Primo Stainless Steel 3 Spout Top Load Hot – Thumbs up

Basically took it out of the box and plug it in. Hot water is hot chocolate hot and cold water does not need ice in it. . Make sure you flip all the switches in the back or the hot and cold will not be turned on.

I loved my primo top load not just me, but the whole family loved it. It my first water dispenser purchased. The cold water is cold and the hot water is hot. I and the family have no complaints.

Exactly what we needed for our office.

Easy and matches for my small appartment with the small room and easy to move any place coz not so heavy.

Thought it would be bigger but i can’t complain it does it’s job correctly.

Besides paying out the wazoo for shipping this water cooler is the best i’ve ever owned. Take it from me i’ve owned a bunch of them. The cold water is ice cold cup after ice cold cup. The room temp is slightly under room temp and the hot us boiling. The look of it is great as well. Hope this is the last one i have to buy because i sure enjoy it.

  • ” No More Water Bottles !” Quality, Long Lasting Product from *Primo
  • Nice cooler
  • Solid, well balanced, heats and cools quick, and very quiet. Very happy!

If your 5-gallon bottle has no lid when you put it on, you have to be really quick to avoid spilling some. Otherwise, it is quiet enough and cold enough. I like how the drip tray grate is flat, so you can set a glass on it and push the button to fill the glass. The spout extends down enough that larger containers, such as a gallon jug, can be filled, although they won’t set on the grate.

I replaced an old one that had 3 down spouts, this has 3 control functions with one center down spout. We had a few messes, but getting used to it. Looks sleek and complements my kitchen.

Water gets cold, and the hot water is just right for tea, and coco. Delivery was a couple day’s early.

Dispenser nice just like described, works great better than the i was renting monthly.

Only had it a few months but aesthetically pleasing. Looking forward to seeing the longevity of the equipment. My hamilton beach cooler i had for over 10 years.

Features of Primo Stainless Steel 3 Spout Top Load Hot, Cold and Cool Water Cooler Dispenser (Stainless Steel)

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  • Dispenses ice-cold, cool, and piping-hot water with the push of a button
  • Hot water includes child-resistant safety feature
  • Spill-proof bottle holder with Leak Guard prevents spills while loading bottles of Primo water
  • Black stainless steel accents and stainless steel water reservoirs
  • UL Certified and Energy Star Rated
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With the Primo Deluxe Water Dispenser with leak guard, ease is at your fingertips! This top-loading water cooler provides access to cool, ice-cold or piping hot water in an instant with push button controls. Simply place the drip tray, install the included bracket to prevent tipping, load a 3 or 5 gallon bottle of Primo water and begin hydrating in no time with this 5 gallon water cooler. No plumbing is required! Whether you choose a 3 or 5 gallon bottle of Primo Purified Water with Minerals or you refill your own bottle at a Primo Self-Service Refill Station, our multi-step reverse osmosis process ensures you’ll be drinking high-quality water. To help you get started, we’ve included coupons with your dispenser purchase to try both options at one of thousands of retail locations in the U.S. Start drinking more water with this 5 gallon hot, cold, and cool water dispenser today!

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leak guard

Spill-proof bottle holder with Leak Guard

Spill-proof bottle holder pierces your bottle while loading so there’s no need to worry about drips and spills. Leak guard helps prevent leaking in the event of a damaged bottle.

drip tray

Removable, stainless steel drip tray

Removable dishwasher-safe drip tray for easy cleaning.

indicator lights

Indicator Lights

Indicator lights alert you when water is cooling and heating.

Primo Water 5 gallon jug

Coupons for Primo water included

Enjoy savings on your first bottle of Primo water with two offers included in your dispenser package.

leak guard

Leak Guard

drip tray

Drip Tray

indicator lights

Indicator Lights

Primo Water 5 gallon jug


Purified Water Reverse Osmosis Bottled Water

Primo 3 and 5 gallon jugs reverse osmosis water quality

Recycling Sustainability Reusable Recyclable

Make sure this fits
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Works perfectly & very quickly. It is short so i have it on a stand.

Wanted to wait a few weeks until we tried it out. But it seems to work pretty well. The cold water is cold and the room temperature water is pretty much room temperature. Hot water seems to work fairly well. Did not wanna pay the standard monthly fee that comes with renting one i think this is worth the money so far will write another review in about a year to see how it holds up. If there was one short fall i would say it is a little lower than some of the other standard ones for dispensing water but it’s manageable.

Great water dispenser, easy to assemble. Have bottles delivered from local company and we switch out as needed. Sturdy and easy to use/clean. Only wish there was a way to change the temperature setting for the hot water. It is plenty hot and if i am making the baby bottle, i have to add some cool or cold water so it’s not too hot.

I love this one compared to my last one. The water comes out really fast, so it doesn’t take forever to fill up cup.

I live in a rural area near an old mine, the water was contaminated with too much arsenic (the old mine). The public water was treated with chemicals and it made the water taste very funny. I was using water bottles but the waste was way too much. My sister’s home has a ‘primo top load cooler’ and she has had it for several years. I am concerned about the environment, so i looked on amazon for a ‘primo top load cooler’ and i’ve loved my water cooler ever since . I love drinking cold water, especially here in the mid-west with the hot summers. Best of all, it doesn’t cost much for each gallon of water at my local grocery store.

Solid, well balanced, heats and cools quick, and very quiet. Finally, no more fluoridated water. Bought this and a crock for downstairs. While it will take time to get all the chemicals out of my body, i am so relieved to finally have the option to drink and cook with distilled water. Unfortunately, i still have to shower in that poisonous water. Regarding water bottles, if you have a water supply store in your area, you might be able to save up to $10 buying from them. So i was able to get 5 jugs at $15 each. They even had a crock, that i was going to buy online, saved another $15 there. You might need to buy a screw on adapter for the probe. The reservoir is plastic, i am hoping bpa free, but there is nothing in the doc about it. And i can’t tell if the plastic tubing inside is good or not. There is a very mild strange taste, hoping that will flush out with a few bottle changes. For the looks and quality, very pleased with this purchase.

Dispenses ice-cold, cool, and piping-hot water with the push of a button

Slim design fits great in my small kitchen.

So far this has worked out very well. I wish the front came in all stainless steel, but the black integrates nicely with the other kitchen decor. The cold water is cold, but not so cold as to give you a brain freeze. I have not engaged the hot water yet and may not do so. I also like the fact that it has a room temp. Spickett and that works well when i am cooking something. It fits nicely into a smail corner space. I also found the price reasonable.

It comes out lukewarm and hot but not cold.

Very sturdy and attractive style. I like that the water is dispensed by pressing a button vs. I have seen other water coolers where the handles are made cheap and break or stop working.

Looks very nice and works perfectly.

Not as tall as i would have liked it to be, but otherwise it is fine no issues so far.

Hot water includes child-resistant safety feature

Have used it for 2 months almost and water is cold and hot is hot enough for tea .

Love the color, how easy it was to assemble and was having my hot tea in no time.

It has been the right choice for my office. We all use it and replace the water jug often. It has really increased our drinking water.

The cold is really cold and the hot is very hot.

Just have it a few days but love it so far. The water is cold and hot when needed.

Had to run 2 bottles through it when brand new to get rid of a bad taste.

Spill-proof bottle holder with Leak Guard prevents spills while loading bottles of Primo water

This water cooler is extremely nice – the best we’ve ever had. We wouldn’t trade it at any price and highly recommend it.

I like that it has hot water.

Arrived earlier than anticipated. We love having 3 water temp options. The room temp option is great for giving the dogs water.

I have had it for two months now and i haven’t had any issues with it.

Picked up this water dispenser from walmart for $149. I really like the black and stainless, looks great with my other stainless appliences. This is my second primo, i had my 1st one (in white) for over 4 years and it’s still running. I gave it away to a close friend to make room for this one. After i had such a great experience with my older primo dispenser, i decided to stick with this brandit serves cold, hot and room temp water. Kill switch in the back for hot/cold. Led night light(switch in back)energy savingthe water is noticeably colder and hotter. It’s not the quietest, but about the same with my last primo. I hope this one last me over 4 years as well. I honestly forgot i picked this one up. Lol i decided to return this water dispenser a few weeks after i puchased it. There was absolutely nothing wrong with it, i just realized primo has another cooler thats a bottom-load that looks identical. The only difference is the bottom-load and its a little taller.

