Waring Pro WPM25 Professional Popcorn Maker : What I expected.

This is not a professional machine. If you are like us, a family of 4 that loves popcorn at any given time, then yes. Affordable and easy to operate by an 8 y/o w a bit of caution. We bought the made packs of corn/salt/oil, but as time went by, we wanted better oil (coconut), corn (we love “mushroom” corn), less salt and more butter for my husband (buy the small bottles in a 6-pack, u dont want to re-re-re-heat the large bottles). It does not make tons of popcorn and depends on the quality of your corn to pop (or not) all the kernels. Just follow instructions, and let the smell fill your tv room :)if you are the extra picky type or have super high expectations, get a real professional machine and pay an additional $200-500.

This is a very nice compact unit that fits on my counter under my cabinets. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, heats up quickly and is ready to use in a few minutes. Also, it is easy to use and clean. If you have a large family, however, this popper probably would not meet your needs but it is perfect for two-three people. We generally pop two batches one right after the other and that is enough.

I used this machine with great northern popcorn premium quality 12. I never thought that this machine would perform this much. I wanted this manufacture to avoid plastic tray and add stainless tray. Plastic tray is not good with kids food item. If this product would have stainless steel tray i would give 5 star.

My kids thought i was a santa with this present. We use it several times per week. I even use it ones for 3 hours, making countless batches of popcorn for my coworkers. Easy to handle, clean, maintain – great product and great popcorn out of it.

  • best popcorn, with caveats
  • Waring popcorn maker
  • Fantastic, just what we wanted!

Waring Pro WPM25 Professional Popcorn Maker, Red

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 300-watt classic kettle-style popcorn maker produces up to 8 cups at a time
  • Reminiscent of old-fashioned theatre-style popcorn makers, but in a compact size
  • Pivoting kettle with built-in stirring mechanism; see-through window
  • Detachable kettle and magnetized door for easy cleanup; removable serving tray included
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

After reviewing many popcorn makers, and wanting the best theater-type popcorn experience, i selected the waring pro for home use. I already had an electric stirring-type popcorn popper (presto, the orville brand), and was very satisfied with its performance and simplicity of use and clean-up. It remains my standard, everyday popper, but when i want the best popcorn, i use the waring pro. There are a few caveats, though. First, you must use coconut oil, the same as the theaters. Use “virgin,” not some hydrogenated product or adulterated version. Read about this to confirm it’s not unhealthy. Second, use only the pre-measured amounts, a ratio of 1/3 cup of popcorn to 1 tablespoon of oil. It is ultrafine and clings to the popcorn.

When we got it in i was a little disappointed. We also ordered a few other items to go with it. Popcorn, popcorn salt, theater butter and coconut oil. Spent just under $100 total. Yes thats a lot to spend for popcorn. This machine has performed with out a hitch. Well over 100 pops and it is still going. I will buy another once this one quits.

Movie theater popcorn actually bought in a movie theater now seems like garbage in comparison to popcorn made with this snazzy contraption. I use coconut oil rather than garbage oil bought next to the popcorn products at the grocery store. Use flavacol popcorn salt for the best results.

It has two measuring cups, smaller one for oil and the other one for kernels. Let it heat up for a couple minutes, drop in the oil and drop in the popcorn. Wait for the pops to stop, turn it off, and dump the kettle. You have to open the plastic door to dump the kettle. Would have been nice to extend the dumping handle outside the case. If you make two batches, be aware that the pan is not heated, thus your first batch of popcorn will get cold. One batch about the size of a small bag from the movie theater. To clean there is an easy method. Wait for the kettle to cool, pour some water into the kettle, and then turn it on.

My husband is a picky popcorn eater. When we got our glass top stove he could no longer use his favorite popcorn pot. He’s been lost for a few years. I bought him this popcorn maker for christmas and he loves it. Doesn’t use much counter space. It makes plenty of popcorn for him to eat. I chose waring pro because we have a belgium waffle maker by them that we bought over 7 years ago that still works. I’m so happy i found this popcorn maker for him and he loves it.

