Cuisinart CBC-00FR Brew-Central Programmable 12-Cup Coffeemaker : Five Stars

Perfect father day gift and he liked it (which is saying a lot).

We’ve been using this model for at least 15 years & feel it to be one of the best. Additionally, it is the right size & color for our kitchen. Unfortunately, we have hard water, so mineral build-up is eventually a problem. I’ve tried a variety of cleaners from vinegar to citric acid to clr, but sooner or later the heating element dies. The ‘remanufactured’ units are as good as new at half the regular price (if we can even find the model available). I have been purchasing 2 at a time so we always have 1 ready to go.

Cuisinart CBC-00FR Brew-Central Programmable 12-Cup Coffeemaker (Renewed)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Charcoal water filter helps produce great-tasting coffee by removing impurities
  • Indicator light tells you when it’s time to clean your coffeemaker to remove calcium buildup
  • Heater plate has 3 settings, so you can decide how hot the coffee stays
  • 12-cup carafe with ergonomic handle, drip-less spout and knuckle guard
  • Programmable automatic shutoff, 0-4 hours
  • 12-cup automatic coffeemaker with 24-hour programmable timer
  • 1-to-4-cup setting; adjustable keep-warm; brew-pause; 0- to 4-hour auto shut-off
  • Carafe provides ergonomic handle and dripless spout for graceful pouring
  • Clock; cord storage; instructions and paper-filter starter kit included
  • Measures approximately 14-1/4 by 8 by 10-3/4 inches; 3-year limited warranty

Controls not the easiest, but makes great coffee.

Just as good as the old one.

I was so excited to buy this coffee pot after reading the wonderful reviews. I bought the refurbished one to save $$. And less than a year later, it hasn’t been working the greatest. The drip got clogged and would take sometimes 2 hours to brew a pot (a little vinegar cleared that up) – but the carafe leaks. A huge pet peave – when you pour coffee and it dribbles on the counter. That is why i spent more money on one of these, to avoid the dripage – but, here we are again dealing with it. I am overall happy with the pot, i just wish i would have bought a new one instead of a refurbished one (no warranty on mine, a year with a new one).

Cuisinart CBC-00FR Brew-Central Programmable 12-Cup Coffeemaker (Renewed) : I bought this for my parents (almost 80 yo) after they went through several cheap coffee makers. Easy to set, easy to operate. I have the same coffee maker and it has lasted going on 15 years.

This is my 2nd purchase of this particular cuisinart coffee brewer. My 1st purchase was a refurbished model back in 1998. We loved the coffee maker so much, we were devastated when it broke. I went right online to amazon to purchase another refurb and so far so good. I would recommend this coffee maker to anyone who loves to brew their own coffee.

Came in brand new,important note;only 90 day warranty on repacked products not shown at amazon site. Works great ,good coffee maker costs 75dollars @most stores, [email protected] and pd $25 @ amazon deliverd to door.

Makes a great pot of coffee. Like the filter, just wondering where i can get another one. Coffee stays hot, not burnt for an hour and brew is fairly quick. I like the little alarm letting me know it’s ready. A great deal on a refurbished, old model cuisianart.

I bought this coffee maker based on the reviews of others. This is a very easy to use machine. I have used a couple of times already and don’t see why some are complaining about features. The water reservoir is not that small, i had a melitta that was less than half as big. Taking off lid to fill and clean is easy. This coffeemaker is quieter than alot of the most of the other ones i have owned. All in all it is a great buy since mine was refurbished and i only paid $40. I would definately buy another and highly recommend.

Works great and i love the coffee maker. After 6 years the timer on my old coffee maker started acting up. I liked my old one so much i searched out the same model to replace it. This remanufactured one looks and works like new. I am very pleased with my purchase.

A really great coffee maker. I took away one star because of the poorly designed user interface of buttons to brew coffee.

Love the 4 hour shut off, and the temperature control (low, medium, and high).

This is by far the best coffee maker i have ever purchased. It works great, looks like brand new, and keeps my coffee super hot (i like the hot setting on the maker).

Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Coffee Maker, I highly recommend this basic, well-designed coffee maker.

Great coffee pot, it does exactly what i want it to do. There isn’t much else i could ask for it. I initially bummed when i got it that it uses cone filters but actually i like that it does. I feel it helps brew a bolder cup of coffee.

Very good pot for the money.

I had a merlita for 3 yrs which worked good, then died. It is no longer available so i chose this one due to the feedback. It fits nicely under my cabinets, takes a #4 cone coffee filter (which is important to us). It takes awhile to brew, but makes a nice hot pot of coffee. I noticed some reviews say it isn’t 12 cups but it is. It seems the pot is shorter, but is a little wider, so there’s the difference. I like it, fast shipping, good deal.

Key specs for Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Coffee Maker, Programmable (49618):

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 3 Brew strength options – regular; bold; and 1-4 cups
  • Easy-pour carafe for no-mess pouring
  • Sleek stainless steel design
  • Cone-shaped brew basket
  • Programmable clock/timer

Comments from buyers

“Very good
, Simple, functional, easy to usecould just use ONE silly little thing.
, Very satisfied. Good coffee. Can make 1-4 cups if desired.

Great replacement for my old coffee maker. Looks great in the kitchen as well.

I had to get a new coffeemaker since a rubber band fell into the water chamber of my 25-year-old krups and melted. I’ve had this unit for a few days now, and it makes very good coffee. I’m drinking some now as i write this review. I haven’t tried the programmable start time yet. More compact compared to others. Pot has plastic ring around the rim which gives more protection if you bump the pot against a kitchen sink spout. Works fine for such small amounts. Note: don’t use the ‘1-4 cup’ setting when making small amount – was a little weak. So i just leave it on bold, even for 2-3 cups. Uses no 4 cone filters, which i prefer.

Nothing fancy but does the job.

Good coffee pot – everything works great and i like that you can change the strength of the coffee and as long as you remember to fix it before you go to bed 🙂 you have hot coffee when you wake up.

This is one of the best h/b coffee makers i have ever had when this one is gone i will be back for manother.

Coffee is ready to go when i am. Even more convenient than my keurig considering my effort level in the morning is literally 0. Didn’t realize it had cone filters, but oh well, my fault.

I bought this coffee maker when our last one finally bit the dust. Rather than spend a bundle for a new one, i thought i’d give this inexpensive model a try. I found that this basic coffee maker does its job as well as the fancier, more expensive coffee makers i’ve owned in the past. No bells and whistles, literally: there is no beeping. Thank you for that, hamilton beach. The lid on the pot is well designed. It stays firmly in place as you pour, doesn’t cause splashing as you pour, doesn’t drip when you set it back on the warmer. The control buttons on the front are intuitive, no need for fiddling around to get your coffee ‘just right. ‘we grind our own beans and find that the coffee from this machine is just as good as, if not better than, what we’ve poured from more complicated and expensive coffee makers. Note that this model takes cone-shaped filters, by the way.

I went round in circles reading coffee maker reviews – looking for a new one after my third cuisinart stopped working. I finally decided “ it is just water over ground beans” and from the reviews about 25% of all brands break in the first year: conclusion – don’t spend too much. Summary of this one:- works fine. – looks attractive on counter ( sorry, yes that is important to me)- i was worried mostly that i could get a very strong brew. In fact am using less beans in this than my previous. – filter is cone but weird oval shape. #4 papers or you can take your cone gold filter and sort of bend it to fit. – plastic taste issue – apparently common. There was a strong plastic smell “ outgassing” aggravated by heating so i understand. I did a vinegar and water brew and then about 5 water brews; thought i still smelled it, so did a lemon juice and water brew followed by 5 water only, the repeated the vinegar brew and 5 waters. I am not smelling or tasting plastic. I am leaving the lid to the back open for a while i think just in case / to help. – carafe doesn’t dribble like cuisinart did. – water reservoir a little small to fill, but no more than old one. I considered a $50 with removable resevoir – that seemed nice but this is okay – especially as the darn carafe is not dribbling. I will update if things change.

I didn’t know whether to give this 2 stars or 3 stars. Like other people have said after a couple uses the lid will not close. Unlike other cone filters coffee makers my filters in this one collapse and yes i do know about folding the seam. I would be willing to pay much for for coffee pot that does the job and will last. Manufacturers take notei have found a little trick to keep the filter from collapsing. I had a gold filter basket from a previous one and i installed the basket and still used a filter because it’s easier cleaning. Don’t ask me why but this solve the problem of the filter collapsing.

Wow, very nice machine, especially for the $$. Makes an excellent cup of brew as outlined in great detail by other reviewers. Very nice quality machine, nice carafe, etc. My suggestions:-use the cheap brown filters from the grocery store. The ‘permanent’ mesh filter does let the water out too fast and weakens the brew. This seems to extract max flavoronly thing to be aware of:-fill the water tank first. It’s easy to splash cold water on your grounds.

I had one before i bought this one and loved it; i just wanted a new one. This one makes great coffee but there is a problem with the top, it won’t close all the way. Since that doesn’t affect the way the coffee is made i’m ok with that. I don’t like mr coffee products and this is the best one out there for the price.

Only thing i don’t like is the cone filters.

High quality machine, regular or bold brew, keeps coffee hot, oval shaped filter basket-no permanent filter, good looking.

Really nice and great price. Works well and looks good on the counter.

I hate this coffee maker more than hate itself. I’m giving 3 stars because it does indeed make coffee, the timer works, the auto shutoff after 2 hours is nice, but it leaksevery time i pour coffee, whether fast or slow, with the lid closed or holding it open, it drips coffee all over the counter. I don’t mean just a few little drips. It leaves a lake of coffee so bad that we’ve had to start holding it over the sink to pour it. If i knew then what i know now, i would definitely not buy this coffee maker.

I purchased this after i broke the coffeepot on my cuisnart coffee maker. I’m very pleased with this coffee maker. I actually like it better than my old cuisinart. The brew options make for a great cup of coffee. This offers the options of a 1-4 cup, bold brew, regular brew. I also have a keurig and it is not getting much use now. Excellent product and great price.

Very nice pot for the price – new kind of filters, though, so you have to purchase those, too.

The front metal plate had rust spots, a slight dent, and was surprisingly greased up for a new product. After inspecting the inside it appears the innards are new but maybe the product got that way during the final packaging step. We decided to keep it since the blemish doesn’t affect the coffee machine functions, but i wondered about the quality control. The coffee maker can be easily disassembled for cleaning, which is great for the family member who occasionally forget to take out the coffee ground until it starts molding. The three drip options also brings subtle flavor changes, which was appreciated.

Terrific, perfect product, great price. Hard to find cone filter pots, so glad to find this one.

If you like coffee, buy coffee maker.

BUNN HG Phase Brew 8-Cup Home Coffee Brewer, Excellent Coffee Maker – Great Value

I think this unit makes a better tasting cup of coffee which is why i bought it. The only problem i have with it is the carafe. I cant believe the folks at bunn put this carafe in production. I’ve seen some other comments on this too. You have to pour so slow in order not to drizzle coffee all over your counter (more so when full). I thought at first, maybe i forgot how to pour coffee. Lol but everybody who pours from it, same thing. Other things to consider is that it is very tall.

