Inkbird Universal Dual Digital PID Temperature Controller, Good but Not Without Some Issues

Excellent fundamental device but be thorough not to press way too really hard on the screws when you tighten them. I pushed the again plate in when i did this. I did press pretty difficult so not sure it was the models fault.

Controller will work nicely, all contents had been supplied and uncomplicated to hook up.

Utilized it for a controller in a do-it-yourself sous vide and it is effective excellent. Display is simple to read through and performs as anticipated. Be confident to established the suitable thermocouple type.

Key specs for Inkbird Universal Dual Digital PID Temperature Controller + K Sensor Probe + 25A SSR Solid State Relay for Home Brew Hatch Aquarium Freezer ECT:

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  • 1.Support multi sensor input (K, S, Wre, T, E, J, B, N, CU50, PT100)
  • 2. Temperature controller + K sensor probe + SSR-25DA State Relay
  • 3.Built-in digital filter reduce interfere
  • 4. Self calibration technology, keep stabilization
  • 5. Tow OMRON relay output

Comments from buyers

“Easy reliable PID for a GREAT price!, Good but Not Without Some Issues, Overall I’m happy with the performance of the unit”

Great operation products.

Performs wonderful as it was intended.

It is really set up to management heaters in an outdoor enclosure. I have it configured in pid handle manner which will work good.

Wonderful pid temp controller for an wonderful selling price. Labored fantastic, the auto-tune function genuinely assisted in my venture owing to the quick heating.

I would give more stars if the instruction had been in comprehensible english. This is an straightforward to operate pid controller and appears to operate as predicted but the documentation is awful. Especially, the part about how to do an autotune a second time is fully difficult to have an understanding of. For my present-day use i can use the default pid (there is no point out if you can edit these specifically or if you can only use the default or autotune) so i am not concerned for this use but for other folks i may possibly want to autotune or set the pid directly and will need distinct instructions. Also, the integrated thermocouple is a pice of garbage and broke immediately when making an attempt to screw it into a mating part. It was machined with a extremely weak location and broke instantly with out overtightening.

Works like the last one i purchased, no complaints.

Will work properly and straightforward to set up and software. I purchased two and both equally had been excellent. Only difficulty was that the mounting bracket for just one of them was a little bit too compact and would not slide over the unit like it is built to. I had to use a dremel to shave down the inside rim to make it in good shape.

I utilised this to turn an more mature oven into a curing oven for cerakote, sturdy, and heating kydex. I do advocate purchasing the lengthier probe but in the tiny oven i’m using the 1 it will come with is just high-quality. I was a very little puzzled by the wiring they prompt, but involving you tube and the inkbird web-site i was profitable.

General i’m happy with the general performance of the device, but i believe it could be improved. I acquired this to make a sous vide controller, and for that purpose it worked quite perfectly. It held a temperature inside of +/- . That currently being mentioned, there were being a couple of issues that impacted the rating. Pros:- held a quite stable temperature for a long time. – relay was able to continue being on for long time in the course of initial heat up and did not have any troubles with the on/off duty cycle- cheapcons:- i could not get it to run the automobile-tuning technique as per the included guide. Luckily for us the default pid parameters worked fine for my functions, but if i change something about the setup then it could be an difficulty down the road. I have manually tuned pid controllers ahead of, and it’s not exciting. (-1 star)- mounting clip is uncomfortable to use and hard to tighten down once attached to unit.

I acquired this to build a hotplate controller. The 1st difficulty i encountered is the sort factor. The top is these types of that getting a acceptable enclosure is a problem. If it was broader and significantly less tall (the warmth sink would also have to be a decrease wider structure as nicely) you could use just one of the a lot of small-expense pcb board enclosures offered. The next challenge i have is the logic made use of for changing values. When you push and hold the worth transform button the temp adjustments extra quickly but it would not modify by full degrees, it improvements by tenths. That means it will take about a second to modify the temp by one diploma. To make a a hundred diploma modify in temp you have to keep the button for over a moment and 50 percent, that’s a long time. Also the default for the hi-alarm is 1000 levels, so if you want to set it for say a hundred and fifty you have to make a 850 degree modify. Though it variations in entire levels it is still painfully slow and will choose minutes to modify.

Awesome, as other have posted, the directions are lacking, but it is effective pretty perfectly. I flipped it with a pt100 sensor, which you have to established up accurately. Pid ‘remembers’ after energy off, so retain that in intellect. Retains 14 gallons of liquid in a. 3 deg c temp array, couldn’t question for much more.

Procured for messing all around with fermentation management. Really large discovering curve and i have established it aside for now going back to my johnson a419’s. Will probably mess all-around with it in the future.

