Cuisinart SPB-7 SmartPower 40-Ounce 7-Speed Electronic Bar Blender : Super blender

Great blender, but i warn you against using it for ice crushing. I had to replace three blade assemblies withing a six month period. I bought a kitchen aid, which has heavy duty blades and works well for ice crusing, but doesn’t blend nearly as well as the cuisinart. Also, the blade assembly in the k a has now given out, but its been doing yeoman service for a year. I’ve just bought a waring spb2 and so far, it crushes ice and a good job of blending, if you do both at the same time. Its container is a bit narrow for straight ice crusing. In that reagard, the k a is superior. Bottom line: using the waring, holding the other two in reserve, just in case.

I’m very happy with my blender. Also i’m very happy since i received it very fast i will be using it during the upcoming holidays. And the price is a good price and i save myself a trip to the store.

Having purchased cheaper blenders in the past, i decided to go with something a bit sturdier with more power. The cuisinart smartpower blender delivers on both counts. It has a substantially heavier glass container than most i’ve seen, and a powerful motor that had no problems shredding through ice. However, i made gazpacho with it once and did find that i had to redistribute the contents with a spatula in order to achieve consistency, even after i had prepped with a food processor, so thicker substances will get stuck away from the blade somewhat. It’s an attractive model with an integrated design that eliminates cracks and crevices where food can get stuck. The jar and blade are really easy to take apart and clean.

My original blender was destroyed after my son dropped it on more than one occassion. I loved the blender, but could not find it without the complete set, and i did not need a new set. I looked on amazon and found the blender. It matches the rest of the set i already own perfectly. This blender can cut up just about everything. The price and product were right so i brought it.

  • very nice processor
  • Cuisinart SPB-7″AWESOME” Blender
  • Cuisinart blender

Cuisinart SPB-7 SmartPower 40-Ounce 7-Speed Electronic Bar Blender, White DISCONTINUED BY MANUFACTURER

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  • Perfect for blending, pureeing, mixing, liquefying and stirring
  • 7-speed touch pad control with easy-to-read indicator lights
  • 40-ounce glass jar with dripless pour spout equals no-mess serving
  • 2-ounce pour lid with marked measures for adding ingredients while blending
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

The feel of the blender makes it appear to be sturdy. Good and heavy and stable, a nice feel after looking at other blenders. We have currently owned this model but our daughter broke the glass jar and threw it away. Although the glass is available other parts of the jar were not. I was forced to buy a replacement blender. I have read some poor reviews of this item on amazon and don’t understand how the machine is a problem. We had our old blender for six years, used it often and never had any problems. I don’t feel anyone will be sorry for purchasing this blender.

I picked up one of these on sale locally. It does an adequate job of blending my morning smoothies, but just barely. I find it best to add frozen items slowly and in small pieces. There are days when the motor makes awful noises and i wonder if i need to stand back. It will suffice until i can afford something better. Meanwhile it is nice to know that i can get many spare parts here on amazon. For what it is, a low cost blender, i give it four stars.

This is an “awesome” blender. We already had a cuisinart spb-7 and have used it for almost a year now. So happy with the way it performs, we had to have another for our wet bar. The blades are really super sharp and can obliterate ice in seconds. Easy to clean up in the dishwasher. The guy who designed this one, had it all together.

This was a replacement of the same product but a slightly newer model.

As a thrift store find, i have no idea how old it is or how much it was used before coming into my hands. Therefore, i can’t review the longevity of this blender at all, and i don’t have the benefit of a user guide. The problems i have, you may not have. The lid of this thrift store blender has some orange staining inside which bleach soaking cannot remove. I would guess it is prone to staining for everyone. The lid fits snugly yet is easy to remove. The lid plug is snug yet easy to remove. The jar is glass and very sturdy. The blades inside the jar seem on the small side to me. However, i have been able to blend smoothies with frozen spinach and raw kale; i can’t complain about the performance.

I’ve had this blender for about a year now, and use it regularly to make smoothies or soups. The ‘digital’ control panel seemed a little gimicky at first, but i’ve learned to appreciate the easy cleanup that it allows with a sponge. The wide openings of the heavy glass jar (which is much sturdier than most) allow for easy cleaning and pouring, and the motor has more than enough power for everything i’ve thrown at it. My only complaint is that the rubber lid stained when i blended some hot tomato soup in it. The instruction manual warns against blending hot liquids however, and the stain is purely cosmetic and on the inside of the lid where it isn’t visible. The plastic base of the jar also seems like it would be prone to snapping over time, but in my frequent use of the blender i haven’t had any troubles with it. Overall i would highly recommend this blender over the cheaper alternatives, the heavy glass jar, sharp blade and powerful motor make it a joy to use.

Does a great job and clean up is a breeze.

I purchased this same blender well over five years ago. My partner and i use it 5-6 days a week and usually one or two times a day making post work-out smoothies. This machine easily blends ice and large chunks of frozen fruit including large frozen strawberries with no difficulty. This blender worked flawlessly for all these years until the black spindle that rotates the blades in the container finally sheared off. Everything wears out eventually. Frankly, i’m surprised it lasted as long as it did. The blender is very easy to clean with its smooth face and the glass jar managed hundreds of trips through a hot dishwasher. I just wished that i bought a second glass pitcher soon after my initial purchase. It would have been terrific to use one pitcher while the other was in the dishwasher. Considering the workout we gave this blender i feel it has held up beautifully and was definitely worth the price.

I had used this product while on vacation and liked how it liquified kaleand frozen fruits.

As expected very clean and functional.

I use it every morning to make a fruit smoothie. Easy to use and easy to clean. I bought this last month to replace the same model that i had been using daily for four years. I had broken the jar and decided to replace the entire unit because it had discolored somewhat over time. The motor was still working after four years so now i have it in storage for a backup.

I have had my blender for two years without a problem. I have just spent the past hour reading blender reveiws, and my conclusion is that this blender is comparable to any other good blender at any price point. If i am making smoothies and the fruit is ice solid and i have placed a lot of fruit in the belnder, i will have to stir it. But, no blender, save an industrial version, such as the kind they use at jamba juice, is going to do better. It crushes ice well and has never leaked. All of the speeds work properly and it is easy to clean. The lid, however is vinyl, so if you are going to place it in the dishwaher, please be aware of the food remains in the washer with it. White will stain regardless of the manufacturer.

I’ve had this blender for over a year now and it has yet to let me down. It looks great, and is a snap to use. In addition, the base comes apart into several pieces so that it can be cleaned easily without leaving any `gunk’ behind. I’ve never had any problem with ice; this thing just chews it up. The wide range of controls is a plus because i use this thing for everything, from pureed vegetables for soups to milk shakes.

I love this blender, it really works. I care of it like a child, i never left it dirty. It does incredible shakes and more.

I recieved this blender as a wedding gift and was so excited. But it has really not met my expectations. Its first or second trip through the dishwasher turned my lid pink. Apparently there may have been a slight remnant of tomato sauce on a plate in the dishwasher, and that in turn stained my lid. I called cuisinart and they didn’t seem to agree this was a problem. After some arm twisting they agreed to send me a new white lid, but warned me that it would happen again if i put it in the dishwasher with anything dirty again. Lid problems aside, the blender works pretty well, but doesn’t do a terribly fantastic job crushing ice really fine. I would probably suggest looking into waring instead of cuisinart for a good blender.

Hightower Quality Kitchen Heavy Duty Stainless Meat Grinder, the best one i’v used and seen

I bought the hightower kitchen stainless steel meat grinder directly from smokehouse chef, off of their web site. Keith was super helpful and answered all of my questions. I’ve been using the grinder for about two weeks now. Have ground up around 20 lbs of beef, chicken, bones, plus vegetables and fruits for my family and my dog and cat (meat and bones only for the cat). To grind bones for our dog and cat, i pressure cook the chicken and beef bones till they are on the soft side and then i grind them with this grinder. It easily grinds the pressure cooked bones. Chicken bones take about 1 hour 45 minutes to 2 hours to pressure cook so you need to use a good amount of water in the pressure cooker (fill it half full with water) so it doesn’t cook dry while cooking the bones. Grinding the bones turns them into a pâté that our dog and cat just love. We use the bone broth as soup stock or we feed it to our pets, they love it too. We have an older 300 watt hobart kitchenaid (bought new in the 1980’s) which doesn’t even get warm when grinding lots of meat and vegetables.

Very heavy duty and easy to clean in the dishwasher.

I’ve used this grinder now to grind beef and pork with great results on both. The only thing i noticed was that pieces of meat can wrap around the interface between the worm drive and the cutting blade. It doesn’t impede the operation at all, just something to be aware of and maybe extract it before finalizing all your cuts. I just remove it and hand mince with a knife – we’re talking less than an ounce of meat. Don’t know why ka got out of the business of supplying a durable attachment but this is a great replacement.

