. You won’t be able to assistance spill h2o all more than your counter, filling up the machine, at least it is really only water. Then striving pouring a single cup of coffee without having it spilling coffee in all places. Experienced this not currently been my 2nd equipment because xmas , i likely would have returned it, and buy a further cuisinartnot the most effective coffee maker, but at least it failed to conclusion up all more than the counter.

I have experienced this coffee maker for a small about 6-months now. I have had this coer on my want checklist for a few several years, i pulled the bring about when amazon experienced a way too fantastic to move up deal on it ($38 in august 2014). I preferred it since how states it claims water is heated. It seems to be good on the counter. And almost everything functions (just like it should really)it is loud. . Like the aged days, when you realized your coffee maker was brewing (i basically see this as a optimistic)and to be genuine. . The only assume i genuinely treatment about is that it would make great tasting incredibly hot coffee, and it does just that. . But not what i had hoped for, what would be a melt away your mouth sizzling. . Like in the old days when coffee makers designed excellent warm coffee. And that is why i only gave it a 4-star review.Here are the specifications for the Cloer 5218NA 12-Cup Bitterness Eliminating Coffee Maker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Automatic shut-off after 2 hours
  • Push button swing out removable filter basket with cone shaped filter #4 for full bodied flavor
  • Pause & serve function
  • Keep warm plate, hidden cord storage
  • Accepts mavea maxtra water filter cartridge (not included)

My new cloer arrived day before yesterday, and so considerably i appreciate it. Tends to make superior coffee, seems to be awesome uncomplicated to operate, excellent stuff. One particular term of caution–procedure temp is very hot. You purchased this for very hot coffee, so every thing is heading to be scorching, steam, warmer plate, carafe, it truly is all hot. I appreciate the temp manage on the hotter plate, and i did want to switch that down so as not to melt away the coffee involving next and third cup. It’s only been a few days, so can not talk to longevity, but overall–appreciate this coffee maker. This is a alternative for a mr. Coffee ftx model ( 20, 23, forty five, etc. ) i loved the glance, the clock, the stale meter. Anything besides how it just stop functioning following about a year.

Exact brew temp and shower head guarantees great coffee. Supplied carafe makes sure it’ll be all above your countertop. Fortunately, the cloer consultant (in canada) replaced my carafe with a new design. Be absolutely sure your order includes the updated carafe.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • and so far I love it! Makes Good Coffee
  • Makes excellent coffee!
  • It brews a very good cup of coffee!

My trusty krups coffeemaker (which i have utilized because 1994, consider it or not) at last gave up the ghost in july. I really like my morning coffee, so it was virtually as traumatic as the dying of a very good mate. The krups sent continually exceptional coffee day just after day for almost two many years. I might really appear to sense that obtaining a fantastic cup of coffee at house every single early morning was my birthright. Minor did i know that i’d be living in coffee purgatory for 6 months in advance of finding a very good alternative. Right after looking at all the ‘meh’ assessments of newer-model krups coffee makers, i made a decision not to stick with the model. As an alternative, i released into an comprehensive search for the greatest coffee maker out there underneath $three hundred. I currently understood i did not want a technivorm, for the reason that–perfectly–the detail seems like a mad scientist’s nightmare. Regardless of what i selected experienced to have clean present day lines and search spiffy on my kitchen counter, be uncomplicated to use (i tend to stroll into walls before i have my morning coffee), have a fairly fast brewing cycle and, above all, make fantastic coffee. Not an quick factor to obtain, i quickly learned.

I was truly seeking forward to working with a coffee maker with the new brewing method. But i was pretty let down when i identified out there is no quick way of extending the keep warm cycle. You won’t be able to just turn it back again on when the cycle is over with. He suggests it at times would make a mess of h2o on the counter. He has various patterns with his coffee routine.

I have loved this coffee maker for a few years now. I have a tremendous automatic coffee device that is my primary equipment, but there are moments when i want to make a pot of coffee and i use this. From possessing a super automated, i have to anxiety the great importance of cleaning and descaling your coffee equipment on a normal basis. It actually helps make a difference in the top quality of the coffee. I made the decision to create this assessment soon after so lots of a long time, predominantly since of the trouble in locating client help for this enterprise. If you need to have to purchase a substitute carafe, you have to get in touch with the north the usa distributor for cloer, at [email protected] Com and they will get again to you about ordering. The carafe, with transport is $31. I took one particular star off my ranking for the issue in discovering client guidance contacts, as the key cloer web-site is only in german.

Update:so about five months later on, the cloer is nonetheless going solid. The device will in some cases ignore my request to manually shut off the equipment but other than that i have no challenges. Having said that, the carafe produced a crack and now the equipment is rendered ineffective. Really don’t know the place to receive a replacement, which helps make me a significant upset due to the fact the price is just not precisely low cost. The cloer is a excellent coffee equipment. The coffee absolutely arrives out incredibly hot and the taste is remarkable. Nevertheless, the carafe is flawed to the issue wherever a return may be warranted in the in close proximity to future. In some cases the coffee will just pour all above the counter and other times, it pours good. Not a huge offer as the device is upcoming to my sink so i pour over the sink but may induce concerns for many others.

We investigated this item , it is great but awful the way it drips & sometimes pours coffee out from any way apart from the top rated spout, the pouring is just dreadful, make certain to pour it over a kitchen sink every time.