Keeps the water nice and cold, even after i used the cold water on accident to fill up my keurig, i was still able to get a cold glass of water to drink. Nice and quiet as well, doesnt make the same motor sounds like other units i’ve owned.

Black stainless steel accents and stainless steel water reservoirs

I ordered a different brand dispenser and didn’t meet my expectations. Returned it and got this one instead, i love it.

I was buying water and renting (for free) from a major retailer and it was expensive. This coller was well worth the money and i get the galons from local stores. The cooler has two temperatures for cold warer and a safety feature for hot water which makes it convenient for my kids to press the buttons and get water on their own. Added bonus is the night light. Great investment, great product.

KitchenAid 9 and 12-Cup Food Processor 5-Disc Set Fits Models: KFP740/750; KFPW760; KFPW770, KA Food processor

I have had absolutely no problems with this disc set. So far, i have used the parmesan blade, slicing blade for potatoes, french fry blade, and the shredder for shredding mozzarella. Each has met and exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend this.

We tried the frenchfry disc first and it made hashbrowns instead. It says to lay it horizontal but the feed tube is not that big so we used the slicing disc to make the frys. It sliced the sweet potatoes with ease. A liitle expensive for the product should be about half.

They work well when i need them.

Key specs for KitchenAid 9 and 12-Cup Food Processor 5-Disc Set Fits Models: KFP740/750; KFPW760; KFPW770:

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  • Set Includes: Thick 6 mm slicing disc, thick 6 mm shredding disc, french fry disc, julienne disc, parmesan/ice disc
  • Fits Models: KFP740/750; KFPW760; KFPW770 . This will not fit any other food processor other than the models mentioned .

Comments from buyers

“Glad I purchased.
, It works ok
, Makes my KitchenAid Food Processor more versatile

I love my kitchenaid food processor 5-disc set. I really like the disc that shreds cabbage and carrots for coleslaw. Making french fries with another disc is quick and easy too. I highly recommend these discs for their quality, ease of care, and how they save me so much time in food preparation.

The original ones that came with mine weren’t enough. I like the thicker slices for stir fry (the original thin slice is okay for pizza fixin’s, but too thin for other purposes. ) love the larger grating for cheese on pizzas (original thin for hard cheeses).

I purchased the set to add to my existing disks mostly because of julienne disk and to save the money (purchasing separately costs about $24. I’m greatly disappointed with julienne disk which creates total mess. When i used it for zucchinis i thought well it’s because it’s too soft, but carrots were even messier. It looked worse than just simple grating. It wasn’t uniform in size (some sort of little tiny sticks along with fine shredding) i was looking for long uniform matchsticks. I’m still looking for julienne device which would produce fine long pieces with minimal waste. Any suggesting greatly appreciated.

High quality and sharp blades for food processor.

Very good, would highly recommend it.

They were listed as ‘used’ but they are perfect. They work great and they were at a great discount. I do not know why they were listed as used.

I purchased the processor and blades at the same time. I had called in advance and was told no blades came with the processor. However, three excellent blades and a nifty storage box do come with the processor, so the extra $70. 00 for these 5 seemed rather unneccesary. They will allow more functionality than the standard 3 discs enclosed with the processor, but for us, these five would have been ‘over-kill’.

I especially like the blade for grating cheese and shaving ice. I buy my own bulk parmesean and this makes short work of grating it. I liked the set so well, i purchased it for my son and daughter-in-law.

These all do their intended functions as expected, albeit at a steep price. French fries, ice, different thickness slices, even french fries.

Perfect addition to the range.

The blades are sturdy, the julienne blade and french fry blade don’t work as well as i had expected, need to play with it some more. The parmesan blade is wonderful and slicing is slicing. Would order again, kitchenaid is the best.

Having kitchenaid products for many years, you kinds of know what you wanna make from time to time. I like the variety of thickness blades, even though i originally bought the set for the french fry blade.

We bought these with the idea we would need them. What came with the kitchenaid is, so far, all meets all of our disc needs.

I bought this mostly for the french fry cutter. I’m very happy with how the french fries come out. My kids love the taste of fresh french fries. I’ve seen reviews on this before, commenting on how small the fries are. That is a problem with the size of the opening in the cover, but since that can’t be controlled, i’m more than satisfied with the size of the fries. As far as the other discs, i’m still learning to use the food processor so i haven’t used them much. They seem mostly to be thicker or thinner versions of slicers i already have, but i’m sure i’ll see the need as i do more ‘processing. ‘ i just wish i had a nice case for all of these.

Haven’t tried the blades yet, but eager to be more versatile in the way i slice & dice food.

These items have made my kitchenaid kfp0922cu even more versatile and useful.

I purchased the kitchen aid food processor because cooks illustrated said that it was the best and now i know why.

I can make a greater variety of food with the ease of the food processor.

Perfect quality would use you again thanks.

As expected from any kitchenaid product. These food processor discs are high quality and sturdy. Excellent,as is the 12 cup food processor.

No problem with the seller, product was exceptional. Kitchenaid discs fit my processor as promised. Some of the discs don’t meet my needs, but that’s a kitchenaid thing, not an amazon or seller thing. Great transaction as far as amazon goes:).

Ninja Mega Kitchen System : Not as good as the 900 watt Nutribullet for making green smoothies

I like this product –i have only had for 2 weeks. One base for a blender and food processor, great space saver for small kitchen2. Strong motor for blending ice (frappucinos came out great)3. Lots of parts—small cup for individual serving4. Large pitcher makes a nice batch of pureed soup. Huge center blade really gets the job done6. Plastic as opposed to glass (yes i broke my cuisinart pitcher)cons:1. Top has opening for emulsions ( i make mayonnaisse) but it is too big & splashes all over the kitchen3. Handle (of my daughter’s) got food stuck inside, & it’s not easy to get out. I hope that will not happen to mine. All in all, i like it so far, but will see if i burn it out w/my almost daily usage.

Less expensive than the other “premium” blenders in this power range, but with more accessories. I was debating on whether i bought this or the vitamix or the blentec. I’ve asked friends and family and finally decided that i don’t need my blender to heat the food that it’s blending, i just need it to blend it. I also know i wanted to make smoothies, and look at that, this came with two smoothie cups. I also wanted a food processor and wow. This ninja comes with an attachment for that as well. So between saving a couple hundred dollars and getting accessories i desired, this was the top choice for me.

We’ve had our ninja for about a month now, and i can definitely say i’m impressed. The only parts we’ve not used are the little cups and the dough blade. The only reason i can’t give it 5 full stars is bc i know now that it’s not the best out there. After buying this one, i found the newer one with the smart functions for smoothies and all. This machine itself though, for what it is, and what it’s supposed to do, it excellent. The thing has more wattage than my professional italian hairdryer (that’s a lot). It juuust fits underneath my cabinet so the size is perfect. I love all the little clever bits, like the bottom handles that release the suction cups, and the lock that holds open the pour spout lid.

This is actually a back-up/ parts machine for the exact same model purchased 4 years ago. We have worked that first bl770 machine hard, twice a day, every day liquefying table food for gtube feeding a medical involved child. ( read: it has to take anything and blend it as fine and smooth as possible). That first unit is still running strong but after thousands of uses, the large pitcher and cover have some cracks. I figured we love the machine so much that it was cost effective to buy the whole kit again vs replace just the pitcher and cover (at near $100). Now we should be good for the next decade.

  • Exceptional
  • Nice product but can’t make tahini etc. and can’t emulsify
  • More bang for your buck!

Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) Blender/Food Processor with 1500W Auto-iQ Base, 72oz Pitcher, 64oz Processor Bowl, (2) 16oz Cup for Smoothies, Dough & More

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 72 oz. Total crushing pitcher pulverizes ice to snow in seconds for creamy frozen drinks and smoothies.
  • 8-Cup food processor bowl provides perfect, even chopping and makes up to 2 lbs. Of dough in 30 seconds.
  • Two 16 oz. Nutri Ninja cups with to-go lids are perfect for creating personalized, nutrient-rich drinks to take on the go.
  • Dishwasher-safe and BPA-free parts..Includes one 1500-watt base, A food processor bowl, 72 oz. Total crushing pitcher, two 16 oz. Nutri Ninja cups with to-go lids, and a 30-Recipe inspiration guide.
  • For best results, try the Nutri Ninja cup or X-Large pitcher for frozen drinks.If you choose to clean the unit by hand, please do so with warm water & dish soap

I started making green smoothies about two years ago, and have one virtually every day for breakfast. I use frozen fruits & vegetables (bananas, broccoli, spinach, & kale) so i don’t need to add ice cubes to the blender. For over a year i’ve been using the 900 watt nutribullet pro, and it was perfect for my personal use. However, it’s too small for family use, so i decided to order the ninja system because it would allow me to make larger quantities at once. Plus i assumed the increased power (1500 watts vs 900) would result in a smoother texture. I’ve gone through several different makes & models of smoothie makers, and in my opinion the 900 watt nutribullet makes the smoothest smoothie with the best texture / “mouth feel”. Plus it’s super simple & quick to clean. In my opinion the 1500 watt ninja blender–while it does a pretty good job–doesn’t make as “smooth” as smoothie as the nutribullet. Additionally, it’s so loud that i feel the need to walk out of the kitchen while it’s in use in order to protect my hearing; you definitely can’t hold a normal conversation while using it.

I wanted to really love this and was super excited about it. I especially loved that you can have just one base with a blender and food processor to save on storage space. The reviews were also great. The single serve blender made really good (grainy) smoothies. My problems really started when i tried to make hummus. No matter how long i blended in the food processor i just could not get a smooth texture. I also tried to make tahini in the food processor and the machine just would not chop the seeds. I let it run for about 10 minutes and still had seeds in tact. I would make tahini with my old mini cuisinart food processor (i was planning on replacing that with this ninja system) and the cuisinart chopped those seeds right up in 2 minutes. Another reason why i was not happy with my purchase was there is no entry hole in the top of the food processor for adding liquids.

KitchenAid RKFP0922CU Food Processor – Works well. Much quieter than I expected for such

Good product that does the job. I got the refurbished because of previous good experiences with things like cisco wireless access points also from amazon. No color choices, but it looks and acts like new for lots less $$.

22, 2016 i really had to update my review. I had originally given this one star for the reasons listed below. I’m changing it because after receiving a replacement and using it for the last 9 months i am so happy with this food processor. It does everything it is supposed to easily. I never have the first problem and i use it often. I think the first unit was probably just a dud. I would recommend it to friends and would buy one again myself. After all if you have an issue amazon always backs up your purchases. May 6, 2015 looked brand new on arrival so i was thrilled with that.

Of course if you slice too much it will turn to mush. Here are the specifications for the KitchenAid RKFP0922CU Food Processor:

  • Make sure this fits
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  • Adjustable slicing disc
  • 3 in 1 Wide Mouth Feed Tube
  • 3 Power Settings, Low, High, Pulse,
  • Stainless steel reversible shredding disc, Includes multi-purpose blade, slicing and shredding disc

Makes great hummus and great cookie dough.All the attachments work great. Bought this a while ago and i’m still in love. The only thing i wish it came with is an accessory box. It’s hard to find one that fits those accessories. If i had to re-do i’d by the 13 cup because it comes with the attachment box.

Exactly what we were looking for at the significantly reduced refurbished price. The unit that i received looked basically new. I have sliced, shredded and made dough with this unit with absolutely no problems. This is the older model with the manually adjusted slicing disk but still works well. You just can’t adjust the slice width without taking the disk out.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • I love slicing potatoes and veggies
  • Difficult to assemble, but the price is right
  • Hit or miss

I love making my own peanut butter and this beast is more than capable of churning out some good stuff. Refurbished or not, this thing works great. I use it to make all sorts of things and it powers through.

I haven’t had time to use all the functions but it arrived spotless and ready to work.

I’m told it has met and exceeded expectations. I can’t give five stars b/c i haven’t personally used device.

It came missing a piece, the shredder attachment. I knew it would be a hassle to return it and reorder it, so i found the missing piece on line for five bucks. It was a much better use of my time. I haven’t used the machine, but the buttons feel tight. I have to press very hard to make it work.

It took me a long time to think a food processor was worth it , after you clean it , get it out figure out how to use it it was just easier doing it by hand. I bought a refurbished one and yes it runs ( i am hoping a long time) and i just thought they where nothing but glorified blenders, i will admit i was wrong. Its much better then a blender, and it being kitchenaid i knew i had a winner so i still have a lot to learn about this and i will keep in touch. And it has the quality that kitchenaid has.

I’m always skeptical when purchasing a refurbished appliance, but so far, we haven’t had any issues. Top quality kitchenaid product.

This was a refurbished model. Just needs a way to organize the whole assembly.

One month in, and i am very happy so far. I have used for making pesto, chopping green tomatoes, making a hummusy thing, and slicing summer squash to make zucchini bread. Not much use, but it has saved me a lot of time. The base is plastic, but pretty sturdy. The parts fit together well, once you figure out the geography of the thing.

I got it for her as a christmas present and she is chopping up everything she can find (ok, not everything). I don’t use it but i get the benefit from her fabulous cooking and, as they say, if she’s happy, i’m happy.

This one is refurbished and it’s as good as new. As a product i find the plunger inconvenient. It’s a three piece tube depending on the size of what you’re grating or slicing but you have to have all the pieces in place which means you wash all three pieces even if you don’t need them for your prep. A small price to pay for a terrific machine.

Works perfectly and so glad i got it. Much more powerful than the old black & decker one i had been using.

Purchased because of the name and volume it holds only. Was pleasantly surprised with all it offers including a mini bowl that fits inside the large one and two opening option for the feed tube.

Bought this for the wife, when hers broke. Great product, she loves it. Her old one was bigger, but with the kids out of the house she didn’t need a the large one. This was perfect size for her. Little hint for the men folks out there, this does not make a good christmas present when the little ol lady wanted jewelry.

This is my second food processor from kitchenaid, and they are troopers. They are fast, and easy once you are locked in. They made my jam making process easier for sure.

Great product for great value. Their customer service is also a-1 if you have questions from kitchenaid.

I have had this for 6 months plus now, and it’s been great. It started acting funny recently, becoming very inconsistent with its speed and not being controllable. However, i give it a 5 star review because. The company is amazing and they are going to replace it with a new one.I was very impressed with their customer service, i think a company that will stand behind their products without a fuss deserves 5 stars. Would totally buy kitchenaid again.

Cuisinart Rotary Belgian Waffle Maker, Great product!

I just replaced my old waring pro waffle iron (wmk300a) with this cuisinart. The weird thing is, it’s the same waffle maker as my old waring, but now branded cuisinart and only made for the canadian market. Both waring and cuisinart are brands of parent company conair. Waring has a new model for the us but it looks cheaper than this one. I was able to make 5 years’ worth of delicious waffles with my old one before it broke, and the waffles were amazing. I saw in comments in the reviews that the canadian warranty for this item will not be honored in the us, which had me worried. However, amazon offers a square trade warranty that you can get for this item. I just got off the phone with square trade, and confirmed that their warranty will be honored in the us, even during the first year. Hope this helps — i am looking forward to another 5 years of waffles from this great machine.

Makes light fluffy waffles and the temperature settings are great to individualize everyone’s preference. I just brush a little butter on the hot plates and then the waffle comes right out without prying. Easy cleaning which is the most important feature. Is the handle supposed to straighten completely?.

Comments from buyers

“A great waffle iron
, Jc penny was where my family got it from back in the day and thanks to Amazon I now have the best, heavy duty and legit Belgian
, This is a great waffle maker

Use it at least 3 times a week.