Key specs for Heavy Duty Stainless Meat Grinder for Kitchenaid Mixer Priority Shipping:

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  • Heavy duty meat grinder for Kitchenaid stand mixers. Dishwasher safe stainless steel. Heirloom quality.

Comments from buyers

“Awesome Grinder!
, Best meat grinder we found after searching for quite a while! Awesome high quality overall.
, Good Grinder, Excellent Customer Service

I bought this since maybe around two years for my mother. She still uses it and loves it.

This grinder attachment is made of heavy cast stainless steel. It has high quality machining work as claimed. It fits the kitchen aid mixer perfectly. The little unit is compact and a little heavy weight. My only complaint is that the throat is only 1. Meat strips have to be cut not much larger than a big ball park frank to fit the throat. My mixer does not bog down much when i feed it fast. I don’t need to use the wooden tamper very much which needs special attention cleaning. The three grind plates are hd in ss too.

Have used it a few times works great.

Now i grind my own meat for burgers, much better.

Work good, not much more to say.

Grinds pretty tough meat even on low setting (2-4), which is quiet and can be safely done at night:) easy to use and clean. Pretty heavy, which is good, because no plastic can handle meat.

Bought this attachment as a gift for my husband. Our 1960 kitchen aid belonged to his late mother and is very special to both of us. The attachment fits perfectly. Thank you for a great product and your speedy delivery.

I was pleasantly surprised by the durability of this grinder and glad i chose it over the plastic kitchenaid version. It fit my kitchenaid stand mixer perfectly and gave great results when grinding partially frozen beef tenderloin.

We were a little hesitant to purchase this for our kitchen aide mixer, after all the negative reviews online with the multitude of meat grinder attachments. Well all i can say is that we sure got a winner here. The quality is a 4 star for sure. The company is very receptive to any questions and helpful. I cannot state enough how impressed we are with this product after reading horror stories with the other brands. I would gladly recommend this hightower heavy duty meat grinder to my best friends with out any hesitation.

Owner this for about a year now and used it for two deer seasons. This makes very easy work of grinding meat and is super easy to clean. Many times better than the plastic kitchen aid attachment and much easier to both store and clean than a dedicated grinder.

This was more expensive than the other items but so worth it.

This is sooo much better then the cheap plastic ones sold in the stores. It grinds bones and is really amazing.

I’ve used this meat grinder twice making ground pork and chicken. Partially freezing the meat chunks made the meat grinding a breeze. Immediately cleaning the discs with warm soapy water made the cleanup job easy. Prior to finding this grinder attachment online i had purchased the plastic kitchenaid grinder attachment. Upon receipt and inspection of the plastic one i decided to return it (unused) since i didn’t think it would stand the test-of-time. This heavy duty stainless meat grinder attachment fit my kitchenaid lift-style mixer perfectly and i can confidently say i believe it will meet my needs for many years to come.

I used this for the first time yesterday to make up a 10# batch of pork sausage. The difference between this unit and the kitchenaid unit is night and day. First the metal housing looks, feels and works like a finely tuned machine and appears that this will last a really long time. My first ka grinder split just behind the ‘screw on die holder’ when doing some really course and hard meats, but i just don’t see this one doing that any time soon. The die’s and cutter work extremely well and i really like the coarser dies that ka doesn’t offer (i did buy the die’s from this same company for the ka and i do really like them too). If there were 1 con i could come up with would be the funky dowel in the side of the push stick – i understand that it is there so people don’t eat up the push rod in the worm gear, and was probably put there by their lawyers incase somebody choked on a piece of wood, but really?. I guess that is sort of like the warning sticker on a clothes iron that says not to iron you clothes on your body 🙂 off my soapbox. I would highly recommend this product to anyone that is serious about grinding meats that owns a ka stand mixer. 5qt (about 25+ yrs old) and a newer 6qt and used both in my sausage making endeavor and both worked extremely well with this grinder.

High quality very sturdy would recommend.

Arrived on time and the product is well.

After reading many reviews on lesser quality units i ordered this one and i’m glad i did. I have nothing to compare it to other than my own high standards and expectations. . It meets them all with ease.

Works amazingmuch stronger then the plastic one’seasy to clean and to get parts.

Absolutely wonderful product.

Well worth the money to make homemade hamburger.

EdgeStar CWR1211SZ 121 Bottle Single Zone Built-in Wine Cooler – Stainless Steel and, Very nice wine cooler-quiet

I have had this unit for a few months and it cools properly, is relatively quiet, and bottles fit into the unit well.

Holds less than 121 bottles due to various size bottles but this was expected. You did not mention the filter it apparently needs replaced every 3-6 months.

Works great but will not hold 121 standard wine bottles side by side. It has 12 shelves that hold 6 bottles each for a total of 72 bottles. Holds temperature steady and easy to set up.

Key specs for Edgestar CWR1211SZ 121 Bottle Single Zone Built-in Wine Cooler – Stainless Steel and Black:

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  • Digital temperature controls w/ LED display; Temperature: 41-65 degrees F
  • Slide-out, wood-trimmed wire shelves; Internal fan to evenly circulate air; Auto defrost; Replaceable built-in carbon filter; Security lock; Built In and Freestanding Capabilities
  • Tinted glass door; Reversible double-paned tempered glass door; Flat faced stainless steel handle
  • For a dual zone version of this model please see CWR1101DZ; Dimensions: 54 4/5″ H x 23 7/16″ W x 26 3/4″ D
  • PLEASE NOTE: Delivery will be curbside, inside delivery is not available. A valid phone number is required for delivery purposes, please ensure the correct phone number is provided in your shipping information when placing this order.

Comments from buyers

“Nice unit, shelves could use some work, hard to move once loaded with bottles
, Very nice wine cooler-quiet
, Came on time. Loaded it. Holds less than

As most people noted, it doesn’t hold 121 bottles because most bottles aren’t standard size. I have 100 in there now with room for about 10 more. It looks sleek, and it runs nicely. As others also mentioned, it runs about 3 degrees warmer than the set temp, which doesn’t really bother me, i just set it at 52, and it keeps at 55. The one issue i had was with the delivery. I was home alone when the delivery came, and i’m 5’4′ and pretty petite. When the guy came to deliver, he was going to just leave outside my driveway. He says he’s not allowed to enter the house, which i understand, but i was like, really?.He managed to wheel the dolly so it just hung over the door jam so he could let it down inside my garage, which, fortunately, is where i wanted it anyway.

Easy to install and start up. There are many wine bottles that require slightly taller space and i had to remove 3 racks to create these taller rack areas.

Pull out shelves are a little cheap feeling for how nice this unit appears to look. Also holding all 128 bottles requires staggering the bottles forward and backward necks touching and makes the shelves very heavy. The shelves do not have good bearings or rails so they become rather stiff when loaded up with bottles. I would recommend putting in some drawer rails. Working on finding some that fit to make the shelf movement smoother.

Overall pretty happy but would like more space between shelves for burgundy bottles.

Returned whynter wine cooler which was noisy and ran all the time. This unit is much more quiet. Only draw back was attaching the handle which was noted in another review. Messing with the door gasket is something i don’t wanted to do. Only been running for two days, but everything seems fine. Will update if any negative pops up. Most wine is boudeau and fit nicel on the pull out shelves, i placed the burgundies on top shelve. Remove one shelve on the botton to accommodate champagne.

As all the reviews say, the bottle capacity isn’t 121. If the shelf spacing were properly distanced, it would be a lot better. Instead, you have to remove shelves which reduces capacity dramatically. So, champagnes, burgundies even heavier bottle new world wines don’t fit on the shelf as is. So i lost 1 shelf so far to fit the larger champagne bottles. The big reds are stacked on the bottom. Door handle installation involves removing the gasket. Sounds easy but i don’t want to rip the gasket.

This is great for holding all of our wine- i love that we can properly store wine and see what we have.

The temperatures varies around 2 degrees f and humidity between 55% (when compressor on) and 85%. It makes like a wind blowing sound because of the fans (even when the compressor if off) but it is not a problem in the kitchen. I would definitively recommend it after 2 weeks of use.

This fridge looks nice and keeps wine nicely chilled. The three complaints i have with it are twists on some of other peoples’ complaints. 5 stars if that was an option. In terms of fitting bottles, i was prepared for the larger bottles not to fit. However, with the smaller bottles, you have to put them ‘necks in’ in order to maximize how much wine it holds (note this is not how it’s shown in the picture). This makes the use of wine tags useless. Also, the shelves only slide half-way out, so figuring out what you have in back is nearly impossible.

