Vitamix TurboBlend VS Blender : The best blender EVER

My wife was hesitant about spending so much money because she wasn’t convinced we would use it often enough to make it worth it, but we sure do. We make smoothies almost every day and often make cashew butter, mashed cauliflower, mashed sweet potatoes, etc. It’s so easy to clean and so powerful. If i had to complain about something i guess it would be the noise, mainly when on high, but that’s to be expected.

I have to write a review of this phenomenal blender. It has to be one of the best investments i have made for the health of my family. Not being someone who inherently enjoys or knows much about being in the kitchen, having the vitamix has changed it to looking forward to creating many things myself. I relish the green smoothies, raw soups and pattes we make on this powerful blender.

I purchased this vitamix blender in may 2012. I have been using it about four days out of each week since then. I started by following the recipes in the cookbook that accompanied the machine but after i got the “hang of it”, i have created my own smoothies – greens and fruits and yogurt and a little maple syrup once in a while to add sweetness – all organic, of course. The power this machine has is unbelievable. I do wear ear protectors when the machine is on because the motor is noisy, but i don’t find this a problem at all. Anyone who is considering purchasing a high quality blender should consider this brand. And consider paying a bit more for the variable speed that this model has.

I have been hearing about vitamix for years, i didn’t think i would be able to ever buy one. But some unexpected changes made it possible. So i watched lots of youtube videos and read lots of reviews. Slowly i learned that the vitamix 1732 turboblend vs blender had a base motor that could do all the things the high end models can do but without the frills; no programmable functions, no house beautiful looks, no comfort grips, just a hard working machine. So i thought i could just about afford this model ( i told myself i could not afford not to buy it ), and i made the order. I think my heart stopped for a second. It is a lot of money for a blender but it is a lot of blender. I have never owned a blender before. I didn’t even have a spatula, i was that clueless. When i unpacked my vitamix i was like a deer in the headlights, and wondered how i got so over my head.

  • Best blender ever and much more!
  • Variable speed is essential, best deal here
  • Careful: You’ll Never Be Satisfied With a Traditional Blender Again

Vitamix TurboBlend VS Blender, Black

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  • Ten variable speeds allow you to refine every texture with culinary precision, from the smoothest purées to the heartiest soups
  • The size and shape of the 64-ounce container is ideal for blending medium to large batches.
  • With a drop of dish soap and warm water, your Vitamix machine can clean itself in 30 to 60 seconds
  • The blades in the Vitamix container reach speeds fast enough to create friction heat, bringing cold ingredients to steaming hot in about six minutes
  • Live fresh recipe book, let’s get started dvd instructional video, and a Filtration bag included

I had heard all about the vitamix, its durability, its versatility, and so on, but i wasn’t sure i was ready for the leap to something with this much clout. Now i don’t know how i ever did without it. I use it at least once a day and up to 5-6 times if i’m cooking a big meal or getting ready for a party. It does the job very efficiently and the clean-up is super easy — i never wanted to pull out my old blender because it was such a chore to use and clean, but the vitamix is ready and waiting for anything i can hurl at it, and it makes we actually *want* to do more cooking/blending. I’m on a serious smoothie kick now, and i feel really strong and healthy.

For anyone who is researching the vitamix, let me be the one to tell you it is awesome. I was first made aware of the benefits of the vitamix from a friend who has had one for 20 years. They have never needed to replace their vitamix even with the 7 year replacement policy. Since receiving my vitamix i have been more than satisfied with this product. It is easy to use and has an excellent recipe book. I have tried about 10 of the recipes so far and every one has turned out exactly as the recipe states and each has been tasty and healthy. I first planned to buy the vitamix to make baby food for my 3 month old son, but now my husband and i find ourselves making smoothies, soups, peanut butter, and sauces. The best part is i am able to put whole fruits, nuts, and vegetables directly into the vitamix and can benefit from all of the vitamins in these health foods. The blades are extremely sharp and have not faltered in any way no matter what i have put in. I am so happy to be making healthy food with all of the nutritional values without having to give up taste.

I bought this as a gift because i was so impressed by the one i bought for myself. The most powerful feedback i can give is that i eat more fresh vegetables because of this blender. For that reason alone, the blender is value-added for me. I especially like that i can freeze fresh fruits or vegetables, and then incorporate those into high-nutrient smoothies.