I tried this waffle maker for the first time and it was wonderful. The waffles turned out light and delicious. I am not a great cook but i found this to be very easy (foolproof). Once i got the heat settings right for my personal preference, i just kept making more and more. I read previous reviews and let the waffle iron heat up longer than the first set of beeps and then started cooking. I found the #4 heat setting a bit too high with the first waffle then adjusted it down a couple of times until i got it just right. I had no mess and the machine is pretty easy to clean up. Would definately recommend it.

This is a great waffle maker, our grand children just love the waffles it makes. It is well make, easy to use and makes waffles quickly. There are new versions of this appliance, we really liked this one.

It makes restaurant quality waffles with ease.

I have had this waffle iron for almost a year now and still love it. Easy controls let you get the beautiful golden brown waffle.

Makes the best waffles ever.

Love this waffle maker and it is very affordable.

We owned a waring waffle maker previously, which broke after 20 wonderful years of making tasty waffles. The cuisinart (sister company to waring) is priced significantly less, but does not bake as well as the waring did. Cuisinart recommends setting the temperature at 4; however, the lowest we can get the waffles to brown is setting the temperature at 5. The plates in the cuisinart are not as heavy as the waring, which might be part of the problem with waffles browning. On the other hand, the cuisinart is several hundred dollars cheaper than the waring, which was a commercial unit. Guess you can’t have it both ways.

Easy to use and easy to clean. The biggest problem is the cord to plug in is very very short, really needs to be longer. If i had known how short it was i would not have bought the item. Called company and they said use a extension cord, which is stupid to use in my kitchen on my counter. Because it is so short it hits the upper cubbards and it won’t stay open by itself.

Tried a cheaper model, but you get what you pay for.

We use it in our bed & breakfast.

Browning dial features is actually ‘temperature’. 5 for cooked but not dried out waffle. 5 for a bit more browning and slight crispiness without dryness. 3 if you plan to reheat waffles later by toasting, which is the best method.

I grew up with one of these and have looked for one for the passed 7 years. Jc penny was where my family got it from back in the day and thanks to amazon i now have the best, heavy duty and legit belgian waffle maker. Forget bed bath and beyonds waffle makers.

This waffle maker does a fantastic job if you know how to use it. To get perfect waffles, set the temperature gauge to a little over 1/2 and wait for the light to turn green. Spray the grates heavily with a light cooking oil on top and bottom just before cooking (when they are already hot). Pour the batter into the center of the grill and close/flip. When the wafflemaker beeps, you’re done. If you want to do multiple waffles, just toggle the power on/off quickly to reset the timer and repeat.

My husband loves the hotel waffle makers so i decided to buy him one. This met all our expectations: easy to use, great waffles, doesn’t stick, easy cleanup. And the price is extremely reasonable compared to other products.

Studied competitive brands and the customer evaluations. Selected this brand and so far i am completely satisfied with my choice. Works great with easy cleanup after use.

Have used this appliance nearly every weekend since unpacking it in november 2012. Makes perfect waffles for us on setting 5. We now listen to jazz and eat waffles in our jammies at home on sundays instead of going out.

I’ve been using it on a fairly regular basis for quite a while now and haven’t had any issues. It does feel a lot lighter than it looks in the pictures; the base is (fairly sturdy) plastic rather than metal, as it appears in the pictures, but it still functions well and is nice and sturdy, so no points off.

The only problem is storage,it takes up a lot of space.

This is the best waffle maker i’ve ever had.

I think this is the best waffle iron on the market for the price. It might seem silly but i love the pre-measured scoop that comes with it so that i do not spill waffle mix all over the side of the iron. I had almost forgotten how much i love waffles.

VonShef Professional 250 Watt Hand Mixer – Includes – 2x Beaters : Not what I thought it would be.

I received my old hand mixer in 1963. Even though it is still working, i was teased that it was very slow and heavy so i broke down and bought this one. It is light weight and runs really fast. Other than making cupcakes for children’s class parties, i didn’t use the other one very often either which is probably why it still works.

All the xtras worked just fine.

However, the eject button is so difficult to push. I had to use a hammer or my fist to pound on it in order to eject the beaters. Since i’ve used it, i don’t feel like return to the seller. I do not use hand mixer often as i have a kitchen aid stand mixer which is excellent. I use this hand mixer just to beat my egg for omelet.

Have used it a couple of times, and works great. Will update once use it more.

  • Great little mixer
  • Reasonably good but eject button is stiff
  • Great mixer, Great price.

VonShef Professional 250 Watt Hand Mixer – Includes – 2x Beaters, 2x Dough Hooks and a Balloon Whisk + 5 Speed With Turbo Button

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Powerful 250W Motor to Whisk, Mix and Knead
  • Includes – 2x Beaters, 2x Dough Hooks and a Balloon Whisk
  • Stylish and Sleek hand mixer in a Robust Silver and Black Design
  • 5 Different Speed Settings, Turbo Function and Ejection Button
  • Convenient and Easy to use due to lightweight nature

This item performed exactly as it was described. I was quite pleased with its very stylist look and performance. It certainly gets the job done.

Should have listened to some reviews that talked about the exceptional high speed. Its a too speedy and sprays batter all over.

I’m giving 3 stars generously, because it broke on the first use. However, i was mixing something very thick so maybe i expected too much from a smaller, simple mixer. But yeah, it broke first time using it. The part that holds the attachments in on the inside, the plastic bit, snapped and fell down into the mixer.

I am very pleased with this. The price was great and this has a lot of power.

This mixer surprised me with its overall excellent quality and performance. I did not know the brand, but now i will respect any product by vonshef.

Just used this mixer for the first time and loved it- we’ll see how it holds up over time, but as for now, its great. I read some reviews saying that the low speed was too fast and that is completely opposite of my experience, of all the mixers i’ve ever used (maybe they’ve all been really crappy), this actually has the most variance in speed from low to high. Its really nice that it has the different attachments as well. My only complaint is that the turbo button didn’t seem to do anything, but the fast speed is fast enough so its not a big deal. Overall very happy with this purchase.

Arrived fast works as expected.

Just needed a hand mixer with more power and a boost of power. The extra attachments were a bonus on the purchase.

Lightweight, powerful, excellent value. After a little more use – i agree with the folks saying it is a little too powerful on low, it tends to throw food out of the mixing bowl. My wife was mixing a batch of butternut squash with some maple syrup and ended up with squash in her hair.

This hand mixer is exactly what i was looking for. I specifically wanted to have the dough hooks as well as the regular beaters. Bonus was the balloon whisk. I have used it for whipping cream as well as meringue and it performs, i feel, better than the beaters for whipping. I am very pleased overall and would highly recommend this hand mixer.

This is one awesome little mixer. Looked everywhere before deciding on this model and sure am glad i found this.

I am using it for bakery every week, it’s works well, cheap but powerful.

I wrote a really good review twice, my phone deleted it,-twice. So let me get straight to the point. Its big enough to get the job done and small enough to hideaway when not in use. I only make cheesecakes,cakes and bread. By just looking at it i didn’t expect much from it at all but it proved me wrong, i would recommend this item.

Great value for a powerful mixer. Care has to be taken initially for mixing as there is no slow speed, so the mixture has to be in kind of none powder form before using the tool.

This is a pretty sleek mixer. It’s very strong on the first setting. I might prefer it to go a little slower because when i put the flour into the cookie batter it flew all over the place. But there was absolutely no problem with heavy mixing. Have not yet tried the dough hooks.

This replaced our old hand mixer. Very good except that the slowest speed is still pretty fast.

I do not know what problem others had with the speeds, mine is perfect. I had beaters from an old mixer from the ’70’s that i use with it, as the ones that come now are flimsy. But, that is the only somewhat minus for the item.

Used it only once so far to make french macarons. Does a good job wisking an eggs and mixing dough. Great product especially for so low price.

Waring WC400 Professional Wine Center, Best Electric Corkscrew!

Awesome, powerful and easy to use. Love the vacuum system to cap off the remaining wine in the bottle.