This is a good popcorn maker. It is built solid and i have used it to pop a lot of corn. It pops pretty quick once it is warmed up. I have popped twice the amount of corn that it says to in the instructions and have not had an issue. It didn’t even seem to slow it down much. The only issue i have is that because the kettle is so small that some kernels fly out of the kettle before their popped when the corn first starts popping. That is why i gave it 4 instead of 5 stars.

It makes popcorn pretty well. I’m a little unclear on the “pro” designation, and the directions are a little light on detail. That said, it’s kind of fun, as a novelty item, but i’m not sure, once the novelty wears off, that i can’t do pretty much the same thing with a covered pot or pan. It seems to be very well made, really good quality, well-fitted materials, and clean up is pretty easy. Follow the directions on the first batch (1 1/2 tbl oil, 1/4 cup corn), then forget them. The directions say that will yield “up to 8 cups”. The second batch i did, i used 2 tbl of oil and 1/2 cup of corn and the popped corn filled the tray. As long as you empty the kettle (avoids re-cooking and burning the remains), you can keep on making consistent popcorn for as long as you feel like putting the ingredients in. First, due i guess to the nature of corn popping in an enclosed environment, you end up with some unpopped kernels flying out of the kettle. Second, i was a little surprised at how big the unit was. Unless you have a commercial-sized kitchen, this isn’t something you’ll shove out of the way under a cabinet. If you have kids, they’ll think it’s fun. If you want to avoid standing over a stove shaking a pot or pan for your popcorn, this is a great alternative.

So far, i am liking this popcorn popper very much. You do have to let it preheat, and because i use the smaller hull free popcorn, i do get some pop outs. If you are looking for something that will pop a huge batch, this is not your machine. It’s just my husband and myself, so it pops just the right amount for the two of us. When the grandkids are here, we will have to pop two batches, but it pops up quickly so this is not a problem. I like that it has the removable tray. Makes it very easy to serve the popped corn. It is easy to remove the kettle for cleaning, and a damp paper towel is all i needed to clean the inside walls of the popper. The tray and kettle are easily cleaned with warm soapy water. I previously had a different popper, but had to return it due to a defective latch.

This is a pretty good popcorn machine for the price. I’ve used it several times with and without different kinds of popcorn oils and it seems to work regardless of what i do, which i see as a plus. Pros:it holds a lot of popcorn in the chamberit is easy to cleanit looks nice on my counterit pops the popcorn wellpops every kernelcons:it takes a little while to warm up (which may be good because it doesn’t burn the popcorn)it is made of plastic, which is to be expected at this priceoverall this is a good popcorn machine that i use very often, and replaced every bag of microwave popcorn i would use.

Purchased this gift for my popcorn obssessed mom as a gift. It works just as described and has been a staple of every party we have had. It is incredibly easy to use and makes great tasting popcorn. We have had it for quite a while and we have never had a problem with it.If you have a big family or love popcorn it is well worth the purchase.

This product performs as advertised. It holds 4 ounces of popcorn. Not a lot, but it recovers quickly for a second batch. It takes about 4-5 minutes for first batch and 2-3 for additional. Popcorn is great, assuming you use quality ingredients. Clean up is easy and the kids love to watch it pop. I have only used coconut oil for popping. We wanted theater quality popcorn so we have not tried veg. This product is a solidly built, quality popcorn maker for home use.

I like the machine, the overall quality is not bad for $62. We have used it maybe 12 times in two weeks. The only problems are- the kettle does not make very much per cycle. We have to pop 2 cycles to fill the tray, which is enough for 1-2 people. There are a lot of unpopped kernels each cycle. The kettle is so small, and the lid is so light, that the popping kernels eject popped and unpopped corn. I get less unpopped kernels if i preheat it longer, and put in less kernels than the supplied measuring cup holds. Of course, this means 3 cycles are needed to fill the tray. Another problem is the lid handle gets hot when you do multiple cycles and have to add more oil/corn. The final knock is that the tray/glass sides have gaps, which means you get oil/corn on the sides, around the tray.

