Lindy’s Lindys Stainless Steel Drip Coffee Maker With Protective Plastic Handles, It works wonderfully, just be careful because to top piece does

Performs greati’ve been looking for a stainless steel stove major coffee pot for a although, and they are tough to discover, as the shops and components merchants don’t have them any longer, and the tenting suppliers have types that are way too tiny for my spouse and children. Fantastic to use on a fuel leading stove, if the electric power goes out, and your electric coffeemaker is worthless.

It says its a 10 cup pot, but it only would make amongst six and fortunate if you get 8 cups.

We and our weekend attendees woke up in our all electric powered home with a put up-thunderstorm ability outage, that ranged county wide. The prospective clients of having morning coffee, (without the need of acquiring dressed and driving into the subsequent county) were being trim to none, but thanks to this aged fashioned coffee maker, (and a tea kettle established to boil on our liquid propane gasoline grill) coffee was served piping warm, and thoroughly relished by all. I’ve purchased a different 1 for the summer season household. The attendees (all metropolis people who never ever, ever shed ability) were being totally impressed at my coffee making skill with no electricity. This coffee pot is incredibly very well built, and is pretty rather in an aged fashioned way. We initially acquired it for camping, but it has gotten a good deal of use at house, far too.

Key specs for Lindys Stainless Steel Drip Coffee Maker With Protective Plastic Handles:

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  • Lindys durable surgical stainless steel drip coffee maker with protective plastic handles makes up to 10 cups

Comments from buyers

“this type of coffee pot made the best coffee you could make, Manual Drip coffee pot, The Lindys Stainless Steel Drip Coffee Maker is very nice.”

The i’dthe coffee is great and uncomplicated to make in the steel drip coffee pot l obtained from lindys through amazon.

Would make a excellent cup of coffee the way my outdated drip coffee pot did. I want a stronger cup and this does the work. Working with filters keeps sediment out of the coffee with out degrading the taste. The metal is thinner than my previous pot so simmer need to be on the small aspect.

Best drip pot i have at any time had. All my old ones have been aluminum.

I love non-electrical drip coffee pots and this was the closest replacement to my previous pot. Only draw again was that the drinking water dripped by way of much too immediately.

I have an aged drip coffee maker and have applied it exclusively for over a year. My partner likes to use it for tenting and we desired a next a single so that i wouldn’t be without coffee when he and the boys have been gone. It is effective beautifully, just be mindful because to top piece does not in shape tight at all and will individual when trying to decide on it up. My old one has a missing handle on the base, but the leading piece suits limited so i utilised to generally depart it on when pouring coffee. I never ever got burnt since i found out this when i was exploring my new coffee pot.

The 1 matter that is disappointing is the absence of strains inside or outside the carafe to evaluate the amount of money of water/cups to brew.

Yrs ago, this kind of coffee pot manufactured the ideal coffee you could make. I acquired this lindys coffee maker hoping to have the similar working experience but the holes are also massive. The h2o operates by way of significantly too quickly. You are unable to make a very good cup of coffee with it. Be sure to have the producer deal with this flaw. They are a terrific choice to the plastic pods that are filling up rubbish dumps and to the common electric powered drip makers that only make a so-so cup of coffee and if you have a gasoline range you can nevertheless have coffee if the electric power goes out.

Best drip coffee pot we have had. We had an old aluminum drip that was ancient. The lindy49w is stainless and delivers superb coffee immediately.

I wished a drip coffee maker for dry camping. This will make wonderful coffee and is straightforward to use and clean.

Like this coffee pot, but the plastic handle on the lid cracked when i placed it on the bottom rack of my dishwasher.

Purchased for an individual else but they are quite pleased.

Works terrific with no grounds in the coffee. We journey thoroughly on our boat and essential a non-electrical coffee maker. Didn’t like the percolators mainly because they put grounds in the coffee.

This kind has been all-around for a long time. My dad and mom had a person from the 40’s till mr. Coffee arrived together in the 70’s. Lindys was even now doing work when mr. Just place in a paper filter, pour in the boiling water and permit it drip by. Keep it on the stove and heat up as wanted. This is my ‘for keeps’ coffee maker.

It was a present and their extremely content with it.

The lindys stainless steel drip coffee maker is incredibly wonderful. It is very well produced and has an outstanding brilliant appearance. It tends to make about 5 cups of coffee although. This was the only ‘old fashion’ drip coffee maker that i could locate when looking the internet. I really advocate for the coffee connoisseur how prefers this kind of coffee maker. An extra advantage is that in will use typical paper filters for effortless clear up.

Not as durable as i considered it would be (handles).

It will not have drinking water measuring strains in the incredibly hot h2o reservoir. How am i intended to know how much to set. It is not as good as the older types. I will have to go by means of a demo and mistake phase right before i can make a regular pot of coffee.

Just like the a person my mother used to use back in the 60’s.

It is produced well and is effective seriously fantastic. It took me a very long time to modify the volume of coffee / h2o ratio as it does not arrive with a recipe.

This aged fashioned drip coffee pot can make big quantities of excellent coffee. Even far better when you take the time to grind the beans for just about every pot.

Bobble Presse by Coffee & Tea Maker : Use everyday at work – Love this press!

Produces great taste and ease of use. It keeps your coffee really really hot for a long time, to the point where you have to leave it open a while before putting the top on or you won’t be able to drink it any time soon. I would say the only downside is that it has a silicone/plastic top that has little airflow holes on one side that can never be covered. Though they are very small and the lid very snug otherwise, it might leak through those holes if not kept up right. This cup is meant to use in the car, while walking, etc. Without having to worry about keeping it super level. You just can’t throw it in your bag until ready to drink from later.

This is the second one i purchased from bobble and i love it. Instructions were not included in my first purchase. Just remember to take the rubber gasket off and remove the screen periodically. I did not know it came apart and coffee grounds build up under the gasket and the press got stuck. The press is very easy to take apart and go back together. I will keep buying this press by bobble as i need to buy a knew one.

The coffeemaker in our guard shack at work unfortunately died a few weeks ago. I didn’t want to spend a huge amount of money on a, a new coffeemaker or b, an expensive on the go coffee press with too many bells and whistles that i’ll never need. So i went with presse and i have to say i’m impressed.It’s simple to use and easy to clean, and it brews excellent coffee. I went with the red colored one because it has a fill line on the inside. As for people complaining about the “silicone” smell from the cap. I found it isn’t that bad at all. I only use the cap when i push the plunger down anyway, so it’s not a problem. After a few washes, the smell went away anyhow.

I gave this as a gift to my girlfriend, who is not shy about things she does and does not like. After about a week of using it during the busy season at work, she told me that her little coffee making cup has been amazing. She has hot water on tap at work, so the process is very easy for her. She had often complained that the keurig at work makes weak coffee; this presse, however, steeps for a sufficient amount of time to make strong bold flavored coffee. The mesh keeps the grounds separate from the coffee once it’s done brewing, well enough she says that an hour later the coffee still tastes great, not tannic or acrid, as will happen with over-brewing.

  • Stays HOT = Excellent Quality & Design
  • Perfect for Travel!
  • Excellent design, but the lid smells bad.

Presse by bobble Coffee & Tea Maker, Press Coffee Maker, Travel Tumbler, Stainless Steel, On the Go Brewer, Brew Press & Go, Portable Coffee Brewer and Tumbler in One, 13 oz., Silver with Blue Dots

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  • Micro-filter separates grounds from brewed coffee
  • 3-wall insulation keeps your coffee hot for hours
  • no plastic pod or paper filter waster
  • made of food-grade 304 stainless steel and food-grade, high temperature silicone
  • makes up to 13 oz. of coffee – enough to share!

First let me start off by saying this product does not smell bad. People are exaggerating that the odor of the cover smells of strong plastic. It does have a “rubber” odor but very faint: it smells like a toned down “fresh car scent”. Second this portable coffee maker is fantastic. I was worried that coffee grinds bought at the store would not filter correctly. They do, maybe leave a little sediment at the bottom of the cup (if you use a coffee cup and not the presse). I’m not on the go, so i don’t drink out of the presse, i pour it into a coffee cup. But because the presse makes more than 1 cup of coffee, there is about half a cup left over. The presse keeps that coffee nice a warm – when i finish the remainder that is left in the presse.

Cup piece stuck inside after very first use 🙁 tried everything i can think of to remove with no luck. Edit: after doing a little research i l earned that my cup became stuck inside because i ground my beans too fine. Used a few times since then and am happy to report that works just as advertised. I am extremely impressed with how long it keeps the coffee warm for, easily drinkable 2 hours after brewing. Cleaning and dis-assembly doesn’t take longer than 3 minutes. My only gripe is that the lid is not spill proof, otherwise fantastic product.