Works as envisioned use it to operate 1800w of heating elements.

The controller and solid state relay worked specifically as marketed. As the encounter of the controller signifies, this controller shows temperature in degrees c, not f. I wanted a controller for a compact location and the shallow depth of this controller served.

It works to keep the temp in the ballpark, but i have not been able to control temps as precise as i wanted.

Ssr did not function had to buy a different a person to get it up and working. But i guess for the selling price what must i expect. They transported me a comprehensive setup and every little thing work terrific.

Worked best would purchase once more.

These get the job done brilliant for the cost, some of the functions from larger rate pids are lacking, but not essential if i just want a steady temperature. I wired up a lot of of these and they stabilize the rope heated pipes speedily and hold the temperature properly in an appropriate range (. 5°c) of the goal temperature. The recommendations are distinct more than enough for an individual common with pids to wire with no problems, but if you’ve got hardly ever wired a temperature controller you might find the directions a minor quick. I will buy once again when i require far more temperature controllers.

Is effective great, i’m applying for drinking water bathtub temperature handle in a yogurt maker. Really uncomplicated to setup and it is really been reliable so considerably.

Initial the recommendations are most unquestionably not crystal clear, if in question go to youtube and look at the inkbird video for this controller and then be aware that if you wire the thermocouple that is included with this offer as the video clip shows, it will not do the job. Element of the difficulty is this non-english speaking enterprise has a number of different goods and alternatively of acquiring an english speaking technological writer to set alongside one another specific directions for a unique item they apparently have attempted to merge breif guidance for quite a few items together. I invested very a bit of time and annoyance trying to get this device to get the job done as the movie had revealed. An electronics engineer was able to just take breif glimpse at this controller and proper the mis-wired thermocouple. What i discover tricky to imagine is this corporation continue to has this online video posted as a guide for setup, which is just basic wrongi have skipped my window to return this products and have not been able to get this controller established to operate as meant. Luckily, the electrical engineer mentioned he will glimpse around the controller’s documentation and see if he can support, but that is assuming this thing is not faulty. Unless of course you are already acquainted with pid’s, which i am not, i would surely uncover a different pid controller to acquire a person that has acceptable and accurate directions or has more than enough end users that you could be equipped to get some support. Update: after shelling out significantly time on the online, studying and reviewing the workings of other pid’s i last but not least was equipped to get the inkbird wired in and established into a kitchen area oven, which will now be a retrofitted committed powder coating oven. The pid is working exceptionally very well at holding a constant temperature, so i am revising my rating upward centered on the functionality of the product. Even so, with excellent instruction this whole system could have been streamlined and manufactured so quick.

Labored out of the box for me. Directions challenging to follow. If someone re-wrote the recommendations in indigenous english the solution would be value $ten far more.

aerolatte Cafe Porcellana Stove Top Espresso Maker : Finally better engineering

Very cute, works well until you pour from the pot. This product should have been better designed.

I have no idea if this is good first hand, but my wife is happy with it, so it must be pretty good.

It’s a nice espreso maker, but the tip of the pourer was broken not sure if it was the carrier’s fault or amazon, either way i’ll just glue it.

Found it on youtube, while checking various coffee making tutorials and liked the idea of detachable ceramic pot – very neat for serving coffee to the guests. Searched the amazon and – voila, they have everything your soul might desire 🙂 my excuse for this purchase was that i only have 2 cup and 6 cups espresso makers – nothing in between. Color is a little diferent then in the picture, but whoever is into colors knows, that real items are always slightly different in person. This one has a slight tint of raspberry (blueish) as opposed to the red with a hint of orange in the picture, but not bad, really. I tested the pot right away – makes good coffee (i know, the first couple batches from a brand new espresso maker are supposed to be disposed of, but i didn’t have much time and took one sip). My initial concern was that the maker might become useless if i break the porcelain pot, but apparently it works with a right size coffee cup, too (tested).

  • You may be disappointed
  • Buy this little coffee maker. You will not regret it.
  • Well Made and Stylish

Aerolatte Cafe Porcellana Stove Top Espresso Maker, 4-Cup, Red

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    to make sure this fits.
  • – Traditional, Italian-style design Espresso maker by Aerolatte
  • – Porcelain Pot and Heat Resistant Painted Aluminum Base
  • – Makes four (2oz) espresso cups
  • – Only Porcelain Pot is Dishwasher safe, Hand Wash Base
  • – Suitable for gas, electric, ceramic and halogen stovetops

Watch the “how to” video first to learn how to use it.

