Oyama CFS-F10B 5 Cup Rice Cooker : Love my stainless steel rice cooker.

Experienced a smaller rice cooker that would spit steamed sticky rice drinking water out of a hole in leading and get all about the counter best. This one is significantly significantly less messy, steam comes out a hole in the top. Drinking water does come out if merchandise is whole, but it settles into the lid, simpler to cleanse up, nevertheless you will want to don’t forget this right before you attempt to open up it. Rice cooks properly and keeps warm without the need of burning to inside pan.

Oz, and as soon as he mentioned something negative about rice cookers with non-stick coatings, she insisted on receiving a stainless steel model. Steam even now escapes and pools gross rice water around the major, but so did her outdated rice cooker. It’s a awesome searching unit and 5 cups is plenty of to feed the whole household when we go stop by.

Oyama CFS-F10B 5 Cup Rice Cooker, Stainless Black

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  • All Stainless Steel cooking surfaces
  • Stainless Steel Steamer Tray
  • 3 Dimensional Heating (base, side and lid)
  • Keep warm function
  • Cooking bowl has a triple layered base for uniform heating without burning

We desired a non coated rice cooker. There not to several to chose from, identified this a single. Have been making use of quite a few situations a 7 days for two months. Very simple, performs like it is suppose to with white, brown and parboiled rices. Have not experienced any complications with rice challenging sticking or burning to pot. Nearly anything that is there cleans out straightforward. Some periods we insert a teaspoon of cooking oil or spray but have discovered that is not genuinely needed. I feel the simple fact that the stainless steel pot has a exceptionally shinny electro polish is the rationale why. Has detachable wire, compact stainless steel steam tray, pastic rice cup and spoon, guidance. Exceptional quality development.

4 am and i just ate my 1st bowl of beautifully cooked rice created in this rice cooker. After 3 many years of making an attempt to prepare dinner rice in a variety of measurements of pots on a glass major electrical stove, i am finally in a position to cook great rice all over again. Was so tired of cleaning up the boiled more than rice water that transpired each time i cooked rice. Useless to say i am elated to have fantastic rice without the horrible clean up mess. No difficulties with anything at all, just go by the.

After my prior non-adhere rice cooker started to chip, and thoroughly knowing the host of horrible illnesses joined to its harmful coating, i made the decision to take the likelihood to go in a well being course, and select up a chemical free of charge, stainless steel rice cooker. I personally love cooking organic basmati rice with mine, and even on my initial test it turned out fantastic. I love steaming veggies, and it operates just fantastic even if they are frozen stable when you put them in. -i was nervous the rice would burn off on the bottom, even the directions warn about it and truly was not absolutely sure what to expect. Soon after cooking i discovered that the bottom layer of rice (only 1 grain deep) only wanted to be carefully scrapped off, in any other case it was fantastic. Nothing at all burned, and it would be very quick to clean the minor stuck on starch with with a plastic brillo pad, or allowing hot h2o soak it for a moment. The so-so:-the seal is just not good more than enough, mainly because i saw a compact volume of steam ‘leaking’ from about the rice cookers lid. It can be not a offer breaker due to the fact the it cooks great nonetheless, but none-the-considerably less troublesome.

Oyama CFS-F10B 5 Cup Rice Cooker, Stainless Black : This is really made strangely. It is hard to clean when my old one was so simple. You can only put 2 servings into it or there is a mess all over the counter. I just wanted something stainless and the company is obviously pretty crummy as they wouldn’t let me return it.

I like the simple fact that it has stainless steel interior pot for that sizing of 5 cups. Rice sticks a little bit on the bottom, like other rice cookers. I have aroma three cup and ten cup stainless steel inner pot rice cooker with glass lid. The three cup just one splatters all the starchy h2o when it boils on the counter and matters encompassing it. So i assumed, since this cooker is coated fully i can keep away from the splatters, but not so. When the steam comes out of the vent a ton of starchy water splatters all over on that aspect. Appropriate now i just go over the vent with a paper towel so it does not make the counter soiled and i also location the cooker on a larger sized plate, so that any starchy water dripping out from the facet collects on the plate.

I go through all the evaluations and i just want to make a remark about grievances about h2o boiling out of the prime of the cooker. The only time i have experienced this happen is when i was experimenting with the volume of water i included to cook dinner. I place in a lot more drinking water (about 30% much more than the recipe) and – shock – some drinking water did boil out of the cooker. But as extensive as i keep to the recipe, i have not experienced that dilemma reoccur.

