Clover B7A Hot and Cold Bottled Water Cooler in – Great Product!

Very useful cooler at this point after recent purchase. Only question is the hot water handle. It may not hold up as a dependable handle over long period of time.

Has been a reliable source of water, both spigots work well and is made very sturdy – no splash provides an easy way of swapping out bottles.

This is a very well made cooler with pre drilled holes on both sides so you can attach a cup dispenser which i did. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a well made water cooler. The hot is really hot & the cold really cold.

We have had this machine for almost 2 years. Compared to more expensive models this is the best bang for your buck. My only very minor complaint is that the water outlets are kind of low. Having to bend over to fill a water bottle is tuff with a sore lower back. The water only comes out at a moderate rate. We did notice a small serge in our electric bill but that was to be expected.

Keeps the water constant and cold. The body seems a little cheap, but hey, if it keeps my water cold, i’m good with that.

The main thing i wanted in a water cooler was to actually make the water cold. I did a lot of research and found that most of the popular ones only cooled water to around 50 degrees f and were not adjustable. All i can say is when i have any kind of drink, i’m the kind of person that fills the cup with ice first. This cooler is perfect for me. Makes ice cold water without needing to add ice to the glass and i don’t even have it turned to the coldest setting. I don’t use the hot water so i can’t comment on that. Water flows quickly, especially more so the fuller the bottle is. For ice cold water, this one is perfect.

  • Smart Purchase, Makes hydrating easy
  • I absolutely love this water dispenser
  • A good solid water cooler

We have had this hot and cold water dispenser for about four months and are very pleased with it. The hot water is perfect for tea or hot chocolate. The only reason that i gave it 4 stars instead of 5 was that i ordered black but received a white one.

He drinks more water now that it’s cold & not faucet water. We have to team up to put a new bottle on without spilling to much. The cold is plenty cold, never need ice. The hot is hot enough for tea and whatever else i need hot water for. Maybe not quite hot enough for hot chocolate but don’t drink that too often.

I’ve had this for about 3 months and have enjoyed every minute of it. It was shipped quickly and arrived in perfect condition. It keeps the water super cold and isn’t very loud, which is a plus. My wife was worried about it not looking great in our kitchen because it has a plastic looking outside but because it’s black it tends to grab less attention in the kitchen. Another plus is that it dispenses water quickly. It’s almost twice as fast as our previous dispenser, which is really nice. We use our 3 and 5 gallon jugs with screw top lids that we used with our previous dispenser and they fit and work flawlessly. I would definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a dispenser that is reliable and inconspicuous.

Very happy with our purchase of clover water cooler. Had ordered a cheaper cooler and returned it after a few days. Started searching amazon for another brand and found the clover. Decided to order and we are very happy with purchase. Only one thing i don’t like is that the hot water handle is childproof so it doesn’t flow too fast. Otherwise very thing else is great.

My dispenser arrived promptly and worked very well for the first month. During the first month the unit was quiet and you would not know it was in the kitchen. Since the the first month however the unit will make a noise once every hour or so as though it is re-heating or cooling the water. It lasts for about 60 seconds and then stops but it is a little annoying and makes me wonder if it a precursor to a bigger problem. The unit still works and appears to be sound in every other way.

Features of Clover B7A Hot and Cold Bottled Water Cooler in Black

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  • One piece ABS drip is removable for easy cleaning
  • Offers superior resistance to UV degradation
  • Comes with handle for easy transport
  • UV protected cabinet does not rust or corrode
  • Cold water temperature can be controlled to 35.6? F – 53.6? F by adjustable thermostat

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

We’ve used this cooler for over a year now. It has worked without any problems. We do not use the hot water dispenser, but do use the cold water daily. The water comes out nice and cold. I am glad we chose the cooler.

I purchased this unit for our office as our office and warehouse personnel had been wanting one for the past 6 months. I checked into renting one of these and then compared the cost of renting or buying and i figured this clover unit would pay for itself in 7 months. We’ve been using it for close to 2 months and have went through over 14 bottles of water with no problems whatsoever. You’ll love itregards,jimthe mercantile station.

Would have been nice for them to put a cold hot arrow for tuning the screw on the back.

The clover b7a hot and cold water dispenser works well. The cold seems cold enough, and the hot seems hot enough. About three years ago i purchased a g. Cold, hot, room temperature with a mini refrigerator and a stainless steel finish. It was less expensive and had extra features. Product from fry’s electronics in california and fry’s was out of stock. Bottom line, the clover works well but for the features, it is very over priced.

I’ve only had it about a week but good so far. We don’t use the hot side often so i chose to keep it off until needed. Seems sturdier than the ones i’ve rented from water companies.

Been operating for about 3 weeks. Dispenses mush faster than our previous cooler and is quieter.

One piece ABS drip is removable for easy cleaning

They are quiet nd thecold water is cold. They are small and slide perfectly into any corner.

Works great, the hot water works great for tea.

Luv the cooler but when it’s making hot water, it whistles. Makes really hot water for tea .

Shipment was fast and item described just exactly what it says :).

We had a problem with a leaky cold tap the first day we assembled and used the cooler, and the seller immediately got us a new one shipped. It’s working great now – very cold cold water and very hot hot water. Great customer service by this seller.

Best water dispenser we have owned. Would recommend it and would buy it again.

Offers superior resistance to UV degradation

It is the perfect size for our office kitchen and the option to have hot water too is a bonus, we are extremely happy with it. The delivery was so fast too.

What else can you possibly say?.

Have had this dispenser for at least 6 months and no problems.

No issues after several months. Have not tried the hot water yet, but i like the unit.

This unit is working just as i had hoped it would. It is a nice looking unit, and the hot is hot and the cold is quite cold. No issues or concerns at this time.

I bought one for my mom and one for myself and we both love it.

I got this water cooler to replace an old sunmeam cooler. I hoped for inecold water, instead of the sort of cold water in my last machine. I must say that so far, this machine does the trick. The water is plenty cold, and it refrigerats consistently.

Comes with handle for easy transport

I have purchased 2 of these dispensers. One for the home and one for the office. Hot water is hot and cold is nice and cold.

I have had the item for about two months now and love it. I almost purchased more expensive models and i decided to take a chance on this one and i am happy i did.

My hot water has been hot for months. My cold water is cold as ice. I absolutely love this water dispenser.

Cold water is cold, hot water is perfect for coffee in the aeropress. Have recommended this unit to others, and would purchase again.

We bought this water cooler to replace an old ge water cooler we had. The clover is a good solid water cooler. It’s sturdy, easy to change the water bottles, and easy to clean. I like the fact that you can fill a pitcher with cold water just by having the cold water spout stand up. The hot water has a safety feature on it so the water will only come out if the flap is pushed in a certain way. Overall,it is a good machine, especially at this price point.

UV protected cabinet does not rust or corrode

I bought this for my three teenage athletes who constantly need cold water. Cold water is icy cold and hot water is hot enough to make tea or hot cocoa. And it only takes few minutes. Kids don’t use ice in their water anymore and i don’t boil water for my tea anymore. And we all agree that this was the best investment.

No noise, hot and cold water delivered.

5 years later, still works great. No complaints and water is still ice cold.

Cold water is cold, hot water is hot – works great.

Braun Tassimo TA1200 Single-Serve Hot-Beverage System, I love my Tassimo!

My friend surprised me with this machine at christmas. I never even would have thought about buying something like this, and now i don’t know how i lived without it. It’s reliable, easy to clean, and brews yummy coffee. I also use it to brew espresso, which i then use to make frappuccinos. Love itupdate: over five years later. This thing has never had a single problem, and is used at least twice every single day.

1/24/07: the other reviewers have pointed out the pros and cons, and they are mostly on-target. I find this machine to be no substitute for a regular morning pot of coffee, but for breaks the rest of the day it works very well. It is too slow to make drinks for a large group. I find the latte, cappuccino, and hot chocolate to be very good, and you can add a shot of espresso to the hot chocolate. The seattle’s best discs make the best coffee for my taste, and i have not liked the tea it produces. One drawback the other reviewers have not mentioned is that the unit should be cleaned immediately after using one of the creamer discs for latte or cappuccino. There is always some milk left around the area where the disc sits. I keep a glass of soapy water next to the machine and drop the little puncture device into the glass to soak–just rinse it well before using the next time. But one must still wipe up milk from around where the puncture device sits. Also, as other reviewers have noted, it puts a lot of overflow water into the bottom of the cup holder, and this fills up surprisingly fast.