Update:after using this thing for a few weeks now i realize this might be the baddest coffee press i’ve ever used. Extremely well built using great materials. You would have to go out of your way to damage it. First, the silicone smell of the o-ring goes away after about two weeks, until then its pretty strong. Secondly, i find i always have to pour the coffee into another cup to drink right away. It stayed way hot in the presse since it has 3 walls of insulation. I don’t know how this company is making money selling these for $20 bucks. I have found for me personally, is after you give a stir to to the grounds is to put the inner assembly on with lid but not push down to keep in the heat. It produces spectacular pressed coffee. The unit is very durable as well.

I have been watching the evolution of this press since it’s kickstarter days and decided to take the plunge now that bobble bought the design. Its a great design but the lid smells so bad of silicon or plastic or whatever it is made of it ruins the coffee experience. I have soaked it, scrubbed it, and left it out to air to no avail. The odor is so foul that i end up taking off the lid which defeats the purpose of a travel press. I can’t take it in the car or whatever so it may go back to amazon as it just sits in the cabinet anyway. Update: their customer service is top notch. I was ready to send this back but decided to contact bobble’s rep from the response below and they are sending me another lid they say doesn’t smell at all. I’m impressed and can’t wait to enjoy french press on the go. Update 2: got a new lid very quickly and it doesn’t smell.

This is a good alternative to k-cups. I like the convenience of k-cups but the expense and waste is a worry. I like my french press, but too often the coffee was cold even before it was ready to drink. Having the option of using loose ground coffee or tea kept hot for a while without anything electrical is convenient. The coffee (and tea) tastes good. I leave space for adding milk into the cup and it is warm goodness. My only complaint is that despite several washings, there is a funny odor to the silicone parts. Because it was made in china, (“designed in the us, made in china”) i worry about the chemicals that might have been used in its manufacturing process. Bobble water bottles are noted free of many of the chemicals, but i didn’t find that on this product. My presse is brand new to me, so perhaps the odor (chemicals) will be washed away in time.

Originally i bought this for camping/offroading adventures but as it is now i’m using it around the house rather then my pod brewer. It works wonderfully and leaves only a slight amount of coffee powder behind when straining. The construction of the cup keeps boiled water hot for a insane amount of time. It works so well that if i don’t add a bit of cold water, i would have to wait a pretty long time just to have a drink. This also means that once its at a good temp that it will pretty much stay there till its gone. I’ve mainly used it for coffee so far but it also works perfectly with loose leaf tea. The only negative thing i can say about it is the lid feels like a cheap after-thought. Its functional but its definitely the weak point. Not so bad that i would take off a star though. Its truly a great product and well worth the money.

This thing is perfect for what i needed. I have 2 espro french presses and they server me well but one is too small and the other is very large. I have been looking for a press that was easy to use and the right size. There is a rubbery smell from the rubber top and it that would be the only downfall of this product. If they were to switch to solid plastic top it would be easily a five star product.

I was given this mug as a gift and i use it daily. It’s the best thing since sliced bread. It’s easy to use, cleans up in a second, insulated and makes a great cup of coffee (actually 2 cups). I recently returned from an extended stay in guatemala. My three favorites things i had while there were my hiking boots and this press. Every morning fresh brewed guatemalan coffee. Buy this for yourself, and as gifts. Yours friends will love you forever no matter what you do to them in the future :).

I bought this to go with my manual frother-and for about $35, i have pretty much replicated a $150+ coffee machinelike the simplicity of this product and it saves me time in the morning (vs my pour over method) and stays piping hot for hours. Only drawback is the lip of the stainless cup is a little sharp for drinking from, so i do end up sipping from the silicone lid, which i would otherwise prefer not to do.

I have a couple of high dollar $$$ espresso machines and $$$ coffee grinder also have a aeropress, french press freiling, and do a lot of cold brewingi use a pound of great fresh roasted beans a weekok the impress coffee thermos is a excellent tool i made 13 ounces of coffee it was smooth tasting not bitter or sour tasting at all the impress was a little bolder taste than the aeropress but overall the impress is very similar to the aeropress in taste tomorrow i will use a paper filter in the impress and press two cups one with a paper filter and one with only the metal filter it comes with to see if there is any difference.

 a great all in one press and cup for amazing coffee.

I love this cupthis travel cup is absolutely amazing. I searched for a few cups of this type and after reading reviews i ordered this cup. I will say it is the absolute best decision i could have made. I am always on the go, and i was spending entirely too much money on coffee. This solved my problems because i am guaranteed a great cup of hot coffee anytime, anywhere. I really like this design because if i wanted to add cream and sugar i can simply take the top off and put it back on; however, the coffee is so good that i typically don’t have to add anything. The other designs that i saw did not allow for the hassle free addition of cream and sugar. I typically drink my coffee from a straw so that it doesn’t stain my teeth so i am not really sure how great the top is at being leak proof. I will say that the cup is well insulated.

The gamilia impress coffee brewer is currently my workhorse for my daily cup of jo and i can’t be happier. Coffee that made like 12 cups of coffee. I was quite happy with that but we always ended up with extra coffee and it was a hassle with the filters and cleaning it. We then moved to a keurig and that was just not quite hitting the spot as in terms of taste but it was quite convenient with those silly k cups. We even upgraded to the keurig vue then keurig 2. Quite convenient but taste wise it wasn’t there. I went back online and did research upon research. (duh) but also wanted something to make good coffee. I was about to pull the trigger on the aeropress coffee but came across this which looks sooooooo much better. Also it was portable and easy to clean. Oh and did i say it’s got a nice quality finish on the inside as well as a pleasing look on the outside. And the great thing is that the filter uses science to make sure that no grounds go into your coffee. Put in grounds ( i use fresh coffee just grinded btw)step2. Add hot water to desire amountstep3. Wait a few minutes for it to percolate.

It is so easy and convienent. Makes delicious coffee quickly. I cannot say enough good things about this product. The vessel itself keeps the coffee super hot. I typically transfer to a different cup or mug so that it cools more quickly. The quality seems to be top notch. I’ve been using it daily for about a month now and there is no issue.

Timed around 3 several hours – with lid on – (down below)joyful to have decided on this bobble french press. (been not happy with other folks i have attempted)this cup has a abundant / quality look – construction – design – & is incredibly sturdy / tough. >>>while i wish there was a french press go cup developed that the filter would press completelyagainst the coffee grounds to squish out maximum richness and goodness, i’ve not located one yet. >>>but this cup is the upcoming very best detail in that it’s reverse circulation filter will allow liquidback through it, leaving only a incredibly compact quantity (1 tablespoon) held among the grinds. (if you maintain sipping – sooner or later it’ll drain out also)>>>i’m guessing the lack of ability to squish the grounds is why guidance sayadd four tablespoons in 12 – 13 oz of water. (filter is helpful for measuring)(much better then rule of thumb advised when brewed by other suggests = 2 tablespoons for every eight oz h2o)fully stainless steel (foodstuff-quality 304), with a significant-temperature (food-quality) silicone lid. Lid is supple and simple on / off, but has a reasonably robust disagreeable scent at to start with, but absent by 3rd-4th use. Cup has rubber (silicone ?) foot that’s an fantastic non-slip characteristic. Three pieces – best-rack dishwasher safecup outside the house measurements – 3 one/4′ w – 5 one/4′ t>>>initial 185 levels (boiling) = un-drinkable for 1 1/two hr – then incredibly very hot, can hardly sip. >>>2 hr = 145 levels – are unable to consume but larger sips>>>2 1/2 hr = one hundred forty levels – nevertheless hot – go slow>>>3 hr = 134 degrees – pretty heat – great for consuming it down.

Warning: it is critical not to attempt and force the plunger down if and when you come upon more than slight resistance. Just check out to pull it back again out a small, and retry. The silicone seal can ride up one side of the plunger and develop into significantly stuck/jammed all or part way down if you try to force it. A plunger jam is a huge nuisance. It happened to me 2 times, in advance of i figured out what was taking place. (i at first imagined this was a dilemma with my selection of grind. ) i dumped the liquid, and crammed the plunger with ice and permit it sit. Later on i was able to brace the lip of the plunger on a desk edge, and gradually pressure the plunger again out a tiny at a time, whilst rotating the entire body. It took really a bit of muscle mass to get it carried out. An net research will clearly show that this challenge is fairly frequent, and men and women have suggested a couple of various methods, but the ice trick was the only one that finally labored.

