Big Boss 9338 Swirlio Frozen Fruit Dessert Maker – Five Stars

Only limitation is your imagination.

Can make my own healthy desserts at home.

I just love this product i use it all the time. However the cleaning brush was not with the swirlo machine as the box said so i had to find a small cleaning brush that worked for cleaning the smaller areas. This is a great product for anyone who is allergic to ice cream and would like to enjoy a nice bowl or cone made from bananas and other fruit, it is just like eating ice cream, when mixing the bananas with the fruit. Here are the specifications for the Big Boss 9338 Swirlio Frozen Fruit Dessert Maker:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe parts
  • Add your favorite ingredients
  • Make from 100% fruits and your favorite toppings
  • 50 recipes included
  • Great with bananas, pineapples, kiwis, berries, mangos, peaches, chocolate

I love ice cream and this give me a healthy desert like ice cream. The only thing that i would like if the motor was a little strong. I have used it every nighrt for a month and no problems, i find that cleaning is quick and easy.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Fun machine! Kids love it
  • Five Stars
  • Kind of like a sorbet

I’m lactose intolerant, ice cream kills me, other fruit tasting products have some cream added. This machine does what it states. It turns fresh fruit into the best sweet tasting cold treat for someone like me.

Jams up if the fruit is too frozen. Be sure to thaw pretty well. This takes away from the fact that it is to mimic ice cream.

If you like frozen desserts, this machine is a great tool. I gave it only 4 stars, though, because it clogs easily and is hard to clean.

A little more difficult to use then they show on their commercial. Does not taste like ice cream, but we like the taste of strawberries and bananas.

Works great – just follow instructions – easy to clean.

This is a way to take away your ice cream craving and get your fiber in. It’s perfect for the summer and i make fruit ‘ice cream’ for my father that has diabetes. Oh yeah and its easy to clean.

Not for high volume production. Motorized unit tends to freeze up, so follow instructions, allow frozen fruit to thaw (a little), be patient. Great for making fruity soft-serve desserts (ice cream alternatives).

I would advise doing larger batches instead of single servings because there is some waste in the auger section after you push the fruit through.

Easy, delicious, healthy, love it.

An awesome machine, however it works best if slightly thawed items are used.

Great healthy alternative to ice cream .

I am threatening to take this to the next potluck for instant do-it-yourself designer desserts. So fast, easy 30-second clean up; taste is better than commercial ice cream when i add bananas to mellow out the acidic nature of citrus and pineapple.

Love itgreat product and healty.

It has been fun making a nice dessert from fruit.

This is really good for sugary ice cream replacement. You really don’t need recipe cards or a book because you just blend whatever fruit you like. You don’t need to use bananas for the base. I’ve used mango chunks or frozen cherries and it works just fine. If you like bananas, sprinkle a little cardamom powder on while pushing the fruit through. I’ve sprinkled cocoa powder for a chocolate cherry treat. Let the frozen fruit thaw a little for ease otherwise it takes a little more effort to push the fruit through and why strain the motor?. Process straight into a cone or into a bowl.

This is a great way to have dessert and keep the calories in check.