My boyfriend surprised me with this for my birthday and i could not have asked for a better present. The machine was very easy to set up (i was even able to set mine up slightly hungover). It does take a minute to warm up, but brews quickly. I thought i would just drink the regular coffees offered, but i actually love the specialty beverages, especially the cappuccino.My only complaint is that the pods are sometimes difficult to find in stores. I would suggest stocking up when you find them or just order them online. Overall, i am very pleased with my tassimo and would recommend it to all coffee lovers on the go.

Key specs for Braun Tassimo TA1200 Single-Serve Hot-Beverage System:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Hot-beverage system brews drinks at the touch of a button in about a minute
  • Patented T-Disc system with barcode technology; customizable strength settings
  • Beverages pour directly from T-Disc into cup; no measuring, no fuss, and virtually no cleanup
  • 50-ounce water reservoir; dishwasher-safe parts for quick cleanup
  • Measures approximately 10 by 15 by 16 inches; 2-year limited warranty

Comments from buyers

“dont loose the puncture thingy
, T-Disks are just ok
, Not for parties, good for singles and couples

I have had my tassimo for just over a month now (received it 10/4/05) and i am in love with it. I have all the different t-discs now since i can get them online from many places. I got my last order of t-discs from gevalia online, including the european varieties. I can have tea, hot chocolate as good as any i have ever had, cappuccinos, lattes, espresso, crema coffee (better than the ‘fake crema’ on the senseo), bold coffee, mild coffee. Since my wife drinks tea and i drink coffee and coffee drinks, and our nieces love hot chocolate when they visit, the tassimo is perfect. Contrary to what the ‘uninformed’ may say, this machine is very, very clean. There is a cleaning disc that needs to be run twice when you first get the machine, and then monthly. You do not have to run the cleaning disc after every cappuccino and latte. Also, almost all of the removeable parts are machine washablethe beverage selection is still limited (no flavored coffees), but i have purchased some flavored syrups and can now make flavored cappuccinos and lattes that rival any coffee shop for a fraction of the cost.This is real, high quality coffee too, unlike the flavia which uses some powdered yuk mixed with water.

Good looking appliance, works well providing the bar code is read properly. Other than that makes great coffee.

I received my order yesterday, great shippment time. However for some reason the bar’s on the t-disks will not allow my tassimo unit to switch over to auto after the heating process, instead it will only let me fill coffee cups in the ‘manual’ mode, so i thought my unit was bad but i put in another t disc (french vanilla) and my unit worked perfectly. Have you had any other responses from other purchases with my same issue?.

I bought two of these, one for home and one for office. They are quick and easy to use but refills can be hard to find. My reason for choosing this machine is the availability of tea, latté, cappuccino and hot chocolate in addition to coffee. I wish it had more flavored coffees. The only choice is french vanilla. While some stores carry two or three choices of refills it is hard to find a variety. You also need to check the expiration date before purchasing as some stores have old stock. You can buy direct from tassimo but their processing is very slow. I suggest placing an order a month in advance. Be aware that hot chocolate, latte and cappuccino does leave chocolate and milk residue in the machine.

We bought this the same day we decided to give our francis. We weren’t using it much and set-up and cleanup seemed too time-consuming and messy. The tassimo, by contrast is a terrific smart (and stylish) machine. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, doesn’t take up much counter room, isn’t expensive, and is very versatile. Friends saw it and went out just as we did, the same day, to buy one. After drinks here, one had a hot chocolate, another a cappucino, and we had espressos. All of that was fast, simple, tasty.

I picked my tassimo up for a bargain when the store was going out of business, the cost was almost half and i figured what the heck if it doesn’t work i am not out that much moneythe first time i used it i fell in love with the machine. It makes very great drinks from coffee, tea, hot chocolate, lattes, and cappuccino. And now i see tassimo is offering maxwell house t-disc in a larger size which is great for my travel mug. This machine has replaced my coffee maker, i only use this machine for all my hot beveragesthe only real complaint i have is the noise the thing makes, it is louder than the espresso machine at your starbucks. Other than that the barcode reader helps makes the perfect beverage everytime, it heats quickly, and the tank is actually big enough – in comparison to my old pod brewer. I looked at k-cup makers and dollar for dollar the k-cups were going to cost more than the t-disc. This is a great deal when it comes down to cost per cup.

I bought this because it is the only system with a quality coffe to go with it (starbucks). This is actually better than i thought. It really makes a great cup of coffee; equivalent to the brew from starbucks. However the ‘capuccio’ system from gevalia is only ok. I prefer to just add milk rather than that disk. Be careful because there is a piece of plastic which punctured the disk to allow it to work and which can come off when you remove the disk at the end and get it thrown out. The company answered the phone promptly; wanted 10 bucks for a replacement; i complained and now they are sending a free replacement. I will be more careful about that puncture device.

The tassimo is a great coffee maker when it works; however, if yours ever goes out, like mine did recently, it will take you 2 months to get the packaging to send it in to the repair facility that tassimo uses; then another month to get your machine back. I suggested that the company provide loaners to their devoted customers, but i do not think they took me seriously.

Let me preface my comments by saying that the machine works beautifully–truly a piece of engineering. No muss, no fuss and very reliable temperature in the beverages. It has solved the errant coffee ground problem in our kitchen (which my wife loves)however, the choices for coffee are very limited. If you like french roast or other varieties, this machine is not for you. If you’re down with the same gevalia cup every morning, then by all means this is your machine. To add some robustness to my morning brew, i have started adding a shot of espresso (from the tassimo, of course) to my cup–this actually works pretty well, but uses 2 t-discs rather than one. The hot chocolate t-discs are reliable, but not great. If you are used to homeade hot chocolate (or mexican varieties with spice), this machine will disappoint. Again, the tradeoff is convenience and efficiency for taste and quality. The espresso is a little syrupy where it should be earthy, but the crema is a nice touch.

Love this product, it gives my family the versitality to have what they want–when they want it.

My boyfriend and i searched around for awhile looking for a single serve coffee pot. We were very interested in the tassimo mainly because it was the only one that can make lattes and cappacinos. We did a lot of research online and read many reviews just like this one. Well we are so happy with our tassimo. I am in love with being able to have any type of coffee drink i desire. Now i will be honest, the first time you start it up it will scare you because it is so loud and it vibrates the counter. However we put a folded up towel under it and no more vibrations. It is still loud but after a few days we didnt even notice it.

I purchased the tassimo as a gift for someone else. After seeing it in action, and tasting the delicious results, i had to have one myself. Another reason to buy it, was i wanted to have some espresso every once in awhile. But, after going through the super hassle of making just one espresso with a starbucks barista at my brother’s house, i knew there had to be an easier way. And the tassimo is so simple, easy and fast. While you are paying a fee for the convenience and taste, in my opinion it’s well worth it. This coffee is so good; i used to think about the next cup of coffee at work. I couldn’t wait to get home and have another espresso, cappuccino or what ever. These coffees have such exceptional aroma and taste; i have stopped using tons of creamers, that made my old coffee palatable. Now, since they are so yummy, it’s maybe a dash of sugar, or mostly just black.

. I love the noise it makes sounds like a jackhammer. And the green and red lights and orange. . I am addicted to the the press the button load noise flashing lights. And the warm disk as you put it into the trash. Wonderfulonly thing i think needs improvment is the the creamers are not sweet. I drink them anyway maybe i get use to this creamer???mine is still working over 100 disks this mounthdont get a broke machine is all i can say?.