I use this mini french press every single working day at get the job done. I do like k-cups but there’s some thing to be mentioned for earning coffee with contemporary grounds in a french press. Some have claimed that they experienced troubles with the press obtaining trapped but i have not experienced that knowledge. I place in the grounds, insert some incredibly hot water from our water cooler or a nearby keurig and enable the grounds soak for about 3-4 minutes. I select four minutes if the drinking water is not incredibly sizzling. Then i just insert the press and push down and all that’s left is coffee. I have under no circumstances experienced an issue with coffee grounds having through the filter which is practically nothing limited of remarkable for this small point.

It works well, it sits somehwere between a french press and aero press. The item itself feels sturdy and the micro filter does its job. I see where people dont like the lid as it does smell strongly. I personally dont even bother with the lid. I wish they would correct that issue and provide a ‘sturdier’ lid.

Cuisinart DCC-1100BKFR 12 Cup Coffee Maker : Like it so much we bought a second for our travel trailer

It was evidently manufacturing facility refurbished – cuisinart helps make specific packaging and guidelines for these units. Other than that, and the simple fact that these units do not ship with a reusable gold filter (shame on you, cuisinart) you will find seriously no way to tell this is a refurb.

My past cuisinart coffee maker lasted just underneath 10 a long time, so i am a huge admirer of the cuisinart brand name. Two times ago, she last but not least gave up her coffee making ghost. My alternative cuisinart arrived a couple several hours ago. Gave her the encouraged cleansing and. New brewed coffee with a crisp flavor that i have been denied for the past 5 (out of ten) decades. There is a great deal to be claimed for obtaining a new coffee maker just about every couple years. When you give excellent coffee beans to a new coffee maker –you will know the place the income went. Acquiring a single with a created in drinking water filter will make a large variance too.

Cuisinart DCC-1100BKFR 12 Cup Coffee Maker (Certified Refurbished)

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  • 12-cup carafe with ergonomic handle, dripless spout and knuckle guard
  • Fully automatic with 24-hour programmability, self-clean and 1 to 4-cup settings
  • Brew Pause feature lets you enjoy a cup of coffee before brewing has finished
  • 60-second reset “remembers” where it was in the brewing process and settings

Cannot tell the variance involving brand new or refurbished. Coffee maker had all the features i wanted or necessary to start out my day.

This coffee maker was superior while it lasted. Obviously, it expired following the day to return it experienced expired. I liked this cuisinart item this was my very first time buying this brand of coffeemaker. I can only say ‘buyer beware’. When getting refurbished merchandise/coffee equipment on amazon. I enjoy shopping on amazon, but have experienced zero luck in purchasing coffee makers from them. This specific equipment went haywire as quickly as the purple gentle commenced to blink for it to be cleanrd. I followed the directions to a ‘t’ which includes jogging it by yet another cycle, each individual time applying 1- 3rd white vinegar and two-thirds h2o. The coffee maker would start off off as if it would brew a great cup of coffee like it experienced just before but lo, in advance of the cycle finished the crimson ‘clean’ gentle would blink and go haywire. The coffee would appear out even worse than in advance of – undrinkable, with a unpleasant bitter style. So this coffee pot goes from building the ideal cup of coffee to the worst. It is unusable when the ‘clean’ red light goes off in the center of brewing you may well as nicely halt the equipment and throw away the coffee. I wasted a lot of superior coffee grinds that way.

I bought a gold filter to go with it. I adore environment the timer at evening and waking up to hot coffee=).

Cuisinart DCC-1100BKFR 12 Cup Coffee Maker (Certified Refurbished) : This has been a great coffee pot so far, a great deal at the refurb price. Makes a full pot quickly (compared to my old pot) and keeps everything at a nice hot temp. A quick note that it does not come with the “gold tone coffee filter” (a permanent filter) mentioned in the detail. It does use the #4 cone style filters, so make sure you have some of those, or a “gold tone filter” of your own. Mine did come with 5 sample paper filters and one water filter “puck”. You can set the auto-off function out to 4 hours (max) from the default 2 hours.

I have not experimented with just about every button on it. It will make my coffee every early morning and which is all i need to have.

This a person is terrific simply because the coffee really pours out warm. The ‘pot is ready’ alarm is a amazing characteristic, as effectively as the 2 beep warning when the pot will automobile shut off. It takes cone filters just like my past coffee pot so i didn’t want to get new ones. It truly is digital but doesn’t light-weight up. In general, i’m incredibly satisfied with my obtain.

We acquired this refurbished coffee maker for our camper. We really like the way our cuisinart carafe that we have in our home pours. It is a good design and style that minimizes spills. We have been very happy with our unit.

I bought this as a refurbished coffee maker with a very little trepidation. I has been a terrific coffee maker. It is straightforward to use, easy to cleanse up, i. Anything that is suggests it does, it does easily.

Does not appear with the gold filter. Thank goodness we had ours from the old cusinsrt. Seems to do the job nicely-coffee tastes good. At very first the coffee seemed to get cold swiftly but it should have been on the wrong setting.

Coffee is significantly hotter than earlier coffee maker, h2o filter is nice, lid should be taken off for cleansing it’s not hinged.

Beloved this coffee pot so a great deal that i acquired a refurbished a person (less expensive) and it functions beautifully. All the other coffee pots i have tried you should not hold a candle to this one, and i hope they preserve earning it. The only point i would transform is the h2o tank is challenging to fill in the back corner, if not, helps make coffee with plenty of pace you are not ready around for an hour, and feeds h2o persistently enough via the drinking water basket that it has time to soak the coffee a little bit right before heading into the pot. It has never leaked all about the counter like lots of them do, and the final 1 i had lasted a very extended time. I hope they maintain generating this product, or at the very least refurbishing them.

Great products, just buy added ‘filters’, i have a 425foot properly and nonetheless need to change them on a regular basis.

I genuinely truly genuinely like this coffee maker. I assume cone filters give coffee a greater taste than flat filters. Been doing the job for a good long even though now and no problems.

We purchased this coffee maker a little in excess of a year back. It has functioned flawlessly, and has a lot of characteristics for an cheap (refurbished) product. The coffee temperature is about 183 degrees f, using our minor infrared thermometer. We like this so a great deal that we just lately acquired a 2nd one particular to go in our travel trailer.

Superb coffee maker, even for coffee snobs like me. You may get considerably much better coffee if you do not use the paper filters rather get ‘cuisinart gtf gold tone filter’ http://smile.

Ordered this refurbished coffee maker. The high quality is as fantastic as a new 1. Have been making use of it for pair of months. Have had no complications with it.

Purchased this to switch our black and decker in our rv. Owning a cuisinart at dwelling our coffee was not up to par in our camper. This refurbished maker is as superior as a new devoid of the gold tone filter. I wouldn’t have identified it was refurbished. It was packaged in original box with a few paper filters asd a coffee scoop. It helps make easy tasting very hot coffee.

I paid premium rate for the fancy title, to no avail. Filling is awkwardly small slots in rear corners. Can not read the clock mainly because it is darkish on dim led and recessed less than a brow ( you have to bend down and be level in buy to see it). It does not flip up with your thumb, so as will all the variety pots, it drips in front of the cup. You have to get rid of it to rinse out the pot.

Wonderful changed my previous a person (identical design) which died on us and its great to have coffee all over again.

This replaced my 9 12 months previous coffee maker (similar model series). As other people have famous, the pour place for drinking water could be greater. On the other hand, a funnel or thorough pouring makes sure tiny/no h2o spillage. This was a refurbed item and the gold filter unit was not involved, but i reused areas from my useless coffee maker to make it whole.

Cuisinart Coffee Maker – 12 cup – – Thumps up on this one!

Acquired this as a present, the coffee makers we have had in the past in which inexpensive and horrible, this device is much from horrible, makes a fantastic cup of, properly, just about anything,, adore the possibility to make a cup of tea or coca on the side, simple to fill, quick to clean up and looks excellent in the kitchen, love the capabilities, the lock is a excellent thought and gives us peace of thoughts when the minor ones are over for the day. Every little thing arrived fast and in great ailment.

-we have been utilizing cuisinart coffee makers for the last 12 many years what press us to buy this 1 was the hot water system.

Operates really very well, pleased with the multi settings for the: carafe and hot water aspect operates quite excellent and hot, as it must be.Here are the specifications for the Cuisinart Coffee Maker – 12 cup –:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Fresh, delicious coffee is only the beginning! This coffee machine features a hot water system …
  • Sold individually
  • Capacity: 60 ounces/1.8 litres
  • Colour/Pattern: Black with stainless steel accents
  • Dimensions: 10¼”L × 9½”W × 14¼”H

Just about every factor is effective wonderful , really like the hot water despencer. The only minimal trouble is that when you pour the coffee , it drips from beneath the plastic pour major bottom edge. Some folks claimed a taste dilemma with the coffee and the hot water despencer. We have certainly no troubles with any taste troubles. We only use distilled water for all our ingesting needs. So if you have a issue with taste challenges it truly is possibly your water and not the coffee maker. Love all the controls and displays. Superior product or service apart from for the drips when you pour coffee. I would suggest this coffee maker to any and all .

