Butterball XXL Digital 22 lb – Trial and error learning curve – test this out prior to a big family meal

I bought this as a gift, and my neighbors love it.

Nice product, does what it says.

Works well, pre-heating period is double what they say.

I’ve had ours about 6 years now. I’ve done about 25 turkeys, 500-600 wings, 8 shrimp boils in it. Doesn’t get any easier then this. Cleaning it can be a pain depending on how many things you deep dry. I change the oil out every 6th frying. This year i’m deep frying 2 turkeys for my neighbors a long with ours on thanksgiving. Only way my family will eat turkey anymore. I deep fry on my workbench in the garage. You can smell it down the street and know the good stuff will be ready soon.

At thanksgiving i made a large turkey and it turned out great.

This product did a great job frying a thanksgiving turkey but i am really happy that i did it in the garage. The oil smell is quite overpowering as it vents on three sides. I would very much caution against indoor use with this in mind. In addition, pay attention to how to get heating started as it does not have a ‘on/off’ switch.

  • Best Ever
  • That has always turned out a great bird. The issue had been that you are
  • Excellent results; user friendly and easy to clean

Works great, very little splashing and it cooked our turkey in just over an hour and still tasted like it had been marinating for over a day.

I bought this off of qvc after watching their amazing presentation of the item. First let me say, they say you can fry up to a 22 lb. Not unless you want the top white and that skin to not be fried. The turkey absorbs some of the oil as well as heat evaporation and eventually you have turkey sitting out above the oil and not cooking evenly. Also the instruction book is an absolute mess. Good luck trying to figure out how to get the pre-heat to work (you hit f so that it changes to h and for us, even when the machine beeped, the light to say it was preheated fully never turned green – also, do you keep it on h during the cooking or put it back to f where it doesn’t bubble as much?. The guide and various youtube videos will tell you nothing. ) for all of the conveniences of digital, the videos with the turn dial version of this actually looked easier and more straight forward. Also, the cord is super short and they tell you no extension cords which means you’re locked into using a counter top.

I gave the fryer as a gift and my friend loved it.

After a whole week, i have had researched for better quality of extra large turkey fryer. I never had any electric or propane fryer before except once my first taste of fried turkey from creole friends who used propane fryer outside, but i have learned so many dangerous accidents like burning down the garage which scared me until i have read others’ great comments about how easy to fry a turkey in the electric fryer. So i ordered one week before thanksgiving. I cooked 18 lb turkey less than an hour and perfect well cooked. I used to dislike turkey breast. Now i love it because its flavor and tender. I did not use any marinate shot. Just plain to see what’s the result. I tried to fry chicken legs. Sweet potato chips were the greatest. Fried cod fishes drove my family crazy. I love the turkey fryer so much. Much less greasy mess than regular frying pan. Much safer and less injury by popping out oil. I do recommend this fryer for first time fryers.

Cooked an 18 pound turkey in just over an hour. This is my new fav method of cooking turkey.

Features of Butterball XXL Digital 22 lb. Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer, Steel and Black

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  • Butterball XXL Digital 22 lb. Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer by Masterbuilt
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I bought this fryer last year right before the holidays. I fried turkeys for both thanksgiving and christmas and they both came out great. The cooking time is drastically less than what it would be in an oven – only 4 minutes per pound. But don’t forget, while it’s fantastic for turkey, it’s great for year-round frying. The basket is nice and large so you can typically fit all your servings into one dunk. This is nice because you can start eating while the food is still hot instead of waiting for 2 or 3 more trips back to a smaller fryer. The lid also really helps to keep oil splatter to a minimum. I’ve cooked most items right in my kitchen but for large turkeys i take the unit out to the garage. While i try to dry the bird as much as possible, there’s always some moisture trapped somewhere. And when that moisture hits hot oil, the splatter is very dangerous, especially while trying to lower a 20 pound turkey into the pot.

Love it best fryer ive ever used.

This would have received 5 stars because it worked amazing, but the inner aluminum strainer has a couple sharp edges that cut my thumb while cleaning, so be careful.

Currently used to shrink wrap smaller fresh birds. Cover is a little flimsy yet closes fine. Item did arrive with small mark on cover and was full of finger prints. Sold to us as new, looks new, yet finger prints says it was out of the box at some point. Lowest temp setting is 212 deg f. We must have read incorrectly. Would be nice to dial it down to 180 for water. All in all nice simple unit.

Have had this unit (xxl) for 5 years. Every thanksgiving and christmas, we cook at least two turkeys, sometimes up to four (as everyone in the family wants leftovers). It’s held up well, and the turkeys and turkey breasts we’ve cooked are very moist, with crisp and delicious skin. We’ve cooked several 21-22 pound birds without an issue. It does smell up the garage, but it’s a delicious smell. Always used canola oil with no issues. Need to try peanut oil, but it’s twice the cost of more. I can’t recommend this unit enough.

Butterball XXL Digital 22 lb.

It was brand new and received it in perfect condition.

I will never go back to oven turkeys again. The turkey was done perfectly and juicy. I did inject a seasoning mix and seasoned the outside with poultry seasoning and it was fantastic. All i can say is i will never go back to cooking a turkey in any other way.

We did our first deep fried turkey this year.

Turkey was beautiful my gold all over, no burnt wings or legs. Easy to use, recommend ordering heat resistant gloves also for lifting safely.

This product and exactly what we wanted.

Excellent results; user friendly and easy to clean. I highly recommend buying the heat resistance gloves to facilitate removing the bird once finished and handling the unit when draining the oil (if done shortly after cooking). I also recommend using the butterball marinade and seasoning.

22 pound

I have used a traditional pot on a gas flame for 15 years. That has always turned out a great bird. The issue had been that you are limited to 15 or 16 pound birds. Had to do 3 of them for a big gathering. This year i was easier with this fryer. I did 2 twenty two pound birds. I still did this on our back porch for the first time as i had been used to the pot and flame method. It was very easy to put the bird in, and the thermostat kept the temp where it needed to be rather than me adjusting the flame and monitoring the temps throughout the cooking process. This could be done inside on a kitchen counter away from little kids.

Best purchase i’ve made in a while. Arrived just in time before thanksgiving and it saved the day. I was able to use the fryer and save space in the oven.