I purchased this product from target for $129 today for two reasons: 1 – i have recently developed a dependence on starbucks caffee mocha – it does not have much of a coffee taste, which i like, and the shot of espresso in it helps me concentrate. I work at home and its easy to get distracted. The small size has been costing me over $3 so i need to just make it at home 2 – though i’m not a coffee drinker, most of my friends are and i like the idea of being able to offer them a cup of coffee, cappucino or espresso (or hot chocolate) now and then. I researched the single serve machines quite a bit and found that tassimo is a good machine, though the coffee is not as good as if made from freshly ground beans in a french press. That’s okay with me – i’m just making one serving a day of espresso and mixing in a bunch of skim milk and chocolate powder so it does not have to be the best coffee flavor. Very practical as it is quick and each cup costs around $0. 50 based on the t-disc prices. Note: the milk discs use a liquid rather than a powder, and this supposedly makes a better cappucino than the machines that use powdered milk disks. I use the gevalia espresso, then add hot skimmed milk frothed with the handheld aerolatte, then add two spoons of ghiradelli hot chocolate mix. It tastes great, albeit not quite as rich as starbucks product.

I have this unit, it is remarkable how it works. If you are a coffee lover, especially cappuccino. . It’s no fuss, fast and great tasting. I just ordered the ta1400 model and plan on bringing this unit to my summer place.

I was lucky to have already tried this at work so only needed to convince my other half that we needed it. Various coffee makers have had their position in our kitchen over the years from the filter machine to the expresso pressure type. They all lost their appeal quite rapidly as the use/cleaning far outweighed the benefits of the taste. This machine is different – i don’t know of a better one.

??have you ever gone somewhere with a friend to grab a cup of coffee, not in a star-big-bucks but just a diner, and been talking away and you stop and say ‘wow, this is good coffee’. Your friend agrees; you both look around and see that they grind/brew their coffee with some custom made machine. Well this is the same type of coffee you get out of the tassimo when you brew any of the regular coffees. A step up from my old carafe coffee, which was really only good if i ground the coffee myself and made coffee immediately; and then only the first 5 minutes is the coffee the right temp; after that the carafe is not hot enough. The tassi-mojo is much better than i expected. The coffee is delightful to the last drop and we never have the half full cups around the house anymore. The cappuccinos and lattes are absolutely divine and seem better than star-big-bucks.Maybe that’s because i can make it with my eyes closed and in one of my own real mugs.

I spent hours deciding between the tassimo, senseo, and keurig. The keurig does have more options as far as coffee brands go, but it is primarily a coffee maker- it lacks the ability to use real milk and create heavy foam for high quality espresso drinks. The advantage of the senseo, of course, is the price – it’s half the cost but it doesn’t use real milk, doesn’t make espresso drinks, and lacks the coffee variety of the keurig. Ultimately, i decided that in the long run the ability to make drinkable espresso drinks, as well as delicious coffee, on the tassimo outweighed the greater number of disk options (in the keurig) and the lower price (of the senseo). Altogether, i am very pleased. Regarding each type of drink on the tassimo:1. We use this primarily as a coffeemaker. It brews within three minutes and the coffee comes out hot and strong. I order my t-disks from tassimo direct and the gevalia coffee is excellent and reasonably priced.

Convenient, great coffee, & looks good on the counter. Just too easy to throw in a disc, push a button, listen to the engine (which i like), and then walk away with my order. What other maker has a bar-code reader?.It is noisy compared to drip, as, pump vibrates like an aquarium pump on roids & the milky bevs require 2 passes: coffe disc, then, the milk disc. I’ve tried the senseo too & i like this one mucho better, esp w/ rebate. For the price range, this machine rocks. Maybe was ref before, but for review from the experts: [.

I bought the tassimo beverage system for my home after researching other machines. I selected the tassimo because you can make a variety of coffees, tea and hot with it and because only the finest pods are used. I loved it so much that i purchased one for our office. It is equally loved at work. The beverages are flavorful and hot.

I used to make 2 separate pots of coffee, one for my husband and one for my self then throw at least 1 1/2 pots away. The t-disc are a little expensive but you get what you want every time and no waste.

Aroma Housewares Professional 20-Cup : this rice cooker exceeds expectations

We love our rice cooker plus it has so many other different options you can use it for.

The only down side i see is that it doesn’t have a removable lid. So it is not that easy to clean the lid.

This is my first rice cooker and its a winner. Cooks perfect white or brown rice. Works great as a slow cooker. Even cooks great banana bread.

This is a need for everyone. Great product does exactly what it says.

  • I like the larger size because I like to make a
  • Works everytime
  • We love our rice cooker plus it has so many other

Aroma Housewares Professional 20-Cup (Cooked) (10-Cup UNCOOKED) Digital Rice Cooker and Food Steamer, Stainless Steel Exterior (ARC-2000A)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Perfectly prepares 4 to 20 cups of any variety of cooked rice
  • Steams meat and vegetables while rice cooks below
  • Easy-to-use, programmable digital controls with automatic Keep-Warm and White Rice, Brown Rice, Steam, Quick Rice and High/Low Slow Cook functions
  • 15- hour Delay Timer for flexible meal planning
  • Includes Recipe Booklet, Steam Tray, Rice Measuring Cup and Serving Spatula

I travel a lot with my husband and in our hotel room i use this little cutie to cook hotstews. Soups, it’s great as a slow cooker, steamer, rice cookersave us money when in hotels.

Excellent addition to my kitchen.

Cooks rice perfectly every time. I use a mix of brown and bblack rice with lentils in it. It also does well as a crock pot and can cook a big roast much more quickly. Better than a low crock pot.

Cooks evenly, but a little slower than my other aroma rice cooker.

Had one before for a long time. Bought this same model, slightly updated. I like the larger size because i like to make a lot of rice and then freeze portions. I had no problems with the last one, sans a little browning on the bottom. This time i read that a rice washing bowl helps reduce fine starch particulates, therefore reducing browning on the bottom. I bought the inomata japanese rice washing bowl with side and. (i like that little kitchen gadget).

It is nice and big about the same foot print as our old one , which had a good long run- over 5 years was still working fine but the non-stick liner wore out, but taller and holds more. Only had it for about 3 months but it works like a champ so far.

Love this multipurpose appliance. Rice cooker, steamer, slow cooker = happy working mom. The keep warm feature makes this different from a crockpot. It stops cooking at a set time and then switches to warm.

Yes, it fill my expectation. I have two and i am going to buy another. For cook i do not use another thing. This is the first time using rice cooker and is fabulous. I have two sisters that for long time ago they used the rice cooker and both of them always said to use the rice cooker. And i am going to buy three more one for each of my sister one for my daughter. I am doing promotion for these arc 2000a profecional to every friend and family a nd they like it.

Delivery was on time, product intact. I used it for the first time just with white jasmine rice. The rice was beautifully tender and fluffy, i’d soaked it for 30mins and rinsed prior to cooking. I’m going to try regular long grain next time. So far i’m very pleased, thank you aroma and amazon 😃.

However, parts on the lid/handle already broken.

Saves me time, and helps me eat healthier.

I use this rice cooker everyday and makes perfect rice every time. I love the delay feature, i was worried the rice will be mushy but it came out perfect. I made a sweet rice cake (biko) using the delay feature and brown rice setting and it came out perfect, no stirring and no burnt bottom. It will be fun experimenting with different rice recipes with this cooker.

I like it very much, it is really practical.

Was looking for a rice cooker and found this gem. I have also used it’s steam feature on chicken, which was great. The chicken came out moist and juicy. I used the crock pot feature to make cornbeef and cabbage for st. Patricks day and it turned out wonderful. The price i paid was a great deal for this 3 in 1 kitchen appliance. Would recommend this product to friends and family.

I have really enjoyed this and have bought any as gifts.

All the settings work appropriately for each type of rice. I use it almost daily for rice and quinoa and also for slow cooking party favorites.

Cook rice chicken and veggies in steamer insert in 20 min one pot magic machine.

Recently got this throu’ amazon.

Keurig V500 Vue Brewer, love this product

This product hands down better and hotter than k 2. Have not seen coffee left in cups on my counter since it arrived. Why this series was discontinued when it allowed you to choose the temperature and recycle pods was not a smart move. I owned 4 machines from the old platinum and classics to the 2. Which by the way was going to be my last until i found out about this series. However after years of using these machines the company had better beware the 2. 0 isn’t in the same class as the vue.This has temperatures just about to commercial standards up 197 degrees.

This doesn’t take the k cups?. I haven’t seen vie cups i just bought this and haven’t gotten it yet but now i’m worried.

