El Paso 10023 Quesadilla Maker – Makes good quesadilla’s and all

Never had one of these before so i can’t compare. The only negative thing i find is that the tortilla itself is unevenly toasted. Perhaps after some experiencing using it, i will know how to avoid that.

I received this item from my sister because she used it on rare occasions. I am not an avid maker of quesadillas, however me and my boyfriend are very fond of pressed sandwiches and this pretty much does the trick. So far i’ve heated & pressed chicken parm, media noches, and grilled cheeses. It also creates equal lines on the sandwiches which make them easily cuttable. While it may not be a panini press, it is definitely useful and i am very happy with this product.

This el paso chili quesadilla maker works great. This is actually the second one i’ve owned. The previous one lasted for a number of years, however, my wife accidentally dropped it and it broke the hinge. I made a point however to buy the exact same brand as i knew the quality and results i received with the first one. Others have mentioned the clean up, as with most electric appliances, it’s not like you can throw it in the dishwasher, however, i find it not that horrible to clean. I hold the pan vertically and wash with a washcloth and then rinse. For us, the toughest part is buying the right sized tortillas. There seems that there is no science in the world of tortilla manufacturing, so the size of the tortillas will vary. Overall, a little practice and you’ll find the size that works best. Our favorite is a bbq chicken quesadilla.

The directions are a bit backwards but its a pretty simple appliance. This things has not left my counter in a month. It makes the best quesadillas seals them perfectly and crisps the tortillagreat buy.

Not much else to say but this little machine makes awesome quesadillas. No complaints at all with product.

I love the product and the grandchildren and i enjoy ‘exploring burrito options’. However i was disappointed by the size. . I had seen only one other and did not know that mine would be smaller.

  • Works perfectly
  • Great for quick snack – cooks fast, even and cleans easily
  • Loved It

It makes awesome quesadillas with less mess than the first brand i tried. I use it several times a week for quick meals with little mess & clean up.

A pain to clean well but works great.

Makes good quesadilla’s and all, but you are limited in what you can put in the torrtia’s because it doesn’t let you you close it if you over stuff. Cleaning it is a pain, i would like to get a new one.

This quesadilla maker is awesome. My wife and i use it almost daily. It is super simple to use and makes a great lunch or snack. Anytime cheese spills out we just wipe it off while it is still warm and it comes right off. We haven’t had problems cleaning it, but product doesn’t usually spill out anyways. This quesadilla maker has made lunches so easy and fast for us.

Easy to use and cleaning is simple. I will buy for wedding gifts. Great for dinners and desert and kids can use there imagination.

Features of El Paso 10023 Quesadilla Maker

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  • Non-stick plates
  • Built-in drip reservoir
  • Power light (on/off)
  • Ready light
  • Includes El Paso Chile recipes

Make sure this fits
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It’s such an easy way to make a quick little meal. I only cook for myself, but i use it to make all different kinds of meals. I have baggies in the freezer of different meats already cut up, and i just grab a bunch, let them thaw, and throw in a few other things. The only thing i am not crazy about in that some of the cheese (and i use a lot) gets stuck in the lip. Not a real problem but just thought i would mention. It’s really fun to cook with.

First, i wiped the grilling surfaces with a damp paper towel and dried them well. Then i used a spray can of olive oil to lightly mist the grilling surfaces. I let it soak in for a few minutes, then wiped it, leaving a light seasoning of oil. I preheated the appliance for about 4 minutes, then laid on a flour tortilla and put some small bits of cut-up cooked chicken and a sprinkling of shredded cheese. I laid another tortilla on top and closed the lid. I did not overstuff the filling and the lid latched just fine. None of the filling squirted out. In 4 minutes, i started to see steam coming out and i opened the lid and my quesadilla was ready. It was delicious and comparable to a restaurant quesadilla with one bonus: not greasy.I love this kitchen appliance.

This maker works just fine – certainly not necessary but fun and festive for making quesadilla if you have room to store it. My lid (top) seems a little loose moving from side to side, but i’m not sure if this is intentional or not.

We got this after a 25 free gift card so thought why not get something we would never buy with our own money. Turned out to be a nice little gift. We’ve only used it once but we loved how it made the quesadillas. It really made the exterior part taste delicious and that’s what made our kids like it too. We can’t speak for the durability because we’ve only used it once but it looks like it might hold up for repeated uses. If you have the chance to get one on sale or get a gift card, this would be an excellent purchase.

I was so happy this particular quesadilla maker was still around, because i broke my brother-in-law’s and had to replace it. It works great and i’ve already made several quesadillas. I would recommend being very careful with the little chili pepper closure, because that was the first thing that broke off on the original. The zig zag pattern also wore off the first one within about a year of use and washing. It’s a good product and it didn’t just break out of the blue, i had to replace it because i had it sitting on the stove when i was making tea and turned on the wrong burner. So as long as nothing like that is happening to it, it’s very sturdy (with the exception of the pepper). I think it’s a really cute design and worth having one around if you love quesadillas like we do.

This is our second el paso quesadilla maker – the first one was a gift that we never opened for about a year. Once we started using it we loved it for making quesadillas quickly. It heats up fast and cooks evenly. The non-stick surface is very easy to clean – generally wait for any cheese that overflowed to cool and it wipes right off. The little tray for drippings is handy, but very little overflow actually makes it to the tray. I will say the first one of these we had (the gift) just burned out one day and needed to be replaced. However, we liked it so much that i ordered the same one. For the price it’s a very good buy even if it needs to be replaced after several months of nearly daily use.

Non-stick plates

This is a christmas gift for my daughter in law, she’s gonna love it. Thanks for the fast service.

Love this works great i love that u can just heat tortillas up make quesadillas or even make a grilled cheese sandwich clean up is so easy it doesn’t stick or wear out love it great product.

The el paso quesadilla maker works great and comes with many different recipes. We have a lot of fun making and trying the different quesadilla’s. Great for parties and fun at work.

This is an awesome portable machine. At least i don’t have to wash any dishes after i make my kids the quesadilla.

Love this quesadilla maker that i bought one for my sister-in-law. It is so quick and easy to use. Clean up is a breeze, just wipe it out. We use it at least one every two weeks.

Built-in drip reservoir

Decorative piece fell off first use. Teflan coating is coming off.

It has been such a ‘hit’ with my grandchildren. I purchased 2 quasadilla makers for my 2 oldest grandchildren. We all love, love love to make quasidillas.

I love this quesadilla maker. If your a person like my wife and i, that works all day and dreads coming home to make dinner, this is a very good solution to a great dinner. It is very easy to use and you can buy precooked chicken or steak to add to your cheese quesadillas. The teflon coating on it is very good and makes for a very easy clean up. I can make a dinner for 3 in about 10 mins.

I bought this for a friend have had mine for almost 2 years and every time i babysit she was leaving me a can of the chef and i wanted her to try this so i made everything and made lunch at her house and they loved it so i ordered her one for the kids and they are using it like crazy.

My husband and i bought this because we had a giftcard and had no idea what to get. We honestly use this at least once a week. We love it because it makes dinner for both of us in less than 10 minutes the way we want it. He likes meat, i like veggies and we both get what we want. I never had a problem with cleaning any nooks and crannies because i don’t overfill my quesadillas, use extra large tortillas, and use cheese around the edges (about 1 – 1. 5 inches from the edge) to seal the quesadillas together.

Got this for my mom’s birthday .

It does exactly as it is meant to do, creates perfect quesadillas. Easy to use and fairly easy to clean.

Power light (on/off)

This is what my 18 year-old high school senior wanted for christmas. Takes it to his friends’ houses to make fresh hot quesadillas. Its simple to use and clean-up is easy. The cord is a bit short so you can’t go far from the outlet.

Ready light

Gourmia GJ750 Wide Mouth Fruit Centrifugal Juicer 850 Watts Juice Extractor – Great Machine/ Moist Pulp

This is the first juicer i’ve ever purchased so i didn’t know what to expect. The juicer works great and clean up is easy. I have been rinsing the parts off and washing them in the dishwasher.

My mom needed a juicer extractor. You really do extract the juice from the fruits and vegetables. It really is was the product states.