Coleman Portable Propane Coffeemaker – Great Product! See below for filter info

I’ve used the coffee machine during two occasions now. On a camping trip and during a 3 day power outage at the house. The ignitor on this machine works great and lights on the first click. I wouldn’t say it’s the fastest ever but i can’t complain about the speed. It works great and the coffee tastes great too. Get the basket style filters. That’s the one mistake i made since i couldn’t find anywhere on amazon where it said the filter type.

Very nice looking coffee maker. Kind of on the slow side but wonderful if you have no electricity to plug a normal coffee maker into. Kind of bulky and expensive, but again well worth it if you are a coffee lover. Watch out the unit it’s self gets quite hot, don’t put it on anything that could melt.

If you buy this, you will be the envy of the campground. Smells pretty funny (like hot plastic/burning paint) for the first few heat cycles, but other than that it’s worth every penny. Be sure to buy the one with the stainless carafe. The cheaper one has a glass carafe. Can’t make much coffee if the glass is broken, eh?.

This coffeemaker works great. Much faster than i expected. The fragile part that other reviews have noted is an easy ‘fix’ to make sure you don’t break it. . The small black plastic piece that controls the pause to get a cup feature is removable. When i clean the pot, i just remove that piece and store it in the stainless carafe. Also purchased the carring case to protect the coffeemaker. It’s a must have in my opinion. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for portable coffee.

Takes about 5 minutes longer to brew than my coffee maker at home. Does not make quite as much at a time. Just keep a thermos nearby and pour the freshly brewed coffee in that to keep hot while the next pot is brewing. By the time the second pot is ready, the thermos is usually empty as fellow campers come stumbling over, empty mugs in hand.

Works about the same as the old one. We set the old one up next to the new one and let them run. They finished about the same time. It does work just fine though. If your going for something that works there is no need for the shinny one. The originals work just as well and is cheaper. If your going for looks this ones it.

  • Just the facts, could be better glad its not worse. Still glad to have for coffee on a camping trip!
  • Campsite Essential
  • coleman propane coffeemaker

I recently purchased this coffeemaker for a camping trip in the shenandoah. It was a great addition to our campsite, and all in all it was easy to use and worked well. The one issue that i have with is is the paint on the outside near the bottom. I’m not 100% sure why it is painted to begin with, but the paint bubbled and melted with the first use. In addition, be sure not to sit the coffeemaker on anything that might melt – we learned this the hard way after melting a table cloth.

Took it ice fishing and coffee is hot. Just fill the water reserve up and is perfect. Used it at home when lights went out and works great too. Will take it camping and hunting too. Much larger then i thought it was. But, is a very good coffeemaker. I like the tin pot better then the glass pot cause of where i take this coffeemaker. Pot is not a thermal one just a tin pot, so wont keep coffee hot off the flame. Would like to have seen them put a better propane hose on it then the one it comes with. Maybe more of a flexible connecter. That is the only reason i gave it 4 stars. Otherwise i would order this product again.

I have used the coleman camping ‘stove-top’ coffeemaker for several years. We recently had a large group join us camping so we prepared for the morning rush by buying this self-contained unit. We used them both for several days side-by-side. There are several advantages to this new self-contained unit. 1) using this coffee pot is a couple minutes quicker. Perhaps it is the integrated design that holds heat more effeciently. Maybe a couple minutes isn’t important to you, but if that means taming a testy camper – you know minutes count. 2) the self-contained unit frees up a burner and seperates coffee from cooking. Sometimes, life in the great outdoors gets crowded, especially around the cooking area. Having the ability to move the coffee to the picnic table away from the stove gives cooks a little extra elbow room.

I was disappointed that the propane tank could not be housed inside the coffee maker; makes for bulky handling. Considering the size of the product which is not small, that was odd. Also the plastic coffee filter holder was poorly designed – getting in and out of the slots was cumbersome at best. I decided that a propane stove, boiling water etc was better for camping; less stuff to lug around.

Really hits the spot on a cold morning. Have used it for many years and has always been dependable. Assembly can be a challenge since we use it once a year, but works well and would not be an issue if used more often. Highly recommend this product to make the wilds seem more tame.

Features of Coleman Portable Propane Coffeemaker with Stainless Steel Carafe

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  • Drip coffeemaker brews a full pot of coffee in just 15 minutes, powered by standard propane cylinder
  • Coleman’s proprietary InstaStart feature ensures match-free lighting, even in windy conditions
  • PerfectFlow regulator provides consistent performance by producing steady fuel stream; carafe and filter are dishwasher safe
  • Runs for 4.4 hours on one propane cylinder; ten-cup total capacity and 9.5-pound weight
  • Includes limited one-year manufacturer’s warranty

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

This makes a great drip pot of coffee. Of all the creature comforts of home that i may miss while camping, coffee is no longer one of them. Some folks think a percolator or ‘cowboy coffee’ is the way to go while camping. I would say those folks have come to accept camp coffee to taste a certain way b/c having a proper drip brew was not possible while camping. Grab one of these and don’t look back. If you have the room to store it, camping and having a great cup of coffee in the morning is entirely possible . This is probably my most prized camping possession next to my pup.

I hate coffee but my lady loves it so this is a must. ‘ makes about 3 large cups or 4 old people cups, her words, in about 6 minutes. Really think we may need the case too as packing it back in the box and the size of the box is a bit large for 1 item in a truck packed with camping gear. The box is about 17′ x 13′ x 10’.

I brew strong coffee with more grounds than many people use. If i brew enough for two 16oz. Thermal mugs with other filters, the grounds overflow the top of the filter (standard brown paper ‘mr. Listed below is the best filter i’ve found for this machine:bunn a10 paper coffee filter for 8, 10 cup brewers and home models (available on amazon)this filter fits very nicely in the basket and comes to about 1/2’ below the top. As of the fourth of july 2014 weekend i tested the bunn a10 filter in this machine and found that it works fantastic. I was able to brew a full pot with the grounds staying low in the basket. No more overflowhappy camper here :).

For years i made coffee over the campfire, or on the camp stove. The coffee was ‘camp coffee’, grounds poured directly into the water and the grounds strained out. I considered it great coffee, but it was simply to strong for my wife and other guests. I switched to using a small 12v dc coffee pot that plugged into my truck’s cigarette lighter. It makes great coffee, and it’s convenient. Unfortunately, it only makes 2 cups, and takes 40 minutes. When i saw this coffee maker, i knew i had to give it a try. I received the unit yesterday and was so excited i had to make a pot first thing this morning. The unit is packed very nicely, and instructions are super simple. I found no fault with getting it up and running and brewing my first pot.

Blend my own blah, blah, blah. The lack of good coffee ( i could never make those stove top brewers or glass press things work without a mouthful of coffee grinds) on camping excursions always detracted from a wonderful activity otherwise. Now my early mornings in a remote campsite are perfect after waiting maybe 10 minuits to brew a perfect pot of coffee. My starter button has worked flawlessly so i don’t even need a lighter. I wouldhighly suggest adding the optional case. It holds the unit a propane canister, filters and a freezer bag of blended coffee.

My boyfriend and i are total coffee junkies. He’ll drink a couple of pots a day if left to his own devices. So it’s always a little frustrating to go on a camping trip and have to deal with a messy and inadequate camp percolator. (we are total car campers and freely admit it) this is just like your at home drip coffee maker, just with propane instead of electricity. A word to the wise though, make sure your unit lights right away or wait for any built up gas to dissipate before trying to hit the spark again. We had a couple of instances where the gas lit in a bit of a fireball and ended up popping out the little drain plug between the water reservoir and the tube that takes the water around the heater up to the coffee filter basket. This ended up with water backing up into the reservoir and not draining properly. The problem was fixed easy enough but meant that we had to wait for it to cool down a bit, empty the water, stick the plug back, and then start the whole process over again. Easy enough to use and clean. Love that we can just tip the filter basket into the garbage and give it a quick rinse. No more shaking, scraping, scrubbing, and endlessly rinsing the percolator. Overall we were very impressed. Lots of compliments from our campmates too.They all wished that they had their own.

Drip coffeemaker brews a full pot of coffee in just 15 minutes, powered by standard propane cylinder

Fourth camping season using this. Shutoff works fine if you are desperate to pour your cup before finished brewing. Of course takes longer to brew on windy days. Small piece in reservoir moves around but doesn’t affect use.

Great coffee maker for camping. Works well at all altitudes, tested to 10k. Durable construction and it travels well in our airstream. Cons:noisycarafe is not insulated so cools quicklylow setting is still very hot so it will cook the coffee in the carafe.