This is the ideal coffee maker i have at any time owned. The hot water system is the very best. You tea fans will really like it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • easy to fill, easy to clean and looks good
  • It’s a good coffee maker
  • Great product and distributed

Adore this coffee maker, esp the hot water for tea.

I am yet another a single that after a year it only functions intermittently. In any other case i cherished the coffee maker.

It seems to be a excellent coffee maker nevertheless i sense it was a minimal high-priced for a hot water tap.

Actually appreciate the hot water function of this.

Adore this twin device,,,excellent coffee and the hot water system is great. We use both equally sides of this coffee maker day-to-day and have no issues. The hot water system is so effortless and performs wonderful. No funny style and considering that there are two different water reservoirs, there is hardly ever a coffee flavor in the hot water. And have been working with it for more than a yr.

I enjoy my new coffee maker, most of all i love the hot water characteristic.

It keeps the coffee wonderful and hot at medium environment. Boiling the water for tea is a wonderful furthermore.

So far so fantastic, about six months of use. – bought this to exchange a 6 year previous keurig, which we have been pretty happy with for 5 1/two decades, but it had started off acting up. The newer keurigs get horrible evaluations, and due to the fact the keurig itself experienced been a substitute for an even older cuisinart, we located this unit. Anything functions particularly like it should, no strange taste on the hot water side, i was intrigued to see those opinions. Automobile timer labored wonderful the 1 time we employed it. Desire the carafe manage didn’t fill with water in the dishwasher, and then drain out on the cleanse dishes underneath – but normally extremely joyful.

Incredibly pleased hot hot water and can make fantastic coffee. I like the hot water section for tea.

The only trouble is even on very low the temperature for the craft of coffee is tremendous hot but i can are living with that. The timer and clock are tremendous straightforward to set. The hot water dispenser is handy when you only will need to make a cup of hot water for tea or hot chocolate.

I adore this coffee maker, just one of the ideal i’ve ever owned. The added hot water performs terrific for us as we also drink hot tea. We were being specified a 4 or 5 day supply span and it was delivered on the earliest. All in all i am incredibly delighted.

I lately stopped ingesting coffee and started drinking hot tea my boyfriend however enjoys his early morning jo, this device is the excellent combo for us. Wished the hot water reservoir held more water.

I have so significantly enjoyable with this match. My beloved casino video game for confident.

I procured this product five times in the past and definitely love it. I experienced to keurig devices and had a ton of difficulty with de-scaling. It received to the stage where by barely one/2 cup of water was pumping out. To say the least, it is in the trash. I had perculator coffee prior to and would burn them up yearly. That’s why, why i was looking for a primary coffee maker. In my search, i was intrigued as this was a twin intent equipment. I do like to have hot tea in the evenings so a perfect alternative. I had employed a one cup for so very long that is did consider me a pair of attempts to get the ideal blend making use of colombian coffee and 1 tbls for each cup is perfect. I appreciate that it arrived with gold tone filter so no paper filters required. Programmable brew time and shut off time3. Nice see of water degree on remaining aspect of pot4. There is two individual reservoirs for water and every single arrived with a water filters5.

It isn’t really the speediest coffee maker in the world due to the fact it makes a pot in regular time but i just appreciate the solution for hot water so i can have a cup of tea or hot chocolate when the grandchildren are listed here with out putting the stove burner on and stressing about anything thrown/hitting the pot and triggering it to tumble off the stove splashing an individual or small hands acquiring the way to the burner. (certainly, we do view the small children but these matters materialize in a blink of an eye). It is just one of my fears and with this coffee maker i can appreciate what i (or another person else) desires devoid of the fear. I also enjoy the locking lever, excellent security unit to reduce those people accidental presses of the lever.

Merchandise was shipped on time pax pretty well and the quality of the merchandise was as promised.

Bonavita BV1800SS 8 Cup Coffee Maker w/ Thermal Carafe – Great coffee everytime

Best coffee maker palms down. It’s basic and can make fantastic coffee. It can be a minimal pricey but you get what you pay for. Update: the machine stopped doing work just after doing the job flawlessly for three months all of unexpected, contacted bonavita 7 days later on model new coffee maker arrived at house at no charge to me and i’m owning great coffee all over again.

This is a straight-up no nonsense machine, developed to make a good tasting and temperature correct cup of coffee. The thermal hotter actually holds the coffee warm for hours. The maker has a streamlined glance but nonetheless compact. Absolutely would propose this coffee maker.

The only point that i will not like is the simple fact it is scaled-down than most. I guess i was anticipating a 12 cup like my aged coffee pot. It is wonderful for my husband and myself but when family comes it would be as well smaller. Other than that it looks to be a excellent coffee pot.

  • I wanted a coffee maker that just makes great coffee, did not sit on a hot plate
  • Great Coffee Brewer
  • Makes great coffee, with one minor annoyance

This coffee maker is significantly far better than my outdated capresso that brike down soon after four decades. The effectively insulated carafe actually keeps the coffee warm for a few of several hours. The coffee taste is outstanding as perfectly. Bonavita bv1800th 8-cup coffee maker with thermal carafe.

Purchased this for my son for christmas. He has turn into a coffee snob and seriously only likes his coffee manufactured in the bonavita.

Coffee preferences greater and stays very hot.

They really don’t get any improved than this, i actually glance forward to my morning coffee nowraymond.

It is uncomplicated and functions exceptional. I formerly applied a cuisinart bla bla bla but this easy device does what i want – will make a fantastic cup of hot coffee.

It will make fantastic coffee in minutes.

I received the coffee pot and components in advance of anticipated. The coffee maker and add-ons were gained in outstanding condition. This coffee pot was rated second finest drip coffee maker by america’s check kitchen quantity a person was out of my cost array. This 1 was about 1/three price tag of that a single, but still extremely rated.

Brewing coffee at the ideal temp is significant move to finding the perfect cup of coffee. Whilst this brewer charge a small additional than a mr coffee or other coffee brewer, this just one will get it to the suitable temp. I use this as a tiny pots of specialty coffees in my coffeehouse when i have somebody who wishes a exclusive drip coffee, and they never want a pour more than.

This is a straightforward coffee maker that tends to make exceptional coffee. I failed to want a entire whole lot of bells and whistles just a good cup of joe. It really is easy to use and cleanse up and it matches nicely on my counter. I hope it lasts a long time.

Failed the wife test: this is a good coffee maker, but it is really uncomfortable to use with its separate filter and carafe cap. That is primarily accurate in the early early morning when you have to wait for it to be accomplished to get your first cup. Also, you need to have to juggle the major and filter. My wife preferred heading again to previous coffee maker. The old 1 had a awful thermal carafe, but its filter holder was mounted on the coffee maker and the carafe holding its lid on whilst coffee was getting built and poured. The bonavita is a nicely created coffee maker with a inadequate design–at minimum for our use styles.

This is prime notch no frills drip coffee maker. The taste is fantastic and stainless urn is fantastic for holding your coffee sizzling.

Certainly the very best bang for the buck. Very little close to it until you are ready to expend $one hundred thirty. I recommend the thermal carafe. Retains coffe scorching on the patio for hrs.

Takes a number of minutes ti brew but well worth the hold out.

This is to day and i am in my 60s my ideal coffee maker i have procured great abundant coffee no sediment,. I procured a cuisanart but grinder so best coffee each individual early morning. Costco sells starbucks french toast beans at a first rate cost.

This coffee maker is uncomplicated, straightforward to use and helps make the finest coffee. Very little extravagant about the is effective. No timers or do dadsjust the best coffee you have at any time tasted.

Simple no frills device that just will work. Seems to not be really as warm as it was when brand name new but that could be just my imagination. Coffee is tasty so it can be accomplishing it is really position.

The very best cup of coffee you will ever make. Just make guaranteed you have high-quality beans.

I looked for a coffee maker for about a 12 months. All i desired was a great cup of coffee, no bells or whistles. The bonavita provides a terrific cup of coffee each and every time. It will take some experimenting with the amount of coffee grounds to use but once you obtain what functions for you it is basic to repeat working day immediately after day.

It took me awhile to get the correct mix of coffee with this device. Moreover the translation of guidance from german, and the five ounce cup measurements, it took me continuous changes to eventually get to what tasted fantastic to me. There was considerably much too much bitterness in the originally quantity of coffee encouraged. With that staying claimed, now i obtain the coffee is quite flavorful and daring in strategies i have not tasted right before. So, i will advise the equipment, but just counsel you assume there will want to be some perform set in ahead of you get to that ideal cup.