This has fulfilled my desire for getting a popcorn maker that is a minor greater than the ordinary apartment dimensions popcorn machine and that is so cute in the kitchen area, simple to thoroughly clean and the small tray inside eliminates the need to have for a popcorn scoop or supplemental popcorn container.

We bought this popcorn device for our movie space, and i went with waring since i bought a greater just one for our soccer club a couple a long time in the past that i beloved. It is a little small, and we have to make about four batches for our family of 6 throughout a movie night time. We have utilized it for the past 3 months with no complications. It holds up pretty nicely, and the kettle is strong.

I had go through a large amount of assessments about this solution. Some have been detrimental saying it was low-cost, did not previous extended, blah blah. For the rate people were being anticipating way too significantly. It was shipped way before the envisioned day. It was in best condition, really well packed. I acquired it to use it for my daughters birthday get together. I employed it for hrs, it will make a whole lot of popcorn per batch. It was pretty very simple to clean up. The tiny door even takes off easily to cleanse greater. For what i payed for this labored far better than i anticipated:).

My 1st one particular was a crazy stirrer. My 2nd was a hot air one that was junk made so a lot sound it wasnt funny. The popcorn odor is righteously great. You truly feel like ur @ the theatre. I will advise this product or service to all my mates on fb. I acquired mine made use of like new and i am quite glad with my buy from amazon.

I usually desired a motion picture-quality popcorn device and my wife received me this 1 for xmas after i did a good deal of analysis and asked for it. We have had it about five weeks and employed it two occasions a 7 days most likely. We haven’t had the concern of tons of unpopped kernels, i employed another reviewer’s recipe so we would not need to trial and mistake:one. ) run machine for 2 minutes to warm kettle2. ) incorporate 1 oz popping and topping oil (we use cheapo redenbacher’s) and 1/8 tsp morton’s fineground popcorn salt (out there at wm). ) incorporate the one/3cup kernels (also making use of redenbacher’s premium yellow popcorn)four. ) as quickly as popping stops, dump the whole kettle and wiggle the knob to make guaranteed nothing is still left, so it would not burn up. ) if you want more than enough for far more than two people today, increase a lot more oil and corn promptly.

Nevertheless it only can make batches huge plenty of for about two to 3 people at a time (and i mean three young ones when i refer to 3 people), and then you have to wait around for it to warmth next batch of oil and pop far more. But value it when you use the tasty prepackaged combo packs of the popcorn, coconut oil and buttered flavored salt. The popcorn preferences just like from the films. Figuring out the proper dimension of prepackaged popcorn and was hard- the eight oz package packs are about double the portion this popcorn maker can control at a time.

Bioexcel,80003W, Cast Iron Tortilla Press, Black, 6.5-Inches – Tortillas were never made so fast!

I received my press yesterday and went appropriate to operate making tortillas. This was accurately what i needed. Using the tips of other reviewers in this article, i employed a lower zip lock again with all sides break up except for one particular to line the press. The very little dough balls want to be a bit to the back again of the center of the press, nearer to the hinge than the center. Close the press, and wiggle the manage a bit from facet to facet to get them even thinner than just by urgent. I produced each corn and flour tortillas and was pretty delighted with my outcomes. The press had some form of black grease on the within of it, so when you initially get it, wash it and cautiously dry the edges that make contact with the plastic lining or any attainable foods. I’m sure they did that to continue to keep rust down. Ideal measurement for producing chips or tacos or rolling up an enchilada. I imagine it ought to make good pastry circles way too – possibly for small pot pies.

When i was expanding up, the corn tortillas at the keep experienced three ingredients: corn, lime & salt. Now even the types at whole foods have tons of extra stuff. I not long ago read an posting about producing your own tortillas and resolved to give it a attempt. Son explained they had been the ‘best tacos he’s ever experienced. ‘ we employed them comfortable, appropriate off the pan, so they had been healthier devoid of all that oil. This press makes it seriously easy and would seem to be superior high-quality. We’ve experienced a great deal of exciting with this and have previously given as a reward in a taco-themed basket – it was a hit.