I just established up the maker and set up the filter. This maker is a properly built device. All the sections in shape quite well and are not affordable in any way. The maker does take a although to brew, i consider that’s because of the two tanks. I like this equipment out of the box pretty perfectly. Obtain this machine i think you can expect to be satisfied. Update: i have had two days to use this maker. The coffee is very good, the coffee is very hot and won’t have a burnt flavor. I reside in colorado at 6000 ft above sea degree and h2o boils at a lover temp than at sea stage. So most coffee makers only make luke warm coffee. Bunn makes a equipment for superior altitude but it’s expensive and would not have the capabilities that this machine does. The to start with time i designed coffee i experienced a problem with the machine dripping when i removed the pot. I had low-cost filters so i bought some excellent melitta cone filters and the issue was solved.

We seriously love this coffeemaker. My spouse at first bought it mainly because he saw that there is a temperature location on this design. I like that the h2o reservoir lights up as you fill it, excellent function to have.

We have been wanting for a coffee pot that will make great coffee and will make it hot adequate for my spouse. As some of the other opinions have talked about it does sweat about the grounds basket. I would expectsome of this with the better temperature, do not see this as issue. The very first cup you pour alsohas some drip from the carafe lid, just pour slowly but surely about the cup. The adjustable warming plate is anice function, set ours on the 2nd environment. We begun applying the wire basket but switched to thepaper filters, a minimal way too considerably mud with the wire basket. March 7, 2016 overview update. The above overview was composed various years ago. We are now on our 3rd cloer, they previous about three years with every day use. I have identified some tips that may well increase your working experience with this coffee maker.

Seemingly they have settled the troubles with this cloer. . It can make great coffee, some of the ideal. . It is loud, but i like that seem in the am. . It does steam some but you can take out the secondary water holder and it will make coffee like a typical pot. The secondary water holder preheats the water, so that is in all probability the place the steam will come from. . It does shed about 2 cups out of 12 from the steam i guess. . I just add a minor much more h2o immediately after it starts if you want all twelve cups. The latch for the basket looks sturdy.

I just been given my cloer coffee maker and brewed my initial cup of coffee. My spouse and i applied to have to microwave our coffee when it was brewed by our cuisinart equipment. The cloer has an led mild that illuminates the h2o degree. The pause brewing operates flawlessly. Brewing coffee at a large temperature absolutely will get you a additional flavorful working experience. Th cloer is completely programmable. We established the device to brew coffee tomorrow at six:fifteen a. This is a very well engineered item. If this device will cause me grief, i will update my evaluate. For now, the cloer is giving me a hundred% of what i wished in a coffee car-drip equipment.

I bought this coffee maker to change a 30 12 months aged braun. I constantly believed my braun created a first rate cup of coffee until finally i used the cloer. The initial cup was a extraordinary advancement in flavor and temperature. I study an additional evaluation and emailed cloer for a replacement carafe that is glass all the way up the sides which eliminated the ‘drip’ situation. Courteous and prompt client service. I would concur that this coffee maker is loud but the good quality cup of coffee it brews is really worth it. I never use the timer so the sound is not an concern given that i am now up. I would give it five stars except for the simple fact that the coffee maker is a little more substantial than i would have favored ane the simple fact that it truly is intended in germany but created in china. My braun took up 50 % the place, but then it failed to have any timing characteristics. I do switch down the warming plate when there is only a pair cups still left in the carafe, this keeps the coffee from burning.

I had never heard of cloer, but we wanted a new coffee maker in a hurry, our aged braun possessing expired abruptly. The cost and capabilities appeared ideal, so i requested the black product for $37. Incredibly, it was sent from lebanon tn to madison nj in a mere 3 days and on a sunday to boot. I had noted some of the destructive amazon. Our knowledge differs markedly from them with a few exceptions, all in a position to be remediated:(1) it does rock a little bit fore and aft on its toes. I solved this simply by introducing a very little self-adhesive felt pad on the front foot. (two) as the end result of the substantial brewing temperature, condensate kinds on the within surface area of the hinged, spring-loaded filter holder.

This genuinely does make better coffee. My partner and i ended up each impressed by broad enhancement in the style of our coffee when employing the similar variety of grounds as in advance of with our old coffee-maker. That alone can make it well worth having. But we have discovered two points that would drastically increase the coffemaker. The to start with factor is, as talked about by other reviewers, that when you pour out your coffee, you have to be extremely mindful not to spill a tiny. Our coffeemaker is subsequent to the sink so we just pour about the sink but it is a nuisance. But our biggest problem is that the machine shuts off right after 2 several hours. We accept that there would be degradation of the flavor of the coffee more than time but most coffeemakers don’t shut down for four hrs and on lazy saturday mornings, it would be wonderful to have coffee for for a longer time than two hours.

Great cost and it is straightforward to plan. Coffee is as great as the far more pricey brands.

Indeed, following adjusting my coffee earning technique, this tends to make the best cup of coffee i’ve ever experienced from any property brewing procedure. In the previous, i normally ground a entire 12 cups truly worth of my coffee to wonderful. When i did this with the cloer, the h2o ran over the top rated of the filter, building rather a mess. Following changing the ground to medium, and then applied much less coffee (involving eight-10 cups measure), it now works correctly. Even although i will carry on to check out unique amounts of coffee, and at distinctive grounds, i am really delighted with the idea of applying considerably less coffee for just about every pot, and expecially with no bitterness. Whilst costing a bit additional than other coffee makers, i feel this is a keeper, properly value every penny.

You will never ever come across a much better coffee maker. No a lot more stomach irritation, coffee preferences so considerably greater.