I needed a coffee maker that just would make excellent coffee, did not sit on a hot plate, and that brewed at the right temperature. The bonavita was the solution. The brewing temperature is suitable and it is steady, the carafe retains coffee incredibly hot for hours, and it is simple to keep/clear. I also like the reality that it is easy with no bells and whistles as i just necessary a wonderful coffee maker, not a clock/programmable coffee maker with a grinder and so forth. I only desire that it was a ten or even a twelve cup brewer. . This coffee maker does a good task and it is absolutely worth the money.

Imusa USA B120-60006 Electric Coffee/Moka Maker 3-6-Cup, Great espresso maker

Just maintain it and you’ll have it forever.

I use this espresso maker at the office. It will make good espresso swiftly. My place of work is now a dangle out for all the espresso aficionados at operate. It’s possible which is not this kind of a good detail since i’m sure to get in difficulty sooner or afterwards. I get it with me when traveling for perform also. It travels perfectly and will not choose up considerably space.

Machine is simple to use and performs terrific. Only tough is cleansing out the best portion without the need of continuing to have grounds trapped and dripping. Want the middle could unscrew to cleanse better.

Key specs for IMUSA USA B120-60006 Electric Coffee/Moka Maker 3-6-Cup, Black:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Insert Allows You To Choose Portion: 3 or 6-Cups
  • Easy On/Off Switch with Detachable Base
  • Make Fresh Espresso In Less Than 10 min
  • Easy Pour Spout and Cool Touch Side Handle
  • Transparent Container to Monitor the Entire Brewing Process

Comments from buyers

“Beautiful, right-sized, makes great strong coffee, “Help! I’m melting,” said the electric Moka pot placed on the stove by mistake., Great espresso maker”

I am melting,’ said the electric moka pot put on the stove by oversight. . At minimum as great as the delonghi alicia, which fees a bunch much more. And i am going to confess it: i’m an american, and that is why i choose the benefit of the electric moka pot in excess of the stovetop 1 i’ve experienced for many several years. Actually, i’m again to utilizing my stovetop bialetti moka pot all over again for the moment. This just isn’t mainly because of a issue with the imusa pot. I set on the stove by mistake one morning. The bottom, which is made up of the heating element, melted. Now, even though i make wonderful espresso with my stovetop pot, i overlook my electric.

Imusa electric espresso maker. Fantastic for touring or for dwelling use. Can make great espresso, espresso will come out quite incredibly hot and powerful. My cuban spouse is really delighted with it.

Taste like the outdated design espresso makers. Style like the aged fashion espresso makers. I only desire it had more capability outside of six demis.

We bought this at my job, been employing it everyday and no complaints.

Pleasant different for place of work coffee at the desk :).

Greatest way to make cafe’ cubano. Functions terrific for earning cafe’ cubano. I have a person at home and one at function.

My partner uses just about every working day in the workplace.

But it’s been fantastic to have in the office. The a few cup converter point only is effective periodically, but it truly is been terrific to have in the workplace.

Not simplest to assemble/established up. Excellent: has a foundation and can just lift it of. Espresso ‘bialetti style’- delonghi emk6 alicia electric moka espresso- imusa, b120-60006, three-cup/six-cup electric- aroma aem-621ss hot moka x-press electric ( bulkier)===========================these are all very equivalent===========================overall=not least complicated to assemble/established up. Excellent: has a base and can just elevate it offwatts= aprox 550temperature=did not test since the espresso quality is reduced than the 1,000w percolator + capability is way far too compact ( much less than 1 respectable us-style cup-o-joecoffee high-quality=seven out of tencapacity=ten ounces-ish, barely 1 normal cup.

Adore this a person-i have purchased a handful of of these electric kinds about the many years-this just one is low cost and make great tasking espresso. I searched on line for a cheap electric one particular for a trip so i can have my lattes in the lodge right before leaving for the day.

I purchased this as an espresso maker for the office as we do not have any water strains to hook up to a frequent espresso maker.

I appreciate the coffe flavor with imusa. I propose to invest in this terrific italian expresso device :).

I usually use a design alicia , very little far more pricey. Drawbacks: really don’t shut off by by itself if unattended for extra than 30 min , as other product.

Wonderful, appropriate-sized, makes excellent potent coffee. I was skeptical of this, when compared to my (a great deal, and even now) cherished aeropress, but of late i’ve been applying this maker a lot more than any other — quick to use, uncomplicated to clean, makes a pleasant powerful (pretty potent) cup. It seems to be good, too, imo, though beauty’s in the eye of the beholder. Would invest in it yet again if this one particular disappeared. (it is also definitely entertaining to look at when the coffee emerges. ) this little maker is perfect for my dwelling — commonly coffee’s remaining made for just a person or two people at a time.

I purchased this espresso maker as a present for my boyfriend, so he could have fancy espresso at work. He has reported he loved it, and it is effective as anticipated.

This is a single of the best individual coffe makers. This is one particular of the very best individual coffe makers. I have acquired threes of theses. Just one of the office , dwelling and a gift. Tends to make excellent espresso , puerto rican coffe and cuban with some galletas/ cookies. Quite speedy shipping and quick to clear.

Don’t prepare on using this for a long time. This item started off to crack due to the plastic utilized for the upper portion of the assembly.

Great equipment, makes perfect espresso.

Diguo Pour Over Coffee Maker – Works well enough but doesn’t feel like a very good value

It really is just really worth it to buy a chemex rather. . It’s just worth it to invest in a chemex as an alternative. This felt too slim and mild, and it broke soon immediately after i received it. Also, you can not reheat it on the stovetop.

You ought to know that it is a extend to get in touch with this a 2 cup sizing, but if you only will need a one cup, it is great.

A particular favored brewing mine method for several several decades. ,. I purchased the little measurement along with a long-lasting cone filter and it will work flawlessly to make one big cup of coffee.

  • The coffee maker is cool with the wood-bound hipster model
  • I would recommend it without hesitation
  • I love this little coffee maker

I’ve generally made use of a french push and was persuaded it was the only way to get a excellent brew. This takes it to a complete new amount of sssaaammooooothhh.

For chemex lovers who find by themselves seeking just a person cup of coffee, this matches the monthly bill. Also helpful as a tiny pitcher.

Features of Diguo Pour Over Coffee Maker, Classic Series Glass Coffeemaker. Wooden Collar Handle with Leather Tie. 400ml/14oz/1-3 Cups. Model: DG-2012

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • DESIGN – The coffee maker is explicit designed for pour over or drip coffee. Use Diguo Pre-Folded Natural Paper Filter Model – DG-7 for best results.
  • AESTHETIC – What you get is a beautifully and sophisticated classic coffee maker couple with a polished real wooded collar tied with leather tie for safe handling
  • MATERIALS – Made from the best borosilicate glass, every piece is designed to last for a long time and is excellent to thermal shock.
  • EASY TO CLEAN – This non-porous high-quality glass does not absorb any odors, chemicals or residue. It is easy to use and easy clean.
  • WHAT YOU GET – One Classic Coffee Maker: 6.0 x 16.5 x 10.4cm / 2.36 x 6.49 x 4.09inches with a capacity of 400ml / 14oz /1-3 Cups (5 oz/cup)

Tasty coffee, perfectly well worth the ‘wait’. It is lovely, useful, and i really like how my coffee preferences and appears when i use it. There are no grounds astray in the brew, and possibly this is simply because i double up on filtration, but i much favor this method to an electric maker and a french push. It truly is also the best dimensions for just just one man or woman, which i take pleasure in considering that i have diverse early morning/do the job several hours than my spouse. It will not make lots of wasted coffee, which has been a dilemma for me in the past. I do not come to feel that it usually takes considerably lengthier than other coffee. In fact, i find it to be a lot more effective and less complicated to clear up just after. And, as a reward, there is so substantially additional counter area that i’ve gotten rid of the huge electric product.

Do the job superior to way to extended to get although.

Ideal measurement for one substantial mug of coffee in the. Ideal sizing for a person large mug of coffee in the morning with no having to pour any extra down the drain. Only difficulty is i haven’t found filters that fit perfectly but it really is not a huge deal.

I have been applying this coffee maker for about 3 months. I’ve had no problems by any means with it. The coffeemaker is just correct for me, coffee is effortless to brew, leaves no bitterness, is smooth, and is a delightful cup of coffee. The paper filters are a lot thicker than most and uncomplicated to clean up.

Terrific value, fantastic dimensions for solitary use (i make. Excellent price, fantastic measurement for single use (i make about a 10-oz cup of coffee in it).