My krups aroma control type 229 coffee maker has been running strong now for 12 years, but i thought it time to change up my brewing station. I ordered this bunn hg phase brew coffee brewer based off of reviews i read online. This machine made two incredible batches of coffee and then broke by the third time. Not much more i can say about this other than bunn customer support is fantastic.Within 2 minutes on the phone with their customer department, i had a new unit sent out to me and a pre-paid return for the broken item. I am giving this unit 2 stars due to faulty quality control and/or design. I hope the next one works better. For now, i’ll continue using my 12 year old krups. Update:i received my new bunn hg phase brew 8-cup from bunn. As mentioned earlier in my review, they replaced my broken unit, no questions asked.

I love this coffee maker for a lot of reasons and after much research i’m very happy with my choice. Like many i was tired of replacing cheaper units every couple of yrs. That only made mediocre coffee. As a school bus driver up at 5am i need my morning coffee hot and ready to go into a travel mug and this one delivers. I’m the only coffee drinker in the house and the 8-cup brew size is perfect for me. It does make a little noise getting the water temperature just right before starting the brew cycle but not a deal breaker. For a full brew cycle and doesnt have a pause feature. To be honest i’ve never understood the need for the sneek-a-cup option since the coffee is not completely done brewing anyway. When my old coffee maker broke i had to use my back-up french press which makes the best coffee of any brew system but is not very convenient.

Key specs for BUNN HG Phase Brew 8-Cup Home Coffee Brewer:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Brews 4 to 8 cups (20 to 40 -ounces)
  • Glass carafe and stainless brew funnel
  • 6-Minute heating phase + 4-minute brewing phase = 10 minutes to better coffee
  • Programmable auto-start, easy to read LCD display, time-to-clean indicator, and warmer that automatically shuts off after 2 hours
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

Comments from buyers

“Big improvement over BUNN Velocity models.
, Mixed Review – I Own Two
, Love Bunn Products and Especially Their Customer Service and Warranties

I don’t beleive you can find a better coffeemaker for the price. Simple in design and easy to use, this bunn makes a great cup of coffee with no fuss or bother. Could one ask for more?only downside i found is that the carafe is designed so that it doesn’t empty fully of water after being washed so it requires a wipe down. I may try the optional thermal carafe sold on the bunn website as see it this resolves the issue. A very good overall product.

Even after five months of daily use, the coffee tastes like plastic if i leave water sitting in the reservoir or if the reservoir lid is closed between uses. I can’t detect any plastic taste if i pour water in immediately before brewing, so i do that. If you need to let your water off-gas overnight to reduce the chlorine, you’ll have to do that in the carafe. This also means that the clock and timer are worthless to me. The other electronics work oddly too. It frequently flashes its bright, annoying cleaning request just after i’ve cleaned it. Or two days later, just for a half-hour. Sometimes the reservoir heater kicks on an hour after brewing has finished. One time after a power outage the reservoir heater wouldn’t turn on at all.

This coffee maker promises to make delicious, hot, flavorful coffee. And on that promise, it deliversthe water is heated to the perfect temperature before brewing (if it’s too cold, it leaves flavor behind; too hot, it makes coffee taste bitter). Measure out a good amount of coffee grounds, pour in the water, wait about 10 minutes, and you have one of the best cups of coffee you’ve ever tasted. It rivals all the best coffee makers – biggby, starbucks, caribou, pancake house, whatever you love. You can match the quality or get even better with this machine. Here’s why i gave it only 4 stars:i love the shape, design, and size; i was actually looking for a pot that brewed about 8 cups so it worked out perfectly for me. I never thought i’d be questioning the quality of a product made by bunn, but there are a few issues with it. A bunn carafe actually begins to leak when pouring coffee. Maybe i’m pouring my coffee to fast – i don’t know – but it starts to drip down the glass and on the table or floor while i’m pouring it. Second:there’s no drip stopper under the filter. I know you should let the coffee fully brew before pouring a cup, but this coffee maker takes a full ten minutes or more to finish (it warms the water to the ideal temp – like 210 degrees – before it begins the drip cycle) and it seems to continue dripping for a few minutes after finishing. So when i get impatient and pull the pot out to pour myself a cup it drips all over the hot burner and sizzles a little.

Metal filter-basket, no crappy plastic drip-stop nozzle — the coffee drips directly down into the carafe. Cons: the carafe is a bit smaller than most kitchen coffee makers. 8 cups is the absolute top-line max. Also, the reservoir in which water is poured, and heated, appears to be plastic. Notes: doesn’t store preheated water, like most of the commercial-grade bunn machines. You pour water in, it heats up, then brews.

I was a little apprehensive about this brewer – the reviews aren’t quite as great as other bunn brewers – but it’s been great so far. It appears that they’ve corrected the carafe dripping issue and it brews nice hot coffee. I decided to go with this brewer because bunn has such a great reputation but i didn’t want the continuously heated water – i don’t mind waiting the additional 6 minutes the machine takes to heat the water. Based on the reviews it appears that bunn’s customer service is also really good so i figured i had nothing to lose. The unit looks cool but it’s a bit bigger than i expected. I can find bunn filters for much cheaper than amazon at both our local grocer and wal mart. My only complaint, similar to other reviews, is that it is hard to see the water level in the window at top.

I don’t think this model has even been on the market 3 years, and this model comes with a 3-year warranty. I went on the bunn website, emailed them about my concerns, and 2 days later got an email saying they’ve ordered a replacement unit to be shipped to me. The only thing wrong with mine was the paint peeling off of the warming tray; it functioned perfectly otherwise. Bunn uses items that fail during the warranty period as research items to determine how they can improve their product. I’ve had to use their warranty service more than once in my life and they’ve always been very gracious. No arguments, no hassle returns, just the way i like it. I’m so pleased with their customer service, i bought their single-serve machine directly from their website the same day they addressed my phase brew issue. I will continue to support them as they have supported me through the years. Some reviewers here are new to the product and don’t get the concept of how to properly use this machine. If you’re using the bare minimum amount of water, more than likely it won’t brew.

I have been using a bunn nhbb velocity brew 10-cup home coffee brewer for about 6 years. It makes good coffee, and it does it fast (approximately 3 minutes). The reason it is so fast is because it maintains a tank of heated water, so when you press brew it uses this already hot water to brew, and then takes the water you just added and heats it up in preparation for the next brew. Despite the fact that you got good coffee fast, there were a couple bothersome points with this strategy:1) it was an energy hog, constantly maintaining a tank of hot water even though you might only use the maker once a day. 2) the amount of coffee made is not based on how much water you poured into the maker, it is based on how much water was added on the previous brew. So if you poured in 10 cups yesterday, and you want to only make 4 cups today – sorry, you will get 10 cups now, but next time it will be 4. 3) if you don;t use the brewer for a few days, the heated reservoir tends to evaporate, delivering less that the expected amount on the next use. I recently replaced this older model with the bunn hg phase brew 8-cup home coffee brewer. They have managed to correct all of the problems i had with the older brewer. 1) the water you pour in is used to brew the coffee.

Makes a great cup of coffee, nice and strong, very hot. Requires less coffee to get a good cup of coffee than any other unit i have tried. Not as fast as i would like (10 minutes is a long time to wait for my coffee 🙂 )the bad. The carafe leaks when you pour like a sieve. No matter what i try i end up pouring coffee all over the counter. Come on bunn, can’t you design a better carafe?????.

I bought this coffee maker to replace an aged cuisinart maker. As usual with anything i buy from amazon, it was delivered a lot faster than expected. Setting up this unit was a breeze and within minutes, i had it set up to brew my first pot of coffee on auto timer which i am enjoying right now. It is the first hot, straight out of the pot, cup of coffee (bunn, if you use this ‘great line’ for your ads, i want royalties) i ever had from a home coffee brewer. Great job with this coffee maker bunn.

I had a bunn years ago but i switched teams and i’ve a owned few different coffee makers the past few years. The last one was a cuisinart that failed in less than three years. I love the brew that bunn produces but i could not give it five stars. Just as my old unit did, the carafe still drips and spills when you pour. I also have problem with the fill window. It has a ‘frosted’ finish which makes it difficult to see the water level and i have to shake the unit a little to see how much it’s filled. In addition, be sure to stock filters because the bunn brand fits best and is not readily available in local stores. One other thing is the four cup minimum brewing. Although it fills my largest mug with a half cup wasted, this adds up over time to money wasted. What i love about bunn is the water distribution so all of the grinds get wet.

It’s the perfect size and style for a medium sized, modern kitchen. I make coffee at home every day and the 4-cup amount is just the right amount for a large mug or my travel mug. But from day 1 of having this brewer it has said ‘cle’ on the display and despite following cleaning instructions i can’t get that to go away. It doesn’t seem to affect anything so i’ve just been trying to ignore it so i don’t have to go through the hassle of a return. But now i’m also noticing that the warming plate absolutely not does keep a pot of coffee warm for 2 hours; try 30 minutes max. I am disappointed but it still does what i need it to do so i’ll probably keep it rather than deal with a return or warranty situation.

I have bought two of these brewers in the last two months, one for my mother and one for me. I read the plethora of negative reviews after i bought the first one and was quite concerned as my 80 year old mother who lives alone would be disappointed if hers started malfunctioning, leaked, or quit working. We’ve had great success and everyone raves over the coffee we brew. I had a kuerig previously-no comparison, the bunn is a ‘coffeemaker’.As to the people who get the ‘clean’ display often-you must be living where the water is awful. We use reverse osmosis water and have yet to see the ‘clean’ prompt. As for the dribbling pots, i have yet to spill a drop. Well, it’s not silent – set it to come on 5 minutes after your alarm as a snooze alarm, if the sound doesn’t get you up the aroma a few minutes later will.

When it comes to the features of this brewer it’s possible to find some faults, but in the end, there’s no denying that it simply makes a good cup of coffee that isn’t bitter. I think this is because they got the brew temperature and brew time about right. I measured the stream flowing into the pot at 200 f with a thermopen, which is in the recommended range. We’ve only had it one week, but we haven’t seen any of the reliability problems or cleaning issues described in other reviews. Our carafe pours great without any leaks or dripping. It does make noise when the water is being heated. It’s comparable to the noise other drip makers during their brewing cycle, possibly a little more, but we don’t find it intolerable. However, it’s definitely there. Once the heating phase is done there is no noise during the brewing cycle. Put a smidgen less than 4 cups of water into the system, and the water will heat but nothing will come out.

Definitely makes hot coffee. It is also very easy to use, compared to a cuisinart i was using before which had a couple of extra parts that had to be messed with when making coffee. The coffee pot definitely drips when pouring. Always have to pour over the sink. Refuses to make 4 cups, when i put the water to the 4 cup line, it just heats the water without ever advancing to the brew stage. As soon as i up the water to the 6 cups line, it starts brewing. Timer button sticks sometimes, which is a problem because it thinks i am trying to set the time on the timer rather than turning it on. Overall, makes a good cup of coffee, but definitely has some minor defects.

Over the last 20 years, i’ve owned several home coffee makers and this one has brewed the best tasting coffee; however, my experience has been it requires about 10% more coffee than i was using in my delonghi brewer. Brew times are under 10 minutes, which is good. At first, i had a hard time pouring coffee without spilling a little, and this due largely to how the pour spout is designed on the carafe; this is no longer a problem now that i figured out to pour a lot slower than i’ve been used to. I also like the very modern looking design of this unit–it’s much better looking than most of the other bunn home brewers i’ve seen. Lastly, my hope now is this appliance will be reliable and last for several years. If so, i will stick with bunn.