I bought this juicer about 3 months ago and i use it almost every day. I need at least 2 large carrots and 1 apple to juice 8ozs. The machine juices the carrots easier when i cut them in smaller pieces and the machines needs lots rinsing to clean. I also end up throwing away what seems like lots of carrots, but the juice tastes absolutely delicious. The juicer is also easy to assemble, and sits nicely on the countertop. Here are the specifications for the Gourmia GJ750 Wide Mouth Fruit Centrifugal Juicer 850 Watts Juice Extractor:

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  • WIDE MOUTH: No need to spend time cutting, slicing, and prepping. Throw in your fruits and veggies whole!
  • 850 WATTS: Simple dial with two quiet, max extraction settings. Turn low for soft fruits like oranges, tomatoes or lemons; and high for harder varieties like carrots, beets, or ginger.
  • LARGE CAPACITY: Designed with a sleek stainless steel exterior and cutting blade. Holds 32 ounces of juice and boasts an 8.5 cup pulp tank for continuous pure juicing action.
  • DISHWASHER SAFE: Easily disassembled parts are all dishwasher safe for breezy cleanup.
  • ETL CERTIFIED: We, at Gourmia, take the quality of our products seriously. This product is ETL certified so you can be confident that you’re receiving a safe, efficient, high quality appliance.

Can not beat it for the price.

I juice carrots daily using this. Cleans real easy while the pulp is still moist (literally rinses clean). Comes with a brush for the blade.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Very satisfied
  • The parts fit into each other like a charm
  • works great and clean up is a snap

I got this for my sister-in law for her birthday and she loves it. She said it works great and is easy to clean.

I bought another one of these for my mother. I juice a lot and i think my original one is about 6 years old now. Soon i’ll be getting myself another one as the blades are just now starting to get dull and i accidentally pushed my ginger a bit too hard through it so some of the plastic got shaved off on the thing you push the fruit down with. This juicer has been through hell with me and still runs perfectly. I juice a lot of very hard fruits and bark like items through it. I also don’t have time to chop everything up so entire apples go in. Back in my 20’s i used to own an industrial juicer that cost me around $500 at the time. This one almost works as good as the industrial one but i don’t get as much juice from wheatgrass with it but it does do a wonderful job. Super easy to put together and super easy to use.

I’ve had the juicer for over two weeks and i am very happy with the purchase. I soon found that cutting the pieces smaller than the opening before putting them in the juicer, provided more juice to drink. The pulp was wet when i inserted big pieces and dry when i cut the pieces into smaller sizes. Clean up is a breeze as long as you do it immediately. Except, in all honestly, the stainless chopping thingy takes some scrubbing to clean well. At least they included a brush just for the job. I like the carafe because it is large and when you pour the juice into a glass it keeps most of the foamy stuff from going into the glass. I have not seen the need to use the second higher speed setting yet. But as i mentioned, i cut everything up into smaller pieces.

Been juicing with this for a week now. Love the wide mouth that fits whole apples and beets. It has no problem cutting through tough veggies and everything i put in always comes out smooth and tasting great. Highly recommend this for the price point it is at.

Just received today so far very good but i will update in few weeks after used.

The juice is amazing and the pulp is so fine i have made brownies out of it and used it in pancakes. It’s super easy to use and clean up is a breeze. Suction cups hold it in place.

So far it is a great juicer. It works very nicely, and i am very happy i have bought it. The only thing i disliked about it was that their was no place indicating where the ebook could be found, but a friendly representative gave me the link to the e-book when i asked. (i asked in the question/answer section of the juicer. )update: it broke ;((((( i was putting in some fruits that were pretty soft when i heard a loud thong. The juicer stopped and wouldn’t start. I only occasionally used it and i loved it when i had it. For health reasons, right before it broke we have been trying to make juice every day for my grandmother.

Overall good product for the price. Sometimes it does seem the juice comes out a little thick, as if it still has some pulp left from the veggie/fruit. Also there is a small area that i have a hard time getting the brush to clean properly. Overall it works great and easy to put together.

There’s definitely better juicers out there; however, for the price, it works amazing. The juice ratio you get is great. It has suctions on the bottom so it doesn’t vibrate all over the counter. The juice comes out with a very slight pulp, but overall it’s not noticeable. I’ve worked with commercial juicers so i’m definitely a little spoiled when it comes to overall quality. What is a tad annoying is the small screws to take off the mesh basket that i’m convinced i’m going to lose eventually.

This is my first juicer so i cannot compare features or whether my observations are normal. I have used it more then 7 times for 1 type of juice – combination of carrot, red beet, pink lady apple, and ginger:- bubbles – the juice has bubbles on top and the collector cup cover is nicely designed to keep the bubble from pouring out into your glass- cleaning – there are 7 parts to remove/assemble and clean/dry (if you use the juice collector, 5 if you used your glass directly to collect the juice), all 5 parts gets pulp all over it, the material is easy to clean as you can just rinse it out and since they are crystal & black you don’t see any fruit stain (i was using carrots & beets). – pulp – there are 5-8 big slices that didn’t get grounded and i could sense it happens when the blades makes that big clanging noise – seems like it chopped the fruit and pushed it to the pulp collector. I would say though 90% of your fruit is juices with allowance for the big chunks and still wet pulp. – whole fruit – i tried the medium sized apple, it goes through but not all the way (there is a barrier at the bottom of the tube), it get stuck/won’t fit all the way through so i have to cut the apple.

I bought this to juice celery. It does the job however, there is some waste with smaller pieces and it doesn’t juice the leaves at all. Most of the pulp gets caught up in the plastic top instead of the receptacle bin. The juice is always foamy on top. Overall, it’s adequate for my needs so i kept it.

I have tried other juicer before, and i must say i was the most satisfied with this piece. Firstly, the spout a the top is large enough for most fruit and veggies. That’s a big plus for me to save the extra step of cutting everything into smaller pieces. The second biggest thing i look for in a juicer is how easy it is to clean. I was very impressed with the thought put into this device. Not only does all the parts come off easily there is a brush that helps clean out the hard to get to places. Took me about 1 minute to clean out the entire product. This product has a great size container for the juice and the coarse pieces. While juicing i was able to just focus on putting the fruit into the spout and not worry if the juice might overflow. It was great fun juicing together with my kids and i wasn’t afraid to allow them to put the fruit in the spout.

This is the best juicer we’ve ever had. Normally, a juicer will just sit and collect dust because of all the work it requires. This juicer is easy to clean afterwards and the most important, you actually get juice for the whole family. This is the best you can get for this price. I have no complaints whatsoever.

Great juicer – powerful enough for all fruits and veggies i’ve tried so far, including beets, celery, carrots, cucumber, herbs, lemon, apple, berries, oineapple, kale, and more. The only downside is how labor intensive the clean-up is. But that’s the case with all juicers. You have to really be dedicated to it if you want to make it worth the time.

This is pretty easy to clean and does the juicing trick as well as the jack lalane brand which we had formerly.

This juicer works really well. It’s very quiet and fairly easy to clean. It gets all of the juice out of fruits and vegetables leaving nothing but dry fiber. It doesn’t work well with berries or bananas but the manufacturer points that out in the instructions. I’m waiting to see how long it lasts as i’ve only been using it for about a month. All things considered, i’m very satisfied with this purchase especially given the price.

BLACK+DECKER & Decker BCM1410B 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker – Great coffee pot at first but it quit working after

This unit makes good coffee. It is simple, convenient to use, and does what it says it will do. Pros: brews enough coffee for me and my wife to each have two large cups. Keeps the coffee warm for two hours after it is made. The ‘sneak a cup’ feature while still brewiing works perfectly. It is easy to program the unit to start brewing automatically at a future time. Cons: perhaps it is the lighting in my kitchen, but it is hard to see the numbers when programming the time. The handle of the carafe seems a bit flimsy; it hasn’t broken but it just doesn’t feel solid when i pick up a full pot of coffee. I’ve only had it a bit over a month but so far i’m very satisfied with it.

I’ve had a b&d no carafe brewer [3 cup max forever, used it nearly to death. Decided to step up to a 10 – 12 cup brewer, since winter is coming and i’ll be drinking more java now. After unpacking it and running the obligatory 2 cups of vinegar and water brew thru this machine [then flushing it 2 more times with clear water] i made a fresh batch of kona roast. . Outstanding the timer works fine, the warmer works great. I hope this one lasts 3 years too. ]

I like this coffee maker but it has 2 drawbacks; 1- it takes forever to get a hot cup of coffee. The coffee right out of the drip is tepid at best and if you need a cup of coffee now you’d have to microwave it. 2- the grounds basket for some reason does not drain completely and they are always soppy wet grounds to be dealt with. Does anyone else have this problem with the coffee not being hot?.If i leave it on the warmer pad then it will be hot but it takes forever.

The price and simplicity were exactly as i was looking for. Love that we now have the programmable option. . Though i keep forgetting to set it.