Works well more than enough but won’t come to feel like a very great value. Performs well sufficient but doesn’t truly feel like a extremely superior price. It truly is just thin(ish) glass and a low cost piece of wood. An digital coffee maker can be purchased for half the cost??.

The coffee maker is interesting with the wooden-sure hipster model. The coffee maker is interesting with the wood-bound hipster model. The glass is thick more than enough to sense very durable and it normally takes on no odor or stains. It make crappy coffee style great and great coffee taste even better. Collectively with the filters this is the greatest way to make coffeeclean up is a breeze. Only carry out the filter and rinse the coffee maker. It really is offered me a person a long time of delicious coffee with no bitter flavor. Fully really worth it when you have the luxurious of time.

This was very small — so significantly smaller than i anticipated.

This was significantly smaller sized than i predicted.

It was a good deal more compact then i envisioned. It was for practically one eight oz cup of coffee.

Trendy and uncomplicated brew coffee. It is a detail of intelligent elegance. Elegant and easy brew coffee. The taste is deep and abundant and flawless. Love the size, can take up quite minor area. The paper filters are effortless to fold and keep the coffee tasting smooth. Simple to use, uncomplicated to clean up. All in all i actually like this coffee maker and would really recommend to any person.

Terrific product and a excellent way to. Great products and a excellent way to appreciate your beloved coffee bean. I purchased this glass coffee maker with wooden collar about 5 months ago, and i have been making use of it every single solitary working day due to the fact i acquired it.

Awesome minor coffee vessel. . Excellent value for the value, i’ve even dropped in unintentionally on our tile countertop — sturdy and superior high quality. I may well acquire a more substantial a person to brew 2 huge cups of coffee for two adults — but it truly is great for the value.

Overpowering, musty smell when i opened the box. Wonderful tiny vesse for pour over coffee. L nonetheless, the musty smell strike me the moment i opened the box and i can even now scent that musty leather strap every single time i make coffee.

It is durable & great – the most effective for any coffee perfectionist. The products is built flawlessly- for a pour over coffee lover. It is sturdy & excellent – the greatest for any coffee perfectionist. Thank you diguo for generating such a wonderful solution.

Took a very long time to get here.

It looked a full lot greater in the photo.

I appreciate this chemex design and style coffee maker. I consume all around one-2 cups in the course of the working day, and i’ve found that this is the perfect measurement for the sum that i drink. If it was any greater, i would conclude up squandering coffee or not using the complete capacity. The filters that arrived with it are not my most loved, and i’ll likely get a person that is far more long-lasting in the upcoming. But, total it is perfectly designed, helps make great coffee, won’t get up a great deal of place on the counter, and has a awesome look.

Cuisinart DCC-500 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker – Good coffee, two potential problems to look out for.

Fantastic value for coffee maker. This is the 2nd one particular for us. . Like some reviewer’s claimed, it does not last. And that was only using it on the weekends. So with the lower cost, it really is brief lifestyle span is satisfactory. You would imagine it would last more time due to the fact it isn’t going to have more features like grinding coffee beans etcetera. The coffee pot is in all probability made in china like most points these days. We largely use an expresso machine on week days and paid a ton extra for it ( a gaggia classic for $369).

H2o reservoir is way too modest. Water reservoir is also compact. Also the even range cup marks on the pot do not match up to the even cup marks on the machine exterior of cup #eight.

The espresso stays hotter than any espresso pot i have ever had.Here are the specifications for the Cuisinart DCC-500 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • 12 cup glass carafe with ergonomic handle, dripless spout and knuckle guard
  • Fully automatic with 24 hour programmability, self-clean and 1-4 cup settings
  • Keep Warm with adjustable auto shut-off
  • Easy-to-fill water reservoir with water window
  • Brew Pause feature lets you enjoy a cup of coffee before brewing has finished

Don’t know why, but the coffee just tastes superior than it at any time has right before. As considerably as the problems about the pot/carafe in some of the other assessments not being simple to pour devoid of spilling, i have encountered that with each and every espresso maker that i’ve ever owned and this is a single is in fact greater in that office too. No, you cannot just dump the drinking water or coffee from the carafe into the reservoir or cup, respectively, you have to carefully pour it, no huge offer. Lid snaps firmly into location & was a minimal challenging till i received made use of to it but the way this is built it can be much easier to preserve cleanse and gives you a steady stream when pouring each time. Tends to make a minimal sounds when brewing, personally, i like the seem of coffee brewing in the early morning & the beep that tells you when it is really carried out is a single of those issues that you don’t know how you at any time lived devoid of it once you get used to it.

The warmer on this device simply cannot be managed, ie. The warmer on this device can not be managed, ie low- medium- higher so the espresso will get burned if you depart it on.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • 5 Star Coffee-Maker
  • Cuisinart Coffee Maker DCC-500
  • You won’t regret this purchase.

Really like the new cuisinart style and design for their espresso maker. Adore the new cuisinart style for their espresso maker. Helps make espresso quite perfectly and really quick to use. The only complaint i have is the lid on the glass carafe is a very little loose, but other than that a good item.

I am preserving it but it isn’t going to provide incredibly hot espresso, just it really is ok espresso. I am preserving it due to the fact i’m worn out of trying out coffee makers.

Even so the pot itself will normally leak. Both when pouring drinking water into pot and when pouring coffee. Also really little opening into which drinking water is to be poured.

Other than that it is like any other cuisinart coffee maker with its excellent &. The slender coffee filter basket & entry to the water reservoir makes prepping this device to make espresso a little bit hard. Other than that it is like any other cuisinart espresso maker with its good & not so superior points.

Ordered to change previous one that burned up. Will only buy cuisinart espresso makers mainly because of the excellent.

I examine a lot of reviews for cuisinart coffee makers and this a single came out on prime. It is an older product and is all black. If you need silver never purchase this 1. It would make terrific , sizzling coffee.

Nosier that the cuisinart changed, and the dcc-500 is ‘drippy’ and frequently spatters water on the heating plate, which is aggravating. I defy anybody to come across a gtf gold filter that will in shape the dcc-500. With the older model i experienced two, a single for decaf and a single for ‘leaded’ espresso. I finally referred to as cuisinart and they gave me a diverse quantity for the filter. Nf-one, or something like that?. I known as cuisinart back again, and they are sending me 1 less than the products guarantee. It does brew a good pot of coffee, and much far better than the outdated krups pressed into makes use of while waiting around for this solution.

Gave as a present as i now own one and the recipients really like it. Would absolutely suggest this coffee maker.

This coffee maker leaks when you bad it won’t obtain once more.

You will not likely regret this purchase. . The coffee preferences so substantially superior than our old maker. Pours without having spilling and quick to cleanse. Quite happy with this acquire.

I have had cuisinarts for yrs and am by no means unhappy with the cup of coffee created. This much more cost-effective product can make as superior a cup as the as the other people i have owned. It is additional light-weight considering the fact that it is all plastic. I like that the filter is cone formed since i seriously do imagine you get a far better brew. I obtain that i essentially use significantly less grounds with this espresso maker. Cuisinart makers brew a hotter cup of coffee and i like that simply because i use product and still my coffee is still good and hot.

I’ve had less expensive pots that have lasted for a longer time. Cuisinart is a fantastic product or service. Never blame seller, as he despatched it swiftly and packed nicely.

This is my 3rd pot of this model.

It’s a minimal challenging to fill the water reservoir but normally am really happy with it.

I would remarkably advocate this merchandise. I would extremely advise this item.

It is ok but it is so light-weight it moves as you are trying to fill with water.

Cuisinart TTG-500 Two-to-Go Coffeemaker : Good but to go mugs are just “okay.”

I bought my cuisinart two-to-go over a year ago, and i’ve had excellent coffee during that time. I’d fill the machine with water, pop in a filter, add some coffee, press the on switch, then take my shower and emerge from the bathroom to fresh coffee waiting for me to just pick up the mug and add a little milk. It was the perfect accessory to my busy mornings. Sure, the handle on the coffee grind basket broke after just a few months, but that was hardly a fatal problem. And a month ago, just after a year of use, the lever that lifted up the water spot when you opened the water reservoir broke, which meant that i had to lift up the water spout manually when i wanted to insert a new filter and add fresh coffee. But with just under 1-1/2 years of use, the on switch stopped working. I checked the product manual (available here on amazon. Com) and discovered that my coffee maker has a three-year warranty.

Great time saver for the on-the-go. Love this coffee maker, i can brew two mugs or one at a time. The mugs fit perfectly in my car’s cup holder. The only reason i gave it only four stars is because the mug top drips a bit when you drink from it, but i have yet to find a travel mug that doesn’t.