I purchased this particular brand and unit because of the prior reputation of the company’s products and their supportive customer service and easy parts repairs; and also for the small size serving we preferred. It arrived quickly and worked the first two days as expected and then the heating element failed to work. I called the customer service center at bunn, explained the problem and they shipped a new replacement model the same day. A small chip was defective on the unit and they simply replaced it with a new one. No problems what so ever with their support. This unit is great for the size cups we wanted. It makes a louder sound initially than prior models when it heats the water but the resulting extra hot coffee is simply great. The clean see through design and engineering is what makes this better than most others i reviewed. I happen to be an engineer by education and wanted a well designed product with great customer support and parts availability when ever needed.

My husband and i love our fresh morning coffee, ground in a burr grinder and brewed at the perfect temperature to extract the maximum flavor from our beans. We just purchased our second phase brew coffee brewer. The first one still sits on the counter at our primary residence where we use it daily. The second one sits at our secondary residence. We use it daily when we are here. I have mixed feelings about this appliance. First of all, it does brew coffee at the perfect temperature. It makes the best tasting pot of joe i’ve ever had. But there are a couple of downsides.

I have used my bunn hg phase brewer for 8 months now and have really been pleased with this product. It is an unconventional looking coffee brewer and at 15 1/2 inches high it could present storage problems in some kitchens. I choose this model over the other bunn velocity models because i did not want to use more energy in keeping a 10 cup or more container constantly hot so that there could be ‘instant’ coffee brewing (in 4 minutes or less). With this model i grind and prepare my coffee the night before and use the convenient ‘auto start’ button to set the timer to start brewing in the morning at about the time that i wake up. It generally takes about 8 – 10 minutes to prepare hot, delicious coffee that is at just the right temperature. As other reviewers have mentioned it is somewhat noisy as it heats up the water prior to dispensing but i have come to actually enjoy the sounds which are then followed by the aroma of fresh coffee in the mornings.

I originally gave this coffee maker five stars, because it simply made what i can honestly call the best coffee i’ve ever had. Unfortunately, that was, to quote camelot lyricist alan jay lerner, ‘for one brief, shining moment. ‘ in less than a year, the heating element died, and bunn does not make any repairs on home coffee makers. The coffee maker was still under warranty, and i will give bunn credit for having an outstanding customer service team, but sadly they were no longer making this model. Apparently for americans on the go, 10 whole minutes to make a superlative pot of coffee was just too darn long, so bunn discontinued it. They did replace my phase brew with another of their models that makes a pot of coffee in 3 minutes, by keeping a tank of water at brewing temperature constantly, 24/7, a concept i’m not fond of. Worse, the replacement coffee maker does not make coffee as good as the phase brew, and i am nowhere near as enthusiastic with the final product as i had been. The customer service rep said she had heard that they might start making something comparable to the original phase brew in the near future, but that hasn’t happened yet. The one original phase brew maker amazon has lists at something like three times the price i originally paid, and since they conk out so quickly, it’s just not worth it. I hope all those fast-paced americans whose impatience spelled the death of this maker make good use of those 7 extra minutes they have gained.

After having this coffee maker for 2 month it failed. Nothing lights up on the display. When the ‘brew’ button is pressed, you can hear the click but the heating element never comes on. The phase brew makes good coffee when it works. Wish i had not recommended it to my friends now. Contacted bunn and they sent me a new phase brew before i sent them the broken one. They also paid for all shipping. Good companymay 2011 update: 2nd phase brew heating element failed may 10, 2011. Bunn sent me another new phase brew in two days. I still like this bunn coffee maker and the company.

I ordered this coffee brewer after reading other reviews online about it about how hot the coffee is and the good taste. My main goal for coffee is for it to be very hot which in my experience never happens with home coffee brewers. This phase brew is the hottest coffee i have made from a home coffee brewer but, in my opinion, i would like it even hotter, but, i know that is probably not possible. A lot of the reviews said that the coffee was strong but, i found it to be just regular and not strong which is fine. The carafe is as other reviewers stated two cups smaller than a regular size which fine unless you have company over or you drink more than four large mugs of coffee. A full carafe will make about 4 large mugs of coffee. The height is no problem as it fits under my kitchen cabinets. I did have a problem with it as the ‘clean’ message started coming on a week after i purchased it which meant i was supposed to clean the minerals, etc. So, even though it was one week old, i cleaned it and the light came back on.

Keurig V500 Vue Brewer, love this product

This product hands down better and hotter than k 2. Have not seen coffee left in cups on my counter since it arrived. Why this series was discontinued when it allowed you to choose the temperature and recycle pods was not a smart move. I owned 4 machines from the old platinum and classics to the 2. Which by the way was going to be my last until i found out about this series. However after years of using these machines the company had better beware the 2. 0 isn’t in the same class as the vue.This has temperatures just about to commercial standards up 197 degrees.

This doesn’t take the k cups?. I haven’t seen vie cups i just bought this and haven’t gotten it yet but now i’m worried.

Very happy with the vue brewer. It arrived in a timely manner and properly packed to avoid any damage. Will continue to enjoy our coffee at any time of the day and it will be a fresh cup each time.

Key specs for Keurig V500 Vue Brewer:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • BPA free black plastic construction
  • Brews in under one minute
  • Fully programmable black and white touch screen
  • Auto on/off
  • Energy savings mode

Comments from buyers

“In Daily Use
, Just right
, Item discontinued need the K2V cup adapter

After having it for a while i wanted revise my previous review. Some kind reader told me about the solifill brewing cups and it has rocked my world. I have to drink only de-caf and love flavoured. With the refill cup i can have pumpkin, egg nog, toffee etc when i want and it saves so much money. Cons: it is very, very noisy.

Unfortunately sits relatively unused now, as keurig doesn’t support v-cups as widely as k-cups.

Years later, and still going strong. Know keurig stopped making vue machines, but do still offer vue cups online. I personally fee it brews better than standard k cup.

Although it was used it looks like new and works like new.

Priced very, well, easy to use, virtually no setup, be sure to purchase the correct cups for the system as we initially purchased the wrong cups.

Replaced one that i had in the past. Thank you for the fast delivery.

It may be a great brewer, but i sent it back because i couldn’t find ‘v cups’ anywhere. Also, i didn’t see anywhere on the info that you couldn’t use k cups with it.

Easy, efficient and coffee never tasted better. Nothing else to saywe have told several peopleand now they are using it too.

I looked at so many different keurigs i was completely confused on which one or kind to buy. I found this one at a great price and the frothing feature really sealed the deal for me. It takes vue cups which are rather hard to find in my area, i’ve only found them at bed bath and beyond, but you can get an adaptor for the k cups to work in it. It has an automatic turn on and off feature plus an automatic shut off you can set for so many hours. You can set the temperature as well. My taller cups don’t fit with the drip tray in so i pull out the silver ring and put it in the base of the drip tray just in case of spills. Definitely happy i got this keurig. Also i got my keurig for free by saving up free amazon gift cards i earned.

This is an awesome system, our staff uses it daily and it has held up wonderful. Now my wife want one like this at home too.

Faster than regular coffee makers and the coffee/tea is better.

We had been thinking about getting this for about a year. Not sure why i waited because it is awesome. Not so much a coffee drinker but getting a variety pack allows us to find just the right taste we like. It’s just fun to try new coffees, teas and even the cold teas are great too. It’s super easy to use and refill. Not any louder than a regular coffee maker.

I’m very happy with the vue 500, brews really hot coffee, great when you bring your coffee to work and it’s still hot. The only downside for me is that you have to remember to press the button for the amount of coffee, 8 oz. Automatically comes up so i have to remember to press for 10oz. , to get a full cup of coffee, other than that i’m enjoying my new keurig, especially i can use my own coffee with this model, sad that its being discontinued.

Nice unit with nice options for size, strength and type of beverage you are brewing.

The longer i have it, the better i like it. I have experimented with the brewing features until i am satisfied with the results. It is everything that it promises, so if you are looking for a beverage brewer, this is the one. I bought the adapter k2v cup and it is wonderful, it lets me use either kind of the beverage cups, and so it’s just about perfect.

When i ordered this item, i didn’t realize that it had been discontinued. My fault since i didn’t research before purchasing. Found out that you need an adapter in order to use the k-cups with it since the vue cups are pretty much obsolete. Very happy with the machine itself. Just a heads up when purchasing, it has been discontinued.

I haven’t seen a lot i don’t like about this unit. It’s my first single brew coffee maker. They are a little costly per cup, but the convenience is there. I can’t find the vue cups everywhere like i can the k-cups. Walmart is the only place who carries the vue cups so far that i’ve found. I know i can order online, but that’s not always as convenient. Haven’t had it a full month yet, so i’m not sure what kinds of failures are due to come, but i have used it at least once a day and sometimes multiple times a day. I have brewed coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and the 2 step cappuccino.

My mom is technologically-challenged and pressed for time — the intended audience for keurig machines. I gave her this for christmas and it’s been a big hit. However, i have been disappointed that the vue cups are so hard to find in brick-and-mortar stores (her preferred shopping habitat). I’ve owned two original keurigs (non-vue models) but ultimately felt they were gimmicky, poor quality, and expensive (both upfront and ongoing for cups). I expect this one to be the same. If it lasts between 12 and 18 months and provides my mom with hot coffee and a bit of marvel 5-7 times a week, i’ll be satisfied enough.

Christmas gift for my wife and she simply loves itthe touchscreen is pretty simple to navigate through. It has selectable strength ‘regular’ and ‘strong’ and ounce size for your mug or cup (i believe up to 14ounces). The spill tray is removable for your travel mug to slide in or in my wife’s case tilt it just a little bit to get the travel mug to fit under, but then it lays level (at least with her 16 ounce travel mug). I am not a coffee drinker, so i will have to rely on her for the next comment. She tells me that when selecting 10/12/14 ounces you need to use the ‘strong’ brew strength otherwise it’s too weak in taste. She is a one cup a day kinda woman (maybe), so i would assume from that that it’s pretty weak when not on ‘strong’ brewing for those sizes. I cannot comment on 8 ounce brewing because we’ve never used it. **** also, you will have to buy a 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 adapter. This will only brew ‘vue cups’ otherwise.They are more difficult to find****they are cheap enough to buy and slide right into the slot to allow you to brew ‘k’ cups.

I am finding that there are not that many store that carry the vue coffee packs, other than that it is working out very well.

I had one before and loved it so i decided to kick it up a notch for my husband’s gift. He is supposed to take it to work but so far he hasn’t. Maybe i will keep it and send our old one with him.

Hamilton Beach BrewStation 12-Cup Dispensing Coffeemaker : Five Stars

The timer is great, coffee ready when you wake up. No complaints from the recipient.