Love the part that it will automatically shuts off after 2 hours.

Bought it for the wife for christmas.

  • I like it hot
  • Great cup of coffee
  • Works great so far but its a little different from the

Works great so far but its a little different from the bd i had before. As soon as i received i ran two pots of water though it and it was 2 days without coffee i instantly made a pot. Hope it last like my other bd.

This coffeemaker is classic and easy to use. It can be programmed, which my husband and i love, and the coffee always comes hot and delicious. Plus, it has a stopper so when you take the pot off while it is still brewing, it won’t drip or spill.

We have it for couple months so far and it’s doing good. Just what we need – timer for early morning and auto shutoff after 2 hours, and simple brewing. Simple and cheap coffee maker.

I ordered this coffee maker to replace my old one, same brand. I give it 4 stars instead of 5 because even though the well is much larger than other brands, the carafe still leaks when filling the machine. Programming is easy and reliable.

Small price to pay for a good coffee maker. Kind of difficult to see the fill up line. Easy to read the clock and set the timer.

Features of Black & Decker BCM1410B 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker with Glass Carafe

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 12-cup coffeemaker with 60-ounce Duralife glass carafe
  • Push-button controls; LCD display; programmable clock and timer
  • Auto-brew; brew-pause function; 2-hour keep warm with auto shut-off
  • Removable filter basket; easy-view water window offers handy cup levels
  • Measures approximately 11 by 9 by 13-1/2 inches; 2-year limited warranty
  • Note: Cup equals approximately 5 oz. (varies by brewing technique)

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

My parents love this coffee pot.

The delivery took longer than i expected, but when it came it works good. Only thing is i snuck a quick cup of coffee before it was completed, and the coffee maker did not stop.

I real glad bought this after return that stupid kitchenaid coffee maker as i paid close to $100 & was a peace of s. Just wish i was reading reviews about it before purchasing iti was lucky bought this around $20,works real good, easy to work with and keep the coffee warm for few hours, but the pot made by real thin glass. Just be careful when u wash it in sink don’t banged it around or dont drop it in the sink or so ,breaks easily & even if is breaks, amazon put this pot around $11,so is not that badanyway is simple & cheap coffee maker , works well & makes a good quick coffee. Thats all i wanted to do & in did. Up date :4/29/13maker just died on me,less then a year. Same thing happened to my old back & decker brand,before this one,i guess thats american made for ubasically, the red bottom turns on but not,turn on the maker. Almost new machine less then year & same thing happened with same damn brand/coffeemaker in pass. Awfulsome of the reviews here & some where else ,says it the same thing after while stop working.

An article of top quality and utility. An article of top quality and utility. And easy to use with quality materials for life and 100% recommended.

This was purchased for a break room and would be used by several different people. It is easy to use and has the shut off feature if left unattended.

Fairly standard cheap coffee maker. I purchased one in a store (brand new) and it worked fine for a month. After a month the material that covers the hot plate started chipping off. Black & decker is making me pay almost as much as i paid for the coffee maker to get a replacement by shipping it back. Edit: increase rating because b&d support is amazing.

12-cup coffeemaker with 60-ounce Duralife glass carafe

I originally chose this coffee maker 3 years ago after doing extensive research for a quality machine (along with some painful soul searching). I really, really wanted something sleek, fancy and trendy to put on my counter but the reality was i just needed a nice looking and reliable maker that made great coffee. What i did not want was to pay an outrageous price for a machine that could make only one cup at a time, have two makers (to supply a single cup or a full pot for family dinners) or non-recycleable waste to put into the environment (think how many of those little cups go into the trash each morning). This machine has supplied my husband and i with good, hot coffee each morning for the last 3 years. No breakdowns, no overflows, no clogged lines and my grounds and filters go into the compost. I broke the carafe about 2 weeks ago (my fault) and decided to go ahead and replace the maker as well – otherwise i am confident the maker would still be ‘perking’ along.

Still my favorite coffee machine.

The coffee pot works well for a low end device. It has essential features for day to day use. The caraffe is a bit light / feels fragile.

A good product for the money. May want to purchase separate coffee filter so you don’t have to buy paper ones.

For the price this is a very nice coffeemaker. It makes good coffee and doesn’t spill when you pour it out. Only wish the clock was a bit bigger so you could read the time across the room.

The finish of the coffeemaker is not so much a matte black (as it looks in the picture) and more of the usual shiny black.

Push-button controls; LCD display; programmable clock and timer

Bought for my son away at school.

Looks great, but didn’t get any coffee yet, so i don’t know how it performs. I bought it as a present, and my daughter loves it. I will adjust my view after she uses it.

Perfect coffee maker for my house. Easy to use, easy to clean, although i do hand clean the glass carafe instead of putting it in the dishwasher. Definitely, the price was right.

It makes it so easy to wake up in the morning and have my coffee waiting for me instead of me waiting for it.

This coffee pot does not have permanent filter, as amazon claims it does. Otherwise it’s a great coffee pot. It looks nice, fits well, performs as it should. The best featurs is how hot the coffee comes out and stays for at least 3 hours.

-no spills while pouring-2 hour keep warm is really nice-makes good coffee-timer works wellno complaints here.

We decided not to go the keurig route. This is not too huge, yet is a 12-cup machine. Works very well, is quiet and has the automatic stopper when you pour a cup before the pot is finished brewing. Coffee is really hot and i have no complaints whatever. The landfills are now blessed with a new #1 polluter. This is so simple and so inexpensive a way to have a good cup of coffee.

Auto-brew; brew-pause function; 2-hour keep warm with auto shut-off

Great coffee pot at first but it quit working after a year after only once a day use in home.

This is a wonderful coffee maker. Love the taste of the coffee. Love that we can program it and that it shuts off after 2 hours. Worth the amount of purchase.

Have bought two of these over the last 6 years, they work alright. Going to replace again, checking prices. Thirty dollars less at walmart. At that price it’s a good value. This cost at forty eight, very high would kind of feel violated.

Removable filter basket; easy-view water window offers handy cup levels

Cuisinart U834664C RBT-875PC Countdown 4-Slice Stainless Steel Toaster, Seems like sometimes it only toasts on one side of the

Husband making toast everyday now lol.

Still trying to get used to it. Seems like sometimes it only toasts on one side of the bread.

I replaced my kitchenaid toaster with this cuisinart because my old toaster was permanently stuck on bagel mode. Cuisinart looks better and i like the fact that it has separate sides for toast so all the burners don’t need to turn on for a single slice. I love the blue led display lights but my only complaint is that after toasting is complete, the blue lights stay on for 5 minutes before turning off and i worried that the toaster was still on. Maybe cuisinat thought we needed night lights. I would have given 5 stars if not for this. But, the cuisinart seems to toast much faster than previous toaster and the ‘i’m done toasting’ beeps are handy. It has wide toast slots that only once did not return all the way to the top when i toasted extremely fat bagels. I have not touched the toaster to see if it gets hot, buy hey, its a toaster and i’d expect it to get hot. Otherwise this toaster works perfectly and looks high tech.

Key specs for Cuisinart U834664C RBT-875PC Countdown 4-Slice Stainless Steel Toaster:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Four wide self-adjusting toasting slots – center and hold thick bagels
  • Bagels to thin breads for perfect results
  • LCD countdown displays with bars
  • Disappear as toasting time elapses
  • One-touch shade controls – increase or decrease toasting time

Comments from buyers

“Cuisinart delivers again with toaster!
, Seems like sometimes it only toasts on one side of the
, Four Stars

Loud beep when finished but we like it.

Toasts just fine, but two very loud beeps when done. I like to toast early morning when rest of house still asleep, really don’t like this feature and no way to turn it off.

Hard to buy an efficient toaster for my morning english muffin. Usually toasts only one section and takes too long. This toaster is the best so far. Toasts the whole area and doesit quickly. Lift handle so you don’t have to dig into toast to retrieve. Costs a few bucks more but does it’s job.

Replaced an aging t fal 4 slice, and is superior in every way. Cant believe some of the posts here- the warning tone for the end of the cycle is great, the exterior doesn’t get too hot, the choices of darkness are on target, and the toast cycle is fast. All together an excellent buy.

A little bit bigger than i expected but works great.

Bagel came out perfect – the bagel setting allows you to toast the cut side more so it doesn’t come out all hard. There is also a defrost setting that allows you to put frozen slices in. The machine will defrost before toasting. The lcd screen works great counting down with bars how much time is left before toast is done. It will beep once when toast is done, so no annoying constant beeping. The two small crumb trays on the bottom are easy to remove, with my old one i had to remove practically the whole bottom and it would still be attached to the toaster, so very awkward to remove crumbs. Mind you i did not buy this one on amazon. I had a much better deal at my costco-sorry amazon.