Good but to go mugs are just “okay. “. We had a unit like this previously. It had two baskets so you could make two cups with two different kinds of coffee. With this one there is one basket. You can still make 2 cups or 1 cup but you must use the same coffee. The cuisinart mugs are just “okay” so we use the ones from our previous unit which was not a cusinart and this works fine. The quality of the coffee that is brewed is good.

Goodbye keurig & expensive kcups.Hello fresh ground coffee with a slightly longer brewing time but makes hot yummy coffeeuse any size cup you wantif you use two 14 oz travel cups – add 28 oz water. If you use two 10 oz cups – add 20 oz water. If you use one 12 oz cup – add 12 oz water, etc. :)how long does it take?two 14 oz travel cups – 6 mintwo 10 oz cups – 4 minone 14 oz travel cup – 3 minone 10 oz cup – 3 minthe water comes down in 2 streams (one for each cup) and also 2 streams for 1 cup – they are close enough to drip into 1 cup. :)as for the amount of coffee – start out with 2 tbl ground coffee per cup and experiment till you get it just right for younote: you can’t make 1 cup strong and 1 cup mild unless you brew 1 cup at a time. So my hubby (mr strong & bold) and myself (mrs mild) had to find a happy medium.

  • Very good coffee maker. Some thoughts.
  • GreatUntil It Breaks
  • The best cofee maker for people on the GO

Cuisinart TTG-500 Two-to-Go Coffeemaker

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Brews through lids into one or two 14-ounce travel mugs
  • Stainless-steel mugs with rubber, non-slip grips fit most vehicle cup holders
  • Automatically shuts off after brewing for added safety
  • Dishwasher-safe mugs and lids; includes 2 disposable paper filters
  • Measures 13 by 5-1/4 by 8-1/2 inches; 3-year limited warranty

Perfect gift for traveling retirees. Great gift to me to give as a raffle prize.

I had purchased 2 of the black and decker pod single cup makers from walmart. They were so noisy and the taste was like plastic. I returned those and purchased 2 of the cuisinart 2 to go coffee makers. One is for my mom for christmas the other for me and we both love them. It is very quiet when brewing and the flavor is great and the coffee stays hot for a very long time. The price is right and it works like a charm. Great for firstimers who wnat a single coffee maker.

I owned its predessesor and was yearning to find this, but it had changed brand names so it took forever to find it again. It’s quick, easy to clean and set up again in a jiffy. Takes a few tries before you determine how much coffee to add because the cups are huge. The only flaw: the handle on the coffee ground basket is really flimsy. Don’t be surprised if yours breaks off before long. But with a 3-year warranty, i guess they’d just send a replacement basketin short: well worth the convenience, quick to use and clean.

The best cofee maker for people on the go. Normally, i don’t like to review products so quickly, but for this one i felt i needed to. This is a great invention, and for me, gives me those precious minutes of sleep time in the morning. The actual coffee maker is very simplistic in design, which is a good thing. There are no bells and whistles, no timer, no coffee grinder, no clock, but if you want that, get something else, and probably 3 times more expensive. This thing does one thing, and one thing only. One cup of good tasting coffee in a flash. It’s the easiest coffee maker i have ever owned. All you have to do is, drop in about 4 tablespoons of coffee, fill up the reservoir with water a little above the “1” line, and turn it on. In what seems to be about 3 minutes your coffee is ready to go.

It brews quickly and makes one or two wonderful cups (cups at 14 ounces each. . ) i have actually unplugged my “big” and expensive coffeemaker. Have used this twice to three times a day and so far no problems. I am very picky about the taste of my coffee, want a flavorable coffeehouse brew and this little two to go unit delivers consistently. I like this so much i just ordered another unit for my son-in-law for his birthdayhopefully this little coffeemaker stands the test of time and holds up because i really like it. The cups hold the java at a warm temp for longer than i expected and have been very useful.

This coffeemaker is ideal for me being the only coffee drinker in our house. I like the convenience of only making 1 or 2 cups at a time. One review i read said it leaked if you didn’t get the cup in correctly. That should not be a problem at all. There are indented places to easily slide the cup in for 1 or 2 cups. It is easy to clean and i love the convenience of it turning off automatically after the brewing is complete. I don’t have to worry about leaving the house and not unplugging it. I highly recommend this product.

I have been using the coffee maker for many weeks and have a few thoughts that i would like to share. First of all, since there is no warming plate, and there can’t be, it is crucial to take the coffee mug out when the coffee finishes going through the filter. The mug is open with no top and cools quickly. Secondly, i decided to get a unit like this when the water drought and shortage in the southeast (nc) became severe. Previously, i had been using a 4 cup drip coffee maker. I realized that cleaning the pot every morning took water that could be used elsewhere or for the environment. With this coffee maker, i am saving water. Maybe not more than three quarters of a gallon a day, but every bit helps.

Using this everyday for 8 years and still works great. I can’t believe the current price. I’ve been using this everyday for 8 years and still works great. I can’t believe the current price. It makes the perfect cup everytime.

Perfect for those who have a cup of coffee each morning. I have had this coffee maker for more than 5 years now and love it. I make coffee every morning with it and it’s been completly reliable every single day. Don’t buy this if you think you want coffee for more than 2 people. However, for one or two people, this can make up to two 16oz cups of coffee. Mostly, i just make a single cup. To make only one cup, simply put your coffee mug right in the center. To make two cups, offset them like shown in the picture for the item. Recommendation: do not use finely ground coffee grounds, they can stop up the drip tray, set your grinder for just larger than medium grounds. Pros:just the right amount of cofee without wasting groundsfast: it only takes a few minutes for a single cupcomes with two great mugscould be improved:sometimes one cup has more coffee than the other due to the bifricated drip traythere is no timer.

Good for houses with only one coffee drinker. I bought this for my husband when we got married two years ago. He was the only one who drank coffee and it seemed silly to get a big pot for one person. It worked awesome, the cups alone are worth the price. Then after a year i realized with the right creamer (vanilla caramel) coffee is good. It was used daily for 2 years straight and has now finally died. It only fills up the cup about a 1/4 full and then you have to run it again (and again. ) definitely worth $25 for 2 years though. The only thing they need to do is add a timer.

For the price that amazon is selling this product, this is a great buy. This was a perfect addition to my dorm room because of its compact size, and i love the sleek look. Initially, i was quite disappointed that the lid to the travel mug didn’t have an open/close spout, since i had wanted something i could throw in my bag with coffee inside of it. However, i’ve realized that carrying the mug to class, having a nice cup of coffee or tea that stays warm for a few hours, then throwing it in my bag when i’m done is just as good. (besides, i’ve been told that there are very few travel mugs out there that are truly spill-proof, and for that you’d have to shell out a great deal of money. )i’ve gotten lots of compliments on the travel mug, which does take a little bit of getting used to drinking out of. It seems to me that if you fill it up not too full (maybe 3/4), then it’s easier to drink out of. But overall, i’ve been very satisfied with this product.

And no heating plate, very nice. Most people don’t realize that the heating plates under your carafes make your coffee bitter. The thermos-style carafes, including this unique design, result is much better tasting coffee, and keep it hot for hours if you put the top on. This particular unit is very cool. I honestly am not a very tidy person, my sink is full of stuff to clean, but with this i only have to wash out two cups and run normal water through the unit to clean. I really can’t understand why there are not more of these available, they skip an annoying step in the daily coffee making process, and it keeps the bitter away.

We acquired the espresso maker in about two days, which was a pleasant surprise. It is quick to use, would make a fantastic cup of espresso and stays heat for a excellent section of the commute. In our encounter, we get equal cups of coffee from both of those sides. The only thing i wish this had was a timer, so we could autostart for the early morning. It does consider a several minutes to get two cups performed, so you will need to give by yourself time in the morning. We are also employing much more espresso than with our more substantial espresso maker, which may possibly be why we are acquiring excellent tasting coffee.

Fantastic coffee maker for couples on the go. We ordered this coffeemaker in 2006, and it worked flawlessly for 6 several years and then one particular working day just a several months ago it stopped operating. I believe that is a very neat deal for a low-priced coffee maker. We aren’t coffee snobs, we just like it rapid and this in no way disappointed us. I are not able to attest to how wonderful the espresso was or wasn’t, but it was really first rate for us and we could change out the mugs with our several other vacation mugs which designed it extremely hassle-free. A single lovable matter about it is that when the lid is opened, it variety of seems to be like the shape of darth vader’s head which is type of magnificent to us 80s youngsters.

So good to be in a position to make two cups at the moment. Also espresso arrives from equipment really incredibly hot. I like it so significantly i acquired one for home and a single for the cottage.