I have always been a fan of the brewstation machine because i love the ease of just putting my cup right up to it and the quick and clean dispense. My previous one lasted for years and i was afraid to buy a new one, because that one had worked perfectly. When i saw this one, i was immediately a fan again because it’s red and my kitchen is accented in red. At first i was a little worried though, because i thought it may be too red. But it is not a flashy color red, at least with the light in my kitchen, it appears a darker, more subdued red like ‘wine’ colored- which is perfect. It’s very stylish in appearance and i’ve gotten compliments on it’s appearanceas i read in the frequently asked questions, my pot too does make a sizzling noise the entire time it’s on warming. I have yet to try some of the tips others have listed to stop that. I’ve just grown to ignore it. But my last brewstation didn’t do that and i see that others don’t all have that problem, so it is something that should be corrected. (update, i can not seem to ‘fix’ or stop the sizzling problem. I can see the element inside the tank that is used for warming the coffee now has a ‘hot’ or burn type spot on it. )i love that the coffee stays hot for up to 4 hours, which is how long i drink it in the morning so that is perfect. The old maker warmed it, this one keeps it hot and i have to let it sit for a couple minutes so i don’t burn my tongue.

We like this product overall as it keeps coffee hot and it dispenses coffee easily. Our only complaint is the drip tray falls off any time the pot is moved.

Same as standard model with the shine of candy apple metallic finish. I chose this model as the color was the wife’s choice but it had all of the newer functions we were looking for in a simple auto start maker. Had to get used to the on button not operating like the old model we had when reheating the coffee. The old one we had you just needed to punch the on button again if there was some left in the tank that you wanted to reheat. The first time we did this on this model it kept saying there was no water and would not start. Had to get out the manual and actually read it:) the reheat option operates a little different, not difficult however so keep this in mind. I would definitely recommend this model if you want an auto start 12 cup maker.

  • Liked them all but this is the first one that
  • Replaced Earlier Model
  • Pretty & not messy

Hamilton Beach BrewStation 12-Cup Dispensing Coffeemaker, 48466-MX, Candy Apple Red

At last found a very good coffee maker at any price. Love at how fast coffee pours out dosnt need a pump to pour like my last one. Works great and its very quite.

I love the one handed dispensing. This is my second one first one lasted 3 yrs.

I really didn’t know what to expect ordering on line, but when it got here i was really pleased at the eay it looked. It’s performance is excellent too. Would definitely buy it again.

My mom loved this coffeemaker.

Good coffee pot, sometimes awkward to fill.

It was missing a rubber foot out of the package so it sits uneven. Also it doesn’t take much for the whole thing to scoot on the table when you press the dispenser button. It’s also pretty annoying to fill. Water drips on to the counter nearly every time i fill the tank. I do like not having to pour even with its annoyances. The coffee tastes great and is never burned. That’s probably my favorite part. For the price its probably worth it. Next time i’ll upgrade to the next price bracket.

The absolute coolest coffee maker i’ve ever had.

So far very happy with this product.

Very nice and easy to use ,just what i wanted.

Had an earlier model but after 5 years or so, a plastic piece broke rendering it inoperable. This newer version is quite attractive and hamilton beach made a few alterations and refinements. I’m hoping for another 5 years.

My husband and i enjoy the dispensing coffeemaker- easier to clean, love the color and no carafs that break or have to wash.

I have had this coffee maker for about a year. Mine works great and i love dispensing my coffee. Coffee taste great and is always hot.

I’ve used brewstations for years. I’ve probably had about five different models. Liked them all but this is the first one that doesn’t have any design problems. I had this design maybe 5 years ago but with stainless steel instead of red. At that time water leaked when you poured it into the tank making a mess every morning. Only remarks i could make is the clock is not visible over 8 feet away. Hamiton beach should have thought about fiber optics from the bright clock light to the despenser for people with black cups.

I love not have a carafe to get messy as they tend to do over time. I do wish my first cup of coffee was as hot as the second, but all in all i really like my new coffee maker.

Had the black one but i preferred red and looked for it everywhere didn’t find it but amazon had the red color. Love it brews awesome and keeps my coffee fresh for hours. It’s like having a fresh cup of coffee every time.

Awesome coffee maker and super fast shippinglove it.

My second coffee maker purchased last one lasted 5 years it still worked but looked kinda worn out.

Oster COMINHKPR95607 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker BVST-JBXSS41-Stainless Steel – Good coffee, no filter needed

This same coffee maker (only sunbeam name on it ) was handed down to me by a family member. It was used profusely for about 5 yrs . It just gave out but i can’t complain . Went and bought another sunbeam product (oster) coffee maker in hopes of same long performance.

This is the perfect size coffee pot. Not to large and not to small. Love that the controls are at the top of the machine.

I have owned several coffee makers and i just couldn’t deal with them not staying hot. Well this time i am very satisfied, i usually brew the coffee and drink my cup right away but by the time my mother and husband wake, it has been sitting there for about 30min. To an hour and let me just say that the coffee is still very hot as if it was just brewed.

Makes a great pot of coffee.

I’m really impressed with this coffee maker, and for the price, almost 30. 00 for shipping, its still a great price. I have seen this for almost 100. 00the carafe does not drip when pouring coffee which many other coffee makers do for this price. My other cuisinart carafe drips etc. This comes with a brew basket, and with a removable filter basket. I do use the filter basket, but put a paper filter in it. unfiltered coffee without using a paper filter, raises your ldl (bad cholesterol), and total cholesterol by 6 to 8%. Because of a chemical called, ‘cafestol’ in coffee.

I bought this coffee maker two years ago, for the use we put into it i am quite impressed with the wa it brews, i abused it and finally broke, however i loved it so much i went on line and search for the same one. I read the past reviews the only comment i have is that maybe it was a defective one cause i sure love mine.

  • Handsome and blessedly small good coffeepot
  • Works great; an old favorite.
  • Solid coffee maker

Your service was exceptional and the product was exactly what i wanted. I will order again with great confidence. Your whole procedure was easy especially for me (a senior,somewhat electronically challenged)thank you.

Good coffee for coffee lovers. My only reservation is when one cup is brewed, it is not very hot. Best to leave on burner for 5 mins or so. Otherwise best machine so far.

Having outlived two cuisinart brew central machines, the last one having a rusting hot plate, i was once again shopping for a drip coffee maker. This oster model uses a cone shaped filter, the same as the cuisinart brew central and produces the same great cup of coffee. This machine has the added feature of a special setting for strong brew. So far i am very pleased with my purchase. This oster was priced much below the cuisinart, while having the same attractive stainless steel exterior. I hope it will be more durable than my two previous coffee makers. It appears to be well constructed. Unlike the molded plastic spout on the collar of the cuisinart, this oster has a carafe with a glass spout and it pours much better.

Can’t use it for black tea making as the water is barely hot when it starts to pour over the tea leaves. The tea tastes extremely bitter if the water’s not hot enough. Otherwise the filter is much better than others for getting out of the maker and during cleanup. And the programming is really simple. The lights from the display and buttons are a bit much if your kitchen’s next to your bedroom and you’re a light sleeper.

This small elegant coffee pot was what we’d been looking for. We used and gave away huge pots that hogged counters, and small cheap pots that made bad coffee. This oster makes the strong brew we like, takes triangular filters if you want to use them, and looks quite fine in the kitchen.

Features of Oster COMINHKPR95607 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker BVST-JBXSS41-Stainless Steel, 1 Black, Silver

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Modern design with stainless steel accents
  • Brewing pause ‘n serve
  • Removable filter basket
  • 2 hour auto shut-off
  • Adjustable aroma feature Water window , 1 year limited warranty

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Reliable, reliable, reliable. Recently moved to area with harder water and scaling finally did it in. Make sure to descale, especially if you live in a hardwater area every 60 brews or so. Directions to descale with vinegar in owners manual.

It keeps the coffee very hot that is good.

Not 5 stars only because it’s hard to get excited over a coffee maker. I had the exact same model for 7 years and it finally died, so i wanted something familiar. Works well, easy to program.

I did a lot of research after my cuisinart grinder/brewer broke down. Coffee because all the reviews were positive. When i got to the store and saw this oster and read some nice reviews i bought it and couldn’t be happier. It looks classy and makes a nice cup of coffee. It is the best deal for the money. It shouldn’t be a major investment. The best feature is it will keep the coffee hot for an hour then turn off. This is great for us as i get up early. , make a pot and it is still hot when my husband gets up.

It has a silly little gold-toned reusable filter that allows fine coffee particles into the coffee, making it bitter. It can take number 4 filters. But the filter holder is not shaped correctly so the filter can collapse on itself, allowing the water to flow around it. It turns itself off after two hours without warning. No ding, no buzz, just cold coffee. The pot lid is hinged so when the pot is below 6 cups, you must hold it securely with your thumb (not easy) or it swings out and drips hot water on the hand holding the cup. It makes coffee and it stays hot for two hours. Turn it off and back on to restart the timer. If you get the hang of getting the filters in jussst right, no problem. The bright blue light on it lights up the kitchen, the dining room, and the hallway all night.

Excellent, best we’ve owned in years, very pleased.

Modern design with stainless steel accents

Handle on the decanter broke on the old one. Hot coffee in about 10 minutes.

Take a few minutes to read about how to use the buttons and program the machine and you’ll figure out how to make coffee how you want it. I like that the coffee remains hot for a few hours, and the level of heat is just right. The brew is smooth and tasty. My two-person household makes a full pot and we’ve both been more than happy with the results. For the price of this machine, the value is very good.

I bought this oster coffeemaker to use in a downstairs kitchenette, however, when my grind-n-brew stopped grinding and the maker would not entertain another machine or coupon, i brought this oster up and started using it. It makes a wonderful cup of coffee. I have had success with other oster products in my home for many years.

This coffee maker works just like i expected, great. We really enjoy this coffee maker and would purchase again.

I had to replace my coffee maker and did a lot of research. I found this one appealing due to the price. I wanted my coffee to brew hot (which it does) and i wanted the coffee to brew fast (the whole pot takes less than five minutes). With my last coffee pot i would start with 8 cups of water but the coffee pot would only brew 6 cups. The rest evaporated with condensation. This coffee pot does not do this. If i make 8 cups that is what i get.

I really love the oster coffeepot. I have one and i hav egiven 2 to my daughters. The last one delivered had the carafe broken, when delivered. You gave me a credit and said the item did not have to be returned. I hope oster doesn’t give up on making them. Not everybody likes the keurig.

Brewing pause ‘n serve

Good coffee, no filter needed. It doesn’t seem to have an off switch, however, so we have been unplugging it.

This arrived on time and as described. We have had our oster coffee maker for many years and purchased this one as a backup as my husband and i cannot find another coffee maker we can agree on. The price on this one is twice what i paid for the original. Sticker shock, but worth it.

This is the second oster coffee pot i have owned. The first one was wonderful. But, i broke the plastic filter and it is taking a long, long, time to replace. Sooo, when i do receive the replacement filter, i will have 2 oster coffee pots that i think are great.

What bothered me was that i ordered the same coffee maker weeks earlier at about $45. 00, but was told they could not honor that order. They had no trouble getting me one for $70.

I receive my new oster coffee machine it looks fabulous and it works very well and it looks amazing in my kitchen.

Has absolutely nothing bad to say. Would by another one at the drop of a hat.

Removable filter basket

Makes a great pot of coffee at a reasonable price.

My mom really loves this coffee maker.