This is by far the best blender i have ever had. It is so powerful and simple to use. I haven’t tried making soup yet but so far the smoothies and salad dressings i’ve made have come out great. It is also so simple to wash. I love to put in the soap and water and watch it clean itself. Then just rinse and let drain in a colander. I just wish i hadn’t wasted so much money buying all the others i’ve owned.

I bought this think for my wife almost five years ago (dec 2012). Honestly i thought $500 for a blender was crazy. However, she uses it daily and this thing can blend anything. Recently it started smoking and i called customer service on a saturday. They had me do a few quick checks and determined the pitcher bearings were work out and just sent us a new one in the mail free of charge. The warranty on this thing is good for seven years and they provide free shipping and repair. It isn’t often that a company these days have a legit warranty but these guys are the exception. I say the money is worth it to have a quality product with a great warranty.

Decided to start eating healthier a couple of months ago. Bought a cheap blender at meijer to get started, but ended up chewing many of the “smoothies”. Did extensive research, and finally decided to pay the bucks to get this blender. I’ve used it every day for close to two months now, and i’m totally satisfied with it. Would make the same decision again.

Hands down the best blender i’ve ever had the pleasure of using. Nothing but smooth consistancy and operating ease. I still find myself as excited to use it as the first time i tried it. The recipe book and milk bag are a great bonus, i can’t wait to make my own almond milk and once it gets colder soup will definitely be on the menu.I previously had an oster and a magic bullet but after dealing with lumps and grit and hard to clean parts i can’t see myself ever buying or recommending anything but vitamix from now on.

I have found the mercedes of blenders. Buy one and you will never need to replace it. My son in law bought one, dropped and cracked the mixing cup and they shipped a new one immediately at no charge. Later, he lost one of the feet off the bottom of the unit and they sent four new ones, no charge. I thought customer service left this country a long time ago. By the way, makes the most amazing pesto. It is better than any gourmet restaurant. Recipe from vitamix no less.

I waited three years to review this product. Simply because i wanted to see if it stood the test of time, constant use and the incredible 7 year warranty. It hasthe vitamix is simply an amazing blender. I use it everyday at least twice a day. Mostly for green smoothies and protein superfood smoothies but also for broccoli creams, pulverizing cinnamon sticks or making humus and cashew spread instead of using cream cheese. It can do it allit’s easy to clean (just soapy warm water run it on high for about a minute and then rinse) and is always ready for another smoothly, cream or spreadi have also put its warranty to the test as i have had two cups break down from constant use. But vitamix customer support couldn’t be easier to deal with. They simply asked me what’s wrong and then sent me a replacement cup which usually arrives within a week. The first time i panicked and got a ninja because i didn’t know how i was going to make it without my smoothies even for a single day.

I think we might have gotten a lemon and thank god i bought it through amazon so i could simply send back and get my money back. They were very good about it. We found that we could smell the motor when trying to make smoothies about 3 weeks into owning it. It gave off a burning smell. So rather than deal with watching the problem increase or decrease we returned the item. I think with the price we paid i will buy one at costco since i can take it back no questions asked long after a 30 day warranty period offered by amazon. For the price we paid i want to make sure i can return the unit without any problems and i don’t want to mail off to vitamix under their warranty. When it worked it was great.

I thought i had a perfectly good blender. But i kept reading about these vitamix’s and how lucky some people are to own them and how they will change your life. Eventualy i bit the bullet and got one. It sounds like a jet engine in your kitchen. But (expletive) me it blends everything consistently and quickly and it has changed my lifenut milks are easy. Kale – completely liquadized. In my old belnder it tasted like i was drinking lawn cuttings. Now it is a green super shake. I use this twice a day at least. Breakfast smoothies; nut milks; deserts; veggie drinks for the kids. The tamper tool is good, the hemp nut milk bag perfect. The recipie book is full of good recipies that you will want to try.

I put off buying a vitamix for the longest time because of the price but after two weeks i’m happy to say it’s worth every single penny. It does everything i want including making green smoothies 6-7 times a week with lots of frozen fruit to perfect texture; makes the best creamy peanut butter i’ve ever tasted, it’s so easy to clean, and i swear if it came with cables it could jump start my car, if needed. Don’t waste your time and money on any other blender. I’m vegan and this machine is made for how we love to eat. Oh, and keep the box it comes it ’cause that makes it easier to take on road trips.