The right side is a little hard to push down.

Our old one was worn out, so it’s good to have a toaster. On the highest setting, it toasts both sides unevenly, and the outer-most side of the bred is still white in places. You have to put it down for a second toasting if you like it done all over. It screeches loudly, twice, when the toast is done. Irritating, and not necessary. If you wanted toast, how far away are you going to get from it?.

A little lite on the toasting at #4, but works fine.

BLACK+DECKER & Decker TRO480BS 4-Slice Toaster Oven – Perfect for my toasted bagel

The cord is not even 2′ long, so unless you are putting this at a plug it will not reach; there is absolutely no way i can put mine in my kitchen without buying an extension cord. Also the crumb tray does not sit in very snug leaving a nice big gap for heat to escape through. That being said it is a good size and so far heats quickly and evenly. Edited 1/24/14: after having this for a while i bumped it up to 5 stars. Yes the cord is super-short and i had to purchase an small extension cord to plug it in even though it sits right in front of the outlet, but it works very well. Heats up very quickly and heat seems very well-balanced between the elements, toasts both sides of bread almost exactly the same. I have seen some reviews that complain about it not toasting well but i think most of those people don’t understand that it cooks with heat and even when elements are not actively/visibly heating they are still giving off heat. I was pleasantly surprised that even though there is a fairly large gap where the crumb tray inserts that it has enough of a convection effect with the vents to keep much heat from coming out there.

This is your basic classic toaster oven. A single radiant heating tube across the top, a single one across the bottom (most fuller featured units have two top and two bottom). Compared to the original toaster ovens, these are ‘quartz’ radiant tubes which radiate better than the old fashioned solid iron rods. Unfortunately there is a perforated ‘safety shield’ over each tube which interferes slightly with the radiant effect. No ‘pizza bump’ or circular bulge at the back to better accomodate a round pizza. There is a very handy drip tray which we definitely need for our grilling. We got this in conjunction with an ‘upscale’ toaster oven black & decker cto4500s 6-slice countertop convection oven with pizza bump, stainless steel which i am separately reviewing. Our thinking is to treat this one as ‘semi-disposable’ and use it solely for grilling chicken thighs/legs/wings on our condo patio. Should be fine for this limited purpose, and when it gets irretrievably gunked up from spatters, our hearts won’t break to see it go. The ‘upscale’ version will be used for pizza and baking – non ‘spatter’ cooking, in other words. Don’t use these as toasters – a dedicated toaster does a much better job with less power consumption, and they aren’t very expensive these days; for better results with pizza, get the one linked above. ————–update:since it only has one quartz heater element top and bottom, it won’t ‘sear’ your meats as much. We run ours in ‘bake’ mode to assure there is plenty of heat to actually cook our chicken pieces and pork rib pieces, and our meat takes a long time to cook (about 45 minutes to an hour) but comes out incredibly juicy as though ‘slow cooked. ‘ only a light browning/crisping, none of the ‘scorching’ common to quad or dual top element toaster ovens.

I just threw away yet another burned bagel, so i probably shouldn’t be writing this review right now, but here goes. I pretty much despise this toaster oven. The best thing about it is the price. To toast something, you have to make sure both top dials are on toast, which is annoying, and even more annoying, you have to turn the toast setting dial clockwise to 12:00 and then back counter-clockwise to the toast setting you want. There are pictures on the dial for dark, medium, and light and i find i have to set it just a hair above light to avoid burning my toast/bagel/waffle. Then sometimes it’s still too light, so i have to set it again and it frequently burns. I can’t imagine anyone ever using medium or dark on this thing. And heaven forbid the toaster has been used in the last hour before i need to make some toast. Then i have to set it on the lightest possible setting and watch it like a hawk to avoid burning. The controls on this thing are just a pain and i grow tired of monkeying with them to try to get my toast to turn out right.

I wanted something small and attractive in my kitchen that would evenly toast a bagel without toasting my wallet. It’s small, attractive and consistent. It’s also lightweight, which means it’s easily portable for the person on the move. My bagels get evenly toasted within two minutes. The swiss cheese i place on top of each half gets melted but doesn’t liquify nor get browned. The appliance has settings for ‘bagel’ ‘broil’ ‘bake’ and ‘toast’ but i prefer the ‘toast’ setting for my bagel. The toaster can heat for up to 30 minutes at a time at maximum heat of 450f degrees. The ticking timer is audible and dings when the food is ready. This is a great little breakfast toaster.

I was tired of making toast in the oven for the last 20 years, so we finally splurged and bought this black & decker tro480bs toast-r-oven. 00, the price seemed right (though i see that in the past few days since i ordered it, the price has dropped. Our toaster just arrived today. After i unpacked it and washed the rack and the little pan it came with, i followed the simple pre-baking instructions: i turned it on for 15 minutes to sear off the manufacturer’s residue. Light smoke came up, which quickly disappeared. Keep your eyes on the toaster during this process to be sure there are no defects that might appear the first time you use it. So far, i have only made toast, which is one of the few functions i wanted a toaster oven for, such as reheating pizza or baking snacks, etc. I certainly don’t intend on using it to make a pot roast.

Honestly, i don’t know what more you can want out of a toaster oven. I am definitely surprised that this toaster oven is so well made and works exactly as it should despite being far lower priced than the over ovens on amazon. I actually have purchased 3 of these. My sister bought me the first one 3 years ago as a house warming gift to heat up my beloved pizza slices. It’s still in great condition, heats up quick and consistently. I live alone, so i bake small quantities of fish fillets or chicken in it and they always come out exactly as they did the last time. I was so satisfied with it, i bought one for my boyfriend and for my boss, both of whom like to cook/reheat food quick and easy like me. You remove the bottom tray and stick in the dishwasher, same for the wire rack and pan that comes with. If i want to be extra lazy, i just coat the wire rack with foil to keep the drippings off the bottom, crumple and toss after. The design is really sleek, the knobs are sturdy. I didn’t find there was an ostentatious ticking. I love that the ‘on’ light is blue, rather than red/orange, nor does it have a crazy, loud and annoying ‘ding’.

  • Not a big fan of this toaster oven
  • This is a great toaster oven
  • Not the best we’ve ever had

This was definitely a good purchase. I’ll just break this down to pros and cons, for simplicity’s sake. Pros:-toasts bread, english muffins, and bagels evenly. -bakes frozen foods quite well. I’ve only recently started to use it to cook fish sticks for my young son, and it really did a great job. Keeps on ticking-easy to clean. Cons:-while in use, the top and sides do get quite hot to the touch. Do not store anything on top of the oven. -for someone who lacks patience, the controls can seem quite confusing.

We are definitely a ‘toaster over’ family, and would be lost without one. Over the years we’ve had our share of various brands of toaster ovens, so when our last one broke a year ago i searched amazon’s reviews for a replacement. I opted for this because of the name and the reviews. I have to say that after a year, i am not thrilled with it. The most bothersome feature is the three knobs. Running a busy household means that you need appliances to be simple and easy to use. Extras can sometimes just get in the way. It is very annoying to have to set three knobs each time you want to pop in some waffles, an english muffin, or heat up a leftover slice of pizza. My kids agree with me that it is a bit of a pain to have to do. I do like the crumb tray that pulls out.

We first got this off of our wedding registry, so we were a little overwhelmed with everything else to really research, you know, toaster ovens. I’ve used it for everything but casseroles, cookies, and cakes. The top gets hot but the sides and everything seem to be ok. Probably don’t want to put anything exceedingly susceptible to heat next to it while it’s on, but i don’t think it’s really that bad. Certainly doesn’t heat up the whole kitchen. It’s definitely been a livesaver in this ridiculous heat wave – when the ac can’t get the temperature down below 80 i don’t really want to worsen things by cooking, but the toaster oven doesn’t contribute to heat. The controls are pretty intuitive. Our kitchen is small, so the bread is kept on top of it, except when we use it. Hubby forgot to take the bread off one day so the top of the toaster oven seems permanently imprinted with the bread label. Aesthetically that’s not really very charming, so i went researching for another toaster oven. Figured we could get something better since we seem to use it so much. After a few hours of looking around, everything else either seems smaller or less reliable or harder to clean (crumb catcher and wide open space in this one makes it very easy).