I was searching for a rice cooker to replace our present rice cooker, whose teflon-coated bowl had patches of exposed aluminum – major me to consider that the rice we ate had miniscule quantities of teflon. I researched clay rice cookers but most were being as well significant for two men and women. I picked this mainly because the dimensions was just proper for a modest family and the stainless metal bowl did not have a teflon coating. The cooker adjusts the cooking time immediately for white or brown rice. The rice arrives out properly just about every time with no crust at the base. If there is a draw back, it is that the rice tends to stick to the base of the bowl – although that is envisioned. Soaking the bottom in drinking water for a even though would make cleansing less difficult. Owning no teflon would make it all worthwhile.

It cooks rice completely and i don’t have any burn rice at the base. The preserve warm functionality is amazing and various than others: the prime lid has a heating ingredient that keep the ‘keep warm’ functionality, so the rice will never burn off at the base. The bad: when opening the lid, it does not have more than enough angle for the lid to continue to be open so when you scoop out the rice, the lid will shut near and touches your hand and can induce burn up.

The 5 cup measurement is based on a cup that is included in the deal and that cup is lesser than the genuine one-cup size. So i recommend shopping for the following size up (seven-cup, is it?) if you seriously want a entire 5-cup cooker. But for a loved ones of 4, this is just fine.

We only use stainless pots for wellbeing reasons so my preference in rice cookers was minimal. I originally obtained a larger measurement but hubby wished the smaller sized just one. We returned the larger sized one with no problem and purchased the tiny a single. So we received in touch with oyama and they had been good about changing the dented a single. Now we are so delighted with our tiny rice cooker. It is much more than adequate for the two of us and company way too. We have in no way had a spill over and the rice is completed correctly. We now consume rice more routinely than we when we cooked on the stove. I would endorse this rice cooker to any one.

This isn’t going to keep very as significantly as i thought it would, when i use it to steam vegetables, or tamales, and so on. But this is outstanding because it’s stainless metal, i really don’t use non-stick design and style anymore for overall health causes. This is perfect for rice or quinoa.

I procured this for the reason that i was apprehensive about non adhere surfaces having into my food items, and the greater part of rice cookers use a non stick insert. So i was thrilled to obtain a single that was all stainless. I’ve only applied it a few situations, but it works great. Some people complain about rice cookers, that they melt away the base, and most do, but not burn, just a pleasant brown crust, which in some countries is regarded a delicacy (korea for one). I really like to combine in the browned base with the relaxation, or if you never want that section, spoon out the fluffy cooked rice and just soak the pot to clean easily. The only down facet to this product is the deal with and steamer. The different steamer ought to have some type of handle, as it truly is difficult to just take it out from the major pot if you want to get rid of it right before the rice has concluded. Some type of collapsible metallic tackle would be fantastic for the steamer. Also the 5 cup rice cooker has a different tackle to the device than the much larger ones–is’s just an integrated handle that you slip your hand into to open up the top rated. Which would be great other than that it’s found kind of near the steam escape, so you have to be rather cautious when opening the lid.

Been applying it since i been given it and have experienced no challenges. I read the evaluations about staining on the base of the pot and i do have that. It does not hassle me or influence how it operates.

If you are applied to an american design and style rice cooker, this has a good deal additional transferring components and things to wash. But on the other hand i believe it can be variety of truly worth it simply because it is so much cooler than the cheapo kind that we experienced just before. And when i say cooler, i mean performance (while it also looks cooler but that’s not my precedence). – it can retain rice warm for 24 hours with no drying out (i have not utilised this but it looks a good strategy). – it has the stainless metal pan so you you should not have to fret about poisons from the nonstick surfaces. And very little sticks to the stainless steel pan at the very least if you use it proper. – it has the stainless steel steamer so you don’t have to get worried about poisons from plastic. – it has a small plastic thingy to capture the excess water that will come out. Alright so with all these elements, plus the within of the lid is a individual piece that you have to at least rinse and then don’t forget to put again.

I acquired this rice cooker simply because it has a stainless metal pot and i want to steer clear of teflon variety coatings. The 5-cup sizing is just right for our household though i ordinarily make fewer than that (one. 5 cups dry rice) i have mostly been working with white cal rose rice and it cooks it to perfection. I have also cooked a brown rice/wild rice mix a pair of occasions and it takes quite a little bit of liquid to get the best doneness on the rice. It is a prolonged-cooking rice and the cooker doesn’t shorten that time. The steamer basket insert is the right measurement for steaming some veggies for lunch for my kid and i but is not big plenty of for the veggies at evening meal time. There is typically a little bit of a little burned rice (light-weight brown not charred) on the bottom but it does not have an effect on the taste. I also shop and reheat the left over rice in the pot. I have identified that the lid of an 8 cup spherical pyrex dish matches beautifully on the pot to retail store it in the fridge. To reheat, i increase a bit of fresh water and established the rice cooker to the cook mode once more.