Thanks to this unit, i’ve gotten the best coffee at camp since i started drinking coffee. It is, of course, suitable for car-camping, my sister-in-law, who thinks that it’s only camping if you carried everything on your back (which i have done, btw) thinks this is incredibly decadent, i made italian roast in it multiple times over the course of president’s day weekend, and it performed like a trooper. I have one important caveat, however. The unit gets hot on the sides where the metal is bare silver. Someone put a plastic tote too close and it melted the tote. Aside from the fact that plastic will melt onto it, this is absolutely perfect for car camping, and i can’t see car camping without it.

I got the coffee pot it did not hit the steel pot that i wanted so i had to buy an extra pot to go with it had hard time getting hold of seller seller never returned an email or contacted me but to send it back would it cost me more than it’s worth.

We owned the other model that goes on a propane stove top for about 7 years. Had to replace it as little things were starting to break. I like this new one as it is self contained and i can make coffee away from the camper as i am always the first one up. I have to confirm with the other reviewer that the reservoir only holds 8. 5 cups, i filled the carafe to 1. 4 inch below the rim, and yes there is 1. 5 cups that can not fit into the reservoir; you can add that later during the brewing process. For all 10 cups it takes about 18 minutes to run through the cycle. Be aware that all the metal pieces (front and back) get skin burning hot, so you will have to be careful if you have little ones. Another thing i noticed, the manual says turn off the burner after the brewing process completes, but the regulator does have low, medium, and high positions; i plan to use the low setting to keep the coffee warm between cups, hopefully this will not shorten its life.

When the crew starts cooking the breakfast, one burner was usually taken for the coffee pot which robbed the cook of the needed burner. Just fill the reservoir with water, add a paper, or gold mesh filter to the canister add coffee, turn the regulator on, push the insta-start, and the maker starts brewing coffee. The stove can now be fully dedicated to cooking. There is a high, low, and medium heat setting. Pros: stand alone, slow brewed (strong, if wanted) coffee. Coleman has all the necessary replacement parts. Easy to store, just unscrew the regulator, snap it in the storage slot, and if a storage carrier, zip and carry. Cons: new from box, new propane cartridge, full water reservoir – takes 22 min.

Coleman’s proprietary InstaStart feature ensures match-free lighting, even in windy conditions

Great to know i will have fresh brewed coffee when the world ends dec 2012 i purchased an adapter hose so i can run the coleman coffee maker on my 5 gal lg tank its a little slow as others have commented but the coffe is rich and robust and taste much better than on my electric pot that brews much faster. Great product especially when the electricity is out.

No problem with the reservoir being too small, that is people who think the carafe should be full. Makes a great pot of coffee just like it is. Good ignitor on it, starts right up. One thing that may be an issue later on mine, first use it bubbled the pain off the side where the burner is. Seems like it is made out of alumunum so i’m not too worried about it.

15 minutes or less to brew, love that it brews like a regular coffee maker and makes many cups at one time. I always had problems working percolators for some reason. Plus, it frees up my regular burners to get on with making breakfast more easily. Well worth it for spoiled princess camping. Very happy camper after at least the first couple cups of coffee every morning. My camping kitchen is now the stopping grounds for many reluctant early risers at our group camp outs. So many happy faces after coffee with no grounds in it.

I will be seconding a lot of what you heard but backing it up with actual facts and measurements as well as photos. First off let me say in the woods when you have had poor sleep and/or you want your morning coffee something like this is a godsend. Keep in mind folks, you can have instant, go to the store or have none. Compared to the coleman version that you put on your own burner (model no. 2000015167) this is slower but its a metal carafe instead of glass and. Well, it doesn’t use your burner so you can get cooking faster. The other coffee maker, yes i tried one, was massive on my 3 burner camp stove so i couldn’t use it to cook anything while making coffee and had to drop the back and sides so it could fit. Facts:10 cups – wrong, try 7.

No more ground in my coffee and takes no more time than making it at home. I have coffee in 10-15 mins without haveing to start a camp fire nor pump up a stove. A push of the ignighter and its going. I have the stainless steal pot and would not have it any other way. The glass one would have been broken on my 1st trip to the back moutain country. I also use it on the road in my 18 wheeler, no need to pay truck stop prices to fill my two thermoses.

I’ve made one pot of coffee. The most notable thing was that when the reservoir is filled to the tippy top we got seven 6 oz. The product description claimed 10 cups. The only way to get 10 cups of any reasonable size would be to add more water during the brew cycle. That’s not a huge inconvenience but it was certainly unexpected. Other than that shortcoming, it performed as advertised. I like that it’s self-contained as opposed to the stovetop model that we’re replacing. The built-in igniter is very cool. We got the uninsulated stainless carafe because glass is risky while camping.

For our type of camping trips (primitive, no electricity)this coffeemaker is almost perfect. Lights easily and seems to make a pot much quicker than the 15 minutes stated in the ad i read. The stainless steel did discolor the first time it was used(around the burner area only). It is quite bulky so we put it in a plastic tote with our backup grill. Overall after an 8 day camping trip we are very pleased with this coffeemaker.

PerfectFlow regulator provides consistent performance by producing steady fuel stream; carafe and filter are dishwasher safe

Hands down the best portable coffee maker out there. We researched and read tons of reveiws before we settle on this model. Pro’s and con’s of having the glass pot over the glass pot. Decided against the 12volt models due to wait time during brewing. Who wants to wait 1 hour for a morning cup of coffee?. Some thing like 8 minutes for each pot. Let be honest, when you have 8 people waiting on a cup of morning go-go juice you want it now. . Advise the steel pot over the glass for camping. Things due tend to bounce around and the steel pot holds up well.

The thing makes good coffee after you figure it out. A little kid could explain it betterfirst off, there is a small plastic piece that must be attached to the underside of the area behind the pot. This will make a huge mess and no coffee if you do not install it.The hot water will overflow the filter basket and soak inside your machine and all over whatever is under it. Secondly, the propane cartridge does not install inside the unit as it should. There is a long metal piece that you have to screw in and somehow balance on the table, th other end of which connects to the small propane tank. It works, but it’s very clunkyalso, it’s not the fastest pot in the west. No prob for me, since i bring it into the tent with me and the extra heat warms things up a bit.

My quest for a perfect cup of coffee on a camping trip has been ended. I tried the coleman propane coffee maker and it is very easy to operate. You connect the disposable propane tank to the coffee maker and add water and coffee. The coleman coffeemaker works just like a drip coffee maker which brews 10 cups in about 18 minutes. The carafe is stainless and won’t break. I tried the coffee maker on a camping trip when it was about 22 degrees outside. Ufortunately while it the carafe won’t break it does not keep the coffee warm for long after you turn of the coffeemaker. A few of the issues i had happened when i removed the carafe from the coffeemaker. Thee lever to stop the coffee from pouring out fell out. Another issue is when the push-button igniter is wet it won’t light the burner.

Before we bought this we were using an old percolator on a camp stove. The coffee never seemed to come out right. Not so with this coffee maker. It’s incredibly easy to set up, clean, and take down.(i recommend buying the associated case. ) it does take a while to brew (about 18-20 minutes) so you’ll want to start it first thing and then make breakfast. Other than slow brewing it’s absolutely perfect. I love it and won’t be making coffee any other way when out camping.

I have now both of coleman’s coffee makers – the stove-top and the stand-alone propane coffee maker. Hands-down, the stand-along propane coffee maker is not only faster but brews a great cup of coffee. It took a few times to figure out how to best brew the coffee. I found running the coffeemaker on ‘medium’ was the best – allowing the water enough time to brew through without overflowing the grounds. The few couple of times i used it on ‘high’ and the water went through way too quickly, but ‘medium’ works great. I also purchased an insulated carafe after the coffee was brewed. This worked out great as the coffee that stays in the stainless steel carafe cools too quickly. I also purchased the carrying case for this coffeemaker – there is lots of extra room for filers and ground coffee for at least a week (of about 2 pots/day). I don’t know how i camped without this before.The only thing i wished coleman would make with this is an insulated carafe to go with this or a way to keep the coffee on ‘low’ or ‘warm’ while we drink it all down.

Pros: pretty compact; sludge-free coffee; easy set-up; easy clean-upcons: no thermal carafei bought this a week before setting off for a week in yosemite. Next to a tent and sleeping bag, this was the best piece of gear in our campsite. This propane-powered coffeemaker makes 10 cups of sludge-free coffee in about 15-20 minutes. I used the standard 8-12 cup paper basket filter and had no overflow issues using 8 scoops of coffee. One thing i learned right away was to fill the carafe to just below the rim, pour as much into the reservoir as possible, and pour the rest into a cup before brewing. Then, as space permits in the reservoir, add the remaining water to get a nearly full carafe of coffee. If you don’t follow these steps, you’ll end up with about 2/3’s of a carafe. Also, if the temps are even mildly cool, the coffee will get cold quickly due to a lack of a thermal carafe. The get-around to that is to bring along a separate thermal carafe. Maybe coleman will fix that small issue in the near future (hint, hint).

