Bosch Universal Plus Food Processor Attachment – Not Impressed

A perfect add-on for the bosch kitchen machine.

The safety switch is frustrating but that is my issue. I threw out my old heavy food processors in favor of this.

I love my universal bosch mixer. I got this b/c my mom had one years ago, but the design is different and the food gets stuck in the food processor ring that attaches the blade. It really could just be the attachment without the ring. I wish they would change it, but it does a good job shredding cheese, vegetables and nuts.

Has all the capability of many machines.

I’ve only owned a few low-end food processors before, so this is a major step-up for my kitchen. I love that it harnesses the power of my bosch universal and makes it a true multi-function machine and workhorse. I’ve made creamy-smooth hummus, chopped chickpeas for falafel, and will make salsa with it tomorrow – why dice by hand for something like salsa when i’m going to cook it down in the end anyhow?the only reason i’ve given it 4 stars and not 5 is that the first time i washed it, i noticed two little rust spots on the regular blade. I need to call bosch about that and see what to expect – i don’t expect a food-processor blade to rust after its first use. I have no doubt that bosch will make it right, but it was slightly disappointing to find it on the blade to begin with. 12the rust spots are now completely gone. I have no idea what happened to them or what made them go away (they weren’t on a blade’s edge), but they are gone now. But it’s also vaguely weird. I’m not complaining, i’ve just never had rust spots disappear before.

My daughter in law loves it.

  • Switching from a Kitchen Aid 11 Cup Food Processor to the Bosch 5 Cup
  • Love my Bosch!
  • The food processor attachment is pretty small but I think will be very adequate cooking

Love the whole machine, so i was excited to get this to complete the ‘set’.

I wish i would have bought this a long time ago. It is not as big as the slicer/shredder as it fits on the blender tower, but it does just what i want it to.

I can’t say enough about how much i love this food processor. I’ve made peanut butter, almond butter, grated cheese in seconds, made my own larabars. I don’t know why i didn’t buy the attachments years ago when i first bought my bosch. If you’re considering getting this, do it today.

Good beyond my wildest dreams.

Features of Bosch Universal Plus Food Processor Attachment for Universal Plus Mixer

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  • BPA free
  • Included: Food processor, food Processor blade, slicing disk (reversible thick/thin), shredding and grating (reversible coarse/fine) and potato grating
  • Type: Food processor

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

It is cheap and small for the price, but it is working pretty well.

My wife loves the bosch system, but the food processor volume is smaller than what she is used to, and it does make some recipes and larger batches more work than the stand alone processor she used previously.

I make eight love of whole wheat and the machine does not even get warm. It is a work horse and a joy to use such a fine machine. If you are a bread maker this is the machine to buy.

Using the bosch universal plus food processor makes chopping, grating or blending food so very easy and handy.

This thing will puree anything. A must have attachment for your bosch food processor.

Got this for my daughter in law. She was excited and said it was exactly what she wanted.

BPA free

Arrived today and i gave it a try. I had a bit of trouble trying to attach it to the bosch universal plus mixer tower. I had to watch a video on youtube again to figure it out. It’s not clear in the manual/instruction sheet how to attach this to the unit. They should explain it better. The final product was very smooth. It worked very well, as well as i expected. I love my bosch universal plus mixer. Every year i can treat myself to a new item for it.

This is a huge addition to my bosch, which i love. This makes my slices and shredding effortless and easy clean up.

I bought the bosch universal plus mixer and its food processor attachment as a wedding shower gift. The groom is a serious cook and he regularly uses the universal plus mixer to perfectly combine the ingredients for making homemade pasta. He’s been using the food processor attachment to combine filling ingredients for homemade ravioli. The food processor is also amazing for finely and uniformly cutting vegetables for salads, sauces, etc. This is a well-made product. I was concerned the couple might not want to keep the gift but there is no way they will part with it. It’s great for a small kitchen because the universal plus mixer takes up little counter space. There is no need for a separate mixer, blender, and food processor.

Absolutely love my bosch attachments. This definitely saves me a lot of time in the kitchen.

A bit smaller than expected but i found this video on youtube which is perfect since i had no clue how to connect it.

I am so excited to begin using my new bosch universal and the attachments i received for christmas. The food processor attachment is pretty small but i think will be very adequate cooking for just the two of us. If not, i see the larger slicer shredder can be purchased when a larger quantity is desired for a larger crowd.

Included: Food processor, food Processor blade, slicing disk (reversible thick/thin), shredding and grating (reversible coarse/fine) and potato grating

It took more trial and error to figure out just how the food processor fit onto the drive receptacle than i expected, but i eventually got it aligned in the right rotational position and locked into place. With that behind me everything else worked as expected. I tested it making a couple of pounds of cranberry relish. One bag of fresh cranberries, three whole oranges a whole peeled apple and a couple of hand fulls of shelled walnuts, sweetened with about 1/3 cup of sugar and less than a half cup of added fresh orange juice to get the moisture just right. The food processor minced a whole bag of fresh cranberries fairly evenly and with a little help directing the stray oversized chunks toward the center they got sucked down for another couple of trips into the cutter blades to make a nice uniform chunky relish. It minced up all three oranges, cut in about six sections with the peel on, all at once easily. A whole peeled apple sliced in sections was minced up in a few seconds. I chopped the walnuts by hand, but they would have been easily chopped had i bothered to put them through the food processor. I assembled the cranberry relish in a large bowl and transferred it into a large container to refrigerate. This works every bit as well as our old worn out cuisinart, but it is a little smaller.

I really like this food processor so far. It did the jobs quickly without missing large chunks like i had issues with before. Really happy with this purchase.

Bosch stuff is quality and this attachment is no exception. It works perfectly like a stand-alone processor and decreased the number of appliances we need to keep in the kitchen.

We had a bosch mixer and added this so we’d have one less thing on the counter. She loves it and that’s all that matters.

I love bosch and all it has to offer.

I’ve had my kitchen aid (model kfp690cp, 670 w) for 15 years. I loved that food processor. Then the plastic bowl started having spider cracks, then more and more kept developing. I knew the bowl was going to shatter at some point. I went online to find a replacement bowl. I contacted kitchen aid and they told me that they no longer make that model and that i should buy a new food processor. The last straw was when the center attachment for the slicing disks broke. Now i could no longer use it for slicing or shredding and the bowl was becoming a safety hazard. Plastic partsi also have a kitchen aid stand mixer (model # k45ss, 250w), which i’ve had for 35 years and is still going strong.

I bought this to process the ingredients for salsa and other recipes. It did the job, but opening up and unloading is surprisingly a lengthier process than one might imagine. Because of the safety features of its design, you must remove the whole unit from your bosch before you can take the top off. And because some types if veggies like to get caught under the lid instead of get processed, which leads to a mess when the top is removed. Other than the torque you get from the bosch to power through anything, i couldn’t recommend this over a food processor that costs $50 and doesn’t trap food under the top. A huge disappointment from bosch’s otherwise fine engineering. I’m wondering how this could have made it past their quality controls and testing when this product was designed. Don’t buy unless you got money to blow.

Type: Food processor

Purchased this as a gift; the person receiving it loves it. She uses it many times a week– the processor bowl is a too small in my opinion.

This item seemed flimsy and i particularly didn’t like plastic piece required for the discs always caught and trapped large amounts of whatever you are grating — especially cheese, which made it very difficult to clean. Also, i would have really liked a ff disc added to this.

The product works as advertised but is really too small for many tasks. It only handles about a cupful of food, perhaps two?. Compared to a stand-alone food processor it falls far short, but as an addition to the universal plus mixer it is okay for small quantities.