Not to mention it comes with good instructions. The only time i ever had an problem with it was when i very first started employing it, and i did not want to run turbo on it for the reason that i was worried, but i realized that you won’t be able to set it on much too lower of a location for too lengthy when making peanut butter or it will shut off routinely, which was frightening mainly because i thought i broke it. But following a couple minutes the car shutoff disabled and i was able to complete. That is the initially and previous time i at any time had an problem. I make plenty of raw vegan recipes for my partner and i that have to have a high pace food stuff processor, and having tried out to full these with other blenders in the past and employing this one now, there is no levels of competition. Turboblend just trumps everything else i have at any time utilised. The price is a minimal substantially, but contemplating the warranty and time you are going to help save not messing all-around seeking to uncover the most effective deal is effectively truly worth the cost. My husband and i just thought of it a necessity given that it would assist us with extra healthy decisions given that we are on the ‘eat to live’ diet program. The income we saved on healthcare charges and insulin for diabetes will have price tag us significantly far more, so you just seriously have to take into account the alternatives and glimpse ahead to see what it can do for you, as with any major invest in.

Most crucial machines in my kitchen. Evening and working day big difference from my previous ninja blender. No much more bits in my smoothies, they are so easy now. Mix nuts, seeds and many others into a fantastic powder. I like the pusher stick issue. I seriously like the self clean attribute.

Portion of my raw vegan cheater life style is a massive raw fruit and veggie smoothie in the early morning (photos of just one of my smoothies had been uploaded to this solution impression checklist), a gargantuan raw veggie and fruit salad at lunch, then regardless of what the heck i want to eat in the evening, enjoying my wife’s great cooking. This individual vitamix blender permits me to produce overloaded smoothies (effectively past the advised two/3 crammed mark) each and every one working day and residence made ice product almost each and every night time. The ice product is the most tricky on a blender’s motor, but this vitamix blender can consider it. I use 4 frozen bananas as the foundation, one/two cup almond milk, yet another one/2 cup of other frozen fruit (cherries or strawberries), 1/4 cup of walnuts or dark chocolate, and it’s possible some agave nectar. Absolutely healthy and very delightful, but it burns out the motor of the other blender i used to use – sigh. The vitamix 1732 turboblend vs makes a sleek ice cream out of these frozen fruits in fewer than thirty seconds. As for my each morning smoothies (recipe for a single of them is in the graphic description in the photos i uploaded over), i overfill my smoothies and still get an even blend. I never go beyond the advisable 45 seconds on higher – and by no means have to except if i designed it way too thick (>4 bananas devoid of increasing liquids). Without having this blender, having uncooked vegan for breakfast, lunch, and dessert would be pretty boring. My two, 6, and 8 calendar year outdated sons like my smoothies and ice lotions.

Its noisy but blends any and every thing. I am on a juicing and healing quick and have set this blender as a result of its pase. I use my juicer for my juice and the vitamix for my smoothies alongside with blending my protein mix into my juice. Would have supplied it a five if it was not so noisy on the substantial turbo placing which i use for my protein powder.

Immediately after much looking through on the issue and a individual testimony from a great good friend i purchased a vitamix and went on a mainly ‘raw’ diet regime. I have never ever felt healther and in 3 months have misplaced ten lbs devoid of even attempting. The vitamix would make prep so uncomplicated and the blended mixes are like velvet. I take into consideration it an expense in my health.

If you are critical about applying a vitamix, you need the variable velocity (vs). And i never mean just superior and lower, but one-10, in addition to higher and very low. With that, you can make cole sole in 2 seconds (no kidding) and a whole lot of other issues that you could not with far more limits, because different issues call for various speeds, in some cases increasing incrementally. This is the very same selling price, deal and guarantee that you get if you get directly from vitamix. I was tempted to rate it only 4 stars, simply because it is way overpriced. With an amazon retail outlet card, it truly is desire-free of charge if you shell out it off in 6 months — and that is essential, for the reason that whopping interest applies if you will not. Vitamix has a payment strategy, too, but you have to pay out additional when you order and have only 3 months following that to fork out it off. So amazon’s offer breaks it up into six more compact payments, which will make it the most economical way for lots of of us to get one particular of these machines. There is nothing else very like them. Blentec is the only other product to even take into account, but i do not know if it has variable speeds, far too.