This was a bd gift to my son,he loved it when he opened the gift up. The pump to remove the air and seal the wine wont charge at all,does’nt work.

Bought as christmas gift for my husband, he seems very happy with it and he’s used it quit a bit.

Key specs for Waring WC400 Professional Wine Center:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Brushed stainless accents and rubberized handsets
  • Wine opener removes up to 50 natural or syntehic corks with ease
  • Electric wine preserve
  • Two wine stoppers and foil cutter
  • Charging base unit

Comments from buyers

“Just buy the corkscrew and skip the pump
, Best Electric Corkscrew!
, I thought maybe once the champagne was poured it would go flat pretty quickly but it didn’t

Nice rechargeable wine opener and sealing pump. Unlike others no batteries required. Comes with attractive stand. Unlike others not garish in appearance. Come on, this is not a kid’s rocket toy and shouldn’t look like one.

Got this for my mother in law to be and she just adores it. Definitely a good one to get for the price and its rechargeable so you never have to worry about a cork getting stuck inside.

An attractive unit to combine two appliances we have grown accustomed to having available. Nice to only have to plug in one base station. Take note of the instructions, for the winekeeper, to give any bottle with less than half of it’s content, a second, pump. I quickly discovered that the stopper will not be sealed, when you open the bottle the next day, if only pumped once.

Looks great but doesn’t seem strong enough for the long run.

This is the exact same wine center that hammacher schlemmer rates as their best. Well designed, works very smoothly, corkscrew has the right pitch so it doesn’t tear up the cork. Very clean and orderly to use and store.

Definitely love it at first seen. My friend loves it as his birthday gift.

Especially like the power cock screw. Ejects the cork with little damage to the cork. Also works with other types of stoppers with the vacuum pump.

I previously had a food network wine opener. It died in less than a year. My husband purchased this set for me and i love it. It opens bottles effortlessly and then seal them back up just as easy. It even looks nice enough to leave out on my counter full time.

Corks come out with no problems.

Working okay, but sounds like its straining. I would choose a different one as a gift.

We have given it as gifts to two friends who love wine as much as we do.

Update now, i am completely pleased with this product. I place a small non slip pad under the 1. 75l bottleso it will not move as i use the cork extractor. This requires repeating several times to removea 1. 75l cork, but works great for the 750mlsize that i rarely use.

Battery didnt last long before not holding charge. Also gets stuck when it pulls some corks at an angle.

Best wine opener we have found. I bought it for my son and now my husband wants to get one also.

It does what is was purchased to do, open wine bottles. It replaced two other openers which failed. We have not used the vacuum pump. The wine stoppers are also a good product.

It seems a little more powerful than my old one that finally died recently. The vacuum pump is pretty much worthless. My old one was a little stronger, but still did not create enough vacuum to preserve wine for more than one day. If you can find the electric corkscrew alone, i suggest you buy that.

More compact than other models and being able to keep an open bottle open a while is a big plusi would recommend this product to anyone.

Purchased as a gift for my wife. * wine definitely stays fresh longer* great look, matches any decor* premium look and feel, excellent build qualitycons:* motor sometimes sounds like it’s struggling with synthetic corks* sealer is very loudshe loves the set, i’d like it to be a bit quieter and more torquey. Long warranty, too, so no worries about motor failures.

My wife complains that the wine opener part doesn’t always work well. It sometimes chews up corks. The other functions work ok.

I would consider this set as top on the line for wine drinkers. I have not experienced any corking of my wine since using this device. The vacuum preserver is excellent. The wine tasted just as fresh 10 days after uncorking it.

Wolfgang Puck Rotisserie Series Pressure Oven – Works well but too small

Other than that it’s awesome.

Did not receive my rotisserie clamps or screw downs for the clamps. Here are the specifications for the Wolfgang Puck Rotisserie Series Pressure Oven:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Countertop rotisserie oven is pressurized and moisture-sealed like a pressure cooker to concentrate flavors and make it virtually impossible to dry out meals.
  • Use the Rotisserie feature to cook delicious roasts and poultry.
  • The Wolfgang Puck Rotisserie Series Pressure Oven features brand new technology for FASTER, JUICIER, MORE FLAVORFUL cooking. The first and only pressure oven. Cooks food up to 70% faster!
  • 6-function versatility: rotisserie, bakes, roasts, broils, toasts, and warms.
  • Uses a moisture-sealed, low-pressurized chamber to infuse heat, flavor, and moisture into your food
  • Item Dimensions: 15.88 x 19.88 x 12.38 in

Our turkey was moist and done before the book said it would be. However, it can really only hold a 10 lb turkey. We had a 12 lb turkey and it didn’t fit with the drip pan.

This oven performs as advertised. I have never tasted rotisserie chicken as juicy and my thanksgiving turkey was also deliciouslymoist.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • I like it
  • Great Oven – Warranty replacement
  • Good product!

So far, the oven is terrific for salmon, the timing chart was a bit shy for roast chicken, but the end product was very tasty. I’m enjoying the oven and experimenting with all kinds of recipes.

I’ve been using it for a couple of years now and i still love it.

Cooking tasty meals is so easy anyone can do it and best of all it is so fast. I cooked an 11 pound ham without using any seasoning.

This oven is great a 5 pound pork roast cooked perfectly in 45 minutes, a roasted chicken with crispy skin in 45 minutes.

Does everything they said it would do. Very in pressed with it’s performance.

I cannot brag on this enough. I have used this to rotisserie a large chicken (6 lb. ) and in 40 minutes it was sizzling, brown, beautiful, and juicy.I love love love this appliance. I purchased it to use in our 5th wheel, but when the trip is over, it’s coming into my kitchen. Have pressure baked barbequed ribs and they turned out great. Made an enchilada casserole and it was the best ever. Because you can pressure cook at a high temperature, the moisture is sealed in and the meet is moist, juicy, and flavorful. In the 5th wheel, it will sit on the top of the propane burners which are covered with a metal cover while we are camping, but then will easily be moved to the floor for traveling. I love it because i can now bake, pressure cook, rotisserie, toast, etc. At eye level instead of bending over or having to be on my knees lighting the oven. This is a lifesaver, a timesaver, and i am so glad to have it.

Made a turkey that turned out great. I forgot to set the valve right and ended up having to cook a roast the whole three hours. I still need to try out the rotisserie part, which was the main reason i got it. I got the protection plan after reading all the reviews.

We just love it perfect for two, cuts down time and everything is delicious.

First one damaged ,sent back next one ok and i use it every day.

Update and upgraded rating:after contacting by email the sales company, i received an email with instructions for contacting them about the situation by phone. I talked with a very helpful young lady who, after consulting with her supervisor, told me they would make a warranty replacement if i would (1) cut the power cord, (2) take a picture of the cut cord and the broken light bulb cover, and (3) email (or fax) the pictures with proof of purchase from amazon. An account was opened and i was charged $20. 00 plus sales tax for the shipping. I submitted the information on sunday and today (on friday) i received a brand new replacement oven. After unpacking and checking all the functions and pressurization, i tossed the old oven and put the new one to work. I am very satisfied with the response to this situation. So now i’ve increased my rating to 5 stars. The problem and reason for initial 3 stars rating -i purchased this oven less than 30 days ago from amazon. I’ve enjoyed it and the cooking results have been excellent in the pressure mode.

It does an amazing job with all foods.

Love the oven, but when it arrived, there were no screws or prongs for the rotisserie. We only got the rod itself, and no other parts for it. Would appreciate it greatly if you could ship them to me, so that i can cook this lovely prime rib roast i bought just to cook in this oven. I would be glad to pay for the parts, if need be. Would have written before, but i have been ill. My mailing address is victoria weddle 9661 w 100 n farmland, in 47340 my email is [email protected] Com thanks, victoria the parts i need are just the screws, and tines for the rotisserie.

Love it would buy again the only way to make it better would be make it bigger.

We purchased the oven a few weeks ago and it works great. Our advice is to use a food thermometer to know when your food is ready and do not rely on the instructions that come with the oven; it indicates longer cook times causing the food to be overcooked. The outside of the oven gets very hot and when you open the door after cooking, smoke and steam release. For best results when using this oven; place it up away from children in a well ventilated area.