Very happy with the vue brewer. It arrived in a timely manner and properly packed to avoid any damage. Will continue to enjoy our coffee at any time of the day and it will be a fresh cup each time.

Key specs for Keurig V500 Vue Brewer:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • BPA free black plastic construction
  • Brews in under one minute
  • Fully programmable black and white touch screen
  • Auto on/off
  • Energy savings mode

Comments from buyers

“In Daily Use
, Just right
, Item discontinued need the K2V cup adapter

After having it for a while i wanted revise my previous review. Some kind reader told me about the solifill brewing cups and it has rocked my world. I have to drink only de-caf and love flavoured. With the refill cup i can have pumpkin, egg nog, toffee etc when i want and it saves so much money. Cons: it is very, very noisy.

Unfortunately sits relatively unused now, as keurig doesn’t support v-cups as widely as k-cups.

Years later, and still going strong. Know keurig stopped making vue machines, but do still offer vue cups online. I personally fee it brews better than standard k cup.

Although it was used it looks like new and works like new.

Priced very, well, easy to use, virtually no setup, be sure to purchase the correct cups for the system as we initially purchased the wrong cups.

Replaced one that i had in the past. Thank you for the fast delivery.

It may be a great brewer, but i sent it back because i couldn’t find ‘v cups’ anywhere. Also, i didn’t see anywhere on the info that you couldn’t use k cups with it.

Easy, efficient and coffee never tasted better. Nothing else to saywe have told several peopleand now they are using it too.

I looked at so many different keurigs i was completely confused on which one or kind to buy. I found this one at a great price and the frothing feature really sealed the deal for me. It takes vue cups which are rather hard to find in my area, i’ve only found them at bed bath and beyond, but you can get an adaptor for the k cups to work in it. It has an automatic turn on and off feature plus an automatic shut off you can set for so many hours. You can set the temperature as well. My taller cups don’t fit with the drip tray in so i pull out the silver ring and put it in the base of the drip tray just in case of spills. Definitely happy i got this keurig. Also i got my keurig for free by saving up free amazon gift cards i earned.

This is an awesome system, our staff uses it daily and it has held up wonderful. Now my wife want one like this at home too.

Faster than regular coffee makers and the coffee/tea is better.

We had been thinking about getting this for about a year. Not sure why i waited because it is awesome. Not so much a coffee drinker but getting a variety pack allows us to find just the right taste we like. It’s just fun to try new coffees, teas and even the cold teas are great too. It’s super easy to use and refill. Not any louder than a regular coffee maker.

I’m very happy with the vue 500, brews really hot coffee, great when you bring your coffee to work and it’s still hot. The only downside for me is that you have to remember to press the button for the amount of coffee, 8 oz. Automatically comes up so i have to remember to press for 10oz. , to get a full cup of coffee, other than that i’m enjoying my new keurig, especially i can use my own coffee with this model, sad that its being discontinued.

Nice unit with nice options for size, strength and type of beverage you are brewing.

The longer i have it, the better i like it. I have experimented with the brewing features until i am satisfied with the results. It is everything that it promises, so if you are looking for a beverage brewer, this is the one. I bought the adapter k2v cup and it is wonderful, it lets me use either kind of the beverage cups, and so it’s just about perfect.

When i ordered this item, i didn’t realize that it had been discontinued. My fault since i didn’t research before purchasing. Found out that you need an adapter in order to use the k-cups with it since the vue cups are pretty much obsolete. Very happy with the machine itself. Just a heads up when purchasing, it has been discontinued.

I haven’t seen a lot i don’t like about this unit. It’s my first single brew coffee maker. They are a little costly per cup, but the convenience is there. I can’t find the vue cups everywhere like i can the k-cups. Walmart is the only place who carries the vue cups so far that i’ve found. I know i can order online, but that’s not always as convenient. Haven’t had it a full month yet, so i’m not sure what kinds of failures are due to come, but i have used it at least once a day and sometimes multiple times a day. I have brewed coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and the 2 step cappuccino.

My mom is technologically-challenged and pressed for time — the intended audience for keurig machines. I gave her this for christmas and it’s been a big hit. However, i have been disappointed that the vue cups are so hard to find in brick-and-mortar stores (her preferred shopping habitat). I’ve owned two original keurigs (non-vue models) but ultimately felt they were gimmicky, poor quality, and expensive (both upfront and ongoing for cups). I expect this one to be the same. If it lasts between 12 and 18 months and provides my mom with hot coffee and a bit of marvel 5-7 times a week, i’ll be satisfied enough.

Christmas gift for my wife and she simply loves itthe touchscreen is pretty simple to navigate through. It has selectable strength ‘regular’ and ‘strong’ and ounce size for your mug or cup (i believe up to 14ounces). The spill tray is removable for your travel mug to slide in or in my wife’s case tilt it just a little bit to get the travel mug to fit under, but then it lays level (at least with her 16 ounce travel mug). I am not a coffee drinker, so i will have to rely on her for the next comment. She tells me that when selecting 10/12/14 ounces you need to use the ‘strong’ brew strength otherwise it’s too weak in taste. She is a one cup a day kinda woman (maybe), so i would assume from that that it’s pretty weak when not on ‘strong’ brewing for those sizes. I cannot comment on 8 ounce brewing because we’ve never used it. **** also, you will have to buy a 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 adapter. This will only brew ‘vue cups’ otherwise.They are more difficult to find****they are cheap enough to buy and slide right into the slot to allow you to brew ‘k’ cups.

I am finding that there are not that many store that carry the vue coffee packs, other than that it is working out very well.

I had one before and loved it so i decided to kick it up a notch for my husband’s gift. He is supposed to take it to work but so far he hasn’t. Maybe i will keep it and send our old one with him.

DELLA Electric Air Fryer, I love it

Never heard of air fryers until i saw this and have to say for the price its great. I have been tweaking with it and have made some awesome meals.

Very satisfied with this purchase. Bought this air fryer after being disappointed on black friday by a bait/switch at another retailer. Wanted to try out an air fryer without investing too much money. Really like the process and the end result. French fries turn out crispy without the oil, my children like the chicken strips and other prepackaged frozen things that we have made in it. Overall cooking process is very simple and we are quite happy with the purchase. In the future we will probably purchase a more expensive air fryer with more features available, but this product has certainly met all of our needs at this time and has been a good investment.

Key specs for Della Electric Air Fryer with Temperature Control, Detachable Basket and Carry Handle – Black 3.2 QT, 1500W:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • New model of Electric Air Fryer allows you to enjoy your favorite fried snacks or foods without the added calories from dunking food in oil
  • Adjustable temperature control from 175A Degree – 400A Degree allows you to prepare a variety of food from crispy fries to juicy wings with little to no oil at all
  • ETL Certified; 2 knob controls for temperature and timer
  • It comes with a detachable basket for easy transfer from the fryer to a serving dish; Equipped with a carry handle for easy transportation & storage
  • 30 minute timer with automatic standby. The air fryer will automatically switch into standby mode when the cooking time is done

Comments from buyers

“Happy with my Fryer
, Easy to use
, Very good air fryer


I bought this to replace a big boss that shattered on the 3rd day. If there is any advice i can impart; it’s to get an air fryer with a large capacity and no glass.

It lets us enjoy all our favorite food minus the calorie and fat of deep frying.

Love this air fryer makes so many things so easy. No oil is a plus and i can easily just spray a little for taste.Just wish i could find baking pans simply that didn’t cost a fortune. I started using tin foil pans and silicone too.

I was skeptical when i bought this, but hopeful. It’s small but powerful, and now we can have the crunch of fried food without having the mess of oil everywhere.

Better than any fries i’ve ever made at home. Beware: it’s big and requires a fair amount of storage space.

I have been eyeing air fryers for a while. I don’t like greasy food, but i love the crispness that you get when you fry foods. First of all, this fryer has a cute shape to it. There is a handle on the top to carry it. The handle recesses into the top when not using. I’m not sure what i was expecting, but this air fryer can hold a lot of foodthe first thing i tried was hash browns. Usually i add oil to the pan and fry them. They can end up greasy and not appetizing, not to mention higher in calories. I put them in the basket, set the temperature and set the timer.