We have utilised this lots due to the fact it truly is arrival. It really is a good piece and i can see it will maintain up for decades and a long time with right treatment. Earning the tortillas does consider a tiny finesse but you can get it down quite swiftly. We reduce a quart dimensions (thick freezer) baggie – just break up the seams – and use lay it on the prime and bottom of the masa dough ball. This keeps the dough from sticking to the press and can make the tortillas quick to peel off.Here are the specifications for the Bioexcel,80003W, Cast Iron Tortilla Press, Black, 6.5-Inches:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Made of long lasting and durable pre-seasoned Cast Iron
  • Traditional Press with Excellent Leverage – Great for Large Quantities
  • 6.5-Inch flat round surface for beautifully round tortillas!
  • Great for use on flour and corn tortillas as well as patacones and tostones.
  • Packed In a gift box, which makes it the perfect gift for any occasion.

Speedy delivery, fantastic product.

Took a several attempts to get the hang of it but i love my press. Make sure you seize a handful of extra develop bags future time you are at the grocery store. Nothing functions improved than those people luggage. I usually press when and then flip and press once more to even factors out. Update: feb 2013 press still operating good. Just wipe it down so no rusting. It doesnt get that dirty when you use a liner. I’ve been employing quart size ziplock luggage as a liner given that i normally seem to forget to choose up a few more create luggage at the supermarket. I just slash of the best and slit down the sides.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • This corn tortilla newbie loves it
  • Works great! Made Tortillas right away!
  • Getting lots of use already

I have to say that i’m quite impressed with this product or service. I make flour tortillas with it and it performs wonderfully. I do roll out the tortillas a little bit more soon after urgent them, but only simply because i like larger sized tortillas and didn’t notice how small 6. So i use extra dough so i can roll out to about nine inches. I very recommend this tortilla press.

I acquired my imusa victoria cast iron tortilla press and it was in very good problem. It looks like a higher high-quality, effectively built item built of sturdy iron which appears to be to be chrome plated or coated with some thing because its a large amount shinier and nicer wanting than natural iron. I tried using it out instantly right after getting it and was extremely impressed with how it worked. I noticed other evaluations that said individuals broke it when pressing tortillas but i am seriously not confident how they did that. Its well manufactured of solid iron with excellent hinge pins and normally takes basically no pressure at all to press even the thinnest tortillas. I knocked out about a dozen or so tortillas and it labored fantastic on all of them. I would propose washing it prior to use as it does arrive coated with oil or a little something but you must do that with any foods prep gadgets anyway. I highly advise this merchandise. Definitely perfectly really worth the $$$.

I was hunting for a tortilla press that would work as a puri press (indian bread) for me. This factor arrived in a box with no instruction sheet for assembling but it was uncomplicated to set it jointly. The box does have directions on the base on how to use it. First demo, i tried employing wax paper and cling wraps but dough sticked to it. Ziploc (with three open aspect) worked seriously nicely. No challenges cleaning the press as dough doesnt adhere to it right. Employed dough about the dimensions of golf ball or a little scaled-down. For even thickness, i flipped it and pressed when much more to get it to my liking. The hinge at the lever could have been tighter but i guess its manufactured that way. I would say it worked for me.

I have been using this for a pair of months now. Creating handmade corn tortillas is now a breeze. It took a few tries to get a experience for the dough consistency that will work just appropriate for urgent, but at the time that was accomplished, it is really great. I have had no issues with the press at all.

My daughter was rolling her flour tortillas out with a rolling pin so i purchased this one particular to make the occupation less complicated for her. She explained to me that she likes it, but i haven’t had the possibility to attempt out any tortillas still.

Extremely delighted with this obtain. My spouse and children and i don’t like retail outlet purchased tortillas. It can be a lot easier for me and it really is easier on my back. I have a ailment that will cause me a lot ache, moreover i have a negative spine and a reverse spine so it allows to be able to make tortillas swiftly. Make sure to location a piece of parchment paper down, then place the dough on the press, then place an additional piece of parchment paper more than the dough and then press down on the press. It keeps the dough from sticking on the press. Just a considered and just making an attempt to support.