Features of Black & Decker TRO480BS 4-Slice Toaster Oven, Black/Silver

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  • Large-capacity 1200-watt 4-slice toaster oven
  • Bake, broil, bagel, toast, and keep-warm functions
  • Adjustable temperature up to 450 degrees F
  • 30-minute timer; slide-out crumb tray; baking pan included
  • Measures approximately 10 by 8.5 by 16 inches

Make sure this fits
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Large-capacity 1200-watt 4-slice toaster oven

Bake, broil, bagel, toast, and keep-warm functions

Adjustable temperature up to 450 degrees F

30-minute timer; slide-out crumb tray; baking pan included

Elite Cuisine EHD-051R Hot Dog Toaster Oven – Its one of the best for sure s low price

It does what it’s supposed to. The only minor detail i had with mine is that it came with small parts that broke off on its way here. There’s a piece from the lid attachment that’s fine so it’s holding on from one side only. It’s not a huge problem but a tad disappointing to see.

Christmas gift for my husband. He loves it and we use it a lot. I might get another one for my in-laws because it’s just very handy.

Always on display and available for ball parks, nathans, german sausages; quick and easy cleaning. No need for bun warmer, much need for breakfast and dinner. Here are the specifications for the Elite Cuisine EHD-051R Hot Dog Toaster Oven:

  • Make sure this fits
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  • Five stainless steel heated rollers great for cooking hot dogs or sausages on all sides
  • 30-min oven timer
  • Oil retaining tray retains any oil drippings from cooking hot dogs
  • Great for heating other breads and snacks too
  • Features auto thermostat, timer, bake tray to cook veggies and more, crumb tray that removes for easy cleaning

It took along time to cook the hotdogs.

Fantastic product to make a quick snack for the kids.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Perfect rolled hot dogs from the comfort of your own home!
  • Ballpark Quality Hotdogs at HOME!
  • great product

My grandson loves getting his hotdog cooked evenly.

Very happy with this purchase, fun to use and hot dogs are great.

My husband loves hotdogs and sausages. I hate standing at the stove turning them to get even browning. Clean up is mainly the rollers, takes about the same time as scrubbing a pan.

Machine is very cute and compact. However, the hot dogs aren’t fully warm. I cooked them for over the recommended time of 10-15 minutes, mine were closer to 20 mins, and they were luke warm and cold in the center. I haven’t tried making sausages on it. Also, if the hot dogs are too thin, it will not rotate them. It’s cute, and you get what you pay for, i guess. Fair product for a fair price.

The best affordable hot dog roller grill. I bought a nostalgia brand and the motor wouldn’t even turn the rollers. I advise buyers to stay away from nostalgia brand. Elite cuisine has made a great, common sense hot dog grill and i highly recommend it.

This is a fine item very well made high quality,does the hot dogs great has a very good taste and even warms the buns. All this at a very good price. I would definitely recommend this item to anyone.

Certain rollers do cook the hot dogs more quickly that others (i believe the two outside ones are the quick cookers), but still super awesome. We’ve only used it a few times, but hot dogs are a favorite in our house so i’m sure it’ll get plenty of love.

My one complaint you can only put 4 hotdogs at a time. I realize that was a easy fit.

My wife gave me this for christmas and i love it. I use it every chance i get to do hotdogs and sausages.

After 1 month i still love it. You must use precooked hot dogs or brats both are vacuum packed. Not fresh or raw dell will not get hot enough or long enough. Also the dogs or brats must be concentric along its axis so it can roll. It cooks in 20 minutes and toasts the buns. To clean up i use green plastic scrubber after it cools and turn the rollers back on for a short time and catch the residue in the drip tray. I plan to buy another for my cabin,, 11/2018 still working 18 months later.

Fun to cook with kids love it.

Wish the lid attached in a different way though. We just replaced it because the little pin broke.

The hot dogs come out heated through and delicious. The oven only holds 3 buns but they don’t dry out. No manual included in box, but. Pdf version available on amazon. Scrubbing the rollers is time consuming. Even with these shortcomings, we enjoy this cooker.

Awesome hotdogs and so easy to use. Made 4 dogs in less then 10 minutes. Have already recommend it to several people. Great for movie nights with my grandson.

Be sure that you buy large dogs ( circumference) or they will fall between the rollers. Try thumans if you can get them or maybe those large kosher dogs and that will do the trick.

This little machine is awesome. Who doesn’t love the taste of a hot dog fresh off of the roller?. I thought this would be the perfect addition to our kitchen at home and i’m so glad i got it. The hot dogs cook so evenly and perfect and the buns warm up to just a slight crisp while the hot dogs cook, making them warm and done to perfection. The buns do not get over toasted at all, it’s more of a slow warm rather than what you would expect with a toaster oven. This machine has no problem heating the hot dogs because if you leave them on for too long the hot dogs will start to split apart, so the unit is very powerful. Overall this machine deserves a 5/5, it’s perfect for a meal while you’re busy working around the house and hits the spot for a late night snack. Try it and you’ll love itone issue: this doesn’t have much to do with the machine at all but more so with the hot dogs themselves, sometimes the hot dogs will be packaged so tightly that they have a bit of a square shape rather than round. This will cause the dogs not to roll until they heat up. A simple remedy is just taking a paper towel and rolling the hot dogs back and forth in your hand (like when you were a kid and rolling out playdoh between your hands) until the dog starts to round out.

OXO Barista Brain 9 cup Coffee Maker : Outstanding Coffee Maker

Best coffee pot we have ever had, its amazing, easy to use, looks great, makes delicious coffee, worth every penny.

The carafe keeps coffee hot for a surprising amount of time.

OXO Barista Brain 9 cup Coffee Maker (With BONUS 4 oz SILVER CANYON COFFEE)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Multiple Uses: OXO Coffee Maker have multiple uses. Coffee machines can do the task of brewing. Therefore, you will not need a separate device for each job. Moreover, you will save space in the kitchen.
  • Portability: Barista Brain Coffee Maker is portable, as everyone loves portable devices. You can take the Coffee machine when you are going for vacation, parking, or camping.
  • Temperature Control: It is a very critical aspect of coffee brewing device, as the quality of the coffee depends on the temperature. Water is heated and held at the perfect temperature for coffee (197.6-204.8 Degrees F). A single dial of coffee maker allows you to program the number of cups and the 24-hour start timer.
  • Programmable: Barista Brain 9 Cup Coffee Maker have LED interface which features a backlit screen that displays the Coffee Maker status and freshness indicator. It will give you much comfort and flexibility in life. You will not have to work with settings every time you use the machine.
  • Brew selector: OXO Coffee Maker have brew cycle feature which allow you to have different taste of coffee rather than regular coffee taste. Pour over coffee maker have Microprocessor-controlled brew cycle which replicates the pour-over method to produce 2-9 cups of SCAA-certified perfect coffee.

Oxo machine is a great coffee maker. Simple to use and brews the coffee hot.

We had to 1/2 the amount of coffee we used in our old drip coffee make, but once we figured that out we love it.

Works great coffee hot and flavorful.

OXO Barista Brain 9 cup Coffee Maker (With BONUS 4 oz SILVER CANYON COFFEE) : I purchased the oxo 9 cup coffee maker a couple of months back from bed, bath, and beyond. For whatever reason amazon continues to sell it at its old price and not the current list price of $149?. In any case i am very happy with my purchase. I previously had a bonavita bv 1800 that i bought a few years back from all the excellent reviews on it. I never really liked the bonavita because the coffee brewed too hot, ruining the flavor and body of a good roasted bean. I continue to use a hario v-60 for single cups but the oxo is a new favorite. The oxo beats the bonavita in every way in my opinion. The filter sits in its own basket so you don’t have to initially dump the used filter before you pour a cup as you do with the bv. There are two settings that change the brewing time based on whether you brewing 2-4 cups or 5-9. The bv had no similar control and 1/2 pots did not taste as flavorful as a whole pot.

Disclaimer – i had to buy this from another company because this one never showed. Made a birthday present 2 weeks late. Very upset with amazon in regards to that order. This brewer makes good coffee really quick. We have used it several weeks now, and i think it’s better than a standard drip machine. We grind our beans every morning and clean the pot and system after every use. I have had to adjust the water and beans to get the correct ratio compared to my french press or pour over. That said, i wish there was some more ability to customize the brew. Cleaning this machine is difficult. The pot lid has small narrow crevices that i cannot clean, which eventually lead some bitterness in the coffee.

Better (hotter) than our mochmaster.

Happy with this coffee maker. I like that there’s no retained water to get nasty like in the keurig. Makes great tasting coffee, stays hot in the carafe, and you can make as few as 2 cups of coffee.