2 hour auto shut-off

KRUPS KT600 Art Collection Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker : Beautiful Coffee Pot

I have owned krups coffeemakers over the years and truly consider them to be the best of the best–easy to use, great coffee, always good-looking. This coffeemaker is upfront (literally) with water measurement, on/off switch, coffee compartment, and separate water container.

We are very satisified with our new krups coffee brewer. Some of the other reviewers were on the money concerning this product. It brews coffee very efficiently and very quickly also. The coffee does not stay hot as long as our other krups did. Coffee would stay hot for as long as nine hours sometimes. That one lasted over 15 years with hard use. There is always that “little bit” of coffee left in the pot in this new brewer that cannot be poured out without tipping it almost upside down. If you are not affected by this or don’t want to hold your coffee hot for hours, then this pot will serve you well. I would definitely recommend it even with the “shortcomings” i have mentioned.

Really not worth the price, looks good on our counter but that’s about it. I am not impressed with the coffee it makes at all, not nearly as good as my old coffee maker. Does not come with a coffee strainer which you think it would for the price they charge. If i had it to do over, i would not buy this coffee maker.

Our last maker lasted for years. This one looks great but i have to say, it doenst keep coffee hot. I know all that stuff about ‘burnt’ coffee and heating. But you cant keep coffee hot in a themal pot. Unless you want to heat the pot with hot water and waste time ( and water). Like the silvera bit awkward filling it. But we use the pull out faucent from our sink.

  • Makes great coffee
  • I purchased this coffeemaker in February 2013 for $150, and it has ‘issues’ – won’t pay $550!
  • Great Coffee – Challenging Design

KRUPS KT600 Silver Art Collection Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker with Chrome Stainless Steel Housing, 10-Cup, Silver

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Coffee maker with exclusive design of stainless steel, chrome and wood optics
  • 10-cup thermal carafe keeps coffee warm for hours
  • Pause and serve feature and illuminated on/off switch for ease of use; automatic shut off for safety
  • Water level indicator windows on either side to know when it needs to be refilled
  • 1000 watts; 2 year worldwide warranty. For Trouble Shooting steps refer to the user manual page 10 available in the catalog.

Construction: since you probably won’t be able to put you hands on this machine without paying for it: here is the lowdown on what the hell this is made of. *the only chrome steel is on the carafe body, the very top of the machine (the water and basket lids on hinges) and the inside portion of the body where the carafe sits. You can tell because these last two spots are actually brushed steel and not chrome shiny. *the lid and handle are chrome finished plastic; as well as the upper and lower body. *the “wood” is a matte finish decal on top of plastic. >>>>>check my uploaded photos. I would rather have this type of hard “chrome” plastic than what all other machine are made of as far as quality is concerned. Bottom line: this is not a metal and wood machine.

We have one at home, one at our home in florida and one in our cabin in the north. Now, my daughter-in-law bought one, too. I bought matching toasters, and in one location the waffle iron.

There are so many verbose reviews of this coffee maker so here’s a cliff notes version for you. It makes coffee, which is decent. The caraffe is chromed, the rest of it is silver-painted plastic (which is surprising and disappointing given the cost). You have to tilt the caraffe way forward to get the last cup or so. I’ve had this coffee maker for about a year now and it still works. No clock or audible alarm when brew is done. If you really need another shiny thing on your counter this is the coffee maker for you. If you already have too many shiny things on your counter, same some money and buy a different coffee maker.

Reviews are pretty much all over the chart on this krups coffee maker. We took the chance and ordered it. Found some of the negative comments are true but can be resolved with a little care. Yes, it is somewhat awkward to pour and does have to be turned just about upside down to get out the last drop. Made this way to maintain hot coffee. Since the outside of the pot is not even warm, you can grasp the handle with one hand and support the pot with the other; makes pouring easier and less heavy. When preparing the pot, make sure the lid is properly closed and locked into place. Before pouring the first drop, depress the pour tab once or twice while the pot sits flat. This allows coffee trapped in lid to run back into pot and will prevent premature drippage. The machine is beautiful and sturdy.

This is the very best coffee maker ever.

I bought this for my husband who makes tea every morning. I got tired of hearing the teapot whistle blowing. When the water is boiled, the pot shuts off automatically. Boils water twice as fast as stovetop. This is the best looking item in our kitchen.

I wish i could rate this better because i do love how it looks in my kitchen but there is a real issue with how it pours, especially after first cup or so. The lip inside the pot keeps the coffee from pouring easily into the spout. It also makes it tricky to use the pot for filling the water reservoir. I am surprised this got by the krups engineers.

Love this krups coffee maker.

It looks great on the counter, and it makes great coffee. There are no frills, which i like as making good coffee reliably is my goal. It does not keep coffee hot for long. I have several thermos cups that keep coffee warm much, much longer. After 3 years, the switch has broken. When i plug it in, it starts. After the coffee is brewed, the heater stays on. I now unplug it as soon as it is done brewing. I will be looking for a replacement, as i cannot be certain that i will not forget to unplug it, and it *may* be a fire hazard when not unplugged. I like it enough i may actually buy another, even if it only lasted 3 years.

I purchased this coffeemaker in february 2013 for $150 (plus tax). I had similar problems as other reviewers, such as coffee dribbling while pouring. A few months ago, we had to hit the start button repeatedly to get it to brew a full pot, which became very annoying. I ran a few cycles thru with water and vinegar (per the manual) hoping that mineral deposits might have been a cause. But that only caused a problem in the carafe and water then permeated the thermal layer. I bought this particular coffeemaker because of the beautiful chrome design, and that it was short enough to fit under my upper cabinets (some are too tall). It is beautiful, that’s for sure. It seems like all coffeemakers now (and other kitchen appliances) are primarily black, instead of white/silver/chrome, and i don’t want black. Hopefully this will change in the future, as i will not spend $550 for a replacement.

I loved my black thermal krups coffee maker but it started to clog at the filter even after i thoroughly cleaned it so ordered the new stainless steel one. I received it quickly in good condition and i like it after figuring out how to work the lid of the pot. The only thing i have noticed is the pour is slightly slow and it’s hard to empty pot but it doesn’t leak at all like so many have written in other reviews. The look is slick and modern and matches my stainless steel appliances. Wish it was a 12-cup though.

Rather basic machine however it is beautiful and looks great on my counter. I am a sucker for good design, what can i say?. It has a heated plate so the coffee stays warm. You can actually make as little as two cups easily which fits my lifestyle. I would definitely recommend.

I got the coffee maker in large part because it goes with our krups electric tea kettle and because it received such good reviews. And on the whole, i am glad i bought it simply because it makes great coffee, is very easy to use (i am extremely technologically challenged and i ‘get’ this coffee maker), and it looks great. I mean, this is a 10-cup coffee maker that is more compact than many an 8-cup one. It has a simple, elegant design and is very simple to use. This is a ‘pure’ coffee maker; all it does it make coffee. As a result, it goes great with our 50’s kitchen. Having said that, this coffee maker does have a few quirks. When it arrived it had a bit of a chemical-just-out-of-the-factory smell. Just run water through it a few times and that will get rid of it.

I have had this pot for over 6 months now and i just love it. Some of the reviews said it was too hard to use, but i have not found that to be the case. You do have to get the lid on properly, and there are arrows showing you where to line it up. Then you have to have the pot sitting exactly right on the base when the coffee begins to drip, and again, read the directions and learn how it feels when it’s in the correct spot and then it’s a no brainer. I love the rich look and get many compliments. It goes great with the sink and my appliances. I would, and have, recommended this to my friends.

Do not think you are purchasing a metals based coffee maker container. It is all shiny plastic made to look like chrome. Hope the plastic does not leach into my boiling water and cause me to die of cancer in ten years.

Love the way it looks and keeps the coffee warm.

First let me say that the krups kt600 makes very good coffee. The brewing is apparently done at the proper temperature, the brewed coffee is properly strong, hot and aromatic when this machine finishes its brewing cycle. So far, this sounds pretty good, right?. Well, as they say on infomercials, ‘but wait, there’s more’the bad things about this coffee maker are primarily concerned with convenience rather than performance. First, the carafe is not easy to clean. The lid of the carafe appears to be made primarily of chrome-plated plastic. It is hollow, probably to add to its insulating properties, but the hollow spaces in the lid somehow get filled with brewed coffee during the brewing cycle. When you clean the carafe after making a pot of coffee, make sure you are standing over your sink when you remove the lid: the coffee trapped in the lid will pour out. In addition, the stainless steel liner of the carafe picks up coffee stains quickly, and the stains are not easy to remove. Second, this is not a programmable coffee maker.

This coffee maker has a few quirks. But overall makes a great cup of coffee. It holds the coffee hot for several hours. You must remember to set the pot on the counter, not on the coffee maker after it brews so that the lid is sealed and holds the coffee hot. Otherwise the lid is in the open position so the coffee can drip in and it doesn’t stay hot as long. The lid screws on the pot sort of hard each time. But maybe that is just holding it hotter longer. Also the lid has a strange design where coffee runs out of a small hole in the back of the lid when cleaning. . However there is no way to access that part of the lid to ever clean it. That is not a good design in my opinion.

Coleman Portable Propane Coffeemaker – Great Product! See below for filter info

I’ve used the coffee machine during two occasions now. On a camping trip and during a 3 day power outage at the house. The ignitor on this machine works great and lights on the first click. I wouldn’t say it’s the fastest ever but i can’t complain about the speed. It works great and the coffee tastes great too. Get the basket style filters. That’s the one mistake i made since i couldn’t find anywhere on amazon where it said the filter type.

Very nice looking coffee maker. Kind of on the slow side but wonderful if you have no electricity to plug a normal coffee maker into. Kind of bulky and expensive, but again well worth it if you are a coffee lover. Watch out the unit it’s self gets quite hot, don’t put it on anything that could melt.

If you buy this, you will be the envy of the campground. Smells pretty funny (like hot plastic/burning paint) for the first few heat cycles, but other than that it’s worth every penny. Be sure to buy the one with the stainless carafe. The cheaper one has a glass carafe. Can’t make much coffee if the glass is broken, eh?.

This coffeemaker works great. Much faster than i expected. The fragile part that other reviews have noted is an easy ‘fix’ to make sure you don’t break it. . The small black plastic piece that controls the pause to get a cup feature is removable. When i clean the pot, i just remove that piece and store it in the stainless carafe. Also purchased the carring case to protect the coffeemaker. It’s a must have in my opinion. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for portable coffee.

Takes about 5 minutes longer to brew than my coffee maker at home. Does not make quite as much at a time. Just keep a thermos nearby and pour the freshly brewed coffee in that to keep hot while the next pot is brewing. By the time the second pot is ready, the thermos is usually empty as fellow campers come stumbling over, empty mugs in hand.

Works about the same as the old one. We set the old one up next to the new one and let them run. They finished about the same time. It does work just fine though. If your going for something that works there is no need for the shinny one. The originals work just as well and is cheaper. If your going for looks this ones it.

  • Just the facts, could be better glad its not worse. Still glad to have for coffee on a camping trip!
  • Campsite Essential
  • coleman propane coffeemaker

I recently purchased this coffeemaker for a camping trip in the shenandoah. It was a great addition to our campsite, and all in all it was easy to use and worked well. The one issue that i have with is is the paint on the outside near the bottom. I’m not 100% sure why it is painted to begin with, but the paint bubbled and melted with the first use. In addition, be sure not to sit the coffeemaker on anything that might melt – we learned this the hard way after melting a table cloth.