We have been wanting for a rice cooker without the need of the non stick lining for a very long time and found this on amazon. I read the testimonials and based mostly on what men and women stated we requested just one. It was like xmas when we received it and could not wait to cook some rice. Well, the evaluations were ideal on. The very best rice we have at any time experienced and it is quick to clear. If you want healthy cooked rice, this is the one. I heartily recommend this rice cooker.

Was just one of the smallest metal bowl rice cookers i found. Didnt want teflon, but didnt want one particular big sufficient to make rice for an army. The only challenge is that if will come unplugged pretty quickly.

Does a great occupation cooking rice, only issue is it will not have an idle setting. If it is plugged it it will be established to warm or cook. It also isn’t going to ding or anything at all when it can be done cooking so you have to pay back awareness to it. The rice and steamed veggies normally get carried out in about 20 minutes.

I purchased this cooker mainly because of the stainless metal liner. It just isn’t tough to clean up with a little bit of soaking and i like the item in general. Lt has taken some experimentation to get the appropriate ratio of drinking water to brown rice so the rice cooks devoid of sputtering by means of the vent. I stay at 4000 ft, so far more drinking water ought to be extra than at decrease altitudes. The ratio is one cup rice to two. Put the rice in the bowl with one. 5 cup h2o soon after 20 minutes of cooking and the previous.

GameSaver Bronze Vacuum Sealer : Nice Unit, But Maybe a Step Backward

Like packing meats with this solution, unquestionably well worth the funds. Like many houses it is just the two of us ideal now, not a lot of products are sole for two people. Vacuum pack the relaxation ingenious and hold money in your pocket.

Is effective good, even so, you ought to remember to hold the bag rolls restricted within the deal with or they slide out easy. But when the vacuum sealer seals, it seals very properly.

GameSaver Bronze Vacuum Sealer, Mossy Oak Camouflage

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  • Easy, one-touch controls
  • Extra-wide sealing strip creates secure, air-tight seal
  • Moist/Dry food settings for optimal sealing
  • Accessory port and hose vacuum seals canisters and marinates food in minutes
  • Includes 2 rolls and 10 pre-cut bags
  • Built-in roll storage and cutter
  • Two speed settings
  • Adjustable food setting
  • Accessory hose port
  • Removable drip tray
  • FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing Systems are engineered to work best with FoodSaver bags and rolls

Have no problems thus far. Packaged two deer with it and it carried out effectively. As significantly as durability, properly, i feel that is subjective. If i take care of it ideal, and use it ideal, i imagine it will very last endlessly. If i toss it in the flooring and kick it. . From what i can inform although it will be a excellent dependable unit.

I acquired this one even although i am not into camo for the reason that it truly is the only one particular they offer you a lifetime guarantee on. I’ve used it a reasonable total in the quick time i’ve experienced it. I can only make about six seals,which is a person conclude of 3 bags because i double seal each individual seam, ahead of it’s as well scorching and has to awesome down. Would be wonderful to have a double sealed seam routinely. Other than that it is doing work well. You have to be sure that the edge of the bag is all the way in the slot but not rolled around and it requires to be laying flat on the sealing bar.

We brought this to switch our old foodsaver. The old one particular even now performs, but required to improve. We store 3 occasions a calendar year at restaurant depot. We buy 40 lbs hen breasts, a couple pork loins, frozen tilapia, and alternative beef strip loin that i minimize into steaks. We use the activity saver to offer portions for the 2 of us. We do not use the recreation saver usually but when we use it we set it to perform. The wife loves the roll storage and cutter to make luggage. The vacuum is more powerful than our previous a person. We just enjoy the new game saver. We keep it in the box in the pantry so the camo is no difficulty.

GameSaver Bronze Vacuum Sealer, Mossy Oak Camouflage : My only complaint is the electric cord is short. Must use on kitchen counter or setup on table with extension cord. Other than that i love this thing.

Update: i’ve made use of it a reasonable sum. Not a major consumer, but there have been times i have employed it for hours for the duration of a working day. It do much loads greater than my outdated ziploc sealer. More than a yr now and still sealing/vacuuming strong. Hope to be making use of it extra through hunting year.

My spouse went by way of a few vacuum sealers right before i read to hold the moisture out of the bags. So nearly anything moist she puts in frezzer a little bit in advance of sealing a+++.

We have made use of the activity saver bronze to vacuum seal a sheep, three goats, and the liver, heart and kidneys from oursteer. We have also employed the accent port to seal some jars of dehydrated food stuff. Every little thing has worked wonderful so much. In a number of times we will be finishing processing our steer so the sport saver will get a different exercise. Rabbits and chickens will also be processed and sealed with the sport saver. I do not foresee any challenges. This activity saver bronze iseasy to use and easy to clear. We also bought two of the 50 foot rolls of business quality foodsaver variety baggage and the bagsworked high-quality with this unit.