It’s great and it cooks a nice juicy bird. But just like the reviews i read before i bought it the only thing that needs improvement is the rack. If you like to cook moist food and quicker than you range oven i would definitely recommend this product.

The puck rotisserie pressure oven is almost great. Unfortunately, it is not tall enough when using the rotisserie. I made a small prime rib roast on the rotisserie and put some vegetables in the tray in the bottom position. Although it came out really good, the roast hit the vegetables as it started to rotate and pushed them (along with the tray) up against the door. I tried making a pretty small (4 pound) chicken and barely had room for any vegetables in the try on the bottom rack. In fact, i had to push the vegetables in the middle of the tray to the sides to prevent the chicken from bumping into them. In both cases, i firmly tied the meat with butcher’s twine, but the meat was still so deep on the rotisserie that it bumped into the vegetables (or would have in the case of the chicken if i hadn’t moved them out of the way). If the oven was only 2 to 4 inches taller, the problem would not have existed. After paying for the rotisserie feature, i am finding that i won’t be able to use it if i add any vegetables or if i have a slight bigger piece of meat. Guess i’m going to have to learn to get along without the rotisserie feature or downsize my entrees even more.

Magic Chef Cu. Ft Countertop Oven with Push-Button Door MCM1110W 1.1 cu.ft. 1000W Microwave, White : Good for the price

Shipped very fast, thank you.

Its not gigantic, but its roomy enough for everything ive tried to cook in it, and cooks well. Its lasted me a few years so far, and still going strong.

Magic Chef Cu. Ft Countertop Oven with Push-Button Door MCM1110W 1.1 cu.ft. 1000W Microwave, White

  • 1.1 Cu. Ft. /1000 Watts
  • White Front/White Cabinet
  • Auto Cook and Defrost Menus
  • 10 Power Levels / Kitchen Timer
  • Child Safety Lock

Oven is large enough to fit a 9×13 pan if it doesn’t have handles.

The name of this microwave is misleading. With a name like 1110w, you would expect it to be 1110 watts, right?. But, this is a fine, low priced, medium sized microwave. I think the most important thing in a microwave is the power. This is 1000 watts, which is the ‘norm’, making this a good, cheap microwave. If you get much below 1000 watts, then it starts to take a long time to heat things up. I really like our main microwave, because it is 1200 watts and much faster at heating. Magic chef used to be a top american maker of ovens. Magic chef was bought by maytag, which was bought by whirlpool. Then, the magic chef name was sold off to a coompany that just imports cheap stuff and slaps a name on it. It is similar to what has happened to iconic brand names such as fridgedair (inventor of refrideration systems) and rca. Anyway, most microwave ovens are made by a few asian companies and just have different names and body designs. So, what about quality and brand name?. Well, since there are only a few commpanies making the components, the quality and lifetime of most microwaves is the same. I bought an expensive ge elite and it broke in 4 months. I bought this magic chef as a cheap temporary microwave while we are waiting for the parts to come in to fix our expensive, good looking one. At $80, it is cheaper to buy a microwave for a week, then to go out to dinner because we can’t heat up our food.

Had ours for 3 years and love it, never had an issue with it thankfully. It has served us well in the time we had and now were are moving and passing it to someone else.

Magic Chef Cu. Ft Countertop Oven with Push-Button Door MCM1110W 1.1 cu.ft. 1000W Microwave, White : We replaced a tappan with a born on date of 1987. Just stopped heating one day. I guess i have high expectations, as our other microwave from emerson predates the one that died. Had our hearts set on a panasonic with the reviews, but most all of the microwaves now are way too deep, and way too complex. This one had a small footprint, but wasn’t an anemic 700 or 800w. And we’ve only had it a few days, but it is definitely a step up. Pros: it is a lot quieter than the quarter century one. It cooks significantly faster and has more power settings (1-10).

I originally gave this microwave only a three-star rating, because the ‘plastic’ keyboard started to wear off, but this was my error. The keyboard (along with other areas of the microwave) has a plastic, removable protective sheet over it and it wasn’t obvious (when i bought it) that this sheet was even over the keyboard. So be sure you pull off this thin plastic piece before using it. I assumed the keyboard itself was coming off, but it was just this removable plastic piece. So i love everything else about this microwave, and hopefully it will continue working ok for more than a year or two.

I had to replace my 12 year old samsung when the coating on the bottom of the oven started peeling off (caused by the plastic wheels on the turntable scraping off the coating and causing some rust). This magic chef model is the same size and power as the samsung. It seems to work a little better (faster), but this is probably because of the age and condition of the samsung. I purchased the magic chef a week ago (11/10/2011) for $48 at home depot (special deal). Pros: good performance (1000 watts) and size (1. It’s difficult to find an oven that’s better for $48 (special deal at home depot). I probably shouldn’t have any complaints because of the ridiculously low price. Defrost cycle seems to work fast.

Omega Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor and Nutrition Center – Tested this and it works better than I expected

I did my homework before buying. I read many, many reviews (on different websites) and checked out youtube videos. It juices greens and carrots equally well and the pulp is very dry. Juice wet things like cucumbers and apples first. Follow with greens and hard foods like carrots and celery. They will push the soft pulp through the system. I highly recommend this juicer. I have used it almost daily for a month.

Works great its my best investment, if put four different colors of vegetables in your juicer, and cook three different cereals like otmeal, millet, and rice, and you drink and eat this every day, you will see the big difference in your health, and your life, almost in the next two weeks, that fast god bless.

I had been using a centrifugal juicer before but due to the cleaning of the basket, it pretty much just sat on the counter. I researched and watched a lot of videos on masticating juicers, especially all the different omega juicers. I chose this one for it’s multi functions. It’s not a problem at all to cut the fruits and vegetables smaller to fit in the chute. It really squeezes all the juice out of everything. I even put the whole lemon or lime right in it, no messy peeling. Much quieter than the centrifugal juicer. Seems to have a much darker, richer color of juices too. I like knowing that i’m getting much more vitamins and nutrients.

I have owned a breville centrifugal juicer for several years. I started noticing my juicer was making frothy, slightly bitter, oxydized juices. I finally got over the fact that i have to spend another wad of cash to buy another juicer and go this baby. From very first use, the difference is crystal clear. This is a huge upgrade in terms of juice quality. Just thick, heavy, smooth tasting juice. I don’t see any browning or oxydation, or any more bitterness. It takes a lot longer to juice though, but i think will get used to it. After all, we are juicing this for health, and the extra work is a form of exercise.

We use it twice a week and love it. It’s easy to clean, quick to assemble and take apart, and makes an impressive amount of juice. I love how quiet it is because i can still juice while my youngest naps. Customer service is also amazing. It’s a great way to introduce vegetables to a picky eater’s palate. My juice is almost entirely veggies, but for my kids i make a juice blend from 8 carrots, 2 green apples, half a lemon, and some ginger and it’s very well received. I plan on eventually adding cucumber, then spinach or kale once i feel like they will be willing to drink it.

Amazing – so glad i bought this. I’ve researched so many this last year and finally bought this one. I just bought one for a friend as a thank you gift. It works great and easy to clean.

  • Great for 1 or 2 cups. Sucks at making big batches for the fridge.
  • Upgraded from a centrifugal juicer, and I’m in love
  • My favorite juicer, and worth every penny!

It really does the job extracting as much juice as possible, i bought it to replace a centrifugal juicer and it extracts significantly more juice, the pulp is practically dry. I didn’t realize when i bought it that it has attachments for making pasta, nut milks and nut butters. I haven’t used it for that yet but i plan to. I highly recommend this juicer, i honestly couldn’t be more pleased.

This is my first juicer and i so glad i took the time to read reviews. The pulp is dry which indicates that i am getting all the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables i am juicing. It comes with other nozzles for making your own nut butter or noodles.

Well made and does a great job. Just a little slow as limited size intake of produce.