My della air fryer was delivered on 8/9 so i tried it on 8/10 and cooked a chicken breast and also some fresh okra that a friend gave me that morning and both were great. One of the best things was no greasy food and no oil splatters from frying. I know i am going to enjoy using this.

Just got this item yesterday. . Couldn’t wait to try it out. I’ve only tried frozen french fries so far, but it worked great and they were delicious.

Makes great shake and bake pork chops and chicken. Frozen fish, fries and chicken nuggets turn out delicious. Have also tried breaded vegetables and cheese sticks, worked fine. You do have to spray pam or another oil on the freshly breaded items to keep the crumbs from flying around and to give a fried texture.

I purchased the della© electric air fryer with temperature control because i had seen these at wal-mart and was really interested in trying one. I didn’t buy the one at wal-mart because i just saw it in passing and did not have time to research it. When i was home i googled it and found out that these fryers actually fry your food without grease or oil and only use air. As you might assume i was pretty skeptical of this actually working. I thought it may cook the food, but would it really give you that crispy fried feel on your food?. I decided to bite the bullet, buy one, and try it. My husband and i had gastric bypass surgery a few years ago so we are always looking for healthier ways to cook and prepare food. It took a little over a week to get the fryer in the mail. It came in through ups and was packaged inside a shipping box.

I recently got this product and,,,,,,,,,,,,so far i love it. I have used it for home made french fries, frozen french fries, frozen onion rings, breakfast sausage that was pre-cooked, chicken and fish. I added only a 1/2 tbsp of oil in the home made french fry batch. They were a little dry but crispy. Food cooks much faster in this unit. By the time my oven would heat up for any of the other frozen items they are complete in the air fryer. So far i am very happy with this unit. Basket is non stick and nothing i have made so far has stuck or made a huge mess.

I got this air deep fryer because i love to have french fries along with chicken nuggets and anything really deep-fried. I like this unit it’s black silver has a timer and it’s healthier than getting food into hot grease and cooking it. I was amazed how this unit works because it cooks the food and even if you put olive oil or some kind of coating on french fries they turn up crispy they turn out really delicious and it cooks very fast for an air fryer. Cooking time was about 10 to 15 minutes and it was really really good. As an amazon prime member, i participate in review programs. These programs offer products that i receive at a discounted price in exchange for product feedback that is honest and unbiased. My reviews look at the entire product offers from function to presentation and quality. I help buyers understand the product uses in practical life situations. You can trust the reviews and please note if my review was helpful. My view has not been influenced in any way.

First thing i tried were french fries. The recipe book it comes is rather vague, so i went to youtube to view recipes. Tried one where you blanch the potatoes in boiling water, pat dry, season and then you use the air fryer. Lots of work and they came out okay, but not how we like fries, slightly golden, a little crisp on the outside, tender inside. Some fries were light brown and others were pale and limp. This was with plenty of basket shaking as the videos instruct. Not to give up (i had lots of unused potatoes from my costco purchase), this time i peeled the potatoes, cut the fries into 1/4 inch strips, soaked them for 30 minutes in cold water, drained, patted dry, seasoned the potatoes with very little olive oil, garlic seasoning and ground pepper. Then i placed fewer fries (2 layers of fries) into the basket at 400 degrees for 10-15 minutes, shaking the basket every 5 minutes. Golden, lightly crispy outside, tender inside.

French fries ok, but you have to bake the potato to almost done, then cut up and fry to get a nice crunch.

We bought our air fryer and liked it so well we purchased 2 more. I was surprised how versatile this cooker is. I knew it would cook appetizers and frozen hor devours, but was really impressed how it cooks meats like chops, loins and even steaks. It doesn’t do large batches of food, but for my wife and i the portions are about right.

Works great and the food incredible. Can still get crispy fries like i like.

It’s more like a mini convection oven.

Great fryer, just wish i could get accessories for it so i could do more.

Exactly what i was looking for. Versatile and convenient, easy to use and easy to clean.

I’ve been wanting an air fryer for a couple of years. I am crazy for french fries, taquitos, tater tots, etc. Pretty much anything deep fried. What i am not crazy about is the insane amount of oil required to run a deep fryer, or the greasy mess using one entails. So i usually wind up baking those things instead of frying, and it just isn’t the same. I finally got around to buying this air fryer, and i used it to cook a big batch of frozen french fries last night. It only took like 11 minutes to cook the whole batch, with a quick pause for shaking halfway through. They were crispy on the outside, perfectly soft inside, and best of all, they weren’t dripping with nasty grease. No more soggy oven-cooked fries for us.

Bamix Deluxe M150 – 150 Watt 2 Speed 3 Blade Immersion Hand Blender, Still Loving it!

We have had it for a year, plastic holster broke after 4 months. We received a replacement and its been awesome since then.

It does everything the well.

I purchased my first bamix in 1983 from a gentleman selling from a kiosk at an airshow. His demonstration of the unit, at that time, sold me on the purchase. I used that little bamix almost daily (i make morning protein smoothies and lots of fresh vegetable soups and sauces) for the next 23 years, until the motor finally wore out. I tried to locate another bamix locally but none were sold at any retail stores. I purchased numerous wand mixers and frequently burned the motors. At $20 to $40 dollars each, i assumed i got what i paid for. I happened in a second hand store one day and found a duplicate bamix in the original box for only $6. Alas it lasted another 6 years before giving up. I decided to bite the bullet and purchase a new bamix again.

Key specs for Bamix Deluxe M150 – 150 Watt 2 Speed 3 Blade Immersion Hand Blender with Dry Grinder and Table Stand:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Handbuilt in Switzerland with 3 stainless steel interchangeable blades: Aerating blade, Blending blade and Chopping blade to handle every kitchen project. Includes a dry grinder, table stand and 5-year warranty.
  • Powerful 150 watt AC motor keeps constant, precise speed under heavy loads. It is energy efficient supplying more power with less watts. Balanced to reduce vibration and ensure quiet operation.
  • 2 speeds: Low – 9,000 RPM and High – 12,000 RPM with push button control for continuous or pulse action with an ergonomic handle for comfort.
  • The body is PA6 safety rated nylon and fully sealed so blender can be submerged to seam below speed controls. Stick is chromated brass. Both are high heat resistant to safely use in boiling liquids or hot pots.
  • Open head design creates a perfect vortex to draw food into the blades for faster and more efficient mixing. All parts are easy to clean under running water.

Comments from buyers

“it can do a job of a stand mixer on the go🍰
, I love my new Bamix
, Still Loving it!

I purchased this version of the blender as it came with several attachments and a nice black stand. The units are, with the exception of the long neck gastro, virtually identical. Thus the choice is what attachments you want and perhaps the color of the unit. As you would expect from the inventor of the hand blender, the quality, durability, and ease of use outshine any other blender on the market. We had a braun for many years and it was excellent but if you are making squash soup or some other dish that has pithy ingredients, this unit will give you the power and speed to purée the ingredients to the smoothest consistency.

I bought this bamix to replace the one i purchased at a home & garden show in 1985. It still works fine but was beginning to heat up a little so i ordered this one. It seems more powerful than my old bamix but my old one is only semi-retired.

Great for smoothies and quick blending of small batches.

Crushes ice, whips non fat milk (and soy milk) into foam. I’m worried about losing the tiny blade though.

Bought this for my wife this last christmas. I usually wont buy kitchen gadgets. Made that mistake once, many years ago. But i took a chance, because she had mention that she would love one. To make a long story short she really love this blender.

Bought this after reading so many raving reviews and comparing to others. I mainly use it for smoothies. Foran immersion blender, its damn good.

Had one of these mixers for at least 20 yrs. Gave this older one to our son. Purchased a new cheap ‘knockoff’ in wally world. These ‘knockoffs’ are so inferior to the bamix that we ‘traded’ the newer ‘knockoff’ to him in return of our old reliable bamix. Well, when we got it back we realized he did not care for it properly and the shaft was ‘locked up’. Thus, a new one was ordered. We have not even used the new one yet. This new one has very few differences from the old one. With that in mind, we have no doubt that with proper care this one will last us until we depart this earth.