Runs for 4.4 hours on one propane cylinder; ten-cup total capacity and 9.5-pound weight

Two or three days of rain heavy, tropical downpours and worked like a champ each day despite being left in the rain. If you pull a trailer or car camp, this makes the best coffee. The propane tank lasts a long time we made two or three pots of coffee everyday for 5 days and didn’t change the tank. Seems durable and well made.

Coffee and filters can be stowed in carrying case. Three important items not included: measuring spoon, number of cups indication on carafe, and either thermal carafe or ability to keep flame on once coffee is brewed. Coffee gets cold quickly in metal carafe.

I bought this as a gift for the sister and brother in laws camp inventory. Every year they go as often as they can, and every year they use this often.

Ya, its about as fast as a mr. Coffee (kind of slow), we used ours in 75 degree weather. This coffee maker is a bit larger than i expected and takes up a bit more room in our trailer, but, with as good as that coffee is i’ll put up with it. It does get hot when perking, very hot, i would be leary of using it on a formica or plastic type surface. The metal carafe is a bit thin and not insulated, the coffee cools quickly when the maker is shut off. There is a low setting on the propane valve but i have not used it, the instructions say to turn it off when done perking.

This is my favorite piece of camping gear. It works identically to a home coffee maker with the exception of the propane canister. Once that is installed, you simply fire it up with water and grinds and relax for a few minutes. So much easier/cleaner than the old coffee pot on the campfire routine. My wife keeps this in our emergency closet outside of camping season. At least we’ll be drinking hot coffee when a storm knocks the power out.

This is a great product with one flaw that others have mentioned. The fill compartment doesn’t hold the entire pot when filled with water. I took another user’s suggestion and filled the pot, dumped it in the maker, and poored the leftover water into a cup. Once the brewing makes enough space for the cup of water i poor that into the maker.

This is my first camp coffee maker. Prior to this, i would take an old mr coffee, go to the showers, and plug it in. We used this one for only one week, but often made more than one pot per morning. I used 8 o’clock columbian ground coffee, my standard. As to quality of the brew, i think it makes better coffee than our cuisinart at home. It certainly comes out hotter, also. We experienced a range of temperatures, and the hotter the weather, the quicker it brewed. This is probably because of higher pressures in the propane tank, so it may be slow during cool or cold weather. As it was, we could make a pot in from ten to fifteen minutes.

What a hero i was in camp (at least in the mornings) for bringing my coleman coffeemaker along. This rig works great and makes excellent coffee in about 8 to 10 minutes. It uses very, very little gas to make a pot of coffee and it’s almost as if you’re at home with your everyday coffeemaker. I love it and would have given it a 5th star if it had some sort of ‘finished brewing’ indicator either audible or visual. With that in mind, make sure you read the directions, then you need to put someone on the ‘coffee watch’ because the gas must be turned off right after the coffee is finished brewing or you’ll burn your coffeemaker up. The gas/flame does not shut itself off. Outside of that small flaw this coffeemaker is just outstanding. The metal carafe is the only one to go with, you’re going camping for crying loud, things get banged around so get the stainless steel carafeif you get the handy carrying bag (sold separately but don’t know why) that’s also available here on amazon, you’ll have just what you need to carry the coffeemaker, filters, coffee, and gas can all in one bag. Just make sure you keep an eye on it until it’s finished brewing into the pot and then shut the gas off.

Hamilton Beach 40918 Java Blend Coffee Brewer : Does two things, neither of them all that well

The hamilton beach jave blend coffee brewer is a great option for anyone who likes blended coffee drinks or is looking for a way to save counter-space by combining a personal (one cup) coffee maker with a blender. This could ideal for someone living in an apartment or dorm roomnotes– the cup/mug that came with the unit is very nice- the unit can only make one cup of coffee at a time- the coffees is very hot – which is great. But it can make it a bit more difficult to make ice coffee :o)- the blender top is a bit too loose- the blender does an ok (but not great job) in blending ice- it probably goes without saying, but the blender can be used as a standalone blenderfinal verdict – the hamilton beach java blend is a pretty cool product. . It is perfect for a person who loves blended coffee or for someone who is looking for a two-in-one unit in order to save counter space.

This is the best way to stop yourself from spending nearly $6 a day at starbucks for a caremel frappucino. However, the blender is kind of weak. Maybe i just add in too much ice. But for some reason the ice is either too thick or too fine. I havent figured that part out yet and the direction manual doesnt seem to direct the user to that point. I never realized how important the ice size is to making a frappucino until i made it too big/too small with this. But hey, i’ll figure it out.

I never thought i needed a combination coffee maker slash blender. I still don’t think i need one. But if i had to have one, i guess this does the job?. It’s a strange beast: big enough to take up a massive amount of your counter space, yet can only make one mug of coffee at a time, with a similarly sized blender-for-one. The entire setup is extremely basic, and i’m not sure it’s worth the price. No timers, different settings, anything like that. Just your standard cheapo drop coffee maker married to a basic blender, and then everything somehow got marked up in price. Everything works fine, it’s just not really worth the inflated price.

I use this product everyday for not only coffee but my smoothies. The only part i don’t like is that it takes the old style filters but they are only a dollar for a half years’ worth so its not that bad.

  • I’m so in love with it’s awesomeness
  • I love it! I only drink cold/iced coffee so the
  • Love this thing. Condense two appliances into one!

Hamilton Beach 40918 Java Blend Coffee Brewer (Discontinued)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Satisfy all your coffee cravings with one countertop appliance!
  • Brew 16 oz. of hot coffee into travel mug with lid (travel mug included)
  • Blend 32 oz. of frozen coffee smoothie
  • Wave Action System designed to pull the mixture down into the blades for smooth results and no ice chunks!
  • 2 speed blender with pulse for optimal control

Nice, love the attatched blender.

Coming away from using a keuring i was a little concerned but i have loved it so much so far, and it has been a few months. I have used the blender a handful of times and i made an excellent iced coffee. I just don’t have a lot of time to use it more. But i brew coffee every morning and have 0 issues. Saved a lot of money not using k-cups too.

Hamilton beach will grow on you. It’ll warm you up with its sleek shape and cool design. It will shake you up with its agility and swiftness, and it will imprint on your mind with a great tasting coffee (both cool and hot). I highly recommend it to all coffee connoisseurs.

I wasn’t super impressed with this coffee maker / blender combo. I found that the coffee brewer functionality works well-enough; approximate to any other small, coffee brewer. Not bad, but nothing particularly special about it. The blender doesn’t work that well. It’s no replacement for my magic bullet. It has trouble blending ice and gets stuck when trying to make a smoothy. Two-for-one units offer space savings but at the expense of functionality. I do like the ability to quickly brew a single cup of coffee, but you can’t really use any other cup but the one provided. A standard mug sits too low and the coffee splashes all over the place. That means that you either needs a really tall mug, or you have to use the one provided by hamilton beach.

I kind of wish i hadn’t gotten a keurig last year after trying the hamilton beach 40918 java blend coffee brewer. It takes up about the same amount of counter space, but it does double duty with the built in blender. Plus i’d forgotten how nice it was to be able to brew a jumbo size mug of coffee at one time instead of having to use two pods to get the same amount. I do have a great blender, but more often than not, i don’t feel like dragging it out from the cabinet to use, clean, then put away. This one is right on hand at all times and small enough to easily toss in the seemingly always full dishwasher. And it’s a powerful blender too. I packed it full of ice cubes (cubes, not crushed ice) and it chewed them up in seconds. I’ve never been one to make any kind of fancy coffee drinks, but it was so easy using the hamilton beach 40918 java blend coffee brewer. I’ll definitely be making more in the future, in addition to fruit smoothies and milkshakes.

The cover attachment arrived broken but the product makes coffee and does a decent job of blending.

Got it for my daughter and it’s fantastic. Going to purchase one for myself :-).

Bought this as a nice multipurpose item for the kitchen and love it. The coffee maker works perfectly and the blender works great too. It doesn’t really work for the whole “brew coffee and pour it over ice in blender to make smoothie” feature because lets face it, coffee melts the ice immediately so you have to let the coffee cool almost completely first. Tried doing the straight from coffee to smoothie and had to keep putting more and more ice until it was very bland. Let the coffee cool first and add some cream and sugar to is before it cools and works great.