I’ve had this coffee maker for one year and still happy with my purchase. I wanted a 24 hour timer, a thermal carafe, and a really good cup of coffee without having to grind my own beans and this makes even store brand coffee delicious. The rainmaker showerhead comes off easily for cleaning, but be careful – i recently lost mine, and assume it fell into the filter basket and was thrown away. I couldn’t find a replacement part so called oxo. They’re sending me the part and the customer service was wonderful. I’ll buy more oxo products because of it.

Makes a fantastic cup of coffee and keeps the coffee warm for a long period of time.

I’ve had mine for 2 weeks, used it every day, and so far, it’s great. Not as messy as other thermal carafe machines i’ve owned (if you choose to pour a cup before it’s finished, you will get a drip from the basket. All machines do this), it’s easy to use, and the coffee tastes great. If you make a full pot, the last cup will still be enjoyably hot after 3-4 hours, probably longer if you preheat the carafe. It is a bit slower than the average automatic drip machine, but the brewing time is what produces better-tasting coffee. I chose this one because i wanted an scaa-certified machine, didn’t feel like spending $300 on a technivorm, and felt that the bonavita didn’t measure up in terms of features, as it’s basically just a means of automatically dispensing hot water onto a drip filter. Which you then have to leave in the sink to avoid getting coffee on your counters.

Advertised to be so ‘easy’, but no less easy than the $39. Coffee i replaced it with when it just wasn’t keeping the coffee hot enough. Coffee has just as many moving parts as this and all as easy to clean and prep. Each a bummer to have to pull out from under the cabinet to clean/prep each time, but i guess i can’t have it all.

Pro’s: good looking, easy to use. Cons: whole thing is slightly larger than expected, carafe doesn’t keep content hot for much more than 20 minutes, & non-drip filter basket will drip – just once – at first pour.

So far, i’m very happy with this coffeemaker. The coffee is hot, and there aren’t a million buttons to press (super important in the early morning).

Makes a decent cup of coffee. A little frustrating with amount of clean up needed afterwards.

Very happy with this coffee maker so far. I ordered it saturday, received it monday. What i love is how easy it is to install and to use. My previous machine was an icoffee and with all it’s bits and pieces, it just did my head in. The oxo is user-friendly starting at the box. On the box they very cleverly give you extremely clear and pleasantly well-written instructions on how to install the machine. So, you don’t have to go looking in the box for a paper booklet translated by a machine into 15 languages to find out how to set up your new coffee maker. It’s all on the box – from how to remove your coffee machine to starting your first brew. There is a small and again extremely clear and pleasantly well-written instruction book in the package for extra info when you want and need it. Just the way oxo uses the box to interact with their clients and the way they present the information to you (with clear language and images) is inventive and suits this day and age.

I like this coffee maker very much. It is unusual but once you get use to it very simple to use. It delivers a very good tasting cup of coffee. There is no sediment at the bottom of the pot no bitter coffee. The one thing that i can’t seem to do is set the timer for the morning. Plus after the brew this is a thermal pot without a heater plate. The coffee remains hot for a few hours.

Great coffee pot, efficient and effective.

Simply outstandingimpressive quality, simple to use, great thermal pot, totally worth the price.

We really liked this coffee maker– it made delicious coffee, and it looked beautiful sitting on our counter. But after owning it for just 15 months, it suddenly stopped working one morning without any warning. We called the manufacturer to report the problem and was told it was most likely due to a malfunction of the magnet inside the pot’s base. ( a magnet?) we are very careful with our appliances. We clean them regularly, although we never put the pot in the dishwasher. There is no explanation for why this happened, but they are sending a replacement pot. It’s disappointing that at the price of this coffee maker, it would malfunction after fifteen months. I may go with a simpler model next time. Note: if you own this model coffee maker, or are considering buying one, be aware of the magnet within the base. Be mindful where you set it down, and don’t put it in the dishwasher.

One cheap part keeps this from being a 5-star review. The stopper that lets you grab a cup while the coffee is brewing, works, actually doesn’t work, on a flimsy spring. It’s less robust than the kind found in a retractable ballpoint pen. Troubleshooting with the manual suggests cleaning out the cone. I have done, every time, and still the thing dribbles and splashes. The machine is lovely, the coffee it makes is delicious, it’s even fun to watch it brew. It’s a pretty expensive coffee maker, i wish they’d designed a better stopper.

KRAMER by ZWILLING 34999-203 Sharpening Stone Sink Bridge – Almost great design.

Didn’t adjust inward very much to shorten, but great if you need a longer adjustment.

For such a nicely made product, this has a pretty stupid flaw. The geometry of the holder is that when you put it in your sink, it will tilt slightly towards the stone side. The issue is that the stone is butted right up against the wooden stop, which is pretty much on top of your counter. Meaning that if you keep it wet or try to rinse it off all of the water/slurry will run right down the stone, onto your countertop, and then onto you or your floor. Another brilliant product that the maker apparently didn’t even bother to use. I’m keeping it as the holder is quite nice and i guess i can just put a towel down, but what a silly problem to have.

Great next step in sharpening but will require some mods to work better. Here are the specifications for the KRAMER by ZWILLING 34999-203 Sharpening Stone Sink Bridge:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Use your Kramer sharpening stones over your sink with this adjustable bridge
  • Allows for easy clean up, stones not included
  • Manufactured in Japan

It spans the sink nicely and remains firm. The rubber padding on the feet keep it stable and in position even when wet. It holds my japanese water stones nicely and firmly and over the sink is the perfect position to sharpen knives without making a huge mess. I sharpened seven large kitchen knives and the product was extremely solid.

Really nice holder for a sharpening stone – it doesn’t slide around like the base that came with the two-sided king stone i bought. If you sharpen knives at home, this is a nice tool to have.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Very nice product. Much nicer than I expected
  • Worth it if you buy your own stones
  • I’ve been sharpening using a wet stone, sharpening,

Works as intended, the rubber pads under the feet grip my table and counter very well, sturdy construction, fits sink well and didn’t move as i was sharpening my chef knife. Fits a large variety of stones, and it also held my spyderco tri-stone, albeit with the corner sticking up, but it did a good job holding it steady to put that initial edge on my knife.

The notches to tighten up the blocks come medium tension. To make sure the blocks are fastened tightly, you need to push on the screw with your thumb while turning the wingnut on the other side or else you’ll just be spinning the wingnut to no effect.

Nicely crafted and fit for purpose.

Adjustable and fits easily in the sink. A must have for anybody sharpening knifes by water stones.

I’ve been sharpening using a wet stone, sharpening, then wetting the stone and putting it back on the counter and continuing. Now, i can sharpen my knife right underneath the faucet, wetting as needed. Very first-world problem solver, a+.

Some other reviews mention that hardware being ‘cheap’ and ‘inappropriate’ for use in this application. I purchased this sink bridge because i have never been let down by zwilling. Further, the fact that this bridge has bob kramer’s name on it, made it worth checking out. I set up my sink bridge with zero trouble. No tools were needed as i was not permanently installing the device into my sink. Rather a snug hand tightening of all of the hardware was more than stable enough for use i suppose, however, if you were to stand on the knife blade while running it along the stone, the bridge may give. But, this is an operation of skill and finesse, not of brute force. The synthetic stones made quick work of my knives, and in just a few passes, they are again plunge cutting without effort. If you are going to spend good money on good knives, you’ll want to spend good money on a good set of stones. This is a good set of stones, indeed.

Useful for holding various lengths sharpening stones, requires a little finesse to find the right wing-nut position for securing the bridge to the sink dimension. Makes sharpening kitchen knives much easier, allowing for the sink faucet to be close enough so as to be a source of replenishing and cleansing water for the stones. Have used various grit sharpening stones with the kramer/zwilling bridge on only one or two knives thus far, seems to be a well-designed and well-constructed item. Cannot judge based on the price tag of the item alone, as my woodworking skills might not accurately produce a similar device for reduced expense.

Perfect for securing the whetstone across the sink.

Overall great product to keep your stones from ‘walking around’ while in use.

This is nice, it fits large stones (less than 11 inches), which is rare. But dang sliding wood pieces are bogus suggest you buy some wood glue or you will get mad fast, but with wood glue and a small (4$) clamp you are in business boys.

Saw this block in a knife sharpening video online. Love the way it fits over the sink. There are other stones that fit into the slats if the block, so if you buy the block and buy another manufacturers stones you’ll save $$.