So far this works like a charm. All previous attempts at making mayo with my food processor failed, but with this unit i had amazing homemade mayo in 15 seconds. My cream of broccoli soup is so fun to make now — no transferring hot liquid to my food processor and then back into the pot. I wouldn’t have paid so much for this if it hadn’t been for gordon ramsey’s youtube video, but now i know why he was so impressed with his bamix. I’m impressed with my bamix, too.

I love my bamix, it does everything it promises to do and more. It is very easy to use, clean and store. All in all, perfect for a small kitchen to work and feel like a large one.

With this one no longer needs a food processer, blender, coffee grinder, and several other items.

I originally purchased a bamix back in the 80’s at the tulsa state fair. It gave out a few years back. Glad i found this one on amazon. Best hand held mixer on the market.

My last one identical to this one lasted 20 years and i’m looking forward to having it that long.

The produce is terrific and all attachments are wonderful. It does a terrific job on everything i have tried so far. My only drop from 5 to 4 stars would be a bit nit picky but the cord is way too short. You cannot reach very far with the cord as it is and i times it is aggravating.

After a couple moves, my old bamix hand mixer disappeared (had for a good 15-years) and i just couldn’t do without it any longer. Purchased this unit and have been so happy for quick and easy smoothies and sauces. The stand is a nice addition – i keep it in quick reach on the countertop. I prefer the bamix over other models on the market mostly due to its smaller profile and easy cleaning.

Use it often, wish it had more power.

I’ve tested it in salad dressing, mashed potatoes, whipped cream, soup, chopping veggies, and making homemade laundry stain remover and it did the jobs superbly, in seconds, and very quietly. I’ve got a lot more things to use it for but couldn’t wait to give my review. It’s so well made and sturdy, i’m sure i’ll be using it for years. It will make a great gift to leave to my daughter, the baker. I thank those who left informative and honest reviews; they’re most valuable toward making good purchases.

I have had one for many years in the netherlands, now that i moved here there is no other i wanted. I had to get a new one for 110 volts.

I previously owned a bamix immersion blender, but it broke. I then switched to a kitchen aid- but not a fan. Due to the fact that i use this tool frequently, i decided to purchase this one. Not even a comparison, and i love the different blades and stand that comes with it.

Absolutely a must have for every kitchen. It’s an excellent product in performance and quality. Also recommend the additional bamix immersion blender blade – meat.

I’ve used bamix blenders for about 25 years. I bought my first one at the state fair, and that one is now being used by my son. This model had some cool new features, so i upgraded. I use the bamix for quick mixing tasks, chopping nuts, making lump-free gravy, and quickly making baby food for my granddaughter. It is quick and easy to clean. Now my daughter is asking for one, too.

You just need to be patient and read the details on the attachments. It can be a little intimidating but if you follow through and be patient, you will love this. Just understand which blades work with your application. I made a chipotle butternut squash soup and and a poblano corn chowder with shrimp and used the immersion blender for thickness and it worked really well. It’s a little pricey but well worth it.

FRIGIDAIRE FFMV162LB 1 – Works for me

Excellent quality and simple to use.

We’re not huge microwave users in our house — we don’t need a lot of bells and whistles — just the ability to warm a cup of coffee or defrost from time to time. This was as good as the high dollar microwave we pulled, bolted right into the location, and looks decent. It’s about 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of any microwave we could find locally. Great price, decent features. Only annoying thing is the ‘hey, i’m finished’ bell, which was too loud and too long.

I got it on time and it works great.

I really like this microwave. It’s very plain but also very efficent. I have had ones with all kinds of buttons but this one is easy to use and works very well.

The microwave is good, but the beeper repeats like three times and doesn’t let you push stop till it’s done.

Easy install – worked great out of box – paid big $$ for ge profile which decided to short out its pad. This unit equivalent in many ways and much more affordable.

  • Does what I need
  • Perfect for our needs.
  • Performs well Good price

My old one died mysteriously and sat there taking up space for months. We turned it into tupperware storage for a while. After months of procrastinating we finally found this one on amazon. Yes, the beeping after food is done is a teenie weenie bit annoying, and the clock seems to gain 5-10 minutes every few days, but it’s a nice machine. The buttons and setting are so easy and intuitive i don’t have to explain it my wife or guests. It cooks well and looks nice.

**** 3 year update ****this frigidaire unit was pressed back into service when our kenmore died again with a much more expensive problem. At least the frigidaire has been operating well for 3 years. No problem in that department. The handle is now ready to fall off for good. The spider cracks that were forming from almost the beginning are now extensive around both the top and bottom of the handle. I expect the handle to come off completely in the next month or so, so we’re ordering a new microwave. No, it will not be a frigidaire. Once the handle comes off, we would have to replace the entire door if we wanted to keep this unit. This is because it is not the handle that is shattering, but the door itself.

This microwave has been great. It was easy to install and we have had no problems.

Looks good, cooks quickly and the added features are a bonus. As for the beeps, it isn’t any louder than my old microwave,maybe a little quieter. Only annoyance is having to hit stop after cooking is complete, to keep it from beeping again.

As with any over the counter microwave it is best to have two people to install. I managed to install it myself, by propping up the unit on a box. The unit gives a triple beep when cooking cycle is done. I do not find the beeping objectionable.

Features of Frigidaire FFMV162LB 1.6 cu. ft. Over-the-Range Microwave

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 1000 watts
  • 10 power levels
  • Two speed 300 CFM venting system

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

The unit gives off the most annoying beeps, 3 of them, when the cooking is done. I’ve already scoured the internet looking for ways to configure those beeps and have determined that it is not possible. But the price is right, and performance is good, it’s just your neighbors also know when you popcorn is done.

The microwave arrived about 4 days after it was promised but the microwave itself is great. Works great and had everything needed for installation.

It does everything it’s supposed to and it looks great.

The pros: it’s a microwave and it matches our range. I assumed by the price and brand it would be high-quality. It does perform as it should, heats evenly, spins food, has a built in hood vent. The cons: very loud latching mechanism. Shutting the door on it sounds like an 82 buick being slammed shut in your kitchen. It is absolutely loud enough to wake others in the house. Another major gripe is the alarm when finished heating. This is the only microwave i’ve ever used that insists on emitting its loud beep even after you open the door to remove food. You can push ‘stop/cancel’ if you wish to end it early but opening the door doesn’t silence it. Additionally, if you set the timer and don’t start it within 5 seconds it reverts back to clock.

I was looking for a microwave for over the stove. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, as this is a house i’m renting that doesn’t have a lot of counter space. It doesn’t have a ton of buttons, but the cooking space is perfect and it works nicely.

Purchased a month ago as replacement for 1989 over-the-range ge model on which the 3 cent ‘stirrer’ finally broke. This frigidaire with less power (1 kw vs 1. 35 kw) is more efficient (i. , faster) and the shortcut buttons are welcome. But here’s what you’ll hate: (1) though the 30′ x 15′ front face exterior dimensions are comparable to the old ge (i. , it fits the old space between the cabinets), the frigidaire is a couple inches larger in the front-to-back dimension, so it juts out past the cabinets just enough to look out of place (tip: measure the depth of your cabinets before purchasing; frigidaire front-to-back exterior dimension is also 15′); (2) the internal lamp is so dim, and the black painted pattern on the window so dark, that it’s hard to see what’s going on in there (e. , microwave oatmeal boiling over??); (3) as others have said, the 3 long beeps announcing the end of any operation is often irritating, but i found (after many attempts) that pressing the stop/cancel button just right will interrupt/cancel the beeping, which leads to. (4) the keypad is pretty non-responsive. You gotta hit those buttons in just the right way; i found slow full fingertip pressure (as if you’re trying to leave a fingerprint) works best; a quick stab at a button does nothing. Anyway, decent basic microwave, but a couple irritating features.

1000 watts

This is a great replacement microwave for my sharp. At first i thought it wouldn’t work but if take your time and review the old verses the new, this unit will work.

10 power levels

Two speed 300 CFM venting system

DELLA 048-GM-48214 1000W Electric Meat Grinder Kubbe Attachment : Fat Clogs Often

After reading a lot of reviews on hand and electric grinders i decided to order this machine. It arrived within a few days, after reading the instructions and cleaning the machine i ground a one pound ribeye and a 3/4 pound lamb steak to mix up for burgers. It ground it all the first time within a few minutes. No issues at all, the machine cleaned up quickly and easily. The instructions do say it has a 50% duty cycle (run for 10 minutes and let cool for 10 minutes) so if you plan on grinding more than 20-25 pounds of meat at a time it would be wise to give the motor a break. I was not compensated in any way for this review, just a guy that wants to grind his own meat so i know what’s in my burgers.