Here’s a quick review on this juicer with leafy greens. (if you’re planning on juicing mostly fruit, check out some of the other reviews as they’ll be of more help). Here’s my experience with the omega j8007s for making green juice:pros- efficient. Pulp comes out like a dry rope. – feed adjustment on front means dryer pulp. – cleans up easily – takes approx 5 min to clean, dry and reassemble. – no mess – no drippy juice or pulp on my counter tops. – minimal foam – less air in juice means healthier juice- cool – doesn’t heat the juice up like many juicers do. – soft greens, hard greens – it handles them all – easily. – virtually pulp free – plus, comes with a fine mesh strainer- 15 year warranty – wow, who does that?- small footprint – doesn’t take up much space on my counter. – silver color looks pretty nice actually – glad i chose it. Cons:- you need to cut things up more to fit the smaller food tube. – slower than high speed juicers – but that means less air, less heat. Example of the kind of juices you can make:today i made a 16 oz glass of juice from dandelion greens, fennel, romaine lettuce, cucumber and broccoli – it was quick & easy.

Sturdy, high quality and yeilds the most juice from leafy greens. A must have for the green juice lovers.

Features of Omega Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor and Nutrition Center, 200-Watt, Silver (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Low 80RPM Rotation Speed
  • Continuous Juicing with Automatic Pulp Ejection
  • Includes 6 Nozzles and 1 Juicing Screen

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

We started juicing about a year ago. My husband had researched juicers, and although we knew masticating juicers were supposed to be better, we weren’t ready to jump into that price point. If i knew then what i know now, i would have gone straight to a machine like this one. It’s much quieter, and faster/easier to clean. The footprint is about the same, but the base can sit back along the counter, whereas our vertical centrifugal juicer needs to be towards the front to clear the top cupboards. The base is pretty much the size and shape of a toaster. I like that this model has the metal screens and thicker plastic cones. There’s a lot less surface area to clean than our old juicer, and no sharp edges to watch out for. With the centrifugal design, we’d have chunks of apple or carrot get shot into the waste bin, and lots of stuff sprayed along the top of the outgoing chute. It also sometimes escaped through the pieces of the juicer, and sprayed the walls.

Does what it is supposed to, most other reviews cover this well. Easy easy cleanup and reassembly. Only downsides for me;as many others have said the feed chute is quite small so be prepared to pre slice items and exhibit a bit of patience. This type of juicer does not like mushy fruits and veggies. Is anything less than crisp and ripe it will create mush in the cylinder that you hopefully have enough firm fruits and veggies to help clear. Great juices can be made and it handles leafy greens and wheatgrass like a champ.

I have been making amazing juices that i would be paying an arm and leg for at my area juice bars. This is very easy to put together and take apart for cleaning. I am very pleased with this purchase.

I wanted to get a juicer for better health and i have searched the reviews on a lot of different juicers both written and on youtube and the omega j8007s juicer was the one that seemed best suited for me. I’m glad i bought this juicer it’s suppose to be one of the best for juicing leafy greens and ginger root and i can tell you that it does juice them very well. It does pretty good with apples and carrots but produces a little less juice than a fast juicer would. Slow juicers are suppose to have the superior quality juice which could be argued. This juicer also has a 15 year warranty. It comes with a registration card that you mail in and if anything breaks on it from normal use they will replace it. I’m very happy with this juicer and use it almost every day. New technology is always on the way but for now i believe this is one of the better juicers you can get. It also does more than just juice and has some extra attachments. Omega has newer juicers than this one but for me this was the best value and does everything i need it to do.

I juice a lot and the quality of the juice that comes out of this muscular info juicer is by far better than my old centrifugal one. The juicers feel richer and creamier. I was thinking of buying an upright masculating juicer, however i am not a fan of the foam in the juice. This one products minimal foaming despite being slower. This is a great machine to improve your health and i think everyone should own a slow juicer.

I waited a few weeks before writing this because i wanted to get past my ‘first impressions’ and see if i still loved using it and if i found any flaws by using it more than the first time. I watched several videos of this juicer in use and the one guy i’ve seen more than the others always preached putting in soft fruit or leafy greens followed by something hard like a carrot. He even uses a carrot to plunge the leafy greens and soft fruits into the chute and lets it chew the end of the carrot off each time. I have followed this routine and it works perfectly. I was most impressed to see this thing grab and pull an entire stalk of celery down the chute and devour it. That means much less time in prep and more time in juicing. Of course you still have to cut down the apples and oranges, pineapple and beets into slim enough pieces to fit in the tube, but i absolutely love being able to wad up a leaf of kale and stuff it down the tube, stem and all and watch it pull it in. I keep the output cap adjusted to the middle setting and the pulp comes out pretty dry and the juice is great. Even with the pile of greens, (kale, spinach, celery and more) the juice doesn’t have hardly any foam on the top when i finish.

Low 80RPM Rotation Speed

I am so happy to finally have a masticating slow juicer. Only thing is i thought the waste would be drier so had to knock one star, but for theprice point excellent buy. Its very easy to clean as well.

So quiet, so easy to use, great instruction manual, don’t mind the mindfulness needed to cut veggies small enough through chute, love that it works for all various greens and has easy to switch setting nob. Everything comes out dry after one juicing as others say. Clean up and put together is simple. Only concern is living in a wet and super damp climate some little rubber areas tucked into pieces that can’t be removed may be hard to clean and dry and may collect mold around deep inner edges but will see.

I have no comparison to other masticating juicers but it seems to work well. My mom has the exact one and has been using it daily for over a year now.

After reading countless reviews and comparisons, i picked this juicer to fit my needs. It was very reasonably priced compared to other juicers and i liked the long warranty. The packaging was great as it protected against damage. Set up, use and clean up is easy. I am very pleased with it’s performance, the small feed tube is not a problem once you get used to how to feed all ingredients in properly to prevent jamming. (the reverse mode comes in handy for that) i appreciate how quiet it is and the pulp does come out very dry, ensuring the maximum yield of juice. I recommend this product to everyone who wants an affordable, efficient juicer.

Solid motor, handles beets/carrots with no problems. Carrying handle on top is actually a plus. Produces dry pulp, so it is extracting, and makes good juice. But, not happy with this design. It does have a problem with soft stuff (cucumber/orange) as it just doesn’t seem to able to push it through. If i alternate – cucumber, then carrots, then cucumber, etc. But what if i just wanted cucumber or fruit juice. ? my main complaints are these: 1) it’s a masticating juicer, which means you can make bigger batches of juice to put in the fridge, no need to juice only as you’re ready to drink it. But the container that catches the juice is maybe 2 cups. So if you’re making a pitcher of juice, it means juicing for a while, stopping, pulling out the juice-catch-container, cleaning out the screen, pouring juice into pitcher, putting everything back, then resume juicing. This increases the time and the mess. If the whole machine sat up higher, a bigger catch-container could be put underneath. 2) there is no ‘close’ valve on the juicer.

So far i’ve really enjoyed this juicer and masticating type is by far the best. It’s a very well made machine, though mine came with a crack in it top frame that i didn’t notice till a few weeks after using it. It’s very easy to clean, assemble and disassemble. While the masticating parts are well made, it is rather disappointing to have the external housing of the unite in plastic, making it look cheap. For this price, we should get stainless. I would recommend this product, though get it when it’s on sale as the full price is not worth it unless they make it in stainless for the same price. You cannot just jam a lot of items down it’s feed tube since it’s narrow, so you must have patients when chopping the fruits and vegetable for feeding. It take a lot more time to prep than to juice. It does have the ability and attachments to make nut butters, pasta, and bread. Yet to use these capabilities.

Continuous Juicing with Automatic Pulp Ejection

I will start off by saying i am a first time juicer. I caught the bug when my wife and i decided to try a 4 day juice cleanse from a company that delivered the fresh cold pressed juices and charged us a little over $300 for the two of us. It was a surprise every juice on whether or not we was going to like that one, and sadly more of them were a not than a yes. One thing i did notice though was more energy and alertness. I finally decided to start researching the juicers and after reading many reviews and watching many videos i decided to try this one. I don’t think i could have made a better choice. So far i have made several different types of juices using many different ingredients including apple,spinach,kale, pineapple,cucumbers, ginger and many other textured items and all have gone through like a champ. The juice comes out amazing every time and i love the fact i can ‘tweek’ the recipes that i don’t love until i do. On top of everything else, the clean up of this machine literally takes less than 3 minutes making it perfect if you want to juice and go, or if your like me and just hate to clean.