Got a budget whetstone with base too big so stone slipped. This works much better but i wish the lips at the end that overhang the sink were longer.

This was an absolute necessity for sharpening knives. It’s a little pricey, but works great and the bamboo is water resistant. I added a some strips of drawer liner to the areas that cling to the sink since we have a slick granite lip. After months of use, there is zero wear or rust. It holds my cheap stones wonderfully and gives me the stability to quickly hone my knives to a razor edge. I’m glad i watched jun’s kitchen and saw this neat little device.

Very nice design, and works perfectly.

Got into sharpening my kitchen knives with a wet stone. . After a few weeks i purchased the zwilling and i love it. . Makes the wet sharpening experience so much better.

After adjusting it fit perfectly on the sink. It fits all the sharpening stones perfectly. So much easier to use than sitting at a table or standing at the table.

Nutrimill Plus High-Speed Grain/Flour Mill – Newly Updated – Great investment. Love this machine

I read through some of the reviews and was a little nervous about trying the nutrimil plus since i’ve already been using the classic. I decided to get it anyway because i liked how it appeared to take up less space in my pantry. I can confidently say it performed equally to my classic. I got super fine flour and had no issues with any flour dust coming out of my mill onto counters and cupboards like i read in some of the reviews. If i were them i’d call the company and see what could have caused that. I read the instructions that told me to make sure the tube thing locks into the slot, which i did, and it had great results. I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to have mill that doesn’t take much space. Fyi, i can mill even more flour now than what i could in my classic and it’s quieter.

The unit was definitely used but perfectly functional. I used it for grinding expelled yellow mustard seed for experimentation purposes. The instructions clearly state not to use on oil seeds. The mill works great for this purpose.

Don’t waste your money on anything else like i did just buy it use it and get over it. Here are the specifications for the Nutrimill Plus High-Speed Grain/Flour Mill – Newly Updated:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 24 Cup Bowl Capacity with Collapsable Hopper and Clever Nesting Design for Easy Storage
  • Flour Canister Sits Side by Side During Operation. The Patent Pending 4 Stage Filtration System for Ultra Clean Milling
  • 1200 Watt, 2 Speed Motor uses Stainless Steel Microburst Milling Heads with a Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Patent Pending “Whisper Quiet” Technology for Lowest Decibel Milling Experience (15% Quieter than the NutriMill Classic)
  • Mill Fresh Flour Directly Into the Canister or Into Freezer Safe Bags. Flour Bagger Accessory and Extra Bags are Included.

I called the manufacturer because of the many negative reviews here. The person i spoke with said that they did have problems with the first run but they have made changes and this unit is reliable, so i gave it a try because of its features. It is about as loud as an average vacuum cleaner, so it is possible to have a conversation near it while it is grinding. 15% quieter is by decibels which are in powers of ten. This means it probably radiates about ten times less energy, which is very good. The first thing i tried to grind was some large blue corn, some of it up to 3/4 inch long. It would jam in the throat unless i lined the kernels up carefully. I got it to work fine by cracking the corn first in a blender. Fresh ground corn is incredibly tasty. Btw turning the control knob first turns on the motor and then proportionately opens a little sliding door over the grinder that controls the feed speed.

It leaves a thin film of flour when it is finished but other it is very good.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Makes Whole Grain Baking Easy — Even for the Novice
  • One of the best decisions I’ve ever made
  • Some useful information

The bread is simply delicious. I don’t think i could go back to old whole grains; freshly milled whole grains is the way to go. The flavor is bright and fresh, not bitter/rancid. I finally feel like my whole grain bread tastes better than white-flour bread. As far as this mill is concerned, it’s the only one i’ve ever used so i don’t have much to compare. They say it’s quieter than the last model, but it’s honestly pretty noisy. I can’t use it in the house if people are sleeping (which means no early-morning bread. ) it’s supposed to be less messy, but there’s always a dusting of flour around when i finish milling. That said, i still love freshly milled flour.

I am the owner of the nutrimill, the nutrimill harvest, and now this beautiful nutrimill plus. Why do i have three different mills?. Because they each do different jobs for different reasons. The nutrimill plus gives the user an opportunity to make a large quantity (20 cups) of flour at once, more than the 14 cups of the nutrimill and the 5-6 cups of the harvest mill. With that being said, when i need a work horse, i pull this mill outit is beautiful. It is compact (think a 4 gallon bucket), and it is much quieter than an previous power mill i’ve owned or had the privilege of using. It allows for very, very fine flour (pastry grade) to a nice coarse flour (corn or bean flour), giving the baker a wide variety of choice in flour for their baking needs and desires. Customer service from nutrimill is outstanding an a company that i enjoy working with. I now own three mills, the bosch universal plus (with all attachments) and the dehydrator filter pro as well as a juicer.I can’t say enough about their products nor the companyrecommend to all.

It is quiet also no flour flying it is clean operation my kids are running the mill.

I am happy about milling my own wheat.

A quality product; i do wish there were an even coarser grind but otherwise i am very pleased.

Easy to pack and store after use.

A recent article in cook’s illustrated magazine (a recipe for blender whole grain wheat pancakes) raised my longstanding interest in whole grain baking. What caught my attention was the idea that freshly ground whole wheat was different from the heavy, often bitter whole wheat flour sold in the supermarket. Investigating a little further i learned that ‘whole wheat’ flour was not whole grain — millers routinely remove the bran and germ because they stale and go rancid in storage. The only way to get whole whole wheat is to grind wheat yourself and use the flour promptly. I didn’t have a blender powerful enough to do the job and looked seriously at high end blenders such as vitamix. I decided against mainly because of cost, and bought a hand crank grain mill. I tried the pancake recipe and was knocked out by the taste and freshness of the flour, but hand grinding was slow and tiresome. I had looked at electric mills on and off for years, but now took a second look. The big competitors in the $250 range (cheaper units are likely to be underpowered and unsatisfactory) are wondermill and nutrimill, both had advantages and faults. By accident, i stumbled upon the recently reengineered nutrimill plus, which was just introduced this year (2015). It appears that nutrimill read all of the reviews of its existing mill (now called the nutrimill classic) as well as reviews of its competition and resolved to address each one. I think they succeeded, which is why i bought the plus immediately. First, the plus model is relatively compact, about the size of a 4 gallon bucket when prepared for storage (12 inches high by 10 inches wide). All components, including the flour canister and top, are contained.

I’ve had my eye on electric grain mills for the past several years (since i started making bread on a regular basis for my family), but i was never able to quite narrow down my choices because of the lack of models to test in stores. I began to hone in on the nutrimill simply because of the giveaways they kept posting on facebook. Through social media, i was able to become more familiar with the brand and capabilities of the nutrimill. I have been using my nutrimill for the past 2 weeks and i love it.Although i’ve never had an electric grain mill before, i cannot imagine it being any easier to use than if it cleaned itself after the milling. The knobs and controls are easy to understand. The directions were simple and easy to follow for me, a beginner miller. I love the storage capacity of the flour canister and also the way it stores so compactly. The parts are easy to clean and reassemble. I have no doubt that i made a perfect decision when i chose to purchase the nutrimill.

I use this only for wheat, and it works well, once i swapped out the gray feed for the red one that came initially installed. It’s a little tough to twist and turn the top at the same time you are pressing the side locks in, (necessary to set up after the whole thing has been collapsed for storage) so for this reason i’ve knocked it down a star.

Well, first of all, after putting it together you need to add 2 cups of wheat & mill it—then throw it away. I’ve read dozens of reviews & no one mentioned that. No biggie if you have a barrel of wheat but if your local supplier only has a little left & you were counting on doing some baking with it, well, there’s always a few pancakes instead. Other than that, it was significantly easier to put together than many have said & it milled those 2 cups very fast—surpringly fast in fact. A little quieter than i expected too after reading the reviews that said it was very loud. It did what it’s designed to do—make flour from whatever qualified items you put into it & it does that very well with zero mess. All flour was contained within the unit & the end result was surprisingly fine.

Works great, but when on fine a fine flour mist is leaking out while milling. Very fast and simple to setup and clean. I started milling flour outside to avoid flour dust in the kitchen.

Frigidaire FGMO205KB Gallery 2 – Good replacement!

Had to replace a 20 year old ge profile microwave, this unit is an exact size match and i was able to re use the trim package from the ge unit.

The microwave works and looks good but it has some very annoying features that you can’t really change. When you heat something and it’s done it will beep incessantly until you open the door or press stop. The only way to stop it is to turn off all the sounds all together which is a pain to not hear the beep when you press a button. If i would have known this i would have never purchased this.

