Avanti MKB42B Full Range Temperature Control : It was the perfect solution for a tiny kitchen with no stove

Use it daily and bake pizzas, pies, cakes, and more. I’ve had my avanti for a little over a year now. I regularly use it to bake full size cheesecakes, personal pizzas, lasagna and other goodies. I’ve not yet ever tried the rotisserie option. I really, really love this little oven. It does it’s job and is simple to use. Sometimes you have to cook things a little longer than a typical oven but this often isn’t much longer that it would be inconvenient – just fyi if you follow your exact times established on a standard oven or the back of packaging then you’re food may not turn out as expected. I just add a little time as needed and haven’t had a problem. Because it’s a convection oven it’s actually kinda hard to burn anything which is nice.Flip-side of that situation is that it’s a little harder to brown items even with the broiler on than a standard oven.

I purchased this as a gift for my granddaughter. She moved into a studio apt. She only complained that the burners & oven could not be used at the same time.

I love it but the retirement community would not allow it, so had to return it.

I got this for a small apartment we have and it is exactly what we needed. I tried all the features and they seemed to work well. It was excellent quality for the money.

  • Oven and burners
  • Needs to place it away from children
  • It looked great and was huge

Avanti MKB42B Full Range Temperature Control, Multi-Function Counter Top Convection Oven with Duel Burner Cook-Top, Rotisserie, in Black

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Has worked out nicely for me. Haven’t tried roaster part yet. Would be even better if you could use burners same time as stove. I just use a microwave when i cant use burners when the oven is going.

Shipped faster than advertised.

The oven is well built and as described. We were dismayed to find the rotisserie parts missing, but on contacting the company they were happy to send them out. The only trouble is they are back ordered til the end of february. I guess we will not be using that part of the oven until then. Overall pretty satisfied so far.

I have had the apartment for years and these things last. The last one i bought for this apartment was probably about 10 years ago. The price is right and it is durable.

I can heat up my lunch or cook something. I used the hot plate once, and it smelled like burning plastic. Perhaps that was because it was new?.

I ;like this thing, it works great.

It looked great and was huge. It looked great and was huge. I think it bounced around to much when it was in transit.

There should be some type of oven door hinge so. There should be some type of oven door hinge so that when you open the oven door it just doesn’t bang down. And an attached metal plate that indicates that the top where the burners are gets very hot. Right now all that there is, is a sicker that has started to peel off from the heat.Right now it is still attached but it won’t be for long and there’s no way to “glue” it back that can survive the heat.

Works great, oven is awesome, burners slow to heat but work well, good for small apartment.

I know that this can’t compete with an actual oven but if you are like me and don’t have enough room for one this is perfect. I make bread, pizza, muffins and everything comes out perfect. I have had it for a few weeks and so far so good.

I see more than one review slamming avanti for not allowing the oven and burners to run at the same time. However, there’s a perfectly valid reason for this. This unit operates on 120v and 120v residential circuits are either 15 amp (limited to 1800 max watts per circuit) or 20 amp (limited to 2400 watts per circuit). Also, under continuous loads of 3 or more hours these limits are reduced by 20%, meaning 1440 watts on a 15 amp circuit and 1920 watts on a 20 amp circuit. The small burner on this oven is 500 watts, the large burner 1000 watts, the oven 1500 watts. Since avanti cannot know for sure whether a customer has a 15 or 20 amp circuit the product must be manufactured to be able to work safely on the lower of the two and that means not exceeding 1800 watts, which is precisely what it would do if the oven and either burner were used at the same time. Safety is also the reason for the auto timer that shuts off the oven after 60 minutes and for not being able to use both burners at the same time; if forgotten and left on continuously the unit would overload a 15 amp circuit and trip the breaker, hopefully before starting a fire due to overheated wiring. People should not just jump to the conclusion that what inconveniences them is a designer flaw. In this case it’s very much a matter of safety.

When i received it , it did have a small dent in the top.

A very nice portable oven with two-burner cook top. I use it with my beginning 4-h members right now. I’m looking forward to having a boys’ cooking group in the future. My grandson, who loves to eat, and a friend of his have already decided to sign-up for cooking next year. I use it in a sunday school classroom where we hold our meetings. It’s not too heavy to move when needed.

My daughter loves it, worth the price. . I bought this for my daughter after she couldn’t afford her cooking gas service. Her and her boyfriend love it. He loves the rotisserie chicken feature and they’re amazed at how well it’s worked. They’ve since improved their finances but have no desire to go back to their gas stove. I take that as a ringing endorsement.

Arrived promptly and in good condition. Ordered for a loft family room. Arrived promptly and in good condition. Ordered for a loft family room. Our microwave just wasn’t meeting all of our culinary needs. So far, it is meeting our expectations. . Light cooking and baking for our snacking needs and when entertaining friends.

Wants to spot it away from youngsters. I have two rentals with tiny kitchen. It appeared best match but it took some planning to suit it. The unit is extremely really warm nd can take loads of amp. Won’t be able to operate incredibly hot h2o heater,cuisnart,or anything at all else with it. To spot it properly ,you have to cut the counter 15′ shorter and location it in fireplace proof surfaced place. If you have smaller young children ,must location it away from kids. It boils soup,cooks good ,have not tested oven however. Really high priced for what it is. I would’ve purchased a counter top electric burners for for much much less.

We have made use of this for about a thirty day period to six months and are very contented. Particularly like the timer that turns off the burner(s). I designed oven-roasted veggies and they turned out excellent.

Rather superior very little oven – far better than a easy toaster oven. . The burners are a small gradual to warmth up, but for its dimensions, it really is a extremely awesome compact oven.

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Avanti MKB42B Full Range Temperature Control, Multi-Function Counter Top Convection Oven with Duel Burner Cook-Top, Rotisserie, in Black
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