Ok– so, i had some free time today and since i just got this in the mail, i decided to run a comparison it to a bialetti 6-cup aluminum stovetop one i got for xmas as well as the super-cheap stainless steel one i’ve been using for years. I used the same water and the same amount of heat. And i used super-cheap cafe bustelo coffee that’s pretty bitter tasting, generally. I was curious if the flavors would be different and if so, which one would have the least bitterness. This charming device one won the competition hands down. Next up was the stainless steel one, and amazingly, the most bitter of all was the bialetti. Anyway, i’m super charmed by this thing. The arm that feeds the little pot has a heat-proof coating so you can unscrew it and clean it out even when it’s still hot. I feel super fancy and special with this thing– like a mini-tea party all for myself; and the 4- cup size is perfect for 1 or 2 people (my old one was a single, so it’s nice to feel like i can make coffee for 2– or have a second cup waiting for later but not sitting in aluminum). Warning: read the directions carefully.

This style espresso pot was popular in the 80s, us. The ceramic top was for serving as opposed to lifting the entire brewer. I had one that was a little larger and loved it but the top broke while moving into a new home. To answer all the complaints about lifting on an angle and spillage. You never fill the bottom of any stovetop past the relief valve. You need that space for boiling and pressure build up. Of course the top will be smaller than the bottom, it’s part of the design. The key to all of these, including the bialetti, is the filter/gasket. They all use the same one in different sizes so you’re buying build and appearance. I have at least 4 different brands, inherited and purchased, all stovetop espresso is basically the same.

I have been using it for about a month and it makes a great espresso quick and easy. I used to have something similar years ago and i was happy to find this one. I agree with the reviewer that said the instructions are easy to follow. I guess the other reviewer must have just gotten a bad one. Mine is sturdy and well made. I have ordered one for my aunt who loves espresso too.

Nice and simple coffee maker were vent is a lock washer was put vent is at an angle instead of being straight, and inside were you fill with water isn’t finished very good with ruff silver paint edges.

Now here is a first rate stove top espresso maker. It’s nice and solid and stable on the stove. It;s designed for slow brewing and makes a good cup. It’s more stable on the stove than the aluminum ones.

I wanted to love this, but it came chipped. It’s also difficult to get the coffee out. But it really is a pretty coffee maker.

Works very well but the lid cannot be securely grasped.

Makes a good strong cup if espresso quality coffee. No crema to speak of, but darned good stuff.

It makes great coffee and looks good on my stovetop.

Love this 4cup espresso maker-so adorable-easy to use-and makes great coffee-in other reviews people complained about no handle-however the actual ceramic pot has a handle that keeps cool-you just have to use a dish towel to tilt the tube while removing ceramic pot-super easy.

Paint will chip off, but it’s cheerful for now, and it will work no less well without red paint. Handsomely made – good non-galling threads; inside fairly smooth; silicone gasket should last. Chunky stoneware pitcher provides a server. Holds 200ml (8 oz) as advertised. The batch leaves small room for milk. I often keep half the coffee to drink cold later. The held-over part can wait right in the same pot. No leaks even the first time, and it makes moka like any other.

Helps make a mouth watering cup of espresso, appealing design and style.

I obtained this simply because i liked the notion of becoming equipped to use the ceramic part to provide my expresso. A number of items you may well want to think about. . The drinking water tank (the red part) holds extra liquid than the ceramic component so when earning your coffee you have to fill it 50 % way or it will spill. It is really hard to acquire out from the connected hook without having spillage and you have to use an oven mitt to do it or you will burn up on your own. It does make superior expresso (four cups or 1-two fantastic lattes) and that’s why i kept it. On the other hand, it is cumbersome to don’t forget all that needs to be completed in get not to have incidents, spillage oror a mess. Most likely, but with a warning label. This is absolutely not for an individual who needs fast and quick.

This is my new favourite espresso maker. It’s adorable as all get out, and it make a smooth, tasty cup of espresso. Some posters have complained that it spills espresso when you get rid of it from the foundation. This means they filled it as well whole. I’ve had that trouble possibly after or 2 times, but it is not a big deal and it only happens when i fill the water past the safety valve. I use it a number of occasions a week. If you consume it as espresso, it yields about two cups. If you use it for a reduce of coffee, it fills a twelve ounce cup no issue.

This was better then i assumed,, the engineering in the spot is sooo much superior. I have damaged off a great number of spouts but this one as a lip that makes it possible for you to use your thumb to open it when its restricted with out breaking it.

Fantastic espresso and this makes it effortless to use.

I’m not substantially of a ‘mocha’ or espresso lover. But at times i want something different than my morning cup of joe. This stove top espresso maker appears to be like fantastic, operates extremely nicely, and would make a tasty cup of espresso.