Must buy the trim kit in order to install it. Once the trim kit is mounted on your cabinet you can see the difference.

This is by far the least expensive ‘built-in’ microwave i could find to replace our 20+ year old one. I did not want to spend $800 to pop popcorn and reheat leftovers (which is our normal use). I have used 3 other microwaves at home and office over the years. This one is more powerful than any of those 3. It takes about 2/3 of the time of the previous built-in. It is great at popping popcorn. It has a one-touch button for popcorn and some sort of sensor to know when to quit. It pops nearly all the kernals. My wife looked at the manual and said the programming did not seem very intuitive to her. She would have to refer to the manual to program something complex like defosting followed by cooking, but she never does that, so she didn’t care.

My only complaint is the interior light is very dim. I like to be able to watch my food cook so things don’t boil over but you can barely see your items inside.

Honestly, this is the 2nd one of these we have had, the first one had to be a lemon. After replacing the door latch twice on the first one, i was tired of the unit not working properly. I took out the old lemon and replaced with a new unit, this one works great. Our first one didn’t close correctly and i should have sent it back in the first place but we just knew how to operate it and kept it. After ordering the door latch for the second time, i gave up and plopped down $364 for this new one. My wife and i could tell the difference from the first time we used it. A lot more solid and opening the door was never as easy with the 1st unit. I am giving this unit 5 stars based upon it, not the first lemon we bought 4 years ago, time will tell. We also have the matching two oven stove and we have and no problem with it what so ever.

  • I really like this microwave
  • 1st unit was a lemon, this one works great!
  • The microwave works great. I really like the auto cook features and

I needed to replace a 30+ year old ge that finally blew out. The challenge was choosing between 2 less than optimal options. Spending twice the money replacing both the dead microwave and the matching oven that was still working great or, 2. Trying to find a new microwave that not only was similar looking, but of similar size and dimensions (nearly impossible since all the new models are smaller, leaving a ‘gap’ in the cabinetry where the old micro took up all the extra space before). The frigidaire was a great solution since it can be ordered with a trim kit that fills the gap. I made the decision to use an installer that the local appliance store recommended. He did the job in about 20 minutes and charged me his minimum $100. The auto features (cook, defrost, rewarm, soften) and the easy-to-use menu of settings for things like potatoes, pizzas, popcorn, frozen meats, veggies and breakfast items, etc.

I purchase the frigidaire gallery (fgmo205kf) built-in microwave to replace frigidaire professional (fgmo209kf).

Basically ok, nothing special. When the time is up, it beeps incessantly – highly annoying.

Replaced my built in frigidaire microwave from 15yrs ago. Ordered the trim kit as well. Easy to install and works great. I got the black to match the rest of my kitchen appliances.

I really like this microwave. It looks good, has a large interior and lots of options with a sensor reheat feature i love. The only thing i can find that is annoying is the notification sound to let you know the cycle has ended. The first notification is fine, but the next ones need to be much farther apart if you are unable to open the door or touch ‘stop’ after that first one.

Very elegant looking with the trim installed,nice and quite operation. I am very happy with this purchase.

Arrived on time and it looks good but the door doesn’t open when button is pressed. It has to be pried open every time.

This microwave is beautiful. Food heats evenly and it fits the space perfectly.

At the outset, this microwave worked fine. A single finger poke opened the door at the outset. Now, i have to mash it with two fingers, straight in and full on, and then it often takes two or three tries to pop it open.

This was an replacement for the same model of microwave that was built in 8 years ago. We killed the original one (ran with nothing inside).

Microwave done sound isn’t my favorite. Keeps making the end sound until you get it.

It was time to replace the microwave. This fits built in space perfectly. Has 1-button functioning 30 second time odd on. Pro – the timer signal is easier to hear than most and it’s persistent so i can’t miss it. Con – the cooking done signal is easier to hear than most but it never stops going off. You cannot let something sit for a couple of minutes without going back and hitting ‘stop’ to end the noise. There are instructions on how to eliminate the signal. But it’s either have an annoyingly, persistently beeping, or there’s no signal at all.

Works well (at least the basic heating functions). The when done alert is a little annoying. Hopefully there is an option to choose a different sound.

Was easy to install as a built-in using the separately-bought trim kit. The microwave is powerful and very simple to use. My only complaint is that it’s louder than my previous microwave. Because our kitchen is connected to the family room, this makes conversation, tv watching, etc. Difficult when the microwave is in use.

Bigger than it looks and has many auto cook features. Reheats pasta and you cant even tell its been microwaved. Bought the built-in trim kit as well. A little color difference, but all in all a great product at a great price.

The microwave works very well. Instructions seem very complete. This unit was a relatively inexpensive replacement for our 30 year old ge microwave that was failing. Replacing both our old ge oven and microwave with a matched set installed would run at least $3,000. With professional installation, i purchased and installed this new frigidaire unit and the associated trim kit for just over $700.

Ordered this as a replacement for the built in amana microwave that came with our house. The fit and finish on this microwave are very nice. The stainless is very handsome and the door opens and shuts very smoothly and quietly. The buttons function as expected for the flat touch style buttons that they are. The operation of this microwave is quiet, and the beeps from the button presses are very quiet which i really appreciate. Everything has cooked as expected in it with no surprises of being too hot or too cold. All in all i’d say this is a very good quality microwave. If you are in the market for a built in microwave oven, check the size of your opening and consider purchasing the suggested mounting kit to go with your oven. I decided to reuse our old mounting kit and it doesn’t fit exactly right which has caused some amount of frustration with the oven moving around in the cabinet as the door is opened and closed.

The autodefrost system is not the best but maybe because i am used to the ge i had beforenice size, easy to clean.

We have on this unit for 18 months now and i have encountered no problems whatsoever. This is an extremely powerful microwave oven. And is a quality appliance the apparent it’s really nice.

I bought this microwave with the trim kit for a built in look and function. Perfect for the space available in my cabinet. This is a powerful unit, easy to operate and fits perfect with the trim kit. The price is right for the operation and fit.

Bought to replace a previous frigidaire, 12 years old/ it fit perfectly into the built-in cabinet and the previous trim kit fit so i did not have to buy another one. The settings are very different and it is a learning experience using it.

I wanted to use it for a while before leaving a review. It was not the most expensive microwave, and after having ge microwaves (which were more money) and not being pleased with them, i decided to go with this one. It’s features are better than others. The defrost option is more accurate as are the automatic reheat options. Overall i’d give it a 5 star if it wasn’t for that annoying beeping sound that others have commented on. It’s annoying, but in no way affect the performance of the microwave. Also, i bought it for use as a built in microwave, and the kit that’s sold for that purpose is not that easy to install because of the placement of the drill holes.

Extremely pleased with item. Purchased this one to replace broken, built-in microwave. Exactly as described and fits perfectly in the cut-out.

This microwave is powerful and installed well. The only issue i have with it is that the sound setting is a) completely off, or b) beeps very loudly over and over again until you open the door. A volume setting, or a once and done beep would have been preferable.

Good microwave but i don’t like the over complication of programming just to defrost or reheat. My older one was simpler to operate.

Nice microwave, good replacement for my previous one, same brand, easy to use, just what i wanted.

Sorry, can’t review as had to return. Am sure the product is good; however, wouldn’t fit the space we had in our built-in cabinet. The company did charge an outrageous return fee.

Works great and looks perfect with the trim kit. A great replacement to my 14 year old maytag that died on us. I was very pleased that it fit into the space left by our old microwave and we didn’t have to alter our existing cabinets. I had a really hard time finding similar dimensions but this worked great.

Great mw, used as a built in. Not much choice as it was only one that would fit but turned out to be great.

Great product, fit in my wall space perfectly.

I really like this microwave. I like the feature where you can just hit one button for 1 minute to 6 minutes.

Have had for a couple of months now and very happy with purchase.

The whole family went into panic mode when our old microwave died. Luckily, i found this one to replace it. It arrived quickly and was a breeze to install above our oven. We were actually able to use our old trim kit, which saved some money. I really like the auto cook features and quick start buttons. The rotating glass plate ensures everything is cooked evenly. I am very pleased that every time we have used the popcorn button the popcorn has come out perfectly popped. No more burnt pieces or 1/2 popped bags, like we had with our old microwave. The user preference button is interesting. You can set a child lock and even turn the sound on/off. The interior and exterior are very easy to wipe clean and the stainless steel exterior match with our other appliances.

Very happy with our purchase, especially the fact it was received in two days. Price was the same as local big chain.