Excellent kitchen grinder practical, useful, and easy to clean and maintain.

DELLA 048-GM-48214 1000W Electric Meat Grinder Kubbe Attachment with 3 Blade, Silver, Small

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 1000 watt motor powers through the toughest meats
  • Easy operation; full/half/reverse function; circuit esker locked in to prevent motor burnout
  • Multiple-purpose grater W/ 3 different cutting accessories (coarse, medium, fine grinds of meat)
  • It’s the must have for food lover and cooks
  • Including 1 stainless steel cutting blade, 3 various stainless steel cutting plates; 1 plastic food pusher; 1 sausage attachment & kibbe attachment

It does what it was advertised to do.

Gift, by the way he loved it.

The machine worked as expected. I was a bit disappointed because i read that it grinds 4-5 pounds per minute and it took over 10 minutes to grind 8 pounds of pork loin. This is not enough to make me return the product; but, i am not thrilled since i grind 10-15 pounds of meat every week.

DELLA 048-GM-48214 1000W Electric Meat Grinder Kubbe Attachment with 3 Blade, Silver, Small : It does exactly what it is supposed to do. As far as gripes, i have only one. The dies are similar to cast iron in that they have to be hand washed, quickly dried, and oiled, or they rust in a hurry. Otherwise i have had very little problem with this little unit. We make sausage from various meats virtually every week. Update:we accidentally damaged the cutting blade. We spent hours online trying to find any information about purchasing a replacement cutting blade and could not figure out how to do so. I contacted della directly through their customer support email option on their web site and have heard no response. Bottom line, it is possible that i am simply unaware of how to purchase replacement parts for grinders, but i can find no way to do so.

Ok so i actually paid for this. Everything was in place, no parts missing. First try, grinded some lamb. Product has 2 speed setting. First speed a bit on a slow side, second was perfect. Had no problems of any sort. Grinder did what it supposed to do, grind meat.

Put a deer threw it no problems.

This meat grinder seems to be a good workhorse. Tried it with a mix of brisket, oxtail, and pork, and everything was ground up well. It helped to put the feeding tube and disk into the freezer before using, as the fat didn’t adhere as much and clog up the works.

I’m a senior and this was so easy to assemble and use.

I took a chance on this and it worked out exactly what i needed.

I ground hundreds of pounds of deer with this unit without so much as a hiccup. One minor nitpick: it says it’s 1000 watts which i was certain couldn’t been true and sure enough, the box says ‘1000’w max locked motor wattage’. I’m not sure exactly what that means but i’m guessing that’s what it’ll draw right before something melts or a breaker pops. The motor is plenty strong and will do any job you throw at it. Easy to take apart and clean to. I received this wonderful product in exchange for an honest review and unbiased opinion.

Dansk Torun 5-Piece Place Setting : Matches my set from 2007

Purchased for a wedding present. The bride selected this pattern and she loves it.

Dansk Torun 5-Piece Place Setting, Service for 1

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Includes a dinner fork, salad fork, knife, soup spoon, and teaspoon
  • Length of dinner fork: 7 3/4″, salad fork: 7″, knife: 8 1/2″, soup spoon: 7 1/3″, teaspoon:
  • Crafted of 18/10 stainless steel
  • Comes in gift box
  • Dishwasher-safe and tarnish-resistant

They seem to be the older style than the ones we bought from bbb, sadly the knife from this order actually has a little rust in the blade, which they are not suppose to do so that dissapointing, and the edges of the handles are little more flat where the original ones we have are more rounded.

99 per place setting, amazon is offering this pattern at outlet prices for torun. I have owned this silverware for over 10 years, and it looks as good today as when i purchased it. The stainless is of the highest grade, 18/10, and this ensures that it will tolerate the dishwasher very well. Instructions that came with mine said to polish it once a year, but i have not found this necessary. The stainless is of a quality that it doesn’t show scratches either. The design is timeless; it will be as contemporary 25 years from now as today. It is also versatile enough to use for every day and formal occasions. The only thing that takes getting used to is the knife; the curved handle allows for positioning the knife with the blade down. Also be aware that complementary and serving pieces are going to be expensive and hard to find.

I have the torun from the early 1980s. Beautiful, wonderful quality. However, the weighting of the pieces really takes some getting used to. Feels awkward in your hand, the knife is frequently falling off the plate, and pieces are always getting dropped when clearing dishes or serving buffet. Although i love this set, and how graceful and artistic it looks on the table, it is hard to live with for daily use. Enough that i am using my mother’s silverplate from the 40’s instead and now shopping for a new pattern.

Dansk Torun 5-Piece Place Setting, Service for 1 : Wife loved it since it matched our formal set.

I really apprecate that the seller contacted me to confirm they are different than the original.

We bought these thinking that they would match a previously purchased torun set, but they are inferior quality. They are lighter weight, and the stamp in each of them is large and deep (and ugly). The shape of the spoon bowls is not the same- they’re more elongated and the transition to the stem isn’t smooth. The bowls aren’t even smooth oval shape. The bottom ends are less indented in all of the spoons and forks. The stems actually have corners instead of being smooth. Our old set, made in japan, was very good quality, and it has worn well. The craftsmanship of these chinese ones is far inferior. It’s disappointing that this formerly high quality item had its production moved to china.

In the pictures, the 1998 set is on the left and the new ones are on the right. The knife is ever so slightly shorter, as is the fork. The soup spoon has a more elongated bowl and the edges of all pieces are more blunted and less rounded than my original set. The overall quality is fine and most guests would never notice the difference. I returned them because i notice the difference and have decided to purchased used ones that will match perfectly. If you’re starting a set from scratch, i would still recommend these.

Like others, i found these pieces ever so slightly different from what we have had for almost thirty years. They are slimmer, lighter and a bit more delicate. There is a bit less mass in the handle. There is nothing wrong with them unless you are simply accustomed to the earlier style. Because i was concerned that they might be forgeries, i ordered a set directly from dansk and i can confirm that this is what they have for torun now. The dansk set was identical to the ones purchased here. I weighed one of the new pieces and it weighed in at exactly 10% less than it’s older cousin. My conclusion is that it was a cost-saving measure, probably when they went to manufacturing in china. Not everybody will be able to pick out the different ones from a bin of stainless and your dinner guests will not notice any differences in their table service, if that helps.

You just can’t go wrong with this pattern. I registered for it when i was married in 1996, and then in 2013 a friend of mine got married and she registered for it too. So, this 3-piece hostess set was my gift to her. My set from 1996 looks just a beautiful as her new set looked in 2013. My favorite pieces are the knives – they stand upright on your table.

I initially purchased this one place setting of dansk torun in order to ‘test drive’–to see if i liked it enough to get a whole set. I was replacing previous flatware that i had grown tired of, and sold for a nice sum to replacements. When i decided that i did like this flatware pattern, i went back to amazon to get more place settings. Earlier there had been an 43 piece set (8 settings + 3 serving pieces) which was available at a discount over the individual setting price, but that was no longer available. I had to go elsewhere in order to purchase the remaining place settings and serving pieces. Even though i purchased my full set elsewhere, i am reviewing the flatware here in case sets become available in future. I searched long and hard for the perfect set of flatware. Here is what i like about dansk torun:- i like the weight of it in my hand. – minimalist, modern design.

I completely agree with the reviews citing the difference when they moved manufacturing to china. We started with an 8 place set of the older korean made and loved them. When we added to make 12 place settings a few years back, the sets are different. Quality is indeed lower, too. They weigh less, are not as polished, and do not ‘spoon’ well, either with other chinese made or the older korean counterparts really a big disappointment for the premium price. The head company is obviously profit taking from such an esteemed model and brand. Switched over to henckels for every day use, the designs are complimentary, quality as good or better, and about 45% lower in price.

Able to replace the missing piece from my set.