I’ve been using this coffee maker every day for almost a year. I only drink cold/iced coffee so the blender is a must. I also use the blender for margaritas and stuff. It is very easy to clean and looks nice on the counter. I would definitely recommend this to anyone in the market for a coffee maker and not looking to spend an arm and a leg. It would be a great gift as well. I got a warranty, but i haven’t had any issues with it. A lot of the time i will make coffee at night, put it in the refrigerator, and it’s ready to blend with ice cream, chocolate and ice in the morning. This has probably saved me hundreds verses going to a coffee shop every morning.

Didn’t think i would love it, but i am so pleasantly surprised. What really won me over is the size of the basket for the coffee grounds. It’s just as big as the basket in my 5 cup pot that it replaced. I like my coffee like tar and this enables me to make it stout enough to get my heart beating in just one cup. Hate the cup that came with it, well the cup is ok, the lid to the cup is awful. It has a lip sticking up where you drink from. Feels like a demented sippy cup. But i have found bunches of cups that i do like that fit perfect. And now i can have iced coffee the way i like it.

Perfect single serve and i can still make iced coffees and blended drinks.

The blender does a good job of crunching the ice for my frappes. I love that most parts i can throw in the dishwasher. I’m still working out the right serving size ingredient combos for me but that is on me. The machine itself is brilliant.

Work well but the blender is a little weaker than i want it to be.

I am so impressed with this coffee pot. The box was heavily damaged, but the product was fine. It works wonders and my friends with keurigs give compliments and wished theirs had these features. It’s easy to use and demonstrates the good name of hamilton beach. I highly recommend this to anyone.

I am enjoying my coffee maker. I can make one cup of coffee hot or cold. The one thing i don’t like it doesn’t have an adjustable shelf for my fovorite ceramic cup. I have to flip a bowl to use my cup instead of the computer cup.

I got this as a bedside coffee maker. The kitchen is too far without caffeine. Works great, and i love that i can get a quick smoothie without digging out another appliance.

Best coffee maker in a whilecold and hotnice.


This is our favorite new investment. Takes less oil than our other propane fryer. Heats up quickly and is literally a set it and forget it situation. It even has a nice digital timer right on the unit so you don’t over do whatever you are frying. Steams as well which i can’t wait to try out. And had a drain spout for easy cleaning.

I use it for thanksgiving and christmas each year.

Only complaint is the power cord is short, limiting where you can place the cooker. Needs to be at least another 3′.

Just used it to fry a 15 lb turkey over christmas. Turkey was succulent crisp, juicy and yummy. And amazed it only took 1 hour to completely fry.Roasted turkey bye bye, hello fried turkey.

  • Good Buy
  • Everything came out great, it took about 35 minutes to get to
  • Tender and Juicy Turkey

23011615 Butterball XL Electric Fryer

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Fries turkeys up to 20lbs. in the aluminum cooking basket with drain clip
  • Analog controls and digital timer with thermostat temperature control
  • 1,650 watt electric heating element heats oil quickly
  • Cleaning is easy with the convenient oil drain valve
  • Designed and tested to meet commercial standards
  • Magnetic break-away power cord for safety
  • Fries turkeys up to 20lbs. in the aluminum cooking basket with drain clip
  • 1,650 watt electric heating element heats oil quickly
  • Cleaning is easy with the convenient oil drain valve
  • Designed and tested to meet commercial standards

The stainless steel give it a clean look, instructions and controls are easy to understand. Like others have stated the power cord is way too short and it won’t safely fit on a standard counter top with cupboards. I had to use a power strip which had a breaker that kept on tripping resulting in lower my oil temperature. The way the handle is attached to the basket a turkey will cause the basket to list to on side when placing it in the hot oil. The lid does a great job in prevent oil splatter; however, be aware that condensation build up on the underside of the lid as well as steam can result in severe burns if not careful. I fried a 17 lb turkey and the skin didn’t come out crispy as in a traditional turkey fryer. Clean up of the fryer is absolutely impressive. Everything cleans with a wipe of a sponge, no breaking a sweat with a brillo pad. Also, no need for a funnel when returning your oil back the container. The oil spigot is about 1″ off the bottom allowing for all the drippings to settle to the bottom allowing for clear oil return to the container.

The temperature dropped by 10 degrees when i lowered the turkey into the oil and never recovered to the set point.

Got this fryer to deep fry a turkey for the holidays. Takes up a lot of room though. A friend wanted to borrow it for a crayfish boil and i haven’t seen it since then, lol. I won’t be buying another one because i simply don’t have the room for it.

I was a little bit uneasy as i’ve never deep-fried a turkey and i’ve heard a lot of horror stories but this is truly an idiot proof. There is a heating coil inside the unit so even if the oil overflows it will not catch on fire. Cleaning it kind of sucked but considering it only took an hour and 45 minutes to cook a 12 pound turkey that was honestly the juiciest turkey i’ve ever had.

I had the smaller version and bought up this year. This is the best kitchen appliance you’ll buy. My kids refuse to eat any other cooked turkeys – and you can use this for crab boils or fried chicken if you want.

What’s thanksgiving in south without fried turkey. This electronic version is far less likely to burn your house down. I’ve used both gas and electric and you cannot tell a difference with end product. You should expect some oil popping and a bit of a mess when you are done. Upgraded to this unit because it’s hard to find turkeys small enough for other fryers. Usually fry two turkeys each year. Only one complaint about this unit. It’s magnetic plug quick release has a hair trigger. I understand it’s that way for safety, but i’ve had it come loose during a turkey fry and ruined the meal. Monitor it closely when cooking to be sure this doesn’t happen to you.

I’ve been frying turkeys for over 10yrs now, and at every event, i have been relegated to being outside supervising the fryer. The setup was super easy, it took just slightly longer for the oil to heat up compared to propane and took it took just as long. The process of removing the turkey from the oil is also now a one man job. The cleanup couldnt be any easier, it breaks down and allows for easy and fast cleaning, without any wasted oil,. Again the process of re bottling the oil was reduced to a one man job. I did not bring this in the house yet, as the everalasting scent of fried goodness is not something we care for on the regular inside the house.

Amazing, will never cook a turkey in the oven again.

Hands down best fryer i’ve ever bought. We especially love the fact that you can drain it and clean it every time. It may seem like a pain but how often do you actually fry no more oil sitting in the container forever. I know this sounds like a commercial but it is not.

This fryer has been amazing. I bought it before thanksgiving in preparation of the the big day. It is easy to use and set up. I did a test turkey breast before thanksgiving and it turned out good, it was slightly over cooked, so i recommend going on the shorter side of the recommended cooking times. The thanksgiving turkey turned out amazing, everyone loved it, including the mother in law :-)i have also been using it to fry wings for tailgating and they turn out perfect. I was very skeptical of the clean up. The video makes it look so easy. The oil drain nozzle works very well and the fact that it can go in the dishwasher makes it even easier. If you are looking for a great indoor fryer, this is the best bet.

Never had a fried turkey before, so we decided to buy this to make our own. Now, we have to find a place for the oil. So, the oil is good for a few more frying’s. But, it is peanut oil and it is 2.

This unit will do a large turkey in around a hour. Fill it with oil, we use peanut oil, get it to operating temperature and slowly submerse the turkey. Set the timer, based on the weight, and relax. When the timer goes off you will have a perfectly fried turkey. We use a canjun injected marinade for a little spicy flavor.

I have used this product for a couple of years now, including 2 thanksgivings and i couldn’t be happier. Pros:set and forget temperature. No more having to monitor the oil temperature or fiddle with a dang propane safety buttondrain valve. This really helps with draining the oil. I used to be peeved that the drain wasn’t all the way at the bottom, as it keeps some oil down there you still have to deal with. Then i realized this was a good thing as it keeps all the food bits at the bottom. This allows you to reuse your oilno smoke. We had smoke the very first time we used it, but never after that. We can easily fit our turkey or a butt ton of chicken wings in it. No more making wings in small batches. We can all eat together nowcons:the alarm isn’t that loud, so i just use my phone or kitchen timer.

October 2016i’ve used rotisserie to cook my turkeys for over 10 years with awesome results. The drawback to using that method is securing the limbs, putting it on the spit and cleanup was an unfriendly chore. So, for the holidays this year i decided to try deep fried turkey but did not want to stay outside babysitting when i needed to be inside cooking the rest of the meal. Did some research and found this improved model and pulled the trigger and ordered it with a little bit of skepticism. I’ve seen some reviews saying the skin was not crispy or food was sticking together or even cook times were longer then recommended. My response to all of that is they did not follow instructions. I fried a 15lb turkey in less than an hour that was room temperature, injected and rubbed with a little dry seasoning. The fryer took 35 minutes to heat up and i followed the instructions and the results were near perfect. So, from fridge to table took about 2 to 2 1/2 hours compared to 4 – 5 hours with the rotisserie. The skin was crispy and all of the meat was flavorful and juicy.