This omega really squeezes all the juice out of all the vegetables. I’m very happy with how simple it assembles, clean’s and reassembles.

I have used this juicer now for over a year and love it. It is quick and easy to use and clean up is a breeze. The juice quality is incredible and delicious. Cant wait to make juices for my little one:-)highly recommend for juicing and making nut milks as well as berry sorbetvery reliable and well made.

It works just seems t0o expensive for what it is. An overpriced dildo than masticates fruits and vegetables.

I am in love with this juicer, i use it at least once a day and it never fails me. I did have a little hiccup when i first received it, but the manufacturer was very quick to resolve the issue.

Absolutely love this juicer. The only complaint i have is the prep work requires a smaller sized fruit or veggie to fit into the input chute. Clean up is easy – front unit easily disassembles and a quick rinse / brushing takes care of the remaining pulp. The output juice has just the right amount of pulp and not much foam. The output fiber is very dry – i don’t think much moisture remains – i’ve tried putting it through again and didn’t get much extra juice. I also recieved the adjustable output module as a surprise bonus with this order. Great price (cheaper than local bb&b) and delivered in 2 days (thanks amazon).

The problem i have is not being able to register the product warranty. The website listed on the packing slip does not exist on the website. I just hope that the product hold up, otherwise i will be out of money. If anyone reading this review have any information that will help me register my product.

Includes 6 Nozzles and 1 Juicing Screen

This is my first time writing a review on a product but felt i had to because this omega juicer works so well. I had a jack lalane juicer before, it worked well for many years but the rubber went bad, so i had to search for a new one. The omega juicer works way better, less wastage of vegetables and fruits. . Excellent for leafy greens, be sure to mix up everything before eg. Kale, spinach (i cut everything up small) apple, cucumber, then place in the hopper. What comes out is very little waste compared to what i got with the jack lalane which spit out whole leaves, small chunks of fruits. . So you essentially had to use more products to get the amount of juice you want. The masticating action of the omega works slower which gives more time to extract all the juice. I also love that the juice contains a little fiber, which we all need. The omega juicer is so easy to clean, in 3 minutes you are done.

Since i got it i have juiced almost every day. The pulp produced is very dry indicating the maximum amount of juice was extracted. I used to avoid juicing bc i dreaded the tedious cleanup but this machine really makes it simple. The only screen to scrub is quite small and the stiff brush tool that comes with it makes it easy. The juice stays fresh longer than with the high speed juicers too. So glad i switched from the centrifugal breville juicer to this slow juicer.

This is my first juicer & i’ve investigated a lot before purchasing. If you have the money to purchase a champion juicer or a greenstar juicer, please do so, they are way better. But if you’re like me & want to try something juicing without spending too much then go ahead. I’ve used it twice, the juicer does pretty good except that with soft fruits or vegetables it gets clogged up & you have to stop to clean it before continuing. I tried green apple & broccoli juice, with the apple it did great but the broccoli clogged it. Then i tried orange/mandarin & bell pepper and same thing happened with the orange & mandarin. Like i said, it’s an ok juicer but i really hoped it could have been better since it cost $200esta es la primer vez que tengo un extractor de jugo e investigue mucho antes de comprarlo. Si usted puede comprar un champion o un greenstar, le recomendo que lo hag, son mucho major. Pero si ustes es como yo que quiere intenar hacer jugos sin romperse el bolsillo, pues este es un product mas o menos. Lo use dos veces y si extrae jugo pero siento que deja mucha pulpa dentro del extractor y cuando se abre para limpar todo ese residuo se tira.

I received this product about 2 – 3 weeks ago and so far i’m really pleased. We’ve been juicing lots of apples and have probably juiced about 7 gallons of cider so far. We haven’t tried juicing anything else yet since we finished up canning all our vegetables. We got this mainly for apples. The machine is quite quiet with little vibration. I highly recommend this product.

Takes less time to clean than my last one. After reading the review from other people, i thought that it would take a long time to juice, but it doesn’t. My other concern was the noise, but it isn’t too loud, it just sounds like grinding. My last one sounded more like a blender. I do get more juice out of this juicer and very little food particles. The vegetable ‘meat’ comes out very dry. I haven’t used the strainer, because i haven’t felt the need. My only complaint is that it doesn’t do lettuce as well as everything else.

I’ve had this for at least a year and although i don’t use it every day, it does get used and it’s still functioning just fine. Cleaning it after use is a bit of a pain in the neck but totally worth it.

My 1st juicer was an omega back in 1992 it lasted 12 years two after the warranty ran out. I’ve had two other juicers since, one still going strong from sam’s club (9yrs) and the breville elite which i had to return after 5 months. Disappointed to say the least. This omega 8007 is the last juicer i want to own. Clean up time is quick & easy, under five minutes. I grow my own wheatgrass and the pulp is fairly dry even though i put it thru a second time for good measure. Ginger root & tumeric root juice very well in this juicer( i make tea out of the pulp). All my leafy greens come out dry after one cycle. Carrots, beets, kale, spinach, parsley,cilantro, broccoli, celery cucumbers. Apple, pears & pineapple are the only fruit i use. This juicer gives me the greatest bang for my buck. 22 years of juicing and the omega has turned it into a religion for me & the two year detoxification program i’m committed too completing. By the way i juice & drink about 64 ounces a day on most days this juicer stands up to the task, the breville elite did not last. 8 months into it and have lost 80 pounds juicing the items mentioned above.

I bought this juicer for my daughter, who has crohn’s disease. It is easy to use and clean. She used it to make carrot juice, and it did an excellent job. She will definitely be using it a lot for lots of other juices and for food processing.

The omega juicer arrived in perfect condition with no visible damage to the shipping box. We have been researching for juicers for a while now and decided to go with the omega brand. The juicer is very powerful and worked as advertised. This juicer is very well made and i do believe it will last for a long time. Cleaning is very easy and straight forward. I’m thinking about buying another one for my mom on her birthday.

Tested this and it works better than i expected. Juice outlet screen didn’t get clogged before i had a good amount of juice. Easy to take off, cleaned with sink faucet spray and back on in very little time. I look forward to harvest season to make jams and jellies much faster than traditional method.

This is our first juicer and we were not sure how often we would actually use it. We liked that in addition to juicing we could make fresh pasta and grind coffee beans or make nut butter with this juicer. So we could justify the space this would take up in our pantry because of all the things we can do with it. We have used it for juicing and we have nothing to compare it to, but the pulp seems like maybe it could have gotten more juice out of it. However, i have heard many people complain about how difficult other juicers are to clean and this juicer is easy to clean. Everything comes apart and you can easily wash all parts. There is a brush that comes with it that cleans the screens very effectively. We had watched videos on using this juicer and my husband thought it would be very slow and take a long time. It does not take a long time at all. We found the speed fine both for juicing and for extruding pasta.

My daughter in law has friends come over and the do juicing gatherings. I’ve used it for apple and carrot juice and it is addictive. Met my expectations and more.

I will only buy omega when it comes to masticating juicers and this one fits the bill for the price.

I did a lot of research prior to buying this, and was deciding between this and the hurom. This is a great juicer that really extracts everything from the produce you run through it. The pulp is immensely dry (bonus: great compost for the garden). I have juiced kiwi, apple, greens, pineapple, carrots, and beets with no issues. I also made almond milk that was great. I’ve barely had it for a week and have already used it numerous times. I’ve stored juice 2-3 days ahead in mason jars and have had no issues with taste. The auger & parts feel very sturdy. Overall, the machine feels like a piece of kitchen equipment that i will have for quite awhile to come.

Make sure to cut your veggies small. Wheatgrass in small amounts and cut in half. That’s why i rated this with 4 and half stars.