We had a bunch of older settings and needed to add to it. While it is the same items, they now manufactured in china instead of japan – i know dansk of asia???. Anyway, they are not the same. They are slightly different with more of an edge instead of smooth. Close enough and we are desperate enough to keep them. These are our everyday silverware so not that big of a deal, i guess.

I was so very glad to find order to replace missing pieces that i must have lost or tossed over the years.

I received the items i purchased in a reasonable amount of time. They were exactly what was ordered.

Just got them yesterday, and they match the set i have from 2007 perfectly.

Beautiful flatware from a respected company. Good quality, goes through dishwasher beautifully (just keep them separate from other metal utensils).

Beautiful dinnerware and well made but note that they did change the shape of the flatware from what it was when we first bought it 25 years ago. That said, if you’re building a set now you’ll have no problem with that. Just make sure you like the feel of these very slender utensils—takes a while to get used to them, but i love them (i have medium size hands). Our original set has worn well for 25+ years—no damage from daily use. We purchased these new ones to outfit a new apartment.

Very beautiful and feel great in the hand. Wife is very happy and will be ordering 4 more sets, great quality and craftsmanship.

This is the last set i purchase thru amazon to complete my dinning set. It’s made in korea not china, so they are a bit heavier as it should be. There are other made in japan that are also good. Very please with the seller.

Bamix Pro-1 M150 Professional Series NSF Rated 150 Watt 2 Speed 3 Blade Immersion Hand Blender, Powerful and well-made

After my old braun gave up after 20 years of use, i couldn’t find another simple stick blender. Some of the new ones have 15 speeds which i can’t fathom why anyone would need. The bamix is beautifully made and quiet in operation. The lower end is all metal and nicely finished. The upper is all sealed and fits the hand perfectly. It is very easy to clean and has more than enough power to do any chore needed of it. Yes, it is more expensive than the made in china equivalent, but this can be used for more than a minute and the quality and attention to detail are obvious.

The bamix immersion blender is a must have in my kitchen. Best thing is they last forever and have so many uses. Polenta has never been easier to make.

Made some great homemade mayo yesterday adn it makes my morning organic coffee with raw milk and coconut oil like a whipped dream much better than any starbucks. It is a little pricey so i hope it lasts a while. Made in switzerland not china.

Key specs for Bamix Pro-1 M150 Professional Series NSF Rated 150 Watt 2 Speed 3 Blade Immersion Hand Blender with Wall Bracket:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Handbuilt in Switzerland with 3 stainless steel interchangeable blades: Aerating blade, Blending blade, and Chopping blade with NSF rating to handle professional cooking projects.
  • Powerful 150 watt AC motor keeps constant, precise speed under heavy loads. It is energy efficient supplying more power with less watts. Balanced to reduce vibration and ensure quiet operation.
  • 2 speeds: Low – 9,000 RPM and High 12,000 RPM with push button control for continuous or pulse action with an ergonomic handle for comfort.
  • 5 3/8 inch shaft is chromated brass. The body is PA6 safety rated nylon and fully sealed. Submersible length is 9.8 inches. Both are high heat resistant to safely use in boiling liquids or hot pots.
  • Open head design creates a perfect vortex to draw food into the blades for faster and more efficient mixing. All parts are easy to clean under running water.

Comments from buyers

“The Best Pro Mixing Tool money can buy!!
, Powerful and well-made
, Used Everyday for Years

We already have a fancy mixer like this, she insisted that she absolutely had to have this one. In the interest of family harmony, i gave in and ordered this. Must admit, it’s very well made, and my wife insists that it’s much more powerful than our (less than 1 year) old one.

I love this little helper in my kitchen.

The bamix pro-1 m150 just arrived today. I love my bamix immersion blender, this was bought for our son, he will love it, too. Great service, excellent product.

My bamix pro-1 did not have the ‘s blade (slicing) blade (item 560510). . It is mentioned in the manual and all the other blades were included. Other than that the product works very well. Will somebody contact me regards the missing part?.I’ll let y’all know if they do.

Amazing onemade an avocado milkshake last night.

I inherited my bamix in 1989. Today when i started to blend egg yolk and oil for homemade mayo, the motor sounded as strong as ever but the shaft wouldn’t turn, so a new unit was ordered by my husband for a mother’s day gift. This is a favorite kitchen tool.

So much quieter than my braun, and the alternative heads come in really handy. It just takes a couple seconds to whip up my eggs, with a little cream to make the fluffiest scrambled eggs ever. Keep it in a handy place with the wall mount kit and you will use it often. I also use it to puree soup. It’s much safer that putting hot soup in the blender. It does a great job of quickly breaking up all the chunks. I recently took a cooking class at one of the local retail cooking stores. I don’t know what kind of immersion blender they had (breville maybe?), but i realized how much more power my bamix has. Granted, the other was quite a bit quieter than my bamix, but i’ll take the improved speed for the price of a bit more noise.

I use this one mainly for my glaze cakes, but after using it 4-5 min continuously it warms up a lot. . Im not sure if thats normal, other than that it works like a charm.

Always wanted this hand mixer. Finally bought it and i love it. Use it for soups, making mayo, and many other places. A little difficult changing the parts, have to be careful to line them up.

I bought this to replace a previous one that i’d had for 25 years. I was pleased to find the same brand again. It is far superior to many of the less expensive ones.

Everything i was expecting and hoping for.

I have had this blender for about 10 years. It may be an even earlier version than the pro 1. It’s simple labelled as ‘bamix of switzerland’. No kitchen should be without one. I use mine practically every day. It is the most used accessory in my kitchen and of course i could not be more pleased with it. As my cooking skills have grown, so has my dependence on this blender. My blender has a plug-in to the mains but i don’t see a power cable attachment in this image. Clean-up and storage are easy. For me, this a fabulous and indespensible kitchen accessory.

My first bamix died a horrible death, being the victim of a science experiment gone awry. It was an august 22 years old, and still as reliable as when it was first removed from its box. I’m looking forward to a long and happy relationship with this model. I promise to protect it from harm and children who solemnly swear they are up to no good.

It’s easy to grip and it works like a charm.

I bought my first bamix in 1978 at the la county fair after seeing it demonstrated and i have used it constantly for all these years. This last year the motor started slowing down, so i have been watching for a deal. I think my first one cost $150 back then, so i was thrilled to find this one for less. I have tried at least 3 other brands of wand mixers over the years, having received them as a wedding present or gifts. All the wanna-be’s cannot hold a candle to the bamix. You can whip non-fat milk into whipped cream, quadrupling the volume in 2 minutes flat. Egg whites to meringue in 1 minute. The trick is to use a tall narrow container and draw the wand up to add air into the mixture. This great tool is totally worth the money and lasts almost forever.This time i actually bought the stainless steel beaker (only $7) to use instead of using my baja fresh cup, and who-hoo, even quicker results.

This is replacing a bamix pro i had for over 18 years. Works as expected and hopefully this one lasts as long.

I love this immersion blender. It is a replacement for a cheap-o stick i previously owned. The bamix has good power, it is lightweight but feels substantial in the hand. It is quiet and easy to clean. The wall bracket is kind of flimsy and the compartment for the blades should be a bit deeper or should have a cover. I feel like the blades are going to fall out, but the quality of the blender makes these just little annoyances, not big deals.

I have had an immersion blender for years. It is worn out, so i went on line to find one and you had the bamixaffordable and fantastic. People just do not know what they are ;missing without a bamix in the kitchen.

It is powerful and does a good job. This is not an inexpensive unit, it is very well made and solid. A blender cup and nice wall bracket for storage is provided as well. I gave 4 stars (would say 4. 5 if you could) because i wish that the staff that holds the blades would be removable for better/easier cleaning (like to be able to run it in the dishwasher). There are 3 small blades that are provided for different types of “blending”. They all have different purposes/results which work very well. My fear is that these small blades will get lost if you’re not being very careful keeping them accounted for. Replacement blades are available for about $10.

I’ve had my bamix for over 30 years and it just started to make noises (bushing my hubby says). I wish i could get it fixed instead of getting a new one. I have made soups and peanut butter, smoothies and purees (when my kids were babies). I take the blade off and wash it by hand if i’ve used it in oily or sticky stuff. Otherwise, pulsing it in soapy water and then clean works fine.