Easy to set up and breakdown. Does not create a bad ‘fry’ smell in your kitchen. The men loved cooking the turkey and i loved not having to get up at 5am to put the bird in the oven. We have also used it for chicken fingers & onion rings.

Haven’t used it for steaming or boiling yet, but turkey comes out perfect, with a lot less mess and clean-up than propane fryers. Electrical cord with that magnetic hook up is not the best, but can be tolerated. Don’t understand the warning not to use an extension cord. My extension cords carry more current than the fryer cord. Ps- i used an extension cord, and the fryer worked just fine.

I purchased this back in august knowing i was making thanksgiving this year. We have the outdoor deep fryer which we used once and loved the deep fried turkey. This year i wanted to deep fry but not outside so i saw the butterball indoor electric turkey fryer xl. We had a 16lb bird so i just cleaned the bird and let it sit. I started the oil (peanut oil) and when the unit was ready my husband slowly lowered the bird in. I did not season the bird or inject it with anything. I just let that baby fry naked. About 62 minutes later we tested the temp and that baby was ready to be taken out. The bird was a beautiful golden color and smelled amazing. We let the turkey sit untouched while i finished all the other thanksgiving staples.

I bought this to fry a turkey for our holiday potluck on the job. I followed the instructions. The turkey was literally destroyed by my co-workers and two of my bosses can’t stop talking about it. It cleaned up like a breeze. This was a very good investment. Do yourself a favor if you are on the fence, get it.

Igloo Vertical Freezer : Five Stars

It makes a little noise but you should get acclimated to it within a few hours the first night. Great for freezing ice blocks to put in my coolers for work.

We love this freezer we are full time rv’ers and we have a small refrigerator and freezer we was having to shop 3and4 times a month now we shop once a month don’t know how we made it without this the last 3 years.

Vertical Freezer, 1.1 cu. ft, White

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 1.1 Cu Ft Vertical Freezer – Perfect for Small Spaces
  • Adjustable Temperature Control
  • Leveling Legs
  • Reversible Door
  • Full Width Shelves

I live in a studio apartment and my fridge is a small version but i like to cook a lot and freeze leftovers so i bought this for a little extra space. Plugged it in, working just fine, pretty quiet. We’ll see how much my electricity bill goes up.

This came with a very dented front corner and dent in back. I decided to see if it still sealed door shut before going through the trouble of returning it. Since it works, i am keeping it. But for next big purchase like this, i will go somewhere myself.

Just big enough to hold the extra’s that cram up the regular freezer.

Vertical Freezer, 1.1 cu. ft, White : This is a great little freezer. I have used it almost constantly since purchase and it works perfectly. It is not very noisy, easy to defrost and clean. Update: i have owned it now for nearly two years and it is still working perfectly. It freezes ice cubes quickly and keeps everything i put in perfectly frozen. I only have defrosted it twice in that time and as soon as the defrosting is finished — not long — it purrs right back on, i keep it on our second floor along with a small fridge and microwave and together they save me many trips up and down the stairs. I can’t recommend this little freezer highly enough.

I got it to store extra breast milk.

Perfect for just a little more space to carry more frozen food in our motor home.

Holds a fair amount of small boxes of food.

I used this freezer for my work to keep a few frozen snacks for kids. It kept temperature but it had ice build up as soon as i started it. I open it only once a the day if i need to pull a snack. Ice build up was in the middle of freezer’s celling. It tells me that insulation job was poorly done in that area and it allowed warm air leak inside. I do not know long compressor it will last with constant heat influx. If it would be for my home use i would return it.

This freezer is a huge help for me. In caring for an elderly person, the ice cream must be hidden or it all disappears in one sitting. This freezer will fit 7 half gallons of ice cream.

With fearful so far, came on time and was in perfect condition. I’m a truck driver and even in my truck it freezes solid. It fits enough food for me to eat for almost a month.

Works well and is very quiet.

I use it to store my e3live supplies, it’s just what i needed, not to big, not to small. There’s plenty of space even if you choose to use it for meats.

A little noisier than i hoped but nothing crazy. Has a little whirring sound every 30-45 mins that lasts about 2-5 mins.

Lightweight, simple freezer that does the job. Best deal for a small freezer. Only note is that i thought it was going to be roomier inside, however it does fit quite a bit.

Used for outdoor events, ice cream social.

Holds a temperature right on the mark.

Works perfectly, great product, and handy size.

So far so good, the item did arrive half out of box , did not have any dents, just a small ding, but do not know whether that was the manufacturer or ups. Freezer runs well and keeps everything very cold and frozen. Bought for my husband for his bait for fishing.

Perfect little freezer for the price. Quickly freezes items rock – hard, and it’s very quiet. Decent – enough storage space for plenty of ice and other items.

Fits perfectly under my kitchen table.

Brentwood TS-640 1200 Watt Electric Indoor Grill & Griddle, Electric BBQ is GREAT!

I use it for my commercial demoing. Everyone wants one just like mine;; it is easy to clean, roomy,and very sturdy. I would order another in a minute.

Awesome product – works like a champ.

Just a three and a half so far. Unit is super easy to clean if you wrap the drip traywith heavy duty foil, then slide into place, it comes out clean like new. Only have used onceso far for grilled chicken and veggie kabobs, but the unit was slow on the kabobs, it seems to losethe temperature setting and drop down. Since it does not seem to hold the temperature, it may bea bit slow with steaks (which is why i purchased it) but at amazon’s price it is a good value for themoney and certainly beats having to cook outdoors. I have a high volume air flow vent hood, butit did not seem to smoke excessively. It is a very easy to use, set up and take apart is a breeze. The coating on the grill/griddle portion makes it very easy to remove the cooked on residue. If ican get it to hold the temperature setting for steaks, will give it a five but otherwise design is greatand well worth price for other foods and the fat can drip away without being messy like some of theindoor grills – like gf. This will be a great tool for a single person, but is not family sized. Delivery time was very reasonable.

Key specs for Brentwood TS-640 1200 Watt Electric Indoor Grill & Griddle, Black:

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  • Nonstick coating
  • Features fat-free cooking
  • Removable adjustable thermostat control with LED light indicator

Comments from buyers

“I love using it and it is very handy especially for
, Brentwood Electric BBQ is GREAT!

Doesn’t get as hot as i hoped. Much smaller than i imagined too. Still a good option for healthier cooking.

Comes in handy on rainy days.

Good for an indoor electric grill.

This electric grill is the perfect size for use in my apartment. I highly recommend this product.

I just received this a few days ago. I didn’t have a chance to use it due to the drip tray fallen down each time i put it into the slot that holds it. Seems that the tray is not wide enough to stay secure. I am afraid of it falling when cooking and the grease splattering. Sending back for a different style.

I love using it and it is very handy especially for indoor grill. The price is very reasonable. The only downside is that i expected that it comes with a lid for some reason but i guess that’s pushing it and it’s actually hard to clean. I j ow it said to wipe but when it is so oily it’s hard not to want to put them under water which is not at all recommended.

It cooks fast and is very easy to clean. We use it about once a week for cooking steaksand hamburgers.

Grill was everything we had wanted. As gifts, they were delivered just in time.

I never had so much fun cooking my kalbi, beef short ribs, pork ribs and chicken breasts. Tonight more of the same but am adding the veggies too. Garlic spinach, zucchini, squash, zutaki mushrooms, and also. I just put one sheet of aluminum foil on the bottom it catches all the drips and threw it away when i was done, and i unplugged it and kept the circuit dry, and the rest just cleaned up so simple, just a little gentle scraping between the slats, this is a great grill.

Good size grill at a great price. Even though it has a really good material that helps meat not to stick, be sure to spray with grill spray. It helps for the perfect grill. The grill is also easy to clean.

Big Boss 9338 Swirlio Frozen Fruit Dessert Maker – Five Stars

Only limitation is your imagination.

Can make my own healthy desserts at home.

I just love this product i use it all the time. However the cleaning brush was not with the swirlo machine as the box said so i had to find a small cleaning brush that worked for cleaning the smaller areas. This is a great product for anyone who is allergic to ice cream and would like to enjoy a nice bowl or cone made from bananas and other fruit, it is just like eating ice cream, when mixing the bananas with the fruit. Here are the specifications for the Big Boss 9338 Swirlio Frozen Fruit Dessert Maker:

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  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe parts
  • Add your favorite ingredients
  • Make from 100% fruits and your favorite toppings
  • 50 recipes included
  • Great with bananas, pineapples, kiwis, berries, mangos, peaches, chocolate

I love ice cream and this give me a healthy desert like ice cream. The only thing that i would like if the motor was a little strong. I have used it every nighrt for a month and no problems, i find that cleaning is quick and easy.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Fun machine! Kids love it
  • Five Stars
  • Kind of like a sorbet

I’m lactose intolerant, ice cream kills me, other fruit tasting products have some cream added. This machine does what it states. It turns fresh fruit into the best sweet tasting cold treat for someone like me.