Took it ice fishing and coffee is hot. Just fill the water reserve up and is perfect. Used it at home when lights went out and works great too. Will take it camping and hunting too. Much larger then i thought it was. But, is a very good coffeemaker. I like the tin pot better then the glass pot cause of where i take this coffeemaker. Pot is not a thermal one just a tin pot, so wont keep coffee hot off the flame. Would like to have seen them put a better propane hose on it then the one it comes with. Maybe more of a flexible connecter. That is the only reason i gave it 4 stars. Otherwise i would order this product again.

I have used the coleman camping ‘stove-top’ coffeemaker for several years. We recently had a large group join us camping so we prepared for the morning rush by buying this self-contained unit. We used them both for several days side-by-side. There are several advantages to this new self-contained unit. 1) using this coffee pot is a couple minutes quicker. Perhaps it is the integrated design that holds heat more effeciently. Maybe a couple minutes isn’t important to you, but if that means taming a testy camper – you know minutes count. 2) the self-contained unit frees up a burner and seperates coffee from cooking. Sometimes, life in the great outdoors gets crowded, especially around the cooking area. Having the ability to move the coffee to the picnic table away from the stove gives cooks a little extra elbow room.

I was disappointed that the propane tank could not be housed inside the coffee maker; makes for bulky handling. Considering the size of the product which is not small, that was odd. Also the plastic coffee filter holder was poorly designed – getting in and out of the slots was cumbersome at best. I decided that a propane stove, boiling water etc was better for camping; less stuff to lug around.

Really hits the spot on a cold morning. Have used it for many years and has always been dependable. Assembly can be a challenge since we use it once a year, but works well and would not be an issue if used more often. Highly recommend this product to make the wilds seem more tame.

Features of Coleman Portable Propane Coffeemaker with Stainless Steel Carafe

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  • Drip coffeemaker brews a full pot of coffee in just 15 minutes, powered by standard propane cylinder
  • Coleman’s proprietary InstaStart feature ensures match-free lighting, even in windy conditions
  • PerfectFlow regulator provides consistent performance by producing steady fuel stream; carafe and filter are dishwasher safe
  • Runs for 4.4 hours on one propane cylinder; ten-cup total capacity and 9.5-pound weight
  • Includes limited one-year manufacturer’s warranty

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

This makes a great drip pot of coffee. Of all the creature comforts of home that i may miss while camping, coffee is no longer one of them. Some folks think a percolator or ‘cowboy coffee’ is the way to go while camping. I would say those folks have come to accept camp coffee to taste a certain way b/c having a proper drip brew was not possible while camping. Grab one of these and don’t look back. If you have the room to store it, camping and having a great cup of coffee in the morning is entirely possible . This is probably my most prized camping possession next to my pup.

I hate coffee but my lady loves it so this is a must. ‘ makes about 3 large cups or 4 old people cups, her words, in about 6 minutes. Really think we may need the case too as packing it back in the box and the size of the box is a bit large for 1 item in a truck packed with camping gear. The box is about 17′ x 13′ x 10’.

I brew strong coffee with more grounds than many people use. If i brew enough for two 16oz. Thermal mugs with other filters, the grounds overflow the top of the filter (standard brown paper ‘mr. Listed below is the best filter i’ve found for this machine:bunn a10 paper coffee filter for 8, 10 cup brewers and home models (available on amazon)this filter fits very nicely in the basket and comes to about 1/2’ below the top. As of the fourth of july 2014 weekend i tested the bunn a10 filter in this machine and found that it works fantastic. I was able to brew a full pot with the grounds staying low in the basket. No more overflowhappy camper here :).

For years i made coffee over the campfire, or on the camp stove. The coffee was ‘camp coffee’, grounds poured directly into the water and the grounds strained out. I considered it great coffee, but it was simply to strong for my wife and other guests. I switched to using a small 12v dc coffee pot that plugged into my truck’s cigarette lighter. It makes great coffee, and it’s convenient. Unfortunately, it only makes 2 cups, and takes 40 minutes. When i saw this coffee maker, i knew i had to give it a try. I received the unit yesterday and was so excited i had to make a pot first thing this morning. The unit is packed very nicely, and instructions are super simple. I found no fault with getting it up and running and brewing my first pot.

Blend my own blah, blah, blah. The lack of good coffee ( i could never make those stove top brewers or glass press things work without a mouthful of coffee grinds) on camping excursions always detracted from a wonderful activity otherwise. Now my early mornings in a remote campsite are perfect after waiting maybe 10 minuits to brew a perfect pot of coffee. My starter button has worked flawlessly so i don’t even need a lighter. I wouldhighly suggest adding the optional case. It holds the unit a propane canister, filters and a freezer bag of blended coffee.

My boyfriend and i are total coffee junkies. He’ll drink a couple of pots a day if left to his own devices. So it’s always a little frustrating to go on a camping trip and have to deal with a messy and inadequate camp percolator. (we are total car campers and freely admit it) this is just like your at home drip coffee maker, just with propane instead of electricity. A word to the wise though, make sure your unit lights right away or wait for any built up gas to dissipate before trying to hit the spark again. We had a couple of instances where the gas lit in a bit of a fireball and ended up popping out the little drain plug between the water reservoir and the tube that takes the water around the heater up to the coffee filter basket. This ended up with water backing up into the reservoir and not draining properly. The problem was fixed easy enough but meant that we had to wait for it to cool down a bit, empty the water, stick the plug back, and then start the whole process over again. Easy enough to use and clean. Love that we can just tip the filter basket into the garbage and give it a quick rinse. No more shaking, scraping, scrubbing, and endlessly rinsing the percolator. Overall we were very impressed. Lots of compliments from our campmates too.They all wished that they had their own.

Drip coffeemaker brews a full pot of coffee in just 15 minutes, powered by standard propane cylinder

Fourth camping season using this. Shutoff works fine if you are desperate to pour your cup before finished brewing. Of course takes longer to brew on windy days. Small piece in reservoir moves around but doesn’t affect use.

Great coffee maker for camping. Works well at all altitudes, tested to 10k. Durable construction and it travels well in our airstream. Cons:noisycarafe is not insulated so cools quicklylow setting is still very hot so it will cook the coffee in the carafe.

Thanks to this unit, i’ve gotten the best coffee at camp since i started drinking coffee. It is, of course, suitable for car-camping, my sister-in-law, who thinks that it’s only camping if you carried everything on your back (which i have done, btw) thinks this is incredibly decadent, i made italian roast in it multiple times over the course of president’s day weekend, and it performed like a trooper. I have one important caveat, however. The unit gets hot on the sides where the metal is bare silver. Someone put a plastic tote too close and it melted the tote. Aside from the fact that plastic will melt onto it, this is absolutely perfect for car camping, and i can’t see car camping without it.

I got the coffee pot it did not hit the steel pot that i wanted so i had to buy an extra pot to go with it had hard time getting hold of seller seller never returned an email or contacted me but to send it back would it cost me more than it’s worth.

We owned the other model that goes on a propane stove top for about 7 years. Had to replace it as little things were starting to break. I like this new one as it is self contained and i can make coffee away from the camper as i am always the first one up. I have to confirm with the other reviewer that the reservoir only holds 8. 5 cups, i filled the carafe to 1. 4 inch below the rim, and yes there is 1. 5 cups that can not fit into the reservoir; you can add that later during the brewing process. For all 10 cups it takes about 18 minutes to run through the cycle. Be aware that all the metal pieces (front and back) get skin burning hot, so you will have to be careful if you have little ones. Another thing i noticed, the manual says turn off the burner after the brewing process completes, but the regulator does have low, medium, and high positions; i plan to use the low setting to keep the coffee warm between cups, hopefully this will not shorten its life.

When the crew starts cooking the breakfast, one burner was usually taken for the coffee pot which robbed the cook of the needed burner. Just fill the reservoir with water, add a paper, or gold mesh filter to the canister add coffee, turn the regulator on, push the insta-start, and the maker starts brewing coffee. The stove can now be fully dedicated to cooking. There is a high, low, and medium heat setting. Pros: stand alone, slow brewed (strong, if wanted) coffee. Coleman has all the necessary replacement parts. Easy to store, just unscrew the regulator, snap it in the storage slot, and if a storage carrier, zip and carry. Cons: new from box, new propane cartridge, full water reservoir – takes 22 min.

Coleman’s proprietary InstaStart feature ensures match-free lighting, even in windy conditions

Great to know i will have fresh brewed coffee when the world ends dec 2012 i purchased an adapter hose so i can run the coleman coffee maker on my 5 gal lg tank its a little slow as others have commented but the coffe is rich and robust and taste much better than on my electric pot that brews much faster. Great product especially when the electricity is out.

No problem with the reservoir being too small, that is people who think the carafe should be full. Makes a great pot of coffee just like it is. Good ignitor on it, starts right up. One thing that may be an issue later on mine, first use it bubbled the pain off the side where the burner is. Seems like it is made out of alumunum so i’m not too worried about it.

15 minutes or less to brew, love that it brews like a regular coffee maker and makes many cups at one time. I always had problems working percolators for some reason. Plus, it frees up my regular burners to get on with making breakfast more easily. Well worth it for spoiled princess camping. Very happy camper after at least the first couple cups of coffee every morning. My camping kitchen is now the stopping grounds for many reluctant early risers at our group camp outs. So many happy faces after coffee with no grounds in it.

I will be seconding a lot of what you heard but backing it up with actual facts and measurements as well as photos. First off let me say in the woods when you have had poor sleep and/or you want your morning coffee something like this is a godsend. Keep in mind folks, you can have instant, go to the store or have none. Compared to the coleman version that you put on your own burner (model no. 2000015167) this is slower but its a metal carafe instead of glass and. Well, it doesn’t use your burner so you can get cooking faster. The other coffee maker, yes i tried one, was massive on my 3 burner camp stove so i couldn’t use it to cook anything while making coffee and had to drop the back and sides so it could fit. Facts:10 cups – wrong, try 7.

No more ground in my coffee and takes no more time than making it at home. I have coffee in 10-15 mins without haveing to start a camp fire nor pump up a stove. A push of the ignighter and its going. I have the stainless steal pot and would not have it any other way. The glass one would have been broken on my 1st trip to the back moutain country. I also use it on the road in my 18 wheeler, no need to pay truck stop prices to fill my two thermoses.

I’ve made one pot of coffee. The most notable thing was that when the reservoir is filled to the tippy top we got seven 6 oz. The product description claimed 10 cups. The only way to get 10 cups of any reasonable size would be to add more water during the brew cycle. That’s not a huge inconvenience but it was certainly unexpected. Other than that shortcoming, it performed as advertised. I like that it’s self-contained as opposed to the stovetop model that we’re replacing. The built-in igniter is very cool. We got the uninsulated stainless carafe because glass is risky while camping.

For our type of camping trips (primitive, no electricity)this coffeemaker is almost perfect. Lights easily and seems to make a pot much quicker than the 15 minutes stated in the ad i read. The stainless steel did discolor the first time it was used(around the burner area only). It is quite bulky so we put it in a plastic tote with our backup grill. Overall after an 8 day camping trip we are very pleased with this coffeemaker.