I acquired this tortilla press as i can no for a longer period eat flour tortillas (gluten intolerance) and so i make my own gluten totally free or corn tortillas at household and have been applying a rolling pin to roll out the dough. Working with this press is so significantly improved than a rolling pin. Uncomplicated to use and tends to make perfect spherical tortillas.

I have only used this gadget just one time so much, but i have been pleased with it. I use it with some plastic wrap to blanket the dough ball and experienced no complications. Normally takes a bit of practice to figure out what dimensions ball the roll to stay away from creating it too big or much too small.

I have under no circumstances designed tortillas in advance of, but following observing the component labels on the shop acquired kinds, i resolved to give it a try out. This tortilla press tends to make it easy to get (relatively) uniform tortillas and helps make the process a great deal more rapidly than rolling them by hand (i am absolutely sure). Extremely pleased with this invest in, and so is my husband (who enjoys tortillas). Will absolutely be buying the 8′ press subsequent.

Heavy obligation cast iron fantastic for making tortillas. Tortillas are pressed uniformly with minimal hard work and rave opinions from family and buddies.

I have in no way used a tortilla press before, but it was quite intuitive to use, and seems durable. Corn tortillas have never ever been created so quick. I figured out really swiftly that you should location your tortilla ball a bit driving center as the tortilla does are likely to slide a little bit ahead when you press, which i would assume would be true of all presses. I truly couldn’t make a decision no matter if to invest in this sizing or the 8 inch. I am happy with this sizing as i are inclined to make corn tortillas about 6 inches in diameter anyway. They tended to drop apart just before hitting the pan if i made them bigger. Although i have not seen the more substantial model, this one is straightforward to store, which in a kitchen area entire of gadgets is vital.

I would experienced presented it five stars if the pin that locks the handle in position did not occur off while employing. A suggestion i master watching all recipes employing this was to place plastic wrap on every facet so that the dough will not likely adhere and it will be straightforward to eliminate from the plates.

I like utilitarian appliances that are basic and function as promised. This tortilla press is ideal: the weight implies it stays in area through use, and i can make the handkerchief skinny corn tortillas that i appreciate at my beloved mexican restaurants. For individuals of you have not created tortillas at dwelling: the course of action is uncomplicated, takes only minutes, and the final results will make you believe a lot less than 2 times prior to buying packaged tortillas. Also, earning tortillas is a terrific venture if you like to cook with children and enable improve their meals choices.

Thanks to the point this is large cast iron, it presses tortillas extremely very well. The only draw back is it smells like a equipment store, with a protective oil on it (i must know simply because i worked in just one). Now i know you happen to be not meant to press them instantly on the metallic anyway for sticking causes, but i would truly feel a lot more snug if i did not have to anxiety make contact with of the metal with my foodstuff. I take a cue from alton and just lower the sides and leading off a gallon zip-prime bag and use the pure crease as a fold.

This tortilla press is effective perfectly. I would hardly ever pressed tortillas before and believed this was so significant obligation when it arrived, that i may possibly smush the masa into oblivion. On the contrary, it tends to make gorgeous, perfectly formed tortillas. As prolonged as i slice a zip-lock bag into two items and trim them down closer to the sizing of the press, i am able to get rid of the tortillas, no difficulty. Remembering is the tricky part, ha. I remarkably advocate this press.

Operates wonderful for generating corn tortillas. I lower up a huge ziploc bag, leaving the seam in tact (so it opens like a ebook). I put the ball of dough in involving the plastic bag which is inside the press, and then press down. Never press to really hard permit the body weight of the cast iron to do the function in any other case you is not going to be able to peel the tortilla off the plastic. When you begin doing it, you are going to acquire a fantastic process of finding the tortilla off the plastic. I tried placing oil on the plastic to start with, but actually i could not explain to if that produced a variation or not.