I am very confident this design has been discontinued and changed by a more recent model, but i really like it so a great deal, that i felt compelled to generate a overview in any case, even while mine is nearly 6 years outdated at this issue. The cuisinart two to go is the most fantastic coffee maker i have owned for this goal. I am the sole espresso drinker in my domestic, and generally i like just one cup of coffee a day, often two. I have attempted out ‘pod’ devices, and although they are fantastic machines, the ones i favored were additional wasteful than i cared for. This detail was cheap, so i was a small hesitant at initially. But, it is effective properly, and proceeds to operate perfectly 6 a long time later. I have a burr coffee grinder that i use every morning to measure out the suitable sum for me, use a #2 filter, pour drinking water into the reservoir, and strike the brew button, and in a few minutes, i have a best cup of coffee. The two mugs it comes with are also superb (i even use them for days i go to starbucks). They are a terrific style, feel fantastic in the hand, and the major is fantastic.

This espresso maker is completely hassle-free, rapid, and can make a delectable cup of coffee or two. My mornings are even far more wonderful with this device– i am thrilled. Espresso normally takes mere minutes to brew immediately in your cup. When finished brewing, i unplug the device, i position a napkin exactly where my cup was placed to capture the couple of added drips of water that continue being and i’m out the doorway. Cleansing is a cinch when i return household. I have no qualms about the high-quality or perform of the device. It tends to make a delectable cup of espresso and i can’t think i expended only $thirty for this form of pleasure. In addition the $8 a little something for the reusable gold filter, which i advocate as nicely.

Excellent equipment – compare with black & decker. I invested a wonderful offer of time looking at other people’s testimonials to figure out if the black & decker one-cup was a better deal. I have owned an more mature b&d for four decades and it worked fantastic. But this is a much better, if somewhat far more pricey, coffeemaker. + no a lot more overflows when making use of high-quality floor coffees+ no cleanup mess dumping espresso grounds from the everlasting basket. + really sound stainless mugs (but will have to hand wash them)+ coffee preferences improved. – the ‘on’ switch on the side forces you to grab the device with both equally palms to keep away from sliding the unit.

Kenmore 5-cup Digital Coffee Maker : Gets the Java done!

Responsible and coffee pleasant and hot.

Very wonderful hunting coffee maker. Very pleasant wanting coffee maker. I like the silver kenmore name plate on front. Only thing i really don’t like is the h2o stage is inside of and more challenging to go through than my aged mr. Coffee that had water level studying on the outside. This a single has a white water stage marker inside and with the black qualifications, it can be a minor tough to see. If your eyesight is wonderful, potentially this is not going to be an situation for you. For me, i choose it on the outdoors. I would have supplied it at the very least four stars, perhaps five. As it stands three or three 1/2 stars.

Most effective compact drip coffee maker out there. . Disclaimer: i failed to invest in this from amazon – i bought it at the brick and mortar retailer the place you typically obtain kenmore appliances (for a good deal fewer, i may insert). Coffee five cup for several years that i actually like, other than for the reality that it has no vehicle-shutoff, and i received tired of scraping tar out of my carafe. When i went to seem for 1 with auto-shutoff on amazon, i was leery of the mr. Coffee, black & decker, hamilton beach, and so on. Styles thanks to all the unfavorable evaluations about burnt plastic taste in the coffee, leaks, early failures, dribbling carafes, even fires (none of which i expert with my aged mr. Coffee), and most of them failed to have car-shutoff in any case (helps make you surprise if the fires could have been due to that). It’s also early to remark on reliability, but this model has none of people complications, makes fantastic tasting coffee, seems to be decent (as opposed to these foreign laboratory apparatus items), and turns itself off soon after two hours. It employs the little basket design filters (not the cone formed), and comes with a reusable mesh filter (which i haven’t experimented with).

This is the best five cup coffee maker out there. This is the very best 5 cup coffee maker out there. I have examined anyone designed. The ones with the metallic pot flavor humorous and spill the coffee. Sears sells it for only $twenty five. The kinds sold are walmart are junk. This comes with a 2 calendar year warranty. It handles everything but the filter. Just return it to sears with receipt.

This clever equipment wins the day. I definitely appreciate intelligent devices, established it and go. This is my next buy of this kenmore 5-cup digital coffee maker. In the course of a conversation with my son about acquiring coffee out at fashionable stores, i described the savings and advantage of this minimal ditty. Tackle it with treatment, consider your time, be mindful of how you put together your drink and you will respect it even additional primarily when you can system the timer to commence your day with a sizzling brew of honest-trade coffee. Gosh, how fantastic it is to wander into the kitchen area with coffee completely ready and waiting for that 1st sip.

Kenmore 5-cup Black Digital Coffee Maker : I’ve bought and returned every 5 cup unit on the market for several reasons: (1) the automatic 1-hour shutoff is too limited; 2 hours is preferable. (2) annoyingly, the carafe is not “dripless” (3) when opening the lid to remove grounds, built up condensation doesn’t drain into the water chamber as it should, but runs down the side and back of the unit all over the counter. So much so, i’ve ordered another unit to store away.

It is easy to pour from, and will work just like it is intended to.

Compact, vehicle shutoff, with timer that matches any place and does the task. Have always trusted kenmore.

I adore the gold mesh filter but also becoming in a position to. Just the appropriate dimensions for below the cabinet. I like the gold mesh filter but also being equipped to use paper filters if that is your choice. Does the occupation for morning coffee throughout the week completely ready when you wake up.

My initial coffee equipment died a terrible dying. It was old, to be absolutely sure, but it was wonderful. And then the family came. Now the outdated machine is absent. This a person fits my reasons much better. The carafe is beautifully sized for a mid to massive sized thermos. It truly is timed so it really is completely ready when i wake and need some elixir just before working with people today in the early morning, significantly significantly less my possess reflection in the mirror. I genuinely do endorse this coffee maker to men and women that only have a single coffee achiever in the home as you will never have any squander that way. And we all know that coffee is a horrible matter to squander.

We use our new five cup kenmore coffee for our afternoon coffee, it makes just ample for 2 large mugs of coffee.

Programable with automatic shut-off. Great if you only make coffee for a single or two.

The mr coffee equipment i experienced for a few of several years started out leaking water so i required a replacement and decided to attempt this. It’s the exact dimension as the aged a single, which is fantastic when you are the only coffee drinker in the dwelling and don’t want one as major as the 12 cup measurement. Modest footprint so it does not acquire up a great deal of place, has a clock and timer so you can set it up at night time to brew the upcoming early morning (or every time) and automobile shutoff so you really don’t have to have to keep in mind to convert it off. Brews a superior cup of coffee and the carafe pours nicely without having spilling (one difficulty i had with the mr coffee carafe). I do want the carafe was stainless steel rather of glass so i never have to stress about it breaking and the substitute (if you can get one) costing as much or more as a new machine. Though my ups man would possibly say that i invest in all the things on amazon, i essentially acquired this at a sears retail store mainly because the price was a lot decrease. All in all i am pleased with this so significantly and hope that carries on.

My requirements and this one particular is by considerably the most effective. Now i’m seeking for a different just one to invest in. Seemed (& purchased) significant and very low for a coffeemaker (four/five cup) that satisfies my needs and this a person is by much the very best. Now i am searching for one more 1 to get but amazon’s rate is also superior now.

I have wonderful coffee brewing on the timer when i get up.

Everything performs as predicted and the reusable basket comes clean up truly quickly.

Just what i necessary for a compact kitchen area. It is hard to uncover a four or five cup maker with a timed shut-off. Had another brand name that experienced a carafe that generally spilled when pouring.

Fantastic for those people who do not consume more than five cups. Perfect for all those who you should not drink more than five cups of coffee and want some additional space on your kitchen area counters.

Shortly recognized ‘this is a very awesome coffee maker’ following a visit w/my son – found. Acquired this coffee maker @ deep price reduction @ closing sears store. Saved in garage for above a few a long time. Gave to my son some many years afterwards. Soon realized ‘this is a extremely great coffee maker’ right after a pay a visit to w/my son – identified out – amazon sells kenmore @ this time. This is not a affordable coffee maker. This is a good coffee maker for the funds. Picture my shock – it nearly particularly like the a person i gave my son. You should – nay – sayers – i will not argue with you about this product or service – make sure you do not ofend me with your discord. I like this coffee maker – end of tale.

Helps make just the proper quantity of coffee for a person man or woman.

Coffee in the morning…great order.

It is really actually the best measurement two one/2 cups particularly and no squander. It can be really the great dimensions two 1/two cups accurately and no squander. Nevertheless, the protect does not shut adequately and the coffee is not scorching.