PerfectFlow regulator provides consistent performance by producing steady fuel stream; carafe and filter are dishwasher safe

Hands down the best portable coffee maker out there. We researched and read tons of reveiws before we settle on this model. Pro’s and con’s of having the glass pot over the glass pot. Decided against the 12volt models due to wait time during brewing. Who wants to wait 1 hour for a morning cup of coffee?. Some thing like 8 minutes for each pot. Let be honest, when you have 8 people waiting on a cup of morning go-go juice you want it now. . Advise the steel pot over the glass for camping. Things due tend to bounce around and the steel pot holds up well.

The thing makes good coffee after you figure it out. A little kid could explain it betterfirst off, there is a small plastic piece that must be attached to the underside of the area behind the pot. This will make a huge mess and no coffee if you do not install it.The hot water will overflow the filter basket and soak inside your machine and all over whatever is under it. Secondly, the propane cartridge does not install inside the unit as it should. There is a long metal piece that you have to screw in and somehow balance on the table, th other end of which connects to the small propane tank. It works, but it’s very clunkyalso, it’s not the fastest pot in the west. No prob for me, since i bring it into the tent with me and the extra heat warms things up a bit.

My quest for a perfect cup of coffee on a camping trip has been ended. I tried the coleman propane coffee maker and it is very easy to operate. You connect the disposable propane tank to the coffee maker and add water and coffee. The coleman coffeemaker works just like a drip coffee maker which brews 10 cups in about 18 minutes. The carafe is stainless and won’t break. I tried the coffee maker on a camping trip when it was about 22 degrees outside. Ufortunately while it the carafe won’t break it does not keep the coffee warm for long after you turn of the coffeemaker. A few of the issues i had happened when i removed the carafe from the coffeemaker. Thee lever to stop the coffee from pouring out fell out. Another issue is when the push-button igniter is wet it won’t light the burner.

Before we bought this we were using an old percolator on a camp stove. The coffee never seemed to come out right. Not so with this coffee maker. It’s incredibly easy to set up, clean, and take down.(i recommend buying the associated case. ) it does take a while to brew (about 18-20 minutes) so you’ll want to start it first thing and then make breakfast. Other than slow brewing it’s absolutely perfect. I love it and won’t be making coffee any other way when out camping.

I have now both of coleman’s coffee makers – the stove-top and the stand-alone propane coffee maker. Hands-down, the stand-along propane coffee maker is not only faster but brews a great cup of coffee. It took a few times to figure out how to best brew the coffee. I found running the coffeemaker on ‘medium’ was the best – allowing the water enough time to brew through without overflowing the grounds. The few couple of times i used it on ‘high’ and the water went through way too quickly, but ‘medium’ works great. I also purchased an insulated carafe after the coffee was brewed. This worked out great as the coffee that stays in the stainless steel carafe cools too quickly. I also purchased the carrying case for this coffeemaker – there is lots of extra room for filers and ground coffee for at least a week (of about 2 pots/day). I don’t know how i camped without this before.The only thing i wished coleman would make with this is an insulated carafe to go with this or a way to keep the coffee on ‘low’ or ‘warm’ while we drink it all down.

Pros: pretty compact; sludge-free coffee; easy set-up; easy clean-upcons: no thermal carafei bought this a week before setting off for a week in yosemite. Next to a tent and sleeping bag, this was the best piece of gear in our campsite. This propane-powered coffeemaker makes 10 cups of sludge-free coffee in about 15-20 minutes. I used the standard 8-12 cup paper basket filter and had no overflow issues using 8 scoops of coffee. One thing i learned right away was to fill the carafe to just below the rim, pour as much into the reservoir as possible, and pour the rest into a cup before brewing. Then, as space permits in the reservoir, add the remaining water to get a nearly full carafe of coffee. If you don’t follow these steps, you’ll end up with about 2/3’s of a carafe. Also, if the temps are even mildly cool, the coffee will get cold quickly due to a lack of a thermal carafe. The get-around to that is to bring along a separate thermal carafe. Maybe coleman will fix that small issue in the near future (hint, hint).

Runs for 4.4 hours on one propane cylinder; ten-cup total capacity and 9.5-pound weight

Two or three days of rain heavy, tropical downpours and worked like a champ each day despite being left in the rain. If you pull a trailer or car camp, this makes the best coffee. The propane tank lasts a long time we made two or three pots of coffee everyday for 5 days and didn’t change the tank. Seems durable and well made.

Coffee and filters can be stowed in carrying case. Three important items not included: measuring spoon, number of cups indication on carafe, and either thermal carafe or ability to keep flame on once coffee is brewed. Coffee gets cold quickly in metal carafe.

I bought this as a gift for the sister and brother in laws camp inventory. Every year they go as often as they can, and every year they use this often.

Ya, its about as fast as a mr. Coffee (kind of slow), we used ours in 75 degree weather. This coffee maker is a bit larger than i expected and takes up a bit more room in our trailer, but, with as good as that coffee is i’ll put up with it. It does get hot when perking, very hot, i would be leary of using it on a formica or plastic type surface. The metal carafe is a bit thin and not insulated, the coffee cools quickly when the maker is shut off. There is a low setting on the propane valve but i have not used it, the instructions say to turn it off when done perking.

This is my favorite piece of camping gear. It works identically to a home coffee maker with the exception of the propane canister. Once that is installed, you simply fire it up with water and grinds and relax for a few minutes. So much easier/cleaner than the old coffee pot on the campfire routine. My wife keeps this in our emergency closet outside of camping season. At least we’ll be drinking hot coffee when a storm knocks the power out.

This is a great product with one flaw that others have mentioned. The fill compartment doesn’t hold the entire pot when filled with water. I took another user’s suggestion and filled the pot, dumped it in the maker, and poored the leftover water into a cup. Once the brewing makes enough space for the cup of water i poor that into the maker.

This is my first camp coffee maker. Prior to this, i would take an old mr coffee, go to the showers, and plug it in. We used this one for only one week, but often made more than one pot per morning. I used 8 o’clock columbian ground coffee, my standard. As to quality of the brew, i think it makes better coffee than our cuisinart at home. It certainly comes out hotter, also. We experienced a range of temperatures, and the hotter the weather, the quicker it brewed. This is probably because of higher pressures in the propane tank, so it may be slow during cool or cold weather. As it was, we could make a pot in from ten to fifteen minutes.

What a hero i was in camp (at least in the mornings) for bringing my coleman coffeemaker along. This rig works great and makes excellent coffee in about 8 to 10 minutes. It uses very, very little gas to make a pot of coffee and it’s almost as if you’re at home with your everyday coffeemaker. I love it and would have given it a 5th star if it had some sort of ‘finished brewing’ indicator either audible or visual. With that in mind, make sure you read the directions, then you need to put someone on the ‘coffee watch’ because the gas must be turned off right after the coffee is finished brewing or you’ll burn your coffeemaker up. The gas/flame does not shut itself off. Outside of that small flaw this coffeemaker is just outstanding. The metal carafe is the only one to go with, you’re going camping for crying loud, things get banged around so get the stainless steel carafeif you get the handy carrying bag (sold separately but don’t know why) that’s also available here on amazon, you’ll have just what you need to carry the coffeemaker, filters, coffee, and gas can all in one bag. Just make sure you keep an eye on it until it’s finished brewing into the pot and then shut the gas off.

BLACK+DECKER & Decker BCM1410B 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker – Great coffee pot at first but it quit working after

This unit makes good coffee. It is simple, convenient to use, and does what it says it will do. Pros: brews enough coffee for me and my wife to each have two large cups. Keeps the coffee warm for two hours after it is made. The ‘sneak a cup’ feature while still brewiing works perfectly. It is easy to program the unit to start brewing automatically at a future time. Cons: perhaps it is the lighting in my kitchen, but it is hard to see the numbers when programming the time. The handle of the carafe seems a bit flimsy; it hasn’t broken but it just doesn’t feel solid when i pick up a full pot of coffee. I’ve only had it a bit over a month but so far i’m very satisfied with it.

I’ve had a b&d no carafe brewer [3 cup max forever, used it nearly to death. Decided to step up to a 10 – 12 cup brewer, since winter is coming and i’ll be drinking more java now. After unpacking it and running the obligatory 2 cups of vinegar and water brew thru this machine [then flushing it 2 more times with clear water] i made a fresh batch of kona roast. . Outstanding the timer works fine, the warmer works great. I hope this one lasts 3 years too. ]

I like this coffee maker but it has 2 drawbacks; 1- it takes forever to get a hot cup of coffee. The coffee right out of the drip is tepid at best and if you need a cup of coffee now you’d have to microwave it. 2- the grounds basket for some reason does not drain completely and they are always soppy wet grounds to be dealt with. Does anyone else have this problem with the coffee not being hot?.If i leave it on the warmer pad then it will be hot but it takes forever.

The price and simplicity were exactly as i was looking for. Love that we now have the programmable option. . Though i keep forgetting to set it.

Love the part that it will automatically shuts off after 2 hours.

Bought it for the wife for christmas.

  • I like it hot
  • Great cup of coffee
  • Works great so far but its a little different from the

Works great so far but its a little different from the bd i had before. As soon as i received i ran two pots of water though it and it was 2 days without coffee i instantly made a pot. Hope it last like my other bd.

This coffeemaker is classic and easy to use. It can be programmed, which my husband and i love, and the coffee always comes hot and delicious. Plus, it has a stopper so when you take the pot off while it is still brewing, it won’t drip or spill.

We have it for couple months so far and it’s doing good. Just what we need – timer for early morning and auto shutoff after 2 hours, and simple brewing. Simple and cheap coffee maker.

I ordered this coffee maker to replace my old one, same brand. I give it 4 stars instead of 5 because even though the well is much larger than other brands, the carafe still leaks when filling the machine. Programming is easy and reliable.

Small price to pay for a good coffee maker. Kind of difficult to see the fill up line. Easy to read the clock and set the timer.

Features of Black & Decker BCM1410B 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker with Glass Carafe

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    by entering your model number.
  • 12-cup coffeemaker with 60-ounce Duralife glass carafe
  • Push-button controls; LCD display; programmable clock and timer
  • Auto-brew; brew-pause function; 2-hour keep warm with auto shut-off
  • Removable filter basket; easy-view water window offers handy cup levels
  • Measures approximately 11 by 9 by 13-1/2 inches; 2-year limited warranty
  • Note: Cup equals approximately 5 oz. (varies by brewing technique)

Make sure this fits
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My parents love this coffee pot.

The delivery took longer than i expected, but when it came it works good. Only thing is i snuck a quick cup of coffee before it was completed, and the coffee maker did not stop.

I real glad bought this after return that stupid kitchenaid coffee maker as i paid close to $100 & was a peace of s. Just wish i was reading reviews about it before purchasing iti was lucky bought this around $20,works real good, easy to work with and keep the coffee warm for few hours, but the pot made by real thin glass. Just be careful when u wash it in sink don’t banged it around or dont drop it in the sink or so ,breaks easily & even if is breaks, amazon put this pot around $11,so is not that badanyway is simple & cheap coffee maker , works well & makes a good quick coffee. Thats all i wanted to do & in did. Up date :4/29/13maker just died on me,less then a year. Same thing happened to my old back & decker brand,before this one,i guess thats american made for ubasically, the red bottom turns on but not,turn on the maker. Almost new machine less then year & same thing happened with same damn brand/coffeemaker in pass. Awfulsome of the reviews here & some where else ,says it the same thing after while stop working.