I made use of this seriously in the course of my vacation to florida. Cherished how well it vacuumed and sealed the fish i caught, but if you do use it for fish or any other moist food stuff, be certain to pat them dry, usually the water will interfere with the sealing method. The cutter was helpful, but it dulled quickly, so i recommend you get a separate resource for reducing. Over-all, pretty pleased with my buy.

We learned a good deal about this equipment by reading the other testimonials, just before shopping for it. Now we are so glad we did buy itit’s produced so a great deal much better than the lesser/much less expensive kinds we had right before. (and we’ve experienced various of them)this one is faster and seals much better. We definitely like the seal-only operate, and the potential to quit the cycle and seal the bag early. We foresee obtaining several years of services out of this machine.

If you’re looking to vacuum seal some leftovers or added meat from time to time, this will function. I have sealed almost everything from veggies to meat. For the amount of money of use i have gotten from it, it has attained its maintain. It isn’t going to get all the bubbles out each individual time. To avoid this, the foods has to be organized so that it would not have to ‘fight’ the bag.

Hose attachments dry/damp modes a some what much better ver than most of there styles. It is built for hunters so is a bit additional rugged. If ya dont know how ta use one like me ya just u-tube it lol understand tips like frezze it a little bit 1st so the liquids do not mess up yer seal. Only down side just for me is i use it for. Sou vide n a bitt worryed about the plastic. It is food items grade n preety significantly as protected as usin a microwave on yer foodstuff lol, but the food items u cook dinner in the sou vide is sealed. So as extensive as u can control the temp at a acture diploma u can cook dinner it to the exact way u like it or yer hubbie likes it. Just adviod bigger temps that the plastic releases harmful toxins.

Too shortly to give additional than a very first-timer’s response. Have established bags and sealed coho salmon. Product or service very effortless and straight ahead to use. Was captivated by ‘limited life span warranty’ which appears to be 5 decades soon after products is discontinued. I hope it will not be discontinued at any time shortly. Really like how sealer can be stored upright, taking up a lot less of my precious counter house. I appear forward to paying for the attachment lid for pulling a vacuum on large mouth canning jars.

We get in bulk and then divide and seal. Also do the identical to some still left overs and fresh veggies.

I have vacuum sealed for yrs, but have acquired more affordable types that barely did the task,this 1 is center of the street as considerably as price goes, but does a actual great occupation, the very first time i pushed the seal button, it just had a large amount far more vacuum power. As well as the roll storage and cutter, are a superior aspect.

We have been blowing by way of one vacuum sealer for every 12 months. We have experimented with a lot of various brand names, all fail after the initial 12 months of major use. We seriously aren’t in a position to sink hefty money into a professional grade. I acquired this centered on the ‘heavy use’ evaluations and have not been unhappy. On the first working day, we packaged forty luggage of bacon, and only after did it overheat, demanding a compact (potentially 20 2nd) hold off. If you deal big quantities at a time, you know that if you have to prevent in between each bundle, twenty seconds can be an eternity. On the 2nd evening, we bagged 50 1lb packages of sausage with no delays. The 3rd night time we packaged yet another 50lbs with only one slight delay. The seal is wide and tough, the vacuum is limited, and the tray is quick to thoroughly clean. For a examination, we lower up an apple and vacuumed in on the initially evening.

We have been employing this to incorporate further lifestyle to meat we acquire and freeze for the previous 2 several years. It works like a attraction just about every time. I recognize, far too, that it stands upright so it won’t consider up a lot space when we’re not using it. Only providing it four stars relatively than five for the reason that this sits in my kitchen area, and my wife would likely desire anything that blends in superior than camo.

Have cryo-packed a few thousand dollars well worth of foods so far. Next one will be a much more high priced design. One particular that will not call for permitting the sealing bar awesome down following a numerous things.

Make guaranteed you examine the instructions thoroughly and your meals will very last a great deal for a longer time. The youngsters are also applying it to seal open luggage of chips in their primary packaging. It seems to be great on the counter, i just desire the base appeared like the prime in the upright position. It stores good but however looks like the base of an equipment. Too substantially of a ache to turn it all around. My spouse is setting up to sew a protect. In general as extensive as it lasts, it can be significantly far better than zip lock bags.

This is an wonderful sealer for dry foods. If you will need to seal anything liquid or wet then freeze it initially and you will have no issue. Do not forget about it has a life time guarantee as very well. I do a large amount of searching and this keeps meat in the freezer for a lot longer than the normal ziplock. Not guaranteed why it took me so prolonged to purchase it.

I am pretty satisfied with the vacuum sealer. I have had one for numerous years and alway been satisfied. I just made the decision that it was time for an improve.