Jams up if the fruit is too frozen. Be sure to thaw pretty well. This takes away from the fact that it is to mimic ice cream.

If you like frozen desserts, this machine is a great tool. I gave it only 4 stars, though, because it clogs easily and is hard to clean.

A little more difficult to use then they show on their commercial. Does not taste like ice cream, but we like the taste of strawberries and bananas.

Works great – just follow instructions – easy to clean.

This is a way to take away your ice cream craving and get your fiber in. It’s perfect for the summer and i make fruit ‘ice cream’ for my father that has diabetes. Oh yeah and its easy to clean.

Not for high volume production. Motorized unit tends to freeze up, so follow instructions, allow frozen fruit to thaw (a little), be patient. Great for making fruity soft-serve desserts (ice cream alternatives).

I would advise doing larger batches instead of single servings because there is some waste in the auger section after you push the fruit through.

Easy, delicious, healthy, love it.

An awesome machine, however it works best if slightly thawed items are used.

Great healthy alternative to ice cream .

I am threatening to take this to the next potluck for instant do-it-yourself designer desserts. So fast, easy 30-second clean up; taste is better than commercial ice cream when i add bananas to mellow out the acidic nature of citrus and pineapple.

Love itgreat product and healty.

It has been fun making a nice dessert from fruit.

This is really good for sugary ice cream replacement. You really don’t need recipe cards or a book because you just blend whatever fruit you like. You don’t need to use bananas for the base. I’ve used mango chunks or frozen cherries and it works just fine. If you like bananas, sprinkle a little cardamom powder on while pushing the fruit through. I’ve sprinkled cocoa powder for a chocolate cherry treat. Let the frozen fruit thaw a little for ease otherwise it takes a little more effort to push the fruit through and why strain the motor?. Process straight into a cone or into a bowl.

This is a great way to have dessert and keep the calories in check.

TANICA) Start Set Yogurutia Blue Ym-1200-nb [Corresponding to Amazake-natto Kefir Yogurt : Multifunction yogurt machine

Recommended by a friend and i’m so glad i got it. Unlike most yogurt makers, it comes with a programmable 25-65c temperature control as well as a 1-48 hour time setting. It has been working perfectly without needing a power converter. Even though the user’s guide is in japanese, most recipes can be found online. Have been making the best yogurt (41c/6 hrs) and fermented sweet rice (35c/72hr).

I am mainly using this to make natto. There are many recipes i can’t utilize because they are in japanese. Pretty expensive for simple cookware like this.

I succeeded to making natto by using one. Haven’t try to making yogurt yet.

Tanica yorgrutia is well known as no one fail to make delicious homemade yogurt in japan. I was so glad that i found in amazon. Since i got this yogurt maker, i made 4 times of 1 1/4 qt (one container capacity) already:) i can’t go back to store bought yogurt anymore. It’s not only you can save money but the most importantly it’s deliciousit’s very easy to use it. It came with full colored recipe book but it’s all written in japanese. All the homemade recipe even tanica yogurtia said “do not use “ultra pestered” or “pestered” milk and i wanted to use an organic whole milk but i couldn’t find the milk that is not “ultra pestered” or “pestered”. I finally decided use my favorite brand “simple truth organic whole milk ultra-pestered anyway. Surprisingly, i succeeded to make delicious yogurt. I also tried with 2% fat organic milk but the result was little runny. So far whole milk makes the best result.

  • What It Should Be
  • I was so glad that I found in amazon
  • Wife loves it!

Start Set Yogurutia Blue Ym-1200-nb [Corresponding to Amazake-natto Kefir Yogurt

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Start Set Yogurutia Blue Ym-1200-nb [Corresponding to Amazake-natto Kefir Yogurt
  • NEW

It is worth to purchase it and take a very long journey to arrive.

It took some testing to get the temperature right. Consistent temperature is not easy to hold if using smaller amounts of liquid. When making yogurts at full capacity, no problems. The extra container, lid and top are convenient to have.

It’s very easy to make yogurt with the yogurutia, and i’m looking forward to trying to make amazake and natto, too. I did buy a small transformer to step down to voltage a bit, just to be sure, but it’s a really nice machine to have. When sterilizing the parts, don’t make the mistake i made and boil the top cover; unlike the plastic used for the yogurt container and its two lids, the machine’s top cover deforms under heat. It was fixable, but it’s still something to avoid. It’s important to note that all the instructions and recipes are in japanese, so that could present a challenge to some people. Nevertheless, the machine itself is quite simple and works great. I’m curious to find out what other things i can ferment in here.

It works perfectly just as it says.

My wife has used this to make yogurt at least twice a week and it is always delicious. I highly recommend this product. (unfortunately everything – including all buttons, the manual, etc. – is in japanese, though, so please have someone read it to you or learn japanese before buying it.

The yogurtia is what every yogurt maker should be. It has temperature & time control. So often, yogurt makers are set permanently at one temperature with the ability to change only the time fermenting. I don’t understand why more makers can’t include temperature control. Well, here is the yogurt maker you want. You can set the time anywhere from 1-48 hours, and the temperature anywhere between 25-65 degrees celsius (77-149 fahrenheit). You can use it to keep things at room temp to ferment (caspian sea yogurt) or go higher up to ferment things that require a hotter environment than regular yogurt. I specifically splurged for this machine because i wanted something to make natto (45 celsius). Electric blankets never gave me a consistent result. Made my first batch of natto and came out perfect.

I used it almost 10 years and then got one this amazon. I love this product and use it very frequently.

Got this just for making natto at home. If you get the right beans, pressure cooker, spores and method, you’d get perfectly sticky nattos. However, do not attempt to ferment more than 1. My experiments taught me that if the amount of cooked beans exceed 1/2 of this container, the fermentation would not be as thorough. I speak japanese so i cannot tell whether this would be easy to operate for those who doesn’t speak japanese. But since all you need to do is to adjust the temperature (displayed in c, not f) and time, in theory, you should be fine if you are willing to learn by trial and error. I connect this to a voltage step-down device to ensure that the current won’t burn the circuit. Have been using it for more than 1/2 year and i make natto at least once a week. Conclusion: great device that seems to be quite reliable.

I absolutely love this yogurt maker.

I love this productit is very expensive to buy japanese food product in the us. I am lucky enough to be able to buy koji at my local store so i have been making my own miso with this machine :)if you like white, light, sweet miso, this will be great. I double the salt content for my recipe, and works greatalso, this is great for raising bread dough at certain temp. (not suitable for big portion since this is quite small)-1 star because instructions and buttons on the machine is in japanese so it will be difficult for those who don’t read japanese. Also, it does not beep when it’s finished so i sometimes forget that this is onyou will need adopter for this to work in the u.

I use this product to ferment my own natto, which is the food that contains the highest level of vitamin k2 (mk 4). It comes out perfect every time. It is the only yoghurt maker i know of that allows you to set the exact temperature (computer controlled) that you want, which makes it ideal for fermenting natto. Note: this product is manufactured in japan for the japanese market. No english, but it isn’t hard to figure out. One control lets you change the display up and down from 0 – 24; that’s operating time till automatic shutoff in hours, of course. The other control lets you set the temperature that you want in degrees celsius. You will have to make the conversion to fahrenheit. 2nd note: ac voltage in japan is 100 vac, so you may wish to purchase a voltage reducer.

Works great when i make natto. It makes about 10 portions or so out of 300g soy beans. A must have item for japanese people if you live outside of japan and love natto.

Makes perfect yogurt and natto everytime. The instruction is in japanese. Luckily, my husband was able to translate the whole thing for me.

I’m really glad i bought this one. This yogurt maker is adjustble temperture, and also has a timer. But this one is made for use in japan. Instruction book and recipe book are in japanese. You have to set temperture with celsius. If you are used these kind of things, this yogurt maker is great.

Sturdy, easy to hold and manipulate appliance. The yogurt produced has been uniformally good although uneven in terms of the texture (more or less liquidy). It would be nice if there could be more precise controls including finer calibration of the time.

I was worried about the voltage, but no problem using it in the us so far. I’ve made soymilk yogurt using plain almond milk yogurt tab, and turned out perfect. It comes with 2 sets of containers, and the recipe book (in japanese) is great if you can read it. You can also make amazake, miso, natto, koji, sourdough starter, to name few. I should have bought this a long time ago.