An article of top quality and utility. An article of top quality and utility. And easy to use with quality materials for life and 100% recommended.

This was purchased for a break room and would be used by several different people. It is easy to use and has the shut off feature if left unattended.

Fairly standard cheap coffee maker. I purchased one in a store (brand new) and it worked fine for a month. After a month the material that covers the hot plate started chipping off. Black & decker is making me pay almost as much as i paid for the coffee maker to get a replacement by shipping it back. Edit: increase rating because b&d support is amazing.

12-cup coffeemaker with 60-ounce Duralife glass carafe

I originally chose this coffee maker 3 years ago after doing extensive research for a quality machine (along with some painful soul searching). I really, really wanted something sleek, fancy and trendy to put on my counter but the reality was i just needed a nice looking and reliable maker that made great coffee. What i did not want was to pay an outrageous price for a machine that could make only one cup at a time, have two makers (to supply a single cup or a full pot for family dinners) or non-recycleable waste to put into the environment (think how many of those little cups go into the trash each morning). This machine has supplied my husband and i with good, hot coffee each morning for the last 3 years. No breakdowns, no overflows, no clogged lines and my grounds and filters go into the compost. I broke the carafe about 2 weeks ago (my fault) and decided to go ahead and replace the maker as well – otherwise i am confident the maker would still be ‘perking’ along.

Still my favorite coffee machine.

The coffee pot works well for a low end device. It has essential features for day to day use. The caraffe is a bit light / feels fragile.

A good product for the money. May want to purchase separate coffee filter so you don’t have to buy paper ones.

For the price this is a very nice coffeemaker. It makes good coffee and doesn’t spill when you pour it out. Only wish the clock was a bit bigger so you could read the time across the room.

The finish of the coffeemaker is not so much a matte black (as it looks in the picture) and more of the usual shiny black.

Push-button controls; LCD display; programmable clock and timer

Bought for my son away at school.

Looks great, but didn’t get any coffee yet, so i don’t know how it performs. I bought it as a present, and my daughter loves it. I will adjust my view after she uses it.

Perfect coffee maker for my house. Easy to use, easy to clean, although i do hand clean the glass carafe instead of putting it in the dishwasher. Definitely, the price was right.

It makes it so easy to wake up in the morning and have my coffee waiting for me instead of me waiting for it.

This coffee pot does not have permanent filter, as amazon claims it does. Otherwise it’s a great coffee pot. It looks nice, fits well, performs as it should. The best featurs is how hot the coffee comes out and stays for at least 3 hours.

-no spills while pouring-2 hour keep warm is really nice-makes good coffee-timer works wellno complaints here.

We decided not to go the keurig route. This is not too huge, yet is a 12-cup machine. Works very well, is quiet and has the automatic stopper when you pour a cup before the pot is finished brewing. Coffee is really hot and i have no complaints whatever. The landfills are now blessed with a new #1 polluter. This is so simple and so inexpensive a way to have a good cup of coffee.

Auto-brew; brew-pause function; 2-hour keep warm with auto shut-off

Great coffee pot at first but it quit working after a year after only once a day use in home.

This is a wonderful coffee maker. Love the taste of the coffee. Love that we can program it and that it shuts off after 2 hours. Worth the amount of purchase.

Have bought two of these over the last 6 years, they work alright. Going to replace again, checking prices. Thirty dollars less at walmart. At that price it’s a good value. This cost at forty eight, very high would kind of feel violated.

Removable filter basket; easy-view water window offers handy cup levels

OXO Barista Brain 9 cup Coffee Maker : Outstanding Coffee Maker

Best coffee pot we have ever had, its amazing, easy to use, looks great, makes delicious coffee, worth every penny.

The carafe keeps coffee hot for a surprising amount of time.

OXO Barista Brain 9 cup Coffee Maker (With BONUS 4 oz SILVER CANYON COFFEE)

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    by entering your model number.
  • Multiple Uses: OXO Coffee Maker have multiple uses. Coffee machines can do the task of brewing. Therefore, you will not need a separate device for each job. Moreover, you will save space in the kitchen.
  • Portability: Barista Brain Coffee Maker is portable, as everyone loves portable devices. You can take the Coffee machine when you are going for vacation, parking, or camping.
  • Temperature Control: It is a very critical aspect of coffee brewing device, as the quality of the coffee depends on the temperature. Water is heated and held at the perfect temperature for coffee (197.6-204.8 Degrees F). A single dial of coffee maker allows you to program the number of cups and the 24-hour start timer.
  • Programmable: Barista Brain 9 Cup Coffee Maker have LED interface which features a backlit screen that displays the Coffee Maker status and freshness indicator. It will give you much comfort and flexibility in life. You will not have to work with settings every time you use the machine.
  • Brew selector: OXO Coffee Maker have brew cycle feature which allow you to have different taste of coffee rather than regular coffee taste. Pour over coffee maker have Microprocessor-controlled brew cycle which replicates the pour-over method to produce 2-9 cups of SCAA-certified perfect coffee.

Oxo machine is a great coffee maker. Simple to use and brews the coffee hot.

We had to 1/2 the amount of coffee we used in our old drip coffee make, but once we figured that out we love it.

Works great coffee hot and flavorful.

OXO Barista Brain 9 cup Coffee Maker (With BONUS 4 oz SILVER CANYON COFFEE) : I purchased the oxo 9 cup coffee maker a couple of months back from bed, bath, and beyond. For whatever reason amazon continues to sell it at its old price and not the current list price of $149?. In any case i am very happy with my purchase. I previously had a bonavita bv 1800 that i bought a few years back from all the excellent reviews on it. I never really liked the bonavita because the coffee brewed too hot, ruining the flavor and body of a good roasted bean. I continue to use a hario v-60 for single cups but the oxo is a new favorite. The oxo beats the bonavita in every way in my opinion. The filter sits in its own basket so you don’t have to initially dump the used filter before you pour a cup as you do with the bv. There are two settings that change the brewing time based on whether you brewing 2-4 cups or 5-9. The bv had no similar control and 1/2 pots did not taste as flavorful as a whole pot.

Disclaimer – i had to buy this from another company because this one never showed. Made a birthday present 2 weeks late. Very upset with amazon in regards to that order. This brewer makes good coffee really quick. We have used it several weeks now, and i think it’s better than a standard drip machine. We grind our beans every morning and clean the pot and system after every use. I have had to adjust the water and beans to get the correct ratio compared to my french press or pour over. That said, i wish there was some more ability to customize the brew. Cleaning this machine is difficult. The pot lid has small narrow crevices that i cannot clean, which eventually lead some bitterness in the coffee.

Better (hotter) than our mochmaster.

Happy with this coffee maker. I like that there’s no retained water to get nasty like in the keurig. Makes great tasting coffee, stays hot in the carafe, and you can make as few as 2 cups of coffee.

I’ve had this coffee maker for one year and still happy with my purchase. I wanted a 24 hour timer, a thermal carafe, and a really good cup of coffee without having to grind my own beans and this makes even store brand coffee delicious. The rainmaker showerhead comes off easily for cleaning, but be careful – i recently lost mine, and assume it fell into the filter basket and was thrown away. I couldn’t find a replacement part so called oxo. They’re sending me the part and the customer service was wonderful. I’ll buy more oxo products because of it.

Makes a fantastic cup of coffee and keeps the coffee warm for a long period of time.

I’ve had mine for 2 weeks, used it every day, and so far, it’s great. Not as messy as other thermal carafe machines i’ve owned (if you choose to pour a cup before it’s finished, you will get a drip from the basket. All machines do this), it’s easy to use, and the coffee tastes great. If you make a full pot, the last cup will still be enjoyably hot after 3-4 hours, probably longer if you preheat the carafe. It is a bit slower than the average automatic drip machine, but the brewing time is what produces better-tasting coffee. I chose this one because i wanted an scaa-certified machine, didn’t feel like spending $300 on a technivorm, and felt that the bonavita didn’t measure up in terms of features, as it’s basically just a means of automatically dispensing hot water onto a drip filter. Which you then have to leave in the sink to avoid getting coffee on your counters.

Advertised to be so ‘easy’, but no less easy than the $39. Coffee i replaced it with when it just wasn’t keeping the coffee hot enough. Coffee has just as many moving parts as this and all as easy to clean and prep. Each a bummer to have to pull out from under the cabinet to clean/prep each time, but i guess i can’t have it all.

Pro’s: good looking, easy to use. Cons: whole thing is slightly larger than expected, carafe doesn’t keep content hot for much more than 20 minutes, & non-drip filter basket will drip – just once – at first pour.

So far, i’m very happy with this coffeemaker. The coffee is hot, and there aren’t a million buttons to press (super important in the early morning).

Makes a decent cup of coffee. A little frustrating with amount of clean up needed afterwards.

Very happy with this coffee maker so far. I ordered it saturday, received it monday. What i love is how easy it is to install and to use. My previous machine was an icoffee and with all it’s bits and pieces, it just did my head in. The oxo is user-friendly starting at the box. On the box they very cleverly give you extremely clear and pleasantly well-written instructions on how to install the machine. So, you don’t have to go looking in the box for a paper booklet translated by a machine into 15 languages to find out how to set up your new coffee maker. It’s all on the box – from how to remove your coffee machine to starting your first brew. There is a small and again extremely clear and pleasantly well-written instruction book in the package for extra info when you want and need it. Just the way oxo uses the box to interact with their clients and the way they present the information to you (with clear language and images) is inventive and suits this day and age.

I like this coffee maker very much. It is unusual but once you get use to it very simple to use. It delivers a very good tasting cup of coffee. There is no sediment at the bottom of the pot no bitter coffee. The one thing that i can’t seem to do is set the timer for the morning. Plus after the brew this is a thermal pot without a heater plate. The coffee remains hot for a few hours.

Great coffee pot, efficient and effective.

Simply outstandingimpressive quality, simple to use, great thermal pot, totally worth the price.

We really liked this coffee maker– it made delicious coffee, and it looked beautiful sitting on our counter. But after owning it for just 15 months, it suddenly stopped working one morning without any warning. We called the manufacturer to report the problem and was told it was most likely due to a malfunction of the magnet inside the pot’s base. ( a magnet?) we are very careful with our appliances. We clean them regularly, although we never put the pot in the dishwasher. There is no explanation for why this happened, but they are sending a replacement pot. It’s disappointing that at the price of this coffee maker, it would malfunction after fifteen months. I may go with a simpler model next time. Note: if you own this model coffee maker, or are considering buying one, be aware of the magnet within the base. Be mindful where you set it down, and don’t put it in the dishwasher.

One cheap part keeps this from being a 5-star review. The stopper that lets you grab a cup while the coffee is brewing, works, actually doesn’t work, on a flimsy spring. It’s less robust than the kind found in a retractable ballpoint pen. Troubleshooting with the manual suggests cleaning out the cone. I have done, every time, and still the thing dribbles and splashes. The machine is lovely, the coffee it makes is delicious, it’s even fun to watch it brew. It’s a pretty expensive coffee maker, i wish they’d designed a better stopper.